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(198.83 KB 700x815 YlyEH.jpg)
8chan /pol/ Anonymous 12/12/2020 (Sat) 06:37:23 No. 37552
there were hundreds of regular users on 8chan's /pol/. All altchan right wing boards are utterly dead. Did all those retards really go back to 4chan? No way they just up and left the internet.
>>37552 Most scattered. I'm sure some went to 4cuck, but if they didn't find a home, the state of that board may have been enough to give up. Aside from dozens of new /pol/s, there was also new platforms that came along Gab, Telegram, Matrix/Riot, etc. Im sure a lot ended up on those too.
>>37553 They would be foolish to go to Gab or Telegram. People were visited and arrested that you didn't normally hear about on Gab when Bowers shot up the synagogue in Pittsburgh. Every /pol/ besides 4cuck is dead as shit. I want 8chan back.
>>37554 There was also a story about a group of German police officers being charged after sharing pics of Hitler and other memes on Telegram. You have Riot? Basically like discord. You can access through Tor and even create an account without an email. Also has built in end to end encryption available. (Though recommend using app with a vpn, as tor randomizing can create issues with verification for encryption) I'm in a few different communities with ~3-400 members each
>>37555 I have a vpn. I'll look into it.
>>37556 Riot aka Element aka Matrix I made a few posts about it in the Druid thread Will copy paste Element is about the same size as Dicksword (about 200-400MB memory while running) There are variety of apps for windows, linux or phone. Element (formally known as Riot) https://element.io/get-started is most popular There is some more here https://matrix.org/clients/ Matrix is opensource that's why there are so many available. Your can also access though a VPN'd web browser, including Tor at https://app.element.io/#/welcome
https://16chan.xyz/.static/pages/irc.html 16chans room(s) https://matrix.to/#/+16chan:privacytools.io BO, few jannies and some feds lurk there ;-)
(3.39 KB 640x336 darkside.ans.png)
08chan (ZeroNet) is where a bunch of them ended up originally. I was there for a couple weeks until I got fed up of the javascript bloat. That whole interface is junk. Too bad because the backend is actually alright (I ran that part on a 32-bit ARM SBC and the load wasn't very heavy).
>>37552 A lot of them went to Voat.
>>37564 Ya that was the other I couldn't recall. >>37563 Assume quite a few to 8kun, nein and blockchan as well as few others. Like I said figure most of them scattered
They all scattered instead of regrouping in a single place. https://archive.is/1Oi6Z >According to Wired, user migration to 8chan was significant, going from roughly 10 posts a day in 2013 to around 5,000 an hour by the end of 2014. If you go to 8kun now, posts per hour are very much less than that. If you take into account the number of people making 5000 posts per hour scattered into several different bunkers (plus telegram, voat or simply back to 4chan) it's logical that all the bunkers have few posters and few posts per hour (including 16chan). However, the plan of the kikes is clear: they want to kill all anonymous imageboards that are not 4chan (which is controlled opposition and datamining honeypot), so places such as 16chan, neinchan, 9chan are the last resistance to complete kike control of the internet..
>>37567 16chan is on cuckflare. That's exactly how 8ch got taken offline. It only exists for now because it's too small to be noticeable. If it grew to the size of 8ch, it probably wouldn't last long.
>>37568 Sort of. 16 just uses cuckflare for cheap and easy mitigation but is not dependent on it. It can be turned on and off. If they dropped us, we would still be here. Even if the registrar pulled address we would still have the Tor address and simply register with someone else.
(4.13 MB 1280x720 FDDbEcGJ7hF0OtnM.mp4)
>>37552 I've been wondering the same exact thing. Since 8chan is literally a shell of it's former self, it makes me wonder if these people will all group up again in the future. Since I didn't know where the majority migrated to, i just shitposted on twitter until i was banned lol.
(1.12 MB 652x743 ominous pic.png)
>>37567 isn't neinchan dead? if not what's the url? has anyone used or heard of 8chan()moe? You mean 9chan()tw, when talking about 9chan, right?
(24.28 KB 526x526 1569720198.jpg)
>>37568 I know. Neinchan was on cuckflare as well, and was shut down for the same reasons 8chan was. They still stick around as tor only imageboard though. 9chan was targeted multiple times, it had difficulties staying up since the start, then it started but after a while the owner was questioned by feds about some alleged "realistic threats" posted on there so he gave up the site to someone else. fatpeople.lol was taken down for similar complaints about /pol/ related topics. anon.cafè is hosted in Romania but there is no /pol/ on there afaik. julay.world was growing big but then was flooded with loliposters, owner freaked out and decided to delete a bunch of boards to reduce traffic and regain control of the thing. I don't know much about 8moe other than it is run by former 8pol/v/ guy Mark and other namefags. Bunkerchan is leftards and commie trannies' home so no one will ever bother them. Endchan is pretty much a wasteland. Mlpol is full of the usual perverts. 8kun is an overall disaster. What else is left?
>>37568 The downtime 2 weeks ago was the site moving from a hosted server to an in-house server Bookmark the torpedo address in case of emergencies http://47s7obvdgdpj6fkc.onion/
>>37571 8moe is run by Mark the kike, so that's a hard pass (Julay pedo flood was likely organized by Mark & Co.) Yeah 9chtw Josh started it, but couldnt take the pedo flooding. So he gave the site away. Rumor was at the time, the guys from Endchan got it, but that was never confirmed afaik
>>37571 No. It's on tor only. >>24448
(500.47 KB 1800x1292 8chan_free_speech_cartoon.jpg)
>>37577 people interested in discussing politics should just crosspost. having a bunch of sites with very loose, ie practically non-existent, affiliation makes it harder to instantly destroy the community. centralizing just risks another fiasco like what happened with 8chan. its also better to have an assortment of moderation policies because one doesnt generally gel with everybody.
(273.81 KB 584x628 chadSSmann.png)
>>37575 Is that the same mark who was the board owner of /tv/ and the same guy who spread his butt cheeks and banned anyone he didn't like? I never heard of a cp flood on julay world, how did that happen and who did it? >>37576 thanks man. is julay world or endchan still dead, both of them had /pol/ right? I never used either.
(2.29 MB 960x960 best fwens.png)
>>37578 why not just have a group of actual NS Men run a site that is strictly /pol/ related? Perhaps they could have library and archive boards too like on 8chan as well as an intelligence board like 8diamonds was not to mention a /g/ board so stupid bastards like me can keep up with tech. after writing that, perhaps there could be a separate /tech/ board for general technology and engineering (minus programming and network architecture)?
>>37579 gahoole was owner of 8chan tv. mark is indeed the fat fuck attention whore who showed his asshole, but he was owner of v. >>37580 i just dont think concentrating in one site is a good idea. even if posts across an aggregate of alt chans is lower than what 8chan used to push out, one or two chans going down doesnt matter since there will be a multitude of backups and extra time for others to setup more.
>>37579 Yes thats the same Mark. also ran /v/ on 8kun before starting 8chmoe qrd on the julay shit. started with fatchan getting shoah'd by Esther /pol/ complaint. Then one of the webring sites that was linked to julay got shoah'd for loli. Robi decided to ban all loli on Julay outside of /delicious/. Pedofags started spamming julay/v/ with loli in revolt, BO quit. Then when board was handed off to new BO, he posted "the tyranny is over, no rules" So of course the loli and "child model" shit started. Then a global came along deleted everything which meant the pedo's started spamming actual cp. Finally the new BO nuked the board and move to Marks site and made another loli board. No evidence Mark was involved of course. But it was clear that there was more than just a few of julays base involved in the operation. They went from 20-30pph's to 100-300pph's Likely an outside actor(s), saw the opportunity for DnC and helped fracture the community
>>37580 >why not just have a group of actual NS Men run a site that is strictly /pol/ related? Welcome to 16 newfag
>>37579 >is julay world or endchan still dead, both of them had /pol/ right? Julay had /fascist/, /k/ and couple others but they moved to anon.cafe after Robi scaled down The BO of of fash and k is literal tranny so.... Endchan is basically just /ausneets/ but the r9k breed, the fashy neets are here End was down for months they all moved here, when end came back most went home but /ourguys/ stayed
>>37584 edit. just checked the webring. anon.cafe is completely gone. Not sure what happened. It was around couple months ago, but with the riots and election didnt pay much attention to julay and co.
>>37585 edit edit anon.cafe is 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.16.1. So its there but the server has crashed Steven Lynx is a nigger
>>37586 Stephen*
(681.32 KB 745x607 lynxchan.png)
(713.71 KB 700x440 asians wearing dutch clothing.png)
>>37582 thanks for the qrd but, >no evidence mark was involved looking at him anyone would think he was tho tbh >nuked the board just the board or the entire site? >>37584 >julay had /fash/ /fash/ doesn't seem to be hardcore enough. btw, is julay in reference to chris chan? >/ausneets/ How are /ausneets/ different from regular /neets/ or the /r9k/ kind? >>37588 >that pic gross
Thread derailed
>>37607 whats derailed about it? the topic was alt chans with some form of political board. the farthest it "derailed" was discussing where other remnants of 8chan have gone which still seems on-topic to me.
>>37607 Thank you for the cleanup. >>37614 The comments that derailed the thread were deleted. One poster attached images of Aboriginal National Socialists. I will not speak more on it. ===== I used to enjoy coming to this board after 8 fell. It seemed that in the early days there were at least a couple high quality "refugees." I still have hope for this board, so I have returned after a hiatus where I have spent most of my time lurking quarterchan. It was always terrible, but it may as well be a leftist board now. It is completely controlled. Good threads are deleted within the first five posts. Biden's win on election night was stickied, as was the recent Supreme Court ruling. The demoralization campaign is so powerful on there, I must admit that it has become painful to visit 4/pol/. It really is something to behold. Chinese and jewish shills are on overdrive, and their methods and tactics have become extremely sophisticated. Many OPs follow the same structure, and virtually no discussion exists anymore. Very few original memes are posted, and of those few many are quickly subverted with MAGA hats (for example). Meanwhile, many anticipate our ability to communicate over the internet (outside of text messages and email lists) will not be possible much longer. Censorship grows more omnipresent every day. YouTube has continued to crack down on "right wing" speech, and any useful information regarding the coronavirus. I suspect if Trump makes any significant moves using his 2018 Executive Order (linked below), we will see full censorship on all "mainstream websites" and any websites using Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Twitter tools and features. Who knows what will happen with Cloudflare. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-imposing-certain-sanctions-event-foreign-interference-united-states-election/ It is for the above reason I am declaring 16pol to be my official bunker and muster location in the event of such a situation. Unless other anons have a better idea or location, I suggest others do the same and possibly vet and invite IRL friends amenable to the cause. In the meantime I will be again visiting the site more and adding my take on current events. There have been a couple times I have been at odds with the mods of this site as I have had my comments "accidentally deleted" in the past and have also received a ban for dubious reasons. I can only hope that things go better this time around and we have anons on this site interested in discussing more than "esoteric hitlerism" and posting in B.O.N.D. threads (not that I dislike them). Fuck niggers Fuck kikes and FUCK CHINKS
(132.25 KB 705x1036 plusone.JPG)
still around, still looking for a home think i may have caused 8ch to be taken down im sorry guys
>>37579 >is julay world or endchan still dead, both of them had /pol/ right? I never used either. julay changed address, it is now alogs.theguntretort.com it had a /pol/ for a short period, but it was among the deleted boards and it never caught traffic anyway. Endchan still exists and has a basically dead /pol/ board. End/pol/ mods are a bunch of easily triggered cucks anyway. >>37584 >The BO of of fash and k is literal tranny so LMAO any proof for these gratuitous lies? afaik /k/ and /fascist/ do not even have the same board owner, you faggot. >>37586 the other day anon cafe was under maintenance, it is now normally up.
US citizens used to believe in free speech.
(669.64 KB 604x402 SADF marines practicing GMG.png)
(670.46 KB 447x604 sawmarinen.png)
(4.02 MB 1181x1772 marine.png)
(2.93 MB 1181x1772 flagAtMarineBaseWanela.png)
This goes out to anyone reading this spoiler, does anyone have the onion address to 16chan? Please accept these rare pics of SADF Marines as a token of my gratitude >>37615 >It is for the above reason I am declaring 16pol to be my official bunker and muster location in the event of such a situation. Not a bad idea, but be sure to scrawl through neinchan too but fair warning, it does have it's share of wignats who don't understand computer networking or commsec, so you're going to see threads and replies that call 16chan a 'honeypot' and stating that tor is useless though. Reminder: it doesn't matter if you know a site to be a honeypot so long as you understand practice opsec and commsec and have knowledge of how tor works, especially the bridges, if not, you're going to be tracked much easier. >>37633 I always thought that julay world was just a lolcow chan anyway, so I didn't pay much attention to it when it was brought up on other places. >>37635 it's incredible to see the state of decay of the USA.
>>37633 >afaik /k/ and /fascist/ do not even have the same board owner I may have been honestly mistaken, I will go look, but recall seeing it stated in julays/meta/ thread (pre-alog) about the same person taking 3 boards over, just before moving them to anon.cafe So I quick check the 3 boards with same BO, I was thinking of were /monarchy/,/fascist/,/liberty/ Found this post https://archive.fo/PPCwc#q8893 and https://archive.fo/PPCwc#q8508 Didnt find anything further may have been in diff thread, but recall all 3 boards going to same BO just before moving to anon.cafe but seeing as monarchy and liberty never moved, assume they just closed, the point is moot As to the tranny, pretty sure saw that stated on /cow/ (so take with grain of salt) and/or on 16's /k/. Recall couple times seeing anon stating it while complaining about strelock deleting/banning anyone shit talking tranny's. Obviously don't have actual proof of the sexual proclivities to an anonymous BO of a board I don't even personally use
>>37643 >complaining about strelock* May have been activeshooter I was thinking of.
(113.37 KB 747x1121 EnsShMHUUAAQz7y.jpg)
>>37638 Onion address is front and center on the home page, son. >>37639 I am not concerned about being tracked (being confident in my security is beyond my current hardware and skills), I am more concerned about being censored and access to information (censorship in general). I would have to go to a lot more effort if I was interested in fedposting, which I don't see the point for. Been cruising the dark corners for years and never seen such conversations go anywhere productive. In fact, I would argue that those interested in radical activities would be much better served in working together as citizen cyberwarriors against the CCP and Israel. The US govt for all its faults is not the "true enemy" in my personal estimation. This is all speculation, of course.
>>37632 >Kraken >8 (diamonds) >vidi.world >plusone >sexual wellness devices No thanks, I just want to be a good citizen in a God fearing community.
>>37643 >/monarchy/,/fascist/,/liberty/ These do not have the same BO. After julay deleted a bunch of boards, these 3 attempted to create their own imageboard, and made Hoppe-Sama.xyz but the guy who run the whole thing quit and the site is no longer available, so /fascist/ decided to move to anon.cafe while /liberty/ and /monarchy/ went to 8moe. /fascist/ BO is NOT /k/ BO Also, /cow/ is shit as well as most of the people shitposting on there.
>>37987 If you are a boomer please fuck off
>>37573 there's nanochan on tor but it's just as dead as here/
>>37553 Yeah? HOW? Every isn that isn't a residential ip is banned. >>37554 Foolish after GAB has shown itself to be legit? After all the shit talk (by jew enemies) they've stood up for everyone and haven't gone kike. Telegram on the otherhand, has banned everyone good. We saw the same bullshit talk with parler. This crap about a phone number when it's the exact samething on Twitter to get verified. Like anyone gives a fuck that your gay handle is really you. You can use both of those without anything more than an email if you want but why would you? Talk to some rino retard. It's boomes and other mental defectives on those sites just the otherside of the faceberg/twatter coin. Where did the people go? They were obviously paid shitposters. The fucker you thought was /ourguy was really the same kike shitposting lolli's and other faggotry to control the debate. Misdirection is perhaps the jew's favourite tactic. It's the same as, where did the BLM rioters go? Election is over dummies. Face the fact that you've been played on these boards for the past four years. Old fags have kids now and lost jobs and homes. No time to shitpost anymore. Also, fuck this gay earth. Should have embraced Hitler.
>>37552 It doesnt help that every post made that the mods dont like on here, are soft censored and moved to /culture/ or any other dead board on here.
>>38061 make better posts then
>>37552 they scattered
>>37552 Anyone who wants can join this riot server https://riot.im/app/#/room/#oathoftheblacksun:matrix.org
(1.40 MB 1024x991 anadventureawaits.png)
>>37987 >>38131 So now that voat is dead, where do you reckon they're going to now? Why can't we have another 8chan-like environment?
>>38198 Because clearweb is almost completely kosherized. Get on tor, and then when even that will be fucked up by the kikes go irl.
(1.16 MB 1200x938 inugami korone doog.png)
>>38210 8chan had tor nodes, genius. 16chan has an onion adress too. My point was gaining community, not about the moot point of commsec.
>>37553 poor 8kun and rip 4cuck
>>38198 how long has 16chan existed? 8chan (and voat) were popular because they had multiple events where people were being pushed off one platform for some reason. (8chan when the mods on 4chan were being retards and voat when subreddits were getting banned) when 8chan and now voat got taken down, there was no obvious alternative to go to so now it's going to take a while for everyone to coalesce on one alt site if it ever happens
>>38305 09/09/2019, so 16 months.
No relation to previous 16chan.nl
>>37552 >Did all those retards really go back to 4chan? I did for a while. I mostly started browsing /biz rather than pol though
(699.37 KB 640x480 averageTorUser.png)
>>38305 >how long has 16chan existed? fuck if i know >8chan and voat were popular due to cuckchan and reddit being reddit yeah and? My point was where the rallying point should have been knowing what jim watkins was all along and reddit being of course reddit. >will take sometime for the reassembly We don't have time for this. There should have been a webring in the works since day 1. The only way we can effectively coalesce now is because this site, thankfully, was being passed around word of mouth a little after christchurch. Afterwhich, Jim rebranded the website to appeal to qtards while shilling his coffee and other garbage. 16chan needs to emulate the old 8chan's boards of: /8diamonds, /nuclearvault, /archive, /pdfs, /pdf, and whatever intelligence/general archival board in case of massive emergencies where tech savvy people can reemerge and communicate under the radar, and for those who aren't techy, to learn. i remember gleefully all of the software including dosgames and operating systems that were available on one of those boards(hex code included). It makes me wonder why we were complacent enough to let all of this happen. Hopefully we'll get it together again >>38346 Same here but I left now because I realized that it's an overt honeypot with captchas that are likely designed for machine learning. Anyone else on that site is asking for trouble. People were able to let go of 8chan but not 4chan for some reason even though both are horrible in their own right.
(572.56 KB 484x583 doggo pondering.png)
>>39070 what's your point nigger?
>>37552 I just found this place thanks to a faggot who posted from 4chan, but I was one of the many active cunts on 8/pol. After it was shut down, I went back to 4chan, saw the state of the board, and didn't return until the Capitol happening. I might stick around here though, we'll see. I miss infinite chan
>>39220 Welcome newoldfag
>>39220 I might add, I went to nein but the board owner didn't like me because I called him out for what was essentially a shadow ban, and this when he was shilling his website hard on 8/pol. I made a thread about it with screenshots and he permabanned me. Couldn't be arsed to find a good alternative after that because it seemed everywhere else was dead
>>39221 Ahh the hospitality. Cheers
>>39222 Yeah. Everywhere including here, is pretty dead compared to 4 or even 8. Though it seems there is a bit of an exodus from 4plebs now, for better or for worse Notice there was a few "We need a backup" threads yesterday and the altchans directory was listed, so imagine most sites will see an migration of newfags this week
>>39229 4plebs are like the hordes of chinks at a buffet touching all the food with their booger fingers and filling the room with their ho ho language as if they own the place. Reminder to lurk for 2 years before posting
>>39220 Same here. I miss fullpol with all my heart. 8chan was like the cerebral intelligence nerve center contrasted with cuckchan's wild and unpredictable pranks and behaviour. I always preferred 8chan since you could use tor too. 16chan feels like it could be the new home for /pol/acks from both chans though. 16chan feels like 8chan when it started out in late 2013 too; really slow, but gaining momentum. Hopefully the shills don't follow. >>39222 Good looking out. Isn't 9chan's servers in taiwan? Taiwanese Chinese are just as much bastards as other Chinese.
>>39220 >but I was one of the many active cunts on 8/pol. One of the many lurkers on 8ch that would read a ton. Only posted a couple times, but welcome Brother. I actually enjoy the BOND/Druid threads to a great extent, and keep this place on the extreme 'downlow'. The URL here should never be posted outside of here if at all possible imho. Anyone of the like minds, kindred spirits, etc, will eventually find their way. Don't cast your pearls before swine. >After it was shut down, I went back to 4chan, saw the state of the board, and didn't return until the Capitol happening. You should just consider staying away from that place for good. It's honestly so bad with the racial spam, D&C tactics, re-hashed esoteric larping, and just mind-numbing stupidity. It's actually a black-pill factory meant to demoralize you. It's top-tier nigger-pilling over there. It serves you and your mind and spirit no positive purpose at all. Even with the Capitol garbage, that place will only get worse. I didn't even bother to read anything on it, but I'm sure '4chan nazi white terrorist supremacists' were somehow involved. Why even waste the time and energy. Be Blessed.
The two most active and good NS /pol/s are here and 9chan(.)tw/bestpol
(67.31 KB 500x631 4s9ip5.jpg)
>>39447 >9ch
>>39447 Ok bud, that's like the 3rd time you guys have shilled 9ch here in the last few days. We know about 9ch and yes bestpol is pretty good, however the rest of that site is full of faggotry. >>39447
>>39451 The boards are owned by whoever claims them first. If you don't like them then make your own board. That was one of the most important features of 8chan which is sadly missing from most other imageboards.
>>39457 Go back retard. I didnt say I had issue with 'A' certain board, >the rest of that site is full of faggotry. I said I take issue with ALL the other faggot boards on the site. I have no intention to sharing a website with furries, peds, trannies and niggers that cant read such as yourself.
>>39457 >That was one of the most important features of 8chan which is sadly missing from most other imageboards. Yes what is missing is a hundred dead boards with 5 posts each. You truly are a dumb nigger.
>>37552 No, they didn't all go back to 4chan. 4chan charges you to use it, if your ISP is blacklisted. Lots of ISP's are blacklisted.
>>39484 >>39483 >>39482 Shill reported
(149.82 KB 600x687 1587443768-0.png)
>>39486 >>>39484 >>39483 >>39482 Shill reported
> Anonymous No. 39486 >>39490 >>39484 >>39483 >>39482 Shill reported Anonymous (You) No. 39490 >>39486 >>>39484 >>39483 >>39482 >Shill reported
>>37553 I went back to 4chan. But it's too fast with the shills and pisses me off, so I'm shopping for a place that's fast enough to be fun, but doesn't create a log of everything I say for the jackboots to hunt me down for saying when it becomes retroactively illegal to say it.
>>39644 Iirc, last year BO said he'd use a 3 day log. Just long enough to make working moderation tools, but short enough that by the time the feds get and serve a warrant there is nothing left to hand over. Though there's nothing stopping anons from vpn or tor posting most of the time.
(245.58 KB 507x347 bogerface.png)
>>39647 shall we and other anons go to /g/ to discuss safe SEC?
voat refugees consolidated at poal dot co and it’s pretty lively
>>39837 never heard of that. I'll check it out. Is it a voat offshoot?
>>39837 Why do posters have to create an account tho? It defeats the whole purpose of anonymity.
(317.33 KB 720x861 apuBeingSilly.png)
>>39842 anonymity is a layered thing. Even in the event of being forced to use a username, there are other considerations at hand.
>>39841 >Is it a voat offshoot? Plebbit offshoot. Been around couple years
>>39837 It's 'ok'. Right now, it's mostly recycled memes years old, and cliche threads. Not really voat, and not really /pol/ either. Actually, I think half the posters there are just black-pill glowniggers.
>>39847 >Plebbit offshoot boo hoo, did your troll account get banned for acting like a retard?
(96.82 KB 400x410 back 2reddit.png)
>>38131 It was a lot more than that. I for one told everyone worth a fuck to take their posting IRL more and more and to network offline. I suspect many of our prolific effortposting based anons are doing the same thing these days with their White families. Just remember that you lads were the real heroes since 1945.
>>37552 When 8/pol/ went down I checked all the offsites but all of them had little activity and eventually died. Telegram boards had the same problem. I ended up back at 4/pol/ and put up with the garbage for those diamond in the rough posts and to spread Natsoc. It's gotten unbearable lately though. If we advertised on 4/pol/ and the mods here have the capability and wherewithal to ban shills it would be 8/pol/ 2 in no time.
(124.26 KB 481x627 SMC.jpg)
>>37552 Oi, can anyone tell me how quickly the shills and rubbish threads are culled in here? Kampfy was the soul reason shills got ass-blasted and cleaned out. Thanks to his unrivaled diligence 8chan became awesome. Is there anything like that here? Good mods make excellent boards.
>>41092 Are you avatar fagging to trigger a response or are you just a literal faggot? Its varies. Shill and kike threads get gassed, low effort threads get punted to /b/.
>>41092 Fuck you nigger. Maybe if you lurked more you’d find out. FUCK YOU
>>41081 >to spread Natsoc >slave political ideology lel
>>41125 >lurk moar >says the admitted newfag to this site
>>>/b/18870 >>41092 Exactly what Trans Positive Discord server should I go lurk to learn about this faggotry?
>>41081 >If we advertised on 4/pol/ >advertised >4/pol/ You have to go back, faggot
>>41128 I have been here since the site was two months old. Kys tranny, you don’t belong here.
(52.38 KB 485x446 Sat3.jpg)
>>41102 Up yours cuckold, I love Satania posting. Satania was a regular of 8chan too, you would have known that if you were one of us, clearly not. So go suck on your rabbis shit covered dildo, foreskin vampire. >>41125 Yeah, maybe if you jewish retards actually bothered to help people, you wouldn't be such cunts. And yet none of you even were able to answer my question. Not even in the slightest. Goes to show the low tier shills and NPC faggots are infestations that should be gassed. You will never be a woman, or a real board.
>>41143 My mistake. I misread read your post as anime fag replying to >>41102 Apologies
(239.31 KB 1896x1175 weebcucks.jpg)
>>41092 >>41144 Following the steps of our previous great Errverlord who ruled over this website I wanted to shit on Anime and weebs also. Anime is not based and redpilled no matter what you are told by the fucking weebs coping and seething, it turns you into fucking cucks fantasizing to be chads, nothing more. You will not learn any manly value/moral there. It will only turn you into a cuck or a troon. Pic related. I was in a zoomer discord today. (don't really use discord normally) Here is the problem, every single cuck there with an anime avatar stated how fucking badly they want to protect the blind girl for like half a day none stop talking about this pathetic pic. If you don't get the problem here is what it is: the girl was clearly interrupting their personal conversations and expected them to care. And fucking weebs think its normal/right/accepted/correct. WTF????? Imagine yourself kissing your GF and then some tranny coming in and asking to be your friend. How can you not tell them to GTFO and STFU? How the fuck are you supposed to fucking be nice to them when they have clearly demonstrated they do NOT care for your personal space/conversation by interrupting what is a clearly important event for you? I don't care what the fuck your problem is, it's not my fucking problem. And YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO FORCE ME TO CARE FOR YOUR FUCKING PROBLEMS. The central issue is pathological altruism. Just because the fucking girl is disabled/disadvantaged you are supposed to care for them no matter if they care about you or not just because its "nice." E.G. protecting the weak just because they are weak, not because they are righteous. The whole entire fucking thesis of most anime that came out of post-modernism forced on Japan after WWII. Which leads us to niggers. You are supposed to care for niggers because they have been oppressed/enslaved/disadvantaged. No matter if the niggers are right or if the niggers care about you at all. When the fucking niggers barge down your door and demand gibs you are supposed to give them what they want like good little cuck weebs. All of the current societal problems are caused by this since the jews gave women the fucking voting rights. This is inherently not manly, man care about justice, independence and honor. You are not supposed to fucking get everyone to fix your every single little problem nor are you expected to do the same for others. Righteous has nothing to do with if someone is weak or strong, it has something to do with actual objective justice. Being "nice" is in no way actual righteousness. If you want someone's help as a man, you respect him by bringing it up at an acceptable time and place. You don't fucking just go to random people and demand their help right away. Nobody own you jack shit. Leviticus 19:15 Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment: thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty: but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour. Objective truth > (((subjective truth/feelings))) When is the last time you saw an anime that is based on objective truth's triumph over subjective feelings? MOST OF ANIME IS ABOUT DESCRIBING SUBJECTIVE FEELINGS AND GET YOU TO (((SYMPATHIZE))) WITH THEM. This is clearly female behavior. The more you observe the fucking weebs the more you will find the more they get into anime the more they behave like women. Women are biologically programmed to care for their children which is needy and weak. Men are not programmed by God to do so. It's not in men's nature. Boys laugh at pee pee poo poo jokes, boys like edgy humor, boys hunt and kill and eat "innocent little cute animals," boys don't care for "wholesomeness." Men face the world and stand up to its challenges, women expect people to bail them out and will shame every men who refused to be their white knights. If you don't have the balls to make edgy jokes you are not a fucking man. The weebs are physically weak social outcasts that do not have the fucking balls to stand up to what is actually JUST and themselves IRL. They cope like trannies by escaping into a fictional world (anime) where they have power and "protect the weak" which (the weak) in reality are themselves.
>>41092 >>41144 Contd. HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE NAT SOC WHEN YOU CAN'T THROW THE "POOR" JEWS INTO THE FUCKING OVEN in minecraft? The zoomer generation is not the fucking cure some might have hoped. The fucking supposed Nazi Weebs are only Nazi because 1. Power fantasy 2. They perceive Jews as the the more powerful and the Nazi as the oppressed. The moment an actual Reich is built they will have cuck and protect the fucking minorities. In fact most of them are actual "ironic" Nazis whom in a fundamental level do not have the balls to make the hard calls when push come to shove. The more you talk to them/know them, the more you will figure out they do not have firm convictions whatsoever. It's impossible for someone who have actual faith and convictions to not self improve and become a real man. The rant has went on long enough. To finish up I just wanted to add: the modern western world and its sheltered society is turning man into troons whatever I said above you can replace the word weeb with troon, because they are in essence the same problem you are not a men if you fucking think or behave like a women if you are looking for a replacement for anime just play games, its way more fucking manly when compared to anime WH40K is unironically manly. Read more about WH lore is better than fucking watching JoJo and expecting to learn any manly lessons there. You need to understand their is an eternal struggle for your blood and soul and make hard choices to stand up for what's right. There is no easy way out where everyone is happy. If the Jews are happy you won't fucking be. It's better to die for the Emperor (objective truth/God) than to live for yourself. The moment you seize to see this as ironic is the moment you become a man.
>>41399 hearty kek, go away (((Mark)))


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