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(536.09 KB 480x348 lucid.gif)
A Personal View of Things (A short essay by Anon) Anonymous 02/22/2021 (Mon) 10:08:35 No. 41431
Individuality and the collective unconsciousness: two things humans have got better than any other species (probably). Maybe it’s because of our different ability to view our fellow human in a different way, than that of other animals, that we were able to become so advanced. Because other animals cannot perceive others of their species as well as we do. Sure they can tell the difference between their fellows, but they can’t tell enough of a difference, or share enough relation, to think deeply of their fellow creature, as humans do. Early humans probably didn’t have too much of this ability until it became something of use. After all, we would not be where we are without our ability of indifference, and to view indifference, because variability, and lots of it, usually leads to the best for a species, but the only way to make the best of something is to be aware of it. This is probably why human species that lack higher sentience, like the common negro, havent done much. All around the world where resources were scarce, humans were developing sentience and awareness of themselves and other humans in order to form groups of the best to dominate the resources and benefit the group. From this came the modern world, mostly through Europe, and modern ideas. Some places had plenty of resources so the need for struggle, and for their sentience to evolve was less. Mayans are one example I'm aware of and this also may explain the primitiveness of the mayans and why they were comfortable with sacrifice and why other primitive civilizations had a fondness for behaviour deemed primitive by higher races. Of course, due to the lack of struggle and evolution, these well off civilizations were often dominated by civilizations who evolved due to their lack of resources. I do not understand however, how africans (living in a place worse than many) never got to the point of their neighbors. This leads me to believe in their significance as a sort of runt of the litter, meant to die out, but nonetheless kept alive by their neighbors, who always had to be resourceful of the little they had in order to survive. Africans only still exist because of the idea that they could be a valuable resource, which they were made into. Sadly, due to reasons soon to be mentioned, they have been allowed to exist, even after outliving their use. The modern notion of human equality, a product of our evolved sentience, has been manipulated to allow africans to become a plague onto the rest of humanity, even though they have shown again and again, despite the outliers of their people who may show excellence, that their attempts at society only lead to failure. Even worse, some of their habits are being rubbed onto the rest of society leading to the degeneracy of the human race as a whole. Now, despite this, the idea of human equality is a product, and achievement, of the human race and our advanced sentience. The problem is the certain people who have exploited mankind’s evolution for their own selfish gains and to keep human development at a constant of their choosing. These people are like another runt of the litter, except they complement their natural inability by attempting to starve their more able fellow offspring. The ability of this group to dominate is not of their natural ability but of their lack of ability. They embody degenerate human behaviour that mankind evolved from when we developed higher level thought. They embody greed, hedonism, complacency, materialism, luxury, excess, gluttony, and convenience, to name a few. Mankind evolved from these petty ideas long ago, but this runt of the litter race keeps them prevalent throughout mankind. All species evolve through natural competition and the ability that comes from it. Not through all that this parasitic race embodies and wishes to make all of humanity embody. Even so, humanity has gone beyond the need for natural competition over petty material resources and can now only evolve in the metaphysical, or through thought and metaphysical means. We can only do this through unity and the discussion of ideas yet the parasites keep humanity from this. We should be discussing entering higher levels of existence and evolving to them, (think of the Wired in Lain or Instrumentality), yet the parasites keep us nullified and at each other’s throats by indoctrinating us to believe in the material goods of life. We still compete for material resources similar to how our devolved ancestors did long before us in order to evolve to the state we are at today. In other words, we are regressing and if our ancestors saw us today they would probably think of us in the same fashion as they thought of the primitive races they conquered long ago.
>>41431 Cont. The parasites are stopping the progress of the whole human race in order to make their degenerate beliefs the basis of human advancement and evolution. These chosen people live in this false reality, under what they embody, and project it on the rest of humanity in order to keep us from evolving. They have even convinced themselves they are the peak of humanity despite history showing them as being nothing more than rejects, alienated from the rest of the evolved human race due to their inability to grasp higher concepts of human thought and to evolve. Everywhere they have existed they bring their degenerate ideals and attempt to subvert them onto naturally superior people. They were mostly found out and rightfully dealt with, but eventually they found a chink and penetrated into the heart of the evolved man. Just like water constantly chipping away at stone, it was bound to erode at some point and so the parasites project their natural inability on the world draping the future of the evolved man under their parasitic grasp. Now humanity is becoming an embodiment of the parasites, the parasites’ world. In conclusion mankind was supposed to have been ridden from the petty evils that keep the individual from becoming one with their fellow man when we developed higher level thought after the creation of the modern world. Most species evolve through natural competition and the ability that comes from it. That is how humanity first evolved, but since the modern world humanity has gone beyond the need for natural competition and can now only evolve through the metaphysical, or through thought and metaphysical means. We have been naturally benefitted with high level thought and so to evolve we must become higher beings of thought. We will never evolve by remaining material and having our thoughts limited by the material. We can only evolve through unity and the discussion of ideas, yet the parasites keep humanity from this. The parasites keep us nullified by indoctrinating us to believe that the material good of life are the goals. We still compete for material resources like money similar to how our devolved ancestors did long before us. In this way we are degenerating and will never take the next step toward a bright future which must be made through competition and struggle. The parasites indoctrinate us to be complacent with worldly pleasures and so we will remain degenerate and complacent if we do not do something. It is not man's fault for not at first noticing it, as it should be in our nature to believe that our fellow man is doing his best for his fellow man, but now that the problem is clear it is our job to be rid of it. Everyday humanity degenerates further and is unable to progress due to the parasites. It is time we get rid of these defected enemies of the
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