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(218.26 KB 600x579 1606229637462.png)
Women and morals (this is political) Anonymous 12/31/2020 (Thu) 12:25:44 No. 38434
be me, dropped out of society because the narrative of the collective is utterly fake and it has become unbearable, recently started a relationship with a woman, found out she is fully progressive not by choice because she doesn't understand politics so she was just conditioned that way probably by the MSM and the school system. I have a constant feeling that I cannot trust her because: thought about being an escort, got analed at a party once and blacked out so no recollection of what happened after, doesn't want kids and thinks marriage is oppressive for the women, etc. Yes I know, I thought I would dump her instantly too. Anyways I started a process of ideological subversion so she would come back to some form of dignity and it seems it's working, took 5g of shrooms with her as a start to get rid of her corrupt ego which led to her starting using my vocabulary, my speech patterns and the little mannerism of my speech so that's big progress but I find that strange. How is it possible that women, or the being you trust to take care of your children isn't even worthy of trust when it comes to basic shit like having a mental boundary with a random man you go out with, we haven't even fucked yet and she is already absorbing aspects of my identity is that even respectable I don't know, don't have enough experience in romantic relationships that go outside of just sex. Tl;dr: Got out into the world, started dating a woman that I cannot trust because of the norms she internalized, societal norms btw, Do any of you know why this is happening to our women? For men it isn't that hard to think why some are weak: lack of idealized father figure makes them irresponsable but what the fuck is wrong with our women anons??
oh and by the way the reason I'm still with her is because I actually enjoy spending time with her and she could help me get a thing or two sorted in my own life, feel like I have to give her credit for what she gets right
>>38434 >lack of idealized father figure makes them irresponsable Also applies to them in many cases
>>38434 At first glance she sounds like a lost cause, but the fact you feel you have made some inroads may mean she is easier to mold than most other women. Both men and women grow a lot from being in relationships. How old are you guys? Guessing 20ish?
>>38439 yep we're both 20 so still subject to a lot of change in how we see the world and that might be the only positive thing I can rely on to make things work to be honest
>>38437 checks out she lost her father
>>38440 And a lot of change for her too. Sounds like ya have your eyes open. Can understand wanting to tough it out. But at the same time, if it does go to complete shit in a few years, there won't be much left on the market for you besides sloppy seconds. Don't envy young lads these days.
>>38443 yeah that's a good point I'm thinking of just gaining experience in how to correctly represent and treat a woman but I'm not going to put up with deceit or abuse, I'm very aware of what's in it for me when i make decisions so there's no way I'm wasting my time if trust can't be established in a unconditional way
>>38434 >5g of shrooms with her as a start to get rid of her corrupt ego How does that work?
>>38451 often pathologies such as narcissism is caused by the ego having ruptured it's connections with the unconscious, making conscious processes autonomous. This can be caused by repressed memories for exemple but also repressed desires or repressed thoughts or repressed feelings anyway taking a ego dissolving substance will make you confront your unconscious whether you like it or not which I think is very good for degenerates
>>38505 and that is exactly why shrooms are illegal
>>38434 This is only mildly related, but i thought i would share some discoveries i have made over the last year. This knowledge comes from personal experience going back 20 years, but the last year the pieces seemed to fit together via patterns. This relates to Britain, but maybe you have the same experiences >councils run by women in all departments with the exception of men being councillors and IT/tech guys >political parties staffed with loads of women women are being exploited by having their maternal instincts used against them to favour minorities and migrants, which in turn, has a strange reaction of working against their natural in-group, white native men. also, most of the women in the councils etc dont have the ability to think. this is the same at the courts too. heres the repeating patterns: >there is an issue which i raise >i get a scripted response which is of no use to resolving the issue >i explain the reason why its failing and inquire as to what the reason this is happening is >i get no answer, just scripted lines that do not address the issues raised >i ask more individual questions which should direct answers be given, the issue is raised is dealt with accordingly >i receive more deflections and script with the lady responding "we are going in circles here" >i reply, yes, we are, because you will not address a single issue or point raised directly. this is why the country is fucked.
>>38572 Nice breakdown. Yeah, one of the reasons. Women have definitely been weaponized against us, that much we already know. We need to think about how to exploit this fact to shift things another direction.
>>38573 i should have elaborated further, but i started asking the women how intelligent they were. it really pisses them off. i inform them of my intelligence level and ask them do they want to write down what i am saying, so they can look over it for a moment and process it. they say >stop patronising me or >stop shouting at me i inform them, the volume of my voice does not change the words that i am speaking, nor does the volume of my voice give them the opportunity to change subjects and move the conversation away from the root. when they say dont patronise me, i say i am not patronising you, there is an issue that you will not honestly address, i inquire why and we go in circles on your side, not my end. if you refuse to address genuine concerns into your practices and you refuse to answer why, when you are the one solely committing the actions, that leads me to believe you are of low intelligence and are not fit for the job. is it better that i discuss this with your husband (which really pisses them off, because we both know their husband doesnt work in their office). the most i will receive in form of an explanation is >its just the way we do things ok, then explain why is that the way you do things? >we just do, i dont know so you didnt have the intelligence to put forward a query as to why you have these protocols, which are a net negative to natural residents of this country, but will assist foreign adversaries who have no theological or genetic connection to yourself? why is that? best way to beat a woman who insists in being a position of responsibility which directly affects the citizens of the nation, can and should be held accountable for their actions. every one knows women have no accountability, and if a man behaved the same way women do in the justice, council, educational and governmental departments, he would be held accountable in his local community after failing to be held accountable in his job position. women dont have to worry because they can rest assured a white male is very unlikely to harm them. the irony is the people they assist who are not white will definitely hurt them. the entire systems of the west are staffed by unaccountable women. they need to be driven out of their positions, and males, should they fail their duties in favour of hostile foreign entities, should be held accountable by violence, if not by the system itself (We know the system is kiked from the start anyway). this is how BLM managed to terrorise the west. listen to this audiobook or buy it off amazon for a few £ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIw2rMCE6XY
>>38574 Again this is a great breakdown of things we (I) already know but doesn’t move the ball forward. Of course awareness is a good first step and I’m glad you’ve reached this level of understanding but the genie is out of the bottle. Women already occupy some of the highest positions of power and our government, military, and civilian infrastructure are riddled with them and increasing every day. The question is how do we remove them or exploit them. No disagreement with you just trying to look forward.
>>38575 >The question is how do we remove them or exploit them See >>38574 >they need to be driven out of their positions Then engage with them like > i inform them of my intelligence level and ask them do they want to write down what i am saying, so they can look over it for a moment and process it. they say >stop patronising me or >stop shouting at me i inform them, the volume of my voice does not change the words that i am speaking, nor does the volume of my voice give them the opportunity to change subjects and move the conversation away from the root. when they say dont patronise me, i say i am not patronising you, there is an issue that you will not honestly address, i inquire why and we go in circles on your side, not my end. if you refuse to address genuine concerns into your practices and you refuse to answer why, when you are the one solely committing the actions, that leads me to believe you are of low intelligence and are not fit for the job. is it better that i discuss this with your husband (which really pisses them off, because we both know their husband doesnt work in their office). If everyone follows that, women will quit if they have to deal with people like that all day every day. Mentally they are too weak for prolonged ridicule and humiliation whilst being chained to someone elses work/script/interests...try it tomorrow on a staff member somewhere thats fucking you over
(2.86 MB 640x360 women be like.webm)
(392.16 KB 1080x1198 women AAA7BAB8-401573.jpg)
(142.86 KB 599x797 fundamental women truth.jpg)
>>38434 Thats just normal mirroring behavior because now she finds you more attractive and what that does it make you more attracted to her because now she is talking to your unconscious survival brain that she will submit for sex. Women truly can be molded by their surrounding peers and thats ,why Europeans always had church but even they knew some degenerate women are lost causes if not most depending on the competition . But she is more of waste of your time then you think ,because you can't make all her baggage disappear from psychedelics or reset her oxytocin levels virgin. So what will happen OP is since you haven't had many relationships you are going to break down and date her. You are going to be conflicted the entire relationship of her past especially when you go out and one of her past flings comes up to her to awkward hug her while you wonder if its just a past coworker (even in a city this will happen) then quietly responds no just a "old friend" or she casually mentions with a chuckle she fucked some random guy at the baseball stadium she took you to for your Birthday as you drive by it two months later. From then on nothing will feel special with her because she has probably already done it or done for her so you those romantic gestures you planned for her just seem empty while you are in it. Then those "love yous" that you both say will seem so canned and cheap because to modern women,their male submission words to tell them your their bitch i mean can she mean those words when she has shared so many "i love you"moments like that with other men that in her memory will fade together with yours, then goes on about a romantic time yous guys had that she confused with a previous male. Otherwise It will probably be fine for the first 2 years or so until trouble happens from her or outside like job loss ,her oxytocin levels will now be depleted because she has trained her body/brain to be a fuck and chuck multiple relationships by now. Then she will go right back to the default state you met her in and stress you out until you break up or she cheats. I would say OP play the field she is not even gf material she is the girl you fuck while looking for wife materiel. That doesn't mean stay with her that means you fuck her for 2 months nothing serious while you look for a wife this way you aren't nearly as desperate while looking for wife material. Then you have to break it off with her anything past 2 months max they will start telling people your their BF or you set your own heartbreak up. And you will only be fucking yourself over.
>>38599 that is very interesting, I don't agree with everything but I recognize alot of facts with what I'm living I think in a more general sense you're right about most of what you said, at this moment in our relationship, I feel so much cognitive dissonance with the desires I have towards her I had a talk about it with my mate and it's kind of the same for him, we both agreed that woman fail to attribute values to men, it's almost like they don't know why they love us even though you can feel that they do, very strange
>>38572 "women are being exploited by having their maternal instincts used against them" strongly agree the idea of liberalism is highly incompatible with natural selection and women represent natural selection in the human hierarchy, they are supposed to select out bad genes and bad memes which isn't happening nowadays, degeneracy is running rampant. For the rest of what you said I think it has to do with psychology, there is such a factor as extraversion and introversion and when it comes to thinking some people will be more prone to follow the exterior source of thoughts or collective thought or group think and all of what it implies. You'll see people attribute way to much importance to labels even though deep down they know that the labeling system is corrupt. They will not try to understand your point they will try to establish where your point is located in the societal discussion to treat you has how society views your opinion these people have their use but clearly they don't value truth in the same way.
>>38600 >women are capable of love Kek you anons have much to learn about life. >>38599 Pretty close on many points, shame you write like a downie. Decent advice tho, OP.
(228.52 KB 1280x721 thumbnail_DSC_0047.jpg)
>>38601 women always seek social approval. they will do what the fashionable group think is right. To deprogram them, we have to tap into the same brain wiring as the jewish psychologists have with their political propaganda. if you have not read it already, please consider looking at these books i bought. what we are up against is around a century of not only psychological analysis, but a century of psychological programming. to succeed in society, people no longer have to think, they only have to do as required. they only have to look at a checklist and carry out the duties in the strategies provided to them. they are not paid to think, only to carry out duties. a citizen is no longer viewed as a citizen, but as a customer. as we already know, these people have been programmed from before the time they were even born, its a inter generational thing. the book on the right, by edward barneys is one of the playbooks they are working from, and is being used as a foundational base for their techniques to evolve from. whilst we are at a weak starting point, their techniques and methods are very easily broken down when one spends a short time analysing what exactly they are doing. our advantage is that we can think outside of the box, and work outside of their scripts. women do not cope under pressure either. the one thing women do not expect in modern society, is to be treated contrary to what the propaganda has fed them. the moment chinks appear in their armour, they become extremely stressed, which inturns, ignites emotion, this is where their weakness lies. you have to persist until they have no pre written script or protocol to follow, they are truly alone with only their own intelligence to handle the situation. point blank refuse to concede until the issues raised are addressed with an acceptable answer or reasoning, which there is absolutely no way they can do. rinse and repeat. it would be most effective if there was a way to group a load of people in one area ot carry out the same tasks daily. how this will be achieved i have not worked out yet. maybe something similiar to setting up localised social media groups for residents. of course an operation like this is a big task, but, once small successes have been reached, and the average person can vouch for the system being successful at breaking through the conditioning/setting things street/having matters resolved, the efforts would then grow exponentially, until politicians have no option but to set things right. of course, this is only a small part of the bigger picture. its about shifting the overton window and gaining back god given rights, over the judaic nightmare our nations have become. the key to success is via the women, as they are the only people staffing the system who are unacccountable. its worthless using the techniques and strategies on minorities, because of course, they will tow the line until death to ensure they do not return to their countries of origins. thats another point i noticed actually, its just minorities and women staffing the system, these are the people we have to directly deal with. once women are cleared out of the way, people in the general population will have no choice but to address the minorities issue directly >why the hell is our entire system staffed by people we have no connection with? why are they imposing this nonsense on us? 2 birds, one shell.
>>38602 >women are capable of love >Kek you anons have much to learn about life. They will read this and write you off as some jaded old man, buying into the >Who hurt u anon narrative But this is the truth. Women are not capable of Love, at least not in the way that you think they are. Women can love a man no more than a small child can love their parent. They might even adore their parent, but they have no real concept of sacrifice or selflessness, even though at points it seems they are acting out aspects of each of those. >God >Demigods i.e. - angels, whatever you want to call it >Man >Dogs >Women >Children That is the order of the power and capacity of Love. Also, if you haven't read Rollo Tomassi's book The Rational Male you should get yourself a copy and start page by page it can sometimes unplug young weak beta faggots like a few anons in this thread.
>>38434 Hel....this kind of misfortune is evoked in the Havamal - the great Wotan, after having described the feminine nature (Ha 81-95), tells, blow by blow, two of his loves : First, Billing's daughter, whose demands and reticence he respected - and from whose efforts he obtained nothing but scorn and ridicule (Ha 96-102). Secondly, Gunnlod, whose door he forced open to honour her for three days and three nights, and then to steal her Poetic Mead (Ha 103-110). What the great Wotan teaches us here is that there are only TWO types of lovers: Billing's daughters and the Gunnlods - only TWO types of liaisons : 1. those where the man has been domesticated and is, in the eyes of the woman, reduced to the rank of beta-male: he becomes - god that he is! - the mercilessly scorned transient lover. 2. Those in which he imposes his will at all costs (Wotan drilling, with a spin, the wall that separates him from Gunnlod), gives the woman what she actually expects, whatever she pretends (three days and three nights of non-stop sex), makes her his inspiration (Poetic Mead), without worrying about his hysterical vapors and his attempts to domesticate him (abandons him in tears). There are NO other types of relationship. It is one OR the other - and if it is not one, it is the other. No exceptions. Clear? Natural law imposes to give a woman what she wants - to "fill" her in every sense of the word: natura abhorret vacuum. But this certainly does NOT mean submitting to it! On the contrary! Reread carefully what Wodenson says about it. As stated above, magical initiation and erotic initiation are strictly analogous. Initiations are sometimes painful, but they "open", if I dare say so, to a greater good - in clear terms, the more a woman ("conservative" pole of the couple) insists on braking everything, the happier she is that the man ("progressive" pole of the couple) breaks the brake she imposes on him. She is the sclerotic system, you are the revolutionary force! To continue the political analogies, always start from this traditional principle: man is the conquering warrior, woman is the nation he has conquered: you must give this nation what it expects from its prince - but in return for what it submits to your laws. Do you follow me? The Edda teaches us much more through the story of Baldr's descent to Hel. But I'm not going to get into that right now. Just remember that if the man is not Baldr, the woman becomes Hel. Heil Wotan
>>38434 Op 1) You shouldn't be spending that MUCH time and resources on a woman you haven't even slept with. Do you know how valuable your time and care is? Ask if she wants to fuck and if she doesnt...stop wasting your time. Im serious about this. You are wasting a lot of resources on a girl that has not even "Tasted you" yet. And there is quite a big chance that she will betray you. Most women just cant stop failing and betraying you. And by that i mean "Decided to get the vaccine" "cheat" "divorce rape" WAnna know what woman you NEED? One that if you get assaulted on the street tomorrow and you kill the attacker, she will keep her mouth shut and not tell the police on you.
>>38434 and keep in mind that giving shrooms to the girl doesnt guarantee she will "change and become super cool redpilled trinity". Most people are trash. If you give them a redpill like shrooms, you will find out that they are still trash, ready to betray you. Its like trying to...make wine from spoiled grapes or whatever.
>>38599 >Women be like, fuck men. Show the sequel 20 years later with the empty apartment, boxed wine, cats and vibrating dildos. That is the better one IMO. Gives closure to the story arc.
>>39983 We have already answered you faggot
(1.37 MB 1920x1080 look.png)
>>38434 >>39267 I agree with this, look mate if she doesn't want your whole form which means smashing then drop or cool off, seriously. Don't let anyone use a half of you, sex is a huge deal. Don't invest time into some damn friendzone, make shit happen. You'll just get hurt the more you invest into that, not going full-mode is retarded. If she doesn't accept your entire manhood then drop, your choices on this are two can burn the bridge, or ignore by spending less time seeing if she's going to come around.
Well boys, OP here she ended up stealing a ring from my sister so I yeeted her and ghosted her I guess women that are heavily influenced by contemporary ideals(or lack of them/liberalism) are really vicious and peverted who would of thought, I guess I learned a valuable lesson watch out who you put your faith in. never thought I'd say that but incels have a point haha I'll be looking for a based and trad woman next time, damn witches I'm telling you I was deceived by illusions!!
> degenerate bullshit belongs on plebbit. I dont know what to tell you. Actually I do, and I know it will feel as if im slighting you here, but Your girl friend is a whore and WILL (not might) fuck you over. Dont believe me? Report back in a year. Let us know how this "relationship" is going. Niggers/trannys/spics/femzoid women are ticking time bombs when it comes to intrapersonal relationships. They simply do not have the cognition the understand the things we do. No matter how much programming you try to instill. Sure you can try as hard as you want to get that toothpaste in the tube, you might succeed a little bit, but its just a big fucking mess. This might be hard to hear but yes mother nature imbibes men with "muh soulmate" hormones when you see a pair of tits that are even remotely attracted to you. Get over it, move on, thank me later.
>>40126 >Report back in a year. Nigger, finish reading the thread, or at the very least scroll to last post >>40118
>>40118 Oh wow i wrote my comment before i read the whole thread. Look at that. Sooner than i thought. Just remember this- Libreal women, programmed women, feminists, dykes, should be addressed for what they are and nothing else. A FUCKING CUNT. I have no problem smacking one of these bitches in the mouth. If she calls the cops on you cut out her tongue.
>>40118 >>40128 I wasnt to invested in your pathetic love life so i decided to give you words of wisdom pre maturely. But lets not forget your mistake. Your cunt radar should be pretty sensitive at this point. Another one will be around the corner real soon. It will feel different, but its the same. Remember what was said
>>40130 yep will do, I already expected such things but with all the prejudice around the right wing view on relationships I wanted a good feel to judge for myself no worries though if the only thing I have to worry about is ideals and ideology I don't think it'll be that tough to find a decent person plus sex is not that hard to get but not that attractive to me outside of relationships, the feelings are there really, that's why I wanted to try something new. good experience though you guys actually understand what's going on and this was a good practical exemple of it, I'll remember the advice


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