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How many lives has rap music ruined? Anonymous 01/14/2021 (Thu) 15:29:30 No. 39760
Has to be in the millions. The negro beast worships and creates a culture of death, violence, gangs, drugs, and rape. They create this culture in their communities and express themselves through their music. It is an expression of their soul, which is naturally lower than a mere beast. This is why the jew promotes the negro and negro music, to poison the souls of the White race, and ruin their lives. I know a White girl who is now in jail for attempted murder, always posting stories on her snap listening to rap, acting black, saying nigga, she was a drug dealer too. She never realized she was simply sewing the seeds of her own destruction, courtesy of the jew and the negro, constantly scheming together.
>>39760 Everyone my age I know is under the influence of this Judaic musical force, be it reggaeton, rap, or other urban styles that promote promiscuity, drug abuse, crime, and degenerate behaviours. It is also of note how these are all centered around opulence and trampling over every value and virtue to get it. Absurd materialistic extreme consumption of overpriced champagne, million-dollar cars, gold chains, teeth and other jewelry, yacht parties, and all sorts of crazy opulent degeneracy. It truly is the cultural spearhead of the destruction of the west.
a lie spoken by a beautiful woman is still a lie. an unpalatable disgrace becomes no less disgraceful sung by a negro.
>>39767 There are three messages that are espoused out via corporate media. 1) Love as the carrot on the stick 2) Wouldn't it be great if you were rich 3) Sex, drugs, rock n' roll
modern pop music is just as bad. at worst it's casual sex and alcoholism and at best it's uninspired garbage. i remember all the shit i heard other kids listening to in school growing up. i hear what my siblings listen to now and somehow it has managed to get even shittier. i remember seeing an excerpt of gucci mane's autobiography circulating years ago talking about jews in record labels. as far as i found out, it is a fake quote (at least not from the autobiography). it's still true obviously. all it takes is ten minutes of looking up the executives of umg, sony music and wmg. all jewish or adjacent to jews. jews demand focus on certain topics from their musicians. just one more way they influence society through media monopoly. cant forget about all the gmo niggers playing childrens ballgames being forced down the kids throats as role models.
(60.97 KB 1701x468 musicaljews.png)
>>39772 Like clockwork, every goddamn piece of degenerate media is produced by kikes. Every reggaeton hit promoting girls to be promiscuous whores and boys drug-addled degenerates is directed and produced by a Jew. It's impossible not to notice, just scroll through the Netflix catalog and realize that everyone is being fed destructive propaganda.
>>39987 white extinction will be worse for you. you will still be stuck in a rotting jewish hell but now without white innovation, and kikes will rape your children. nonwhite societies are crabs in buckets. you deserve everything bad that happens to you, short-sighted nigger.
>>39990 you didnt hurt my feelings and i didnt ban you. im laughing at you.
>>39995 >n-no u if whites are pathetic, then yours is lower than dirt (and looks like it too). little troglodyte got his ass devastated by white people calling him a baboon so now he just parrots what whites have said to him. typical subhuman behavior.
>>40000 white males are also the only demographic that actually accomplished anything ever.
>>39773 It was the same shut back in Germany before NatSoc took power
>She never realized she was an npc nigger loving cunt. Yup. pretty much. You'll never unplug the normies bro. Thankfully the government sets up zoos to house most of the niggermals. I call wiggers "niggers", being one is mostly about how you act, your culture and your race. If you have any sentience at all, you'll realize that you are being constantly subverted by globo-homo jew degenerate shit. The whites that fall for it (like that girl) are doomed from the start. It's survival of the fittest really.
>>39773 Bro exactly do you notice how every single movie/show has nigger/gay/tranny/women protagonist now and the "villain" is a white guy? Every. Single. Show. So fucking tired of this globo-homo shit.
(118.06 KB 768x1024 1611250287866.jpg)
>>40025 >So fucking tired of this globo-homo shit. we all are
Even more proof of kikes having influence in rap is that the kikes even become rappers themselves. Kike rappers/rap groups include >Beastie Boys >Rucka Rucka Ali >Andy Samberg More kike rappers are found here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Jewish_rappers
>>39760 Its popular because people like it dumbass that doesnt mean crime will soar everywhere as most music throughout history has been about blatant alcoholism and violence. Nigger crimes are committed by blacks that want to partake in crime
>>40680 >most music throughout history has been about blatant alcoholism and violence blatantly untrue >Nigger crimes are committed by blacks that want to partake in crime And nigger crimes are also committed by wiggers who are brainwashed by shitty rap music. That is why jews push this music and culture on society.
(187.92 KB 805x589 musical degeneracy fascist.png)
Music is key to the Jewish control scheme
>>40786 Do you have a link to the original thread of the screencap?
>>40376 for controlling the music industry, pretty sad how jewish productions are even more unlistenable than nigger bop. the lonely island might have been the worst music ive ever heard. fuck all those unfunny snl jews.
>>40963 At least niggers have a good deal of competition for those juicy recording contracts; getting paid millions for being a degenerate is the dream for literally millions of young niggers.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S5tWgbwxkQ best rapper and producer of all time is a white man. niggers on suicide watch.
>>40786 Great post brother, this was exactly the point I was trying to get across.
It ruined my youth and made me a recluse. All of the other degenerate subhuman mutts went from listening to rock to listening to fucking nigger rap and I felt more and more isolated. I hated their guts so much and I still do to this day. I always listened to rock as my White European Aryan spirit guided me to do so. But even that has been tainted by the jew. The 90's and 2000's had the best genre of rock and metal imo,m especially artists like Breaking Benjamin even though they are sold to (((the Devil))) too. I want an ethnically cleansing of anyone who is not pure Aryan. I believe mongrel blood in the USA led to the shift from the European style rock and alternative metal to fucking base subhuman nigger rap.
>>41776 Human music from the 00's: https://youtu.be/ykW4rtW2eu0 https://youtu.be/RvnkAtWcKYg https://youtu.be/DWaB4PXCwFU https://youtu.be/Kb7zhunYGik https://youtu.be/PJGpsL_XYQI My youth was absolutely ruined by nigger loving bastard race traitors. Filthy disgusting vile subhuman kikes and niggers genocided my beautiful White European culture
>>40964 except those rappers don't have any wealth, most of the money are just royalties and once the contract is expired and isn't renewed the money gets funneled back into the studio leaving those musicians with no assets at all.
>>39760 The worst part is the fake buzz around its "underground" nature. Underground shit isn't on YouTube. 49 Faggots and 1 Dune Coon has unironically brilliant wordplay in it, and features less harmful content than a lot of modern rap does.
>>41781 there is plenty of underground stuff on youtube, musicians part of very small labels or completely independent. whether or not it is something youtube censors is a non-factor. i can even find completely talentless and unknown local shitheads' crap rap on youtube. it is only sensible as a musician to use platforms like youtube, twitch, soundcloud and bandcamp. also i forgot all about pulse nightclub. that was hilarious. wonder if any survivors got pozzed from the blood flying everywhere.
(444.10 KB 500x499 1567108236368.png)
(172.52 KB 1024x1024 you are here National Socialism.jpg)
(45.89 KB 494x452 National Socialist Stacey.png)
>>41781 Yeah I hate shitskin subhumans,especially niggers. They were never underground. National Socialism is though in every Western country except America because hate speech is outlawed in those countries. Especially in Canada and Germany. National Socialism and the National Socialist party are totally underground in this countries.
>>42325 We are the gods of the new world order, we are the soldiers, the legion of light, we are the center, the depths of the sun, fire and flame, we are one.
>>39760 zog is going for broke with total global enslavement and you niggers are discussing rap music. fuck you all.
>>42341 Triarii is true whitecore
Do you guys think that a wigger is still better than a normal black (minority of the nigger population)?
>>42619 >waaah nobody fell for my false flag psyop
>>42835 what are you talking about
>>39760 is that my nigga spotemgotem?
>>40376 Eminem the jewish satanic faggot should be at the top of the list, but most if not all of the "White" rappers are definitely jews, This is something I've looked into it myself. Eminem the faggot jew was instrumental in monopolizing this whole "Battle Rap" scene for jews that has become quite big with 8 mile and now they make a fortune from controlling these major "Battle Rap Leagues", these jews love to drive around in stretch limo hummers and party in their penthouses. The leagues now have "Rap Battles" like Dizaster Vs Frak where a jew pretending to be a self hating "White" jew will propagandize young viewers for 20 minutes on "jewish persecultion" while attemting to generate as much anti white hate as possible and it ill get millions of views This "Dizaster" guy, supposedly an Arab, just lets this jew propagandize millions of young viewers. It's all like a staged performance designed to brainwash.
>>43548 I also want to say This "Arab" Dizaster promotes the lie that mongrel mixed raced jews are White by the way. I want this faggots name If anybody finds this trash entertaining they have been brainwashed. I want the black activists to receive this information and call out these coward faggots and arab faggots that side with jews and call them White, protecting the whole jewish conspiracy from being unmasked.
>>43549 His name is apparently Basir or something , possibly a crypto jew but idk, could be a foggot cuck arab, had another faggot jew friend called "Soul Khan" who is a typical ugly gnome looking jew from NY. Dizaster, you're a faggot.
(211.35 KB 680x200 KOTD-World-Domination-6ix.png)
>>43550 I'm attaching an advertisement from one of their satanic events "World Domination", just to show the arrogance of these evil jews, even the rappers in the advertisement are jews. The name Bachir Yagami looked odd at first but I decided to do some digging instead of waiting for someone who follows this shit. I can handle it from here lol.


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