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The Great Reset Anonymous 03/19/2021 (Fri) 00:23:44 No. 42845
Do you think these Technocrats/Marxists will ever have their plan realized? Especially by 2030? It pains me to think that most people are so fucking stupid that they'd let these assholes, who have openly said they'd take our rights away, to come to power.
(1.73 MB 1054x749 1607574454435.png)
>>42845 Interesting question. You could have put a little more effort into this thread. There is a lot to say on this topic. Given the short nature of your OP, I' ll respond in kind: yes, technically. Their plans are semi-fluid, so what we end up with may not be exactly like what they're telling us their goals are today. There are a lot of stupid and/or brainwashed people out there. Just look at the anons on 16/b/ posing about "Among Us" even if ironically. These people are totally lost and are not worth any effort in saving at this stage. The time for attempting to reach "critical mass (understanding)" has come and gone in my estimation. There are still many people doing their best to fight against the implementation of this "new normal." Essentially what is being rolled out is "the beast system." They have moved beyond the prototyping phase, and are in the testing phase of various methods for implementing the mark of the beast. They are further consolidating power through COVID by shutting down small businesses. One of the main goals seems to be the total eradication of all "independent producers." Small businesses, independent workers... all of these are deemed "nonessential." Alex Jones refers to this as "vertical integration." We will see further degradation of the currency so they can roll out a new centralized (probably crypto based) currency, possibly a global currency. They are conditioning the public to receive government handouts. Many "nonessential citizens" now make more from unemployment than they did working. This is not by mistake. I could go on quite a bit more, but I'm really peeved at the low quality of your OP. Fuck you.
>>42848 Thanks for the reply! I apologize for the shallowness of my OP. I figured the responses, if any would open up the floor for deeper discussion on this. What I really wanted to get at discussing was what measures we could take to stop/delay this? I feel like one of the obvious answers would be whistleblowing over platforms like Gab (or Parler if it ever were to return). But I feel like even there our warnings wouldn't be heard because it would be drowned out by QAnon bullshit and rants about the typical liberal. The entirety of the Alt-right needs to understand that it is the Technocrats that are the puppetmasters and maybe then we would have a chance. Many people believe that Trump stands in the way of the technocrats winning, and are hopeful that he will win come the 2024 elections. But these last elections have shown that our votes can be completely discounted and subdued. So what's not to say that they will pull some monkey shit like this again in 2024? The state governments and our right to bear arms seem to be the only thing standing in the way of our enslavement. And I believe that the state governments (especially the ones in swing states) need to take these next 3 years to take preventative measures against voter fraud. They also need to form unions with other conservative states and develop ways for the states to become self-sufficient and self-sustaining, so that in the event that their efforts to prevent voter fraud are fruitless, they are ready to immediately secede and mobilize should the technocrat UN or the US try to reclaim them. What say you?
>>42849 Voting is over. Long gone. I had my own speculations before Trump, and now they have been concerned. Do not waste your time with anything beyond local elections, and don’t even waste your time with those if you aren’t attending town meetings and speaking to your local representatives directly. We will not be able to vote our way out of this, that much is certain. Many of the options that remain cannot be discussed on the internet. Everyone, everywhere is asking what we can do. That is the trillion dollar question, isn’t it? What you must ask yourself is this: if I gave you the answer, would you do it? The reason it seems like nothing is being done is that everyone wants to solve this from their computer chairs. It’s not going to happen that way. Most of those “aware” want to run away somehow. They want to protect themselves and their families. This is global, there is no running away. The way to protect your family is to fight against is. Where should you put your money? We should be investing in an army.
>>42851 *confirmed
>>42845 >Rights You're already off track. You have no rights, there is no such thing as a God given right. You have as much freedom as the nearest violent person wishes to let you have, who in turn has the same amount of freedom granted by the person able to extend their violence beyond what he is able to fight off. Rights are a dumb idea pushed by lefties enabling them to dismantle strong leaders through slow knit picking like fleas on a dog slowly bleeding it dry. >>42849 Voting was never real. It's always been heavily controlled by the elites. They discovered they can use soft power to avoid revolts against them. Instead of declaring themselves victors they offer you a slap with the left or the right hand. Your option amounts to the same thing but after 4 years of your left cheek being sore you pick the right one because it's the lesser of two evils at that point. >>42851 Everyone wants someone else to solve the problem but there's no solution possible. The elites are a big, slowly dying giant. Their ideology is not sustainable and it will collapse under it's own weight. The problem is the giant has incredible strength even while it dies so it will constantly lash out at anything it can until it gives up the ghost. The only thing you can do is to avoid getting hit by it and wait for it to bleed out. Giants can take decades or centuries to do that which is the reality we face. Even larpers demanding a race war RIGHT FUCKING NOW have no chance of winning one. Jews have infinite money and factories to make weapons of war able to kill you before you know it's there. Spics have the cartel, Muslims have oil barons and smuggling networks. Asians have China and own most the industry the Jews don't. What do white people have? Not even families any more, certainly not communities and we barely hold any land or ability to make things (Covid fucked this in the ass even worse than before). A question better asked is less about now but about the next century. With every collapse of civilization technology is lost and we claw ourselves back to where we were before. With todays ability to mine so deep for fossil fuels and to make things so difficult to manufacture so easily are we able to recover from a collapse this time? What if the internet isolates humanity from each other so bad it kills the species off or reduces it to such a state it never is able to reach this level of technology again? The fermi paradox comes to mind and is worth considering if you want to think big picture rather than little picture (where there are no real solutions right now, despite my wishes other wise). You could always say "The people killing the world have names and addresses", but they've been public knowledge and doxxed for years now and stuff is so cucked the only people taking a crack were Bernie supports going after cuckservative baseball games. If your solution is hardcore (sexual) violence you're still left with the problem of obvious targets being out there and despite this the lone wolf style attacks go after massage parlors. As a solution it's not working when part A and B of your plan refuse to interact with each other despite both parts supposedly being the same plan. I don't think random violence against people is a solution, it's part of the symptoms of the problem no matter which side is holding the gun. You would need multiple groups coordinating to be effective and that doesn't exist. Even then it wouldn't change who's in charge unless you all go full Anakin and that's impossible with how spread out people are and how easy they can communicate from behind a screen in a bunker you will never find let alone assault. The elites are a hydra with a million heads, cutting one off and the rest disappear while sending their golems to hunt you down. tl;dr if we had a solution we'd be doing it. We don't and our enemies aren't as stupid as you wish they were.
>>42854 >The problem is the giant has incredible strength even while it dies so it will constantly lash out at anything it can until it gives up the ghost. Exactly.
>>42853 >This is fourth generation warfare (4GW). In this type of warfare it is sufficient for the defending side to just hold on. Be prepared to go to hold on against stupidly lopsided odds for long periods. The enemy needs ever increasing amounts of other people's stuff to give to his mobs. If that free stuff is not forthcoming then his mobs will turn on him. Hence, a siege mentality, and scorched earth: denying the enemy the spoils of victorys, but more importantly, the feeling of victory. Hey Tyrone, those white people in rural bumfucknowhere have stuff. Go take it from them. Yas bos. You're cucking out to God here. Tyrone doesn't need your approval to win. If he rapes your family and tortures you then he's already won. He doesn't need your gold watch to enjoy raping your pre-teen daughter and holding your head under boiling water until you drowned as the water burns your lungs. I don't get into internet slap fights over religion. It's a waste of time but if God cared about you beating niggers then all the niggers would be dead already. Religion will not save you from a nigger with a club only guns and men can do that. https://concit.org/media-silence-on-the-deaths-and-torture-of-white-african-farmers/ Check that article and tell me where your fucking God was for those white people. He sure as fuck wasn't helping them win now was he? Back on topic for Op and his claim to rights. >https://www.thesouthafrican.com/lifestyle/home-invasions-defending-myself/ This is what your rights look like. Discussing the rights of the people invading your home in south africa and how wrong it is to shoot them unless they're trying to kill you. Fuck rights, Fuck niggers, Fuck liberalism.
>>42857 Those thought leaders are going to do you really well when Tyrone rolls in with his fellow military niggers isn't it? Nice same fagging BTW. Really obvious.
Glowies sure are pumping for a shooting kek. Fucking FBI should go kill its own niggers for a change. It's about time those stupid apes did some work.
>>42862 What is happening in South Africa, and Europe, and the United States, and Great Britain, and the other western nations is terrible, and I wish that it would stop, but it won't, and there is nothing I can do about people who reject God, reject reality, continue on as though we are not in a war with people who wish to exterminate every last white person from the face of the earth, will not get behind that fucking line, choose God, and surrender themselves unto our Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation.
>>42864 They smell blood from the coomer shooter. They are hoping for copycats.
>>42863 Are you tarrant sperg? Are you going to shit up the board for calling you retarded and unrealistic in your larping attempts? >>42867 Summers coming which means chimp out and violence.
>>42869 Micheal Jackson and I'm whiter than you are sperg
>>42871 Tarrant was legit and had nothing to do with Mossad.
>>42873 I am third party man. You seem to be posting about yourself again. Safest course of action is to take your meds so "God" stops talking to you.
(58.82 KB 640x425 CIzeMmYl.jpg)
>>42863 Based, get behind the line anon >>42865 >Injecting semite deities into these decent posts Holy shit you're acctually the first person I've seen that has mentioned these semitic deities and came out sounding reasonable in a fucking entire year. I say organize and/or kill them, and actually whatever you want as long as it throws a monkey wrench in the cogs, damages the jew machine and his npc's. I'm going to reccomend a book despite it's kike author, Rules for radicals. Great book.
>>42878 Rules for radicals is how to deconstruct things. It's not how to build or sustain things. Following it only works for the left.
ITT samefag d/c bullshit t. mod
>>42881 Tarrant sperg?
Sounds about right. Can say unequivocally there was no mod posting >>42876 >>42877 clearly d/c, samefag
>>42883 Fuck you you nigger, I'm going back to /b/.
>>42880 No the book is a decent springboard of ideas, and if nothing to take from and get inspired at least you get to learn about the enemy. We've literally deconstructed the entire internet into censorship just by truthfully disagreeing mixed up with humor and trolling which has redpilled millions of people. Consider that even boomers don't have sympathy for shitskins or nigs anymore after strong-arm resistance fighters like tarrant. Everyone's pissed off we have to stoke the flames by any means.
>>42886 (deleted) Or how about you just go fuck yourself?
>>42885 Millions of people red pilled and not a single person acting is an extremely depressing scenario. It would mean whites are so passive their own defense is posting pepe on facebook.
>>42889 You mean aside from, your d/c derailing kikelike shit isn't going to fly here?
>>42890 Tarrant poster is known on /fascist/. He follows the board around and tries to get it kicked off and disrupt it. He's going to keep trying it as long as you let him instead of removing him on sight.
(2.71 MB 352x480 jew york crime surge7.webm)
>>42888 Not a single person? Lol there's been a lot of action recently, more than ever and even more to come. Also in case you don't understand white's aren't literal chimp brain niggers so it takes a bit more to get us going that's why I'll also recommend inciting violence behind 7 proxies to break that taboo and let other people know it's supported and they shouldn't just say a kill themselves(suicide epidemic) because they're depressed and take out some jay's with them on the way out. Kikes are very scared of incitement as they are with any actual resistance evidently, or maybe not so evidently as there are niggercattle brainlets out there talking about "fedposting" which is only relevant when the zogbot knows and baits the victim and can catch him before he does anything. Violence only bad when whites do it and not the niggers vid related happens in Jew York every week, if not every day, that's all glossed over and not a problem though because it's diverse and non white violence.
>>42893 It's been 60 years since governments declared it open season on white countries. 60 years since the invasion began and you're expecting white people to suddenly wake up now? Gen Z and Gen A are majority non-white. Your children are out numbered by shitskins and your adults are refusing to have children because they want to live hedonistic lives for instagram likes. The average age of a white person is now closer to grandparents (if they had kids to begin with) than it is children. That's extremely bad when every other demographic is in the opposite position. Gen Z will be fighting age in 5 more years and Muslims/Spics have no problem teaching young teenagers to kill whitey.
>>42903 >that I have no brothers here. I should hope not, as it should be known that whatever racialist views you may have, exist IN SPITE of your Judaic spiritual tendencies, just as they have for any other person of European descent. This is an obstacle, a monkey on our collective backs, which must be banished OR completely revamped, as groups such as the Cathars, Templars and National Socialists attempted to do. As for anyone who clings to Judaic Christianity, especially the sick and twisted American mcdonalds happy meal evangelical version, they are surely doomed. Anyone who identifies at any level with the Desert God of the Old Testament, that creature who gleefully brutalized not just other nations, but his own people as well, is a spiritual mess. To prostrate oneself before some deity one does not even understand, to beg for "forgiveness" regarding their own inherent sin, to wish and hope for external and foreign "salvation", these are the hallmarks of defeat, the spiritual war is already over for these people, despite their empty proclamations of "resistance to the New World Order", or other vapid nonsense. At least the Muslims are generally more "honest" with the obvious Abrahamic character of their faith, they literally prostrate themselves before Allah, complete and utter submission to the Demon Yahweh is their bread and butter. Christianity, on the other hand, primarily due to its' primary adoption by European peoples, and the consequential infusion of pre-Abrahamic, "Aryan" tendencies, has this unfortunate "half and half" approach, which simply prolongs the inevitable decline to the Judaic Oblivion which awaits all Hebraic worshippers, and is in fact the theological 'goal', for actual Jews.
>>42904 You're miscalculating the actual nature of non-white groups, as well as the actual problem of society. The majority of these immigrants and their descendants have been equally devoured by the nihilism of post-modernity. The digitized, sedentary and artificial society of the modern urban environment is doing just fine at destroying the humanity of any people group it captures. Regarding birth rates, you should know that beyond the first generation of immigrants, they completely plummet. Simply look to the long established African American population, their birthrate is collectively abysmal, well below the replacement rate, and only marginally above the truly horrendous White statistic. The Hispanic birth rate is also below the replacement rate, and the statistics I have seen point to "Asians", having a lower birth rate even than whites! It should be noted that rural whites, as well other populations of white Americans, have very good numbers, it is simply the vast majority of city dwellers who have abysmal rates, but so do other ethnic groups in cities as well. >Gen Z will be fighting age in 5 more years and Muslims/Spics have no problem teaching young teenagers to kill whitey. Beyond the occasional riot and pogrom of enthused youth, like we saw in America and other nations last summer, these people will simply rot alongside the white population, as they are churned up by the influence of modernity.
>>42906 You’d have been better off quoting Nietzsche. Now I know you’re a green twinklypoof.
>>42922 Nietzsche was a desperate fool who tried to derive some sense of meaning, vigor, and purpose from a materialistic, despiritualized reality. A pragmatic effort, but ultimately completely futile. There is a world of spirituality beyond the filth of Judaic nonsense, the difficult thing is seeing it clearly. 2000 years of various degrees of Judaic subversion will do that to a people.
>>42941 >Nietzsche was a desperate fool who tried to derive some sense of meaning, vigor, and purpose from a materialistic, despiritualized reality. A pragmatic effort, but ultimately completely futile. Agree, that was my point. Nietzsche said the same thing, better. >There is a world of spirituality beyond the filth of Judaic nonsense, the difficult thing is seeing it clearly. 2000 years of various degrees of Judaic subversion will do that to a people. Disagree.
>>42944 >Agree, that was my point. Nietzsche said the same thing, better. So Nietzsche said that he was a fool, and that his entire materialistic philosophical effort was in vain and false? What are you even saying? I'd be surprised if you have read even a single page of Nietzsche, beyond the "God is Dead" meme. >Disagree Good argument kiddo!
>>42949 >disagree I was censored for elaborating on this topic.
>>42951 I see, I suppose your outspoken admiration and worship of a Jewish deity was enough to provoke even these mods. Haha you must have gone full on kike my friend!
>>42974 Yes, full kike indeed *rubs hands vigorously*
>>42904 >men are scared/precluded to have children because wymyn want to live hedonistic lives for instagram likes FTFY
As I suspected China is the blueprint for what is happening in the West today, and will be acting as the "enforcer" for the UN Agenda 2021, and 2030. The first piece of the puzzle in the World Government. This is why Rockefeller said "the social experiment in China has been a huge success".
>>43646 Who cares fag
>>43701 >>43697 >>43694 You fucking spergs are done derailing this thread