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(21.45 KB 858x536 redpill.jpg)
Internet censorship & alternative sites Anonymous 01/21/2021 (Thu) 19:06:43 No. 40076
In the last few years we have lost free speech on all the main platforms (youtube, twitter ect). 8chan died, the .win network is down right now and possibly a honey pot, 4chan is spammed by shills. What other freespeech platforms exist if they come for this place?
>>>/b/ eleted Because this thread is just going to become a "shill my shitty site" thread There are hundreds of small altchans and lists of links if that is what you're looking for >>40076 >muh freeze peach Is a meme It doesn't actually exist. Anywhere. Including here. Don't believe me? Try making a "Dis make you mad wyte boi" or similar trash thread here. Nor should it exist. There is a reason one of the first laws passed by NSDAP was making it illegal for kikes to own newspapers or radio stations There will always be some limitations on speech whether based on legalities, what is socially acceptable, or cultural norms of groups. Fucking whinging about not having free speech on kike owned media like jewtube or faceberg is peak retardation. Make your own platform if it matters so much to you. A site like 16 is like $30/mth to run. Less than $5/mth if you go get some hardware and knowledge on the subject.
(3.29 KB 640x400 TotSE ad.png)
Freenet, GNUnet, ZeroNet, PeerTube, Tor, I2P, LokiNet... there's probably more. 16chan has an .onion address. Endchan has .onion (v2 and v3) and .loki, and they also registered end.chan on OpenNIC. Nanochan is v3 .onion only. There used to be an NNTPchan but it's not clear wtf happened to it.
>>40077 sometimes things arent said in bad faith but honest ignorance, even when theyre said in a snobbish tone. it's hard to tell what should be deleted because, while you do want to piss agenda-driven autistic faggots off and make them go away, you dont want to do it to genuinely naive posters. who knows if there are any worthwhile users left on 4chan, though. anyway sage because the post doesnt deserve its own thread and shouldve been asked in qptddtot.
Cant even post nudes of bitches or shill for BTC here. Sad.
>>40087 you have thousands of websites to share porn. why do you also need to do it here? what makes you think btc discussion isnt allowed? is there much substance to discuss about it anyway?
>>40087 >Can't shill fuck off
>>40087 kys fag - this place rises above the booba bullshit. Better discussion here usually
If a hacker group wanted to reach out on /g/ to post some dumps or a lone wolf wanted to leak information, you faggots would bury it deep within the website and/or ban the poster. kek. This place is dead bruh.
>>40087 >>40272 d/c shill, you're full of shit
>>40272 >things that have never happened for 500 nope. porn, 4pol threads and other forms of borderline spam garbage arent similar at all. archive of g has one thing in it. neck yourself retard.
>>40076 the secret sun is a cool site https://secretsun.blogspot.com/
These boards are dead. Time for talk is over tbh. It's time to deal with the jew menace.
I’ve been adrift looking for where all the 8chan guys went ever since the site went down. I miss them. 8kun is a boomer honeypot
(62.39 KB 1024x451 1611643345795.jpg)
>>40809 Same here, particularly sad saw what happened to /k/ on 4cuck. There is probably no way the old board culture is coming back. However, I have noticed an uptick in posts here where the quiality of conversation is good so things could still get better.
>>40813 I don’t mind regularly posting here instead of 4cuck. That site is so useless. I just had nowhere else desu
(187.60 KB 1000x1416 thankgod (2) (1).jpg)
(86.83 KB 882x605 ajewinmaoschina (1).jpg)
>>40076 Bitchute and Parlor are growing quickly with boomercons and mainstream right wingers. The more shit posted there by /our/ guys the better. Magapedes are already highly suspicsous of the (((Media))) and as of the last election even (((Democracy))) itself. They're ripe for redpilling if anyone is willing to put half the time we put into going after "gamers" in 2012-2015
>>40821 You really want to dive down into the schizophrenia hole and try to recruit evangelical boomers who think trump is still shadow president? I’ll pass for my own sanity
>>40822 cogent post. those folks are completely lost in lala land. fuck the boomers anyway, they got us here. it's time to bilk their money and get ourselves out for our children's sake.
>>40826 I hope the boomers keep going on with this larp. I check in on them every now and again on their .win honeypot. Reading their current copes is always good for a laugh. >”I SAW A PLANE FLY OVER MY HEAD IS THAT JFK JR GOING TO DC?”
There is barely anything that isn't controlled opposition. All the right wing militias turned out to be run by feds. I'm in two minds about whether 16chan is a honeypot or not, but allowing TOR/VPN suggests that maybe it isn't, we'll see. http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/twilight-of-the-snitches-oath-keepers-leader-who-led-capitol-storm-also-an-fbi-agent/ >oath keepers - ex FBI/glowie with top secret clearance as leader >proud boys - FBI snitch as leader >TRS - FBI snitch as security >faggot milo yiannopolous - FBI snitch >atomwaffen - run by CIA >Firstly, any type of legitimate right-wing activism in real life is presumably totally impossible. They have literally rolled out the military. However, there will continue to be right-wing activities, run by the feds. I would guess you’re going to see a lot of this incoherent “Boogaloo” stuff popping back up, probably somehow related to protesting the lockdown or the vaccine, these men will be showing up with guns, with leaders like Thomas Caldwell and Enrique Tarrio. So yeah anything worth having will need to eventually be either on TOR/I2P or hosted offshore (and will need TOR to access it anyway).
Basically there are three sites I know of that are any good >Jim's Blog - but he has things slide a bit recently and people whom his tests would have caught are now slipping in >Daily Stormer - but the books are closed since Capitol >16chan - but it is run by faggots who think that National Socialism is a good thing and has a reasonable chance of being run by feds 16/b/ is about as good as you can get imo, but there is very little discussion there. It is pretty much an outlet for autism which is kind of good because it means you can let off steam without going out and falling for some fed op.
>>40829 >Everybody, everywhere is a fed. 350 million Americans. 349,999,999 of them are feds. >>40831 While I have seen expressed views ranging from limited government conservatism to libertarianism to totalitarian fascism, but yes everyone (except you) does seem to agree that National Socialism is a good thing >and has a reasonable chance of being run by feds Cool story, Moshe >16/b/ is about as good as you can get >Home to niggers, schizos and faggot OPs kicked from /pol/ >>40831 >t. schizo faggot
>>40835 Most of the people he pointed out are not just suspected feds, but out in the open admitted by themselves to be working with feds as an informant as is the case with Milo or Tarrio. Who are you sperging out about? His list is actually factually accurate. Not everyone is a fed but plenty of top level people work with them. If you’re confused I can explain each of his claims because I am familiar with all the cases for the most part.
>>40838 Wasn't looking to debate the list, just the overall schizo tone that everyone everywhere, including here is a fed. Are there some feds out there lurking? Of course. But schizos go around assuming literally everyone is a fed.
>>40839 I know what you mean for sure, but his list is 100% spot on the money. Dailystormer has an interesting read on Jim Object aka Jayoh who said he was caught by feds running heroin then a few years later gets into TRS.to handle all of their users real names etc. Very strange stuff. But otherwise yes, without confirmation I do view it as pointless since pretty much everyone gets labeled a fed.
(66.91 KB 1010x691 suchanicejewishgirl.jpg)
(396.21 KB 1080x1564 jewsinbidensappointees.jpg)
(137.84 KB 1024x640 joebidenwearingjewhat.jpg)
>>40822 Yes, yes, one thousand times yes. Give them to us disillusioned and in despair and i am MORE then am happy to point them in the direction of (((who))) done it.
>>40845 Well go on great awakening dot win and you have a farm of thousands of dumb schizophrenic boomers who are all still clucking away at clouds waiting for Q and JFK JR to arrive
>>40845 You know, you have a point. Better to inform the boomers than not. I can't bring myself to bother with them, but if you want to create your own natsoc boomer army, then by all means.
>>40829 >>40831 >>40835 >>40838 >>40839 >>40840 It's misdirection to cry schizo when someone makes a decent list of actual controlled opposition. Muddying factual, quality information is questionable behavior itself. That said, we can all agree that it's old news to cry fed all the time. At the same time, it is important to remember that many of our activities are watched, controlled and misdirected by actual feds. Why anons repeatedly get into tussles over these points is beyond me. We're on the same page here (those of us that aren't actual feds starting pointless arguments). This is why we must work on promulgating goals that can be moved forward by a decentralized network of anons. We will never be able to form groups online. The right has been shattered into 100 million pieces. That doesn't mean these pieces can't work autonomously.
>>40809 Scattered. Some are here, some on 9chan, some went simply back to 4chan, some on the (now dead) Neinchan. I pity the ones that stick to 8kun the most, it's pretty awful.
>>40835 >>40839 The main point of the Daily Stormer article is that the left now has complete control of the federal government so any nationwide groups you see that are involved in the more interesting kinds of activities are likely to be honeypots. On the other hand there was a county sheriff in one of the northwestern home states who said that he would arrest any feds who tried to implement gun control laws. So you are more likely to find genuine groups of people at the local level. The general method would be, use the good sites to coordinate ideas globally, then find real life people you can trust to implement these ideas with locally, while watching out for any traps and weird people. To borrow a hippy slogan: Think globally, act locally.
>>40856 4cunt is long gone, too. horrendous place.
>>40890 The niche boards aren’t too bad. /pol/ is gone though
(3.14 MB 1696x2136 1601765297145.jpg)
>>40930 Not going to ask which ones, but I'll have to take a peek.
>>40835 I'm here because 4chan was getting so full of shills, tried countering with gore but nothing worked, I've just got banned and realized the rules on 4chan are the worst rules you could put on any image forum like how the fuck can a site not permit raids? I'm setting camp here and staying.
>>40975 LMAO, that shit was over in 2014. Raise your standards, nigger.
>>40854 >We will never be able to form groups online. Bullshit. We can & here's how: Be nomadic. We have to rely on direct emails and encrypted chat to stay in contact. This way we can instantly migrate to new platforms together whenever we need to. Or exist simultaneously across several platforms. Be morally flexible. Fuck muh principles. There are other subcultures whos values overlap with our own, even if we look down on them in other ways. You don't have to like them. Just cynically use them, if that helps. Make money. This one overlaps with being morally flexible. ZOG has ensured that any above-board legitimate means of accumulating wealth is regulated and taxed out of existence unless you happen to be the "right people". We need to explore illegitimate means of making money. ISIS goat fuckers fund themselves with drug money & black market oil trading while we sit and larp.
>>41116 you do you, broski. i'm not stupid enough to involve myself with illegal activities online, and i already use encrypted email and chat. you think the feds don't have access to that shit? the only reason nothing has happened to any of us already is because we are small fish. as soon as you make any moves worth noticing, your gay encryption isn't going to do jack fucking shit. of course if you believe otherwise you go right ahead, not trying to dissuade anyone else from following their dreams, but since you replied to me i'm replying back. i'm not here to larp, i just think it's foolish to assume that you have ANY anonymity online. better to meet people irl. if you can't meet anyone in person, how do you expect to get anything done? posting about making money illegitimately in nebulous terms *IS* larping you utter faggot. you've proposed nothing, you want others to do the dirty work for you.
>>41204 >as soon as you make any moves worth noticing, your gay encryption isn't going to do jack fucking shit. Don't make big moves worth noticing then. Have your fingers in many different pots including in the offline world. And encryption isn't the end all & be all of OPSEC. Use multiple identities and change them up regularly. Compartmentalize your communications & activities. But if you're against illegality on principle then none of this will matter to you anyway. >if you can't meet anyone in person, how do you expect to get anything done? All I'm talking about "getting done" at the moment is making money. With money you can get a lot of other things done. >posting about making money illegitimately in nebulous terms *IS* larping you utter faggot You want specifics? I'm specifically looking for people who are onboard with blue collar crime and who want to congregate on platforms that are uncensorable or else where the mods REALLY don't give a fuck about anything. Places like blockchan or Zeronet imageboards where the only possible "moderation" is to voluntarily subscribe to a moderator feed. >you've proposed nothing, you want others to do the dirty work for you I've got my plans. They're blunt, simple, kludge-driven and you will be extremely unimpressed once you hear them. They're designed to leverage the motivations of degenerate Internet autists who want to incest in cryptocurrencies. But here's the thing, nobody gives a flippant fuck about me and my schemes. They care about their own schemes, and maybe mine if my goals happen to mesh with theirs. If they don't have plans & schemes of their own then I don't give a fuck about them. If your attitude is "impress me with your brilliant plan, faggot" then I'm not looking for you anyway.
>>40076 I just found this place, emigrating from 4chan because of all the shills. I was thinking maybe steemit would be fertile ground, but there is a barrier to entry - however an account can be created anonymously. Then there's the susucoin project by codemonkeyz, maybe that will yeild results.
>>40077 Where are the lists of links?
>>41243 Me again. Just to answer the criticism that I've proposed nothing, here's something: URL: http://zerobinqmdqd236y.onion/?c421672ca537f9bc#GkTW8p0m0fC8agtpNw/VXtk3M5kJxsosXg5kAizOKW0= PASSWORD:h0nkl3r Building our own underground economy is key to escaping censorship.
>>40831 >Jim's Blog I take back what I said about that site. The owner has shown himself to be just another boomer cuckold who will ride off into the sunset as America collapses then come back when the war is over and act like he owns the place. No deal faggot. There is no place for cowards amongst either the warriors of the priests. You style yourself as some sort of cross over between the two, and I have to tell you that you are not. Warriors take calculated risks. You take no risks at all. Here's a newsflash for every other faggot who thinks he can take all of the reward with none of the risk: NOBODY RESPECTS A FUCKING COWARD That's right. If you're a coward then it doesn't matter what narrative you tell, you will still be a coward at the end of it. And the more words you write, or speak, as you continue to do nothing, even for actions with non-zero risks that still have a hell of a good positve expected value, the more of a fucking cowardly faggot you reveal yourself to be. Anyway I've given up on the stupid prick so if anyone here cares they can go and tell him off. I know he linked to this place before so hopefully he gets the message. If not, then there will be no place for him in America if he returns, if he is lucky he will get a place to die if he doesn't just get dumped on some scrapheap first. Pull your fucking head in, brother.
>>41483 Proverbs 26:3 A whip for the horse, a bridle for the ass, and a rod for the fool's back.
>>41483 I still stand by the Daily Stormer. Andrew Anglin has not cucked yet,even though he is living on beans and rice surrounded by niggers in Nigeria. If that man can withstand that while still spitting in the face of evil then I say he can withstand anything. Jim used the word Incel as a perjorative yesterday. Incel is an enemy term for Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. This means he is seeing enemies on the right. This means he is cucking out.
>>41488 The incels can be potent agents of chaos if properly pushed. There used to be a small webring of them here in onionland. It was maintained by people who got kicked off incels.co for being too extreme if that tells you anything. Seems the whole thing is gone now which is a real shame since they weren't afraid to talk about violence. There have always been incels throughout history but when women can just rely on Daddy Guvmint to look after them you end up with lots more incels, and they intuitively understand this. They're being forced into subsidizing women with their own tax dollars so that women can go out and fuck Chad on their dime. This makes them extremely blackpilled & callous and hungry for vengeance against the world. Definitely build diplomatic relations with whatever incel communities you can find.
>>41489 Actual, genuine incels are far too fucked up to form any form of 'aliiance' with. If you're talking about nationalist groups, they should stay far away from the autism and general fuck up that comprises an incel. Apart from being callously used as a meat shield against the enemy, these creatures serve absolutely no use, they have been jooed hard, and are worthless when it comes to anything constructive. Sure, use them as useful idiots in the struggle, but don't let them get to close. And when it's all done and they've served a purpose, they need to be gassed hard, because they are equally as corrupt as feminists, leftys, etc.
(3.16 MB 640x360 Hitler's first two laws.webm)
>>40076 First off, 4chan is not a free speech platform even if it wasn't full of owner/mod-endorsed shills. >>40077 >>40087 >oy vey, I can't shit up the board and lower board quality, that means free speech doesn't exist Free speech never existed to allow pornography, smutt, or filth. Don't know why you coomers don't get that.
>>41560 <just hear me out... what if we made every site pornhub?
>>41558 They would make excellent rape squads so long as they target the right kinds of women. Sheboons, feminists, jewesses, trannys (probably).
>>41489 Go to blackpill.club it’s a new incel website full of disgruntled people who were banned off two different ince websites. Incels have always been cannon fodder in war and I’ve always said this to, we can use more men to fight against the society that hates them.
>>41593 This serves no tactical purpose and they would be equally likely to rape your own women while you're fighting. Just kill them off, they're of no use.
(88.82 KB 500x742 index.jpeg)
>>41957 >they would be equally likely to rape your own women Why? If they have free reign to go after the Marxist cunts who are responsible for a great deal of their suffering, that's more than enough women for them. If they step out of line and go after the wrong women, suitable examples can be made. Cut of their dicks. Imagine what it would be like for an incel, living in a time when rape is a free-for-all, but they can't participate because no dick. That would be a fate worse than death.
>>41953 Good find BTW. I'll definitely sink my hooks into that place. Incels are the most distilled poison to use against modernity. They don't ride no fuckin' tiger. They give it AIDS.


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