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forced labor Anonymous 01/01/2021 (Fri) 16:30:00 No. 38509
EXCLUSIVE: For years, human rights activists feared the Xinjiang detention facilities doubled as work camps.
(454.98 KB 640x800 video2.mp4)
>>38509 If you don't want post moved to /b/, put a little effort into it, faggot
>>38510 Sorry page was slow to refresh, thought you were one and done
>>38512 no words are needed
(3.21 MB 640x360 msJbTORIPUxi0cxy.mp4)
(4.57 MB 720x720 TilDQWRSEgCztJdZ.mp4)
ngl, loading undesirables onto to trains is pretty based
(2.55 MB 640x360 FQ1e8xTIz0JDkp3w.mp4)
Step 1: the US trains Uyghurs as terrorists Step 2: Xinjiang suffers from them (July 2009 Ürümqi riots, 2014 Kunming attack, etc) Step 3: China implements counter-terrorism policies that work and terrorism disappears Step 4: CIA "Experts" complain for the loss of their investment to radicalize Uyghurs call China's policies an over-reaction - citing lack of terrorism
(21.79 MB 720x480 ChinaSurveillanceState.m4v)
>>38517 >counter-terrorism policies that work and terrorism disappears Fuck off you pro-chink communist cunt. The CCP and their neo-Bolshevism conducted on their own population is the prototype the kikes are trying to turn the West into and turn White people into Uyghurs by putting us into camps. WE WILL RESIST and don't you fucking forget it!
>>38532 >(((WSJ))) Look faggot, I am not supporting the CCP, but you and that video are conflating 5 different things as if they are one issue. For years China was dealing with jihad attacks from Uyghurs that is why there are military units on the streets. If you doubt the US has had a hand destabilising Xinjiang then I guess you also think Nuland was just in Kiev to hand out cookies.
>>38534 >For years China was dealing with jihad attacks from Uyghurs that is why there are military units on the streets Are you so fucking daft as to not think the same "counter-terrorist" policies will be used against YOU? The definition of a "terrorist" can change from one thing to another depending on who controls the system and whether or not they have you interests in mind. This entire system as it stands needs to be burned to the ground, and cucking for a literal communist country that was set up by the Jews and their tool Mao as their ground zero for global communism is akin to stabbing your own eyeball out with a pen.
>>38536 The system isn't going anywhere until it gets real uncomfortable for all the normies. If the kikes are planning to round us up and ship us to camps so be it. No one is going to burn the system down until it happens. Bitching and whinging about chinks on obscure corners of the internet, sure as shit, isn't going to accomplish anything.
>>38532 >>38534 >>38536 >>38538 Why are you faggots arguing? You both clearly desire the same things and share the same opinions on the chinks and jews. I'm sure both of you agree that these counter terrorist policies will be used against whites as well. So why aren't we working together? Do we come to a niche anonymous image board to shit on eachother or to solve the very real problems that face us and our people?


no cookies?