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Covid vaccine murder documentation Blackshirt 04/14/2021 (Wed) 00:45:40 ID:f4d699 No. 43903
Small collection of people murdered from social media (most of these get deleted instantly now and facespook/jewtube/twatter will not allow discussion of these medical murders) Also contribute vaccine murder/injuries, remember to share some of these to uncuck normalcucks, these pics are plenty of powerful.
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(364.34 KB 720x1430 1615348266452.jpg)
>>43903 So whats the whole point of the virus hysteria again? To trick normies to take the vaccine and shorten their bio clock overall while giving up their basic freedom?
>>43922 >So whats the whole point of the virus hysteria again? White Genocide.
>>43922 The virus allows for the implementation of greater and greater control over the population. This is seen in the Great Reset. Covid is allowing governments to install technocratic medical control over the population, transfer money from the poor to the wealthy and to bring about White genocide even faster.
>>43922 The vaccine is the mark of the beast.
>>43941 Absolutely wrecked holy fuck lmao gottem
(174.43 KB 741x464 ClipboardImage.png)
https://www.reddit.com/r/CovidVaccinated/comments/mwqz9n/covid_vaccine_testicular_pain/ https://archive.fo/6DvjO Testicular pain was also a reported symptom of Covid last year Doctors warn coronavirus 'may cause testicular pain' after man presents with symptom 12 APR 2020 >Researchers from Harvard Medical School have filed a case report about a 42-year-old man who tested positive for coronavvirus, after going to hospital with a ‘stabbing pain’ in his testicles The researchers, from Harvard Medical School, have filed a case report about a 42-year-old man who tested positive for the virus, after going to hospital with a ‘stabbing pain’ in his testicles. While doctors could find nothing wrong with his testicles, and CT scan showed damage in his lungs. Two days later, the man was diagnosed with COVID-19. In the study, published in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0735675720301947 the researchers, led by Jesi Kim, wrote: “The patient described in this case report was not demonstrating any respiratory symptoms nor was the team aware that the patient was recently tested prior to his ED visit therefore, proper PPE was not worn by the treating HCW's [healthcare workers]. “As a result, over 25 patients and HCW's were notified of their potential exposure.” While it remains unclear whether or not his testicular pain was like to the virus, other viruses have been known to affect the testicles. https://www.mirror.co.uk/science/doctors-warn-coronavirus-may-cause-21840788 https://archive.fo/RJU7f
(405.40 KB 1200x630 dalewasright.jpg)
> The year is 2024. > Sorry about that vaccine that made all you stubborn race-loyal white women sterile. But hey, there's plenty of orphans from Africa available to adopt. You can even raise them MAGA! Woo-hoo Clarence Thomas 2.0!!
>>44334 >women willingly accept poison vaccine Why are they so fucking dumb? WHY!? I can't fucking stand it.
parents are urging me to take my goy shot, they are already getting their second dose what do?
>>44963 fuck this shit I was thinking of going to the army or whatever to get out neeting and stop depending on them this zog shit is making me insane
>>44963 Tell them to fuck off. It's your body, they cannot tell you what you can put in it. Fight them tooth and nail.
>>44963 Just tell them you don't see a reason to get it because at your age there is almost zero risk of getting truly ill from the virus and you are worried about getting a vaccine that was rushed through so quickly. Throw in a "my body my choice" if you get pushback. This is what I told my parents and they haven't bothered me since. I will literally never take it no matter what they threaten or do though. I feel like they know that. I'd go homeless before taking the vaccine. >>44964 >I was thinking of going to the army Lel army will force you full of all sorts of vaccines. You are government cattle at that point.
Also some evidence of the vaccine being leaky has been coming out recently as well >>>/fascist/4888
>>44967 Yeah. thats why I won't be going there anymore. Thought I could decrease my autism if I went there for a week or so
>>44970 *year lol I can do some voluntary service without being sent to afghanistan or whatever
>>44963 >>44971 Worse case scenario, if you can't reason with them and it's going to make too much of an issue just lie. Tell them you made appointment for next week, then after your fake second shot, tell them your all set to go. If they call you out on the vax card, just say you lost it, but its unsafe to get 4 shots. Tell them you will be fine without a card till next year.
>>44972 good idea. but they aren't urging me that much. told tem pretty much this >>44967 and they told me to think about it and claimed I would definitely suffer this horrible sea market desease. Anytime over some experimental satanic goy juice, I guess. Ain't taking that shit that's for sure
>>43925 >Everything is white genocide >t. Brainlet wojak How would orchestrating a global pandemic that is mainly wreaking havoc in places like India contribute to White genocide? If you're suggesting that it's the vaccines that are part of the genocide, I'm guessing that you'll once again face a disconfirmation once fertility rates don't drop, just like all the other schizo-tier Q-tard theories that turned out to be false.
>>43925 jews have been the quickest and most efficient in vaccinating their whole population
>>44964 If you need to join a branch to get out of your situation don’t join the Army, join the Air Force instead. Are you still in high school? Then you can choose a job through their blue book program and get something that will actually be beneficial to you on the outside, like cyber or intel or medical. You’re also treated much better in the Air Force once you are out of basic. Just remember to take advantage of and use all the resources you can
>>44968 I told them everything and sent them emails full of corresponding articles and papers as proof. He is an academic himself working in pharmacy, but completely ignores everything that goes against the narrative. Claiming these scientists and journalists are only making money by scaring people and that it's all "fake news", or taken out of context like the stillbirths. https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/03/21/miscarriages-after-having-covid-vaccine-increases-by-366-percent/ >out of 44.059 positive tested, which got vaccinated once, >28.270, - 64 Prozent got sick. 4.562, - 10 percent, had to be sent to a hospital. >2.045, - 4,6 Prozent, died. >out of 13.087 twice vaccinated tested positive, 4.999, - 38 percent got sick. >1.659, - 13 percent, had to be sent to hospital, >662, - 5,1 percent died.. >As „Covid-19 cases“ the ministry apparently counts all positive >tested. 44.059, - 77 percent, got vaccinated once, >13.087, - 23 percent, got vaccinated twice. >https://reitschuster.de/post/2-707-menschen-nach-impfung-an-covid-19-gestorben/ They are soon getting their second shot. He is also looking forward to getting gene therapy shots every year from now on for "new variants" of the wuhan sea market virus thing that will come. Is it possible that the "vaccine" is just breeding more dangerous variants, so that it will really become mandatory to get the goy shot if you need to interact with normalcattle -ie. leaky vaccine? You can't help those normalcattle, they have been brainwashed all their live. It's too late.
>>45008 The only place this chicken little bullshit is wreaking havoc is in the homes of idiots who believe in it.
(7.30 MB 1280x720 israel covid.mp4)
>>45349 >jews have been the quickest and most efficient in vaccinating their whole population Saline shots. Just like the "politicians" You actually think jews would give their own the same poison they plan on giving the goyim? LMAO. It's a psyop so they can say the same shit you just did to feign innocence.
>>45008 >How would orchestrating a global pandemic that is mainly wreaking havoc in places like India contribute to White genocide? If you're suggesting that it's the vaccines that are part of the genocide, I'm guessing that you'll once again face a disconfirmation once fertility rates don't drop, just like all the other schizo-tier Q-tard theories that turned out to be false. >lockdowns making it impossible for Whites to organize and come together to resist >mRNA genetherapy shots that may be programmed to kill certain individuals >Vaccine passports that will let noone but the most diehard ZOG cocksuckers have freedom of movement Are you this retarded? Or are you just pretending? No other countries face the same level of draconian measures as historically White nations. Take your Qnigger muddying the waters shit and fuck off, jew.
>>45438 but they also have an extremely high death rate
>>45439 >>lockdowns making it impossible for Whites to organize and come together to resist they aren't making it impossible. They're encouraging complacency. Think Brave New World, not 1984. Them cunts in power are trying to lull us to sleep through clever usage of earthly pleasures in order to completely sedate lemmings, so a revolution becomes near impossible.
(2.81 MB 298x480 jew_fake_vaccine[1].webm)
>>45438 Not even saline shots m8, some of them just simply pretend to be jabbed at all.
BUmp Gaslighting NPC pharma vaxcuck soy niggerworshipping science trusting boomer bitch blown the fuck out, gets his poetic justice served as a cold descent into the casket. You will not get me to ever feel sorry for subhumans just like pic rel which were repeatedly warned but spit on us and chose to follow brainwashing stemming from the corporate spider web of ZOG from unknown, rich, shadowy figures they literally don't even know instead and would probably report us and people we know. I'm not saying what happened isn't evil but some people do indeed deserve it I reserve the right to mock and laugh at vaxcuck subhumans. The sooner all the fucking evil little gaslighting traitor cucks like pic rel die the better, they will just have to leave and leave more room for based people like you and me baby! S!
(138.57 KB 815x952 ClipboardImage.png)
(54.87 KB 640x360 whitecoatsummit2021.jpg)
>"The spike is the toxin" DR. RYAN COLE's Speech at 2021 White Coat Summit. Board-certified pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole, spoke at the White Coat Summit about the catastrophic damage COVID vaccines are doing on humans and the toxic spike protein, potential long-term effects of vaccines. 14 minute video, latest, greatest and damning evidence of covid fuckery. Posting multiple sources for archival/dissemination: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqBnv0xm3n0 https://www.bitchute.com/video/X2OUSgIzqqw9 Full White Coat Summit Science session 2021: https://rumble.com/vkfxf9-summit-sessions-the-science.html whitecoat summit 2021 playlist https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/mQ60Eps1wXkP/ originating site: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.us/media.html
kek based idiot killer good riddance to all those good goy faggots its their fault the world went to shit.
>>44368 in a high trust society its a good thing, as is altruism but bad elements can exploit it
>>44368 Because coward "white" men like you have failed to protect them by hunting down and killing the race traitors and the jews. Now you're getting both ends of communism and capitalism. I hope you're loving it.
>>44966 >Tell them to fuck off. It's your body, they cannot tell you what you can put in it. They can with the law and zogtroopers on their side. That worked in the USSR, why not in Amexica?
(50.26 KB 288x377 fight_jew_lies - b452i9u.jpg)
>>48583 Every day we realize more and more the painful truth of this statement.
>>48584 >They can with the law and zogtroopers on their side. That worked in the USSR, why not in Amexica? Because guns. Literally. That's the only true deterrence against state tyranny. It's not a coincidence that the places with the harshest flu-restrictions, and where the zogbots use violence to enforce them, are places where it's illegal to own decent firearms.
Does anyone of you know of a doctor in Belgium who might give me a vaccine passport but without the poke?
Does anyone of you know of a doctor in Belgium who might give me a vaccine passport but without the poke?
>>49380 Is there anything you can forge like in America? I assume this is really important for you so I'd go for a drop-in private health practitioner, who isn't directly associated with your known name, so not your primary. Book an appointment under an alias and pay the appointment itself in cash, look clean behave friendly and casually, ask if they accept cash in payment for your time in advance, if you call do not call with your real phone number, use voip or otherwise. I'd bring close to 1k€ in cash with a little story prepared and a smile with some mildly humorous lines together that are prepared for use. I would tryfind an older private doctor who is also into alternative medicine/treatments, likely he will retire soon and won't give a shit. It might also be a bad idea to go to a top tier clinic with a lot of money, less likely they will need and be tempted by your money but you never really know. You might get rejected more than once and if this is important enough you keep trying, it will feel cringe but youll have funny stories to tell trust me. If you get rejected by doctor and he declines your money you have covered your bases in the best possible manner(this may not always be possible but fuck it), anyways if you are declined leave and try again at another place. Even better if you have access to any nurses of friends you can talk to directly they might again know someone etc.. After all its a free 1k for a really simple favor. The risk problem for the doctor is he will facilitate it for you and it's 1 extra mouth(nurse) because of 1 bitch he could lose that license, etc. If there are nurses/anyone who can give you a shot without you making an appointment(imo it's a killshot likely tied to name) I'd go straight there stand in a line with a stack and an euphemism and show cash lined up when its your turn to sit down, that's probably the fastest and best way, maybe just 500 would do in that case but 1k is probably enough. If the nurse declines you get up abruptly and leave. Try again another place.
(510.91 KB 1408x1040 VaxFert.png)
Vaccines may or may not cause autism, but... Consider too the testicular pain associated with viruses mentioned in one of the other images ITT. If viruses inhibit fertility, why wouldn't vaccines? They do this through epigenetic responses BTW.
>>49387 Or you can spend that money on a gun and start killing some people who just piss you off caving in and contributing to this fraud. The ZOG can't do shit without its cops so why don't we start killing cops and the top staff in hospitals pushing for this? Cops don't come in infinite numbers and any one of them is always more expensive and harder to replace than a bullet or even twelve of them. Just sayin'.
>>49389 >Vaccines may or may not cause autism, but... Study Concludes Mercury Can Now Be Listed “As A Cause of Autism” http://www.renegadetribune.com/large-study-concludes-mercury-can-now-be-listed-as-a-cause-of-autism/ On the MMR Vaccine and the Toxic Effects of Aluminum http://www.renegadetribune.com/mmr-vaccine-toxic-effects-aluminum/
Hello, is there another board (or website) that has more and recent pictures?
>>50791 If you're looking for vax injuries and deaths, I haven't come across a site that's really extensive, but https://thecovidblog.com/ is more active. The global total is in the millions, so any site is just going to scratch the surface. There used to be very large facebook groups but they get taken down quickly.
>>50791 Also try: https://twitter.com/vaccine_Ls Will probably be shoahed soon.