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(56.08 KB 680x680 Go Getter.png)
Go-Getter Thread Anonymous 01/21/2021 (Thu) 16:01:02 No. 40070
Thread for discussing actions which we as individuals can take to help fight back against the jewish oligarchy, liberalism, and degeneracy. First of all, I would like to suggest that 2021 is the new 2009. We have a senile, unpopular, and White version of Obama as the figurehead of ZOG. But there are some other very important differences; Namely that his administration is going to be the most anti-White shit-fest we have ever experienced. Biden has promised his backers to be so outrageously anti-White that it has the jews salivating. His every appointment is either a jew or a member of one of the prevailed classes of non-Whites and mental defects, or a corrupt plutocrat backscratcher. BLM is going to be emboldened by this and I expect more rioting since they now have learned that rioting means power and prestige. What did the race-rioting and anti-White hatred of the 2010s lead to? That's right; the resurgence of White nationalist organization and agitation. Now is to time to get a Gab account and minister to the outraged and disappointed conservatives. They've been sold out by the GOP, by "Q," even by Trump. They know that something is wrong but do not know what it is. We must tell them. Does anyone here remember BUGS? Bob Whitaker? The Mantra? WhiteRabbitRadio? These ideas and venues of attack against the system were extremely effective even on heavily censored Twitter and kiketube. But now that censorship has reached levels that even Stalin would have envied. But this is not a bad thing because the jews, in their typical overreaction have just banned people who were really not a threat to the system. Now they're on Gab and this is a good thing. The concentration of people who have been burned by the system is much higher. This is not the time for dispassionate observation. Now the iron is hot and we must strike. Let this thread be a civil discussion on ideas for shaping the iron. Let's be proactive and fight this monstrous regime.
>>40070 The most modern would be crypto, since Binance allows margins, just try to notice the patterns and buy/sell on margin to magnify profit. If you think it'll drop by 1% you can quite easily make money that way, but it's unreliable and carries risk.
(462.95 KB 1366x1713 38428hdids.jpg)
(74.84 KB 960x540 43563652.jpg)
>>40079 This is true. We are already a minority. Our only way out of this hell is to attack.
Why is the earth not depicted in its TRUE flat domed form?
Steal the fire from under the pot. We have to take their source of strength and weaken it. That source, is preying on us. So we have to stop engaging. Turn off the cable tv, the netflix. Stop using the credit card. Don't buy from Amazon, don't go to the movies. Go to local stores. Shop at mom and pop stores. Don't feed the monster. Get rid of the 'smart' phone. All this money you're paying is going to the enemy. Why do you think they're trying to make boycotts illegal all over the world? It's their weak underbelly. Become selfsuffient and independent and we don't play their game. Don't partake in the media and all the crap they're selling you. Don't give them your time and money.
>>40096 I agree that we should not be using Amazon and netflix (I don't). However, we cannot just withdraw from the world. Our numbers are small and our boycotts will not harm the System. The System must be destroyed and the only way to do that is to draw other people away from it too and ultimately to attack and destroy it.
(116.61 KB 1284x1257 insurgent.jpg)
On the flip side, it's probably going to be easier than before to redpill people about the jews and their banking/MSM/bigtech/pharma/other bullshit. We're basically approachive Weimar Republic, except the stakes are a bit higher now. The BLM and antifa are going to get btfo by the government. They have served their purposes as useful idiots, and it's time for them to get lined up against the wall and shot (so to speak, as paraphrasing Yuri Bezmenov). Watch the Planet Lockdown interview with Catherine Austin Fitts that I posted in other thread >>39080 if you haven't already, because it explains clearly what happened last year and what's coming down the road. If possible, spread this to normies who are in the dark and confused but looking for answers. Start getting used to alternative and/or decentralized networks and protocols. In the future it may be all we have. And get away from Microsoft/Apple/Google if haven't already! At the very least get Ubuntu installed on a computer and start using it every day, to wean yourself away from the big tech. Linux has become worse over the past few years, but it's still better than the other shit.
The enemy needs to be attacked where he is weakest. Controlled opposition media/cuckservative media. National Review did more to subdue genuine opposition over time than Q and Trump combined. I'm not saying knock on their doors and sing xmas carols or anything--bombard their comments section to influence the hypnotized ZOG-worshippers. Or something. They aren't heavily fortified like other enemies are.
Also genius ops like It's Okay to Be White matter. Maybe a propaganda op stating White Genocide is wrong; we (implying non-whites) cannot stoop to their (Whites) level. Let's be humane unlike them. Not genocide, quarantine. White quarantine. Whites need to be isolated from non-whites; they need their own land (see what I'm doing here?) so they cannot harm us any longer. #whitequarantine #whiteQuarantineNotGenocide But White Genocide is a conspiracy theory.... ....then point non-whites to the shit jews say. lol #shitjewssay Anyway maybe a smarter anon can do something with this post.
>>40121 Like, really if Whites are so evil and dangerous why don't they just put us all in one nation-state sized piece of land and we won't bother anybody anymore as long as our borders are sealed. Whites are evil! Isolate them in land of their own! Fucks sake run with that I guess.
(212.28 KB 460x438 _87.png)
>>40080 I hate the "no political solution" meme. It doesn't mean what you think it means. This is a political problem so any solution would be political. When the meme is mentioned in a conversation means "no peaceful solution", and implies doing crazy things without thinking like taking over the capitol. The meme is a call to irrational violence. It's literally fedposting. I don't disagree with doing things considered inappropiate, which it's even impossible to avoid. I just think a more proper meme would be "there are no stupid solutions". A war should be fought in all fronts, voting, memeing, violence, etc. Using orwellian language to exclude one front is losing an vital opportunity and let others abuse a vector of attack.
>>40131 I don't disagree but... Kinda think the other one was funnier
>>40134 >>40131 I hear you both but my third view of it is politics is a proxy for violence and Whites are being forced out of politics. I dunno I guess the astronaut would be "WAIT OUR POLITICAL SOLUTIONS ARE EXHAUSTED" and the other guy "LET'S ROLL" It needs to sound fun though not psycho.
>>40131 >This is a political problem so any solution would be political. Anon, please stop being autistic. Everyone understands that a violent revolution is technically a political act. The intended message is not "do nothing" but "stop putting your faith in fake elections" >The meme is a call to irrational violence. No it isn't. >It's literally fedposting. Trying to maintain the status quo is fedposting. >I just think a more proper meme would be "there are no stupid solutions". This is why leftist memes suck. >>40134 The intended message is clear. Being autistic is the problem.
>>40136 Sorry, I wasn't trying to be funny but I wrote that. I should have said "a more proper message" instead of "meme". My mistake.
>>40135 but, psycho is fun.
>>40135 That sounds horrendous.
>>40143 Well, there is only so much text you can cram into an "always has been" meme before it loses any intended effect. Having a proper discussion comes later.
(3.92 MB 2896x4144 1607182726371.jpg)
>>40114 >we cannot just withdraw from the world. thats where your wrong, fren
>>40131 Stop being a cowardly faggot. You will either kill jews or they or their pets or zogling will kill you. It's that simple. Harden the fuck up.
>>40317 Sure, and you can commit suicide too. But since that has zero effect upon the System, I recommend against it. If you are going to kill yourself, how shall I put this? Do it in such a way which would make your race proud. Do a flip, faggot
>>40120 This is a good idea. Here is a list of conservative media outlets which (at least sometimes) have comment sections. Please add to it the ones I have forgotten or overlooked. Fox news Breitbart Tim Pool (he is effectively a conservative, bite me) National Review PragerU (though personally I have found that their commenters are the dumbest of dumb people on earth. They would need PragerU and 12 jews from Israel to tell them to think something before they actually could think of it. Minister to them at your own discretion) Basically, anywhere on Gab and Parler if it ever comes back NewsMax StormCloudsGathering (He is not a conservative by any stretch, however he is an anti-establishment, youtube "conspiracy" theorist from back in 2012. He has recently returned after a long hiatus. Back in the day, many of his viewers became White nationalists over the course of the Obama regime.) Telegram? (they require your phone number so be ware) Legal Insurrection InfoWars Summit News Disclose.tv
Here is an idea I read on 4chan; Go to your local library and find shit like "Jen has two moms." Check for cameras (and of course wear your trusty mask) Then just... fucking toss it in the trash. Alternatively, you can travel with a little eye dropper and bottle filled with India-ink (which you can find at any craft store) and just squirt it onto the top of the book (on the upright pages so that it filters down into the pages). Any old ink will do but india ink is the worst to get out.
>>40368 Sounds like yet another thing these kikes can victimize themselves over once they discover their precious propaganda has been tarnished by "evil huwite supremacists".
(19.94 KB 169x300 1578368873525.jpg)
>>40401 Better than the destruction of public property (technically a petty offense or maybe even minor misdemeanor in most jurisdictions) it would be better to just leave highly triggering memes in the degenerate books and high IQ memes or links in the more researcher orientated materials (ideally the latter not in the cover page but buried within while the former is fair troll games where ever.)
>>40401 >Don't do the thing because it hurts kikes and if you hurt kikes and their propaganda, they'll just play victim Okay anon. So pray tell what we do do instead? How do we resist jewish propaganda when everything we do to fight back "victimizes" kikes? I think that it doesn't matter what we do because jews will frame us as the villains no matter how peaceful we are. You cannot even criticize them on Twitter without jews saying that you're committing a holocaust. If the punishment for insubordination is the same as punishment for revolt, what difference does it make if we just revolt? What I care about is effectiveness and feasibility. Namely; Is it feasible for one or a small number of anons to do? And if so, is it effective? I am all ears to your ideas.


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