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(13.94 KB 292x268 pope_of_the_whites.jpg)
Goyim Feed. Anonymous 05/23/2021 (Sun) 15:40:46 No. 45368
I have been on a strict carnivore diet for eight months now. It healed several medical problems I had, varying from painful and embarrassing to life threatening and serious. I consume only meat, eggs and filtered water now. Here is a quote from one of the major advocates of the diet, Dr. Stephen Baker: >As the media continued to struggle with the carnivore diet, many people tried to politicize it by claiming it was a diet of right-wing conservatives and neo-Nazis. Sometimes during interviews, I could sense the reporters trying to steer me into confirming their suspicions that I was involved in a right-wing conspiracy, like they thought I’d say that anyone who eats only meat must somehow harbor anti-gay, racist, or other bigoted tendencies. Kikes seem to want us to continue eating nigger animal food. Niggers can eat vegetables because they are crossed with six different species of monkey and small brained ape, whites have the digestive system of a true apex predator. I think white people need to eat meat, and are all held back by consuming nigger cattle feed. Terry A Davis was more right than he knew, and I believe his mental conditions likely would have cleared up if he had found this diet in time. Vegetables and grains are nigger cattle feed.
>>45368 Anon, what did most White people eat most of the time during 95% of our recorded history? They ate vegetables. Meat was a rarity for most people in the past.
>>45370 False. Northern climates are cold and not conducive to large scale agriculture.
>>45371 >Northern climates are cold and not conducive to large scale agriculture Literally every European nation below mid Sweden had large scale agriculture.
(16.80 KB 500x381 shylock.jpg)
>>45372 Fish and whale meat was the main source of calories for most of the year, and since vegetables are for niggers, most of what was grown in the summer was used to feed cattle, chickens and pigs. Prior to organized agriculture, most food came from hunting, fishing and trapping. Vegetable and grain consumption didn't really start until the Sumerians (swarthy half nigs) began to construct large irrigation systems, but since they were doing something unusual and strange, they ended up salting all their own fields inadvertently and starving to death after a little while. Beans are pig food, grains are bird food and green shit is cattle feed. You are full of shit and sound like a desperate jew.
>>45372 I should also mention, they didn't have toothpaste. People's teeth did not rot out of their heads without brushing, skeletal remains actually show they had much stronger and healthier teeth than people of today. One side effect of this diet I have noticed is that my teeth do not accumulate any kind of scum or slowly decay anymore. Also, there is a tribe in Africa that only consumes blood and milk. They don't brush their teeth. Look at pictures of them smiling. They are smiling because they don't eat vegetables and grains like a jewed out fuckhead. Enjoy your next trip to the dentist, who is probably a kike.
>>45370 >White people eat most of the time during 95% of our recorded history? >t. soiboi >recorded history 2000/300,000 years .6% of human history Not to mention, that while plebs survived on on a supplemented protein diet, upper class had much richer diet, and were known to be both smarter, stronger, and taller because of all the meat they ate.
>>45373 >Fish and whale meat was the main source of calories for most of the year That's just made up. >Prior to organized agriculture, most food came from hunting, fishing and trapping. I'd recommend that you try this out yourself, but sadly we cannot replicate hunter-gatherer lifestyles anymore. > Vegetable and grain consumption didn't really start until the Sumerians Except that all hunter-gatherer sites in the region show vast quantities of wild grain harvesting. The sickle pre-dates domesticated grain by thousands of years. >>45375 You can literally read what the wealthiest Romans or Frankish lords ate in the past. It's not all meat.
(214.84 KB 1080x1080 maasai.jpg)
>>45372 See? See how you are dumber than a bluegum and a servant of jews? Keep guzzling soy, shabbos goy.
>>45376 >I'd recommend that you try this out yourself, but sadly we cannot replicate hunter-gatherer lifestyles anymore. Running a trap line and fishing is the only way to avoid starvation in the bush. You can find this out for yourself, guys in Russia who still make a living fur trapping repeat the same thing every time. If you try to survive off of berries and big game, you will die. So yes, some guys are still living hunter gatherer lifestyles, and no, they are not farming jack shit. >Except that all hunter-gatherer sites in the region show vast quantities of wild grain harvesting. The sickle pre-dates domesticated grain by thousands of years. No they don't. You are full of shit and retarded. >That's just made up. No, whaling was a major source of food, oil and building materials for all northern peoples. Supported by vast amounts of historical research. You are a kiked out shit spigot.
>>45377 >You're dumb if you know more about history than a wet paper towel. Okay retard. >>45378 >If you try to survive off of berries and big game, you will die. No one suggests this, anon. Living out in the bush requires utilizing all available resources, and that includes tubers and nuts. You'll also die of scurvy if you lack vitamin C. >No they don't. You are full of shit and retarded. Anyone can look this up. https://oldeuropeanculture.blogspot.com/2018/08/sickle.html >whaling was a major source of food And yet there are no whale bones throughout most of Europe. You are as dumb as you are ornery.
(13.58 KB 239x210 Bonework.jpg)
>>45379 >And yet there are no whale bones throughout most of Europe. What kind of shill are you? You are too stupid to be JIDF, some kind of chink?
>>45380 >look at my tiny picture of bones >No, I have no idea whether they are whale bones. >All bones are whale bones, right? >YOURE A SHILL !!!! SHUT IT DOWN!!!!
>>45381 I am 100% sure those are Viking whale bone artifacts, because that is what I searched for a picture of. They made everything from tool and sword handles, to sewing needles, to ornamental plaques like this one out of whale bones. They used the blubber as a preservative and fuel oil for their lamps. They used the skin to make small boats and shelters. They ate the meat and organs. They still practice ceremonial whale hunts in some places in Europe to this day. You are clearly a lying retard. You are a complete retard.
(60.90 KB 580x580 celtic_whale_bone_arch.jpg)
>>45381 Here is a Celtic whale bone structure, in Scotland.
>>45370 Don't you have some Israeli lab meat to eat, Chaim?
(67.22 KB 427x640 3057996_c78b43b1 (1) 2.jpg)
>>45383 Here is an article detailing all of the things that the Scottish people on the Island did with the whale: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/whale-bone-arch
(184.20 KB 976x690 denmark.jpg)
>>45381 Here is a Danish ceremonial whale hunt that still happens, to this day.
>>45382 >Vikings And vikings had farms. They grew wheat and peas. >>45386 Do Danes only eat whales?
>>45387 From lies to logical fallacies. You are pathetic.
>>45387 As I mentioned before, wheat is bird food and beans (legumes) are pig food. They were feeding their chickens and pigs, and probably only bothered to consume wheat and peas when extremely desperate. Wealth was measured in livestock before gold.
>>45368 Are you eating a ketogenic diet or an actual carnivore diet? Carnivores eat raw meat.
(1.01 MB 2104x2560 carnivore_diet.jpg)
>>45392 No, that weird dude who stabbed his elementary school teacher eats raw meat. I am following this diet, I got his name wrong earlier, it is Dr. Shawn Baker. It is the diet that the Petersens are on. Mikayla or whatever her name is grew up with a particularly severe autoimmune disorder, which this diet cleared up. It is the one they have been talking about in interviews and stuff.
>>45383 Are you fucking retarded? Since when would the Norwegian coast and the Scottish Islands be representative of Europe? These countries didn't hunt whales for just meat, either, it was the best construction material available for them and the fat was useful too. You're clearly a fanboy of that retarded Lett with his meat fantasies who has adopted an extreme stance to make money, with no understanding of history or anything related to the subject. The real shills, by the way, are against using the inexpensive processes to turn cereal crops, including the dreaded protein-rich soya, oats which have an immense carbohydrate content, beer cultivated from wheat or rye - This isn't against culture either, beer is essentially liquid bread and resists mould due to its alcohol content - Europeans have been doing amazing things with crops for thousands of years. Vodka is the rawest form of it, pure calories in a form that has a long shelf life. Carnivorefags are literally retarded - vegans are atleast respectable as individuals, and are generally a very vulnerable community due to the amount of investors, politicians and businesses who loathe their anti-consumerism. Carnivorefags are just attempting to attach their reactionary bullshit to existing "rebellious" groups for profit - they're after money and clout.
>>45389 Seriously doesn't mention the extensive culture of brewing in his ramblings? What exactly are you shilling here, you clearly have no historical knowledge whatsoever and seem to think chickens and cows were raised for their meat and had seemingly no idea that the daily caloric intake of Europeans was significantly made up by beer and bread, with a lot of leafy green vegetables, fruits in the summer, while richer people ate more meat and got their carbohydrates through their wines and expensive champagnes.
>>45435 >>45437 Yes, the drug like effects of sugar and alcohol made them very popular among ignorant peasants. The diet is what people were eating in more ancient times, before all of that, and the foods you are talking about were primarily stored and eaten when no meat was available, or addictive and used as a means of population control. Beer is trash, the Chinese also cultivated beans for pigs and regarded them as unfit for human consumption. They also fermented them and ate them sometimes when no meat was available. Rice was only eaten in the lower parts of Asia, by conquered slaves, the Mongols and Tatars, who repeatedly kicked the shit out of southern rice and bean munchers and ruthlessly enslaved them, primarily ate yogurt and meat, and did not farm jack shit, this is confirmed by countless skeletal remains. The natives near where I grew up did not farm jack shit either, they ran entire herds off of a cliff at a place called Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, and ate meat with the odd handful of berries year round. Then further north, there's the Inuit, or Eskimo, Eskimo is what they were referred to by other natives and basically means "meat eater," they ate fucking nothing else but meat and were extremely healthy despite being a race of chain smokers. Meat was #1. Brewers stamps originated as a way for nobles to mark the idiots drinking the shit as a kind of slave, which is exactly what a fucking alcoholic is to a brewer. There is also a historical connection between sugar, dentistry and kikes.
>>45440 I guess I mean for a slave, those fancy marks on beer were so illiterate peasants could recognize their favoured swill from barrels of other stuff, like lower alcohol cottage beer, and for the guy who owned the land and brewery as a way of privately gloating to visiting nobles over all the dumbass alcoholics he basically owned as chattel.
>>45435 Also, if you are talking about the guy with receding hair who eats raw meat, nope. That guys guts and liver are probably loaded with nasty parasites and the way he eats is fucking retarded. I'm following a diet that comes from an orthopaedic surgeon in the USA.
>>45442 Wow, like your entire post is so full of shit that I don't even know where to begin. You clearly have no regard for history - I'm not sure why an American orthodontist is your source for the Neolithic period, but I'll just ignore that for the time being. I'm not sure why you're talking about Native Americans with their low population, I'm absolutely convinced you're atleast a little bit retarded - you have to understand that the Native Americans and their dependency on the buffalo was literally their downfall and allowed whites to simply target the animals which they never bothered to domesticate, right? Their food source was so vulnerable to attack that their entire civilisation collapsed thanks to a literal handful of people, seriously, the Native American food supply system was destroyed by such a small force that it ought to go down in history as the single biggest military victory in the entire world, similar in its scope to a big rock versus the fucking dinosaurs. Half a fucking continent was conquered because of the tactic of "Let's just snipe the bit cows and starve them out" worked, and a meat diet is so fucking easy to destroy that it makes me think you're some kind of shill. Genuinely, you brought up this retarded example and it makes me suspect that you are trying to persuade people to adopt an easily-destroyed supply system, while simultaneously attacking the easily-stored alternatives. Why do you want people to adopt such a vulnerable supply line? Explain to me exactly what would happen if somebody took their time and started sniping sheep in a field. It's not like they'd fight back, I don't think sheep have a particular strength for firearms and I don't think a lone farmer would be able to stop it. And one shooter could cause hundreds of thousands worth of damage within around an hour.
>>45441 I think I figured you out. You ignored the wine and focused on the beer. You're either stupid as fuck, which I believe, or a genuine espionage agent trying to persuade people to adopt a costly and easily destroyed diet which could very well lead to their death. Your weird obsession with the rejection of soya, wheat, alcohol, oats, all that which is critical to possess in times of need, and its replacement with the expensive, visible and easily targeted meat-based diet really only makes sense if you want to make sure that your targeted demographic remains close to its area, and will readily surrender as soon as you start circling their cows with a helicopter. Meanwhile, a few barrels of dried soy beans, oats, wheat, some yeast, would last for years and is easily prepared into a variety of foodstuffs with minimal equipment. Some cunts in a van could push into the wilderness and survive on that alone, for literal YEARS, with nothing larger than a Ford Transit.
>>45444 Hell there's no reason not to eat meat, but your entire worldview seems to be based on this extreme. Why exactly are you here and what tactical purpose, exactly, would this serve? Can people who adjust to eating only meat easily turn back to grains and legumes? Will there be any digestion troubles from going from a meat-based diet, an intensely vulnerable and strategically poor choice, to the strategic use of a diet based on long-lasting, cheap grains?
>>45444 >>45443 Orthodontist? Now you are just making shit up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthopedic_surgery It is from a real doctor who is a specialist in bone surgery, not some fuckhead who glues braces to teeth. Fish and small game are everywhere, all over the planet, and much easier to get ahold of than any garbage you are talking about. More dumbass made up shit. >>45445 We are discussing diets, not worldview, you are just making shit up. I stated earlier that guys who live in the bush eat primarily meat from fish and trap lines, because it is what is most easily available when avoiding starvation, out in the woods with fucking nothing and no one to help. My purpose is to get other white people on this fucking diet, because it eliminated pretty much every single health problem I had, while giving me incredible energy, mental focus and the ability to recover from some nasty injuries I have sustained since starting it. The surgeon who wrote that book, Shawn Baker, acquired several world records in rowing after starting the diet, in his 40s and 50s. Previous record holders were olympians in their 20s.
>>45443 >>45444 I previously mentioned how guys who live in the bush primarily on meat, from fish and trap lines. It is far more "available in times of need" than shit you need to farm. Idiot.
(558.32 KB 1200x1600 Verbascum_thapsus.jpg)
Here's an example of how much easier it is to eat fish in the bush, with no one around and no special tools or seeds or time. This is a plant called muellin, it's seeds are harmless to humans, but incredibly neurotoxic to fish. You can crush some up, toss them into slow moving water or a pond with fish, and it's as good as fishing with dynamite. All the fish in that pond or small lake or nearby in a slow moving river will die in minutes and float to the surface. Food for days. Done. You can trap a small animal with a piece of wire and a stick. It is hilarious to try and say that I might need to farm vegetables to eat in the bush. You sound totally retarded to me.
>>45449 By the way this plant is a fucking ditch weed and grows EVERYWHERE all over the Pacific Northwest. It's as easy to find as fucking mosquitos.
>>45447 >>45448 >>45449 >>45450 At what point did you think I was an American? How many people do you think can be sustained using your methods, exactly? Why are you so fucking retarded that you think this is anything beyond a novelty? Do you have any idea how many people would need to die for you to live your fantasies? Even one man would need a few square miles to live off of this. You clearly have no fucking idea how anything works and are giving out novelty "Hey, meat good, did you know that an expensive diet of meat and fish is really good for you????" As if anybody with a brain didn't know this. Hey, guess what, even if by magic we were left with only whites on the planet, we would not be able to sustain a meat diet at all. There simply is not enough fucking biomass to sustain this fantasy. There's also a reason why retarded African tribes who drink blood never colonised shit. There's a reason the Inuits are now stuck in their ice fields, surrounded by industrialised societies on every side. Your ideas are fucking stupid, why are you still here? You failed to address my simple question - why should I, as a white man, attempt to use this diet. I don't have any health problems to fix and I already eat a very healthy, protein-rich diet - usually dairy products since they're far less costly. Why should I spend all that money on a purely meat diet, which requires additional effort, when I have absolutely nothing to gain from it. Furthermore, I would have everything to lose - whereas I can easily store enough grains to last me for a year, provided I have access to water and power, with only minor problems as a result. What value does your view have, and how is it worth the risk? Every society you've been complimenting has failed specifically because it was conquered by a society which didn't do this. The Native Americans fell because the European settlers simply shot the defenceless buffalo herds, which lead to the complete apocalyptic collapse of the Native society.
>>45451 Furthermore, you're so fucking retarded that you just told me that if I needed to kill you, I could just go to the woods and set things on fire. You might be able to shoot me, but those little fishies wouldn't, and once they're dead, it's only a matter of time before you are. Don't you find it a little strange that every one of these magic bullets you find that will save everyone involve you running away into the woods, far away from anybody and being absolutely incapable of any kind of rebellion? You're not a master huntsman, far from it, and out there you're about as useful as a cock-flavoured lollipop. You're far away from anybody who you could be a threat to, and about two weeks from death the second anybody competent tries to kill you. All of these things you've told me are useful, especially if I wanted to kill off somebody who had been bothering me in the Pacific North West - just kill as many fish as I can and you'll starve to death, congratulations.
>>45452 Meanwhile, even a fucking vegan hippy would survive any attempt to kill him if he went to the exact same places. Seriously, what kind of actual retard are you that your entire plot is so fucking easy to rip apart that a faggy vegan, with an arsehole like a coinslot, could outlive you in any actual conflict? There are fuckers who can make C4 in their kitchens, and then there's you, who can be stopped by a lighter.
>>45451 There are other methods wherever you are, I don't give a fuck about them because I don't live there. >How many people do you think can be sustained using your methods, exactly? A village, like all of the northern villages that sustained themselves exactly the same way, all around the northern hemisphere. If near a large body of water, a small city. You are retarded, why would everyone go back to hunting and fishing instead of just raising livestock? You must have some kind of brain damage. Your other points aren't even worth addressing.
>>45445 >Will there be any digestion troubles from going from a meat-based diet, No, you fucking retard. It's why you have a gall-bladder to produce bile to brake down the fat. >an intensely vulnerable and strategically poor choice, to the strategic use of a diet based on long-lasting, cheap grains? Grains are garbage and inflammatory. It's why the majority of Whites are sick, dying and in pain. Good quality meat, with small portions of good quality fruits and veggies are all the body needs. This was figured out 800 years ago when the grain fed, weak chink army was destroyed by the Mongols who only ate meat and veggies and practiced fasting. They used to fast for days too. Get a clue you retarded disinfo faggot.
>>45451 >usually dairy products since they're far less costly. Stay away from dairy you absolute moron. They are injected with hormones and estrogen drugs.
>>45456 +1 for fasting, the the doctor advocating the carnivore diet also practices this. You should check his book out though, he goes over different types of vegetables and specifically details what things in them can cause health problems for some or all people. Might help you out, even if you don't go all the way like I have. For instance, I am at high risk for kidney stones, so I should really stay away from greens, but many people on the diet could. Greens can also cause anxiety. I do add some things like garlic, button mushrooms and bell peppers in small quantities on occasion (have to be careful about what type, many contain oxalates, which are why greens give you kidney stones, I can't eat creminis). >>45445 If I eat too much fiber, I piss it out my ass, my body no longer wants it and makes it quite obvious. There are also specific things in certain plants that bother some people and do nothing to others. If you do your research you can find out what is likely to bother you and what is not, and as long as you keep the fiber low you won't really have any problems. Purines were causing problems for me, so I would not eat legumes unless actually starving, but can still handle wheat and rice just fine. Rice is generally hypoallergenic and only causes problems with insulin, almost no one ever has serious issues eating it. The effect of switching eating fiber is not as bad as eating typical emergency rations and MRE type stuff, which cause constipated and often bloody hemorrhoid inducing cannon ball shits in many people, and a general lack of energy and malaise in almost all. However, meat and animal fat are easily preserved with salt, and there is a tasty bonus to the diet related to that. Your liver completely stops retaining salt when in ketosis, you just piss out what you don't use and it no longer has any effect on your blood pressure, so you can really dump it on, and unrefined sea salt is loaded with beneficial minerals. You can just eat salt pork like a sailor. The issue with this might be that the trace amounts of vitamin C in meat deteriorate when it is preserved (fresh meat has enough, which is why sailors thought that the cure for scurvy was meat for centuries before figuring out citrus fruit).
>>45389 >Every European nation only used crops to feed chickens and pigs Citation needed. >>45388 >From lies to logical fallacies. Cite the lie. Cite the fallacy.
>>45449 >Food for days. Done. Have you ever tried this theory of yours out?
>>45460 It's not a theory, the natives used to do it with some regularity.
>>45459 You just posted another logical fallacy, right there, retard.
>>45458 So if somebody were to say, need to duck out and run, they couldn't exactly bring 40lbs of raw beef with them and survive off that alone. So let's say you're on the run, you'd be effectively gimped by being unable to process a diet of dried cereals and vegetables with very little meat. You would have effectively tied yourself to bulky, vulnerable livestock. Do you understand the risk that puts you under, and why I'm so suspicious of this fucking retard?
>>45465 I can carry a little fishing kit and a spool of steel wire into the bush and find food in time, the wire gets you enough skins for warm clothing in a week or two as well. Lugging a bunch of flour or rice around is actually much less practical. Clean water is much more of a constraint, as far as that kind of thing, but around here (rocky mountains), not as much as in other places. You can make a very good mechanical filter with charcoal, which you should know how to make if you want to play bush man, and you can boil for biological crap, chemical filtration is difficult though, soaking fresh grass can eliminate some chemicals if you are in a polluted area, but really doesn't work so well except with certain types of grass.
(21.80 KB 182x280 hatchet.jpg)
>>45465 3 days without water and you're dead You can go 2-4 weeks with no food though.
>>45458 See, what you're saying makes more sense. Meat is extremely densely packed and nutritious, which nobody would deny and if you can afford it, it's absolutely worthwhile to eat more meat and less cereals. But this comment stands out compared to the retarded spiel of an autistic fanatic rambling about how the Mongols, who used exactly the method I described, targeting supply routes, defeated China. Obviously he forgot that Britain had an even bigger empire which was carved out of, you guessed it, an omnivorous diet, and that the Mongols completely fell apart when they encountered strong resistance from a minor European power. They ran in and got cut down the second they went against somebody who put up any kind of resistance - and even if they had won, they wouldn't have gotten further. They reached the furthest edge of the European civilisations, whose defenses were too much for their pathetic attempts. They couldn't exactly push any further West, and even if they did, welp, it would be even tougher because supposing the HRE didn't just slap them down even more swiftly, the other European powers likely would - especially France. Mongols couldn't do shit against a competent military force, and formed their attacks by using superior mobility to starve out their enemies. This failed against reinforced supplies and the actual battles they encountered in Poland, and since the Mongols were pathetic and cowardly, as soon as they actually fought rather than shot Asian women in the back, they were completely crushed and had no possible way to win. As soon as they saw a castle, they tried to attack it, failed, tried to destroy the supply lines around it - and started incurring heavy losses, discovering that their methods were simply not working and every time they tried to attack the civilian centers, they would actually face strong resistance and their little Mongol swords weren't effective enough to maintain this strategy. They were losing too many men, and simply ran away. The only victory they saw was "Well that big man covered in metal who cut my horse in half didn't rape me afterwards" I may have gotten sidetracked by this fucking mong and his obsession with revisiting failed strategies. Overrall, very little sugar, high meat and protein where you can find it - it's not exactly news, we've known this for thousands of years. Do you think that - gasp - fermented fruit drinks may be better than those made from fermented cereal crops?
>>45467 >>45466 That's absolutely true. I don't know climates, since I'm not an American so overrall the only thing that could be realistically obtained for any lengthy amount of time would be fresh water. There are a few things you can do for fresh water, but these are all for a very small amount. Condensation netting, there are some types of material which can collect and filter it through a membrane. They're not as efficient, and living out in the sticks makes you useless - anything which you can do quietly inside a parked truck in a quiet lot on the outskirts of a major city is worth a million wild-caught salmon. The climate is different here, not only in literal terms but also in population density. Anything which has a long shelf life would be useful because it means you are able to stay invisible for a longer period of time, even in an urban area. Less chance of being spotted if fewer people see you.
>>45468 There's a bit more to it than that, the poles had steel plate armour, which the mongols had never had to deal with before, and their gay little faggot chink bows and pigstickers could not penetrate real steel, which also cut through the leather and ancient chinesium trash they wore for armour relatively easily. Honey mead might have some nutritional benefit, but alcohol is highly inflammatory and should just be avoided by anyone concerned for their health. There are probably some fruits which are good for you, but ketosis and completely zeroing your inflammation drastically improves blood circulation and wound healing and is certainly better, especially if you want to go riding around on a horse chopping people up.
(89.31 KB 600x442 petit_poisson.jpg)
>>45469 A stash of these would probably be optimal in an urban setting, especially with a vehicle. Tins are far too heavy to carry into the bush in any quantity, though. Enough dried meat to sustain you until you find fish and set a trap line up is what you would want in that situation. If you don't get that going in time, you will be dead before scurvy becomes a worry.
>>45471 There are no trap lines to be concerned with in Europe. Infact, I'd have a better time rustling livestock than attempting bushcraft in England. This is the same in most of Europe. However, I wouldn't discount the use of a vehicle. An old Kia van is easy to conceal, being... absolutely fucking miniscule, and could easily be disguised and used to hold supplies. This isn't particularly far off from strategies employed by the PIRA.
>>45471 Factoring in cost, the best thing to have would be Biltong, since it's effectively a softer, cheaper jerky. Dried meats are expensive as fuck in the UK, incase you were wondering. Soya beans are around £2-3 per kilo, rice is cheaper than this at under £1 per kilo as is flour. Soya beans are probably the cheapest source of protein. Cured and dried meats are £40 per kilo here, they're not fucking cheap. I once found a Rhodesian man selling Biltong at like £15 per kilo in central London, I swear to God I ate nothing but Biltong for the next week. UK wages are extremely low too. I straight up couldn't afford to eat a purely meat diet, it's just not gonna happen - and this isn't unique to Britain, most of Europe is like this. Americans have no idea how good their opportunities for dieting are. Meat is cheaper, and wages are higher. Those sardines are very cheap in the UK, but honestly I only ever feed my dogs with those.
>>45473 I wish the 'deens shill would discover this chan. He is wasted on 4chink.
>>45473 Checkout a recipe for doing it with beef heart, I dunno how much offal is in the UK but its a cheap offcut here, and makes the very best beef jerky. I have never even heard of biltong before, looks like a nigger fucked up making beef jerky...
>>45475 It's a softer Dutch/Afrikaaner recipe. It has a higher moisture content and a lot more flavour than jerky, in my experience. I find that the higher moisture content makes it go down easier. I will say that homemade soy milk is a very cheap protein drink and you can use it in a lot of ways. It's amazing to see how it all happened - soy was marketed to rich urbanites at exceptional prices, despite being a cheaper alternative to dairy, leading to the drink characterised as the drink of the naïve city dweller and those who exploit this for profit. Those soylent "meals" were overpriced shit, literally just a solution of soy "milk" and sugar with some nutrients added. It currently costs like $10 per liter. Later on, shills started showing up, a mixture between OP-style delusional retards and actual paid office staff who were capitalising on this, since soya is an alternative to dairy at its core, to simply reduce the market for the crop. Rumours spread that it is a genuine poison, rather than the truth, that it's an inferior, yet cheap, source of protein. Meat is better, dairy is better, eggs are better, but if you need something for less than $1 per liter, this'll do.
>>45461 >the natives used to do it with some regularity. And yet all contemporary reports state that the Indians ate corn, squash, and other crops. >>45462 No. You post retarded claims about the past that all archeological evidence disputes. Asking for a citation is just a way of getting you to admit that you were lying by trying to deflect, as you just did.
>>45476 >Rumours spread that it is a genuine poison, rather than the truth, that it's an inferior, yet cheap, source of protein. Nah, soy is poison. https://www.westonaprice.org/soy-alert/
>>45478 Which compounds exactly, found in edible soya, are harmful for human consumption, in what way? Explain it to me to the best of your understanding - which ones? And of these, which are retained throughout its processing? I was aware of certain chemicals which can be decomposed by raising its temperature for a while, twenty to thirty minutes for 5L of finished product. This only applies to the varieties bred for human consumption, and I wouldn't be able to testify for those bred for animal consumption, or for biofuel production. Cite your fuckin reasoning here, bumboy, this isn't 4chan.
>>45478 >>45478 Seriously, this fag just showed me this Price cunt. This is literally boomer-Facebook tier bullshit. In what way, exactly, does raising the temperature of proteins to boiling point denature them beyond the ability to be digested? By the way, most of the time when something is "Linked to cancer", unless it's a proven carcinogen, it usually means "People who consume this are more likely to live long enough to develop cancer" By this merit, a healthy childhood is linked to cancer whereas living in Niggerville is less likely to cause cancer - because you'll get shot before you get the chance.
>>45479 Goitrogens, lectins, phytic acid, protease inhibitors and xenoestrogens. Asians originally regarded them as unfit for human consumption.
>>45477 You are just full of shit and retarded. The tribes around here did none of those things. Look up the place I mentioned, Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, the buffalo bones at the bottom of that cliff are over five meters deep.
(32.41 KB 500x300 jerky.jpeg)
>>45443 Here's an interesting video that might address your concerns of an "easily-destroyed supply system." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIpDILFHTBw&t=132s Here is a picture of some beef jerky, for brits that are eating this african bitlong stuff. Natives here ate pemmican, which usually did NOT have berries in it, but occasionally contained these things called Saskatoon berries.
Sort-of agree? I honestly dont think its just carnivore. But things that increase insulin, that overtime cause you to get insulin resistance and with that a lot of diseases happen. Ive been on a keto diet for around a month, and Im 100% certain that white ppl of long ago where also in ketosis. Ketones is the prefered food for the brain, and it gets created by the liver from Fat. However with insulin in your blood your fat will never ever get used. And instead Glucose gets used. Glucose damages the brain over time and also the rest of the body. Theres countless books on that. Also insulin resistance causes you to get sleepy n tired after a meal(Ever heard of Siesta? lmao). So if you got a tummy,, get tired after eating or got memory issues, then you got insulin resistance. The issue with being in Ketosis(a lot of carnivore diet ppl would be, unless they buy shitty meat that is full of dextrose, sugar, maltitol and other shit, or theyre still drinking soda and all that crap, is that it lowers your PH level to the point that it becomes too acidic, which will result in you having breathing problems. Know what helps against that? Veggies, Fiber. The Bacteria in your intestines eat that. I would honestly look into Thomes Delauer and Dr Eric Berg on youtube. They got big ketosis channels. Also FASTING, ppl of old did FASTING a lot, there was no eating 3 times a day as it is now. They ate when they had food. Fasting for over 18hours causes your body to replace and recycle damaged cells. Also Ketones is better energy for your brain, youll literally be smarter, will make less mistakes and have a stronger will. + Itll repair your damages brainparts(bye shortterm memory issues). To each their own tbh. But Ive been on keto for 4 weeks, and Ive lost over 22pounds in the first 2 of those. And I wasnt hungry beside the first 5days(You just need time to stop craving carbs, sugar and all that crap) Look into shit yourself, dont just take anything ppl say for granted.
(101.83 KB 853x1200 theDoctor.jpg)
>>45498 Read the book, the diet is basically just meat and water, eggs and lactose free dairy optional. I eat eggs but noticed further improvements in health after cutting all dairy except butter. Some people can get away with black coffee or tea, while it upsets others, black coffee does not bother me in small quantity, but tea causes nasty heartburn for me unless I put cream in it, which I no longer consume. I used to require 2-3 pots of coffee and a half pack of (extremely strong 4mg nicotine French style) cigarettes to get through a day, now I no longer smoke and just have a cup or two of coffee when it's late and I want to stay up to get something done. I am guessing that the PH problems comes from eating vegetables and weird chemical shit while in ketosis. Meat is PH neutral like your blood, the doctor writes a bit about why it isn't a problem in the book I posted the cover of. I am not a doctor and don't remember exactly why, but the guy is eating nothing but 8lbs of beef a day and breaking world records for rowing, a cardio sport, so it looks like he's right. The guy is 52 and stealing records from Olympians in their 20's, as I mentioned previously.
>>45498 Here is his website, he is also an advocate of fasting, as you can see: https://meatrx.com I got like half a pound of literal shit out of my liver on a 7 day water fast one time. Most people have more kicking around in there, it looks like deer pellets when it comes out.
>>45492 And can you describe which part of the plant these are found in, how they resist preperations, etc, or are you just going to post another Boomer FB post to "convince" me?
>>45499 Yes, a diet that is heavy in meat is overrall better for you. After all, the animal has already picked the best bits of its food, and is storing them in its flesh. This isn't news. If you can afford it, prepare more meat for yourself. This is widely known and understood by most of the planet. Infact, this dietary difference helped one country, the USA, compete with veteran German soldiers during the Second World War. Again, this goes back to the tactical difference, the Germans could not maintain a supply of meat since grazing cows are vulnerable to attacks by aircraft, and one bullet can cost hundreds of men part of their meal. It is the balance of food security compared with purely pragmatic matters - an expensive, fatty diet with a lot of fish, beef, eggs, and some vegetables or fruit - depending on exactly what meat you ate. I have no idea why you people keep posting this, there's no debate to be had - there's one fucking idiot who keeps posting retarded bullshit, but the rest is easy to understand. Well-raised meat, usually beef, with some green vegetables and some kind of decent wine is the diet of the Knights. The problem is that this is costly and unwise in any "On-the-run" situation, so you need some kind of balance based on what you have available, yourself.
>>45500 Literal shit out of your liver? Wouldn't that sort of waste material be transported into your kidneys?
>>45501 >And can you describe which part of the plant these are found in, how they resist preperations, etc, or are you just going to post another Boomer FB post to "convince" me? We can understand that something is harmful without knowing exactly how. Even the ancient Asian peoples knew it was harmful.
>>45499 Usually you actually go "clean" keto, which is shit from farmers market and stuff that does not have any chemicals, as far as you can find it at least. Veggies from the supermarket and sprayed shit is refered to as Dirty Keto, I try to avoid that. Thats a funny sidenote btw, according to a study veggies that are sprayed with chemicals lose their nutrients. Thats why american veggies are pretty low on nutrients, because the chemicals ruin the fungus and the bacteria it needs to absorb all the nutrients As for PH Level, it doesnt come from meat directly, it actually comes from Ketosis, the ketones or the transformation of fat into Ketones will turn your blood ph level down, the veggies are there to get it back to neutral. If I remember that correctly. Ill have a look at the website. I actually do have Colitis Ulcerosa, and so my bacteria biome inside my colon isnt the best, so I have a hard time with veggies already either way. Thanks for the info!
>>45500 Right I forgot one thing, what about Vitamins? You cant get all vitamins from Meat alone.
>>45503 No, your liver is directly connected to your bile duct, which is a little channel between your liver, gall bladder and small intestine. Normally, (literal) shit that your liver filters out is supposed to go down your bile duct into your small intestine to be excreted, but garbage food causes it to get stopped up and begin accumulating little toxic lipid globs.
>>45506 The doctor goes over this in the book, apparently your vitamin requirements change pretty drastically when in ketosis, and because you can eat all the salt you want, and unrefined sea salt is loaded with all the ones you need, you just eat more sea salt.
>>45510 oops, Imeant sea salt for minerals, vitamins are all in the meat though. Zeroing sugar drastically reduces vitamin C requirements, for instance, and like 2/3 of the vitamin C most people eat gets used for collagen production, but if you eat collagen your body just uses that directly instead of having to make it with C. It is a similar thing for many other vitamins not found in meat. There really doesn't appear to be any need for supplementing.
>>45493 >The tribes around here did none of those things. Not according to all European records.
>>45504 These same guys who believed bronze enhanced the flavour of acidic products?
>>45513 So how about modern Canadian records that are based off of chemical analysis of archaeological evidence? Should we be retards like you and ignore that in lieu of some shit a guy pulled out of his ass in the 1700s?
>>45513 >>45517 Keeping in mind, the area I am talking about is also where the Royal Tyrell Museum is located, which, in addition to the largest prehistoric fossil collection on the planet, one of the most robust labs in existence for analyzing things like that.
>>45513 You have got to be some kind of dysgenic niggerroid. There is clearly something really wrong with your brain. The University of Calgary has also studied the place and the Blackfeet extensively, and they have a world class archaeology department, due to the fact that their entire geoscience program gets massive subsidies from oil and gas companies and has rivalled the Colorado School of Mines for decades. You are so wrong and fucking retarded it is hilarious.
>>45511 >>45510 Allright Ill check it out, thanks for the info anon!
(9.77 KB 180x189 TerryActivated.jpeg)
(1.77 MB 400x225 giphy.gif)
>>45373 >vegetables are for niggers the most stupidest thing i ever heard.
(1.34 MB 580x5424 DNAConfirmed.png)
>>45536 Normally, jungle monkeys and apes cannot breed with humans, because of the differing chromosome count, however, you might remember, or just not know, that downs syndrome as well as many other genetic disorders are caused by chromosomes fusing or not splitting properly, resulting in abnormal numbers of chromosomes. Biologists have determined that if a human has sex with a lower primate, a fucking zoo creature, enough times, then eventually an abnormal fusing of the monkey or apes chromosomes will occur. This happened recently in Angola, the president of the country (a nigger) called it a "miracle" that a nigger park ranger had been able to conceive a new type of nigger with one of the chimps in the park she worked at. Anyway, getting back to the science, biologists in western universities have begun to run tests on nigger DNA, with the malformed chromosome excluded, matching the others that correspond, and the results are all up on GEDMatch. Here is a picture of some of the test kits and results confirming that monkeys and apes match with huge percentages of the nigger population in Africa. There's more, in fact, niggers match with 6 species of monkey and small brained ape, four living and two extinct. The whole "ghost ape" theory is a kike attempt to distract and confuse scientists to cover it up. It has failed miserably and only a retarded piece of shit kike/nigger would want to argue with the exhaustive DNA research confirming all of this, at this point. Marmoset, macaque, orangutan and chimp are the living species that niggers match for, and the two extinct species are homo naledi and homo habilis, small brained apes. All of these animals are evolved to consume fruits and vegetables and insects, primarily. None of them are apex predators that eat meat. This is one of the main reasons niggers are able to excel in sports in the modern day, the garbage animal feed everyone is being told is healthy is actually part of their natural, zoo animal piece of shit diet. So there you go.
(30.16 KB 1024x1024 nigchimp.jpeg)
Here is a picture of the nigchimp creature from Angola, with a regular chimp for comparison. This things mother adamantly confessed she was fucking chimps and getting nothing but chimp dick for years before conceiving this fucked up thing. This is the origin of niggers.
(72.52 KB 800x600 pharisees.jpg)
Also keep in mind that rabanical jews are not Israjews at all, and that all the drama in the bible with Jesus was mainly caused by the fact that the (part nigger) pharisees were African converts, while Jesus and Judaism as Jesus' people practised it, the Essenes, were European in origin. Modern jews are all part nigger, labelled by Jesus as the synagogue of satan, and according to the bible and Jesus, it is perfectly OK for all Christians to kill them like vermin. Niggers were "beasts of the field" in the bible, the KJV makes it very clear, probably because they knew that they were actually the product of bestiality back then. Moses' commandment about not laying with beasts was not in reference to farmers fucking goats, it was about not fucking beasts of the field and creating more niggers. They knew. We forgot.
What's wrong with a balanced diet? I'm of thw opinion that it's quite individual to your person, genetics what fuel your body makes best use of, I've tried it all and pure protein mostly meat, and fish with simple vegetables makes me feel best and the most energetic i think. Problem is im living with a pescetarian right now that whinges when i cook meat so I can't make those chicken breasts or porkchops in peace lol.
>>45548 >Niggers were "beasts of the field" Interesting. If that describes the niggers, what about the asians, spics, poos, etc?
>>45548 >we wuz jooz and shieet, jooz aren't really jooz breh
>>45552 Lot's of monkeys in the jungle. >>45553 It's in the bible, rabbinical kikes have been lying for 2000+ years. There are even older historical artefacts that confirm it. Just look at Vinca symbols and the oldest old hebrew characters side by side, it is obviously the same alphabet.
>>45552 Poos are different though, I should explain, their own kind of disgusting taint is probably why Asians are dark. They are Aryan whites crossed with a fucked up nigger cave man thing that is referred to as "denisovian man." They were highly cannibalistic and did not practice pair bonding or marriage, the males kept the women in a herd. Australian aboriginals were still doing this when the British found them, and it was one of many reasons they were initially (and correctly) regarded as nuisance fauna. In their own scripture, they are referred to as something that translates to "the wicked blacks." Arranged marriages are likely a muted expression of their odd reproductive behaviour, as well as cannibalism throughout Asia.
(7.23 KB 204x247 denisovianigger.jpeg)
>>45555 And again, there is a confirmed DNA link between denisovian man and the dravidian people, aka the shit that stained the Aryans in India the color of poop. Australian abbos were pretty much pure cave nigger before their women started bleaching themselves with British jizz every chance they got.
>>45554 Imagine wanting to larp as a jew and cut your dick. You should be gassed along with your hooknosed buddies
(124.96 KB 900x900 kikeSlayer.jpeg)
>>45565 It's not about larping as a jew, it's about destroying the historical lies told by the penis biters, rubbing their hilarious fucked up noses in the fact that they are part nigger, and exposing the fact that they have been hated by everyone for over two millennia, with extra attention to highlighting the fact that even Mr. turn a cheek and hug your neighbour wanted them all fucking dead. Jesus hated kikes and everyone in the bible knew that they were part nigger, and they have been trying to hide it the whole fucking time. If that doesn't tickle your fancy even a little bit, maybe you are some kind of niggerkike piece of shit, too?
>>45565 Also, the historical record points to the israjews coming from somewhere around south or central Europe. I am of entirely north western European descent and don't really see myself as being connected to any of that silly shit. Not LARPing, just had to sit through Sunday school as a kid, and had a wonderful Catholic priest that went off about what pieces of shit the pharisees were every other fucking Sunday. I don't think anyone else in the church was really listening to him drone on and on, but I did, and I am very grateful to him for naming the kikes (he said pharisees so he didn't get in trouble), loud and repeatedly and in public, just like Jesus said to, repeatedly, in the bible. There is a sleeping giant in Christianity that would crush kikes to dust like nothing if it were woken up again. Hating on "christcucks" is just what a kike would want you to do. They are fucking terrified of people learning the whole story of Jesus and the money changer tribe.
>>45517 >So how about modern Canadian records that are based off of chemical analysis of archaeological evidence? Records of what? Inuits who lived in the frozen wastelands? >some shit a guy pulled out of his ass in the 1700s? You mean what ALL contemporary writers record?
>>45520 >There is clearly something really wrong with your brain. Says the guy so triggered by simple facts that you needed to post three times to the same post. >The University of Calgary has also studied the place and the Blackfeet extensively.. Okay. A single tribe out in northern Montana. VS all eastern tribes who crew and ate corn. Also VS all European groups who grew and ate wheat, vegetables, and olives. >You are so wrong and fucking retarded it is hilarious. This is the Dunning Kruger effect. You know nothing about history so you made up your own version. Your version is so off the walls insane that it's tough to even respond to it Seriously, I am half sure that this entire thread is just an attempt to dilute "right wing" boards with silly or irrelevant threads. Your lack of substance to your posts does indicate that you are a shill. If you actually believed in this shit, you'd be backing up your claims or at least trying to.
(5.95 KB 286x176 zoolander.jpeg)
>>45572 You are fucking retarded, I specifically mentioned the area and the group of tribes, prairie tribes, not arctic. You would assume I meant all records, but I'm just talking about the clearly false ones you are trying to pass off. You are a functionally illiterate moron.
(58.19 KB 719x336 badlands.jpg)
>>45573 Also, you got it wrong, the Sioux Blackfoot are from Monata/North Dakota. The Blackfeet tribes are native to Alberta in an area around Drumheller called "The Badlands" they are a formerly badass warrior tribe that used to slaughter entire bison herds at once with that cliff, most of the guys in it are like 6'4" and up, compared to the little dysgenic midget Lakota/Sioux fucks that were driven up here by the US army you referred to. I know a guy who is from a Blackfeet tribe, their name translates to something like "Thunderfist." He is 6'8" and hates the pieces of shit you are thinking of more than me or any other white guy I've ever met. They all hate Sioux, They have different street and prison gangs, different reserves etc.
>>45573 >Seriously, I am half sure that this entire thread is just an attempt to dilute "right wing" boards with silly or irrelevant threads. Yet here you are, every fucking day, bumping his fucking thread arguing pointlessly >Your lack of substance to your posts Because you have backed up any of your claims? What kiked textbook have you cited that ancient injuns were master farmers and vegans? Just because some ancient peoples ate veggies really doesn't mean anything does it? It was likely just out of necessity. It was eating meat that gave primitive man increased brain size and muscle mass, and growth that allowed him to become the dominate species of the planet. I really don't give a flying fuck there is not enough meat to feed the planet, the planet is overpopulated with soyfags like yourself, anyways No one is denying humans are omnivores, but if this guy wants to live off a meat diet, what is it to you that you have to keep kvetching nonstop about pointless anecdotal shit? >does indicate that you are a shill. What exactly do you think he is shilling? Is he some jew that owns a billion dollar beef herd and is here trying to convince a half dozen nazi's on this board not to "eat ze bugs" and "live in ze pod"? Stop being a fucking faggot.
(31.07 KB 286x399 ManoftheCentury.jpg)
>>45587 He is probably some kind of sad Hitler fetishist, and is arguing because of Hitler's silly misconceptions about vegetarian diets. As if Hitler did not make several huge errors that white people everywhere need to learn from. Not to rag on Hitler too much though, the guy almost got things right, almost.
>>45587 What the fuck? Are you genuinely retarded? Yes, the cow Jew is real and you should fear the fucker more than any other food-related Jew. Even the sugar Jew is better than the cow Jew. Do you have any idea how much shit the beef-and-dairy market actually does? Remember when they killed several hundred people by covering up an outbreak of Mad Cow Disease? It's not even slightly out of character for the cow Jew to pull this sort of shit. They do it all the time - they even demand that "Milk" only ever refer to cows' milk, and that human milk, what is most peoples' first experience with milk, be called "Breast Milk" They demand subsidies only for cows' milk and actively lobby against two European traditional milks - goat and sheep Are you implying that there are more industries that are more blatantly corrupt than the beef industry?
>>45591 Hitler was a national leader you fucking idiot, Germany could not be sustained on meat alone. >>45587 It's shitty advice overrall, it should be the first thing you do if you can afford to eat large amounts of meat. It's obvious shit. He's lying about its effects, it's definitely useful. But unless he has some magic bullet to reduce its cost and preperation, it's worthless.
(45.87 KB 634x396 townsend.jpg)
>>45596 >>45595 It's costing me about ~$10 CAD a day, which is not much more than most people spend on food here despite what the grocery jew on 4chan would have you think. I am buying a frozen quarter of a grass fed steer at a time from a rancher for $2000, and eggs from a local farmer for $2 a carton. Before I started this diet, I was about 145lbs and still had a spare tire of fat somehow. I have gained about 15 lbs and become shredded like an infomercial, with veins crawling up my abs. I had lymph nodes under my jaw swelling up like ping pong balls, very dark circles around my eyes, my asshole was turning inside out and bleeding every other week, I was depressed, had no energy, could not think clearly and also had severe general anxiety. It's all gone. I feel better than I ever have in my life. As far as sustaining all of Germany, who knows, they never tried, it would have taken a massive economic shift, and Hitler was a completely uninterested vegetarian, and also no one had any idea that it was really possible to go on a diet like this until recently, or that it might result in drastic improvements in health and wellbeing. You could check out the video I posted about fish consumption in the early days of colonial America. The key to an entire country doing it is pretty obviously a massive increase in the consumption of fish and seafood, but it doesn't seem as unfeasible to me as you seem to suggest...
(1.34 MB 1600x1067 wallace.jpg)
>>45597 The main reason I am posting it here is not just to improve the health of other white folks though. Another effect of the diet has been to heighten my senses and awareness, my sense of smell and taste drastically improved, as well as my general awareness of myself, my surroundings and of other people, and my mental clarity in general. I lost all inclination to smoke marijuana and consume alcohol, just stopped because I genuinely didn't want to anymore. Most of all though, I have become extremely aggressive and have gone from racist to fucking mega ultra racist. The difference between white people and disgusting nigger pieces of shit has become so drastic to me it is kind of amazing. I thought I hated non-whites before, but I was actually numb to how much. I really didn't realize what disgusting vermin they really were. I think wide adoption of this diet might just induce a trend of extremely fucking intense racist hatred, and finally unleash white men's rage, everywhere. I believe this diet will make it happen, as crazy as that sounds. Try it and see if I'm crazy.
>>45368 My personal experience with carnivore is similar to OP. I had a number of health issues such as general fatigue and inflammation, all of which went away on carnivore, but the best thing for me is the lack of brain fog. I used to have horrid brain fog which I just thought was my brain being lazy, but it turned out that this was instead due to eating foods which are inflammatory for me. If you have any chronic health problems which don't seem to have a clear cause, then I would recommend trying carnivore.
>>45551 If you feel fine eating a mixture of things then there's no real reason to change. If it ain't broke don't fix it. However, an elimination diet like the carnivore diet can greatly help if you have any underlying health issues which could be caused by diet.
>>45602 I am guessing that a large % of white people don't even realize that they are impaired by their diet, though. Numb and fat and dumb has become the norm.
(40.62 KB 564x783 1587786809015.jpg)
(1.22 MB 901x676 1561512446405.png)
(35.37 KB 656x492 1588085111639.jpg)
(86.31 KB 720x960 1588085697034.jpg)
>>45595 >the cow Jew is real Never said he wasn't, but you are fucking insane if you think he is think he is HERE, every fucking day, on fucking 16chan, arguing for a meat diet. I was merely pointing out you are a moron if you think he is a shill, yet you are bumping his thread everyday with your pilpul arguments >>45596 (same flaming faggot) >it's definitely useful. But unless he has some magic bullet to reduce its cost and preperation >preparation* kek, The UK is collapsing. They can't even afford to feed themselves, let alone spare 30 minutes to cook dinner Apparently you missed the part where I said I don't give a fuck if soyfags like you can't afford to eat
>>45605 If not to provide solutions, then why are you here? It's an interesting thread. More so than "Here's another shitty operation where we leave posters outside McDonalds anonymously" Obesity is a problem on par with immigration. You're in the wrong place if you think it's a "me against the world" problem.
>>45597 Hitler was not a vegetarian, by the way. It is unfeasible to feed an entire country on meat alone, overfishing is already a problem too. Hitler was interested in soya since it has a high protein content, and could be used instead of meats and dairy - tofu in this case. >>45600 These diets have changed my personality massively. I've bulked to around 190lbs, up from 160ish using a mixed diet. Dark chocolate is the only kind of candy I eat now. >>45605 Just to reinforce on this fag - it's obvious you have no idea what the world is like, so I'll go over a few things for you. The largest country in Europe is Russia - Russians have an average monthly income of under $500. This is similar in Ukraine and Belarus. In the Eastern EU, Romania and Bulgaria are higher but not much higher. Meat is usually of a similar price, worldwide, regardless of local economy - similar to a lot of produce. Unless it is produced locally - and very few countries export meat - for beef, 45% of all beef exports are from three countries, the USA, Australia and Brazil. As the economy declines, meat will be harder to get ahold of. Shops will close or stop ordering as much - it will simply become less available. Beer and grains are only for calories and should be treated as such - they are not a meal, they are for energy. Fruit can be grown locally, but is seasonal. Things which can be stored for a long time will be useful. As >>45597 said, 10CAD a day is maybe enough for one single adult man. Multiply this by 5 for a household with children. It's obvious you're here because you wanted to be a part of the "Internet Hate Machine" and have no interest in solving any actual problems. Go buy some meth, a rifle and a bus ticket to a major city - have some fun there, you're useless for anything else.
>>45584 "Formerly badass warrior tribe" Emphasis on former, it's very easy to shoot livestock. The Mongols actually made use of this, and simply killed off animals. It's a lot more work to kill off crops, especially those which can be stored.
(809.35 KB 3001x3001 viet_cong.jpg)
>>45617 You are a scummy, retarded servant of kikes for telling another white person to do meth. Shitty diet is absolutely a major problem, as is drug abuse and the idea that one man with a rifle can do a damn thing about the nigger/kike situation on his own. Reducing the apathy, lack of physical health and mental fog most white people seem to be suffering from will do much more than you seem willing to admit. Starting a trend of fishing, hunting and self sufficiency in the wild would also be a huge boon to our people. I'm currently learning how to fish, and getting prepared to go shoot wild pigs this summer, two things I know you can also do in Eastern Europe without too much trouble. Pigs are nuisance fauna and free to shoot, a deer ticket is something like $60, and a fishing permit something like $20 for the season. In a year I will be able to eat for a few hundred dollars a year, including the cost of gasoline and ammo, dependant upon a one man supply chain. If you would prefer to munch on cancerous, endocrine disrupting soybean garbage, you'll die of starvation or be caught begging and scrounging with all the nig nogs if war or economic depression disrupts the complex supply chain required to produce the crap is disturbed. Big cities are almost all just big fucking nigger bins at this point. They are all fucking infested with subhumans and all have big and corrupt police forces, controlled by the ZOG entirely. Just imagine what some people able to survive long term in the wild could do if they started attacking railroads, bridges, electrical sub-stations and communications infrastructure around them, instead of constantly masturbating to pictures of Brenton Tarrant as you probably do.
>>45629 >>45629 I think maybe I misinterpreted who you were telling to go do that though, the layout of your post is a little unclear.
>>45630 kek, i'm not the guy you were replying to, but your post was still BASED
(1.20 MB 2322x2992 2322.jpg)
>>45630 The comment was directed at >>45605 me, but I can't be arsed to respond to this faggot anymore.
(107.71 KB 1280x720 narci.jpg)
Accusations of shilling get thrown around a lot here, but it looks like we may have hit a nerve and upset some kind of tranny, kike or chink out to mess with this place. I would guess the Jews behind promoting sugar and alcohol probably keep their motives near the top, and would not direct a lowly JIDF kike to promote the consumption of unhealthy food. I think one of the ways they control their own is probably through the traditional wheat heavy crap most kikes like, gluten causing a bigger insulin spike than pure white sugar while having an opiate like neurological effect and all... Probably not some brainwashed chink that has grown up on soybean pig feed and told it was healthy. These disgusting fucking trannies though, they probably want everyone eating as much soy as possible due to it's well documented estrogenic effect. The freakshow in pic related began drugging and butchering themselves after incorporating Soylent into their diet, which was likely complete shit to begin with. I think it's a fucking tranny.
"Starting a trend of fishing, hunting and self sufficiency in the wild would also be a huge boon to our people." >The total U.S. deer population in 2017 was about 33.5 million, up from a recent low of about 32.2 million in 2014, down from the recent peak in 2000 of about 38.1 million deer. The whitetail population fell from about 33.5 million in 2000 to 28.6 million in 2014, recovering to about 29.5 million in 2017. Can you see the problem here? White Americans outnumber deer 6:1 You've got to be kidding me with how fucking retarded you are. Fitness is one thing, but you have some retarded fetish for outdoorsmanship when you have no clue how that shit scales upwards. Even Canada couldn't sustain its white population of 20,000,000 on fucking wild deer you retarded cunt, same thing for fisheries. >I'm currently learning how to fish, and getting prepared to go shoot wild pigs this summer, two things I know you can also do in Eastern Europe without too much trouble. Where in Eastern Europe, exactly? The 10,000,000 Wild Boar in Europe could sure sustain its population of 440,000,000. Good thinking. Like I said. These are hobbies - they're for one or two people, not for a family or a country. You will find that there simply isn't enough to go around. You'd need to depopulate the world down to around 500,000,000 to actually achieve this - worldwide. It has so little to do with any strategic strength that I am serious - by the way, combat drugs have a very strong history and are useful for making use of the dregs of society - a penal, suicide battalion. The fact that this went over your head shows a lot. It turns a pathetic, cowardly loner - you - into a dangerous force. I don't care if your health suffers, you wouldn't live long enough to care. Or what, would you rather be LARPing as Rambo in the woods? Nothing matters so long as you alone survive, right? >If you would prefer to munch on cancerous, endocrine disrupting soybean garbage, you'll die of starvation or be caught begging and scrounging with all the nig nogs if war or economic depression disrupts the complex supply chain required to produce the crap is disturbed. Jesus fucking Christ, what do you think the supply chain is for staple crops, exactly? Do you think it needs some special wizard to cast a spell on it? All of this applies to your wishful diet, none of it applies to corn, soya, wheat flour, potatoes, carrots, wood, low-grade metals, ethanol, some kinds of biodiesel - amazingly, it's mostly "Put this in a big vat on the property it was grown on, dry it out, send it to be processed" - most of which is simply smashed up and added to animal feed. You know what'll happen the second shit gets disrupted? A few million Americans, most of whom will be in family groups, will go innawoods. You'll get starved out by your own countrymen and your lack of any kind of knowledge means that you'll just get yourself shot by an actual hunter or ranger, who will probably be using modern technology. That's assuming you don't get plugged by some Ranger, who is actually well-trained at handling retarded poachers. >>45635 Soylent contains some soya, it's a brand of fuck-knows-what packaged into an overpriced tub. It's so overpriced that any retard who buys it is probably insane to begin with. It's even named after some story in which its namesake was the product of human flesh. Since you're completely fucking retarded, there's no real point in going into too much detail, so I'll boil it down to - there are different breeds, some suited for biodiesel, some suited for animal feed, some suited for human consumption. Soya is important for agriculture since it helps to reintroduce certain nutrients to the soil, so as long as somebody is growing some type of crop, it will be readily available and easily dried out. This is also true of any other staple crop, like corn or oats. Corn is fantastic for ethanol, since it has a huge carbohydrate content - high carb feeds can be easily converted into ethanol, and 80% ethanol is an excellent fuel. Fuel soya can be used to dilute regular diesel in some industries, as a cost-effiency measure. Oats are useful for calories, and a few hundred grams of oats will keep you alive for a while. Let me know if this makes sense to you, if not I can probably make a little colouring book for you.
>>45638 *Plugged by some Ranger, before then Same applies for Eastern Europe, by the way - you will glow in the fucking dark as an armed foreigner, and they won't believe you're there to "Hunt wild boar" - they'll assume you're part of some arms or human trafficking group, blow your head off and you'll get eaten by the wild boar. It's Eastern Europe - unless you know some guys there, which I'm assuming you don't, you'll get yourself hurt. This applies to most of Europe, by the way - unless you're extremely polite, which I doubt, the local police will take one look at you, assume you're lying and arrest you for something. You'd need someone to vouch for you - you can do whatever you like in Europe if your local police know you well enough, including shit which Americans can't do, like own a Striker.
>>45638 Why would everyone in the USA stop eating beef though, retard?
>>45641 They wouldn't, it's absolutely healthier to do so. But if you're trying to, I don't know, do something, you can't depend on supply lines to be so easily accessed. Nor can you hold such retarded views that cereal crops are literally poisonous. They're not. They're inferior and cheap, easy to store and easy to acquire. You can grow this shit yourself in most climates. One small store - in a cache - can supply dozens of families for years - this is not possible with beef. The very first thing that the state will do if shit hits the fan and they need to smoke out some insurgents is control supply lines, and they will probably introduce bureaucratic requirements in areas they think are supplying insurgents. For fucks sake, this isn't a mystery - innawoods shit is a psyop, it has no precedent and only applies to a narrow band of the USA and Canada. If you're out in the sticks, you're harmless for the most part. Going by any actual precedent, simple eating and lots of cereal crops can be stored inside a car - if you're fighting, you're going to be spending a lot of time in some kind of car. You'll be eating, sleeping, shitting and drinking in there. This is what the Armagh Sniper team were doing, by the way, so it's not something I've pulled out of my arse. It's just overwhelmingly bad advice - deciding that you must eat only one type of food and restrict yourself to a specific lifestyle is fucking retarded.
>>45642 Soya, oats, some simple meats and dried fruits can be stored inside a vehicle without the need for a fridge. Some cooking utensils, some kind of stove (propane is best but wood is more versatile) can be put into a bug-out bag. £50 for everything minus the meat. Meat preparation takes more time, work and equipment. You can't grab a rifle, go "hobo" for a week or two and sneak back with half a fucking deer.
>>45642 I think there's enough fish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR1Bn78keak You can catch these stupid things with a handheld net.
>>45643 Yeah, you can.
>>45645 No, you cannot in any way hide in urban New York for two weeks as an insurgent. That's just a fucking lie.
>>45645 This is an old strategy used by the PIRA, including in cities like Belfast. They didn't just rely on safehouses, they used vehicles to camp out in. A Ford Transit was as valuable as an Armalite to the Provos.
>>45646 >>45647 Some dried beef is worth its weight in gold, but this is something which is known to the state. If you buy 5kg of dried beef from some farmer, and the state find out, they're going to torture that poor fucker until they have your details.
>>45495 Bro gib recipe for good jerky blease. I tried making it once in oven, didn't work out very well.
>>45649 In my experience, you need this weird drying rig. I know a Saffer who does this. It appears to have some kind of light bulb in it. It's not something you heat - I believe it's some combination of salt, vinegar, spices and then slowly air drying it.
>>45649 Alright, I checked it up - it's cold-dried for a week. Cut up some beef into strips (Bil = Butt, Tong = Tongue, yes it means Ass-tongue) around an inch thick, soak them in vinegar for a day, salt them, spice them (whatever, this is up to you) and then hang them up somewhere cool with a little airflow for a week.
>>45649 since you've never had it - Jerky tastes like shit, it's sugary meat, it's gross. Biltong tastes like beef with whatever else you added.
>>45649 8+ hours at 190f, then if you like, you can saute in hot grease in a pan until you get a nice toasty glaze after about 8 hours, then put it back in the oven at 190f again to finish it off and get it really dry. >>45650 Anything that gets to around 190f will work, oven, dehydrator, whatever... a smoker is the absolute best, but you need a back yard to use one. Biltong that the Saffer makes is probably different in a few ways. I like it really dry and chewy, helps maintain my manly lantern jaw. >>45652 There are lots of recipes that use mostly brine instead of sugar, the amount of sugar you use is really low anyway and works out to like 1-2g or less per serving. Maple syrup or black-strap molasses taste better, gas station jerky is like you describe and usually uses (way too much) white sugar. This recipe uses 1/4 cup molasses for 5 lbs or beef and works out ok, I have never bothered fucking around with a freezer, might help you though: https://www.thespruceeats.com/classic-brined-beef-jerky-recipe-1805861 1/4 cup molasses is like 45-50g of sugar, and 5lb beef gets you about 2lb dry, or about 900g, 1/4 cup of the stuff shredded is like 1oz or so. If you do the math it is something like ~1-2g sugar per serving. It takes 20-30g sugar in a day to throw most people out of ketosis, so you would need to eat a whole pound of it or four whole cups shredded to really begin to worry... I like Worcestershire sauce, garlic, mustard and black pepper with maple syrup. I live in Canada and get cheap-ish maple syrup though. Black-strap molasses is tasty as well.
>>45653 That's more for jerky, which tastes like sewage. Don't make the man eat sewage. You should try: Covering the meat in salt for 3 hours, both sides, making sure it's allll covered in salt. You can mix in some spices here to really dig the flavour in marinading the meat all over with brown vinegar mixed with the Worcestershire sauce for another 1h 30 or so Then you clear out a wardrobe and hang the meat in it. A box works better, with a dowel and some paperclips. Just let it hang there, airdrying. A small USB fan nearby should give it circulation, just not on the meat itself to give it an even dry. Between the two, I found beef jerky to be too sweet whereas biltong really feels like you're eating meat. It's not as dry, either. Hard to describe, see if you can order some online to figure out the difference. Importantly, it is never cooked or heated - it is cured, raw meat. It's really good for chewing on.
>>45654 It IS for jerky, it says right on it. I guess, if you have a dainty little china chin, you would prefer the nigger variation.
>>45655 Trust me it's the opposite, my chin goes out to my nose and I can lift small objects with its muscle.
>>45656 If you can't bite off at least two of a niggers fingers in a fight at once, you aren't white in my book.
>>45657 I can do that with my front teeth, they're not that strong, roughly the strength of a thick carrot. I was talking about the bulb of my chin, not my jawline.
(51.08 KB 1280x852 shank_bones.jpg)
Started making bone broth this week, it's pretty good. Costs like $10 to fill a 4g stock pot.
>>45702 I'm investing into a makeshift Biltong rig. Dried soya is good but takes a lot of prep work to handle, since it's toxic in its uncooked form.
Based but remember fish, at least take omega 9 supplements.
>>45913 I'm eating a couple tins of Millionaire's brisling sardines, or kippered herring every week. Sometimes Gold Leaf mackerel, their smoked and peppered flavor is pretty nice. Millionaire's are almost as good as smoked salmon though, really delicious.
>>45913 When eating fish, remember smaller is better. The bigger the fish, the greater the heavy metal shit content in its meat because of the food chain upwards aggregation.
>>45370 >Meat was a rarity for most people in the past. thats bullshit and you know it. >What is hunting?
https://www.dana.org/article/consequences-of-the-inflamed-brain/ Here is an interesting article on how chronic inflammation effects the brain. Everyone consuming carbohydrates has some level of inflammation. The only way to completely eliminate it is to be in ketosis.
(20.43 KB 393x524 T.A.D..jpg)
>>45921 White people are white because they lived in northern regions through the last ice age. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last_Glacial_Period 75000 years of living in the most inhospitable place for a stupid nigger vegetable garden possible. DNA evidence shows that it was so brutal there were about 12 adult women for every man of reproductive age, the current theory is that this extreme evolutionary pressure caused us to develop in such a drastically different way from NIGGERS.
The alpha wolf in a pack, as well as the male lion in a pride, prefers and eats the liver first, the heart second, and takes the bones with the most marrow in them third. Meat goes to beta wolves and females. I just ate some grass fed beef liver and it was delicious. I'd been putting it off because I couldn't figure out how to cook liver before and fucked it up several times. The trick is to find which way the ventricles in it go first, then slice it crosswise and thin, then lightly saute it for just a few minutes (2-3 minutes, not more than 4), just enough to get it something like medium rare. The cheweyness that people don't like is the ventricles, so you cut it across the ventricles, sort of like how you have to cut brisket a certain way or you make a chewey mess of it. I will be trying kidney sometime soon, next time my butcher breaks down a calf, will report back with results. Might also try this biltong stuff with a heart in the meantime just to see how it compares to jerky. Those of you in places where meat is expensive, check the prices of offal, fresh grass fed beef liver is $5CAD a pound here, which is slightly cheaper than a 1lb pack of shitty supermarket 80/20 regular ground beef where I am. Shank bones are like $3-$4 a pound.
>>45999 Only Injun savages eat the heart and liver. Red meat is for the white man.
>>46000 t. domesticated golem
>>46000 The liver was actually kind of creamy and almost sweet, with lots of flavor. Steak is nice, but it's also pricey. I have to say that for the money, liver has it beat. Preferring steak is kind of recent as far as white people are concerned, a few centuries ago some types of offal would cost a little more money from the butcher than any cut of meat, even tenderloin, and sucking or scooping marrow out of bones was the normal thing to do. You still see some people in their 80's and 90's bite the ends off of chicken bones and suck on them, and oso buco is served with gremolata to go on toast with the marrow.


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