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(59.75 KB 500x500 1608141854746.jpg)
Redpill on Rosecross/Masons Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 22:52:41 No. 39282
I know its a lot to swallow and im going to sound like a larper, but its true. I want to tell you TLDR the truth so you dont get scammed in joining. You decide to believe me or not. 1. I joined the max heindel rosicrucian fellowship as an online/remote member. It is "real" compared to money scams like AMORC where they just keep asking you for money and telling you "youre illuminati now". The books of Max Heindel at least tought clairvoyance developing exercises and astrology. 2. This fellowship, among with the old R.S.I.A and 99% of freemason lodges were always jewish/church fronts, mostly jewish. The target was to get those who were too smart for normal church to get trapped back into the cult of worshiping the jewish filth larping as a "god". The other goal was to allow....mossad?...or some "cabal" power over every police and businesses in every country and town. 3. These are the exact same guys behind "the great reset", banks, depopulation, "new world order" and so on. For more info read "new world order of the barbarians". Simply explained, really really rich autists who think they are better than you and they should rule and you are cattle to them. As far as i know most of them are probably dead or backstabbing each other in internal wars. They all agree on trying to take all your rights, guns etc, have you chipped, not allowed to leave town etc.
4. They are completely insane with power and absolute failiures as rulers of this "planet". If they wanted to really fix the world, they would have fixed pollution, garbage, crime a long time ago. You have been made poorer than ever, enslaved and fucked, the planet more polluted and depleted than ever, and these people want to "do a reset" with the same idiots (them) in charge. 5. 95% of "high" freemasons have no magical powers or clairvoyance, let alone get help from spirits or have "secret knowledge". You would have better luck meditating on a question and waiting for a 0.0001% change to get an answer in your dreams. You gain pretty much nothing from "going up in ranks".
6. "My experience with the rosicrucians" They had fully come out as an angelic worshipping sect by the time i joined. American and german boomers mostly. They would have online members and a group so they can do a healing ritual once every month when we at the same time meditate to heal each other's health problems and troubles, and whoever is on the list. So if you are a dumb nigerian..and your mommy is sick..you get suckered into joining the group to get free magical healing. - To my surprise it wasnt working though. People from the healing list kept dying or constantly moaning about new problems. No one ever asked "hey how come its not working...how can we improve our power and magic to actually heal people?" The healing list was just church bait to convert africans to our rosicrucian church, promising them astral healers that would come at night to heal their relatives.
7. Apart from the healing list, we promoted vegetarianism, studying astrology, max heindel's books, doing your clairvoyance exercises...and being baited into worshipping the jewish demiurge. A lot of knowledge from the books does check out, lemurians, atlanteans, astrology surprisingly does work (think for example mercury retrograde influence fucking your shit up) but mostly it was vague riddles like the freemasons to keep you spooked and excited. 8. In the end my boomer brother got me on the secret of painting a hexagram on my palm and channeling the power of angels to heal my loins. Thats as far as i went before i slowly left them. They were quite deluded boomer types. They fell for new age scams way too easily and they did not show any real knowledge on clairvoyance or how everything works. My questions on actual beings, attacks, etc were met with "there are no demons, you just have to love everything and not have fear, they are in your mind". Literally brainwashed christians...and a front end for mossad. 9. The only woman who spontaniously developed clairvoyance (for real) living in their fellowship started hearing animal spirits talking to hear and trying to teach her stuff. Upon sharing with the others she was deemed pretty much satanic and kicked out for "Talking to demons" and "Weird ideas". Keep in mind the rest of them never expressed any signs of prophetic dreams, visions, knowledge.
>>39285 10. Observing how they took managing the fellowship temple, it was kinda shitty. Supposedly these high ranking "mages" who are super nice christians, were bickering over money and free food all the time, and also having drama between themselves. 11. THE SPOOKY PART! Both in heindel's book and R.S.I.A old book you will find "plans to make man and woman hermaphrodite one sex in the future" while it was implied "spiritually" the truth is that was their plan to feminize men and masculinize women to fuck up the masses sexually. There was also talk of abolish the old religions and uniting the world with 1 religion. So, yeah, these are the people who were planning "the great reset". They planned to bring the tranny bullshit before 30 years. They also seemed to think we evolved from shark's DNA for some reason... 12. R.S.I.A was a lot more powerful organizaiton than Heindel's or any mason lodge. Their members were always professors and doctors. Their book was full of deep medical knowledge. These people had a serious operation going on. Also supposedly "the philosophers stone" that allowed them to age back and assume a new life with a new name in a new town. This seems nothing more than a code word for just changing their mossad operational place with a new identity. Even regular churches were used as CIA fronts since the cold war.
13. Don't become a freemason. You gain....nothing. These people worship the jewish and islamic "gods" thats it. 90% of them are too dumb to understand what they are even doing. If you want to be so sure, go and ask those freemasons boomers that you plan joining if "they have ever expressed interest in prophetic dreams, clairvoyance and such". Dont even push it, just ask them if they ever had interest, waht they think about it. 100% of them will tell you no. You are swearing your soul to a fucking jew spy brotherhood and you will gain NO FAVORS. Even if you become a master mason, and go every week to their bullshit and waste time and money, and keep donating....you will "maybe" get some job connection or get out of a speeding ticket. And dont think you will magically get assigned as manager of rotschild bank in new york, where you dont do anything all day and get 100k just because you are bros. Is it worth it? Signing your soul, swearing allegience, no backing off, to serve them in exchange for no clairvoyance or demon servants, just maybe "they know a guy who needs a new kid for his auto shop to work the counter". And if you are not some rich business guy you wont get any benefits at all. They will use you, like a stupid pawn. You will do favors for them....and get nothing. Thats all, im telling you so you dont waste your time and shun your wife. you are better off spending your time with your son and wife, provided you have a good wife. Plenty of esoteric books online, free to read.
Of course I will answer your question about lucifer/satan. In the books of heindel, he flirts and leaves breadcrumbs that the brotherhood works both with angels and demons and that they are just "different beings". They wrap everything in riddles and myths but there was at least some speak that they see the "lucifer spirits" as "lower evolved ones that can still teach us". Which is complete bullshit since "lucifer spirits" and jewish angels are mortal enemies. I dont know what part max heindel played but after his death the rosicrucian fellowship became 100% kneel to angels with prayers to jezus. And it was funny when i was in london to go physically meet their local temple and the whole group were black guys from africa. There wasnt one white guy. It was all black guys interested in "magical" christianity. We singed some christian songs, said some prayers and talked a little. Sorry to break it to you, there might be a few "Satanists" in the freemason ranks..but they are just baited there to swear their souls to the jew scum. They "think" they can worship satan...but never get told who the great architect....with jew letters written on the wall is... Satanists come in all shapes. there are complete degenerates, there are those would only punish and kill people that deserve it, and have quite an amazing moral code.
Are you a gnostic?
>>39295 (thx mods for keeping 4chan shills from killing my thread) I guess you can say that i am gnostic, since i dont believe in jew/christian/islamic lies. For me its laughable for an old testament jewish demon to proclaim himself "the one god that made all" (what did gaia and the titans do then?) especially since people were worshiping made gods before it. Also he's suddenly all forgiving now in the new testament now, ok jew. Also read psalm 2 how he will "break you with an iron rod if you oppose him" Its easiest to see the "goauld from stargate" level lies hen you notice holidays like xmas and easter being stolen from yule/saturnalia and ostara. The religions that were being taken over had their celebrations changed to focus the worship on the new jewish demon. And yes, I do believe in Sophia, if you wanted to ask "Who is the real biggest god that made everything" i would say Sophia is closest to what we can comprehend. Sophia is the mother of this universe. However i disagree with their views that this physical world is a "False illusion". This is a wrong belief to make you think "nothing matters". You simply see one realm of existence if you only see the physical world. There is nothing wrong or evil about the physical world. It just has limitations.
nice thread. i made some discoveries myself. all pieces had to be in place for whats coming. There are clues throughout history. from the beginning of the roman empire until now. everything has to be thoroughly checked for inconsistencies. to balance the accounts. from birth, you are deceived. from minor grammatical errors, to entire political psy-ops. start with your birth certificates. understand the roman method of naming people. understand surnames are heriditory, not given by those who entered the contract for your birth. i have most the puzzle pieces. the hard part is trying to not get entrapped by their deceptions. everyone is searching in some for some form of validation, except, the answer is, you yourself are the validation. man can not attribute it to you. nor can jewish lawyers. do not step onboard their system of built on maritime admiralty. they will deceive you even if you request the truth. they got this far, its now ending for them
>>39296 >I guess you can say that i am gnostic, since i dont believe in jew/christian/islamic lies you ever thought about crosshairs on a scope? theres some distinct types. CROSS/DOT/CIRCLE. this made me laugh earlier
>>39358 >do not step onboard their system of built on maritime admiralty. "I decline your offer to contract."
>>39282 Freemasons gangstalked me and threatened to kill me
>>39372 topkek, 'member that posted on /b/ somewhere
>>39374 I'm glad you think it's funny ;-;
>>39378 So since you are so sure you were gang-stalked, why dont you share in detail how it started, why it happened and what was happening? why would "free masons" be gang stalking YOU? And if you cant piece together a logical story, get banned back to 4chan/x
>>39282 Yes, mainstream "occult" societies nowdays are all pozzed an part of the satanic cult system. There a a few really occult initiatic societies that have their base in Occult Christianity and practice White Magic, actively and consciously rejecting mainstream globalist-communist-zionist agenda. Source: I am part of one. Its presence is international, but it's not known to the public and openly advertised. We try to keep a low profile because we know we'll be persecuted otherwise. Our leaders are well aware of the global agenda, and are actively warning the members of our mystery school not to fall for it. Who are we? Hint: our Bible includes the Pistis Sophia.
>>39756 continued We have an exoteric and esoteric presence. Exoterically (publicly) we teach people how to better themselves and how to start a serious spiritual practice and how to get initiated into white magic. I can't speak about what we do in secret. If anybody's interested: glorian.org This website contains practically all of our exoteric (public) teachings, free for humanity to learn from. "He who has ears, let him hear"
>>39756 If you are gnostic then bless ya, Sophia is the mother of all after all. but if you are fooled into worshiping the jewish demiurge and his "angels" its a grave mistake. I trust that you are developed at least enough to get the random prophetic dream or voice and know things. Well i certainly hope if you have any degree of clairvoyance and open sense you would have seen until now that the jew scum and the angels are your enemies.
>>39388 I’ve taken my meds and no longer have this delusion of gang stalking.
>>39756 Do you have a mystery machine to go along with your mystery school?
>>39756 >bible dismissed, fuck your gay jewed shit. If you aren't vedic then you are still in their deception matrix.
>>40060 >>40060 So you’re a White Hindu?
(4.23 MB 1920x5541 493289hiash.jpg)
The elites organized a global government by paying off the 200 most unethical leaders in the world.


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