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(12.88 KB 225x225 download (5).jpeg)
Anonymous 02/10/2021 (Wed) 19:55:15 No. 40859
How does one cope with the undeniable fact that the u.s. spends it's time handing its labour force over to poor people pays those same people to little to grow their economies and then imports shitskins to take over low skill jobs causing gentrification and forcing locals to gain more education for even lower paying jobs and if they dare complain they get replaced with an immigrant that had an IQ high enough to take school seriously so that asshole can wagecuck to have all their wealth from their work taken away so the government can spend its money terrorizing niggers and muslims for raw materials and oil only to create the conditions necessary for low skill labour to get exported and restart this vicious god awful cycle
(558.72 KB 1914x1080 DSC_0074_1.JPG)
(531.10 KB 1914x1080 DSC_0075_1.JPG)
(656.04 KB 1914x1080 DSC_0076_1.JPG)
(527.47 KB 1914x1080 DSC_0077_1.JPG)
(731.34 KB 1914x1080 DSC_0078_1.JPG)
>>40859 >How does one cope i buy books then photograph the contents to show normies just how fucked their perception of the world is, to enable them to see who is pulling the strings. it consumes most my money. but every single bit of my i spend, im confident i am spending it well. eventually, when everyone is up to speed, there is no where left for the hidden rubbing hands to hide
>>40862 Nice collection! Where do you buy your books?
(3.78 MB 2611x4321 Oy Vey England Edition.jpg)
(189.61 KB 1280x722 thumbnail_DSC_0003.jpg)
(213.95 KB 1280x722 thumbnail_DSC_0009.jpg)
(181.05 KB 1280x721 thumbnail_DSC_0023.jpg)
(111.32 KB 722x1280 thumbnail_DSC_0071.jpg)
>>40864 you can find them online everywhere
>>40862 >>40865 This is insanely based. Any particular reason why you aren't using a scanner/ocr software? Not judging, only curious.
(1.48 MB 3264x2448 IMG_0410.JPG)
(2.06 MB 3264x2448 IMG_0625.JPG)
(1.84 MB 3264x2448 IMG_0630.JPG)
>>40864 if y>>40866 >>40866 >Any particular reason why you aren't using a scanner/ocr software? yes, i have not found something worth buying. closing thing i got that looks usable is a scanmarker air. i have bought around 120 books so far, so i can write the missing devils details throughotu history since ancient greece, of all the things that have completely fucked civilization since christ died. all the terrible things from history our leaders kept, and all the good things they discarded, in order to hold a system which is largely an illusion with no actual substance or working mechanics that people can partake in, inside a single volume piece of writing so people dont have to spend the 30+ years i had to, in order to get to the bottom of wtf has been going on. thats what im doing. i need around 50-80 more books and i should have everything i need to explain the entire scam to them and show them the solution.
>>40866 i forgot to say, if you have something worth recommending that you know is worthwhile buying, please feel free to recommend
>>40867 >>40868 a great endeavor, good luck. i'm assuming you're capable of researching these things on your own, but i did find the CZUR Shine500-Pro on amazon for $130 in under 5 minutes. perhaps you could accomplish the same thing with your phone with an app if you made some structure to hold your phone horizontally above the book.
>>40871 of course i looked online. but i generally as a rule ignore normie reviews. its not a case of not searching, its a case of finding a product worth seperating money for.
>>40872 >i generally as a rule ignore normie reviews >finding a product worth seperating money for i hear you. indeed the product i mentioned looks like cheap chinese trash. best of luck to you all the same.
(30.01 KB 392x430 lancelot.jpg)
>>40875 yeah, i think the pen thing i found is not much better either. its like £110 new. the idea of it is really good, i would rather spend £110 on a special book and use my phone camera and assemble the images in MSpaint. if i find a pen scanner for cheap il roll the dice on it, at worst i can let other people know it sucks. if it turns out to be awesome then it will save me so much typing as i include the information in my works. yeah most the things i saw like that had various designs and names but all shipped from china. which isnt to say it couldnt be good, but theres a big difference in spending £10 with china and £100 lel.
>>40859 It sounds like you figured out how the pyramid scheme works. The solution is self education, because we both know the (((education system))) isn’t going to teach you self-sufficiency. If it makes you feel better, the powers that be are losing their grip on the monster they’ve created and the entire global economic system is on its last legs. If you study monetary history and act today, you must just thrive.
(103.44 KB 1000x1000 1613633230672.jpg)
>>41413 Any other good coins
(108.27 KB 980x665 Talib ugly mongoloid.jpg)
>>40867 im not asking for a whole list bc im sure youre busy but what would be a good book to check out for a noobie?
(200.74 KB 734x1164 Start Here.jpg)
(2.10 MB 5000x3333 1544839906419.jpg)
>>41416 Mein Kampf >>>/library/525 March of the Titans Hitlers Revolution >>>/library/244 The Young Hitler I knew >>>/library/526
>>41415 Some boomer said get Cardano Ada, just gotta see if he's talking out of his ass or not.
>>41424 Basically every asshole out there is dishing out little hints of everything but leaving little pieces out. Everyone is trying to scam everyone else. If it continues, if these fuckwits continue to act the way they do, then everything will fall into a big fucking pile, and only the most insane and bloodthirsty faggots around will live to see the next age. I can accept this as an insane and bloodthirsty faggot, but it is a second best option and we will lose a shitload of technology when it happens. We did not achieve the technological level of Greece and Rome for 1500 years after it started collapsing.
>>41425 Imagine the world we would live in today if Tesla had just picked up a piece of pipe and beaten Edison to death with it.
(87.77 KB 827x822 cbd.jpg)
>>41415 >>41424 >>41425 >>41426 In the words of a man far wiser than me... DAILY REMINDER THAT YOU HAVE ONE TASK BUY AND HODL BITCOIN >don't try to time the market, i just bought my weekly dose of sats >don't sell your btc to billionaires for cheap >50% crashes are normal, get used to them >DO NOT SELL WHEN THE MARKET IS TRYING TO SHAKE YOUR POCKETS, BUY MORE >don't think it's too late, it's never late, FIATs will always keep bleeding purchasing power >don't short (or you will lose it all) >don't long with leverage (or you will lose it all) >don't swing (or you will lose sats) >JUST BUY BTC, HOLD FOR A DECADE, AND KEEP YOUR PRIVATE KEYS SAFE, OFFLINE >don't keep your btc in an exchange, buy them and transfer/store them offline immediately, safely, do 100 backups of the wallet.dat or the seed key, again offline >CBDC (central bank digital currencies) are a scam, a complete FRAUD, a digital equivalent of fake FIATs money >every project shilling FIAT CBDC or bad traditional finance derivatives is a scam, DERIVATIVES ARE PURE GAMBLING, STAY AWAY >sats is all that matters, all shitcoins bleed to zero in the long term, if you don't trust me, check 2017-era shitcoin mothly charts >don't get scammed by easy money advertisements >don't trust services like paypal, or other "you cannot withdraw your btc offline" services >don't wrap your btc (wbtc/sbtc/tbtc/renbtc and similar are scams, and they will run away with your private keys, while you will be bagholding a worthless erc20 shit-token) >don't buy btc with funds like grayscale, you have to pay a premium and you are not even sure if they are 100% backed by btc, high risk of fractional reserve and no key ownership, same with us equities / stocks with BTC in the balance sheet like MSTR, you get only partial exposure and you are basically buying with fractional reserve, JUST BUY BTC >i was buying below 1000$ and i still keep buying above 50000$ >YOU NEED 56 MILLION SATOSHIS (0.56 BTC) TO BE IN THE TOP 20% OF BTC HOLDERS >BTC is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it's a don't-get-poor-slowly scheme YOU ONLY HAVE ONE TASK, BUY AND HOLD BTC DON'T FUCK IT UP ANON P.S. I will create a separate thread so we everyone can discuss details...
(86.63 KB 500x500 barrel.jpg)
>>41428 I'm buying and holding cans of food tbh. I don't have any faith some digital currency will be there when I need it most, when SHTF and all the power goes out and it's cold outside and the supply lines are fubar. I need to stock up on wood for the chimney too, before next winter. And other basic stuff...
>>41436 ^^^this Stack bullets, beans and bandaids. After that stack investment products.
(99.66 KB 1024x1104 Bitcoin.jpg)
>>41436 >>41441 >I don't have any faith some digital currency will be there when I need it most People have been saying this about Bitcoin ever since it was a dollar, and now they're all kicking themselves for not putting in a bit of what they could afford at the time. This isn't some digital currency, it's literally Digital Gold, and it's going to become the reserve currency of the world going forward when Cracker Joe prints Trillions of fiat and we go into levels of hyperinflation that would make Weimar Germany blush. These corporations are literally losing their shit that the government has printed 20% of the global USD supply in one year, which might make their "hard earned" cash fucking worthless, so they're all gonna go balls deep into an asset that's easily audited, scarce, and unconfiscatable. People are getting sick and tired of their savings being eroded into nothing by the endless money printing of our globoschlomo elite, and they WILL be looking for a way out. Please, do your due diligence and educate yourself about what Bitcoin REALLY is, and don't listen to what no-coiner shills have to say on the matter, they're just bitter they could've made it when btc was $10 by giving up a months worth of chicken tendies. This isn't an either - or scenario. You both can continue to prep with food, water, shelter, and guns / ammo and that's all well and good, but let me ask you a question. When the world finally goes into SHTF mode, do you really think it's going to happen everywhere all at once? Do you really believe electrical power and the internet are going to be shut down forever? Do you REALLY believe that the psychopaths in charge are gonna just convert into a bic-lighter / coffee bean / seashell economy when the power goes out? Newsflash, prepping is to help you and your loved ones to SURVIVE THE SHTF, and SHTF doesn't last forever like Mad Max. At some point things will return to some form of normalcy and order will be restored, and when it does, no-one is gonna want to be getting paid in bic-lighters, cigarettes, and coffee beans for long. They'll want appreciating assets that increase in value over time, and if gold / silver becomes the baseline backing of the new currency that get created, and (((They))) regain control of the currency printing again....it's as though you're back at square one again... Stay on top of your preps, but when Bitcoin inevitably reaches $100,000...and then $500,000....and eventually $1,000,000...you'll be kicking yourself for not having put some cash on the side to stack some sats. In the not so distant future, 0.1 BTC will unironically become the "make it" stack... >Stack bullets, beans, and bandaids for the societal collapse >Stack sats and green wojaks for the fiat collapse TAKE THE ORANGE PILL BUY AND HOLD BITCOIN
>>41451 Even if I was going to spend money on something other than beans & deenz at the moment, it wouldn't be on something volatile and unproven like meme coins. If anything, I'd buy arable land, or maybe a sailboat, or even some gold and silver coins.
>>41413 >>41428 >>41451 Fuck off, shill
(1.47 MB 400x223 Deal With It.gif)
>>41455 (checked) >volatile It's volatility is a part of it's nature. Whales shake out paperhanded faggots who sell the second their poorfolio dips 10%, and they buy and hold your coins on the cheap >unproven Already considered one of the hardest monetary assets in history, it's algorithm is literally unhackable. The entire blockchain can be uploaded on a busted up old computer from 2004. >meme coins Most definitely not a meme, but there are an endless amount shitcoins and scams that noobs and oldfags alike get caught up in, so I can't blame you for being hesitant, especially with the sheer amount of FUD surrounding crypto nowadays. >buy arable land, or maybe a sailboat, or even some gold and silver coins. Like I said, you can still do all of those things, but you can also treat btc like a long term hedge against hyperinflation. >>41459 You had 12 years...
We get it faggot, you bought a couple thousand dollars worth of BTC, now you think your worth a half million, but you don't want to wake up in a few weeks to find out you still have to keep going to your shitty job. You think if you can just keep shill btc 24/7 you can keep them from becoming worthless. You know full well its a bubble, no different than the one 3 years ago, accept this time its not a bunch of gooks taking everyone for a ride. as all the banks have bought into it as well. Everyone knows it wont last, you should quit while your ahead and buy some land to go with your beans and bullets.
>>41465 No dumbass I would never put my money in fancy internet points for jack shit
>>41467 That >>41465 was directed at the btc shill
(2.65 MB 320x240 1612833651445.gif)
>>41465 >Tesla insider here Do you really think that Elon is gonna dump his 1.5 billion btc two weeks after he purchased them? HOLY FUCKING KEK MY SIDES!!!!! >You think if you can just keep shill btc 24/7 I don't need to "keep shill" btc 24/7 for the green line to go up, the price and the market cap does it for me lmao. >you can keep them from becoming worthless If they're gonna become worthless, why are major institutions all FOMOing in and holding? Besides, if they really do become worthless, then they'll be worth no more or less then USD :^) >as all the banks have bought into it Have they? Last I checked Janet Yellen is fudding hard saying that btc is dangerous to our (((economy))) and should be heavily regulated. Well no shit, I wonder why? > Everyone knows it wont last Of course it won't, it's gonna crash...but it will crash to a price above the point the bull run originally started at...and then weak hands will sell...and then it'll moon. >>41468 HAVE FUN STAYING POOR
(1.47 KB 640x400 ibc.png)
>>41470 Financial institutions can buy all the btc they want, because they get free cash money from the Fed. We little guys don't. So it's not even a fair market to begin with. Even if they lose money from btc, the Fed will bail them out again. We don't have such luxury to speculate without facing the consequences!
>>41476 I'm making my own shitcoin. It will use the most cutting edge of technologies. Except for one part of it that I haven't quite worked out but I'm sure some autists here will help out if I give some of it out. The most important thing is that the confirmation time will be related to the maximum round trip of a radio message from Earth to Mars and back, which is about 21 minutes or 42 minutes return. Then I will shill it at that faggot Elon Musk for when he makes his Mars base.
>>41479 A big share will go to the faggot who had the ideas, if he even wants it. These fucking "elites" live in their own world and it's impossible to reach them sometimes. Anyway it seems like the right thing to do even if he is a stupid old fool. Conquering the stars will need more trust than we have ever seen before and there is no better way to kick off a millenia-long war of extermination than acting like a greedy fucking kike.
>>41480 That is of course unless he acts like a greedy fucking kike, in which case, millenia-long war of extermination it is.
>>41476 I've been stocking up Monero and the Binance margins are quite pleasant - just need to be wise and not go mental with them. That and buy/hold of shitcoins.
(285.54 KB 3445x1908 S2F Model.png)
>>41476 >>41479 >>41526 If you doubt the future of btc, then I have a wager for you. Cracker Joe is going to be passing that $1400 stimulus soon, you can treat that as a bitcoin stimulus check. Just buy it and hold for at least two years. If it really does go to zero, then you lost nothing, as that money wasn't yours to begin with. But if btc becomes a global treasury reserve asset, then you'll be very, VERY glad you chose to hold onto it. Take a chance, you have nothing to lose...


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