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The yellow menace and white identity subversion Anonymous 03/16/2021 (Tue) 17:30:20 No. 42392
Is any one else troubled by how subversive Asian culture is on white identity movements? Europeans greatness is uniquely European, our cultures share similar traits but are distinct in their expressions. From our folk lore to our sculptures, there is a distinct flavor you can see running through them. Something to aspire to and be inspired by, life works the scope of which we'll never see again despite being possible by European hands. Except none of the white identity movements give a shit (especially Americans). The majority of white identity posters any where are weeaboos, who know more about Evangelion than their own history. The ones who do know their history tend to be drug addicts wanting to explore their own delusions if not full on occultists obsessed with non-white philosophies. Promoting Indian or Asian religions and old cultural memes claiming they're Aryan and anything Aryan is A-OK in their book despite the non-European origins and different mental workings of those ethnic groups to our own. When I see memes or posters created by pro-white people it's always anime or bad filters over obvious stock photos selected without context or purpose. The vape wave style or whatever you want to call it, with gaudy neon colors and VHS filters saying "Remember what they took from you", despite VCRs being one of the many ways Jews subverted European culture, giving parents ways to brainwash and feed Jewish propaganda to their children round the clock in their own homes. The millenial generation grew out of home videos and moved into digital mediums, the internet made it very easy to acquire foreign media and consume it on mass. The anime generation first saw Dragon ball Z or Cowboy bebop and dived head first into the yellow menace. Easy to consume, brightly colored and appealing especially to autists anime wasted countless years of our people's lives, equally man hours in the centuries stolen straight from our men's most productive years. When confronted on this issue they will claim anime is fine, it's not Jewish and that makes it based and red pilled, despite the obvious homosexual, race mixing and women acting masculine through out the medium. As someone valuing the peak of European creativity and expression through art it's hard to see myself in the same movement as weebs. While I value European artiste and expression, I find all they value is Japanese media often with Kpop on the side if they're really deep into it. Their sexuality has been corrupted where they will repeat how disgusting western women are while lauding how submissive and traditional Asian women are (This isn't true, Asian women act submissive until they have their claws in then become mega bitches). Often white movements will promote these ideas, which are especially dangerous to young men who should be securing a wife and having children but turn to anime and video games instead. It's understandable that many damaged women exist and should be avoided but the MGTOW like mentality of weeaboos is dangerous to our people and to the happiness of men who get swallowed up by it. Their porn addictions (often to Asian women) and lack of self improvement leave them bottom of the barrel males because anime, video games and porn rule their lives. All of these things have their roots in Asia (Asian porn stars obviously) and have already proven to be disastrous for them too (Hikikomori). Excuse the rambling nature of this post but I want to discuss how we combat the Asian menace to our people. Not only are they corrupting our youth, they corrupt our identity movements too. I am tired of seeing asian style cartoon characters representing out best and brightest because our dumbest and most subverted think anime is acceptable in white spaces. It never is and should be scorned as hard as posting Jewish pornography is. Either we are Europeans with our own culture or we're global mutts that take bits from Asia, India, Africa and Europe to make one big homosexual pile of shit like all the mud people do. We cannot have it both ways and the later option is undeniably Jewish.
>>42392 >purity spiraling this hard
>>42394 You call it purity spiraling to want Europeans to identify with European culture and not Asian culture? Will you call it purity spiraling when someone wants to bring their Asian wife to white identity movements too?
(76.24 KB 570x726 cartoons 01.jpg)
>>42396 exactly, they are race traitors and deserve the rope
>>42396 No, that is clear cut. Asian wife would not be allowed to attend "white identity movements" if I was in charge. Nevertheless, >purity spiraling this hard Your blogpost isn't moving far right ideology forward. This is a regressive conversation that I have seen hashed many times and borders on subtle DnC/subversion.
>>42411 There is no where for far right ideology to go. It's already at it's conclusion in regards to what people want and until a time comes when it's implementable it's pointless to go more in depth on. Discussing a clear and present danger to white children, especially white male children is a fair discussion. There are plenty of pro-whites who expect a white ethnostate to be full of anime and manga. They will want to import Asian media and buy Asian computer hardware to play Asian games on. If this is allowed then Asians will have more influence on the future of our society than we will. The way Jews subvert isn't by getting the adults on board, they get the children who then grow up and force their children even deeper into the subversion. Anime was brought into the west by furries and Jews, if those are the two core groups responsible why do you consider it to be a purity spiral to reject it?
>>42392 IDGAF about chinks, and this is future shit, I don't have the power to ban it, nobody bans it either because, Jews, again. >>42413 if we want to talk about the whole subversion thing think we should consider all those porn ads and resend click holes deliberately targeting kids etc, (((who))) is paying for it? Who is popularizing it? commercially. Jews import and translate most trannime commercially. Hiro doesn't care becuase japs buy it, so he just draws some extra shit for Schlomo who uses his obscene market weight to literal PUSH DEGENERACY TRENDS INCURRING, LOSSES FOR MULTIPLE YEARS UNTIL ITS SOMEWHAT "PROFITABLE" JUST TO DAMAGE US, THAT'S WHAT KIKES DO. Just look at hollywood, hollywood has lost a shit ton of money, they are on a losing streak but they keep producing, because it's damaging propaganda. TLDR: It's the fucking jews. Remove Jews and their golems and we will have a future again.
>>42413 >There is no where for far right ideology to go. It's already at it's conclusion in regards to what people want and until a time comes when it's implementable it's pointless to go more in depth on. lol ok. you might as well fuck off then. there is still plenty to talk about, like sharing posters and pamphlets to pass out to community members. focus on practical irl measures to move the ball forward and connect whites in a meaningful way. overintellectual faggots, no need to discuss everything to death. >There are plenty of pro-whites who expect a white ethnostate to be full of anime and manga. arguing about things you have no control over. wasting more precious time. who the fuck cares?
>>42407 Fuck off jew. We know who the real enemy is, and it's only YOU. You brought al all these immigrant groups into our lands, antagonized them against us and think we're dumb enough to waste our time fighting your pawns. You are dead wrong.
>>42425 Do you think life is a video game where only one enemy attacks you at a time? China is buying up entire towns in Europe and renting them back to the natives. They're out jewing the jews. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2018-china-business-in-europe/
>>42427 >China China is ZOG East. They are doing what they were programmed to do, which is serve the jew. Communism destroyed any sentient life or morals that existed among them. They function merely as a vassal for World Jewry now, to complete their World Government aim.
>>42461 And ZOG east is as dangerous as ZOG west.
>>42753 >tyrannical Nazis and Commies. Or you could grow a brain and realize the only solution to communism is something just as fanatical and ruthless. Fascism is ALWAYS a response to communist poison. You cannot reason with insanity, this is the conclusion Hitler came too, George Lincoln Rockwell and many more.
>>42392 >All of these things have their roots in Asia Even worse (esp. by all your opinion, and less documented in minds), there is an Shanghai-originating (of legally pornophobic nation) "pretending to be KGB+T" abomination called XiuRen (秀人网) on Civilisation of Earth, doing silent circlecropping for their only audiences' nation to attempt overcoming while closest-while-legal. So they are really the embracement efforts with all kinds of their obfuscations developed and performed from nonexistent representations, "dire to apocalyptic". "Primal fear in the strange dimension" - Quake.
(39.00 KB 300x334 300px-Weaboos_anime.jpg)
>>42392 >>42407 You make joke out of Japan, Japan make joke out of your children.
>>42778 Ok boomerbot.
>>42809 The jews call them goyim for a reason. Tagged, desexed, drugged up, and fed a steady diet of grains and outrage/entertainment. The goy has but one goal in life: to feel good all the time. If the phone makes the goy feel good then why would he question its other attributes?
>>42809 No one cared back then either. Government doesn't need to wire tap shit any more. Every phones running Android and Google are happy to turn on the mic and camera for them at any time.
>>42392 Your comment on how white identity movements know more about anime than european culture is poignant. Its something i have always found distasteful among people like nick Fuentes. Its also the nihilistic nature of the "meme-ing"- they mock everything yet propose nothing. I mean its great to have a generation with less stringent alliances to internationalist/equality doctrines, but all their leaders are nihilists too. A true european movement will be what it always has, incorporating the old and new- but to incorporate the old we must understand it, which no modern white identarian leader does. At most they attempt to use the modern regimes terminology against it (eg promoting "democracy", or "free speech" as if these values existed without deep biological and historical context)- which is a weak move. I find it infuriating how my fellow brits know so little about their national treasures and peoples (Elizabeth I, Cromwell, Cramwell, Pugin to name a few). Hell, most of them do not even know who Fred Dibnah is! And then I remember how sad political movements nowerdays are- to be all about ideas and never about action; I'm not even sure if REAL political organisation (as a cultural force) is possible anymore? Look at politics before 1930s: its all people (granted with some crazy ideas) willing to fight and die for a cause...and the modern "right" is scared of antifa! Commie cucks with weedling arms...if antifa was transported to 1920s america ALL of them would be gone/have shut up, in a week. I hate it when weeb political activists talk about things like culture, discipline and honour. Dont know why, but knowing grown men watch cartoons is just a bit disturbing? I get why it happens, and I dont blame them all outright (we've all been handed a pile of shit), but this must be a sentiment they themselves understand.
>>42836 Nicks a spic and potentially a Jewish spic so he's a great poster child for white identity movements in the current year. He hangs around with homosexual cam whores and zionists attend his conferences. You couldn't get more "white" than that. White nationalism is different to ethnic nationalism due to it's mutt nature. If everyone with pale skin is the same national group then Nick is a great representative of that. Mystery meat inc. if you will. Creating a history archive would be useful. Not only dry reading material, videos and audio books too. Lots of content to dig into and get people better in touch with their national history. People aren't scared of antifa noodle arms, they're scared of noodle arms writing twitter posts. WTF? I will defend watching cartoons in some cases. If you're a big Godzilla fan and decide to watch the anime Godzilla trilogy they made recently I won't condemn you for it. There's a difference between enjoying something and making it your life style. Weebs life styles are all degenerate and self destructive. Total self destruction through slow death of the soul and physical body. It's especially bad they try to force it on others and cry like a Jew when you tell them image boards aren't made for weebs by weebs, even in Japan where they're originally from. They sperg out like Tarrant poster did and start spamming pedophile cartoons at you in an ultra combo of autism. I can't decide if it's autism or if it's feds running gay ops every time I check out an alt tech website. If it's video related it's full of Q bullshit and people running the MAGA grift some how. If it's not then it's 90% weeaboos vying for attention from each other by posting the most inane or degenerate thing. It's a fire hose of attention seeking engulfing the leaky tap of worth while content.
>>42838 All good points. You're right about cartoons, we've all seen the Simpsons 'eh? There is a difference between entertainment and lifestyle. I like the idea of a history archive- something I was conversing about today with regards to wikipedia is relevant (especially their history pages); a lot of history on wikipedia is narrative and factual rather than functional i.e. they describe events without providing any real background as to how and why things worked. I think a webbook for different ethnics and their functional history (eg How englishmen did and have come to view kings is and was very different to the russians, despite the fact we use the same "word" or "hierarchy" to describe it). One of the things I hate the most about this descriptive history is it allows any regime to taint the truth with their own flavour- a good example is the description of the English parliament being established via vague notions of freedom (as our regime masquerades as a democracy, this is the correct flavour to add), despite the fact the concept of a parliament in the english sense was a very hard, solid, factual institution created by specific people in specific circumstances, with very little to do with freedom as we conceive it. A chronological/ timeline or web for the history and interaction of each ethnic would be an excellent tool and resource.
>>42839 Have you gone back and watched Simpsons lately? It's really Jewish. I never noticed growing up but it's obvious checking back now. Wikipedia history is unfortunately the world we live in. No one cares about context they want a single article on a single event. One day Hitler for absolutely no reason decided to kill all the Jews is the modern version of history and I don't see a solution to that. Attention spans are too short for proper news articles these days, it's just headlines scrolling by in social media windows.
>>42841 I've been rewatching the "Golden era" simpsons lately yes. I mean I am young, so I don't really have much to compare it to- I just used to watch it after school etc. I get the references now, but now that I do it has sort of made it less funny (If thats the right word?). It used to just be the funny cartoon of a dysfunctional family- now I see it as the normalization of the cruddyness of modern america (speaking as a brit so what do I know), along with all the egalitarian garbage. I cannot even sit through an episode of the modern series- at least the originals flowed, the modern ones are just unnatural, coarse etc. But I get a lot of sinister feelings from modern animations, don't know why, just all seems off- and I don't just mean the fact they are "Jewish"- its in adverts, childrens entertainment, animated movie trailers etc they all make me feel very uneasy: I thought it was just the colours so I ran some through black and white filters but I still got that "creepy" sensation. But maybe I'm just being retarded. Its that sensation that made me write as I did about cartoons here>>42836
>>42842 It's dysfunctional in a uniquely jewish way. Skinner is the jewish child who never leaves his mother's skirt behind. Krusty is the jew who's lost his father but still acts extremely jewy which upsets his father because he's bringing shame to the jews while raking in money from the goyim. Homer is the dumb father who should listen to his brainwashed daughter lecture him about current issues (and the simpsons had a lot of these which today we consider normal). Dinosaurs is another case of this. Where on the surface it's funny but if you catch some episodes it's full on political spergfest propaganda aimed at you. Which is a real shame since it's such a well put together series. Sitcoms live and die on current events and always have jewish writers helming them. The bong government have published papers on using Eastenders and Coronation street to subvert middle age women and use those to brow beat the rest of the family into current issues acceptability.
>>42841 I hated the new seasons. The first ten (or thirteen if I were to be generous) were the golden era of Simpsons. Like it, it has jewish propaganda. Anything nowadays is kike propaganda. But I follow a rule where anything made in the before era is a lot better than anything made now. Golden era Simpsons was hilarious. I just didn't really appreciate the Lisa character. All libshit. And homer being stupid all the time, although that's technically how the show works. It would've been nice if throughout the seasons he improved or something, with the nature of the jokes changing as he does too.
>>42909 >muh freeeeeeeeeeedom >tyrannical Nazis Troll, shill, or genuine retard? Which is it bub
>>42910 That was 'gookbot' (aka 'boomerbot'), a copy paste spammer that makes a couple posts here (as well as a couple other IB's) nearly everyday. Most posts are deleted before they are noticed, though some times the one liners slip through the cracks. A few were left up for reference. >>37210 >>38147 >>38153 >>38429 >>38429 >>39063 >>39476 >>39861 >>40909 >>40259 Also our (CREST) thread >>40931 was gookbot themed and most discussion was about him (the CVG edition name is relevant as well)
>>42913 Roger that, acknowledged!
(1.17 MB 1920x1080 2020-09-23_DPRK.png)
>>42392 1. "Asian" - do you mean Hindu? Muslim? Or are you a stupid fat American and by "Asian" actually mean what the rest of the world calls Mongoloid? Do you measure in feet and Fahrenheits, too? 2. Americans are also weird in that they have Mongoloids in their own country for some reason. 3. Actual Mongoloids in the DPRK and China have the best shot at avenging Hitlerian Germania with nuclear fire by puncturing the fat belly of the neo-Christian empire. Quite grim, but I cannot see a good future where America does not burn.
>>42934 obvious name fag that is pals with gook bot. Americans have a jewish deep state that is slowly dissembling america from inside out by allowing these fucking slants in the country in the first place. Any hint of "immigration regulation inside the government is treated as harsh wrongthink. Most Americans, even the lower middle class, dont want to live with niggers or chinks, no matter what the media tells you. Give me the chance to live as a mongloid in north korea and a white in America, any sane individual is going to pick white, time after time. Propaganda there is futile, since most of these chinks already believe in what ever superiority their country is. The joke is on them though things like the one child policy although not active now, has pretty much slayed china in becoming truly powerful- it created an age gap of working citezens, wait a decade or so, china, DPRK whatever will be as stagnate as ever before
I disagree with some points. I do agree those that have miscegenation in mind should be at the very least admonished and at most eliminated. However too many here conflate or rather see examples of enjoyment to be sexual in nature, an infatuation with non-Europeans. Too many here dilute ideas to their most primitive and most basic removing good qualities in things or people simply because of minor infractions. Should Fascist ideals remain true to their past. Yes, but it should also grow. Fascism, it's thoughts and most important of all it's growth should not be held back simply because a form of media is unsightly to some. Fascism/National Socialism are mergers of many things from ancestral pride to the betterment of future generations, from ecological preservation to the capability of various advancements in technology. Again too many here choose the most extreme of thoughts and ideas rather than be level headed in their approach with exception to the jewish question who will always be an enemy of Europe are there problems with what would be the most obvious example put forth of "feminized indoctrination" yes. Anime has problems, but to abandon it all together because some dysgenic malcontents enjoy it is utter idiocy. If the opportunity allows for Fascist/National Socialist thoughts to seep in because of some themes within a show, it should be exploited not given away. Anime will exist even with the disapproval of some here and it will be appropriated for political gain. Instead I say they should be used for a good cause and should be synonymous with Fascism as to dissuade subversive elements from using it. What I am not saying is engulfing yourself in Japanese animation and its merchandize should be held up as examples to follow. Rather is it important to understand why they have left western now jewish media and entertainment as Im sure many here feel the same. Rather than ignore or worst yet dismiss a problem it should be dealt with in a manner that favors Fascists though instead of jewish ones. Europeans were once the epiphany of culture, arts and all manner of entertainment and it should once again not only reach those heights but far surpass them. If you want to blame a group as to why kids would rather watch foreign animation rather than engulf themselves in the history and culture of Europe there is but one group that deserves that blame. Please excuse my writing style as its not my forte
>>42934 Everyone should laugh at, and ignore this Nazbol retard. "Asians" refers to North East Asians, because they are the only ones in Asia that actually matter, intellectually speaking.
>>43165 No, Asians mean chinese, korean, japanese etc.
>>42934 fake Korea should rule everything
>>43172 >No, Asians mean chinese, korean, japanese etc. That's what I said, anon.
We'll all be living in caves after everything is outlawed, but then you can be sure that living in caves will soon be banned in order to protect endangered bats.
>>42753 >tyrannical Nazis You're glowing kike, we call see you >>42407 D&C grahics created by a jew, how creative for a jew shill, not.
>>43601 We ALL see you. Ah, yes we do. You should use you jewish name and it wouldn't make you look any more jewish
>>43602 Fuck off sagekike, you suck at being subversive.
Why not set the minimum wage at $1000 per hour and rents at $10 per month? Free money! Everyone knows that the USSR was such a huge success. What could go wrong?
>>42780 why is the nigger's hairline so far back? I mean my hairline looks like it was sponsered by McDonalds, but holy fuck that guy looks like a somalian. Shit got send back so hard I almost mistaken it for rosa parks.
>>42392 The true eternal struggle is that of the K-selected nobles against the r-selected masses. Asians are our allies against the Muslim/Nigger Horde.
>>43710 T. 50 cent army
>>43710 >Ching chong we grorious asians are honorary aryan ching chong Seethe harder, gook. You will always be a tiny-dicked automaton who will never be white.
(2.44 MB 1748x1348 1596241597637.png)
>>42392 This image does a decent job showing the split between the ancient jomon and the yayoi that entered Japan in around 1000BC. It's a bit too biased because the ainu/jomon make up maybe 15% of modern Japanese DNA. Still there was a large amount that was in the samurai and warrior castes. You just need to look at the facial hair to see beards and mustaches on many historical Japanese figures. Japanese anime and manga is not perfect, especially post 2015 and with trash like Netflix getting their hands deeper into it. It still provides a much more genuine and real source of entertainment than anything in Hollywood or western mass media.
(366.58 KB 1670x1653 Anime is white full.jpg)
>>42392 A lot of anime is either infantilizing or straight up child porn. Pedophilia is a huge problem in Japan. My brother used to love Japanese culture and then he discovered their pedophilia and was totally repulsed. The characters proportions are all based on Whites but the characteristics are infantile. Also the bug people are pretty degenerate in general. They are not something that any White person should ever emulate or desire to engage.
please i need dubs sir i just want to be loved
>>45099 Japan has much, much lower rates of child molestation than the West, as well as lower rates of rape and sexual assault. Really makes you think
>>45104 ...and less murder, less assaults, less theft, less everything Because they have less niggers and shitskins >Really makes you think Retard
>>45104 >lower rates of child molestation Due to the fact their parents, especially the mothers, are much more protective. Also I imagine the reporting rates are also lower. Kids that do happen to get assaulted are likely more inclined to hid the fact from guardians, due to not wanting dishonor their parents or reputation
>>45104 >Japan has much, much lower rates of child molestation than the West, Jews haven't really taken hold yet there. Watch that change as more of them swam Japan.
>>42392 The problem is that while the single largest force for anti european sentiment, and the country that has destroyed the most of europe by far is on the brink of collapse, and all the pro-europeans can think of is how bad asia is for being a factor in the demise of the single largest threat to white existence ever. This board continually deletes and bans people who point this simple fact out all the time.
>>42950 http://landssvik.no/London5.htm De allierte drepte flere nordmenn enn tyskerne gjore. De allierte drepte flere dansker enn tyskerne gjore De allierte drepte flere franskmenn enn tyskerne gjore De allierte drepte flere nedlendere enn tyskerne gjore De allierte drepte flere belgere enn tyskerne gjore De allierte drepte flere ukrainere enn tyskerne gjore De allierte drepte flere polakker enn tyskerne gjore De allierte drepte flere latviere enn tyskerne gjore De allierte drepte flere estoniere enn tyskerne gjore De allierte drepte flere littauere enn tyskerne gjore De allierte drepte flere moldovere enn tyskerne gjore De allierte drepte flere finner enn tyskerne gjore De allierte drepte flere italienere enn tyskerne gjore De allierte drepte flere tsjekkere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere serbere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere palestinere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere tyrkere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere slovakere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere romenere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere bulgarere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere russere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere georgere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere persere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere egyptere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere grekere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere ungarere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere syrere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere irakere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere tunisere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere libyanesere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere algerere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere marrokanere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere indere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere kinesere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere koreanere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere vietnamesere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte flere tyskere enn tyskerene gjore De allierte drepte ikke bare flere folk enn tyskerene, de drepte helt u-beskrivelige mengder fler i alle forhold i alle land på alle basis. Om du tar med utfallet av den russiske revolusjonen så drepte de alleirte flere jøder enn tyskerene. Vant virkelig de snille? svaret på dette spørsmålet er hollocaust.
>>45355 Yellow saviour is an even more retarded pipedream than anyone believing a major white nationalist movement could ever spring from America. >Asia Just be honest and specify your fixation on China, faggot.
>>45364 the precept, gooknigger.
>>42392 Despite all its faults, and there are many, anime does have more instances genuine artistic expression than Western cartoons, which is why people latch on to it. If you want people to admire Western works, then works worth admiring need to come out of the West. The last great European animator I can think of is Marcell Jankovics, and he's dead
(35.55 KB 640x400 1605337431461.jpg)
>>42392 I find this argument really interesting, since I came from a different angle. I didn't have friends growing up, nor did many other weebs so we bonded over anime and created our own areas. Over time as we progressed through age we all became interested in politics, I went down the national socialist pipeline like many other weebs while some chose the faggot side. But what I find so interesting is that weebs pulled me into national socialism, I have to to realize that if I never was originally not a weeb. I would have never become a natsoc. I think anime has created more real natsocs than any other media, but I know the other side is disgusting and more horrid then many of you know. They are not good people, they are trannys, fags, niggers, and pedos. But I still know there is an other side to anime that pulled me in the right direction.
>>45952 I can empathize completely. I grew up on 4chan and all the autistic shit people talked about on it, but I had been a libtard until I got out of high school. My first red pills took shape in the negative reactions I got defending fags and women from Islam, ironically coming from fags and women. Depending on how reductive you want to get, a fuck-ton of anime can be boiled down to anti-globalist plot. There is always some underdog working to overthrow an impossible force. Another blatant example of pro-white Japanese media is Zelda. There is nothing more clear in its message than that series, an Aryan hero undoing the damage of Semitic usurpers. The Japanese have been good allies to Europeans and I think their old spirit still lingers even now through all the poz. Even this style of communication is largely their invention.
>>45952 A lot of it has fascist and imperialistic undertone. Many nips long for a return to their old ways. The jew fears the samurai etc.


no cookies?