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Rethinking Our Methodology Anonymous 10/21/2020 (Wed) 20:31:12 No. 36197
I am sure a good portion of anons here might be aware of this already, but for lurkers and others I figure it might be worth going over in a bit of detail. As many of you already know kikes are in-fact a parasitic race, an anti-race if you will, that have infected the European genepool through miscegenation over centuries. They actively pose and camouflage themselves as a European specimen when convenient for survival, whilst simultaneously throwing us under the bus politically, socially, and culturally. And when others attack them for their “Whiteness” the pull out the “jew” card to deflect blame and escape criticism. They are not only a biological parasite in the way they infect a host tribe and destroy it from within, but also a social parasite in the way they behave and act on almost every level, that inserts itself into movements, institutions, culture etc to fracture, re-route, divide, and destroy. This being said I think it is IMPERITIVE for our survival and our ability to form alliances with other groups that anons understand that this has not only affected our own race, but also the other races. As such it is IMPERITIVE that we not only learn to identify jew features among our own race, but also among the other races too. Developing a keen “jewdar” so to speak. Certain jew traits are very easy to spot once you understand what to look for; the obvious being the hook-nose, but the teacup or big ears, thin oddly colored lips, narrow face shape, and even freakishly big, puffy eyes can be identifying factors aswell. I’ve only recently started to be able to identify jewy characteristics in certain Indian and East Asian faces. And it is clear as day what a normal Chinaman looks like versus a kike blood infected one when you can decipher it. Henry Ford spoke of a similar thing in his book The International Jew, where he exclaimed Jews pretending to be German as German Businessmen. And as Americans as American Businessmen and how these parasitic imposters are able to fool the general public into forming opinions and assertions on said countries and groups based on the actions of jewy shekel stealers pretending to be the nationality of XYZ country. Likewise I would wager the same is the case regarding our impeding racial conflict. Jews pretending to be Black, Asian, Latin, Indian etc and coercing the natives of the groups to fight each other, or band together to target Whites. I believe this is the key to being able to break down the tensions and be able to work with other groups to accomplish the same goal by pointing out the the actions the jew is taking not only harms Europeans, but also Blacks, Asians, etc. and that a jew-free world would result in a better place for all groups. This is how the jew is molding these other groups (including us) into working for him as his pawns. Pointing out that even if Whites are wiped out that Asians will be next to be enriched with Blacks, or that the destruction of the Black family was the work of jews. I believe the only way we can succeed is to break through this and work with groups who are jew-aware and intelligent enough to understand that this is a global war that affects the cohesiveness of all groups and ultimately cannot be won without cooperation. A Global Liberation Front; if you will.
>>36197 Right on.I've been observing kikes among the other races for a while now and they do the same shit to all of us. I can't wait for the day jews are being hunted down and exterminated.
>>36197 They forced to suppress ethnic religions in order to operate. If we go back to an ethnic religion based on natural laws like Wotanism then they will not be able to do anything at home against us. It's as simple as that, too simple for the millions of white mega geniuses. and yes, Judaism is a parasite that accelerates and lives from the collapse of nations, it is their function in the universe, to attack the host to force it to produce a strong immune system. The problem is not the Jew, it is US. It is you and the millions of white people who understand nothing about life, natural laws and the wisdom of our elders. But maybe that will change one day. https://16chan.xyz/pol/res/35008.html
>>36197 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8yiM-uI0nI Their plans are active everywhere
>>36197 the Jews have made an anti-White multiculturalism - let's make an anti-Jewish multiculturalism.
(500.68 KB 2200x3200 f691de6a4ecf8318e65369f950575c02.jpg)
Not to get too prophetical here but perhaps jews as a race are a human (if you can call them that) representation of the holographic demiurge?
>>36222 Seconded. The Codex Theodosianus and its role in infesting our race with the Jew supports (y)our claim. Hail Wotan.
>>37273 I just see it as evolutionary strategy, and their insanity I rationalize as a result of inbreeding.
>>37273 what do you consider the "demiurge"?
>>37404 When reality, tv or radio talks to you.
>>36197 Good info. Working on identifying jews has increased my observation skills 1000% but then I realized jews are more than 2% of the population and are doing more evil shit and things are worse than I had known.
>>36197 >. My J-dar is keen. I sniffed out Jacob Frey, mayor of Minneapolis, in under a minute. There's no need to identify them by visual cues, Scarlet Johansson is jewish, but rather their behavior like when Scar Jo wouldn't condemn one of her tribe members for their pedo actions. Then there's former Clippers owner jew Donald Sterling with his remarks, only to be pushed out by jew Adam Silver NBA commissioner immediately before it ever go Anti-semitic, and finally Jew Mark Cuban saying "hey guys, pushing people out for private phone calls isnt a good precedent to set."
shit glows


no cookies?