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Recreational drug use in White Nationalist society? Anonymous 11/13/2020 (Fri) 14:10:54 No. 36872
In an ethnostate, what should be the rules on drug use? Weed and Kratom should be legal IMO, they have medical uses and are light as far as drugs go. Alcohol can be legal but there should be a lot of education on moderation with these things and the dangers of over use. Anyone caught selling hard drugs like heroin shall be put to death. If someone is caught using hard drugs, first they will be given an opportunity for rehab and education. Second offense after this will be a long jail sentence.
>>36875 No recreation drugs should be legal Get fit, learn to shoot, marry and have kids. You will find you have little time left to sit and smoke weed
>>36876 It helps me get through my work day
>>36877 The simple fact they wanted to legalize mari jew wana should tell you all you need to know. Why does it help you get through your day. If there is an issue you make efforts to address it. You don't get to just take a drug to make it go away. The simple fact you are asking this question means you have doubts whether it's perfectly fine to use it. This is the third time in the past year we have had this discussion here. In every case, there was 20 nays, and one or two young lad voting yay. Most of the time OP was called a kike
>>36872 I don't know the full answer to this (particularly re: alcohol), but we should have something like the old mystery religions - periodic large gatherings where there's an initiation process / mass consumption of psychedelics. give people ORIGINAL religion, not the watered down after centuries bullshit (eventually nothing more than a veiled means of control and taxing believers worldwide). ie let humans drink from the spring directly, in a controlled manner that benefits society, vs. everybody frantically seeking their own half-truths in polluted streams miles away from the source. modern leftism is very clearly a new religion that's outpacing everything else on a global scale, and the only reason it gets so much traction is because everything else has become so hopelessly godless. people CRAVE belonging to a larger whole, and unfortunately modern "homeopathic" (ie 10,000x diluted) christianity + globalism has created a crisis of meaning and belonging, a totally atomized society where people will gladly tear down all remnants of tradition and common sense just to be part of a powerful, winning movement of some kind.
>>36880 >Why does it help you get through your day. Because I live in this jewish hellscape called America... being sober is a constant depression for me, believe me I have tried everything, there's always something missing. Yet people like you will try to take the one thing away that keeps me sane.
>>36889 Seeking escapism in alcohol or drugs is just pathetic. Face reality and let it enrage you.
>>36889 >Yet people like you Don't get me wrong young lad. Its not that I never used or don't occasionally partake. But you and I both know it is degenerate. So do what you have to, and try to be better. Just don't expect to get a thumbs up from us. So to answer your question. No, there will be no promotion of 'recreational use' in the ethnostate.
i dont know if i would consider psychedelics in the same way i would meth or heroin. im sure some people are dumb fuck addicts who fried their brains from psychedelics, but i never got a hint of addiction to them. most of the time i took some sort of psychedelic, i didnt feel like doing it again anytime soon. i doubt society would be any worse off if they legalized marijuana for recreational use. it is a bit retarded to allow alcohol instead, which i can attest is a very dangerous substance. weed might make me act a little retarded, but alcohol causes me to lose control of myself. that said, no drug should be an excuse for belligerence. there should still be severe punishment for people being assholes in public due to any drug the same as there is for public intoxication. people who cant mind their dosage or are plainly unstable anyway dont have any business using mind-altering substances. maybe people should be required to certify their knowledge of particular substances (potentially undergoing clinical trials of different substances to see if they can be handled, too) before they can legally use them.
>>36885 It's definitely time to reinstate the Eleusinian Mysteries.
>>36872 I am so tired of this inorganic debate. Why is it brought up over and over? Why do so many chan posts center around rhetorical (degenerate) questions? Fuck your "inception." We have already had a thread on this topic and it was almost unanimously decided that weed is degenerate. What a waste of a thread.
>>36880 Cannabis is the natural spiritual sacrament of the Aryan race. Anyone against it is more animal than man.
>>36948 Its less about being against and more about being against the promotion and normalization of it or any other vice for that matter
>>36872 No legalised drug use. You can achieve all the 'insights' these things supposedly give you without drugs, and its better for you to do it this way. As far as their medical use is concerned...I'm convinced people just eating right, exercising and having some mastery of physical space would fix most problems these things supposedly 'solve' or 'help'.
>>36950 Spirituality should be promoted and normalised. The use of spiritual sacraments is not a vice. Posting on cripplechan is more of a vice than smoking weed.
Meth/Pervitin for battle use. Other than that, regulated alcohol distribution, and perhaps some medicinal weed use, that's where the line should be drawn.
>>36968 Battles wouldn't happen in a White society. I would prolly suck dick before I smoked anything made with battery acid
Weed and kratom is what the jews are giving you to suppress your mind/motivation and continue that hamsters wheel of "work" you do each day. Weed and kratom is what the jews are giving you to suppress your mind/motivation and continue that hamsters wheel of "work" you do each day. >dont question authorities >go home and eat ya plants soy boy >be a good little subdued faggot >dont question authorities >go home and eat ya plants soy boy >be a good little subdued faggot >>36877 >Weed and kratom is what the jews are giving you to suppress your mind/motivation and continue that hamsters wheel of "work" you do each day. >dont question authorities >go home and eat ya plants soy boy >be a good little subdued faggot
>>36876 This, You should Lift, Eat and Fuck your women.
>>36874 /thread
>>36968 Are you a child? Those don't actually help in battle. There is a reason using them during battle was abandoned by every white country.
Cocaine, mushrooms and lsd should be legal too.
>>36872 Drug use is a requirement of modern society. You are worked to the bone, so you require an "out" from said society. Hell, even children who do not behave in the correct manner of "Slave to the Systems whims" get given what is just legal meth, so yeah. The system, as it is, requires usage of specific drugs to "dull" the system from your mind, and make it tolerable. I don't think its smart to make the system something "tolerable" to you, imho, but if it "helps" you ride the wave of the Kali Yuga, I'm not really gonna judge. Its once its all over that we'll have to really get down to brass tacks, and I firmly sit on the "no drugs" side of the aisle. Once the system is gone, whats the point in escaping its talons again? Wouldn't that just be escaping your duties to your race?
>>37139 I really agree with this, NatSoc society everyone had a purpose, working for the good of their race, whatever a person's craft was, as long as it benefitted the good of the nation, it was respected and those people were taken care of. People naturally will not want to use drugs as much as they do in this clown world. I'm not proud of using adderall to get through the day at times, or using cannabis, but it's much better than falling into hard drug usage like a lot of people do. I see it as a tool, and hopefully one day can do without it.
(46.05 KB 1024x512 image.jpg)
(66.64 KB 825x423 C8_JdF_W0AA57zN.jpg)
>>36872 Swedish beer truck attacker was sentenced to life in prison, and will be legally allowed to request a time-set prison sentence in 2028. If released, he would be deported to Uzbekistan and banned from returning to Sweden
(139.59 KB 768x1024 bombhat1.jpg)
>>36990 this is the dumbest projection i have ever seen. weed causes one to create original thoughts instead of npc regurgitation. >weed makes you lazy this is Reagan Era brainwash. turn of your tv.
>>37153 Yeah maybe the first couple of times you get creative faggy libreal thoughts, fine. But why do you think they want to normalize degeneracy? How many ultra successful people do you know that "420 blaze it fag" every single day? Those people are far and few i between. In moderation it is okay, other than that people over do it and use it as AN EXCUSE to be creative/social/what ever else. You don't need that shit, and it puts more money into the pockets of niggers the more you use it- or more money into the government once it becomes fully legal.
>>37153 You don't get "deep thoughts", you just turn off your mind's filter for stupid ones
>>37153 You don't get "deep thoughts", you just turn off your mind's filter for stupid ones
>>36872 Alcohol is the only one I'd permit on cultural and social grounds, the rest ought to be taught as one of the main reasons people allowed the situation to get so unbearable, a crippling poison to be denied. Alcohol is hardly different, but so deeply ingrained now I would be content with people being educated on it. Now, what do you think of caffeine?
>>37280 i wouldn't call it deep thoughts, but weed does enhance your senses and feelings. now dont mistake enhance for improve, but it just allmost intesifies your feelings and senses. food taste better, sex feels better, music is better. the things you see leave you in the so called deep thought. weed has its benefits, but like everything needs to be done in moderation. a joint or two every week. try it, you'll llike it. also god isn't real. no god ever existed.
>>36872 You ever noice that the jews pushing synthetic drug use have irish names? just check out the old timothy leary albums with jews like mckenna and ginsberg. as if a jew discovered lsd accidentally, more like cohencidentally lol. fucking jewed.
>>37382 timothy leary was literally FUCKING LITERALLY a goddamn plant from either the fbi or cia or whatever organization that was trying to push drugs as a form of experiment. this charismatic dude who had all the drugs and many people referencing him in their songs and shows was just some normal guy wih a gift? fuck off. dude was a plant and nobody shouldve trusted him. i will admit though the moody blues song "legend of a mind" is honestly a good song. other than that though fuck timothy leary
>>37417 I remember reading about him being a CIA plant which makes sense with the CIA mind control experiments going on decades back. I think they have been trying to create a drug that basically turns people into programmable robots.
>>37374 Not only is God real, but cannabis is the natural spiritual sacrament of the Aryan race.
>>37500 I read ancient aryan kings would use cannabis sometimes before battle
(3.25 MB 405x640 1595997360562.gif)
>>37500 becoming depended on something is never good. especially something that involves inhaling smoke. and no, god is not real. rip that band aid off, MOR-MOR *BUURRRP* MORRTY
>>37500 >>37511 Archaeologists have uncovered two 2,400-year-old pure gold 'bongs' that were used by Aryan tribal chiefs to smoke cannabis during ceremonies https://www.ancient-code.com/archaeologists-discover-2400-year-old-solid-gold-bongs-used-by-aryan-kings-to-smoke-cannabis-at-ceremonies/
psychoactive drugs can have a place too. LSD and mushrooms have merit for deeper self reflection.
Living in a tiny house would be one way to quarantine infected family members, but tiny homes are illegal.
All drugs are degenerate and weaken your mental state, ability to cope with stress, outlook on reality and self-discipline. No drugs should ever be permitted for rec use in an NS society.
(69.88 KB 960x615 1595026145668.jpg)
its unfortunate that drug use is a big part of growing up in most white societies. Marijuana use in ealy adulthood shoulnt preclude useful participation in broader society afterwards. I read something about getting out of one's head being a fundamental driver of human behaviour, like sex and entertainment. A social framework that doesnt have an outlet for this would be hardcore indeed... Harder drugs and drugs of addiction like Methanphetamine, opiates and alcohol are clearly to be shunned by any right-thinking man.
>>38167 >china owes more in debt to US than US owes in debt to china how's that working out for you, bud?
>>36872 Step one is create an ethnostate, step two is debate the usage of recreational drugs in the ethnostate. This is an askreddit tier thread. You're debating something in the context of something that doesn't exist. What about levitation, is that going to be allowed in the ethnostate? What about transmuting things to gold? Or how about teleportation?
>>38169 >whataboutism (levitation, transmutation, teleportation) cogent response. thread doesn't really fit on this board. i expect more from our resident shill(s).


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