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(181.50 KB 1125x928 goodbyetrump.jpg)
will 16chan be safe after Communism internet purge? Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 03:02:12 No. 39159
Will 16chan be safe from all the censorship that occurred today?
>>39159 Server is now home brewed. So data is secured Registrar 'could' be pulled, but new one is easily obtained Worse case, bookmark 47s7obvdgdpj6fkc.onion and/or Matrix room(s) for bunkering and updates
(679.84 KB 900x636 lotasufferin.png)
>>39161 matrix? what's a matrix room? is it a different URL?
>>39163 https://16chan.xyz/.static/pages/irc.html Matrix is like Discord There are variety of apps for windows, linux or phone. Element (formally known as Riot) https://element.io/get-started is most popular There is some more here https://matrix.org/clients/ Matrix is opensource that's why there are so many available. Your can also access though a VPN'd web browser, including Tor https://app.element.io/#/welcome Though it is strongly recommend to use an app over browser Rooms and msg's can be encrypted and if you close browser then reopen it possible to lose access to old msg's if you get keycucked
I know I shouldn't be cheering on censorship, but twitter is fucking based What a power move
(60.52 KB 816x610 IMG_20210108_173017_028.jpg)
>>39165 >twitter >power kek
>>39166 Reminder You will never be a man When your parents bury you, they will use your real name
(91.48 KB 1188x414 1610146774144.png)
(75.99 KB 1080x576 1610144819520.jpg)
(20.15 KB 602x240 1610144819521.jpg)
>>39165 >Power move Bending the knee to ADL and woke mob is anything but power
>>39165 >>39166 kek, thinking these tactics will work here.
Definitely. Be aware out there brothers. See you on the field. Heil!
PSA to you newfags You won't find uncritical Trump support here. But if you think parroting faggot talking points, kikery or d/c is going to fly here, you're mistaken
>>39165 censor yourself from this board kike.
>>39178 back to cuck chan with cuck memes with cucked LARP bullshit.
>>39175 And this is supposed to mean...what? qrd for those of us that work real jobs and don't stare at shitter all day.
(319.08 KB 1080x1072 1591049496159.jpg)
>>39183 >QRD
>>39183 If you liked 2020, you're goin luv 2021
>>39165 16 chan will always be safe since kykes like this come to troll/say gay shit like this and "monitor the internet for anti-Semitic activity", ( hopefully forecast the next "massive attack" on jews) but meanwhile there is no correlation and its usually an individual who just really hates these commie kykes
>>39204 And each conflict was started by Jews to cull the remaining masculine Whites leaving only more cowardly and slavish types in their place. Is is so the world will only be left with those willing to serve them. It's in their texts.
>>39178 This means nothing and i think boomer q fags should be rounded up and shot
>>39212 >q fags should be rounded up and shot Yes, but after the DOTR. With their shear numbers, they have been proven to be useful idiots in acceleration thus far.
>>39159 I hope it
>>39231 test
>>39165 Get off this board cunt.
(1.28 MB 1920x960 8chcontainmentshut2.png)
>>39159 >Will 16chan be safe from all the censorship that occurred today? >unironically caring weak You think a system whose strength lies in the AI coding of a soy-infused tranny & pajeet streetshitter can replace the creativity of an alpha white man? Thousands of years of history say "No." Expect a weak system that is suicidal. Think cross-eyed Panoticons, anti-semetic AI, self-conflicting 'logic', and such. In a society where living double-think lies is required fashion, those who follow Truth have x-ray vision.
Anonymous forums such as 16chan must go full cryptographic and decentralized. See: https://retroshare.cc https://loki.network https://unstoppablebrowser.com https://beakerbrowser.com https://zeronet.io the old DNS system and in some cases even the old ARIN number assignment system is only good for clearnet users to onboard to cryptographic + decentralized systems.
>>39159 Test
>>39176 Shut up kike
>>39894 so based
>>39161 >47s7obvdgdpj6fkc.onion 47s? 7 obviously does good does proud. jesus six! fk corn!
(51.47 KB 765x757 aint_clicking.jpg)
>>39159 We're on Tor, nigger. I just wish the faggot owner of this site would fix the posting form to work without javascript. I have to fucking edit the page in my browser's element inspector every time I post just to unhide the fucking post form, because I have javascript turned off. >>39856 Tor is good. I2P is good. Zeronet saves every site you view to your hard drive, this means if a board gets spammed with CP, it downloads it all to your hard drive. DO NOT TRUST ZERONET OR IPFS Anything that automatically saves dark web content to your hard drive is a VERY BAD IDEA.
(663.12 KB 640x640 212.png)
>>40419 >Zeronet saves every site you view to your hard drive Not totally true, you can control hosting properties, inc selecting 'blackholeing' posters, text strings, etc. you do not approve of (meaning you will not host that content) much like classic filtering, but it removes it from the capacity to even be distributed, and by default only if you sought it out. >this means if a board gets spammed with CP, it downloads it all to your hard drive Only if you had proactive whole site seeding enabled and are also a 77 IQ monkey pretending to be a 133. >DO NOT TRUST ZERONET OR IPFS 1/10 L2Tech before you just take meme advise lock, stock, and barrel. Furthermore even legally it's been demonstrated that just viewing thumbs ain't malum in se or mens rea so check your fearmongering m88.
>>40419 >Tor is good tor is created by zogbots so why are we pretending there are no backdoors?
>>42186 We aren't, there is good reason to be cautious. But it would be unwise not to use the best tools available to us.
>>42222 We are safer on TOR than on this network, so if you feel safe enough to post here, why be more cautious about TOR? the only reason you get extra paranoid about TOR is because you plan on saying or sharing things there that you aren't safe saying or sharing here (well, that's the intended use of the TOR network in the first place).
>be safe


no cookies?