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(67.38 KB 498x277 HitlerOnSocialism.jpg)
Infiltrating Antifa Anonymous 01/21/2021 (Thu) 06:04:51 No. 40055
If you are a proponent of National Socialism (as many here are I imagine) then you should be involved with antifa groups. Discord, jewtube presenters etc. NatSoc is essentially left wing (ie anti-establishment) the only reason we really hate antifa is because they are anti-white racists and anti-nationalist. These are kind of small issues in the big scheme of things and were only introduced as divide and conquer by the kikes/COINTELPRO. We all want to tear down the current neoliberal order and we should be trying to find common ground with them to stop infighting and maybe we can accomplish something. If nothing else we can stab the cocksuckers in the back after we defeat our common enemy; Jewry.Post ideas/ discord servers anons can infiltrate or w/e you want on this topic.
>>40056 Mispost. >>40055 Antifa are degenerate junkies and trannies. They'll be able to spot a healthy Natsoc man pretty easily.
>>40057 Well I agree but I'm not suggesting irl infiltrating. Just online discussions and what not. I forget who the quote is now, it may have actually been Hitler from Mein Kampf, but it was something along the lines that it was a pretty easy to convert a communist to NatSoc or vice versa because the differences were so minuscule the average normie tard leftist doesnt really understand it. They only know the system is broke and are against it and free shit sounds good to them. They don't know much beyond that anyway except the higher level ones which are few and far between and the agent provocateurs being paid by the Soros types.
>>40057 What about handing out poison to them? I think that would be a pretty sweet way to do away with a number of them.
>>40055 >NatSoc is essentially left wing No. NatSoc is neither left or right. It is about the natural order of life. Which includes race realism, gender realism and that it is natural that people are all different which means that different classes are part of nature too. Hitler was not against the German capitalists as long as they supported Germany and not the (((NWO))).
Didnt crowder do something similar? Not exactly with antifa, but pretended to be a tranny or some shit. In the name of comedy, it was actually pretty good. But as a political tool "meh". He over sensationalizes things sometimes, i think most people, at least 93 percent of the population, knows that being/becoming a tranny is fucking retarded. Its an obvious fake issue created by kykes to keep neocons occupied. Any way, I digress, yeah, i sub to various BLM telegram groups. These are often ripe with these commie antifa fags. Never really respond to any of the things on there just wait till they decide to do one of their little gay meetups, then I call in a bomb threat to the location. If I get banned I just use a vpn and get added again. It doesnt take much effort. They are actually quite stupid when it comes to letting people in. The vetting process goes like this : You pretty much have to say something along the lines about how Che Guevara was a true revolutionary and how much you love niggers/express white guilt. And you're in. I knew another person on our side also doing this, however he/she was actually getting personally close to some of the memebers, then doxing them on femfax/coalfax. <KEEP FIGHTING DA GOOD FITE COMRADS


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