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NPCs, Wojack, Pepe and Evolutionary (Para)-Psychology Anonymous 01/15/2021 (Fri) 18:46:47 No. 39806
Welcome, welcome anon to another write up. In case you missed some of your memetic history or the deeper reflections born by the happens of the time I invite you to gaze upon my well worked words and may the wisdom of the wise and the knowledge of the ages be born the reflected sophia of your inner being. NPCs, Wojack, Pepe and Evolutionary (Para)-Psychology AKA Hylics, Psychics, & Pneumatic, the 3 stages of soul as classically identified by Plato. We have all known for years, decades even for some oldfags, that the majority of people just don't really think critically, have common sense, or even a seeming comprehension of their own memory/history. Resulting in all kinds of names, sheeple, lemmings, drones, background characters, or in recent memetic times now, NPCs; non-player characters. Memetically emerging into the greater awareness as NPC in 2017 due to a news article released though anon had been speculating on this exact concept for at least a year before not counting other preexisting conceptual-memetic lines of energy. The crux of what the sciene said is 3/4, literally 75% of people have no inner monologue. Without this there can be no refinement of the logo-ic/logic aspect or intellect in a poweruser sense and thus one is subject to waves of mental/emotional energy, of which memes are high coherent ways of delivery and self-reinforcement, though I digress. Without a capacity to even process input stimuli 75% of people just re-act, or you may say, execute memetic programs as they have not the awareness nor desire to override. A nother problem with this is the NPCs can even matrix agents (i.e., Mr. Smith) and otherwise normal people but highly subject to energy tides and equally unconscious can act 'out of character' and even have memory blackouts in which minor possessions happen if they are not virtuous enough. The Greeks knew this state of being as a hylic, one subject to matter and thus tormented to toil in it. These seemingly empty people or cardboard cutouts, NPCs almost all but devoid of their own individually unique freewill expression and desires, often semiconsciously (or unconsciously) part of some collective(s) as they do not have enough solar will to stand against the elements, chaos, and world alone. and so they are subsummed by cult(ures) around them even if it does not serve them. Bandwaggoning along, socialiting away because the ego says that being a pariah is not good for survival chances. But it goes deeper than just that... and we're getting there. Moreover even the 25% that had (some) awareness of monologue had not it all the time nor complete mastery when they did have it, ergo the 'thinking class' or maybe we should say 'memeing class' of folk are a quite small percent which is the tail wagging the dog, though again, we anons have seen this for years, the juicy creative chaos of /b/, and latter, /pol/ cascading down though the reddit>tumblr>funnyjunk>ebaums>facebook-esque path. So we made memes, and to became such a big incident that you couldn't even say or search for "NPC" on google, youtube, facebook, et al. for a while in the fall/early winter of 2017. The reason for such a massive censorship was because it was a supereffective meme, it actually resulted in jarring quite many into more self realization and thus they got nudged into the lans of feels and thinking about thoughts, or you may way they became feelsguy after breaking through the NPC, and as they refine eventually one could become a psychic, (Greek Psyche is the goddess personification of the soul or the body of mental-emotional-desire energy) and start to work with the waves of subtle force which actually shapes the world. Though even the best psychics are little more than great sailors/surfers of energy which one may call Wojak in the more mature and resolved form. However to actually drive the energy of psyche, to deliver motive force, one needed the breath of spirit, known to the Greeks as a pneumatic. This really represents the transformation or rebirth of the individual, both into absolute individuality, and then into a completely refined (reshaped) being, quite perhaps likely very unlike the previous one (like a blue pill compared to a red pill, or even green or iron pill). So the frog, as a literal metaphor of nature for imitation or mastery of walking on two world, comes to us. Pepe as the awakened avatar of Kek, though some varieties of the semi-initiated semi-profane foul bachelor frog may be seen as the many forms/faces of chaos bridging again from the lower orders, through periods of chaos, to higher ones. <1/3>
<2/3> All the while the High memetic priests, inscribing with cosmic wisdom (often geometrical, mathematical, and/or sonic) with quick wit, glimmering austerity and tauntingly surreal mystery just begging to be asked why and thus though about. >lulz we trollz U Pretty much, but now we are doing this to 100,000 people at time. and the end result of the trolling is to awaken people not (necessary) to feed the lulz machine. The ultimate zen art of trolling was master by most anons by 2010 or 2011 at the latest. It takes ENORMOUS force of will of will to stand above the temporal tides, of family, of civilization, etc, which is why anon is precisely suited to just such an endeavor as it's supreme taskmaster. We learned how not to leak our mental power (getting into troll-tastic arguments) and have to save our emotional power (healthy skepticism and through fact finding before emotional resolution and weight behind a belief, years of research at least. >lurk 2 years minimum Aside from mental fortitude a necessary component is vitality. The raw force of life and power itself, seen by some cultures, like the Taoists, Tibetans & Lakota, as lightning (and the latter most with horses as the earthly animal totem thereof). Funny enough though we have this ancient Aryan concept of Lightning war, Vajra(kilaya), Thor, Blitzkriege, Umman, or even Gangis Khan coming from nowhere with irresistible force (no electrical impedance could suffice). And so the less conductive elements must bow, by axe, horse, spear, or literal electrical god-like presence that makes fallen men not even dare to try disrespecting an obviously superior hero/demigod. This is getting on track, I promise though first I must give appropriate mythological context for the unlearned. Lightning, or more formally now-a-days, electricity. Is the supremely unconquerable element, like fire, but higher order and not quenchable by water, infact the reverse may well be true (flash boiling of water or other electro-repulsive effects). In other words the air (O2), water (H+HO), move as an electrical response to lightning, or even on small scales, bio-electricity or chi. When you move elements you are their lord, you by force of will commandeth, not by hammer nor blade but pure creative imagination, vital desire, and vivid focus. This will make flows that carry the earth (heavier minerals, salts, and very importantly, metals). Any how, the water moves always, it's currents, both of emotion energy and literal water, within (blood, flesh, bile, etc) and without (rivers, clouds, wells) conveys magnetic charges bother measurable and most importantly cultivatable! Back to electricity, the most conductive element in the body (and indeed on Terra Firma now) is Gold, Au, Auro, Oro. Contained within mono-atomic form in our blood (mostly) and other tissues here and there (some collection in solar plexus and mid brain). Increases your solar power conductive capacity, and also literally with devoutness your increases actual measurable electrical charge conductive rate (top voltage, pressure of electrons in transference of charge) and also mono-atomic gold density increases. You are becoming more conductive. That's good, but must be balance, by the Moon (silver) as the pair of noble (or virtuous) metals or divine masculine and feminine and there are many many more... Don't overload yourselves anons. Just drink your urine, yet your heard me right, it's ancient Aryan yoga, Shiva recommends it in a classic text called the Dhammar Tantra, the practice itself called Shivambu (Kalpa). These benefits are beyond the scope of this write up, suffice to say it's celestial medicine for heroes of timeless wars. The sun conducts and ra-diates the electrical power, though in concentrated form, Zeus, Jupiter, Thor is a distinct domain from Sol, Ra, Sonne. So also working with the power of electricity itself increases your capacity to be 'overwhelmingly unconquerable against all enemies of compassion' (Tibetan desript.) or you may say your electrical spirit-soul amperage (or flowrate of electrical ionic effects). These disciplines allow one to self-order (recompose the body and soul) and then once your power overfloweth enough your creative influence in the world may, dare we now say appropriate poetically epic as all the glimmer of the depths of esoteric depths of memes is where 20 years of channing has gotten us (in the greater, collective humanity, morphogenetic field responses and even oversouls of other kingdoms of life aswell). <2/3>
<3/3> So any how. all this to say the very first degree of initiation of known in most western occult systems is known as the wizard, the wizened one, the magi, or more explicitly the worker and weaver of all 4 elements, body, Earth, soil, down drawing though temperature neutral; water, emotions, magnetism, contracting and cooling; air, gases (notably O2 in biochem), as expansive though temperature neutral; fire, heating, expanding, desire, raw creativity/life/vital force (Od, Vril, Prana). By the command of the elements, one is their own master in all domains. This is when the transformation of the seeker or neophyte (feelsguy/feelsfrog/wojack) is achieved into the learned initiate, the sage (Pepe) and at higher levels high priest(ess) who becomes Avatara (Kek) at will. This concludes my write up formally, though here's my notes and foot notes: >S-so memes are just memes right? They are archetypal forms written into our oversoul, brought out (so we thought) by random chaos of memeing by the 100,000 shitposts. Turns out from chaos order is born, and really the only necessary qualifying factor is to, sustain the presence. >lurk 2 years It's really quite funny how such was our rules of the internet and so many other seemingly arbitrary self-imposed customs reforged us, and created a fountain that is memeing the world a-new in our collective self-idealized image. We are on a brave new seas anon. The cthonic aetheirc tides (moon cults) of that have held the world since the dawn of Pisces are waning; the shifting of the ages is upon us and the total effectiveness of memetic (psychic) warfare over exoteric (hylic) war is proof that the old military orders are gone and done, now stand the era of mind, air, Aquarius, the militancy (discipline) of psychic force, though also the light, levity, and expansive freedom thereof shall be delivered increasingly unto now and even what us initiated oldfags can see is but glimmer of a glimmer of what is yet to be. Things are ever exponentalizing, mind over matter is real, Live it! So remember, always meme responsibly, keep a well manicured memetic garden within your own psyche. Keep faith anon, we are winning, we are growing stronger, and we are waxing h-ero-ically ageless.
14/10 Effort post OP
(183.78 KB 1292x624 thezoroastrianpill.png)
>>39806 Have a bump for interest Miss this sort of shit back when it was on 8 /pol/
>>39808 What I can add this discussion is the importance of the flow state and my observations that NPCs are not capable of attaining it. The mastery of manipulating physical objects to the point where they become unified with your body and mind. This is something the NPC cannot perceive, and therefor can never achieve. You can see this in videos of master musicians performing in public with the majority unable to stop for a moment, and some NPCs stopping to record (desperate for social media validation, unable to experience the moment). You can see this in some performers themselves, like Hilary Hahn, who is a master of technically playing the violin, but is incapable of giving the music life. Or why even you reader may have experienced working a trivial job with absolute exceptionalism yet no one notices or understands.
Amazing post. I have been thinking a lot about NPCs lately, probably because If and when i decide to use social media, to check on the "fallen" I mostly see boomers talking about it now, proclaiming some nonsense on Jewbook how "your an NPC if you..." Followed but pro trump contrarian kyke propaganda. I often feel as if these are the people who are also NPCs, even they are aware to the fact that NPCs exist- they truly do not understand the concept of unplugging, and if they do, they quickly need another ideological battle to get involved in. Its ironic to say the least. In reguards to "players" or at least powerusers, this begs the question- are the jewish elite the current major players in this current meta? Its well known the jews dont believe in race mixing, or any other degenerate shit they promote via their mass media lines. They have gained their power by either predicting or creating the trends that are popularized by NPCs, to profit both monetarily and in the form of power. One can greatly benefit from analyzing these trends, objecting to them and even conforming your life to not conform to the herd. This is why i think researching social media from time to time is not always a bad thing. Aside from the mindless dribble and opinions, you get a first hand, centralized view on how the masses are effected by the structure in which players create. There is great benefit to this, becasue lets face it, most whites are NPCs, and if we were to create a new civilization, whites would have to recreate the power structure in some form, otherwise it would just be chaos, albeit less from what you see in the nigger run streets of today. I think from the very moment of when you question "am I an NPC" you are building the framework of not becoming one. Its kind of like watching "they live" for the first time and the agreement with the art and your mind is undeniably interchangeable. This is also why memes are not just "muh funny picthas with da words", they are culturally, spiritually and especially important. It is these small seeds that can hopefully convert at least 20 percent of the NPC population- or at least lead them on the path to do so. We should be tolerant to those whites are are still plugged in. Tolerant yet stern. Almost how you would treat a child, for it is all they know. Not trying to turn this into "how 2 redpill normies thread" because everyone exhibits SOME symptoms of being an NPC. It can be had to tell, at times, especially when dealing with highly intellectual individuals, just how programmed they are. The one image you posted outlined it pretty well, There is the consumers and the anti-consumer. just summing the first type with "the msm told me its good so I bought it" is a pretty good definition of the consumer NPC mentality in one sentence. The Kike kingdom loves these types of NPCs, since they are the consumer. They buy the products they dont need to keep these greedy jews at the top. Companies like apple, amazon are POWERED by the consumer NPC. On the other side sometimes we meet completely anomic individuals. This people cross the line every single chance they get, break ALL the rules, and would seem psychotic and yet unique at first glance. We should not forget however, this is another type of NPC. (and they are a dime a dozen ive met many in psychiatric institutions and prisons) But, we need to remember the kikes at the top ALSO love these individual NPCs because they demonstrate the CONSEQUENCES of what can happen to the former if they "dont fall in line". Fear is a huge motivator for all NPCs. We are on the way to creating a new mentality. Where creative idea should be accepted and utilized. We need not fall into a package and define it with buzzwords to create our existence. I am inspired by your post and felt like writing this book today, as I said before I have been thinking about "what it means to be an NPC and how can I benefit from not being one" a lot. Take care, and God speed.
>Just drink your urine Stopped reading right there Good posts OP >>40170 Jews are not players, they never create anything new and are the most soulless people in existence, they are just a virus that reprograms cells to serve it, a humanoid HIV hive-like entity controlled by the inner circle of rabbis. Some of those rabbis could be players though. They have almost total control of the world jewry thanks to their memes.
(39.69 KB 380x378 1487652203157.png)
>>40354 Common sense is what took man out of caves, it's part intuition (gut feelings of EM fields) and morphogenetic field knowledge however modern man has become overly intellectualized and divorced from deep presence and intuitive wisdom in that thoughtless state of beingness. However without a common cultural font, tribal living, and other unifying activites the ability of an individual to recieve such things can be interfered with or even hijacked and reprogrammed. Also >Citing (((mainstream academic medicine))) >Use the redefined version of this word goy >Ignore the customary use for millennia >no one had it in the first place ;) ISHYGDDT
>>40357 >t.midwit
(91.28 KB 567x800 12526.jpg)
Bumping for more refined discussion, commentary, and reflections.
>>39806 A very good post OP. This raises an interesting question, how would one identify an inner monologue? I've read and re-read these posts but have no clue on what actually having one entails. No frame of reference as having a voice inside your head only seems natural.
>>48492 An inner monologue is just thinking in words in one’s head. You don’t “hear” it strictly speaking but you are aware of what you are thinking and can sort of perceive it. I don’t know how to even explain it. Much of the talk around it is worded bad and more people probably are labeled NPCs than might actually be. I’ve recently wondered though whether one ought to really be so proud over an inner monologue though. Language is at least partially an adaptive societal construct that we are confined with. Language naturally snares us into groupthink and the patterns of the masses of humanity. To think beyond language would be to enter into ascended territory of thought. >>40354 I trust my intuitions more than agenda-driven ‘scientists’ :^)
>>39806 Are you the same anon from >>>/culture/296? Your writings are great.
(64.09 KB 512x512 1603713338099.jpg)
>>48492 >how would one identify an inner monologue? Do you observe a stream of (seemingly) logically related or coherent mental-imaginational sense information? Or do you just re-act to things? Most people just say something more simplified like; are you aware of the flow of words within? But it's more than mere words, it's inner worlds though it starts there and most as you can see, aren't even that aware, so talking about subtle body feelings to the non occultists much less NPCs is moot. >>48499 Observed >To think beyond language would be to enter into ascended territory of thought. Simply you must master the tool of your mind and not let this most powerful of tools be used by others to use you. >Language is at least partially an adaptive societal construct that we are confined with. >confined <IT IS YOU WHO ARE LOCKED IN HERE WITH ME >Language naturally snares us into groupthink and the patterns of the masses of humanity. Yet it is so malleable that to the magi of mantra these (implied) collectivist tendencies that you posit are only problematic to those subject to te tides, hylics and to a lesser degree psychics. >>48500 Witnessed Indeed I am. Ho anon!
>>48504 >Indeed I am. Bless you anon. Are there more of your writings elsewhere than these two threads in 16chan?
>>48504 >>48499 >Language is at least partially an adaptive societal construct that we are confined with. >confined <IT IS YOU WHO ARE LOCKED IN HERE WITH ME You could learn another language, it changes the way you think because the words and Figure of speech are different, plus the changes of grammar in a language. Germans are really goal-oriented and you could really tell because deutch feels like a goal-orient language whereas spanish or Italian have more passion in the language as they either sound happy or angry when talking, so you really know how they feel because spanish and romance languages use lots of intonation when speaking
>>48514 >more of your writings elsewhere Like tears lost in the rain... I've been around since the mid 00s and frequenting /pol/, /x/, /fringe/ for over a decade now as well. I really loved fringechan and used to effortpost a lot back when infinity was still blessed (and funny enough sometimes /pol/ had better occult insight than /fringe/ yet /fringe/ had more serious autism-endurance for the more mysterious aspects). That said, https://web.archive.org/web/20170121092209/http://fringechan.org/fringe/res/193.html is more personal essays & https://web.archive.org/web/20170106192147/http://fringechan.org/ask/ is good effortpostan >>48542 >You could learn another language I know several, my (linguistic) preference is Sanskrit though I am versed in several, of course the classics, Latin & Greek, the now common used English & German, and perhaps as much as a dozen other fragmented languages. Though to be perfectly honest, after a decade of meditative introspection & active work on the path of light I prefer geometry flows, not unlike >>48522 except that geometry IS sound, see cymatics. I am just a primarily clairsentient or body-kinesthetic kind of individual so I feel the qualities of the energy, which, if you where a visionary or clarivoyant kind, then you would see the forms where as I feel the substance. Both just sides of the same coin. The problem the NPC suffers from is not seeing the absolute (the "projector") which creates the world (the "manifest") and not understanding how resonance or consistent focus, of a sound (mantra) or a thought (imaginative geometry) creates form & the dramas thereof.. The psychic starts to grasp this, and uses language to also structure or give form not only to thoughts proper but the sensations of the mental body, that are pre-thought and the muses that reside in thoughtlessness. This in turn shifts the vector-intensity of the fire from the higher realms as it flows though the air into the water and onward influencing Astral>Aether>ElectroMagnetic planes as it densifies into Earth or matter proper. Knowing, in Gnosis, the psychic using the persistent focus of the mental state (including breath form) to cohere, or build resonance, of the given mental focus. Cascading several levels to final form. This greater self awareness yields greater personal freedom & individual power. No longer bound to toil as the hylic does the psychic has learned it is easier to move the minds or hearts of 1000 men than it is to move the mountain alone. Mere psychics we, many anons of infinity/pol/ where, though some of us where starting to scratch the surface of pure Nous potential as Meme War I was formally declared and the Bureau of Memetic Warfare was founded in the reflections of /32/ (Psycho-Politics). Though I've rambled on long enough.
>>39808 Genius post Anon, let me remind us all that our Great War is a spiritual war.
>>48549 Are there any chans where it's possible to discuss /fringe/ subjects without any censorship?
(657.36 KB 2662x1218 memes are ZOG.jpg)
(3.80 MB 2000x1713 clownworld ziomeme.png)
(428.95 KB 2644x1128 moots mom kike and other memes.jpg)
Be aware of what "memes" are...
(211.86 KB 2640x738 amerimutt meme psyop disinfo.jpg)
(204.95 KB 2630x798 clownworld psyop.jpg)
(184.59 KB 2640x540 virgin vs chad psyop.jpg)
All memes are a part of (((the culture)))
>>50890 >>50891 >1st pic <people started making anti-christian memes >More mentions of masons than jews >Eye of Horus is bad You have to go back
>>50897 You're stupid
(133.41 KB 1200x1200 1370893470731.jpg)
>>50890 >>50891 Poor attempt at narrative control, but it's weak and low energy, lacking in substance and clearly a low-hanging-fruit NO-U style reversal.
(145.77 KB 764x1022 masonic temple star of david.jpg)
(386.56 KB 753x561 masonic moon.jpg)
(154.07 KB 640x640 mason astronauts moon.jpg)
>>50897 Have you noticed that anytime someone points out the Freemasons a shill appears and says to stop looking at the Freemasons? We're onto you.
(2.85 MB 1600x4000 1606954234696.jpg)
>>51146 Masons are bad and space is fake as fuck, but to try and retcon Anon's memes into NWO memes completely ignores the fact of the timestream. You wouldn't be trying to put our weapons in the hands of our foe and disempower the mememachine would you?
>>51145 nope, that poster is right. all memes post 2016 are fraudulent and made by the gov. why do you think no new ones have been created, when in the past memes would get stale after only a few days? do you think it has to do with the intentional dumbing down of the populace? >>51147 the "meme machine" and "timestream" don't exist any more, that is retarded trump campaign era stuff, look how it turned out. it is time to move on form pepe and wojak to do something new.
(6.54 KB 200x200 go.jpg)
(3.82 KB 200x200 nd.jpg)
(6.38 KB 200x200 ol.jpg)
(4.52 KB 200x200 a.jpg)
(7.78 MB 640x360 the power of stories.webm)
>>51301 >all memes post 2016 are fraudulent Quite a black or white stance you hold there. I can feel the false dichotomy oozing from the words, can't you? Memes are mostly organic things, and the inorganic one's are so low energy they don't make the transition from thoughtfrom to meme. Sure when the infinity fell and we lost our main reflecting pool the meme machine slowed down, but it never stops. The best memes are historical, ancient, nay even timeless things, coming one again into form as they always do, age after age under new names with the same attributes. And regarding the timestream, time is ever continuing to diverge since 2012, only a fool would try to say that it was a delusion. If you deny the timestream then you are unconsciously drawn down it, the more self-aware you are the more you can steer it, aiding yourself and even as a powerful spirit, give shelter to others aswell.
>>51303 > the inorganic one's you are a shill, 100%. the bots/"people" that spam 4chan always put in those stupid apostrophe errors. the rest of your post is sheer delusion and provides no value. how does anything you said help anyone?
>>51313 I can't even. That is proper grammar... The one is the owner of the low energy. You failed 3rd grade English.
Breathing life into this thread. When you have NPC-Hylic on an equivalent political level as Wojak-Psychic you're civilization is not in good order. There is a Dharma to all this. Perhaps the degeneration needs to peak out higher before the great fall-rise-rebirth of man
Good shit, OP, thanks for the esoteric lessons in memes
>>39806 have a bump anon
>>51451 >That is proper grammar so who is this "Inorganic One?"