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(3.45 MB 1080x1920 ClipboardImage.png)
Conspiracies Anonymous 02/15/2021 (Mon) 19:06:42 No. 41046
I was writing a response to >>41031 in QTDDTOT but my response ended up being a little longer than I had planned. I think it's important to address the well poisoning of mixing in retard conspiracies with real conspiracies. This lets them group highly intelligent and thoughtful anons with facebook boomers and actual schizophrenics. The Conspiracy Pyramid Pic related is the conspiracy pyramid. They dump a bunch of retarded conspiracies in with the real ones. That way when one of us brings up a real conspiracy such as white genocide then they can say "oh you probably believe in flat earth as well" in that faggot redditor/twatter tone we all know so well. Let's sort some things out. Here are the ones I am familiar with. Retarded conspiracies: >flat earth >reptilian overlords >moon landing faked >hollow earth >Q Real conspiracies: >white genocide soft at the moment but yes for some reason simultaneously every western nation has "decided" to let in hoards of foreigners and give them welfare and housing and loans and those hoards are slowly replacing the native populations >deep state yes there really are an army of bureaucrats in D.C. who are answerable to no one >George Soros yes there really is an evil guy who finances "democracy" in various shitholes just as long as you vote for his candidate >holocaust denial some Holocaust did happen but it was because of socialism not nationalism and it happened in the usual socialist way of working Jews to death and starving them not by putting them in gas chambers'' >PizzaGate every time they debunk this they use strawmen; those people must just really like their pizza lol >Obama birth certificate fake it's an obvious photoshop >*Antifa International* starting wildfires oh okay it wasn't Antifa International it was a bunch of random people who just for no reason synchronized their starting of fires after different states failed to manage their forests; just like in Australia when after months of talking heads telling people "oh look how dry it is" and "it would all burn if someone just lit a match" they suddenly got half the country on fire >New World Order we literally have people on tape calling it a NWO; plus communism, socialism, etc have this knack of changing their name every time one name gets a bad reputation: HJFHVSJRRRRR NOT REAL COMMUNISM; so not it's not actshually the New World Order it's the Great Reset (and you will be happy) >*Cultural Marxism* literally what happens when progressivism meets Marxism; instead of the top-bottom alliance of mostly Jewish moneylending and workers we get a top-bottom alliance of mostly white/some Jewish bureaucrats/academics/judges/politicians and third world brown scum Questionable conspiracies: >Bill Gates microchipping escalating COVID tracking laws say that if they could then they would; that Agenda 21 things also looks mighty suspicious >Adrenochrome it's more mundane; they just use certain parts of blood and other measures to extend life; again this is documented >Illuminati the conspiracies of today are relatively short lived; a few hundred years at most >Elders of Zion the self-destruction of Israel shows that Jews are just as prone to retardedness as everyone else >Satanic cult panic sure perhaps Klaus Schwabb doesn't literally worship Satan but he sure seems to be a high priest of some weird doomsday cult; just look at the guy's clothing They say that if you believe that the world is ruled by supreme shadow "elites" then you need to get help. This is a standard 4chan shill line up there with "take your meds" and "okay schizo." They even call it the antisemitic point of no return. It's like when you mention globalists and suddenly every Jew is calling you antisemitic. "Hey wait a minute, I didn't mention any Jews! Why are the Jews going after me?" Yes. Why indeed. We know that these supreme elites do not rule (or attempt to rule) the world from the shadows, but rather do it openly, using fora such as Davos, and publishing their intentions openly in academic journals anons have found articles from the 1950s explicitly talking about reducing the birthrate through the various feminist methods we see today. What is unseen are the links between them; yet what makes it obvious is the timing. Everyone knew that masks were no good until suddenly, in lockstep, everyone knew that they were good. Everyone knew that shutting the borders was xenophobic until suddenly, in lockstep, everyone knew that we should shut down everything. Anyone who has run an information operation has seen this. I saw it with the thot audit. Other less newfag anons saw it with GamerGate. There are documented mailing lists and we have seen these with the lower level ops and with ClimateGate as well. Why do we not expect identical lists to exist for the higher level ops?
>>41046 (continued) People Make Things Happen They are trying on the usual rewriting of history. Whig history they call it. They say that it is inevitable and that the tide of history makes these things happen. This is bullshit. Every conspiracy has people who make it happen. We see it more easily in history because those conspiracies have been resolved. When the Old Testament talks about a king who was being overthrown, it does not talk about the march of history or how it was inevitable or some bullshit like that. No. It names the person who was at the head of the conspiracy and the people who took part in it. If bad things happen then something a person did made them happen.
>>41046 >oy veeeeeeeeeeeey andysemitisms is da point of noah return >oy VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY It needs more gas.
it's to trendy to mention anything about "conspiracies" these days without being called a boomer/faggot. Its not even worth the time and one should just try to eliminate all kykes and other pozzed shit from their life, conspiracy shit is all conjecture after a certain point and you really have to ask yourself "who am I trying to convince that >niggers are violent yet easily accept victimization >trannys are disgusting pedophiles >as are jews, yet jews also subvert the media and banks >women are whores
Bumping because someone is necrobumping a full page full of old posts and sliding the board.
>>41058 What do you mean by this? Can you break your post down into small sentences?
(41.83 KB 668x458 ClipboardImage.png)
Another example. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/feb/16/how-australia-became-fertile-ground-for-misinformation-and-qanon >On his Facebook page, videos of Sky News’ Rowan Dean railing against the so-called “great reset” sit alongside assertions that the US Democrats will institute “one world government”, while evangelical pastors claiming Donald Trump as the rightful US president are shared with invocations of the rhetoric of the QAnon conspiracy theory. Again they mix two real conspiracies (great reset; election fraud) with a fake one (Q) and a questionable one (US Democrats instituting one world government). Pic related is a list of mostly bullshit conspiracy theories which, again, make the use of the term "conspiracy" to be low status and stop people from then being able to talk about real conspiracies. Notice how they don't even talk about the four fragments of AIDS virus that Indian researchers found in the original coronavirus samples. They deflect to the "lab grown" shit to cover up the real issue which is that faggots are disease ridden pieces of filth that spread pestilence to every place they go.
(6.07 MB 4960x3543 world gov (4960 x 3543).png)
>>41046 This looks like it was made by a troll but you can no longer be sure with the clown world. Pic related is the real conspiracy
(2.01 MB 3434x2959 bilderberg.jpg)
>>41090 Another one
>>41091 >Another one
>Retarded conspiracies: >flat earth >reptilian overlords >moon landing faked You're not even redpilled enough for this thread.
>>41141 You are a dumb nigger who should be hanged from a tree then turned into dog food.
>>41235 Investigate flat earth and you'll be left with more questions about the globe than answers. Regarding the moon landing, it's obvious that it's fake. With reptilians, you're truly bluepilled if you think that Jews are at the top of the period. UFO phenomena alone should make you realize that there are forces at work even more powerful than the Jews. Reptilians are far from being a new thing. The ancient world knew them by many names, such as the nagas or rakshasas
>>41248 Nuts.
>>41046 >birtherism I never understood this. There's literally millions of niggers in the US that (((they))) could prop up, why would they grab Obama from somewhere else. And, if they did, so what? Normies would still support him. >Pizzagate Might be real, but it definitely crossed the line from a legitimate concern to schizo ramblings. >holohoax denial It might've been fake, but after 75 years of propaganda this is a non-starter. If you managed to connect the sky being blue to the holocaust being fake, then normies would swear that it's really purple. >>41141 I can't even tell if you're trolling or just a shill.
Nothing new under the Sun. Satan has been pulling this kind of gayop against humanity since the very beginning. Ignoring the underlying cause behind the evil is like complaining about the bullets themselves hitting your body, and not recognizing the bad guy behind the gun.
>>41141 Lol exactly
>>41235 > obvious shill Reverse shilling intensifies
>>41046 >Qanon is ranked at the top with the largest font. >This is a chart showing the things which shitlibs regard as a threat to the established order with a few joke conspiracies thrown in there for derisive purposes (like flat earth and finland not existing) Shitlibs are so fucking retarded that it baffles me. Every single day I am confronted with more irrefutable proof that these people are unfit to run a lemonade stand. Yet they are the ruling class underneath the jews. It's insulting.
(569.92 KB 457x660 hitler among the animals.png)
>>41046 >It might've been fake, but after 75 years of propaganda this is a non-starter. If you managed to connect the sky being blue to the holocaust being fake, then normies would swear that it's really purple. Yeah the holohoax is definitely fake, however when it gets brought up I just say something like: Their suffering isn't exclusive, it's conveniently never brought up how Jewish communists killed 11 million Christians 8 yrs before Hitler even came to power, That's why I have no sympathy/they deserve it. And there's nothing anyone can say really. Normies don't really give a fuck about facts. Only the ones with some intelligence do(they are rare). Not to say anyone should give up on facts but sometimes it's just a matter of how you put it.
>>41046 >oy vey, that's antisemitic to believe in satanism and pedo conspiracy, you filthy goy !11!! It's hilarious how (((they))) have zero self-awareness: by claiming those as antisemitic conspiracies, they unintentionally confirm that most of satanists and pedos are jewish, but try to shame you for pointing it out. Pics related.
>>41248 kyke spotted. typical "conspiracy" nonsense used to pollute the actual truths we all know on this board. >go bake Challah ya fucking kyke
(210.20 KB 960x960 harold_wallace_rosenthal.jpg)
(1.67 MB 1998x4609 bidenjews.jpg)
>Conspiracies First of all it's not even a conspiracy anymore, it's so far out in the open now you'd have to be blind to not fucking see it. it=Zionist occupied government
>>41046 this is just a really accurate map of normie/NPC think. Actually quite useful.
>>41248 >With reptilians, you're truly bluepilled if you think that Jews are at the top of the period Real conspiracies are usually much more boring than ayy lmao ones, which is why most normies get easily distracted by nonsense. Having a tribal group which is both culturally and genetically predisposed to criminality, deception, psychopathy and subversion, honing it's tricks and skills over countless generations and growing into a largest mafia organization in history, which has eventually managed to gain power over almost entire world, though very tangible means (usury, infiltration, manipulation, d&c etc.) doesn't have the fantastic factor about it, it's too plain. It can be observed as engineering blueprint. Space lizards, satan and other fantastic themes don't require any understanding of their mechanisms, they seem more exciting and interesting, and most importantly, don't make the normies question their own role in the mechanism. There is an element of learned helplessness in this, and a sort of ego defense mechanism. If you are being oppressed by a highly advanced alien species or supernatural entities, well, then there is not much you can do about it, and you can't really blame yourself. But if you are dealing with creatures (at least physically) not too different from yourself, it's a different story. Of course, their minds are completely "alien" to us, which was their greatest advantage, most white people can hardly even begin to imagine that amount of pure malice and covetousness. Which is not even true evil, they are simply hard-coded to behave that way. Another thing that's hard for the (usually) self-aware whites to fathom. That a humanoid creature can behave entirely like a machine without any self-awareness or free will.
>>41989 Hearing the percentage of people that don't have an inner monologue was the tipping point for me. Then watching everything unfold with the COVID crisis and then the US election were the final nails in the coffin. I have a hard time seeing most normies as human now, and if I was not already a Christian, I would have a difficult time treating them humanely.
(464.74 KB 1080x1500 1615258466703.jpg)
(7.79 KB 300x286 Jwalterin-mirror-300x286.jpg)
>>41990 Are you referring to the NPC meme that started from some anon's questionably non-pristine understanding of some studies about "pristine experiences"? Putting aside the fact that "only x percent of people have inner monologues" isn't something you can reasonably deduce from those studies for a moment, and putting aside the idea of critical media literacy when it comes to decoding and drawing conclusions from data, and putting aside that I'm posting on a honeypot, echo-chamber-in-many-ways board, I'll simply ask you where you got this idea and what data you're basing your statement upon at this time. >>41989 >That a humanoid creature can behave entirely like a machine without any self-awareness or free will. X is a machine is a metaphor. How do you know that your ability to narrativize gives you any free will that you see others as lacking? Jesus of Nazareth is said to have taught, and I paraphrase, that people are quick to point out the splinter in their neighbor's eye, but slow to recognize the large wooden beam in their own eye. My own answer to this is to purchase a True Mirror. How much can you possibly know about yourself if you've never looked yourself in the eye?
>>42091 >Tripfag wants to play Why should I care what the details of the study are? I did not perform the experiment myself, nor do I know what the experience of thought is like for other people. Simply the self-reported number of people that do not experience inner speech is surprising enough. I am but a layman, a menial worker surprised to find those around me more at the mercy of what’s on the tube than myself. I’m no CIA agent, I know no great secrets. Fuck you.
>>42091 >tripfag wants to play No >Simply the self-reported number of people Link the study or accept my word that you're wrong about this. That's not what the studies detailed. >Why should I care what the details of the study are Yeah why should any of us care about facts and what things mean anyway. And yes that's sarcasm. All in all I'm inclined to let the baby have his altchan.
>>42097 >>42092 We had this discussion and it's absolute horseshit based on the claim the >"ONLY 25% of people have an Inner Monologue" QRD This idiot Russell T. Hurlburt, Ph.D. recent paper, 30some college age volunteer's, not some random sampling of general population but 30 faggots that wanted to be special and get their 5 seconds of fame for being retards http://hurlburt.faculty.unlv.edu/lena/do_I_have_internal_monologue_sampling.html And this faggots tweet that went viral https://twitter.com/KylePlantEmoji/status/1221713792913965061 Interestingly if you skim through the thread half of the idiots also claiming to have no monologue look like trannies, furries, and libtards judging by profile pics Also you find (pic rel) Which seems like a much more accurate poll than the paper (not a "study") Hurlburt published. The vast majority of people have an inner voice monologue most of the time. Some people, some of the time, think about things in more conceptual or visual terms. Some people are retarded and can't understand what the hell this discussion is about. And a subsection of each group, just want to be "special" and are just milking this meme Prompting this story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcz9Icsx424 >>42097 >>42091 Lose the trip faggot, you're not that special
>>42105 You’re telling me the “study” consisted of 30 college age kids? The story only stuck with me because of my personal experiences interacting with others. My mother passed way from MS and I learned a lot about cognition though witnessing her decline. This was what led me to believe there may be many people (not most) that are closer to “reactive animals” than we would like to believe. That isn’t to say we aren’t all just reacting at some level. This is not a black and white matter to me. Just interesting observations. Tripfag is taking my remarks too seriously. I was phoneposting from work, sue me.
Yeah, if you watch the video, the news report even mentions near the end that Hurlburt is basically mocked by his peers in psychology. I would wager, most of us IQ ~110-130 absolutely have inner monologues most of the time. IQ less than 100, probably do, but are too retarded to understand the question or articulate an answer. Perhaps some of those +130 and/or on an autism spectrum think more conceptually. For 100's of years fictional books have been written with characters that have inner monologues. Nobody ever questioned it. No retard even said he didn't understand how the characters could have quiet voice in their head. The fact half of the zoomers today are claiming this idea is foreign to them is of no surprise or of any importance.
>>41121 >Another one


no cookies?