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(140.16 KB 500x566 soon-it-will-all-be-clean.png)
Racial Bio Weapon on Alex Jones Show Anonymous 03/28/2021 (Sun) 21:04:18 No. 43313
I have taken an interest in watching The Alex Jones show since last December leading up to the election. The reason for this being that many of Alex Jones' "prophecies" have come true within the last year, so I figured it would be interesting to listen a bit more on what he has to say. Indeed, Alex's audience has grown significantly in recent years, although he still constantly shills his wares as if he's going out of business every week. Part of my interest in watching the show is my hobby attempt at analyzing exactly what Alex's angle/game is. Is it a limited hangout? Is it controlled opposition? Alex himself has stated that the elites seem to have this pattern of "revealing the method" before they go through with their plans. Many speculate on the reasoning behind this peculiar pattern with theories ranging from some sort of karmic law to predictive programming. The true reason remains unclear. It is interesting Alex talks about this often, because he himself participates in "revealing the elites' plan beforehand." Now, the show is of course mostly infotainment and the vast majority of the show is too low-brow for me to stomach which works fine for me because I'm usually only half-listening at work. I can barely stand some of the guests, the callers are 95% retards, and Owen Shroyer is basically filler. Despite this, Alex occasionally drops nuggets here and there that make my ears perk up. The other day, Alex was talking about the "race agenda" which he often confronts from his centrist position (non-racist, interspersed with milquetoast race-realism). The interesting part was when he said the elites are flooding western countries with migrants to ultimately stoke a race war which will result in whites releasing a bio-weapon. Now that's interesting. Whites (or jews/globalists/elites) releasing a bio-weapon targeting browns. On the Alex Jones show. If I recall correctly, he then said the bio-weapon will "malfunction" and kill more than just brown people, greatly reducing the world population. Perhaps it's nothing, perhaps Alex was merely speculating. Perhaps there is more to it, and it will make more sense in a year or five. Anyway, just an interesting idea to toss around. As things stand, I don't think we have any whites in positions where they are working on such a weapon. But perhaps Mr. Global/jews are. >inb4 retards watch alex jones
why did you make a whole thread for this autism plz delete and throw it in https://16chan.xyz/pol/res/4985.html
>>43313 >The reason for this being that many of Alex Jones' "prophecies" have come true within the last year, so I figured it would be interesting to listen a bit more on what he has to say. lol
>>43323 One has to spend quite a bit of time prefacing anything involving Alex Jones lest subsequent replies repeatedly derail the topic into ad-homs against the poster and/or AJ,
(56.89 KB 481x382 image.jpg)
>>43313 To my surprise that greedy faggot Shekel Jones has actually been talking about white genocide, nigger criminals killing whites, invasion recently something i wasn't aware of. He won't talk about the Jews though, he's pretty much like a more rebellious trumpstein valve that has some effect but will never do enough, like capitol hill thing he was the first person to tell people to get the fuck out lol. Anyway smart people like us i presume know that visa and mastercard have literally shut people(actually real non infotainment opposition) down FOR YEARS already.
>>43386 2 ... If they really wanted they could crush Shekel Jones in 2 sec and force people to pay him with crypto only which is the last resort for people who are real and dangerous opposition which means they have actually been terrorized by the jews beyond getting banned on SOYincel media. Maybe he's gotten more brave now since he's gotten financial insulation, who knows.
(175.04 KB 762x1024 1593306930140.jpg)
>>43387 >If they really wanted they could crush Shekel Jones in 2 sec and force people to pay him with crypto only I think they actually tried to do this. I think they wanted more violence to occur at the capital riots to justify a gun grab and take down Jones for good. Instead he told people to get the fuck out, and this saved Jones. Jones has stated he is not fully anti violence, but he believes there is a correct time and place to attack, and to make sure to select the right targets. I agree with him on all of these points. It is a shame that Alex avoids the jewish question, but at the same time we can all agree that not all of our enemies are jews. Not trying to turn people away from the jewish problem, just stating facts. While it may be total disinfo bullshit, Jones states he is very close to getting taken down for good, and that he has to spend considerable amounts of his earnings on keeping payment processors and other back-end services. If we are to believe that Jones isn't controlled opposition or some other operation, there is actually a lot we can learn from Jones and it is unfortunate he is unable to share more about how he's able to run his business and keep broadcasting. This is assuming he isn't just another ruse which he likely is. Regardless, I still like to listen and take it with a grain of salt. In my opinion the jury is still out on Jones, though I understand why others might not share that opinion.
Jones is a limited hangout. He's a fake, just like Ali Akbar.
>>43604 Right of course but this implies that information is occasionally dropped. One figures said information is not dropped in a useful manner or comes too late, etc.
>Indeed, Alex's audience has grown significantly in recent years, although he still constantly shills his wares as if he's going out of business every week. Yup. Most of that shit is snake oil scam shit anyway so he is deserving of any jew calling/disrespect imo. He should make enough on ads, he still gets millions of views, even after being banned, greedy kike much? The fact that you can listen that fucking nonsense for 3 plus hours, says something. I would say the jews have you exactly where they want you. For the most part, he just spouts bullshit, some times he is right, yeah sure fine whatever, but he is resistant to talk about how kykes run the media, ZOG, poison our food, how white spirituality is subverted to the point of nothingness in society.
>>43713 I would say you lack discernment and psychological resilience.
>>43417 He's just a coward. These media types all are. Big mouth, 1776 will commence again, blah blah. He would run for the hills so fast if he felt his cummies were threatened just like he did january 6.
Chinks think praising tyranny means that they will be safe from the police state, but no one is safe in a police state. Even dictators can be toppled.
He's (((controlled opposition))) from the start and have many ties with mossad and cia, but sometimes he drop some truth in order to regain credibility and "stay afloat". So filter what he says, but never forget that in 2017 he's married to jewess and raising a new jewish children. Some of stuff Alex says were true: https://www.notion.so/Alex-Jones-Was-Right-82524510f303450b9f957fcf01d03ae8
The JEWS say that vaccines will help you live forever, but who wants to live in a police state?
gookbot spam (filtered)
>>43799 >>43845 Getting a bit cheeky are we, chinkbot?
>>43846 kek, word filter for (a)mericans and (e)lite
I watch far more of Jonestein than I should. I'll try to summarize what I can remember off the top of my head: - Jones has been married twice, both to Jewesses. Make of that what you will. - He frequently talks about having connections to people in military, intelligence, etc. Is he a federal plant, being used by feds, or a good guy who has linked-up with other good guys, I can't say for sure. - Jones and Paul Joseph Watson used to talk openly about the Israeli lobby's control of America and their connection to 9.11/ This changed somewhere around 2010-2012. They were either bought or threatened. Jones has strongly hinted that he has been threatened. For those who don't know, Mossad and Sayanim is crawling everywhere in the West. - He called 9/11 months before it happened. He did this by studying PNAC documents. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax48lP2O38g The thing Jones and others get right, is they immerse themselves in the writings and internal documents (memos, white papers, etc) of these Globalists. - Jones background was with patriot groups like the John Birch Society. - He won't really talk about White Genocide and Jewish Supremacism. He covers another angle which are these technocrats and this Anglo-American "elite" (See Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley) steeped in the occult. He summarizes this view in his documentary "Endgame" - He professes to be a Christian and often uses the refrain "he doesn't care what color you are. Humanity as a destiny to go to the stars." Jones has some Native American ancestry. He may very well be willfully ignorant to racial differences, as a lot of Christians are. .
>>43847 Ah, funny. I wasn't aware those had been added.
>>43849 Jones actually does cover the racial stuff quite a bit more recently. You can see his wheels turning as he attempts to weave it into his centrist tapestry. He hasn't figured out a way to put it all together in a way that will sit well with his multicultural, global audience so he continues to tip-toe. But he does cover it. You're right that he ignores jewish supremacism though. I wasn't aware he covered jewish influence in the past. Very strange he's married two jewesses. He's probably mossad controlled OP. Speaking of OP, I'm the OP and I too probably watch more Jones than I should. We have to remember that Alex has been doing this for almost three decades and is at an age and stage in his career where he is in his prime, firing on all cylinders as he approaches retirement years. His lies are probably more delicate and ornate than they have ever been, but at the same time, he does cover A LOT of truth and releases quality journalism. Others can shit on me for this thread all they like, it is an interesting time to be a Jones viewer.
>>43850 Didn't bother to announce, assumed A'mericans would be problematic and temporary. Guess could make more specific 'mericans say/think, 'mericans used to, 'mericans scream, etc.
>>43852 Nah it's fine I think it's pretty funny. Looking forward to seeing more reactions.
>>43851 Anytime he's talking about these technocrats and the Anglo-American "elite" that has risen-up the past century, he's pretty much over the target. He knows a lot about the Rothschilds and Israel (for example he knows they were behind 9/11) but has to tip-toe around it. By not explicitly mentioning the JQ or White Genocide, he has found a way to wake up people without getting dismissed by normies as a nazi. His coverage of the Covid haox has been excellent. His SPARS piece went viral. >his lies He also says a lot of random shit depending on who his guest is, or what his mood is. He mixes spectacle with truth to get the word out.
>>43854 agree on all points. when i say "his lies" i should really say lies of omission. i think he may hold some information back and release it in such a way so as to not get too ahead of the agenda. i'm aware how this sounds, i will have to sit on this longer to better explain what i mean.
Still nobody seems to know he's a jew, at least I haven't seen anybody expose him as a jew. I guess people think it's normal for a White man to become the biggest name in the (((alternative media))), work for jews, emply jews, and protect the jewish conspiracy for world domination for over 20 years and marry a jewess, and give his jewish children jewish names, etc. I'm calling him out here. Alex, you're a kike. Now let's see if this news spreads.
No one under 45 years old will ever know what freedom was and almost everyone under 55 will live to see the end of the USA.


no cookies?