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(16.37 KB 474x288 Flag.jfif)
US States & Their Borders Anonymous 03/28/2021 (Sun) 21:20:46 No. 43314
Case for Redrawing States & State Lines >The borders of the US states are almost on par with the borders of Africa in terms of how bad they are. That is regarding geography, population, culture, politics, ethnicity, resources. The passing of time has only made these things worse. >I myself come from a region with a strong secessionist movement out on the west coast. The state of Jefferson which wants to free itself from having to suffer under the rule of Portland & Sacramento governments. Whom ignore our concerns and who impose upon us the worst stupidity we vehemently disagree with. >We are not the only ones in the country with such sentiments, Many rural and urban region in other states would wish to separate from their own state to form their own or join a adjacent one they more align with. >Ultimately I believe the country would be better off for it if a national convention where hold to redraw state lines. We all ready re draw electoral districts as it is for political reasons. Why not instead resolve the larger issue of people being stuck together in the same state who do not want to be together or ruled by each other.
well duh they need to be changed there not based on natural borders at all
>>43314 >trial balloon Work on your English, nigger.
(70.87 KB 1200x750 PotentialSecessionPoints.jpg)
(502.76 KB 1333x1069 4StateSolution.png)
(44.42 KB 220x220 State_of_Lincoln.png)
(52.06 KB 480x571 Greater-Idaho-map-19p4.jpg)
(418.18 KB 1024x653 Greater-West-Virginia.gif)
There are multiple potential areas for secession/rearranged borders for states inside the US. I think most of them aren't really worth talking about or wouldn't achieve much. Others, like the various ideas around the Inland Pacific northwest or border counties changing Virginias, might have a little juice. I am skeptical of them, though, because I feel like they would just be used to reinforce libertarian-tinged patriotardism for people who don't really understand the German/continental character of real America First. Ultimately, I also don't think they go far enough. One could argue they are an intermediate step and I think that is fair enough.
>>43314 fuck redrawing states, at this point we need to redraw a whole new nation. The "haha you're going to be a minority soon whitey" always cracks me up because if things get bad enough, whites will just balkanize.
>>43317 What is a trial balloon?
>>43321 >at this point we need to redraw a whole new nation I mean US society has all ready kind of diverged to the point where we really should just split up. However that will never happen without a wider collapse and if that did happen we would just end up a shit hole like Syria or Yemen with a bunch of foreign powers intervening. So the more feasible fix is just to work out our internal borders.
>>43329 there is this thing called searching it up anon
>>43320 >One could argue they are an intermediate step and I think that is fair enough. That is essentially what it is about. Having a geographic area to build a society around with the political support of the local government.
>>43331 You're the one who brought it up so explain yourself.
(163.54 KB 1365x673 ioweoijewfjio.png)
>>43334 this is why we need fucking tags
>>43330 I think the criticism of just altering internal borders of states is that there is nothing in that step that stops the process that has been ongoing. There is no mechanism that stops someone who you don't want to move into the new area. In our current construct it just seems like a mechanism to get more "conservative" votes, which don't do anything because Anglo conservatism is a core pillar of the liberal rot.
>>43335 im retarded I ment IDS ffs
>>43336 >There is no mechanism that stops someone who you don't want to move into the new area. You are right that we can not impose inter state restrictions on travel. However the laws of a state still play a huge role in attracting or repelling groups of people. The laws of California and Texas both cause people to either stay/ move in or leave/not move in. It is also just about rural areas having adequate freedom from being ruled over politically by the population living in the city. The Corona laws of California and Oregon are a huge reason why a lot of people support the State of Jefferson after all. > which don't do anything because Anglo conservatism is a core pillar of the liberal rot. We are on the same page here.
>>43335 Unfortunately some of our newer nonwhite visitors are not intelligent enough to participate. It's too bad there isn't a way to keep them out. >>43337 I knew what you meant from context. See above. >>43336 >There is no mechanism that stops someone who you don't want to move into the new area. This is indeed the essence of the problem. The permeability of our borders. It is mental as much as it is physical. There is much that can be said on this topic. Speaking of balkanizing the US, I have heard some good theories that speculate on the "elites" doing this to the US intentionally. Something about it being a way for them to cut and run on the pension funds for the boomers that they stole and don't want to pay back. Too many boomers about to retire, life expectancy is way too long. Millenials and Zoomers can't afford to take care of the boomers at current levels of medical care. Supposedly partitioning the country would allow "them" an out from the pensions and healthcare while a smaller conflict and rapid change have the benefit of drastically lowering life expectancy for the general population. You know how "they" love to stack functions like they did with COVID. Anyway, just a theory I've seen... more events/information is necessary to see if we're heading this direction. I've even heard Bitcoin is being floated/used as part of this transition. Basically creating a Libertarian's wet dream. The larger rightwing public yearns for this "new US region" with some gold backed currency (or BTC). Some kind of return to reality. Of course by the time we get there, people will be desperate for such a place/thing. Right wingers already are. And so a new "nation" will be created, but we will be sold a well concealed lie, just like the US was a well concealed lie in the first place. More jewish/freemasonic tomfoolery. I have no idea if I'm making sense here. I haven't really put all these ideas together before. >>43338 >However the laws of a state still play a huge role in attracting or repelling groups of people. Excellent point. However just like in 2020, we will have a lot of liberals leaving their shitholes to live in the countryside with right wingers, ruining the quiet towns (schools more importantly) inhabited by conservatives. They want the freedom but they are incapable of maintaining it themselves. Gibsmedat-ism, etc.
>>43340 Maybe I misinterpreted, but did you imply that libertarianism was some kind of "return to reality"? You want to expound on that?
>>43341 You misinterpreted. I was referring to a sentiment felt by most on the right. A return to sound currency, a return to healthy social norms, marriage, children, less time watching TV. Math, science, English, history and physical education for the kids in school. "Reality." You get the idea. I claim these are shared interests among "libertarian types," National Socialists, cuckservatives, etc. If the United States were divided in half in some way, one of the regions would attract these types.
>>43343 Are you intentionally misrepresenting the things I say?
>>43343 >balanced budget >not printing trillions Yeah, goldbug kookery. Nice job killing the conversation. I knew this thread would go nowhere.
>>43347 You're just being a faggot. I don't give a shit about libertarianism. >I'm getting a vibe off you. Kill yourself immediately.
>>43349 Every point you made is bullshit and you know it. I'm done here. <Kill yourself.
>>43351 >zoomie's first ethnostate
>>43354 >naming other anons now what is this fucking autism
>>43353 you angling for more like supply side?
>>43356 i'm not an economist, faggot. angling for? who cares what the fuck i'm "angling for?" holy shit dude get a grip. we can't hold a neighborhood for ourselves and you want to talk about this shit? zoomers ruined this website.
>>43357 the thread is about altering state borders, presumably to absorb/concentrate populations. it seems self-defeating to concentrate these populations and then just implement all the same stuff that got you into the problem in the first place.
>>43358 If you were to have a hand in implementing any sort of "fiscal policy" you wouldn't be on this website.
>>43359 oh, good. maybe we'll dodge your ideas.
>>43360 >repeatedly devolves conversation into one liners and insults
(719.41 KB 2250x1500 Lol.jfif)
>Thread derailed into pointless quibbling over finances Excellent work jews
>>43365 Just some sperg by the looks of it. "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"
>>43365 >>43366 you got a problem, clean it up
>>43314 We can do what antifa did and trigger a civil war by chasing out the government police from an area and declaring it an independent state, then we set up our own government there, don't mismanaged it into ruin like the commies did, fortify the borders, and immediately prepare for repelling a governmemt seige. One things have settled, we care for our own, refortify the borders, and move out to expand the zone, fortifying each new land grab as we do so. Run a functional independent state well enough and your government starts to appear legitimate in the eyes of those who live there. The secret to good government is a scientific approach, obviously you start with national socialism, but call it something different and insist on the new terminology, test out different policies to see what works best and keep an eye out for what doesn't BEFORE it becomes a major problem, them implement policy changes and see how those work. Keep optimizing your government over and over and it will appear as if you actually give a shit about making a system that works, rather than just getting off on imposing your preferred policies on everyone else. You can expect a lot of people to try and enter your new state, you have to manage them wisely as well, these can be recruits to fight, workers to support, parents to grow your numbers. They can also be saboteurs, rivals, and opportunists, vet the people who come in well, get someone to do it who is heartless in his adherance to the standards for immigrants, and can spot bullshit or a problem individual from a mile away. It will pay off to be paranoid You will 8nspire similar seccession movements in other parts of your country, and in other countries across the planet, help them out if you can afford to, choose who to help and in what manner by how it impacts your own struggle, let's them know that this is your basis for deploying aid, and should be theirs as well. Focus on indoctrination and brainwashing fir your people and prisoners, best thing to do with a captured enemy is to turn him into a friend who loves his captors, dont release him, but make sure he adapts to your ideology. Establish your new state as one of science, one of freedom, one of security, and set up your enemy as the opposite, appeal to the ideals your people likely already think of as being positive, and make a case as to why your society better embodies these ideals better than the enemy. Try to hit the common denominator first, then appeal to apply a personal approach to the sub-groupd within your population. Remember that good propaganda is not manipulating the truth, but manipulation of how the truth is perceived and reacted to, introduce a self setving bias where everything is interpreted as "rebels good, establishment bad". It's better to have a people who believes that you will keep them.from the things they fear, than to have them think you will give them what they desire. Most people are OK with being comfortable. There are no rules in civil war, fighting dirty in order to take down a larger foe is a smart move, there is no shame in taking strategies and tactics from the enemy and turning them against their first wielders. It's essential, adapt, evolve, overcome. Always gave a new approach going on somewhere, keep the enemy guessing, unpredictability is the best asset, but not to the point of causing your own guys to be confused or abandoning a good standard operation procedure out of a pursuit of novelty, most of your fighting will be done by a formula. As you are the defense fir the first half, you need to make the environment favor you, set up traps, lots of them, make most traps obvious and nonfunctional in order to lure the enemy into the well hidden and effective ones. Holes and tunneks are great fir positioning, going underground and attacking the enemy from behind when they are already in the middle of a fight, make the holes deadly to the enemy make lots of fake ones that these guys have to check, make a habit if keeping hostages down there so that they don't just fill up the holes as they go. Like I said, rice fields tactics are gonna be your best bet. And different environments offer different types of opportunities to exploit. The war is basically won when two independent zones expand to the point where they meet and merge, do this as much as you can as soon as you can.
>>43330 Like you said, we are already halfway there. I don't forsee a white ethnostate that balkanizes being susceptible to infiltration the way the US at large has been, and i dont think that foreign powers would have interest in fucking with a newly formed state, outside of jews.
>>43377 >I don't forsee a white ethnostate that balkanizes being susceptible to infiltration the way the US at large has been If it doesn't have the capability to close its borders or is filled with conservatives who don't believe in countries outside of an economic framework [i.e. they're automatically a "good" immigrant if they salute my ZOG flag, support ZOG wars, and "contribute to the economy"] then it absolutely will be open to infiltration. It will be built on it, frankly. I think sometimes it is underestimated how truly deleterious American conservative thought actually is.
>>43378 So eager to disagree and virtue signal, I think you're reading past the fellow you replied to. He was saying >I don't foresee a white ethnostate that balkanizes This means that if such an ethnostate were to break off from the US and contain only whites, it would not suffer from infiltration by nonwhites by the very nature of its initial formation. If it were to be filled with a sizable portion of "American conservatives" it would not be an ethnostate to begin with as these people would bring their Asian wives, their "hardworking Mexican friends," and their "intelligent blacks" during the formation of said new state. The next logical conclusion is that it would suffer from infiltration from jews, which he also stated. >If it doesn't have the capability to close its borders Indeed this is critical. If a white ethnostate were to form overnight it would instantly be vilified in global media and treated as both a massive threat as well as a pariah like a white North Korea. One can dream, though. Too bad we don't have something awesome like pic related.
Get off the internet and onto an alternative network. Discuss options and coordinate a plan (not talking about meetups or anything else that compromises anonymity here!). Execute plan on arranged date. ??? Profit!
>>43320 Hold up. The government of long island and nyc are vastly different. Its a different culture, different area, different food, etc. LI will not take shit when it comes to crime, the zog bots will arrest you for fucking breathing wrong, when nyc is pretty much a royal nigger rumble. I for one, hate them both, but would prefer long island any day over nyc. Its pretty much in a bubble compared to the rest of the country. Rent is expensive, you woulkd be hard pressed to find a ghetto. Shootings, murders, robberies and natural disaters are pretty much unheard of and in now way do they happen in the frequency they do in nyc. I can go on and on, but being from LI, I can tell you that most long islanders, HATE Jew york city
>>43714 There are nigger ghettos all over Long Island.


no cookies?