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(730.10 KB 410x311 el judio spanish jew isabel.gif)
(600.64 KB 750x1187 girl spanish called out jews.jpg)
(2.20 MB 1280x692 spain qt jews redpill.webm)
All Hail the Queen of /pol/ Anonymous 02/16/2021 (Tue) 19:04:17 No. 41133
Isabel Peralta, the new face of Spanish fascism >Her name is Isabel Medina Peralta, she is only 18 years old, she studies History and has become the new muse of the extreme right in Spain, a kind of fascist influencer. >Her speech last Saturday before more than 300 people at the Almudena cemetery in Madrid to pay tribute to the Blue Division, the Spaniards who fought under Adolf Hitler during World War II, has turned her, at least for a few hours, in a new sweetened face of Nazism. HEIL ISABEL https://nitter.net/isabelmperalta https://nitter.net/lamarea_com/status/1361292758418411520
>Around 600 of Our spanish brothers in Madrid paying tribute to the fascist 'Blue Division' soldiers that died on WW2 fighting alongside with National Socialists
(7.90 MB 1280x720 salutwhw.mp4)
(5.19 MB 828x454 salutwhw2.mp4)
(85.72 KB 751x701 crying merchant jew.jpg)
Franco fascism/neo-Nazism still dies hard in Spain : ‘Our enemy is the Jew’ >This year, on Saturday 13 February — the 78th anniversary — some 300 marched through Madrid to La Almudena cemetery, rendering homage to the División Azul (Blue Division), convoked by the neo-Nazi groups: Juventud Patriota (Patriotic Youth), España 2000 and La Falange. >Carrying banners to the “Honour and Glory of the Fallen,” arms extended in the Hitler salute, they sang Fascist songs. A speaker stated: “It is our duty to fight for Spain and fight for Europe, now weak and liquidated by the enemy. Our enemy will always be the same, even in different masks… The Jew is guilty and the Blue Division fought for that reason.” >Wreaths designed in Nazi swastikas were laid on the monument. >What is most troubling in the “Blue Division” march, is the overwhelming participation of youth. There is clearly an educational breakdown that requires a curriculum on the dangers of neo-Fascism in Spain and the accompanying incitement to antisemitic hate and violence that cannot be confused with freedom of expression. >Sadly, Franco’s Fascism/Neo-Nazism still dies hard in contemporary Spain. https://archive.fo/ccqY7 https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/franco-fascism-neo-nazism-still-dies-hard-in-spain-our-enemy-is-the-jew/
>>41133 we need more like her
>>41136 Epic stuff. Which country will return to Fash first lads? Italy, Eastern Europe, all seem to broadly be going in the right direction. Neoliberal globalists seem to be deathspiraling at the moment and overcompensating for this by doubling down on globohomo narrative.
>>41135 >first video rofl holy shit
>>41195 >Italy Italy is finished t. italian
>>41135 in the second vid what are they singing? sounds like soviet song katiusha kek
>>41236 Good winning attitude bro! Your country has more potential than most, in many different spheres. Looking at politics, Lega Nord, and Brothers of Italy have about 40% of the public support when combined, according to political polling. Leftist groups in Italy are at all time lows, and the centre left is weak. Yeah yeah i know, Lega Nord and FDI are cucked, Jewish controlled opposition, bluepilled, yadayada, whatever else you want to say. The point is, their support demonstrates that the mainstream globalist narrative which permeates the entire West, is at a clear weak point in the general population. People are generally fed up with it and want alternatives, in massively larger numbers in Italy, than other countries. Fix these parties such as Lega from the inside. The fact that such a party even EXISTS and has considerable support is so far beyond what other countries have.
(149.03 KB 599x419 Spain then and now.png)
Wait for all the shills to crawl out of the woodwork to call her a whore, coal burner, roastie, etc. Anyway, glad to see Spain becoming based again.
>>41239 Pretty sure it's Cara al sol.
(119.74 KB 752x529 shut it down the goyim know.png)
This is Isabel Medina, the Falangist muse of the video with a blue shirt: "The Jew is the culprit" >"It is our supreme obligation to fight for Spain and for a Europe now weak and liquidated by the enemy, the enemy that will always be the same, although with different masks: the Jew. Because nothing is more certain than this statement: the Jew is guilty". These are the words that a young redhead dressed in a Falangist blue shirt spoke last Saturday, February 13, through the public address system installed in the Almudena cemetery in Madrid. >Her voice echoed through the speakers in the style of a speech from another era. The expression of her vehement of her, defiant and keeping long silences, questioned those present. Her name is Isabel Medina Peralta, leader of a recently resurrected National Feminine Section of the Falange and she is linked as a daughter to an exedil of the PP of Seseña (Toledo), who was active in extreme right wing formations. >She is part of the Falangist Spanish University Union (SEU) of the Complutense University of Madrid, where she studies Anthropology and Philosophy, as she notes on her LinkedIn profile. >On February 9, Medina Peralta announced on Twitter the relaunch of the National Feminine Section of the Falange. "I want to announce the launch of the National Women's Section. I hope to have the help of many women and men who, faithful to their Spanish and European blood, want to stand up to the decline of our civilization. Without pacts or mediations," she said. >Despite the controversy that her words against Jews have generated, she has not closed her profile, with more than 3,300 followers. This is still open with a fixed message along with another video of her sounded intervention on Saturday in Madrid. In her tweet history she openly defines herself as "fascist" and singles out the "Zionist", while she defines homosexuality as a "disease" or lashes out at Vox for being a formation of "capitalists, democrats and constitutionalists." JEWS KVETCHING HARD >Now, the Hate Crimes Section of the Madrid Prosecutor's Office has opened proceedings to investigate what happened, as reported by La Sexta. This Monday, the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain (FCJE) required the Prosecutor's Office to act before the "serious accusations" proffered by Medina Peralta during the act on Saturday. >Other groups that persecute anti-Semitism such as Action and Communication on the Middle East (ACOM), have announced the initiation of legal actions against Medina Peralta as a result of the speech. Finally, the Government Delegation in Madrid -which has been authorizing the act for years-, has also ordered the National Police to clarify the facts. >The act of Saturday, summoned by Patriot Youth and under the banner "Honor and glory to the fallen", took place without incidents, according to the Government Delegation itself. However, Medina Peralta's statements have lit the fuse of the reactions. In social networks, numerous messages of indignation criticized that in Spain rapper Pablo Hasél was imprisoned while Medina Peralta's anti-Jewish speech is allowed with impunity. https://www.elespanol.com/reportajes/20210216/isabel-medina-falangista-video-camisa-judio-culpable/559444538_0.html BASED A S E D
Twitter just shoah'd her account
>>41239 It is based on that Russian song, it's the anthem of the Blue Division, sent by Franco to help Hitler in Leningrad, the lyrics are in Spanish.
(6.00 MB 864x720 aj5gom.mp4)
>>41263 >this bitch is a grifter. Where is the money she is making? Have you forgotten the fact that Jews are putting in numerous lawsuits against her as we speak and that she has been banned from social media? She's 100% based: >Isabel Medina Peralta, the 18-year-old speaker in a Falangist shirt, has become a trend on social networks thanks to her anti-Semitic speech in an act of tribute to the fallen of the Blue Division. She feels "fascist, or National Socialist" and believes in "a homeland and justice for the people." She does not stay with a political reference, but she follows "enough." And she quotes Ramiro Ledesma Ramos, "the only founder of fascism in Spain, or of National Socialism, because in fact that was how he defined himself at first." She also names Juan Aparicio, co-founder of the JONS; "Of course", to Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Giovanni Gentile "and other theorists of my ideology", such as the Chilean Nazi philosopher Miguel Serrano. About José Antonio Primo de Rivera she says she has "such admiration" that "every year I go to the Valley of the Fallen on November 20 to honor him." She does not identify with Vox, "in fact I hate Vox more than Podemos," she says. https://www.larazon.es/espana/20210216/ufzghoyi3vey7fvuwbfddhvbjq.html
>>41263 >>41264 Eat shit and die you assblasted faggot. No one is claiming anything but pride in our brothers and sisters marching to honor their Heroes
(945.87 KB 688x684 merchant jew nose.gif)
The amount of shilling against this woman is amazing
>>41241 Haha yup the shills are already in here spouting mgtow-tier bullshit. 'Simp', 'whore' all the usual stuff. These jew controlled rats shudder and piss themselves at the sight of European men and women coming together to combat the degenerate modern world. The sight of a well functioning, properly balanced family dynamic between men and women makes these defective autists screech like bitches. Genetic dead ends, each and every one of those cock roaches. >>41264 You'll be roped right next to the leftists and mudskins
>>41262 All it takes one young woman change the "old out of touch nazis" into the hip cool warriors. This is top optics in current year.
>>41272 Exactly. Some men are utterly enslaved to female approval too, so this could shift some men towards Fascism and hopefully decuck them
(78.92 KB 852x1135 94239u9udwdi.jpg)
(78.37 KB 852x1135 328948yededugsa.jpg)
(161.87 KB 300x300 Falangist_gf.mp4)
(4.84 MB 1280x720 X3-FbXhJtqA4ixlY.mp4)
>>41133 Would someone kindly post the plain speech webm but with sound? I don't know why OP posted it mute.
>>41288 (Heil'd) He probably got it from 4/pol If have a bunch of different clips, (most of them posted already) but not a complete speech, will post if and when I find one
>>41288 he needs to change the audio code to work properly on lynxchan
>>41290 It was probably made for 4/pol with no sound, it is only 2.2mb
Shes like that "based AF GF Meme" personified
For anyone posting "grift", thats a good signal for the jannies to ban the hidden kykes in this board.
(203.63 KB 505x436 basedjanny.png)
>>41293 The only thing worse than a fucking janny, ...is a fucking backseat janny >>41263 >>41264 >>41273 >>41274 >>41275
(100.00 KB 640x398 koo.jpg)
(192.31 KB 640x398 MOSHED-2021-2-18-1-29-3.jpg)
>>41239 It's "Primavera" Spanish Blue Division (División Azul) Song
>>41315 To their Russian enemies they were the “Spanish mercenaries of Hitler’s Fascist lackey, Franco.” To Hitler himself, >“One can’t imagine more fearless fellows. They scarcely take cover. They flout death.” Officially the 250th Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht, it was commonly called the Division Azul, or the Spanish Blue Division, after the color of Spain’s Falangist (Fascist) Party. As Spain was neither combatant nor conquered, the volunteers who fought in it were probably World War II’s most purely ideologically motivated soldiers. Volunteers for Hitler’s Invasion of Russia The announcement on June 28, 1941, by the regime of Caudillo Francisco Franco that a division of volunteers would be recruited to join Hitler’s six-day-old invasion of Russia set off a wave of virtual hysteria across Spain. While some mobs stoned the British embassy, others stampeded recruiting offices in such numbers that many met their quota in a day and within in the week they had signed up enough to form several divisions. The Spanish Blue Division Along the Eastern Front The entire cadet corps of Spain’s equivalent of West Point volunteered, as did 3,000 students from the University of Madrid. While the senior command was unenthusiastic, many officers offered to be demoted or even enlist as privates. Of the first 18,694 who entrained for Germany on July 17, 1941, 70 percent, including every officer from captain on up, were from the regular army, and most of the rest were Spanish Civil War veterans. The unit fought on the Eastern Front and notably participated in the Siege of Leningrad, but was withdrawn from the Front after Spanish pressure in October 1943 and was returned to Spain soon afterwards. Several thousand non-returners were incorporated into the short-lived Blue Legion and eventually into the Waffen-SS Through rotation, as many as 47,000 Spanish soldiers served on the Eastern Front. The casualties of the Blue Division and its successors included 4,954 men killed and 8,700 wounded. Another 372 members of the Blue Division, the Blue Legion, or volunteers of the Spanische-Freiwilligen Kompanie der SS 101 were taken prisoner by the Red Army; 286 of these men remained in captivity until April 2, 1954, when they returned to Spain aboard the ship Semiramis, supplied by the International Red Cross. In action against the Blue Division, the Red Army suffered 49,300 casualties
>>41316 Truly was Europe at its best. Coming together to face the far away Bolshevik swine. What a generation, what a group of men.
Like hitler, Francico franco was a lider in fighting against the jewish-masonic conspiracy
>>41281 what is the source of these pictures?
>>41327 i believe it's brendon tarrant's manifesto translated in spanish
>>41331 Well of course it is >>41327 The source was anonymous, the exif has been scrubbed, image search came back with 0 results
>>41133 Maybe all these shilling against her is reverse psychology. What if she turns out to be controlled opposition like Lauren Southern?
>>41351 >4D-cup chess Kek Fair point but it doesn't matter. What matters are actions and results. She is out there encouraging more of us to step forward. Say shills are right. She is secretly a jew, loves bbc and is running a honeypot. The same cannot be said for the thousands that are hearing the message and emboldened by it. So what? The kikes get to kvetch about anti-semitism is on the rise, (((again))). Its not like they were not already doing that. "Oh but its different this time." Nothing changes. They show their hand. More laws are enacted. A few high profile /ourguys/ are targeted. All that happens in the end is more and more people get redpilled to what is really going on.
>>41351 Controlled ops usually take the form of fox news or some boomer tier shit thats pretty much afraid to say "fuck niggers" and jews control the world aand poison our childrens minds" and other similar straight up declarations. Not every thing is a contrarian trap and we need to accept there are still people fighting the good fight.
(1.78 MB 1176x1200 1613722264417.png)
>>41351 >What if she turns out to be controlled opposition like Lauren Southern? She named the jew, that is all that matters. Southern was a jewish shill who covered for them. Either way her exposure is good for us, all that matters is getting more disillusioned Whites on board and ready to fight.
(3.21 MB 3776x1908 jew tricks cc.jpg)
>>41133 Spain seems to always be the country woken up to jews ever since jews sold out Cordoba several hundred years ago. You see 4cuck kikes trying purity spiral anybody who names the jew in public shouldn't be attacked for numerous other things, the point should always be that they said something completely true and to push only that, attacking them for anything else is called bad jacketing (she is a woman so she must be a thot etc.). Shes not going up there to tell you how devout she or pure trad she went up there to name the jew. Remember this when you see someone naming jews in public and they are relentlessly attacked for something minor like a ruffled shirt, darker hair. This also doesn't mean they come the default leader for naming the jew either. Just that anybody who names jew even a nigger should get a applause for being publicly honest. Thats how you create a trend that becomes a fashion.
>>41395 >Remember this when you see someone naming jews in public and they are relentlessly attacked for something minor like a ruffled shirt, darker hair. I remember all the shills on 4chan saying that Duncan Lemp deserved to be shot in his sleep by zogbots because he was "balding", and for having a "cringe" middle name. No shit. They really will try to get ANY reason to get YOU to hate THEIR enemies.
>mfw I have more than 90% Spanish European ancestry KIKES BTFO LMAO!!!!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QT13kk8HDDo
>>41241 this just proves my thoughts on how a strong economy does not mean a happy and safe population
(16.19 MB 640x360 isabel youtube.mp4)
Dropping translation pasta (1/2) I opened this channel to talk freely without censorship. I hope it lasts long, which I doubt, but if doesn’t we will continue to look for alternatives. Truth will always triumph. In the last days we have seen how they ara afraid of certain things being, of certain people being pointed at, and that is due only to the fact their entire system and power is at play. Now, more than in any other time in recent memory we are close to taking it down. In this channel I would like to talk about books, to debate with you, and to conduct interviews with people of other ideologies. That’s the main objective of the channel, although it may not last, as Voltaire said, “Tell me who you can’t criticise and I’ll tell you who rules over you., but we are going to try. There is nothing more noble than speaking the truth. The other reason of being of the channel is that over the course of these few days, and due to the interviews I have given, I’ve seen people go from mocking me for an out-of-context phrase, to actually asking me for more knowledge and books to investigate. The ask me to please continue talking about this subject. I see it as more necessary than ever to be able to freely expose these ideas, without the manipulation of so-called “dissident media” that are at the end of the day part of the system (no need to mention who they are). Liberty dies in the hands of liberals. The democratic-burguoise system we live in champions freedom of speech, but it’s clear what the consequences are of going against the politically correct consensus. They put you in jail for uttering four words, for editing a book, or writing an article. I’m sorry, powerful people, but we will continue to spread the message. The message that will save this world from the end you have milimetrically planned (Bildenberg, etc.). We are going to denounce them. We are going to say it loud. And if you put us in jail, we won’t care. In this channel we will talk about two things: (1) Doctrine, and (2) Current politics. Observe current political problems, and try to actually solve them through third-positionist doctrine. When I finally convince my critics, they go from ridiculing to saying “it’s a utopia”. But how can it be a utopia, when it already happened? It can happen now just as well, and it only depends on us. I hope we can evolve in theory and doctrine, which are fundamental to our liberation. Don’t be discouraged. We are few now, but we can be many tomorrow. We are the voice of yesterday, and the change of tomorrow. We have the truth, they can’t do anything about it. Hasta que el sistema nos separe. sauce boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/309453484#p309453930
>>41283 is there real audio for the second vid why do pp put shitty music over vids for fuck sake
(17.51 MB 1280x720 Primavera División Azul Song.mp4)
>>41540 Real audio is >>41135 and >>41262 The Song they are singing is "Primavera"
>>41541 thanks anon
(428.56 KB 2000x2000 communistvictorymeme (1) (1).jpg)
>>41133 She's cute i'll give her that.
>>41268 So far I've heard her called a Peruvian Mestizo Roastie Jewish Attention Whore Grifter Plant (I trawled through 4plebs not a single one showed any proof no matter how much they get called out. The Peruvian claim started when a Peruvian IP called her Peruvian lol.) and if you defend her you're a Simp Cuck Coomer White Knight Shill.
>>41587 Well I think she's hot, well spoken and based beyond belief. Especially having the balls to say it all in public and on camera
(99.68 KB 932x960 49238e9iuyhwid.jpg)
>>41587 fuck off moshe
(104.28 KB 1368x670 joan 07d.jpg)
>>41597 another Joan
(28.25 KB 774x1110 yeah.png)
>>41133 Based, brave and a babe, doesn't get much better than that.
(2.07 MB 640x360 Duce.mp4)
>>41587 >So far I've heard her called a Peruvian Mestizo Roastie Jewish Attention Whore Grifter Plant (I trawled through 4plebs not a single one showed any proof no matter how much they get called out. The Peruvian claim started when a Peruvian IP called her Peruvian lol.) and if you defend her you're a Simp Cuck Coomer White Knight Shill. Don't forget calling her a coal burner (no proof or anything to suggest it) and constant comparisons to Lauren Southern (again, baseless). An example from the archive: http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/308531239/#308544793 Observe the posters in that thread and learn their patterns. Interestingly, a couple are claiming to be from here.
>>41909 Haven't heard a single American 'scream' any such thing. You're not one of those slimeball D&C glowniggers are you friend? -t. American
(72.34 KB 738x531 1613865269964.jpg)
(147.38 KB 820x1024 1613865732330.jpg)
(1.07 MB 1242x2095 1613866093998.jpg)
(33.20 MB 854x480 Victoria_480p.mp4)
>>41908 ahah, I'm a peruvian italian mestizo. This girl seems pretty based ngl
Clip (with subtitles) from interview with (((VOX))) Spain's third most powerful party in last elections and considered to "Far"-Right There was no part 2
https://files.catbox.moe/cvp9jz.mp4 new vid today, restricted in 30 mins, shoahd in a few hours. can any spanish speaker translate/add subs for the no hablas espanol anons?
https://streamable.com/9kvr2v partial translation
(33.90 MB 1280x718 9kvr2v p1.webm)
(35.00 MB 1280x718 9kvr2v p2.webm)
(34.21 MB 1280x718 6be4qp p3.webm)
(31.71 MB 1280x718 6be4qp p4.webm)
(30.73 MB 1280x718 9ra058 p5.webm)
>>42168 >>42169 >>42170 >>42171 1 and 2 were over 100mb so I cut them in half and converted to 30ish mb .webm(s)
>>42163 istagram nuked
>>42188 not really
The fire rises
(2.06 MB 1080x911 1615848046003.png)
Feminismo / On feminism (+English sub) -Isabel Peralta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erEi290WP3U
(46.37 KB 471x560 pb.jpg)
>>42175 These are quite funny when you start them all playing at the same time. What brand is that shirt?
>>42377 put that on streamable.com in two parts so we can download them
>>42384 >streamable.com >sign up with jewgle no thanks Feminismo On feminism English sub Isabel Peralta_480p.mp4 (120MB) https://files.catbox.moe/zgih6l.mp4 If you want 720p or 1080 then use https://www.y2mate.com/youtube/erEi290WP3U
>>42387 second link didn't work on the onion router but catbox worked like a charm
>>42377 >>42387 Nice, glad she is putting out subbed videos now
>>41354 She is almost definitely a whore who's fucking a fascist guy right now. That's how these women always are and always will be. As long as she's a useful propaganda tool it doesn't matter much. There's nothing wrong with using pretty women to draw people in as long as she's got a good handler and doesn't start slutting it up (she'll try). All of these skanks from Lauren Southern to Eva whatever her name was have the same story and mentality. Properly handled they can be great for pulling in funds and resources, used poorly they tear everything apart. We'll see how this one goes and how well her handlers can keep her in line.
>>41395 Spain isn't white due to being ruled by Muslims for so long and having so much Arab DNA in them. It's one of the reasons they're able to push back the way they are. Their history tells of being subverted by sand niggers and they can attack that head on when they see it now. The image you posted clearly shows they have a darker skin tone than the rest.
(81.29 KB 501x585 32993aosaoa02.png)
>>42393 keep seething kike
>>42402 Keep seething faggot. There's nothing kikeish about understanding women are putty. They get their ideas from men they fuck and will change depending on who they're bonded to. The only time women adopt right wing ideals outside of this is when they become mothers and are scared of left wing ideas hurting their children. Everything else is male dominance of the female psyche.
(865.52 KB 951x1050 3847kjfsjdfks3.png)
>>42395 keep shilling stupid kike, your nose is showing 10.000 miles away from here
>>42403 just fuck away, you don't fool anyone
>>42406 >>42405 Angry virgin mad that women aren't men aren't we?
>>42403 >seething Fucking hell what did we do to deserve this 4chan-tier cuckery? >>42408 Faggot, are you trying to emulate Salon or are you just retarded? MODS PLS CHANGE THE WORDS "SEETHE" AND "COPE" TO "I'M A GIANT FAGGOT AND I PUT DICKS UP MY ANUS HOLE EVERY DAY AND SUCK DICKS UNTIL THEIR SEMEN CLOGS MY MOUTH"
>>42409 >Mods mods, this white man told me the truth about women! We must ban him for not worshiping any who say nigger in public! You're this thin skinned yet want to take on the most powerful group of people on the planet to redeem your race. What a joke.
>>42393 >>42395 LMAO, so we got mgtow tier shilling about "ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES" and shilling about "SPAIN IS NOT WHITE"... literally one after the other. Can you kikes actually step up your game? This is simply too pathetic and obvious. If any faggots have not yet picked up on the common tactics of subversion and degenerate attitudes that these cockroaches masquerading as "based and redpilled nationalists" constantly spread, then you're retarded and will be roped accordingly.
>>42403 >>42402 you are one sore thumb. i don't give a shit about this bitch anyway. let me know if she accomplishes anything.
>>42451 > let me know if she accomplishes anything. Be sure to keep us updated on all your great accomplishments as well, judging from your continuous bitching on the internet, you're off to a great start!
>>42630 >some bitch in spain is our hero okay, buddy. looks to me like an agent no different than the mulatto FBI nigger in charge of proud boys.
>>42658 Haha you schizo buffoon, what are you even saying? She's not a hero, at least not to me, I don't really give too much of a shit. I approve of it and wish their Spanish movement all the best, and that's about it. >looks to me like an agent no different than the mulatto FBI nigger in charge of proud boys. Cheers for this in depth and thought provoking analysis! Worthless pissant... While she continues to make speeches encouraging European identity and resistance, you can continue bitching and shilling to the very end.
>>42687 > She's not a hero, at least not to me, I don't really give too much of a shit. I approve of it and wish their Spanish movement all the best, and that's about it. This was my sentiment. You're reading too far into it. My point was that I don't care if she is an agent or not: >While she continues to make speeches encouraging European identity and resistance Is good enough for me.
(508.23 KB 1410x1635 1600161184-0a.png)
(265.99 KB 1223x636 3278482y8yeduiya.png)
I'm curious how she became redpilled at such an early age. Wish I had that much sense when I was 18.
>>43726 remember, Spain had a military statesman for almost 40 years before jewmocracy took over
>>43726 She probably read about Franco, and realized that he wasn't as bad as what the Jews say.
>>43734 Franco was a pioneer exposing the jewish-masonic conspiracy against the West
>>42451 >>42658 kike shill extremely butthurt, lol
>>43734 >woman reading lmao shes just your typical francoist normie in spain
>>43870 >typical normies speak about jews and their evil genocide shit in public while paying homage to Hitler Absolutely seething mutt
>>43873 normies in spain get into francoism because yolo you fuckers forget that franco helped jews like a good samaritan when hitler had his autistic screeching
>>43874 .t joe tyroneshekelsteinchang gomez
>>43875 dear god the absolute state of anon
(78.44 KB 1024x791 oim8.jpg)
>>43876 You're just mad we have hot chicks on our team, stay butthurt forever anglomuttstein fag
>>43877 >hahaha look at this cherrypicked girl to make fascists pepees get hard and follow what she says hahaha we are not normies btw pathetic
(125.11 KB 392x590 soylefty.jpg)
>>43879 stop posting pics of yourself
>>43880 Keep producing those delicious zogleft incel tears lol
>>43881 like im making you produce with your very eyes right now? k
>>43882 Show me 1 pretty looking humanoid(non freaky looking incel) from your team
>>43883 team? what team?
(81.18 KB 694x1080 Feb 14.jpeg)
(47.20 KB 720x853 April 1.jpeg)
(103.33 KB 720x900 Spring.jpeg)
(117.64 KB 643x573 7423yewsdg04.jpg)
>>43877 don't bite the bait, obvious kike shill trying to divide whites
I watched a couple of documentaries about modern Spanish Fascism a while ago. Most of these people use Fascist symbols, Fascist language and praise Fascist icons (like Franco), but when they're actually asked about their political views it's pure civic nationalist talking points. >I don't have a problem with immigrants as long as they assimilate Even one of their main meeting spot was a bar owned by an Asian immigrant. Here's one of the documentaries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqKSXPiGe7U It's basically the opposite of most other western nations, where people always use American, French, Italian, etc. flags and symbols, but then when you look a bit closer, there's a lot of crypto-racists and crypto-fascists. Spain is dealing with Catalonian seperatism right now, so they allow a certain degree of nationalism. It's basically the same thing the USA (specifically the CIA) does in Ukraine. And the same thing that the European Union does in Poland. It has it's advantages (an opportunity to spread a WN message), but these people more often than not let themselves be used to do the government's dirty work. As for women in right-wing movements, they always just repeat talking points that they've heard from men in the movement. The chance that they at some point will abandon "their" views is extremely high. A good lot of them will even go the Christian Picciolini route and give talks about how their overcame hate and so on. A lot of the talk in these movements is not about race, but about "communism", something which isn't a real threat anymore imo. These people are basically being used as a battering ram against the separatists (who tend to be socialists) and will be disposed of when they're no longer needed, much like the proud boys in the USA.
>>43961 >will abandon "their" views is extremely high you are assuming too much, Isabel admitted in her holohoax video that she is risking to spend 5 years in jail
>>43969 I'm talking in a general sense, yes. Most of the women in the WN, movement have eventually betrayed it. Most of the wives of the leaders have divorce raped their husbands, with a good deal of them going to the media and talking about how horrible it was to be married to a nazi. It is a statistical fact that women cave faster under pressure and if a girl ever goes to jail, the chances of them becoming a fed informant are extremely high.
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>>43976 two women in here
>>43976 this post sounds misogynist to me
>>42409 Absolutely seething cope detected.
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>>44033 >reeeee


no cookies?