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(119.22 KB 500x375 1612150363187.png)
Children should take school more seriously Anonymous 02/12/2021 (Fri) 18:17:40 No. 40914
I know that the modern education system it total dogshit but it would be tremendously helpful to encourage to take responsibility for the states shortcomings like children in india, sub saharan africa, and india. Personal responsibility as a value is being lost more and more in modern society as millennials and gen z blame the economy or government for their personal shortcomings rather than themselves. I know a hs science teacher that has dealt with alchohalism and depression from seeing his students repeatedly ignore and disregard learning while flunking and gaining poor grades despite his efforts, it's sad to watch and its sadder knowing those same kids grow up to vote blue and leach off the working class and small buissness owners
>>40914 The problem is that zoomers have a weak will to learn Porn, media, drugs, nigger rap, and whatever other distractions zoomers use to avoid their responsibilities, destroys their motivation keeping them nullified and unwilling to work for anything.
>>40914 OP, I assume you teach public school. My kid goes to Christian private school, none of the things you describe are problems there. You are serving the beast system and expecting to change the nature of the beast. If you belong on this board you don't belong teaching public school. Try to find a private school gig, it will change your life.
the system itself is shit and doesnt teach most kids anything meaningful. the only classes i can remember teaching me anything remotely practical were home ec, cooking, accounting and shop. they should be teaching kids more stuff in that vein, like how to garden and fix cars. even biology, while personally interesting to me, doesnt do anything for the average kid once they reach adulthood.
>>40914 They already know and have internalized that the present elite is hostile to them and they will not find gainful employment in this society. You say they are "blaming the economy", but the owners of the economy have it codified in law that they will be 10th class citizens and last choice for any kind of employment. I imagine there are probably close to ZERO schools in China where low-level nigger terrorism is something the school environment ever needs to deal with. So while your overall point isn't necessarily wrong, it is missing the mark and glosses over the hostile foreign occupation. >>40922 There should be plenty of room for both hard sciences and practical vocation within a standard education.
>>40923 Fren the american job market started becoming a pyramid scheme when it started facing legitimate competition, if western men have their labour taken away by third worlders then that means third worlders are simply more productive and better trained workers. If these kids have the nerve to complain about getting replaced by foreigners but cant work towards getting an education and building skills that would make them better than their 3rd world counter parts then that simply means they will fail life by not taking advantage of their opportunities.
>>40924 >legitimate competition >.t (((shitskin))) The phenomenon your describing is more often than not, western workers being replaced by third world'ers with less (quantity or quality) education, who are simply willing to work for lower wages. Add to that that a Zog'd government is incentivizing the replacement. It has nothing to do with them being more productive and better trained workers, faggot
>>40924 Competition from whom? For what reason? What work won't get done? It's a nonsensical argument that all starts from the premise that the specific economic health of capitalists should be the priority for a NATION-STATE.
>>40926 And if they are so uncompetitive, why the need to codify in law that they are not to be hired except as last resort? Why have a massive program designed exclusively to import low-skill seasonal farm labor if the population is so unskilled and uncompetitive? Couldn't they just do what the Germans did and organize the nation's youth to work during harvest season? Or, even still, plunge into the future with high levels of automation like that seen in Denmark today? But both paths are heavily resisted. Why? Because it is a hostile occupation of the country that is organizing the labor and education priorities of the heritage population so as to maneuver them out of all involvement in the economy. This is being down by very specific people, jews and capitalists with collaboration from the foreign races in the system called neo-colonialism. The answer today and in the future will be the same as it was in Indochina.
>>40923 well yeah, hard sciences like physics and chemistry are good. devoting a lot more time to teach advanced maths would also be better than whats going on now.
>>40914 The problem is too many are in education. There is no need for kids under 16 to be in education for more than 4h a day max. Nerds will always be nerds, and will learn by themselves- just give them the books. Putting kids in school for too long makes them tired, discourages outside activity (oh yeah 1h of exercise a day is fine for 16 year old males, give me a break- these kids should be outside 4h a day! Thats how most men learn to build, have strong friendship etc etc). All we give young men to bond over is sportsball and videogames: this masculine bond is much more important to a society and a community that raw facts. A civilisation must embody its history, not just teach it. Europeans- the master inventors, no longer teach their kids carpentry, stonework, electronics or real mechanics. Encouraging responsibility is fine, and things are what they are, but the sentiment that young people "just need to hit the books, guide their own learning" is entirely false. People, from ALL continents, forget about 75% of their degree content upon 2 years of graduation- is this really a good use of their time?
>>40914 Boomer take. The problem is the system which offers them no perspective in life and no meaning except mindless hedonism.
>take school seriously Na mate I like the fact I have pure F-s in ever class fuck your shilling for (((school))) we didn't have that shit only rich niggers got school back in the day
>>40923 >>40927 /thread. This Anon speaks truth.
yes i should take making collages out of macaroni and coloring 100000 pictures seriously we did so much useless art shit in elementary school. we were still doing basic algebra in grade 8. i swear, public school must waste like 5 years of your life before you even become an adult. what i learned by the time I was 18 I probably could have learned before age 14, and then some. Public school teachers are a bunch of fat, cunty cat women. The only good teachers I had were the shop teachers and the elementary school gym teacher who yelled at little kids to run faster.
>>43998 Yeah it's a fucking waste of time, but it's (((forced))). I found out quick if you took it too seriously you will burn out, I always did well even with minimal reading however my country did not have any gifted system and so eventually I didn't bother doing more than I had to because I was completely disinterested in listening to the same old shit for the retards who were either unable, unwilling to pay attention and learn. Same thing happened with my friends. It's all a fucking intentional waste of time up to university when you can start to actually focus on learning the interesting things you like. And so for some people they will come out with a lower GPA not because of stupidity but because they're bored and not interested, and not mental slaves either, the entire system preceding uni seems simply designed for literal mental slaves who just know how to regurgitate anyway, or people who can stomach feigning it just enough and pass the time like i did, It was still extremely fucking annoying though. I have a suspicion that it's all intentionally done to weed certain people out, such as non authoritarians and people who are not mindless sheep because sitting through 80% of it was pointless genuinely not exciting or mentally stimulating at all, and if this isn't true you're literally just being (((groomed))) to be a wageslave and to accept the most fucking boring bare minimum mental stimulus.
>>44002 Check out this vid regarding school.
I agree
Children should be home schooled and taught about jews from a young age. I certainly wouldn't send my kid to a jewish brainwashing institution to be abused for 7-8 hours a day. And as an added insult they are abused for being White because non-Whites have been brainwashed to hate them. There is no reasonable excuse for that.
If let's say there's a WN country, should schools allow bullying to take place? I've noticed how some /pol/ anons hate the 'nerd' while the chad is more favoured in a high school movie. It's been explained how the kike wants to attack the image of a White man (chad). But even with this, there is a nuance in everything. Some people get bullied for being gay (which I don't care). However some get bullied because someone looks ugly and whatnot.


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