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(140.17 KB 1200x817 President Yisroel Goldstein.jpg)
Conservatives don't understand how protests work Anonymous 11/15/2020 (Sun) 19:50:50 No. 36915
So the Million MAGA March happened and a few thousand Trump supporters drove down to Washington DC to stand around and walk with Trump flags for a few hours. Then they went home. A few stayed and were attacked by the local state backed terrorist organization larping as a revolutionary group. So good jorb everyone. What did we accomplish today? Did the Supreme Court decide to make Trump the president forever? Nope. Did the Democrats get run out of town? Nope. Did Antifa get run out of town? Nope. The opposite happened. Will the Deep-State stop cucking Trump? I don't think so. Did they at least make their enemies afraid to continue doing these truly evil things they're doing? Nope. Not in the slightest. So what did this accomplish? Absolutely nothing. At best, it made Trump feel better. Like everything in conservative thought, making everyone feel better is the only accomplishment. I grew up in the Tea Party days. And one thing I have learned from that fart of a movement is that conservatives don't have the slightest clue how protests work. They think that if we get a bunch of fellow MAGApedes together and march from point A to point B and then go home, then somehow everything will get better. They believe that if they stand around and make some speeches about liberty and Thomas Jefferson for two hours, then the evil sociopaths that rule us will change their hearts, embrace the Constatooooshun, and become upstanding leaders. How did such retarded people even manage to find Washington DC in the first place? No retards, these sociopathic, political reptiles will only change their behavior if they are made to feel pain if they do not obey your will. Leftists don't suffer from the illusion that protests are about marching from point A to point B and then running home. They are there to cause PAIN until their grievances are addressed. They openly talk about shutting down the economy, about inconveniencing and even assaulting commuters, and burning down buildings until the system (as they see it) cucks to them and does what they want. Now, they of course have a great advantage over conservatives. They know that the system is actually on their side and that Republicans politicians are cowards who always cuck. They're genuinely shocked that Trump doesn't bend over backwards to appease them because that is unusual behavior from a Republican. And they know that with the media firmly on their side, any action they commit no matter how repulsive, will always be shown in the best possible light. And if conservatives fight back against bombs and bats and knives, then they will be cast as terrorists and arrested. Not every shitlib understands this, but everyone above 90 IQ does. The ringleaders all comprehend the way (((things work))) in this sham of a democracy. Then again, there is a silver lining to this mess. Protests will never achieve anything for conservatives. However, they (and us too) can use them to achieve political ends. The one good thing about non-establishment protests is that they allow participants to meet other people and make connections. These connections can be used to form networks which can in turn become the foundation of a decentralized resistance network. But conservatives will never do that because they still think that these pathologically evil freaks that call themselves politicians are upstanding leaders and that this genocidal regime is really benign. All that said, I hope that there are more protests so that these rotund idiots can learn some hard lessons about the anarcho tyranny they live in. I grieve for every idiot who is stabbed or beaten or shot, but they need to learn that they are a persecuted minority living in an illegitimate police state regime that hates them and ALL politicians are traitors. And the more they protest, the more opportunities for the actual resistance to network and meet each other will present themselves.
(71.59 KB 1466x720 No one will beat you.jpg)
>>36915 If conservatives want an example of a GOOD protest that actually accomplished something, they ought to look into the 1987 Serbian protest in Kosovo province. The short of it is that Slobodan Milosevic, a politician from Serbia, went down to give a boring communist speech in Kosovo to Serbian nationalists who were tired of persecution from the Albanian majority. He gave the usual BS about unity and brotherhood and wordism and wordism. But the Serbs asked him for a dialogue rather than the typical communist monologue. Milosovic agreed and when the day came, the Serbs (probably) started a fight with the Albanian cops and people were beaten. When Milosovic emerged from the room where he heard many examples of Albanian persecution of Serbs, he was approached by men and women who told him that the Albanian cops had beaten them. He hesitated like a deer caught in the headlights and then proclaimed >"No one will beat you again" This is how Serbian nationalists converted a communist into a Nationalist. This is the true purpose of protest.
(719.61 KB 872x480 werkz.mp4)
>>36916 yea and then he died in the Hauge for war crimes in 2006
>>36920 the moral of the story is ZOG's boot stomps down on anyone who goes against the world order if America gets taken "out" of the system though, anti-globalism will have a fighting chance
>>36921 yea i bet you like regan too
>>36915 The way I see it though experience is the best teacher, that now all these boomers and civnats have actually met antifa and niggers having cops run in to protect antifa that start fights and arresting every Trump supporter, that at least of portion of them become actual Nationalist and stop this whole blue line retardation. A lot of them go there thinking police like them, that they can control the situation when these city police are all commie diversity hires and don't have any actual power. As seen with successful Pro-White Protest like the Tulsa Riots and the Atlanta riots. Its also very cringe when Trump supporters are being attacked or screamed at by a sheboon and they say "lets talk". Some of them will never get it because they grew up and lived a sheltered civnat life in a White town. Have a complete cucked idea of the constitution, where you talk it out with people murdering your community. They are allowed to have a standing militia that executes antifa/blm in the middle of DC and completely disregard any local leftist as they arrest them charge them with treason and suddenly its "legal". Thats what patriots that they quote would of done. They are just too soft right now. This numbers game though that people have in their head is dumb too that they need the population on their side when all they need is a small loyal very organized leadership that doesn't bow down to tyranny leftist leaders. Power resides where men believe it resides and all these trump supporters think a piece of paper is the "law".
>>36915 A good question is who exactly are the supreme leaders of leftist, commies and jews of the West. Who are the ones using George Soros as a patsy. I know everyone says jews and I agree their community is in the center of this but, , leadership competency and being successful is far more rare then people think to not have power vacuums so whose the leader or leaders. Who is on the commie world domination leadership council in the USA? Bush, Clintons have shown to be a part of it but again not the leaders. Is it a actual blood line cult in the jews and what are their names? Who are these shadow people. South Korea for instance has openly been ruled by a feminist death cult but, all their leaders names have been leaked and identified in the past decade. Nothing changed but, at least they know their name. So we know its some type of jewish/desert sacrifice cult but, who exactly is running this inner circle death cult?
(58.84 KB 413x550 reagan maga.jpg)
>>36922 Zion Ron, the gun grabbing neocon? Hell no.
(146.65 KB 1182x1280 109.png)
>>36932 >who exactly are the supreme leaders of leftist, commies and jews of the West Satan, Baphomet, and Maloch of course
>>36934 Nah, it's the Illuminati, the reptilians, and liberals.
>>36920 *murdered Sure and Adolf Hitler ended up shooting himself in a bunker. That doesn't mean we can't learn from his ideas and actions.
>>36933 ok nvm then sorry very based/10
>>36933 I think its insane most people don't know he was part of the communist party, and he had mexican mistresses. Reagan is actually directly responsible for ruining California with giving amnesty for beaners. Arnold is what put the nail in coffin he made sure only Democrats could run in California with jungle primaries. >>36934 Thats who they worship,I'm talking about the physical people doing the actual bidding like the Rothschilds.
>>36930 >This numbers game though that people have in their head is dumb too that they need the population on their side when all they need is a small loyal very organized leadership that doesn't bow down to tyranny leftist leaders. You'd think that folks raised on tales from the American Revolution would know that only 10% of Americans even supported it directly and less than 3% fought. That's a heck of a lot more than we have right now, but I think that vanguard revolutionaryism is the way forward. At least until we possess the ability to mass communicate.
>>36915 Yup, nothing achieved, and never will be until rivers of blood are spilled. Trump supporters are the most insufferable retards, worse than niggers. tbh.
(204.64 KB 1280x482 cavemen.jpg)
>>36954 Remember that the "bad guys" that we're fighting against are 2-5 percent of the population, max. Everyone else who supports them are just brainwashed by their lies. If us and them got together in a big open field dressed in animal skins like Grug and charged at each other with spiky clubs, we'd win. They only maintain power by lying to OTHER people, to get them to die for them and be human shields.
>>36915 Protesting is what faggots do and what white guilt ridden Christ cucks give in too. You're a faggot
>>37217 What should be done instead?
>>37217 What should be done instead?
(37.53 KB 620x395 AFP_1EN4QV1.jpg)
>>37234 If we had enough of these people....maybe something could change. We have guns (in America) for a goddamn reason. Enough with your petty moralities.
Good taste in irony with the start of this post, OP. It seems you hit the nail square on the head with these "people" and their delusions. It's a well-crafted mocking of such sauces. However, I can tell you aren't fully engaged yet (though are evidently enough, or else I wouldn't have typed this fucking essay out), so I'll speak on my... "path", and perhaps you can mine of said info, some nuggets of wisdom. You know, when I was young and stupid (as in fell for our propaganda of "saving" the White Race) I didn't really get 1990's/2000's Dr. William Luther Pierce, now after viewing such things first hand (they say experience is the best teacher, so far that has been correct) I get it now. I was going to say "I don't care", but that isn't true. It's not so much I don't care, just that I stopped caring when I realized my disgust for such "Whites" started outweighing the enemy we "share". It's only funny, can be dismissed or justified so many times before it looks borderline deliberate or retarded (In truth, the distinction doesn't matter, what matters is "What happens next". Usually, Stupidity and Deliberate action can be taken as one, with the same punishments later.) when someone keeps beating a square peg into a round hole. These "people" have been insulated from the Jungle of their creation for far too long. Since Regan, the white middle class has been "lets just vote Republican, and keep making as much money as we can, so we can insulate ourselves! It's not *my* family being affected!" (And yes, I share equal distain for the Liberal side, which should be evident but I suppose must be classified to prevent stupid fucking gotcha moments/fed/etc/etc) These people, more than anything have allowed the system to... "degrade" to the degree it has (and yes, now it must fully rot, but I'm examining who put the round in the head of the corpse, not the natural course the corpse will take.) Time of Death? Smells like... "Tolerance". They tolerated importing the 3rd world into our countries, they tolerated their daughters bedding with niggers and breeding mongrel babies, and they will continue to tolerate so long as it doesn't affect the "bottom dollar", and how can it, our money is made of thin air, and only requires a belief in it, and tolerance! Even "our side", so full of righteous propaganda targeting the white self-sacrifice complex- Meant to get people to OUR cause by the by, not brainwash ourselves! Oh the irony of that still doesn't leave me. Boy, we're two steps from completely fuckered, pal. So, let the whole fucking world grind to a halt! Let the economies “crash!" (How can fake money "crash" anyway, it never existed!) Let the blacks demand 100K+ from every single white household for reparations! Again, "they've been removed from the Jungle of their own creation, for far too long." And honestly? I doubt you are going to "connect" with anyone worth salt in Conservative circles anymore. "As soon as they believe the revival of our Folk, represented by a certain name, can be seen, they usually take a position against everything that could emanate from such a name. The most useful proposals, indeed the most patently correct suggestions, are boycotted simply because their spokesman, as a name, seems to be linked to general ideas which they presume they must combat on the basis of their political party and personal views. To want to convert such people is hopeless." Props if you know where this quote is from, Bigger props if you can understand its underlying message correctly. And, speaking upon that "silver lining", thankfully with the ever-present degradation of our mental quality though race-mixing and other stupefying projects, (and barring any "imminent" "RACE WAR in... 10 years!", or the Apocalypse, Kali Yuga, Ragnarök- whatever you want to call it-) we'll be as intelligent as a white in 1600's Europe by 2100. The system as it is cannot be sustained with that level of mental development (And if you don't believe me, search "The Reverse Flynn Effect", "Since the 1980's General Intelligence has dropped", (or G-factor, which is genetically based, over standard "IQ" testing, which tests analytical thinking, of which if you've spent two minutes online you'd know that it can and is TAUGHT, or with "higher education" can be learned (IE, environmental factors)). Though you're a fool if you think they ever we're playing the "long game" anyway. Alternatively, just check out Edward Dutton's recent video ON the Flynn effect. He does a better job at explaining it anyway, and despite his reticence to talk about race he acknowledges a genetic factor within intelligence, which is already admitting racial genetic differences exist, which means race exists anyway, but perhaps he wishes to keep his job and lifestyle instead of admitting the facts of the matter. Well, such as it is, I've seen it more then once, and though a bitter-sweet reality realized that "To want to convert such people is hopeless."
>>37251 I really want to shake people like you. I see so many interesting references in your post that indicate that you have listened to a wide selection of Dr. Pierce's Dissident Voices. Yet it seems as if you didn't get his main point. You see that most White people are lemmings. Yes, and very true. But then you turn around and blame the lemmings for being lemmings. Why? The entire point of politics is to figure out how to direct the herd in a proper direction and unleash them. What is it that you think we have been doing here? But what really disgusts me is how you got disappointed once and suddenly you just throw in the towel and give up. No one cares if you are jaded and hate Whites more than the people exploiting them. You (almost certainly a boomer based on your writing style) are still on the same ship they are on and when it sinks, you will drown with the lemmings. Unless people like Pierce and most of the rest of us here can create a new boat and "save the White race" as you put it. Being an enlightened, selfish individualist is living in a fantasy world. Out here in the real world, no one gives a flying shit if you are a jaded individualist. Everyone out here sees your skin and knows which side you are on, even if you are too arrogant to understand this. You are not wise for withdrawing from the struggle. You are like an Armenian in 1918 who doesn't like his fellow Armenians. Then the Turks come and shoot you too because they don't give a flying shit about your apathy. If you hate Whites more than jews because you got disappointed, then why don't you just fuck off from this site and go live in a cabin by yourself? If you are really such a selfish blackpilled nitwit (and you are absolutely not wise, as you arrogantly claim to be), why come here to do the work of the jews? I have no doubt that everyone here is already inoculated against the argument that "Whites are lemmings so let's just give up." But you being here spreading this complete misunderstanding of everything Dr. Pierce preaches is suspicious. If you have given up, then go give up and die. If you haven't, then stop being such a pretentious boomer and ponder how best to overcome your depression and do something useful with your life. You know, I personally am concerned about my race not because I have some great illusion about what we are. I don't even believe that Whites are superior to anyone. No. I am motivated by righteous rage at this jewish exploitation. The pious hypocrisy when they preach about equality while acting with viscous hatred against innocent White children. How they preach equality while implementing an oppressive anti-White hierarchy. If that doesn't disgust you, then you certainly lack a moral compass. Even if I were totally alone in my thinking, even if the cause were hopeless, then I would still fight in whatever way I could against this abomination of a regime. But the fight is not hopeless and it is precisely because of the lemmings that it is not hopeless. You failed to understand that the lemmings are not predisposed towards liberalism. They adopted it only through the most intensive propaganda war ever waged on planet earth. And even then, it fails the moment that jewish media lacks 24/7 domination of the airwaves. Even their momentary slip in the early 2010s allowed a completely grassroots spring of pro-White thought to take over the internet. The second that pro-White thinkers gain an upperhand in the propaganda war, either through legal means or through physically overthrowing the local jewish authority (unlike you, I am unafraid of speaking the simple truth out of a constructed and paralyzing fear of "feds") then the same lemmings which piously recited anti-White propaganda will become fanatically pro-White. The natural, normal, healthy position for any people in any race. If you want to be a part of overthrowing this repulsive monstrosity, then stay and get over your depression. If not, then go somewhere else and rid us of this unwise mentality. Being a selfish individualist is not "based" because it is not based in reality. Even among Millennial Whites, identification with race outranks even identification with ideology or country. And if that were not so, it would be the second the imperial regime loses its grip on the police state because for ALL non-Whites, the identification with race is many times greater identification with any other group, including religion. Wake up. Or go home.
>>37263 Well, it's less that I "blame" them for being lemmings, but more-over the fact the lemming behavior exists in its first place. Think of it from a Darwinian Selection / Eugenic argument. 90% of the population breeds far more than 10% of it, so unless this is some balancing act within some sort of Mysticism I say kill em' all for the survival of the Aryan mind. The future won't be for useless fucks who just seek the next campfire to rut and stay warm at for the next thousand years. Who said anything about "Throwing in the towel"? Did I seem pessimistic? Because sure I am, but that is entirely different from defeatist. They get confused, sure, but it's the difference between the stratagem of an idealist and a realist. I for one am entirely devoted to my blood, but not through veined delusions of grandeur. You aren’t a superhero, you aren’t some higher being. That all passed when WW2 ended and we lost. Understand that this is a guerrilla war, one which has been fought before your birth and statistically will end around the time you will die. We’ve been in the trenches, the muck for decades. Get with the program already. Friend, I want to elevate the White Race, not play in the shit with the rest of the races. We aren't in pre-school, and the teacher isn't asking us to share our toys anymore. It's an eternal struggle of life, and I for one don't wish to have this shit happen all over again because people we're too weak and tolerant to get the job done right this time. There will be no do-overs, at least from where I stand. More like, “over my dead body”, though for one thing dying in service of a greater good is easy, living with the “responsibility” is another. Does that sound like a “Jaded Individualist” to you, or perhaps someone who takes note of how nature deals with the weak and stupid of a race? And while I agree that “The only uniform is your skin-tone” not everyone is going to follow that rule. Vying factions will always prop up, do not be naïve to think “Interest” hasn’t been frothing at the frayed ends of our genetic code for some time now. How many of our great leaders have to die at the hands of a fellow white before you realize that these people are still our enemies, even if they are “Ignorant” and of our same clan? This site? Yeah, I’m sure you're reaching out to the 90% masses by posting on 16chan, an obscure chan with basically 0PP. I know what the fuck I’m here (Cause your dichotomy of a Cabin is in fact, TRUE for this site) for, do YOU? Your harsh adversity to the reality of our situation, The fact the for the past 40-50 years, fellow Whites have done more harm to our race (Sure, at the behest of Jews, but do you not put down the dog that bites you, even if the owner commanded him to do so?) then anyone else? (And before you say mudding up our genetic code with race-mixing, who tolerated that again? Right, fellow Whites. What are Niggers? Right, also dogs of Jews.) shows me that you are still sucking up our own propaganda. Relax, you’ll get it- or you won't. On the topic of “Blackpilled Nitwit”, I have no issue in the regards of your harshness towards my so-called “Intellect” (Nor was I purporting it as such, just that though age you gain experience and wisdom, and such is the Wisdom I have gained. It can change- has changed over time, as I have aged.) but I do take offense at the “Blackpilled” part. Blackpilling suggests that I, while seeing the mountain we must climb, have sat down and decided to “Give up” on climbing it. That is wholly incorrect. I simply will not tolerate fellow “climbers” who sabotage our climb, who are too weak and require continuous help to climb (We all have our moments, but it matters what happens afterwards. Dead weight is just that, dead) or taking frivolous sightseeing tours. The right path, taken with the least amount of steps, with the right companions with the goal of the peak. CONT, 1/2.
>>37390 >>37263 CONT, 2/2. I never said I wasn’t motivated by said hatred, simply that the hatred I have for the Jews and their machinations are now equaled with the multiple lacerations I have from his guard dogs mauling me consistently. And I also never stated that I was “spreading what Pierce meant” because I don’t “follow” a single leader consistently. You can claim I am misinterpreting him, which is fine because I don’t care to “Interpret” what he means, moreover how I can slot what I have learned so far against what he says and shake the tree a bit and find what branches fall off. (Though side-note, I came to the conclusion of my hatred of the actions of the White Middle Class, and THEN saw the Pierce video on what the White Middle Class did and how they should suffer for doing so, affirming my views. You can say I'm misinterpreting him, but are you sure YOU aren't?) You being “Suspicious” is fine, I’d of been too if I was a year younger and within the same context. Having a hard discussion online, one that challenges your views- well it's easy to simply call that person your enemy. Who knows, perhaps we are, short term or long term? I don’t know you (beyond what you personified so far online) and you don’t know me. 20 years from now you could be staring down the barrel of my gun or vice-versa- and we’d never have known that this conversation had ever taken place between us. Do not mistake my hatred of... “underdeveloped” race-traitors to extend to white children. A child's innocence is something you should never take away till it is necessary to do so. I don’t fault a white child for getting fed his indoctrination soup- I got fed the same bullshit and swallowed it down hook-line and sinker. However, I do, and will, fault a lemming for remaining a child long past his expiration date. Friend, I have dealt with the isolation of being “alone” for quite a number of years now. Even if I were the last white man alive, they’d tell stories of the last man for centuries after my death. Do NOT mix my tiredness of delusions with a lack to “Do what must be done”. You will lose that battle. Blah-blah Jewish-zogbots got all the airtime! If only we could get Nick Fuentes on Fox News, “we’d” win the nation over in a second! Heard it all before, buddy. Go be the next Rockwell for all I care, if that is the length of your mental faculties. Your fellow “Whites” put a bullet in his chest while he took his groceries out of his truck. Such is the fate of any “White Leader''... if he isn't already a federal asset or controlled by the CIA to "keep control" of white dissent. Yeah friend, perhaps instead of assuming anyone who doesn't follow the "Mainstream" thought on "How we whites should think while hating the official views on how we should think" is a fucking kike, look at your supposed "leaders". They're the one enemy I can say is both of ours. Besides, Its all a fucking sham under the new system, and your incapability to adapt to the new way the system works means failure after failure. Relax, a broken clock gets it right twice a day- though the enemy knows that too. And finally, statistics like that are all flowery and pretty, (And same with the general language around such views) but look outside the comfort of your fire, and you find the night is cold and dark, and the boogeymen wait with copper-tasting knives for the dogs to rip each other to pieces. “When the day comes, we will not ask whether you swung to the right or whether you swung to the left; we will simply swing you by the neck”.
>>37390 >I say kill em' all for the survival of the Aryan mind. Anon, without lemmings, society ceases to function. If everyone is a thinker, then no one is a farmer. For every Aristotle, there needed to be 10,000 peasants mindlessly toiling away just to allow society to function enough for Aristotle to have the freedom of want to use his mind. In order for you to question the morality of society, that society must first exist and in order for it to exist you need people who don't think about why we all sell our wares in the Agora. They just do because everyone always has. A lemming doesn't need to know why we need to have an institution of marriage rather than have everyone have sex with everyone. He just needs to know that "you just do." He could think that you'll be punished by the gods if you don't enforce the institution of marriage for all it matters. But he doesn't need to know why it is more beneficial for society to have families rather than one grotesque orgy. Is it morally righteous that most people are conservative morons? No, it's just nature. But imagine if everyone were a thinker like you. I don't know where you are politically, but I am aware that if everyone were like me politically, then society would cease to function because 99% of everyone would be trying to overthrow it. There'd be no one left to farm or work since everyone would be outraged at the injustices of the regime. Ideologically driven man must be a small minority or else all society breaks down. Infact, we would need lemmings in order to enforce any racial ideals anyway. Most of society is simply people not doing something because "everyone knows that you don't do it." Back in a more organic past, people didn't race mix because "everyone knows that race mixing is disgusting." There is no argument in a dirty look. There is no debate with a curled lip and a refusal of service. There is no logic to a swift kick to the head and a beating or even lynching of deviants except for the eternal logic of racial survival. But such grand ideals are immaterial to the average man who does the enforcing. That was once the accepted norm. It was for 10,000 years. And it would be easy to normalize it again because it is natural. Women used to be harsher enforcers of racial apartheid in America than men through social pressure fanaticism which only women can do. Now, women enforce anti-White ideas (in general. My own sneers at trannys and niggers so much that I must keep an eye on her when we go out lest she get in danger. Yet this is good because it keeps me alert and ever ready to stare down an offended nigger). Yet it is not planned by women to do this. They are merely enforcing what they have been told to enforce by their "peers." And their "peers" are merely constructed fantasy by the mass media. It's basic sociology. But what if every woman was a thinker like you? She'd question everything and end up childless and the race would die. Look, you're right that most Whites are trash. Yes, I know. Do many defectives need to be put down? Sure. And in the coming conflict (which is inevitable), the defectives will all make themselves known so that they may be put down because at first, the zionists will appear like the inevitable victors. They will show their faces in triumph and all we must do is remember. But killing 90% of our race? Pure folly. The same people who are piously demanding that we lynch racists will piously demand that we lynch jews the moment that their media tells them so. There is more nuance than this simplification, yet this is essentially how society is run in the mass media era. Do you think that this was not so in National Socialist Germany? Most "Nazis" were lemmings too. It's how it always is. This truth upsets some people. There has never been a time when man was not mostly lemmings. "History is written by determined minorities." You have doubtlessly heard that before and this is why. The minorities are the thinkers. Most Russians were as much communist as they were fascists or democrats or monarchists. They wanted their lives to improve. And Lenin (and others) promised that if they accepted the new religion of Communism, then they would improve. Had the Tsar been as intelligent as Lenin, he would have done the same and lived. The minorities which cause the change are the 10% or so who possess the spark of philosophy. It is our duty, indeed, it is our only salvation to use it. If we fail, then we will drown with the rest of our race.
>>37396 I think you are conflating "Intellectualism" and IQ distribution with the lemmings theory, which btw doesn't have very much data to show for it (Given the fact the "Greatest" Lemmings are those with a moderately high IQ). I also disagree. Lemmings aren't people who follow (or don't) biological determinism, but follow other leaders who may or may not subscribe, depending on the social context, biological determinism. You are again, conflating G with the lemmings theory, but you don't have to be a dull-tool to be a lemming. I also don't think Lemmings can be determined simply by "Leaders" and "followers". It is a multi-faceted psychological phenomenon. Fuck, a simple google search affirms that Pierce also agrees with me! (Before I even knew he did, btw. I wanted to see if I "got" what he got.) He, early on viewed lemmings as dull-tools, but tell me- did he hold those views later in life? https://nationalvanguard.org/2019/07/journalists-and-canadians/ Now I'll get around to reading the whole thing after I eat (And I suspect you should too) cause while I can't name the exact and specific reasons behind what makes a lemming, I DON"T DISAGREE WE SHOULDN'T USE THEM. Just understand that *fundamentally* unless you wipe out the lemming behavior pattern, we'd better get it COMPLETELY right next time, else we're doomed to go through it again. Why go and take the chance? Hasn't the horror of a hundred years of this shit been enough already?
>>37400 >doesn't have very much data to show for it Any honest sociologist will tell you essentially what Dr. Pierce and countless others have observed, using only moderately different and less dismissive language. This is why advertisements work. > unless you wipe out the lemming behavior pattern, we'd better get it COMPLETELY right next time, else we're doomed to go through it again. Maybe, maybe not. I don't bother agonizing over which specific laws we shall implement in the glorious future while we not only are powerless dissidents, but we lack even the rudiments of resistance organization. That is the clearly more important subject. And in my own experience on dissenting sites, few others have given much thought to solving these long term problems. But what I will say is that the lemming problem is almost certainly "unsolvable" in that lemmings are an integral part of human society. Without them, there could be no society. Anyway, when I conflate terms like "intellectual" with "non-lemming" I am not talking about IQ. I understand that most high IQ individuals are also lemmings who merely adopt the ideas and beliefs which others hold instinctively. When I say "intellectual," I mean someone possessing the ability to think abstractly and to self analyze. This is rare and something which I have noticed is usually missing from followers.


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