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(419.32 KB 3000x2004 1609973677948.jpg)
(189.28 KB 912x674 1609972995334.jpg)
Jan. 6, Capital Hill Anonymous 01/07/2021 (Thu) 00:42:59 No. 38903
From Jew York Times >A woman who was shot inside the Capitol building after it was overrun by a pro-Trump mob has died, Washington, D.C., police officials said on Wednesday. >The woman has not been identified and no information has been released about who may have shot her. Chief Robert J. Contee of the Metropolitan Police Department said earlier that she was a “civilian” and that his officers were leading the investigation. >The woman was pronounced dead at a local hospital, Dustin Sternbeck, a spokesman for the police department, said in an email. Mr. Sternbeck said he did not yet know who shot her or have any other details. >A video posted to Twitter earlier on Wednesday appeared to show a shooting in the Capitol. >The woman in the video seemed to climb onto a small ledge next to a doorway inside the building immediately before a single loud bang is heard. The woman, draped in a flag, fell to the ground at the top of a stairwell. A man with a helmet and a military-style rifle stood next to her after she fell, and shouts of “police” could be heard as a man in a suit approached the woman and crouched next to her. https://archive.fo/KHOOv
(33.27 MB 1280x720 capidgsh.mp4)
(4.96 MB 1280x720 SCSzN0jV5xau3lt3.mp4)
(13.22 MB 1280x720 YLkSPguJNhQ6LAje.mp4)
(149.96 KB 1024x1018 magas.jpg)
Whats going on anons why did (((they))) let this assault on the capitol happen, besides to instill more unrest between the right and the left and distract in order to push their agenda?
(1011.54 KB 576x1024 1609974624566.webm)
>>38906 >why did (((they))) let this assault on the capitol happen
(2.85 MB 720x1270 nigcop.webm)
Im betting she will be identified as a minority or a femtard and the hate will somehow be born anew on the migatards rather than the cop who shot her. This was all a ploy and miga fell for the bait. With BLM and all the riots some kind of retaliation by the right was expected. Its like letting one child take more cookies from the jar, than their sibling, and waiting for the second child to get mad until he gets an equal share of cookies as well. This was our chance and they blew it to get pics for their jewstagram and snapkike. And the kikes wanted it too just look at the webm they literally let them in.
(235.65 KB 1125x1068 1609972069448.jpg)
>>38907 That's the most pathetic thing I have seen all day. These absolute cuckolds allowed a tiny fence to stop them and only breached it when the cops opened it for them. These people are not revolutionaries.
>>38908 >This was our chance and they blew it to get pics for their jewstagram and snapkike. American conservatives have no idea how protests work or why you do them. But I must ask, how was this our chance? Our chance to do what? Real power in the USA does not reside in the Capitol building. It resides in the brains of the jews who own the mass media corporations.
>>38911 Much better. Still, I noticed many instances of them helping cops who were knocked down. These people are murderers. They are the front line troops in defense of the oligarchy that openly calls for our humiliation and extermination. They deserve no mercy. Beat them and beat them until they either learn their lesson or die from blood loss. But I must check myself. These are conservatives. They must learn the hard way.
>>38912 Our chance for a massive riot similar to BLM. Imagine if instead of this it had been a storming of one of those mass corporations or the news or something calling out kikes. It would have been more justified too because of the past BLM and riots, but now it wont be because the media and left will see this as the rights retaliation and now everything after will be unjustified.
(151.66 KB 1024x682 1609975393118.jpg)
(1.26 MB 913x522 image (2).png)
(763.18 KB 1039x988 whoAreTheRealNazisHere.png)
i got booted off cuckchan so i couldn't post this, but it's worth a read. Maybe some kind soul could post it over there? https://archive.li/cbZWC
>>38913 That means it's not an "assault" on the capitol at all, you dumb niggers. Stop repeating kike lies. I'm guessing they are just qnigger idiots at most.
(1.96 MB 1080x1350 cuteFoxes.png)
>>38919 Thanks man, but I was just asking if someone would post the link on a thread lol. I appreciate it though. Was this another thread you made and then archived it?
>>38923 Yeah I figured all the threads would be moving too fast for it to be noticed Tried posting whole thing hoping it would help bump thread and get traction Got a thread in mind you want link posted?
(492.44 KB 1200x600 kcintbrigade.png)
>>38924 Nah, I just wanted anons to see it cuz you know, it's a historical document from this country.
>>38925 Yeah was comfy looking. Did post it in a Matrix.org server, where it would be appreciated
(20.04 KB 400x400 1609988116588.jpg)
>>38903 >The woman has not been identified Ashley Babbitt from San Fransisco, Iraq veteran, 14yr Air Force https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHEGnTOzdxU https://twitter.com/Ashli_Babbitt
>>38928 > San Fransisco San Diego*
>>38926 say friend, how did you get that 4plebs archive thing to work? I tried, but couldn't figure it out.
>>38928 She must be added to the Hall of Martyrs. Fucking PIGS.
>>38930 Its automatic as far as I know. Just take your post thread number and put it into 4pleb address.
(499.84 KB 903x677 Screenshot (2011).png)
>>38909 >https://twitter.com/renovate8/status/1346925379739533312 >This Tweet is from a suspended account.
(131.52 KB 1024x695 ErE9OSIW4AAlC6B.jpg)
(97.58 KB 261x205 ErFzz8MXUAIwaBR.png)
>>38932 sorry, could you detail it a little more? Where do I put the thread number, or is it the URL?
>>38939 The addresses are the same, aside from the site prefix https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/300703428 https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/300703428 The digits also correspond to the OP post number
(234.23 KB 1920x586 Screenshot (300703428).png)
Or you could just use the search function
>>38939 >Where do I put the thread number, or is it the URL? Yes, 16chan is built the same way This threads OP is number >>38903 the address is 16chan.xyz/pol/res/38903.html
You know, I fully admit I didn't expect this. I was expecting another Virginia (Largest Cosplaying event in history), tbh. Well, a broken clock is right twice a day. And to think- all this energy, just so it can be done legally by another kike puppet. Well, I guess we'll see if they have a backbone for their Ideology, but since the norm is "Cuck and Disavow" I'm not holding my breath.
>>38936 >>38933 A retired military officer told The Washington Times that the firm XRVision used its software to do facial recognition of protesters and matched two Philadelphia antifa members to two men inside the Senate. The source provided the photo match to The Times. One has a tattoo that indicates he is a Stalinist sympathizer. antifa promotes anarchy through violence and wants the end of America in favor of a Stalinist-state. “No more USA at all” is a protest chant. XRVision also has identified another man who, while not known to have antifa links, is someone who shows up at climate and Black Lives Matter protests in the West. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/jan/6/xrvision-firm-claims-antifa-infiltrated-protesters/
(8.19 MB 1280x720 bmznz6hYJ-_V6G1B.mp4)
(20.31 MB 1280x720 62VzdsfC7cIIWcfV.mp4)
The patriots are doing the heavy lifting for a deep state false flag. The level of unpreparedness of the authorities shows this. What a shame the magabros didnt anticipate this and either take advantage or assert some kind of control over the antifa tier protesters.
(89.77 KB 995x1024 1604995045014m.jpg)
This is a psyop, they opposed no resistance to the protesters. There were literally no cops there. In europe coordinated news outlets emphasize on american feeling ashamed of this situation. Yet these same american Friends as they say didn't feel shame during blm riots. What gets out on TV currently is a battle of good (smart and Patrician democrats) vs evil (stupid plébéiens Trump supporters). But now the good has to act to save democracy from Trump's totalitarian rule. God chosen's will always use the same tricks to get what they want. We'll see where this shit goes but i wager it won't be good.
(1.45 MB 270x360 GHRJ5C9QxdfxS2aM.mp4)
>>38950 >>38951 Yes it goes with out saying. There were clearly some agitators from both antifa and likely feds (one video hints at some ((chinese)) involvement) But that isn't to say there wasn't many others that were legit in anger and motive. Plus those that even now, are still cucking. vid https://twitter.com/UndergroundSilk/status/1347055859868852224 >The American Chinese community posted this...🧐 pic.twitter.com/zMPdZGnYDz — U.S.R. Communique (@UndergroundSilk) January 7, 2021
(2.04 MB 1280x720 VID_20210107_063855_507.mp4)
Video of Pence getting his 30 pieces of silver via masonic handshake.
>>38951 >This is a psyop Especially when you compare this to the Yellow Vest protests in France. It is night and day. Yellow Vests were met with a ton of cops and soldiers as soon as they formed in Paris. Meanwhile these so called 'protesters' didn't really get much resistance. They had as much resistance from Police/Soldiers as any BLM/Antifa rally. It definitely is a psyop. Also this reminds me of Charlottesvile. With how Zion Don was quick to tell his supporters to stand down while being very asleep to any Antifa/BLM attacks. It makes me wonder why the average migapede doesn't put two and two together that Trump and all of the government is corrupt?
(648.79 KB 633x960 oops.png)
>>38964 It looks like those guys were actually antifa! Also this guy's twitter is now suspended. That just confirms it, lol.
>>38915 >Imagine if instead of this it had been a storming of one of those mass corporations or the news or something calling out kikes. Yes, obviously that would have been better. >now it wont be (justified) because the media and left will see this as the rights retaliation and now everything after will be unjustified. The leftist media which is just a euphemism for jews already view every single fucking thing that even the most mild cuckservative does as unjustified. You cannot even sit alone in your house as a Trump supporter and not be called a "nazi threat to our democracy racist fascist nazi nazi nazi nazi..." Honestly, I have thought about this and I believe that the protest was a failure in all regards except one; In the long term, it has "radicalized" many people. Trump supporters learned that cops are not their friends and shitlibs learned that everything and everyone and every concept on the planet that isn't their own is a "nazi terrorist right wing extremist fascist terrorist" Actually, that the left is now screeching "TERRORIST TERRORIST TERRORIST" at everyone right of Karl Marx is a good thing. It gets them to start thinking as an actual dissident.
>>38920 >That means it's not an "assault" on the capitol at all, you dumb niggers. What the hell are you getting all triggered about. State your point clearly like a White man. Stop talking like a kike. >I'm guessing they are just qnigger idiots at most. Yes. And? Qniggers exist too. They can act according to their beliefs.
>>38959 This is Q tier disinfo that only a fucking idiot would fall for.
>>38966 >It looks like those guys were actually antifa! Also this guy's twitter is now suspended. That just confirms it, lol. Doesn't confirm shit chaim, stop trying to poison the well. Those photos are doctored.
>>38966 >Posts Llin Wood Qanon shit >Doesn't even know the Traditional Worker's Party symbol >Doesn't even know who Michael Heimback is Heimback is a fed. However, that picture is on antifa.org because antifa thinks that Michael Heimbach is the next Hitler, you dumbass Qtard.
>>38971 Should anyone be surprised that conservatives are trying to pull the "it was ANTIFA not us!" bit? Well-heeled conservative grifters don't actually share the same interests as the people they are tasked with corralling.
(31.08 KB 378x677 ErGFFL_UYAMZdKW.jpg)
(1.35 MB 600x270 ljq9bEPY7pHDULpE.mp4)
(606.09 KB 508x677 unknown-5.png)
>>38976 >>38977 >>38978 >>38979 >>38980 >https://mpdc.dc.gov/page/may-2020-january-2021-unrest-related-arrests-and-persons-interest
>>38976 >>38977 >>38978 >>38979 >>38980 >>38981 And this, gentlemen, is why you wear masks when doing direct action.
>>38983 >And this, gentlemen, is why you wear masks when doing direct action. This is one of the few positive side effects of the covid hysteria.
(14.89 MB 608x1080 3ie82o.mp4)
>>38971 >>38972 >>38973 Samefag, quit talking to yourself. Bozo! XD
So how is this supreme court thing going? The 6th of Jan already happened. Wasn't there another thing on the 8th or is it over and Trump lost?
>>38984 Indeed. >>38986 You are retarded. Go back to 4cuck.
>>38988 Calling someone a jew is a big claim. Is she s jew or are you just shitposting?
>>38988 >Jewess gets shot She's not a Jew you retard. Look at her face. She's a White woman who died resisting the pigs and kikes in government.
>>38984 Yeah, I never really understood the hysterical reaction of conservatives over the mask thing.
>>38992 Because it is forced by the powers that be over a fake virus. It's a sign of slavery.
(37.90 KB 828x621 1610043148565.jpg)
(899.27 KB 818x497 1610043280216.png)
>>38990 Typical kikery reported. jews don't fight 4 tours in jewish wars inb4 "coalburner" nope
>>38993 No. The actual sign of slavery is that people aren't compensated during economic shut downs [even if the virus is fake, which I agree it probably is] like they are in Western Europe and also that people are so abstracted from their subsistence production that their lives completely collapse if they can't cut people's hair or open their flower shop or whatever. In a surveillance capitalist state, shrieking to be unmasked is an own goal.
>>38995 >In a surveillance capitalist state Except it isn't a capitalist state anymore when the government is giving out free money. Not to mention the communist cultural destruction.
>>38996 That's not what capitalism is. Capitalism is just the means of production [which we can loosely define here as production facilities, tooling, processing equipment, arable land, mines, timber forests, and service/intellectual which can be a bit more fluid] being in private hands.
>>38997 >private hands. When the government and corporations are in collusion (which they are) it isn't capitalism.
>>38994 They are an ideal couple that supports the image of her martyrdom. We have to propagandize this, let it be known that she did not die in vain.
>>38994 So you're saying that she is a jew because she was in the US military? This is more retarded than the magic soil bullshit of civic cuckoldry. Get the fuck out of here.
>>38996 >It isn't real capitalism. I don't give a shit about this libertarian word play. White people have a right to exist. That is the only actual political issue worth talking about. All major capitalist corporations have come out in unanimous condemnation of our sacred right to exist. They must all be destroyed.
>>39000 Why wouldn't it be? Your autistic meme definition of your ideal capitalism isn't real: it's just propaganda for plebs. Capitalists don't mean you when they say private, like you on the individual level. They aren't talking about your machine shop, your farm, etc.
>>39002 I was replying to >>38990 who was replying to the now deleted claim she was a jewess I was saying that her service in Iraq makes it less likely she was a jew. While jews have stolen the name Babbitt before, the name is English and Irish origin and more commons for goys than it is for kikes
>>39004 >Why wouldn't it be? Your autistic meme definition of your ideal capitalism isn't real: it's just propaganda for plebs. Capitalists don't mean you when they say private, like you on the individual level. They aren't talking about your machine shop, your farm, etc When corporations and the government collude it is not longer capitalist, but corporatism which is being transformed into a new form of communism using a misnomer called "stakeholder capitalism". Nigger, its a simple fact. I'm not even an ancap faggot and I know that. Are you some retarded commie or something?
>>39005 My apologies. I misunderstood your post.
>>39006 >When corporations and the government collude it is not longer capitalist But corporations and government always collude. Indeed, in a democracy where mass media controls votes, it is the government which is colluding with the corporations. They run the show here.
>>39006 There is no such thing as an unplanned economy. This mythical imaginary ideal you have of capitalism doesn't exist and has not existed for quite some time. Your problem is that you are stuck in a Cold War mindset and American conservatives don't understand their liberal system. You're just wrong on so many things. You do more harm than good because you can't get over your priors. The system in the West is not communism. It's not fascism. It is managerial liberal capitalism/neoliberalism working as intended, with technocratic capabilities layered and expanded as technology allows.
Trump got his ass-kissers agitated until they got killed and then told the rest to fuck off and go back home. Is there anyone here who didn't see that coming?
(33.20 KB 310x233 Slide0382.jpg)
>>39009 It's an evolution of communism. Communism in essence is Liberalism in a hurry. The end goal is the same: A group of rat jews at the top dictating everything, everyone else living in a heavily surveilled pod owning nothing at all getting UBI. It's all the same shit when you strip away the nuance.
>>39011 Communism is an illiberal system. Jews have been heavily involved in fomenting communist revolutions, but they have not been successful at maintaining long-term control of communist governments [USSR, CCP].
Fuck off with the thread derailing, faggot
(1.32 MB 749x926 image89.png)
(328.28 KB 1309x689 image88.png)
(47.70 KB 660x677 1610001565913.jpg)
(402.22 KB 599x691 memed-io-output(3).jpeg)
First of all don't fucking delete my post because "muh no evidence" while I'm playing Battlefield and can't read your shit. >>38975 Third pic is wrong. Her name is Ashli Babbitt not Babbit. >>38990 >>38991 >>39002 >>39005 She looks jewish. I don't know about the three other dead people which is why I asked about who they are. She has her own article in Times of Israel. She's jewish, so they talk about her. Unlike the three other confirmed dead people in the capitol who aren't even mentioned! https://www.timesofisrael.com/woman-shot-dead-in-us-capitol-was-air-force-veteran-trump-supporter/ also >>38987 I'd like to know.
>>39017 >She has her own article in Times of Israel. She's jewish, so they talk about her. She's not fucking jewish. She doesn't look like a jew at all. Just because some kike media reported on her doesn't mean she is, that is a false equivalency. She was the only one shot inside the building, and probably the only woman to that is why she is reported on.
>>39019 Look at ther nose or how much of her flesh is showing below her upper lip or her fatty eye bags.
>>39017 >Unlike the three other confirmed dead people in the capitol who aren't even mentioned! Babbitt (her husbands name) was known last night Article is from 12 hours ago. Names of the other 3 were just released a couple hours ago, and zero details on cause have been released.
>>38994 Nice picture of a big nosed couple you got there.
>>39017 >while I'm playing Battlefield Go back to 4chan kid
>>39017 >She looks jewish. To you. I'll admit that she has some jewish features but people tend to look more jewish when they are smiling. >The only reason the jewish media is talking about here is because she is jewish. There is no other posssibility. 1. No. The reason why they are talking about her is because she was shot in the face by a cop. 2. Even so, they refuse to say that she was an unarmed woman. They treat her as they treat White people. I will say one more thing, even if she was jewish, that would change nothing for me since my singular goal in life right now is to embarrass and isolate the zionist regime. Since women have always been privileged with special status by society and since shooting a woman is bad optics no matter how she is acting, martyring her harms jews. So I will do my part to martyr her. Destroying the regime is the only thing that matters.
>>39022 >>39020 Nice try kike. You are not poisoning this well. Get the fuck out.
(189.26 KB 2048x1072 sub-buzz-28913-1610025403-5.jpg)
>>39026 >get banned for spam >muh you're poisoning the well >>39025 >Destroying the regime is the only thing that matters. I agree and you don't have to note that she was jewish to anyone else. My point was simply that we didn't suffer any real loss here. >but people tend to look more jewish when they are smiling. Yeah but the two pics of her not smiling are garbage. I mean can you see anything in this pic? It's way too bright and lacking contrast.
This thing double posts both in Chromium and Firefox. The JS must have a bug.
(5.03 MB 360x640 1of2.mp4)
(8.32 MB 360x640 2of2.mp4)
>>39028 I never got banned for spam. She isn't jewish. You had to be a dishonest or blind retard to think other wise. Kikes have close inset eyes, a slanted forehead, and a nose with an obvious tip curl at the bottom and a kink in the bridge.
>>39032 I got banned for spam just now. That's what I'm saying. >She isn't jewish. She looks pretty jewish to me. I'm not saying all jews are evil.
>>39033 >She looks pretty jewish to me. I'm not saying all jews are evil. She's not a jew, her nose is straight, her ears are normal, and her eyes are not inset and close. She's a White woman.
>>39033 >repost baseless claims from 4chan >post link to shady russian website >whing about deletions and ban fuck off
>>39034 Her nose does >>39017 but maybe you're right and she's not jewish. >>39035 >Oyyy you posted a link to a very shady video game website!!!! >I'm gonna shut you down now! t. Chaim
Btw I didn't repost anything. My claim and all my posts are original, nigger.
>>39038 Then you should go back to 4chan, as all your shill friends agree with your assessment there.
A man seen in a viral photo taking a lectern from the U.S. House during Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol has been identified as a Florida resident. Adam Johnson, a 36-year-old Parrish man, smiled and waved as he was caught on camera carrying what appeared to be U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s lectern as he walked through the U.S. Capitol Building with other rioters on Wednesday. It bears the official seal of the speaker of the House. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article248339470.html
(873.04 KB 661x496 ClipboardImage.png)
Brooklyn resident Aaron Mostofsky inside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday >The politically-connected son of a Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge was among the band of Trump-supporting marauders who ransacked the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday. >Dressed in fur pelts and a bullet proof vest, Aaron Mostofsky joined an early wave of rioters who swarmed the halls of Congress, forcing lawmakers to evacuate before certifying Joe Biden's election victory. He can be seen in several photos outside the Senate chambers, holding a wooden stick and a police riot shield, alongside a man carrying a Confederate flag. >The man's father is Shlomo Mostofsky, a prominent modern Orthodox figure in Brooklyn and former president of the National Council of Young Israel. He was elected to the Kings County Supreme Court last January with the backing of the Brooklyn Democratic Party. https://archive.fo/j5u1L
(6.97 MB 1280x720 bE0pwMWAnNpLMRVF.mp4)
UPDATE: @DCPoliceDept identified the four people who died during the riots: 1. Ashley Babbit, 35, MD (shot and killed) 2. Kevin Greeson, 55, AL (medical emergency) 3. Benjamin Phillips, 50, PA (medical emergency) 4. Roseanne Boylin, 34, GA (medical emergency) It's suspected that one death may have been video >Ford was unaware of whether the man survived his injuries and was uncertain about whether he was actually pushed. Nationalist Review can confirm that the man was indeed pushed by an officer and fell a considerable distance which Ford estimated to be about 50 feet. https://www.nationalistreview.net/2021/01/07/wire-alert-video-shows-moment-capitol-police-pushed-trump-supporter-off-balcony-man-hospitalized/ @FordFischer We now know from DC's police chief that four people died. One by gunshot, but no details on other three. Earlier, I reported on a man who fell about 50 feet. I initially believed he must have survived, else the government would have told us. Now, I don't know. https://twitter.com/FordFischer/status/1347036257541648385
34 y/o Rosanne Boyland of Kennesaw, GA; 55 y/o Kevin Greeson of Athens, AL; 50 y/o Benjamin Phillips of Ringtown, PA all suffered medical emergencies.
>>39045 All those fat boomers got off the sofa-car cycle for the first time in 30 years and it was just too much for them. Or maybe it's some early vaccination fatalities.
>>39048 No, it was just the pigs being pigs and assaulting unarmed citizens leading to "medical emergencies".
(233.94 KB 947x2048 ErJBQnVXMAUy_Jf.jpg)
(64.90 KB 1284x828 ErJBQnSXMAAYXb1.jpg)
Looks like the jewish supremacists want to turn this theater into the new 9-11: https://www.bitchute.com/video/5hZnpmZ5MlaF/
>>39012 Interesting read, thanks anon.
>>39028 >we didn't suffer any real loss here. Oh not at all. Everyone of sound mind understands that whenever the regime murders people, that only serves to discredit the regime. Also, only truly stupid people believed that this was going to lead to anything like keeping Trump in the kikehouse. I expected this to accomplish nothing. What I didn't expect is for Trump to so completely abandon his people. Also, I didn't expect them to actually try to storm the Capitol. But now that I look back on it, why wouldn't they?
>>39050 Boomers... But it didn't matter since his son was stupid enough not to wear a mask. Everyone's an idiot. Fuck this fucking world. God.
>>39058 >What I didn't expect is for Trump to so completely abandon his people. Hopefully they understand WHY this happened: because Trump is with the jews.
(426.37 KB 590x554 Carl the Engineer.png)
>>39051 >kikes saying its another 9/11 This cements it even further that this was a psyop. >Everyone criticizing our agenda is antisemitic goy >Oy vey its anudda 9/11 >We need to get the bastuhd goyim by making it worse >T. shlomo Typical kike tactics. Since the Nashville RV bomb attack was a litmus test towards the kikes destroying the internet and electricity. I can see it now, the kikes are going to plan a infrastructure bombing and blame "domestic terrorists" to force people back into having a George W Dumbass era mentality. They probably push the old "If you do X, the terrorists will win" quote. Since it is going to be the 20th anniversary of 9/11 this year.
>>39065 *They'll
>>39065 >This cements it even further that this was a psyop. No, it doesn't. It just means that that judeoamerican regime is mining old territory because it doesn't have anything else left.
One thing that's struck me about all the television reporting is blame culture. At this point, does it really do anyone any good to point fingers? There are crazy and violent people on both sides of the political aisle and across ideologies. And how given a stressful situation, which all members of both houses of Congress were put through yesterday, today I saw none of the Democratic leaders at the capitol do anything other than take umbrage, saying: "We don't have all he facts yet, but we will blame somebody." In my opinion the examples shown to the world of the state of Amercan leadership at the hands of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Presumptive Senate Majority Leader Schumer is no less an embarassment than the images that were rebroadcast throughout the world last night.
>>39068 Fuck off, faggot.
>>39067 If that's the case, they are very desperate and running scared by trying to force the whole "everyone is a terrorist, give up your rights" story. tl;dr The kikes are scared and desperate, while trying hard to retain control.
(1.09 MB 1268x711 1610092059864.png)
I just wonder after this event how many arrestees are gonna be radicalized in a highly violent and racially charged prison environments? The system is literally better at preventing the next event by just giving them the same amount of time in house arrest so they don't come back aryan brothers... but then again they've been housebounding and bankrupting everyone over half a year now. Bundle that with prisoners getting covid hallpasses then what even matters now? Double standards is all, evil prioritized over the innocent.
>>39064 >Hopefully they understand WHY this happened That's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying, in my own way online and IRL to strike while the iron is hot, as it were. While the sting is still hurting, I'm trying to explain why Trump betrayed them. The self destructive behavior of Republicans makes no sense unless you know about jewish control over the GOP and what the end goal of the Jew is. In fact, most political problems are inexplicable without a thorough understanding of jewish power in America.
>>38903 So what happens now? The goverment puts massive restrictions on firearms and starts rounding up people? Is this the end anons?
(1.70 MB 1024x683 1610115040024.png)
>>39081 QAnon is declared terrorist ideology/organization, internet crackdown follows
>>39082 So thats it then? We lost and we become nothing more than serfs to our corporate chinese overlords and their american puppets?
>>39081 >>39082 The gun grab comes a year later after the next big FF
>>39084 There is no hope then
Perhaps balkanization of the US Maybe CoronaChan becomes self fulfilling prophecy, or WWIII kicks off, some other extinction level event. There's always hope
>>39086 Balkanization is what I pray for. The goverment no longer represents me or my family anymore and I dont want to be part of it Will there be a secession within our lifetime?
>>39087 Think Commiefornia under another Trump term might have tried, they would at least have the shekles to pull it off. Texas might threaten under Biden gun grab. NW might try. These scenarios will need huge catalyst to happen first, I imagine.
>>39088 >Texas might threaten under Biden gun grab. Texas is a bitch made zionigmex shit hole.
>>39084 >>39085 >Everything that happens, has happened, or ever will is a false flag >White people are incapable of fighting back and never will fight back under any circumstance >Only jews and the CIA have any agency whatsoever. This seems more like a desperate hope than a real belief. People screaming about false-flags have gotten more shrill every single year and I am getting tired of it. You can't call every single goddamn thing that happens a false flag and not have people begin to question your astroturfed narrative.
>>39088 I really hope so. Honestly I dont care about the Union anymore. Many of these other states might as well be seperate countires to me now. And the Federal goverment is evil beyond redemption at this point
>>39091 Well anon, tell us what you think is going on and what will happen? This isnt 4chan /pol/ where youll be drown out by low quality shills and bots. State your mind
(236.96 KB 440x470 ErFS4PnXUAIPplO.png)
(219.03 KB 448x440 ErFS5qBXAAML_tH.png)
>>39091 Nobody is claiming "every single goddamn thing" here. If you're trying to say there are no false flags, then you need to get your head checked. Expecting your government and/or bad actors within it, to pull psyops on it's people is no longer tinfoil hat and hasn't been for many years.
(9.10 KB 449x600 Anthony Warner.png)
>>39093 At this point, it all depends on what the cuckservatives do. As I said here >>38968, I believe that the shitlibs will keep pushing and pushing until merely existing as a White man is a criminal act. Then the only question is; Will the cuckservatives rise up in revolt? I believe that if you push people into a corner and threaten them with death, they will strike back. So what I believe will happen is more Anthony Warners, more Timmothy McVeighs, more Robert Bowers, more Brenton Tarrants until "we" as White dissidents can progress beyond mere lone wolf attacks that accomplish little into organized insurgency against the regime. Then either it is steadily worn down or we are. At least in an open fight, there is a chance of victory. >>39094 >Nobody is claiming "every single goddamn thing" here That's exactly what it seems like. Every single time anything happens anywhere in the world, people metastasize to say that it was a false flag. Especially when White people do something other than remain placid slaves. The zionist regime massacres over a hundred peaceful churchgoers in Waco and no one bats an eye. But the second that a patriotic American says, "no. This is evil. These men are murderers," and strikes back, suddenly his name and deeds must be slandered and his completely justified actions questioned. Why? The jews commit genocide against our race and when someone shoots a few jews in retaliation, suddenly it's his actions which are suspect? Robert Bowers did absolutely nothing wrong. And then this happens, a hundred thousand angry Americans are led by this filthy, kike worshiping scumbag Trump to Washington and he just abandons them. So they take matters into their own hands and storm the den of these vipers on their own initiative. These so-called congressmen, these corrupt, nepotistic collaborators in the calculated destruction of our race, these criminal gangsters LARPing as elected representatives deserved to be hanged but all they got was a mild fright. If anyone's motives should be questioned, it's theirs. But instead, I have to see absolute retards scream that the justified attack on the Capitol was a false flag. I am sick of this narrative. Every time I see the words "false flag" all I think of is the heroes who sacrificed their lives to strike back at these vile monsters. Their deeds are slandered by the worst cowards on the planet. I do not deny that the regime occasionally commits false flags. But I am tired of people claiming that everything is a false flag. It is no different than people screaming that questioning the legitimacy of these corrupt tyrants is "glowing." We need a violent revolution. Every single one of these traitors deserves to be shot. That is not glowing. That is the normal reaction from a normal person who sees the worst people on the face of the earth constantly getting away with rape, murder, genocide, and treason.
>>39095 The GOP has already shown their entire voter base they do not care for them whatsoever. Will it be enough though anon
>>39095 >Every single time anything happens anywhere in the world, people metastasize to say that it was a false flag. Especially when White people do something other than remain placid slaves. Fair points, And I don't mean to belittle the thousands that participated in the march or siege of the Capital. Still I can't look at those limp dick duds pictured, that were used as an excuse to call in the NG and enact curfews and a 2 week long halt to protests, and not think that certain aspects of the days events were just a sham.
the congressman cries out in pain as he strikes you. hate this fucking world
(651.42 KB 573x696 amandeniedasecondseason.png)
>>39095 ABSOLUTELY THIS One side note, if you will indulge me. The majority of people who call out people who call for violence may not in good graces, see the nuance in what the poster is saying or the poster may without knowing, post something that sounds exactly like what a glownigger would post. I've realized that glowniggers tend to post specifically what they want to happen, but then also form groups without anyone knowing eachother and such, get people to dox eachother. It looks like the glowies also send people whom they think fits an archaetype, like the redheaded and slope-skulled fellow who was dressed in a green turtleneck and loudly exclaimed that "this is a hitler youth knife" that he had on his shoulder knife holster. Do not despair, for we are several million compared to them and their goons who at most, are 1.2 million. We cannot, and will not, give up. These cretins are scared beyond belief.
>>39088 >Texas might try Texas could become independent again but here are the things that weigh Texas down from becoming independent again >The mass amount of wetbacks stretching arpund the Rio Grande Valley region along with the major cities (San Antonio, Dallas, etc.) >Cuckservative government majority (that is barely holding on) with Greg Abbott (the crippled fag governor that threatened Dickinson, Texas to support Israel or they wouldn't get relief funds during Hurricane Harvey >With Zion Don's act of putting a lousy fence while driving up immigration in term, is turning Texas into a swing state >Due to Commiefornia's policies, many commiefornians (mostly spics) are flooding into Texas. Making a double whammy (when combined with the wetbacks hopping the border) of trying to turn Texas into Commiefornia 2.0. If all of those problems were solved Texas could become independent. There has been talk about making a referendum. Along with the term Texit popping up recently. I don't know if this Capitol Hill sideshow made it more possible or impossible for Texas secession.
>>39101 So the US will never Balkanize?
>>39091 >>39100 Exactly, its become more obvious that the whole fedposters do more than "hurr hurr commit violence". The glowniggers are trying to divide and conquer while demoralizing everyone. While pushing the whole "everything is a false flag" nonsense. Turning everyone cowardly. With what some anons said on trying to spread the truth to the migapedes who were betrayed by their orange kike president. It is a good idea to boost morale and truth about Zion Don betraying them so they don't fall for the "vote either blue puppets or red puppets" game. >>39103 The US can balkanize. The citizens need enough courage and organization to pull it off. If everyone stops believing that the government are ultra powerful. If a bunch of gook farmers in Vietnam were able to take on well trained American zogbots in the 60s. Its possible that Americans can do the same. The population of the US is even more populated than Vietnam. Hell even today's soldiers are mostly non white, trannies, fags, fat fucks, and women. The citizens just need a good push.
>>39104 will that push ever come
(857.20 KB 663x1609 dickyspencerdungoofd.png)
(1.46 MB 1079x1426 NJP Hypocrisy.png)
>>39104 Not what I was saying. You can usually spot a fed easily because they sound like they don't belong, eg don't understand how the message board works and/or don't understand the lingo and culture of the board. The whole divide and conquer thing is kind of moot when you consider that shit heads from TRS et al intentionally sabotage themselves and other conservative groups by doing outlandish and retarded things like continuously, and publicly, call for race terrorism, introduce idiotic ideas of alliances like those with israel (pic related), and boast about idiotic criminal activity (2nd pic). I was arguing with some other shithead about how the NJP was not viable in any sense, not mentioning Kike Enoch's obviously jewish and the fact that the was the whole reason why the retard rally in Virginia took place, due to the fact that it's not even REGISTERED IN THE STATE WHICH MIKE RESIDES. You can not have any effective party IF YOU CAN'T VOTE FOR IT. Oh, and we all should remember how when interviewed by NPR(?), Mike distanced himself from the cartoonish neo-naziism by referring to his politics as being "primarily libertarian" I should point out that I agree with you about how feds divide and conquer, but then you also have to ask yourself who is spearheading it. Sorry for the rant, but it frustrates me to no end to talk about these shitheads who will take loads of credit for the work that other people do, but will backoff and disavow when things truly get tough, not to mention that they will tear down any sort of progress others are making against this evil ZOG system.
Do you think the defund the police thing is gonna backfire?
>>39096 Again, I don't know. I have nothing but scorn for cuckservatives. They are the worst cowards on the planet. But even the most craven weaklings will fight if you back them into a corner. >>39097 I can understand that. Those particular "pipe bombs" could easily be fake. Either placed there by a whiny bureaucrat lusting for attention. But it also could just be the work of a retard. There is no shortage of retards in this retarded country. I really don't know what to think about the nyc bombs. They clearly were not hidden in the slightest so it's likely that they were intended to be found unless we're talking about a level 5 retard. But since there was no damage (government cost) while they did get what they wanted (government profit) then I can see what you mean. I am much more skeptical of poorly hidden duds than successful attacks.
>>39100 I concur. Anyone calling for specific acts against specific individuals is certainly very suspect and that must not be tolerated. Calls for specific action are explicitly illegal and can't accomplish anything. I'm talking about, and you understand, the general bellicose statements which get the cowards screaming. Bellicosity is justified. Righteous rage is normal. And eventually, righteous rage will lead to action. Hopefully, by then things will be so bad that even the conservatives spreading false flag myths either support the actions or shut up.
(161.46 KB 732x447 vietnam.png)
(165.50 KB 1600x590 1591055497429.jpg)
>>39104 >>39107 Different anon, but I'll also add that pic related is the size of Vietnam compared with the US alone. And ZOG's imperial army couldn't even control half of the former country. And remember that the USA is more mountainous than Vietnam while also being less bombable (unless the jews want to bomb the infrastructure that they need to fund their own military). The people posting pics of drones are level 5 retards. Drones alone cannot defeat an insurgency. Nothing can except the issue they're fighting for being resolved. Second pic may be our future. We will see revolution in our lifetimes.
>>39122 but will it ever get to open war. or will the masses just remain quiet because theyd rather be comfortable than free
>>39123 Shitlibs are talking about mass arrests, about closing the bank accounts of everyone involved in this protest, of breaking up with anyone who even supports this. They want you impoverished, hungry, and desperate. In otherwords, these effete bourgeoise scumbags want you with nothing to lose. That is how arrogant and stupid they are. They make the aloof Russian aristocracy at the beginning of the Russian Revolution look like down to earth people with a firm grasp upon the situation. And remember, technology has progressed to the point where you don't even need massive numbers of people to act as a big army anymore (see >>25768) All you need is 1. A small number of dedicated and intelligent revolutionaries and 2. A public that either supports their actions passively or is at least apathetic to either side.
>>39124 Dark times ahead anon?
(594.63 KB 865x600 Ted Kaczynski.png)
>>39125 Not at all. These are dark times. Bright times are ahead. Very bright. And very hot.
>>39126 god I hope so. The dems have control of everything and the cocksuckatives are doing nothing to oppose
(1.73 MB 2531x1000 Speaking their language Nasim.png)
>>39127 Politics makes no sense without an understanding of the jewish problem. Republicans have everything right there within their grasp. All they have to do is close the borders and they could rule America forever. But they will never take it. They will never reach out and grasp victory because they exist solely as a jewish fake opposition party. They are all traitors who wear collars. Political change will not come about from the rigged ballot box but through blood and iron. Prepare, friend. But also, try to do what you can to bring about the change in whatever way you can. What is necessary at this stage is for American conservatives (which is becoming increasingly just a euphemism for "White people" whether I like it or not) to come to support Direct Action against the regime. At this point, it's not about actually doing it. It's about people believing that it ought to be done or is justified. If 10%, 20%, or even 30% of Americans said, "Good" after an attack against the regime, that would really cause the oligarchs to quake in their boots. I think that this would be more morally devastating for the regime than actual attacks. Imagine if a sizeable percentage of Americans cheered whenever someone set off a bomb in New York. That is truly frightening from any pro-regime standpoint. Imagine...
>>39128 Other than the current Biden regime incomming, who will oppose us? Who would help us?
>>39129 Oppose? Feds, every major corporation. Whoever in the military is too stupid to side with their race in what is becoming more and more of a black and white racial war every single day. The internet will be completely shut down for us soon. And no, China is not going to be landing troops in support of the Biden regime. This is a crazy belief. In support? No one... at first. Put yourself in the position of Tehran for instance. Washington is a direct threat to your existence and you want rebels to destroy the regime. But would you give money to untested rebels? What if they turn out to be LARPing retards? No, foreign governments will not give money or support to anyone until they have been baptized by fire for about a year. Then there will be many foreign governments willing to lend aid to the enemies of ZOG. And China is one of them since geopolitically, they are at odds with the Pentagon. Biden is not really relevant. All he does for China is sell information. What China really wants is a change in US foreign policy. Namely; No more US ships in the South China Sea. ZOG imploding solves that nicely. So I expect that eventually, you will see China and Iran surreptitiously funding White nationalist insurgents in America. In real-politiks, common enemies make interesting bedfellows. And would it be beneficial to have the silent backing of a state? Absolutely. States have unlimited resources. Internally, I suspect that at first, there will be only enemies. But as the zionist regime falls back into the major cities (Both to preserve limited resources and to crack down on black rioting as EBT runs dry) you will see governors far from Washington making a decision on which side their bread is buttered. Eventually, such traitors must all be shot though. They are not our friends. Probably disgruntled White cops (rural areas) and soldiers. But at first it will only be a trickle. With revolutions, the first defectors are few and far between. Once the regime appears to be tottering on the brink, suddenly everyone wants to join. As Dr. William Pierce once put it; >"At first, great effort is needed only to accomplish very little. Eventually, only a little more effort accomplishes a great deal."
>>39128 >Politics makes no sense without an understanding of the jewish problem Says you. In the final analysis it's a question of money and control, and of psychology. Prove to me that Jews have a fundamentally different psychic makeup than others and I'll listen to your point. The seeming fact that they are vastly over represented in media is something to consider though.
(6.93 KB 627x482 hahaha.png)
Trump just got permabanned from Twitter No one has cucked harder than Trump. They still banned him. These people will never stop until everyone they perceive as an enemy is dead.
(64.98 KB 640x391 1610151089922.jpg)
(93.66 KB 1200x1623 1610147290377.png)
>>39132 Order 66
(60.52 KB 816x610 IMG_20210108_173017_028.jpg)
(11.92 KB 598x112 Screenshot ADL on Twitter.png)
(2.92 MB 3781x2700 Jews media.png)
(6.50 MB 4500x4602 Media Jews.jpg)
(88.70 KB 861x895 White privilege.jpg)
>>39131 >Says you You're very new. >In the final analysis it's a question of money and control Jews have both firmly locked under their control. >, and of psychology Any honest sociologist will explain to you in great detail that the vast majority of people, possibly as much as 90%. are completely open to suggestion. We call them "lemmings," cuck-chan rediscovered this well known phenomenon and now calls them NPCs. This is why advertisements work on people. Say something over and over and over again such as "Diversity is our strength" or "Trump colluded with Russia" and most people will assimilate this baseless claim into their psychology and begin using these baseless claims as arguments. > Prove to me that Jews have a fundamentally different psychic makeup than others and I'll listen to your point. I'll allow one of my other esteemed collogues on 16chan to break down in minutia why jews are fundamentally different from the rest of humanity. But for me and for this discussion, that is irrelevant. Jews could be identical to you and I and what I am saying would be exactly the same. I took your first pic and put a blue square around all of the jewish owned papers and media corporations. Jews are not overrepresented in media. Jews a fundamentally in control over media. They run essentially all American media and thus have an iron grip over all political control in this country and around the world. Whether jews are different from us or not, they are a group of ethnocentric people who regard themselves as separate and apart from White people. They use their control over the mass media to promote anti-White hatred, ethnomasochism (but ONLY for White people), feminism (but ONLY in contexts which are used to harm White people), transgenderism, homosexuality, and every other poisonous thing which is destroying our race and children. Once you learn to recognize the fact of jewish power in America, you will suddenly find yourself understanding why Republicans cuck to the benefit of their alleged enemies. Jews are a self aware race. Being a self aware race gives you immense power and control over anyone who is not because they can utilize collective power against anyone stupid enough to abandon racial consciousness. They can pool resources to strike down enemies or seize institutions. Whites are not self aware anymore and the reason why is because of media attacks against White people and the cult of racism. And this cult and creating thus cult is expressly admitted by the jews as their primary goal in society. They used their control over media to deracinate White people so that they could exercise control over us. So even if jews were identical to us in every way, they are functionally a racial enemy who works with relentless energy and hatred to destroy our ability to exist and to thrive. They openly work to commit genocide upon all European children. In short, jews control all political and social structures and they want you dead. Now please listen to these radio broadcasts by Dr. William Pierce. http://web.archive.org/web/20170610130433/https://en.metapedia.org/wiki/List_of_American_Dissident_Voices_programs_(part_one) There is a reason why the jews Larry Paige and Sergey Brin have scrubbed all his broadcasts from the internet. Back before Trump, it was considered standard to know Pierce and be very familiar with his works. Now, his name is being forgotten. Literally any link you click on is informative.
>>39133 It feels like we're past the time of propoganda now that they control everything
(593.02 KB 960x540 never has been.png)
>>39131 >Rule 33. Come back in 4 years
(261.15 KB 720x651 tee.png)
>>39139 I feel like you missed my point, but I hope what you're saying works out well for you. To me it must follow from what you're saying that it's wiser to prejudge someone upon awareness of certain racial physiognometric features and I'm saying that it's not.
(191.27 KB 1280x720 Every Single TIme.mp4)
>>39146 Kindly fuckoff. No one is prejudging. We have years and years of behavior witnessed, decades of actions observed, and centuries of subversion detected. When we say EVERY FUCKING TIME that is not prejudice. It is postjudice
>>39146 >To me it must follow from what you're saying that it's wiser to prejudge someone upon awareness of certain racial physiognometric features and I'm saying that it's not. Get the fuck out of here, faggot. No normal person talks this way. You're either autistic beyond all hope, retarded, a troll, or all three. Fuck off back to cuckchan with your shitlib egalitarianism and bone headed rejection of facts.
Never forget. Press F to pay respects.
>>39152 > Against All Enemies, >Foreign and Domestic >...So Help Me God Oath Keeper F
(9.42 KB 1280x853 OBB1982.png)
>>39121 you didn't hear it from me but but the only way to effectively wage insurgent war is to first be small group splinter cells doing sabotage and smaller hit-and-run engagements. Once small cells operate effectively over the country, then is when bigger groups can form. How to even form groups in the beginning? By wink and a nod with like-minded inviduals whom you know and trust as a brother and no one else. all that info is just for educational purposes though, no one here or anyone in America is going to commit any sort of violence on behalf of their country to root out the evil from their political system. Would they? :^) Word to the wise, men act, women chatter. You are correct nonetheless regarding the understandable anger of the obvious fraud and corruption of this Nation's Government. Thus, I fear that only one option in the future will be possible to neutralise this evil. >hopefully things will get so bad That's the whole issue, one of the aspects of the rock-bottom for this country's citizenry (particularly white), will be the ban of weaponry whereby it will be difficult to stop rioting or violent criminals from causing you harm. That's not to mention the minorities who will be put in positions of power over you to further subjugate you and, though hopefully foment more rage amongst white Americans, will further divide whites who are willing to 'commit to their race' and those who are not. lastly, there will ALWAYS be A Jewnes, PJ Thotson and that creepy guy Adam Kokesh (and numerous others) gatekeeping by any means they can so they can grift and prevent any meaningful change for the benefit of this country. perhaps some tactician could make a thread about basic squad tactics? >>39122 >these bourgeoisie It's not just the bougie types, anon. Several poor (lots of debt, meager savings no personal liquidity) campaigned and voted for Biden. Nevertheless, the ones who own them, the elite, are like you said, incredibly stupid and arrogant enough to think they're untouchable. I don't much care for your obvious sympathies to bolshevism, however.
(358.34 KB 2048x1536 1610154243987.jpg)
>>39148 Yeah but I'm saying your map is wrong >>39149 How much ya bench?
>>39158 Faggot.
Nancy Pelosi called up the Pentagon and told them to hide the nukes from Trump https://nypost.com/2021/01/08/pelosi-calls-gen-milley-to-block-trump-from-using-nuclear-codes/
>>39155 > I don't much care for your obvious sympathies to bolshevism, however. Where the fuck did you get that from?
>>39158 Fuck off back to 4chan. No one wants you here, you disingenuous faggot.
>This thread The absolute state of MIGApedes and Cuckservatives. I'm sure Lin Wood will save you, just another 10K retweets lmfao. Don't you worry- I'm sure your delusions of Crisis Actors, Ketchup Packets and CIA Operations will pan out. Gotta "Cuck and Disavow", After all, this whole thing was just for grifting, your "leaders" needed more followers on Instagram and more super chats on DLive. Typical Right Wing bullshit. Mason and Manson we're always right, and I hold out little to no hope you retards will ever figure that out. Imagine that: Their leaders left them out to hang. Q-larpers on suicide watch, so much for "Trusting the Plan" right? Cause, "What plan?" Honestly the way this has unfolded so far has exceeded my expectations, I at least though it would take a week before people started screaming Psyops. >Inb4 "This doesn't help!11" >Inb4 "Glowie cause' I need him to be so I can salvage my ego!11" Keep. Fucking. Coping. Please! This shit is hilarious!
>>39187 Who are you talking to? There is no Qtards or miga here
(249.63 KB 486x746 cuck.png)
>>39187 kek, does this man really look like a guy with a plan?
>>39189 Uh, have you read the same thread as I have? >Muh Psyops >Cucking and Disavowing >General "having a crisis mood" >Bans on Social Media >Muh Civil Liberties Typical Q-tard/MIGA behavior. Maybe not in name, but yes, in practice, which is moot- if it looks like shit, and smells like shit, there isn't a reason to *taste* it then.
>>39216 Well, apparently the people who went to the capital, broke stuff and milled around for hours doing nothing at all. Quite the plan, honestly.
>>39339 >>39216 >>39187 you smell like a shill mate. No one here believes trump was "our guy" or that "there is a secret cool plan". We all know he was controlled opposition and stood down when the people went to the capitol. Same actor like the rest. So stop trying to incite disorder and name calling here, we're just hating the corrupt government. This is not about trump or maga anymore. Calling us qtards or magapedes and making fun of us is a shill tactic straight from 4chan and you should go back or be banned. No one will tolerate your demoralization and bait here.
>>39341 >Responds to multiple people >Uses singular accusative. Look dude, whatever. Myself, I am just making fun of MIGApedes and Trump. Third and first anon, I presume, are reacting understandably to the claim in the beginning that this was a false flag.
>>39349 Well, he deserves to be made fun at. He tried to tax crypto, he lied about a lot of things, he let chevrolet move their factory to mexico and didnt even berate them on national tv. And yeah... it looks like the storming was either a false flag or paid protesters. We really wanted to believe trump was some "rich guy that cant be bought fighting for whats right" but it seems he is just playing a show with biden while they are all laughing at us.
Amazon pulls right wing social media app Parler from it's cloud service https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/johnpaczkowski/amazon-parler-aws
(5.32 KB 242x209 obamacigarette.jpeg)
>>39350 >it looks like the storming was either a false flag or paid protesters.
>>39350 > the storming was either a false flag or paid protesters. You're retarded and that narrative serves jewish interests. See >>39091 and >>39095
>>39355 They're even trying to shut down Kiwifarms. Pretty soon, the boomers will have nowhere to go other than 4cuck. Then they'll shut that down too.
(629.31 KB 563x533 creeper.png)
>>39367 cuckchan needed to die after the exodus. m00t advocated for anonymity back in 2012 in a bullshit tedx talk, but then sold the site to Hiroyuki, who promptly imposed as many invasive ads on the boards including pornography on /pol/; completely unthinkable. Kiwifarms is no real loss as the target demographic are idiots who mindlessly laugh at morons on the web (though some of the content will definately be missed if it's shutdown), while defending the site creator, who is on record as saying that he would rape and kill his mother and thought that sex with prepubescent girls is not morally reprehensible. Whoever defends Josh is suspect as far as I'm concerned. btw, does anyone know what happened to Encyclopedia Dramatica?
>>39379 Agreed. I was listening to Richard Spencer recently and he was whining about how this march on the Capitol is bad because it will lead to more censorship and that trying to overthrow the regime is bad somehow. I get that he is a fed, but I want to shake his followers and yell; Don't you get it? You people tried to play jewish politics and what did you get? You had your peaceful protests shut down by state backed terrorists and the police. The only way to get what you want is to destroy the authority which is backing those terrorists and arresting you. Wake up. The censorship is painful, but ultimately good since it removes the illusion of freedom of speech.
>>39381 I don't think Richard is a fed. I think he realizes that the American right is entirely incompetent and that the low men on the totem pole don't really understand how power works or how the broader "conservative movement" works against their interests [or how what they perceive as their interests don't overlap with Spencer's interests].
(537.66 KB 640x723 bitingSatire.png)
>>39381 >I was listening to Richard Spencer recently and he was whining about how this march on the Capitol is bad because it will lead to more censorship and that trying to overthrow the regime is bad somehow. That ought to tell you right there that he's not on our side, nevermind the retardation of encouraging everyone to vote for Biden. By jewish politics, it should be noted, that any politicking in this country is jewish politics, it just so happens that Richard thought it would be a good idea to further ruin political gains by the right, as he has had a track record of showing. >The censorship is painful, but ultimately good since it removes the illusion of freedom of speech. I hope you were never a support of that obvious intel-asset, Richard Spencer. If you were, you better be taking notes, because I and many others, could see that he was suspect from the start. >>39382 Lol, you must be Richard himself, because that was the stupidest thing anyone who ever pays attention to what happened to Trump, has heard. Trump may have been overly confident in his abilties and trust other people, including his rat of a son-in-law, but while that's only a part of the problem, the other bigger issue are the neocons that worked tirelessly to block him on any good that he tried to do; eg, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz (for a while), Rand Paul (at certain times), and Mitch McConnell. Richard then stupidly believed that voting for the Democrats was a good idea, as to why, he never actually explained. Furthermore, as >>39381 said, Dicky whined about how that was bad for optics (it wasn't, it showed that the elites were scared and that Americans are indeed capable of overthrowing tyrants when needed), while never apologizing or excusing himself for the retard rally at charlottesville, which was a monumental disaster which led to the actual rightists being harmed and zero confidence-destroyed on the part of the elites.
>>39383 >because that was the stupidest thing anyone who ever pays attention to what happened to Trump, has heard. Trump may have been overly confident in his abilties and trust other people, including his rat of a son-in-law, but while that's only a part of the problem Trump governed in the exact way you would expect him to if you remember the way he went after Pat Buchanan in the 90s and why.
>>39385 Yeah, do you know why he did that? Optics. When retards like Heimbach show up at a political rally in faux nazi gear while a darkhorse candidate is trying to gain traction, it ends up hurting the candidate, you fucking moron.
>>39386 Trump won in 2016 when he was perceived as a crypto-White Nationalist by less attuned [than us] segments of the American "right" or "right adjacent". He lost in 2020 when he ran on "lowest black unemployment socialism sucks!" just like Romney and McCain did. Right wing politics in America cannot win on raceless bootstrapism with a pre-occupation with what is good for the jews. You're just wrong about everything and you want to pretend you aren't because you want the appearance of genuine reform without delivering it. America is such a thoroughly anti-White and anti-European state that any retreat or claw back from this posture threatens to bring down the whole show.
>>39379 >Does anyone know what happened to ED? ED ihad some hiccups with its site. It's currently in the process of making its own imageboard and fixing the site. >>39118 It could go either way depending if kikes want the cops or not. However, you should never rule out martial law.
>>38918 Never read that..it's good. Bump for some seriously good verbiage and a new take on the revolution. Not to seem like an absolute fuck, but I never took the angle of it being a civil war. It is, obviously, but I never took that angle in schooling. Always just seemed more colonies v. Britain. Not profound, just an observation of what the text made me realize
>>39387 Funny, because Trump also ran on the Dems using blacks as fodder and asking them "What do you have to lose". I bet you don't remember that.
>>39411 I do remember that. It's why I didn't vote for him.
>>39411 I don't know why it doesn't sink in for you that there are people out there who do not want reconciliation with niggers. Do not want cooperation with niggers. You operate from the perspective that the foundation of America is the civil rights act paradigm. You are a postwar orderist. Some of us are not.
(2.77 MB 1912x1060 youwontdoanythingyouN.png)
>>39412 then clearly you weren't on fullpol during the 2015-16 meme war. Kindly excuse yourself faggot. >>39413 Not sure you don't understand that a political war has to be fought a certain way, which is why whites have not been successful at it for the past 3 decades, because you wiggers can't get past yourself to win. It's why shitheads like you allowed kikes to take you for granted and be used as propaganda to foment even more insane niggers, beaners and now asians. It's YOUR FAULT that we keep losing, and I'll be damned if I am going to listen to shitheads who either don't care about winning or don't know how to and will look for any excuse to drag others down with them. Die in a fire faggot
>>39427 The political war that will work is explicit White power. Anyone going in another direction doesn't want explicit White power -- they want to calm things down for a while until they can finish the project. We have been doing it YOUR WAY forever and it always loses because it is the JEW WAY.
>>39427 15 years ago people like you were the ones telling us how important the war on terror was, wringing your hands about the dangers of socialism [but only for White people]. You just want the American project to keep stumbling along.
(233.79 KB 963x492 ancpartymembers.png)
>>39430 That's nigger nonsense. AF is more palatable to the american nigger cattle, because it allows us to get into positions of power. The wignat way is to continuously stumble over your own feet then renounce yourself your beliefs when things get too hot. What you're suggesting will further lead to failure while our rights are continuously stripped away, and it's all because you wignats shitheads can't get on the winning side, which is paleoconservatism/America-First Nationalism.
>>39433 Pretend WN won in 2016. Civnat AF lost in 2020.
>>39433 We're not interested in protecting the rents of your broken economic system. Thank god for China putting you in the dirt.
(279.32 KB 960x960 gunFaxHmmm.png)
>>39434 No, wignats decided to act retarded and follow the obvious glowinthedark nigger Dicky Spencer, and they actively campaigned against AF. Meanwhile, The left and conspirators from both Dems and Reps comitted mass fraud to get Biden into the White House. Clearly, you've not been paying attention, or you're just retarded. Keep tripping over your feet, I'm sure you'll make some difference sometime. You massive retard. >>39435 It's not about protecting the status quo, it's about getting into the system and ruining the politics of the Neocons from both parties. Wignats have accomplished nothing, and yet, you morons feel entitled to feast off of what you've not wrought. You're kind are on par with the niggers.
>>39436 Enjoy jail, Nick. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
(1.16 MB 1200x938 inugami korone doog.png)
>>39437 lol, I'm not Nick, but I do know that you've outed yourself as pantifa by suggesting that He was anywhere else besides outside the capitol building itself.
>>39382 >I think he realizes that the American right is entirely incompetent and that the low men on the totem pole don't really understand how power works or how the broader "conservative movement" works against their interests True. >>39383 >the retardation of encouraging everyone to vote for Biden. I think it's pretty obvious what he was doing. He may claim not to be an accelerationist, but I cannot fault him for that. 4 more years of Trump is 4 more years of fake politics while our numbers decline. Biden isn't even been officially the president yet and we already have witnessed the Capitol building stormed by a mob. Spencer may be a faggot who opposes this, but I think it's pretty clear that Biden was the "right" ""choice"" for America. This would not have happened if Trump had won. Yes, I agree with you that the two parties are identical, both are run by kikes, and it would be better if no White person voted so that we could do away with this sham of a "democracy." But people are sadly not ready for this mentally. And if Spencer had anything to do with Biden winning, then he may have done right by his race. Fed or not. > Richard thought it would be a good idea to further ruin political gains by the right lol, wut mate? You just said that politics is jewish. What political gains? We have no political power at all.
>>39383 >>39386 Hang on, you give the appearance of someone who actually wants to play jewish political games. Maybe I am misinterpreting your posts, but you seem to think that Trump and the neo-cons being in power was a good thing. The Republican party is the single most dangerous stumbling block to liberating White people. Not only are they dishonest gate-keepers, but if White people did rise up against the System, it would be the Republikikes and their repulsive side kicks who would be the most bellicose anti-"terrorists" in congress. And unlike the democrats, the Republicans could actually sing a song that would convince millions of Americans to support them. Screaming about "terrorism" and "unity" and "muh constitution" and "jesus loves the blacks" The democrats are openly anti-White. The Republicans are far worse. They are like Qanon. Their purpose is to corral Whites into the same camp as the jews. Their purpose is to trick Whites into siding with their own oppressors.
>>39427 You come off as a disingenuous bad actor here to start fights.
(645.88 KB 1062x677 zn.PNG)
>>39454 >You come off as a disingenuous bad actor here to start fights. That's the groyper/AF in a nutshell.
>>38925 Hi Bernd.
(26.64 MB 748x480 Ashli Babbit.mp4)
>>39139 >Dr. William L. Pierce Thanks for the link, anon. Do you have a link where I can download them all (I don't want to click on every single one).
>>39492 >>>/library/140 little bit more stuff here
>>39492 I'm afraid not. I recall at least one site in the past where you could do that. But sadly, the jews who run Google appear to have scrubbed it from the internet.
(197.38 KB 535x625 go time.png)
Fuck the police, most of them are freemasons and therefore willing traitors and tools of the jew
(80.39 KB 756x442 emergency.png)
>>39427 We don't need that negativity 'round these parts.
>>39550 It's just for the national guard already in the city.
(15.47 MB 960x540 pierce_coke - Copy.webm)
>>39553 Saved
>>39555 Checked for one of my favourites. God I feel this way a lot. But I take heart knowing that the rest of that broadcast outlines why this is not necessary.
>>39554 Deeply unimpressed
>>39558 thats really interesting.
>>39511 Bless you.
>>39557 Which broadcast is that?
>>39564 This one https://www.bitchute.com/video/1UiCIfUlSHW6/ The silver lining to all this mess is that though the jews have a very firm grip upon the minds of the lemmings, that grip is built entirely upon the moment. Even a minor interruption in the flow or propaganda would have disasterous consequences for the regime. And if that vacuum were to be filled by positive, White propaganda, then most of these holier than thou liberals who scream and rage at racists would quickly turn on their non-White neighbors and call just as strongly for their deaths. It sounds incredible, yet it is less incredible than millions of White people baying like mad dogs for our own racial destruction. That is the true power of the jews; Propaganda. The lemming phenomenon is a tried and true sociological fact of humanity. It's why advertisements work. If it was made fashionable to kill niggers, these soulless lemmings who spend hours virtue signaling how anti-White they are would then virtue signal how anti-black they are and always were.
>>39581 It's much more than propaganda. It is hard resource flows and controlling what behavior patterns direct those resources to individuals.
>>39583 >It is hard resource flows Are you talking about funding certain politicians? If so, this is not as powerful as propaganda. You can fund a politician you like but that is still a risk. What if he takes your money and runs? It's what jews would do. Nor would it be necessary since America is a "democracy." All you need to do to control a democracy is control the opinions of the voters. And that is done through media. In otherwords, liberals in their current state are not the result of George Soros giving them money. Liberals in their current state are the result of hundreds of hours of Disney films directed at children to give them a false sense of social norms. Stronkish womyn, multi-racialism, niggers everywhere, etc. It is the result of thousands of hours of false education pushing the narratives of feminism, White-guilt, and racism. He who controls the children controls the future. It is the result of thousands and thousands of hours on social media where you are assaulted by a constant barrage of anti-White propaganda, smiling non-White faces, preposterous lies about history, and algorithms promoting the most poisonous ideas to ever exist. This and much more creates a lemming electorate which will reliably vote for your favoured candidate even if you give them no money at all. Do you understand how much more powerful this network of control is? I'm not saying that they do not fund evil politicians. Obviously they do. But this influence is elementary compared to the power of mass media propaganda. In otherwords, jews do not seek to buy your loyalty. Bought loyalty is weak. They seek to brainwash children from birth to become psychotic, orc-like race warriors. Golem. This is a horrible reality, but it is still a tenuous hold. https://www.bitchute.com/video/1YoZKId0u8cW/
(48.72 KB 391x534 smssecure.jpg)
>>39581 Memetically, i acknowledge how 'its the joos' is much more bite-sized of a sound byte than 'it's greedy people of all races, sizes, and colors'. The symbolic jew is something distinct from flesh-and-bone racial yids. But can you personally provide high quality, objective evidence that racial jews are the controlling element in the system under discussion? That they are the exclusive directing force behind the scenes? That is your burden, your responsibility if you will, if you're making the claim, of racial global dominance by jews. Can you? I don't ask to be hard on you, I ask to light a fire under you. And because I want to know. Please reply.
(6.50 MB 4500x4602 Media Jews.jpg)
(7.65 MB 480x360 Think about it.webm)
(117.73 KB 510x454 Hollywood-Jews.jpg)
(3.55 MB 3564x1848 hollywood jews.jpg)
>>39589 >can you personally provide high quality, objective evidence that racial jews are the controlling element in the system under discussion? >That is your burden, your responsibility if you will 1. You talk like a disingenuous faggot. You talk about lighting a fire under me while you don't even grasp basic, well known facts about the world. Even 4chan has threads almost every day which discuss in more or less satisfactory detail the fact of jewish control over mass media. A fact which even jews themselves admit to, right out in the open. 2. The fact of jewish control over the media is well known. Had you lurked more than a week, you'd already be drowning in information. People who refuse to do even the bare minimum of research deserve to be spat on and told to fuck off. Especially when you come here so full of yourself that despite not actually knowing anything on this subject, you have the gall, the Chutzpah to pretend that you are enlightening others. Go to Wikipedia right now and start looking up CNN, CBS, Disney, Google, etc. Look up (((who))) owns these corporations. Scroll down to their early life section or ctrl+f "Jew" That is the basic bitch research which anyone can do and you refused to. That is the most rudimentary research which someone in your claimed position has the burden of doing. In short, I do not believe that you are sincere. I think you're here to troll. This is akin to going onto a board for the discussion of gravity and asking someone to prove that an apple will fall to the earth is dropped, and then being so arrogant that you think you're lighting fires. I am a very patient man, but I have a sixth sense for disingenuous trolls and you check all the boxes of a disingenuous troll. You are so full of yourself that you can't even ask a question without stroking your own ego.
>>39591 Kill yourself immediately.
>>39591 Your own images are filled with jews and you responded to >>39139 as a troll does. You are a troll and should be banned for your disingenuous behavior.
(3.92 MB 640x360 prophecy.webm)
(2.36 MB 640x360 6 Gorillion Goy.webm)
(3.65 MB 504x304 conspiracy.webm)
(2.50 MB 450x360 mega_cunt.mp4)
>>39131 >Despite only being 2.5% of the US population, jews make up 56% of all CFR crimes. "But it not their fault anons, simple social economic inequalities have put them in these systems of power and influence" >The seeming fact that they are vastly over represented in media is something to consider though. >The seeming fact S e e m i n g l y y y y y y "Huh, not to sound antisemitic™, but there sure are an awful lot of Jewish® folks in media" > over represented in media >in banking >in politics >in influence peddling >in social engineering >in war profiteering >in the destruction of western civilization The list goes on and on and on >"But no its not the jews, its just evil rich (((white))) men that are to blame" >Prove to me that Jews have a fundamentally different psychic makeup than others Jews have ingrained in them from childhood, that they are the eternal victim, 'unjustly' persecuted since the beginning of time. They are also taught they are superior to everyone else in both reality and in Gods eyes. There is countless examples of jews, themselves, making these statements Of course this is going to have an effect on their psychic makeup.
>>39593 >Kill yourself immediately. That's so edgy I nicked myself on the period a little
>>39674 Eat shit, nigger.
(446.68 KB 828x696 1610411486144.jpg)
(237.77 KB 1125x1194 5MXyKY8.jpg)
>>39733 I've tried looking for that tweet, but I couldn't find it. I think someone made that as a troll.
Nothing says "peaceful transition of power" like 20,000 armedmercenaries with orders to kill. https://archive.fo/Xmesk
(413.02 KB 3000x2000 most votes ever.jpg)
(178.42 KB 1130x1280 IMG_20210113_153403_798.jpg)
(394.46 KB 596x542 1610589027074.png)
(731.03 KB 951x772 Capital.png)
>>39817 What/who is top right inauguration pic? Trump/Obama?
>>39817 The military including national guard is nonpartisan.
>>39821 >The military including national guard is nonpartisan. They are tools of the ZOG government and nothing more. They do what they are paid to do, they are mercenaries.
(2.03 MB 720x720 martiallawindc.mp4)
Martial law imminent. Checkpoints and military trucks spotted in DC. Cars are being stopped by soldiers.
>>39144 Where the fuck can you still get these shirts. I want one and I can't find them anywhere.
>>39832 Probably need to design one yourself and get it printed up, either online or at a local shop
>>39820 Ghaddafi I'll recognize that bizarre face anywhere. Probably the only person in the last 30 years who gave a shit about actually helping Africa. He did far more good for it than the shitlibs throwing money at it ever did.
>>39830 Surprise, surprise, surprise. Now, when are people going to wake the fuck up to the fact that the same ZOG entities are all in on it.


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