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(21.45 KB 858x536 redpill.jpg)
Internet censorship & alternative sites Anonymous 01/21/2021 (Thu) 19:06:43 No. 40076
In the last few years we have lost free speech on all the main platforms (youtube, twitter ect). 8chan died, the .win network is down right now and possibly a honey pot, 4chan is spammed by shills. What other freespeech platforms exist if they come for this place?
>>>/b/ eleted Because this thread is just going to become a "shill my shitty site" thread There are hundreds of small altchans and lists of links if that is what you're looking for >>40076 >muh freeze peach Is a meme It doesn't actually exist. Anywhere. Including here. Don't believe me? Try making a "Dis make you mad wyte boi" or similar trash thread here. Nor should it exist. There is a reason one of the first laws passed by NSDAP was making it illegal for kikes to own newspapers or radio stations There will always be some limitations on speech whether based on legalities, what is socially acceptable, or cultural norms of groups. Fucking whinging about not having free speech on kike owned media like jewtube or faceberg is peak retardation. Make your own platform if it matters so much to you. A site like 16 is like $30/mth to run. Less than $5/mth if you go get some hardware and knowledge on the subject.
(3.29 KB 640x400 TotSE ad.png)
Freenet, GNUnet, ZeroNet, PeerTube, Tor, I2P, LokiNet... there's probably more. 16chan has an .onion address. Endchan has .onion (v2 and v3) and .loki, and they also registered end.chan on OpenNIC. Nanochan is v3 .onion only. There used to be an NNTPchan but it's not clear wtf happened to it.
>>40077 sometimes things arent said in bad faith but honest ignorance, even when theyre said in a snobbish tone. it's hard to tell what should be deleted because, while you do want to piss agenda-driven autistic faggots off and make them go away, you dont want to do it to genuinely naive posters. who knows if there are any worthwhile users left on 4chan, though. anyway sage because the post doesnt deserve its own thread and shouldve been asked in qptddtot.
Cant even post nudes of bitches or shill for BTC here. Sad.
>>40087 you have thousands of websites to share porn. why do you also need to do it here? what makes you think btc discussion isnt allowed? is there much substance to discuss about it anyway?
>>40087 >Can't shill fuck off
>>40087 kys fag - this place rises above the booba bullshit. Better discussion here usually
If a hacker group wanted to reach out on /g/ to post some dumps or a lone wolf wanted to leak information, you faggots would bury it deep within the website and/or ban the poster. kek. This place is dead bruh.
>>40087 >>40272 d/c shill, you're full of shit
>>40272 >things that have never happened for 500 nope. porn, 4pol threads and other forms of borderline spam garbage arent similar at all. archive of g has one thing in it. neck yourself retard.
>>40076 the secret sun is a cool site https://secretsun.blogspot.com/
These boards are dead. Time for talk is over tbh. It's time to deal with the jew menace.
I’ve been adrift looking for where all the 8chan guys went ever since the site went down. I miss them. 8kun is a boomer honeypot
(62.39 KB 1024x451 1611643345795.jpg)
>>40809 Same here, particularly sad saw what happened to /k/ on 4cuck. There is probably no way the old board culture is coming back. However, I have noticed an uptick in posts here where the quiality of conversation is good so things could still get better.
>>40813 I don’t mind regularly posting here instead of 4cuck. That site is so useless. I just had nowhere else desu
(187.60 KB 1000x1416 thankgod (2) (1).jpg)
(86.83 KB 882x605 ajewinmaoschina (1).jpg)
>>40076 Bitchute and Parlor are growing quickly with boomercons and mainstream right wingers. The more shit posted there by /our/ guys the better. Magapedes are already highly suspicsous of the (((Media))) and as of the last election even (((Democracy))) itself. They're ripe for redpilling if anyone is willing to put half the time we put into going after "gamers" in 2012-2015
>>40821 You really want to dive down into the schizophrenia hole and try to recruit evangelical boomers who think trump is still shadow president? I’ll pass for my own sanity
>>40822 cogent post. those folks are completely lost in lala land. fuck the boomers anyway, they got us here. it's time to bilk their money and get ourselves out for our children's sake.
>>40826 I hope the boomers keep going on with this larp. I check in on them every now and again on their .win honeypot. Reading their current copes is always good for a laugh. >”I SAW A PLANE FLY OVER MY HEAD IS THAT JFK JR GOING TO DC?”
There is barely anything that isn't controlled opposition. All the right wing militias turned out to be run by feds. I'm in two minds about whether 16chan is a honeypot or not, but allowing TOR/VPN suggests that maybe it isn't, we'll see. http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/twilight-of-the-snitches-oath-keepers-leader-who-led-capitol-storm-also-an-fbi-agent/ >oath keepers - ex FBI/glowie with top secret clearance as leader >proud boys - FBI snitch as leader >TRS - FBI snitch as security >faggot milo yiannopolous - FBI snitch >atomwaffen - run by CIA >Firstly, any type of legitimate right-wing activism in real life is presumably totally impossible. They have literally rolled out the military. However, there will continue to be right-wing activities, run by the feds. I would guess you’re going to see a lot of this incoherent “Boogaloo” stuff popping back up, probably somehow related to protesting the lockdown or the vaccine, these men will be showing up with guns, with leaders like Thomas Caldwell and Enrique Tarrio. So yeah anything worth having will need to eventually be either on TOR/I2P or hosted offshore (and will need TOR to access it anyway).
Basically there are three sites I know of that are any good >Jim's Blog - but he has things slide a bit recently and people whom his tests would have caught are now slipping in >Daily Stormer - but the books are closed since Capitol >16chan - but it is run by faggots who think that National Socialism is a good thing and has a reasonable chance of being run by feds 16/b/ is about as good as you can get imo, but there is very little discussion there. It is pretty much an outlet for autism which is kind of good because it means you can let off steam without going out and falling for some fed op.
>>40829 >Everybody, everywhere is a fed. 350 million Americans. 349,999,999 of them are feds. >>40831 While I have seen expressed views ranging from limited government conservatism to libertarianism to totalitarian fascism, but yes everyone (except you) does seem to agree that National Socialism is a good thing >and has a reasonable chance of being run by feds Cool story, Moshe >16/b/ is about as good as you can get >Home to niggers, schizos and faggot OPs kicked from /pol/ >>40831 >t. schizo faggot
>>40835 Most of the people he pointed out are not just suspected feds, but out in the open admitted by themselves to be working with feds as an informant as is the case with Milo or Tarrio. Who are you sperging out about? His list is actually factually accurate. Not everyone is a fed but plenty of top level people work with them. If you’re confused I can explain each of his claims because I am familiar with all the cases for the most part.
>>40838 Wasn't looking to debate the list, just the overall schizo tone that everyone everywhere, including here is a fed. Are there some feds out there lurking? Of course. But schizos go around assuming literally everyone is a fed.
>>40839 I know what you mean for sure, but his list is 100% spot on the money. Dailystormer has an interesting read on Jim Object aka Jayoh who said he was caught by feds running heroin then a few years later gets into TRS.to handle all of their users real names etc. Very strange stuff. But otherwise yes, without confirmation I do view it as pointless since pretty much everyone gets labeled a fed.
(66.91 KB 1010x691 suchanicejewishgirl.jpg)
(396.21 KB 1080x1564 jewsinbidensappointees.jpg)
(137.84 KB 1024x640 joebidenwearingjewhat.jpg)
>>40822 Yes, yes, one thousand times yes. Give them to us disillusioned and in despair and i am MORE then am happy to point them in the direction of (((who))) done it.
>>40845 Well go on great awakening dot win and you have a farm of thousands of dumb schizophrenic boomers who are all still clucking away at clouds waiting for Q and JFK JR to arrive
>>40845 You know, you have a point. Better to inform the boomers than not. I can't bring myself to bother with them, but if you want to create your own natsoc boomer army, then by all means.
>>40829 >>40831 >>40835 >>40838 >>40839 >>40840 It's misdirection to cry schizo when someone makes a decent list of actual controlled opposition. Muddying factual, quality information is questionable behavior itself. That said, we can all agree that it's old news to cry fed all the time. At the same time, it is important to remember that many of our activities are watched, controlled and misdirected by actual feds. Why anons repeatedly get into tussles over these points is beyond me. We're on the same page here (those of us that aren't actual feds starting pointless arguments). This is why we must work on promulgating goals that can be moved forward by a decentralized network of anons. We will never be able to form groups online. The right has been shattered into 100 million pieces. That doesn't mean these pieces can't work autonomously.
>>40809 Scattered. Some are here, some on 9chan, some went simply back to 4chan, some on the (now dead) Neinchan. I pity the ones that stick to 8kun the most, it's pretty awful.
>>40835 >>40839 The main point of the Daily Stormer article is that the left now has complete control of the federal government so any nationwide groups you see that are involved in the more interesting kinds of activities are likely to be honeypots. On the other hand there was a county sheriff in one of the northwestern home states who said that he would arrest any feds who tried to implement gun control laws. So you are more likely to find genuine groups of people at the local level. The general method would be, use the good sites to coordinate ideas globally, then find real life people you can trust to implement these ideas with locally, while watching out for any traps and weird people. To borrow a hippy slogan: Think globally, act locally.
>>40856 4cunt is long gone, too. horrendous place.
>>40890 The niche boards aren’t too bad. /pol/ is gone though
(3.14 MB 1696x2136 1601765297145.jpg)
>>40930 Not going to ask which ones, but I'll have to take a peek.
>>40835 I'm here because 4chan was getting so full of shills, tried countering with gore but nothing worked, I've just got banned and realized the rules on 4chan are the worst rules you could put on any image forum like how the fuck can a site not permit raids? I'm setting camp here and staying.
>>40975 LMAO, that shit was over in 2014. Raise your standards, nigger.
>>40854 >We will never be able to form groups online. Bullshit. We can & here's how: Be nomadic. We have to rely on direct emails and encrypted chat to stay in contact. This way we can instantly migrate to new platforms together whenever we need to. Or exist simultaneously across several platforms. Be morally flexible. Fuck muh principles. There are other subcultures whos values overlap with our own, even if we look down on them in other ways. You don't have to like them. Just cynically use them, if that helps. Make money. This one overlaps with being morally flexible. ZOG has ensured that any above-board legitimate means of accumulating wealth is regulated and taxed out of existence unless you happen to be the "right people". We need to explore illegitimate means of making money. ISIS goat fuckers fund themselves with drug money & black market oil trading while we sit and larp.
>>41116 you do you, broski. i'm not stupid enough to involve myself with illegal activities online, and i already use encrypted email and chat. you think the feds don't have access to that shit? the only reason nothing has happened to any of us already is because we are small fish. as soon as you make any moves worth noticing, your gay encryption isn't going to do jack fucking shit. of course if you believe otherwise you go right ahead, not trying to dissuade anyone else from following their dreams, but since you replied to me i'm replying back. i'm not here to larp, i just think it's foolish to assume that you have ANY anonymity online. better to meet people irl. if you can't meet anyone in person, how do you expect to get anything done? posting about making money illegitimately in nebulous terms *IS* larping you utter faggot. you've proposed nothing, you want others to do the dirty work for you.
>>41204 >as soon as you make any moves worth noticing, your gay encryption isn't going to do jack fucking shit. Don't make big moves worth noticing then. Have your fingers in many different pots including in the offline world. And encryption isn't the end all & be all of OPSEC. Use multiple identities and change them up regularly. Compartmentalize your communications & activities. But if you're against illegality on principle then none of this will matter to you anyway. >if you can't meet anyone in person, how do you expect to get anything done? All I'm talking about "getting done" at the moment is making money. With money you can get a lot of other things done. >posting about making money illegitimately in nebulous terms *IS* larping you utter faggot You want specifics? I'm specifically looking for people who are onboard with blue collar crime and who want to congregate on platforms that are uncensorable or else where the mods REALLY don't give a fuck about anything. Places like blockchan or Zeronet imageboards where the only possible "moderation" is to voluntarily subscribe to a moderator feed. >you've proposed nothing, you want others to do the dirty work for you I've got my plans. They're blunt, simple, kludge-driven and you will be extremely unimpressed once you hear them. They're designed to leverage the motivations of degenerate Internet autists who want to incest in cryptocurrencies. But here's the thing, nobody gives a flippant fuck about me and my schemes. They care about their own schemes, and maybe mine if my goals happen to mesh with theirs. If they don't have plans & schemes of their own then I don't give a fuck about them. If your attitude is "impress me with your brilliant plan, faggot" then I'm not looking for you anyway.
>>40076 I just found this place, emigrating from 4chan because of all the shills. I was thinking maybe steemit would be fertile ground, but there is a barrier to entry - however an account can be created anonymously. Then there's the susucoin project by codemonkeyz, maybe that will yeild results.
>>40077 Where are the lists of links?
>>41243 Me again. Just to answer the criticism that I've proposed nothing, here's something: URL: http://zerobinqmdqd236y.onion/?c421672ca537f9bc#GkTW8p0m0fC8agtpNw/VXtk3M5kJxsosXg5kAizOKW0= PASSWORD:h0nkl3r Building our own underground economy is key to escaping censorship.
>>40831 >Jim's Blog I take back what I said about that site. The owner has shown himself to be just another boomer cuckold who will ride off into the sunset as America collapses then come back when the war is over and act like he owns the place. No deal faggot. There is no place for cowards amongst either the warriors of the priests. You style yourself as some sort of cross over between the two, and I have to tell you that you are not. Warriors take calculated risks. You take no risks at all. Here's a newsflash for every other faggot who thinks he can take all of the reward with none of the risk: NOBODY RESPECTS A FUCKING COWARD That's right. If you're a coward then it doesn't matter what narrative you tell, you will still be a coward at the end of it. And the more words you write, or speak, as you continue to do nothing, even for actions with non-zero risks that still have a hell of a good positve expected value, the more of a fucking cowardly faggot you reveal yourself to be. Anyway I've given up on the stupid prick so if anyone here cares they can go and tell him off. I know he linked to this place before so hopefully he gets the message. If not, then there will be no place for him in America if he returns, if he is lucky he will get a place to die if he doesn't just get dumped on some scrapheap first. Pull your fucking head in, brother.
>>41483 Proverbs 26:3 A whip for the horse, a bridle for the ass, and a rod for the fool's back.
>>41483 I still stand by the Daily Stormer. Andrew Anglin has not cucked yet,even though he is living on beans and rice surrounded by niggers in Nigeria. If that man can withstand that while still spitting in the face of evil then I say he can withstand anything. Jim used the word Incel as a perjorative yesterday. Incel is an enemy term for Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. This means he is seeing enemies on the right. This means he is cucking out.
>>41488 The incels can be potent agents of chaos if properly pushed. There used to be a small webring of them here in onionland. It was maintained by people who got kicked off incels.co for being too extreme if that tells you anything. Seems the whole thing is gone now which is a real shame since they weren't afraid to talk about violence. There have always been incels throughout history but when women can just rely on Daddy Guvmint to look after them you end up with lots more incels, and they intuitively understand this. They're being forced into subsidizing women with their own tax dollars so that women can go out and fuck Chad on their dime. This makes them extremely blackpilled & callous and hungry for vengeance against the world. Definitely build diplomatic relations with whatever incel communities you can find.
>>41489 Actual, genuine incels are far too fucked up to form any form of 'aliiance' with. If you're talking about nationalist groups, they should stay far away from the autism and general fuck up that comprises an incel. Apart from being callously used as a meat shield against the enemy, these creatures serve absolutely no use, they have been jooed hard, and are worthless when it comes to anything constructive. Sure, use them as useful idiots in the struggle, but don't let them get to close. And when it's all done and they've served a purpose, they need to be gassed hard, because they are equally as corrupt as feminists, leftys, etc.
(3.16 MB 640x360 Hitler's first two laws.webm)
>>40076 First off, 4chan is not a free speech platform even if it wasn't full of owner/mod-endorsed shills. >>40077 >>40087 >oy vey, I can't shit up the board and lower board quality, that means free speech doesn't exist Free speech never existed to allow pornography, smutt, or filth. Don't know why you coomers don't get that.
>>41560 <just hear me out... what if we made every site pornhub?
>>41558 They would make excellent rape squads so long as they target the right kinds of women. Sheboons, feminists, jewesses, trannys (probably).
>>41489 Go to blackpill.club it’s a new incel website full of disgruntled people who were banned off two different ince websites. Incels have always been cannon fodder in war and I’ve always said this to, we can use more men to fight against the society that hates them.
>>41593 This serves no tactical purpose and they would be equally likely to rape your own women while you're fighting. Just kill them off, they're of no use.
(88.82 KB 500x742 index.jpeg)
>>41957 >they would be equally likely to rape your own women Why? If they have free reign to go after the Marxist cunts who are responsible for a great deal of their suffering, that's more than enough women for them. If they step out of line and go after the wrong women, suitable examples can be made. Cut of their dicks. Imagine what it would be like for an incel, living in a time when rape is a free-for-all, but they can't participate because no dick. That would be a fate worse than death.
>>41953 Good find BTW. I'll definitely sink my hooks into that place. Incels are the most distilled poison to use against modernity. They don't ride no fuckin' tiger. They give it AIDS.
>>40077 >>muh freeze peach >Is a meme >It doesn't actually exist. Anywhere. True. There is some oppression/control everywhere, states and other entities could not exist without this. But what fascist/statist types don't understand is there is difference in how much oppression is used, and weather it is used rightfully or wrongfully. Where only harmful and alien speech is censored, (and even that with judiciousness) there is in practice freedom of speech. >Nor should it exist. This the essence of why I dislike fascists. Freedom is entirely artificial, but it is a precious thing, and socially vital. It should exist to the maximum extent possible. Fascist confuse eliminating subversion with oppression. Because they are an artificial political entity, and while they (like everyone else) are interested in power, they can only see it's use along artificial lines. They only see the "what" not the "why". The have regulations and principles, not goals and aspirations. They have euridite (which is greek for book smart) philosophies, not understanding based on experience. >There will always be some limitations on speech whether based on legalities, what is socially acceptable, or cultural norms of groups. True BUT not true. Professing to freedom of speech while eliminating jew-speech, or blasphemy might be categorized as hypocrisy, but in practice it is not hypocrisy. There IS freedom of speech, but if than under these conditions certain parties exploit the principle in unethical ways, than a respective bending of ethics is justified. once again the "why" over the "what". >Fucking whinging about not having free speech on kike owned media (((They))) demand freedom for themselves, got to where (((they))) are under the banner of freedom, sing about and swear to freedom.. Is it not ethical than that we should hold them to their principles? and that if they have a society built on freedom, we should expect it? And if (((they))) have extracted so much from people in the name of freedom that we should feel wronged to find injustice, tyranny and terrorism instead? It's not the universalist principle, it's the injustice of it. Not the what but the why. >Make your own platform if it matters so much to you. A site like 16 is like $30/mth to run. Good idea. But than the promoters of freedom will shut it down, plus there will not be an audience, since the yids have the masses on their platforms. Another asset they are not entitled to, and not entitled to control or misuse, and an asset they gained in the name of freedom.. Yes you should make your own platform. But you should also demand the yids not misuse the resources they have acquired in the name of freedom, and hold them to what they profess, and call them on the principles in the name of which (((they))) have attained their privileges. You do this either to force them to give you your due, or to expose the basis of their advantage as false, and thus pull the rug out from under them. This is the moral reason for it, and revolutionary reason for it, the "why". No there is no freedom of speech, but there should be (with some ethically justified hypocrisy based on the interests of the majority - not the perversions of a batch of satanic invaders - it's the soundness of the ethics and the why that is the difference). And if they have demanded it, than we demand it too, and if they don't give it they should lose it too. muh freedom of speech or the yids should lose it too
(88.80 KB 604x604 this.way.jpg)
>>41558 >Actual, genuine incels are far too fucked up to form any form of 'aliiance' with. And we should take your medical opinion on that. >Alliance That's just alien. It's organization think. The "incels" have no prime minister to negotiate with. We are a shapeless mob with a sprinkling of braniacs, ideologues, old heroes, and young shooters. We will take anyone as a part of our bloodied mobs of disorganized Sociopathic Ubermensch, and in the event of a civil war we'll make an effort to use all components to the best of their abilities. Some can only rob quickiemarts, others can form crack companies of Right Wing Death Squads.
This board seems fairly dead, but I'll leave this as a beacon of hope to those who would like to listen. The communists have done an amazing job at organizing locally and infiltrating small governments and townships. Rather than to complain about their absolute dominance at this point, we should attempt to learn how we can also implement this. For example, communists, and hard leftists love volunteering their time to help the poor, through education that will help them survive, providing them food, housing them and transforming them into soldiers. This is not simply an act in favor of the homeless, or decrypt drug addicts, but for every day people who can't afford laptops, schooling and have dysfunctional families. Communists attract those who would otherwise be normal would it not be for situations outside of their control, and integrate them into the new society. Their power structure is built through loyalty and what is known as "The Ulysses contract", which is to say that their primary focus is to first help you and then integrate you into the cause through your better nature. Nationalists are the exact opposite, in the sense that they attract those who have nothing else to lose but do nothing to build loyalty. The entire purpose of a Nationalist movement, at least from the current mindset, is not to build a community with the individual first, but to build an empire with the individual being a pivotal member. When a Nationalist movement springs up, the members are asked "What can you do for us?", with no interest in building the individual into what is asked. I understand that many of you do not wish to associate with those who need help, and would prefer to associate with those who would benefit you first and foremost, but If we wish to build a society that respects morals, we absolutely need to instantiate the benefits of those morals to the individual BEFORE asking them to adhere to them. For example, it is Christ-like to know your neighbor, and to love them, inviting them to barbecues and church. One should not ask them first to go to church before receiving your love and your invitations, but should first provide them the bounties of your life and to tell them that it is thanks to your faith. A similar approach MUST be given to Nationalism. If you are actually interested in European music and culture, then you should volunteer at your Eurocentric festivals rather than to just listen to the music on youtube or eating the food at home. Become a pillar of that community and then show them the path forward with nationalism. >What does this have to do with Free speech, the topic of the thread? Free speech is a western ideal that many immigrants find foreign, and as such respond with anger when presented with it. We can't advocate for Free speech with the speech we would like to say, but instead must bring the bounties of free speech (And other constitutional rights) to the population that is primarily against it. One powerful method I've found is to take a person (immigrant or otherwise) hiking, where there is no one to listen to them and let them speak to you. Take them shooting and show them the power of what our fathers fought for. Emphasize that these actions are rights, and not privileges like the politicians say. We absolutely have to act locally.
>>47266 Excellent post. Not as a cop out (or maybe a cop out, but a legitimate issue none the less) but commies have more resources, and a functioning community. And an economic based ideology - some lone Nationalist dude going out and bathing a homeless man will not make that homeless man scream "death to the jews" - he'll thank you for your help than walk off.... two lessons here. 1. you can't build crap on ideology alone. 2. you need a community and money We need to do lot more thinking and revamping.. that's for sure though.. Once again excellent post.
>>47266 this is retarded they implemented these things by taking control of the money supply and establishing a central bank we can't do that, they already did it we just have to break their society and economy and make our own version of control force the jewish system to show weakness take from the jewish system by force show strength and provide for the worthy crush the unworthy and take from them you can't reason with people who are being provided for by the jewish system, it's not any more complicated than that, you have to crack the system and take over its function
>>47425 I completely disagree. The US government is controlled from the bottom up, not from the top down. This is why in liberal states like Oregon and Washington, they haven't been able to pass gun control legislation until recently. Even if the presidency can be subverted by leftism, congress is still very much 50% republican and growing. The System is a culturally defined entity, rather than merely Jewish owned. The more we define it as a culture with bias, the more easily it can be understood and a weakness found. Attacking Jews doesn't do anything to The System other than give it power because there is a cultural zeitgeist protecting Jewish interests. The System will attack anyone who attempts to find a weakness through penetration testing (attacking or showing force), even merely demonstrating your CAPABILITY of showing force to The System will cause it to attack you. This is more like an automated immune system than a singular entity. Our only option is to slowly take power, just like the communists did, by changing culture in our favor and by working in the grass roots. I understand the romanticism behind a singular revolution that takes control of everything through force, but we cannot expect ourselves to be capable of becoming the next Hitler, Lenin or Napoleon. Those people come once every hundred or two hundred years and are only given power through extreme circumstances. The best option, instead of dreaming endlessly about some "Day of the rope" that will never happen, is to do what we can against The System by changing the world around us. We are not Hitler, and this is not Germany, so we have to forge our own light in the darkness. Besides, ruling a population through fear (Most Americans do not want to live under National Socialism) is inefficient and would cause most of the party to exist through extreme paranoia. Again, by improving the view of nationalist causes and associating it with worker strength, we are able to counter the infection bit by bit instead of all at once. Ask yourself, what have nationalist movements done besides advocate reaction against the change in this world? Have they organized unions? Helped the poor? Built skills up for that that need it? How do you expect to build loyalty to a nationalist cause when you have done nothing for the nation? Saying "I love my country and my race, here's what we need to do" is not enough!
(201.74 KB 677x595 ebin.png)
>>47672 Interesting angle. But your prescription contradicts your earlier point about how demonstrating any capability of showing force to the system causes it to attack you as an immune response. You can help your neighbors build up skills, and help the poor. But you aren't going to able to provide more to them than the state with the ability to print money. And if you were able to provide enough to become an alternative to the state then you would be attacked by that immune response. So you make a good point but your proposed alternative solution is completely underwhelming. This is so glaring that along with some of your rhetoric you do almost give vibes of being a subversive outsider. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt but you'll have to provide much better, concrete alternative solutions before you can dismiss the use of force. Realistically nothing will change until the state collapses. That's why I think our best bet is to accelerate that by any means, while continuing our propaganda efforts to counter the state-corporate-media censorship apparatus.
>>47674 I can't prove that I am not a subversive, but I am an outsider. I have my own beliefs that are generally outside of the cannon on most websites. I would not discredit an alternative government for a method of subverting The System. With the advent of block chain and anonymous currency trading (XMR), one could create an entire economic system that is entirely outside of The System's knowledge. The problem, naturally, would be that if this sub economy got too big then the immune response would know. However, if this economy is continually splintering, like Syndicates do, then we could maintain the exact same amount of power while staying under the radar. What we should do is not too different than crowd funding, but pseudo-anonymous, with the funders being unknown and the receiver being known enough to generate a reputation. While free money may be attractive to the majority of the population, there are other desires that we can cater to. There are many addicts who desperately want to feed and protect their families, but lack the will power to defeat their demons. If we offer a service that can defeat this demon and protect their family, they will turn away from the benefits of The System. Extreme care needs to be taken to show us as volunteers, rather than revolutionaries, and we need to create an artificial culture that immunizes against The System (Think of how HIV tricks T cells) without alerting it. This can be done through art, and subliminal messaging, and through a simple culture of communication. Avoid using The System's euphemisms for its assaults on our way of life, for example, and our target will unconsciously associate the actions of The System with their real life consequences. To respond to accelerationism, this would trigger an auto immune response and The System would target everyone. Remember how paranoid the average person was of National Socialists in 2017? The System induced an extreme immune response against Nationalists and began to target everyone regardless of political affiliation. If we do that, The System will begin encouraging random assaults on innocent people just like how the body kills itself when exposed to swine flu. We cannot allow the innocent to be harmed, our people are the most important part of life. If they were to submit to The System at that point (Most whites are conditioned to submission) the entire racial existence of humanity would be eliminated. Our best option is to decondition the population in the same way that it was conditioned by communists. If they start to attack us, we defend ourselves (And establish a cultural consistency of rebelling until the very end), but avoid conflict until then. It isn't cowardice, it's tact.
>>47675 To add to this, think about how the Catholic church survived under the emperor Nero. They didn't fight, and they didn't as for taxes from the population. Instead they continued to provide services that the population needed, offered a method of donation, and then helped its followers avoid target. In only about 200 years, the persecution of Christians was ended and Rome effectively became a Christian state. Regardless of your religion, we must learn from those who succeeded and those who failed. If we model ourselves like the early Christians did, we can provide our ethos to the population, coincide it with the services we provide and then create an entirely alternative government that picks up from where The System fails. The System is terrible at providing healthcare, for example, and it refuses to protect the average individual from its violent agents. Both of those could be provided by us, anonymously, and it would inform the population of our importance.
>>47675 >To respond to accelerationism, this would trigger an auto immune response and The System would target everyone That's the exact kind of situation that would cause more people to seek alternatives. You say we can't allow the innocent to be harmed but they already are, boiled frog style. We are being ethnically replaced right now. Small businesses are being eliminated to consolidate to a few jewish multinatonals. The power of government is increasingly pulled away from rural whites toward a few rootless cosmopolitan population centers. You also seem to be under the delusion that we have much control one way or another in how all of this is going. Everything is already going to shit, the only difference is how compressed the timeline of that happening is and whether everything has dragged on too long that it's beyond the point of no return and the world becomes a global afro-llatino banana republic, below the IQ threshold to ever affect any meaningful change again except be an eternal slave to the jew in a sprawling shopping mall caste system. You seem to be confusing a religious or ideological struggle with racial existence. Once we are browned it's game over. >If they start to attack us, we defend ourselves (And establish a cultural consistency of rebelling until the very end), but avoid conflict until then. If you haven't noticed they are attacking us lad. Every day. We're in a war where only one side has shown up, and we're losing every day.
>>47682 >If you haven't noticed they are attacking us lad. Every day. We're in a war where only one side has shown up, and we're losing every day. The context I mean is physically assaulting us, Einsatzgruppen style. While I agree that everything is going to complete shit, if we aren't able to provide a light then our people will not see us as alternative but as another threat. If a war happens, then our primary purpose should be the survival of our people, and how to protect them, not fighting the war. Modern war has become too terrible for winners to be declared unless it's an absolute one sided victory, something I don't believe the white race is capable of. If we were to win, it would be through the destruction of 90% of the white race and of The System. We also would likely lose a significant amount of technological advancement (Medical, mathematical and philosophical advances primarily.) This isn't acceptable. We need to assume that a war is going to happen and that our people are going to be targeted to direct genocide, this is something both you and I agree on, but where we part is that I'm not interested in provoking the war when we have no infrastructure, no hearts and no minds. Remember that in 1932 when National Socialism took over Germany, they didn't attempt to provoke a war until they felt absolutely ready, they focused instead on rebuilding the German economy, implementing pro German socialist policies and winning the Volk. This needs to be our focus as well, not war. While The System owns every single news paper, every single media outlet, every single bank and payment platform, they don't own the people. The more we attempt to represent and save the people, the more we win in the long run. We might not have 40 years before the white race is gone, but we do have 10-20 years. That amount of time is more than enough to build up a foundation for an alternative government to provide social services in replacement for the crumbling US government. Our primary focus needs to be providing help for those that need it in our race, then culturally reestablishing ourselves.
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(101.70 KB 1024x768 1592502364-3.jpeg)
(101.75 KB 1024x768 1592509902-0.jpeg)
(96.57 KB 1024x768 1592509902-4.jpeg)
(114.05 KB 1024x768 1592509902-3.jpeg)
>>47689 >The context I mean is physically assaulting us Are you away from metropolitan centers and shielded from this? See pics related. Or maybe you mean going door to door and killing us all as a final step? Seems like a bad idea to wait until the last moment when they are delivering the final blow and mopping up the remnants. >we do have 10-20 years. That amount of time is more than enough to build up a foundation for an alternative government to provide social services in replacement for the crumbling US government. Our primary focus needs to be providing help for those that need it in our race, then culturally reestablishing ourselves. I agree we should ideally be putting organizations into place, institutions that can step in when the state fails, and winning hearts and minds. Who could argue against that? The problem is that you seem to want to delay the collapse of the state as long as possible so that we are in a better position. Meanwhile our actual position gets worse every single year. Our groups are outright banned from organizing in many European countries, de-facto squelched in the USA due to corporate-media cancel culture, and we are hunted down by the state whenever we reveal ourselves. Even lukewarm civic nationalist groups have the boot on their neck now when they show themselves. So it's not clear how you could even hope to 180 and achieve such an ambitious objective in such a short time frame when we can't even organize openly. Another problem is you haven't laid out measurable metrics for how much infrastructure will be enough, how much hearts and minds will be enough that we are ready. It sounds like an unscoped software project with no definition of "done". Meanwhile everything gets worse and worse for us every year. We're on the backfoot and the longer we wait, the worse our posture will be. Look at South Africa. I suggest the conditions will always be sub-optimal, and we will never be "ready". So to justify dragging things out longer when things are only getting worse, I think you'll have to propose something very concrete, achievable, and measurable so that it's success can be gauged and iterated upon to course-corrected towards success. And also differentiate it from complacency and deradicalization.
>>47698 > think you'll have to propose something very concrete, achievable, and measurable so that it's success can be gauged and iterated upon to course-corrected towards success. And also differentiate it from complacency and deradicalization. Perfectly fine with me. I propose the creation of an alternative state immediately, with participation in this state being entire consensual, like a church. Let nationalists congregate through block chain and sponsor events that perform government actions which are otherwise neglected. This wins us hearts and minds. Have these funds distributed anonymously to rated organizations that get things done, which will prevent grifters. Have a secondary goal be to purchase property through an LLC that is owned by the Syndicate, and to as the new state publish guidelines for cultural and philosophical operation. I call these guidelines "Social Syndicalism" and will be used for an artificial culture and rite of passage for members of the new state. It must be fundamental that the right to pay taxes (And therefore own a voice) in this consensual state is earned by participating in Syndicate sponsored activities. This new property will have expanding borders, with attempts at expanding the Syndicate until we are ready to declare independence with a revised constitution and the signatures of our Syndicate leaders. By then we will have our own power grid, our own defense communication network, our own minutemen and an agreed set of principals. We have to build our new state bit by bit, with small chapters across the state. Think of how the Italian mafia slips through government fingers. Without RICO, since we aren't operating criminally, they cannot target us legislatively. Since we are on block chain, they can't target us fiscally either. We are effectively creating our own economy and our own government. I propose we have the motto "We don't want to live with you anymore!", which will invoke the archetype of an abusive relationship, which is what our government/people dynamic is.
(11.22 KB 300x300 what are you sellin.png)
>>47708 Interesting. Though I'm not sure how you can congregate through the block chain. Do you think you could get this going? I have some tech skills maybe I could even help out a little. If you make it easy to crowd source others might be able to pitch in as well.
>>47718 I'm going to need about a month and a half, as I'm editing a book that will explain this idea further as well as writing a supplementary book that will function as a in work constitution. Both will be free naturally, I don't want money for something this important. I'm also going to get some of my tech friends to audit my opsec, because I don't wanna get headshot for posting this idea, and eventually I want to be able to retire to a normal life. If I was found out, I'd probably be denied that. I'm sure this thread will exist then so please do wait with me.
(58.33 KB 1024x840 mister snek.jpg)
>>47729 Looking forward to it!
>>40822 >>40826 We have to try, even if only 10% get it. You'll be surprised how many boomers are aware of The Great Reset and communism
>>47676 Excellent post anon.
>>47698 You're focused on the wrong way to create an organisation. Such an organisation should not be as visible to the public, especially if it needs to get shit done. The closest real organisation to this was the Provisional IRA, which didn't organise in public, worked as cells with a simple idea behind it. I would suggest something like a "Vanguard" - whites who concentrate efforts to defend against violence towards us. Worldwide, without the focus on specific national components, reducing the chances of usurping by power-hungry degenerates.
>>47831 >I would suggest something like a "Vanguard" - whites who concentrate efforts to defend against violence towards us. Worldwide, without the focus on specific national components, reducing the chances of usurping by power-hungry degenerates. Great idea. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
>>47832 That's the thing - it doesn't require much in the way of communication. Closest thing to open communication would be trade - specifically, a method for certain Americans to make money the way America can best do so - by selling things people really want and exporting them abroad. Most darknet channels allow people to buy massive amounts of heroin, but absolutely refuse to stock anything for self-defense. This says to me that Darknet markets are compromised, but fortunately, a darknet communications network wouldn't be too hard to create - it could even work on an existing darknet chan, all it would take is for American posters to make "WTS - Contact Tormail" with price and to then communicate directly via encrypted channels. Bitcoin, Monero, all cryptos exist already.
>>47831 The cell idea is a tried and true method, but it's weakness is that there still needs to be at least one 'central authority' to coordinate cells (at least humanly speaking). Heinlein dealt with the concept in his book The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (though he was entirely promoting the storyline from a Marxist context). >>47832 >Great idea. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Pretty sure you're already subscribed friend. Just dial 1-800-GETGLOWNIGGERED
>>47839 There only needs to be a set of rules. The IRA Council only met twice, as far as I know - these were specific instructions about what will be and will not be tolerated. General Brigade level assistance took place between individual leaders. For example, Murphy's South Armagh Brigade would communicate with say, the Derry Brigade, about financial support, or the Belfast Brigade would warn them of an incoming problem. Top-down was roughly just codes of conduct - rules and regulations regarding what is acceptable and what is not. Surprisingly, the PIRA had an extremely strong stance against sexual violence, even stronger than most modern militaries - rape was forbidden under punishment of death. They also, though I'm not sure if it was entirely true, forbade the drug trade (from what I know, the PIRA did follow this which is what differentiated them from the other IRAs) The Marxist IPLO did both of these things and got fucking annihilated in a series of simultaneous operations, not unlike Order 66. What I'm getting at is that it is surprisingly simple to create something of this nature - it's just a matter of logistics.
>>47860 To go into detail - "Brigades" operated independently and were made up of smaller cells. These smaller cells worked as a militia, as a clandestine group of vigilantes and opportunists who were armed and organised at a Brigade level. Cells would communicate with eachother, with a designated leader who would then communicate with the Brigade leader, who would then sort out the logistics. Planning was usually done on a cell level, and logistics were handled at a Brigade level. The Council barely met and only ever did so when it came time to negotiate - occasionally, as I mentioned with "Slab", his Brigade, responsible for the Warrenpoint Ambush and much of the famous IRA activities in Armagh was the most successful of all due to his strange ethnicity (Irish Traveller, meaning he had a perfect logistical network across the UK) Not only did he have the Gypsy tricks, he had land on the border which he could use for tax fraud, meaning his Brigade was able to financially support and logistically support the other Brigades. This allowed for resources to be allocated as needed and gave a "conveyor belt" of attacks, with the different cells working completely independently and while each one retreated, another would attack and the first would simply contact the Brigade leader and ask for more ammunition.
>>40077 >Make your own platform if it matters so much to you. A site like 16 is like $30/mth to run. Less than $5/mth if you go get some hardware and knowledge on the subject. <Just make your own free speech faceberg and twatter goyim... its not like... its not like.... the people who tried recently got fucking sabotaged from start to finish or cucked out if not actually threatened in more ways than one. <Many other sites before this one have been pulled offline for retarded reasons I understand the ethics in your sentiment but you are retarded if you don't think the INTERNET is a walled garden at this point, its just becoming more and more and more controlled. It's not far off now where we will have to start using alternate internet networks such as tor and the likes. Topic dilution(shilling, spam, etc) Isn't free speech if it's outside the designated shitting street newniggers btfo
>>47860 >>47861 Very interesting, can you recommend any documentary about them?
>>47863 Yeah the $30/mo to run is not the problem. It's that Cuckflare will not give you service, so you are easily DDoS'd. And domain registrars or ccTLDs will refuse to host you or even seize your domain. Many web hosts will also deplatform you once they come under some pressure. You will also be targeted by APT glowniggers with deep pockets.
>>47865 I'm afraid not, this is just cultural shit for me. Yes, paramilitary knowledge is part of the culture in some parts of the world.