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(357.54 KB 712x1060 Mobius.jpg)
/RWTS/ Right Wing Translation Squad Anonymous 02/15/2021 (Mon) 16:52:47 No. 41042
Man spricht deutsch edition. I am working on a translation of Paul Mobius' On the Physiological Idiocy of Women (which partly inspired Weininger's Sex and Character). Original in German (1900 edition): https://archive.org/details/ueberdenphysiolo00mb2 Later edition https://www.projekt-gutenberg.org/moebius/schweib/titlepage.html Translation: https://pastebin.com/TbtakVTM Also, Geschlecht und Unbescheideuheit (his commentary on Sex and Character) https://pastebin.com/rezEfeZE
(132.24 KB 750x1122 Moebius Esp.jpg)
I struggle with a few expressions though. Help from German-speaking anons would be greatly appreciated. Wenn ihn auch seine Leidenschaft für das Spielen mit Begriffen vor keiner Verschrobenheit zurückscheuen lässt und schliesslich zu Verkehrtheiten aller Art führt, so bleibt es doch erfreulich, dass er energisch auf eine denkende Zusammenfassung hindrängt. What's "denkende Zusammenfassung" in the context? Der Ekel vor dem Indentaghineinreden der angeblichen Philosophen bewirkte, dass auch die echten Philosophen nicht gehört, ja verachtet wurden, und dass andererseits die Gelehrten sich jeder philosophischen Bildung entschlugen und geradezu knotenhaft redeten, sobald wie allgemeine Fragen zu beantworten waren. What's 'knotenhaft'?
(456.95 KB 854x597 Screenshot (558) - Copy.png)
Wer aber alles aus der Idee deducirt, der hat leichtes Spiel, wenn er Consequenzen macht und da hinaus läuft, wo die Erfahrung im Stiche lässt. Jener kann, da wir über das Letzte doch nichts Sicheres wissen, milde sein; dieser kennt keine Schonung, er weiss alles und richtet wie ein Gott. This one does make much sense to me at all...
"According to all this, the female idiocy is not only present, but also necessary, it is not only a physiological fact, but also a physiological postulate. If we want a woman who completely fulfills her maternal profession, she cannot have a male brain. If it could be made that the female faculties would be developed equally to the male ones, the mother organs would atrophy and we would have an ugly and useless hermaphrodite before us. Someone has said that nothing should be required of the female except that she be "healthy and stupid." That is roughly expressed, but there is truth in the paradox. Excessive brain activity makes the woman not only wrong, but also ill. Unfortunately, we see this every day before our eyes. If woman is to be what nature intended her to be, she must not compete with man. Modern foolish women are bad breeders and bad mothers. In the degree to which "civilization" grows, fertility decreases. The better schools become, the worse maternity beds become, the lower the milk secretion becomes, in short, the more unfit the women become."
(303.77 KB 868x1228 Parnassus.jpg)
For those interested, I also did an article on Jewish influence on German culture: Moritz Goldstein's German-Jewish Parnassus from 1912 Original in German: https://archive.org/details/MoritzGoldsteinDeutschJudischerParnass1912 Translation: https://pastebin.com/BJyB4um7 "On the other hand, there are our worse enemies, the Jews who don't notice anything, who constantly make German culture, who pretend to be, and convince themselves that you don't recognize them. These are our real enemies; it must be ousted from the all too visible posts, where they represent Judaism as a false type of Jew, it must be silenced and gradually exterminated, so that we other Jews can again be happy with our life in the only one in which one You can feel proud and free: in an open fight against an equal opponent."
I'm tempted to leave a wishlist. The most important text needing a proper translation is Deitrich Bronder's "Before Hitler Came" A clean-copy translation of that would probably make global waves. Others on the wishlist Jakob Fries. Ueber die Gefährdung des Wohlstandes und des Charakters der Deutschen durch die Juden Die englisch-jüdische Allianz Werden und Wirken der kapitalistischen Weltherrschaft / von Wolf Meyer-Christian The Bloodlust of Bolshevism https://archive.org/details/the-bloodlust-of-bolshevism Ludendorff's War Agitation and the Massacre of Nations other authors Alexander Tille, Treitschke, Stocker, Otto Bockel** This work is so important. I've lamented not taking German probably 10 times in the last few weeks. I feel like a debut translation -- brand new work product -- would sell even. I'll bet you could make a career or it.
>>41087 I read this. It was Jewish pilpul with some interesting efforts at hitting the subconscious with propaganda: world-government and Israel.
>>41043 >denkende Zusammenfassung "thoughtful summary" >knotenhaft convoluted
>>41124 >>41145 Do what I did: use DeepL, especially if you have a clean text with no need for OCR. You can do 1 to 2 pages at a time (5.000 characters) depending on font size. Result is really, really good, especially for common Euro languages...but it is not perfect. Then you read the output, check the sentences that are meaningless and either analyze them in detail, or highlight them for a native speaker to correct. Then people only need to review a work, not translate it from scratch, which is like 5 times faster. >>41114 Latin AI translation is not there yet (even with goolag translate)
(451.63 KB 1120x697 1522269885019.png)
After the success of translating Sportsvorschrift Fur Das Heer, the Wehrmacht physical fitness book, there was an attempt to make the next project for the Rightwing Translation Squad: the acquisition, scanning, and translation of the Nazi 8th Edition of the Meyers Lexikon, Germany's equivalent of the Encyclopedia Britannica. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meyers_Konversations-Lexikon#Later_editions Out of 12 planned volumes, only 8 or 9 regular volumes and the 12th volume, which was just an atlas, were published. The publishing house was destroyed by Allied bombing, and the Allies later banned and burned as many copies of the encyclopedia as they could. There was also a three-volume "little lexicon" edition, published from 1933-1936, that was completed. Since the original thread on half /pol/, I've heard nothing about this project. Are we still on?


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