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(57.97 KB 878x654 newfags.png)
Q/PTDDTOT 663 Board owner 09/30/2019 (Mon) 01:24:27 ID:2cdaf5 No. 4985
Questions/Posts That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads

In an effort to minimize the amount of questions/one liner posts please post said content in this thread.
Edited last time by 663 on 09/30/2019 (Mon) 01:29:39.
(415.22 KB 455x641 fuhrer1.png)
>>13126 I'm back. Don't roast the Fuhrer. P.S. Still trading TF2 hats.
>>16393 Heil
(452.45 KB 454x574 s.png)
>>13682 Oh please. I have schizoaffective disorder, which is consists of a combination of schizophrenic and bipolar symptoms. I don't hear or see things, but I experience what is called "derealization disorder". Science has improved. Now that I take my medication you would not see that there is anything really wrong with me. I'm told that I'm very eloquent. Also, according to some science (even though I distrust much science that comes out now) it is said that psychotic disorders are the evolutionary cost of high intelligence in humans. Hitler himself had to be medicated with a combination of amphetamines and barbiturates to keep him stable. I have no doubt he would have crying fits. He was the ultimate cult leader and has been speculated to have had schizophrenia just like Charles Manson or Jim Jones. Hitler's eyes had the vacant stare that is associated with schizophrenia, which many people took to be a look which stared into a person's soul. In two months I will make videos and you'll be able to consider my leadership ability. I've already made the one speech, and as my dad said, I am the supreme actor, which was also said about Hitler.
>>16433 Schizo Game obsessed "my dad said" Next hitler D i s g u s t i n g p i e c e o f s h i t .
>>16433 You, Mr. faggot, are not qualified to be the next Hitler.
>>15173 bump
>>16509 psst. New guy. You cant bump a pinned thread past the top of the board
>>16512 i never had the intention to bump the thread retard. i am looking for an answer to my earlier post.
Some idiot playing nigger trap music through his speaker like a PA. Stupid single black mother speaking ebonics and poorly parenting her one female child who is visibly displeased. Turns out aforementioned DJ is this negress' other crotchfruit. Mother only threatening violence and yelling. Daughter is throwing tantrum off and on including throwing self on floor. Oh the rap american jr. is not just playing music he's watching music videos (postscript: not entirely his fault, he's a young kid) Daughter is alternating between laughing and crying. Mother repeatedly telling daughter to "keep your hands to yourself" while touching and hitting daughter. Mother: "I'm gonna beat you down on the bus. Ohh I'm going to jail today. I'm going to jail today." Like watching a trainwreck as, during, and before it happens. But you know what I did? I decided to connect and wrote her a short screed on the back of a piece of paper that said, iirc: "Find and read a book called Seeds of Deception to learn how what you are feeding your kids may be responsible for their behavior" And I added, as an afteredit, 'partly'.
(930.25 KB 1920x2128 NatSoc Eternal Discipline.jpg)
>>10077 Become Afro NatSoc. Do it, anon. >>10157 Fuck that d&c shit, m8. That matters for choosing a wife, not for choosing with whom to fight. We will need everyone who is anti-rottenchild. We all know who we are, and we all know how much of a fucking mutt (if any) we are. It's not like things like that can't be fixed with genetic engineering in the future anyway. We are going to become better than our forefathers. The primary reasoning behind anti-racemixing policies is not to worsen a problem, not that you can't do anything. If you're bothering to read a /pol/ board in the first place, you are a fucking hero, anon. My parents were degenerate White faggots, but what difference does it make? It is never time to despair. It is time to remain committed that the Earth should be purified and made whole again, and that the soul of Man shall rise toward the stars. The little rottenchild gremlins grasping at our mighty hand shall be crushed, never to rise again. Sieg Heil!
(5.94 MB 3739x2139 deutschpol200.png)
(529.85 KB 600x605 deutschpolhörspiel.png)
Miss you lads. We'll meet again someday.
>>16542 At last someone who knows how to deal this treats. God bless you.
>>11828 >fluoridation Being familiar with alcaline diets and fasting practices helps against the unavoidable reception of cr*p that almost every food has inside it... or that's at least how I felt about it.
>>16542 based and redpilled. people from many nations fought for the natsoc cause. Yeah, Im not gonna racemix but if we cant fight alongside the other races they are trying to homogenize us with we wont defeat the kikes. Everyone, be they black white asian or south american are in danger because of the kike master plan. Yes, whites are the biggest threat to the kikes, and yes, that is why they are trying to take us down. But that doesnt neccesarily mean that all of the others are our enemies. The primary goal must be kicking zogs teeth in, because until zog is done for our borders will continue to be flooded and our daughters will be brainwashed with miscegnation propaganda and our sons will be inundated with tranny propaganda.
(370.31 KB 1917x1161 3afcc3a6a78416b980890f0571d09d9a.jpg)
(571.35 KB 1600x1131 1378753471679.jpg)
(664.65 KB 1941x1636 1463857280811.png)
Can we please get these in a/the sticky? They have been /pol/ staples for years and it feels incomplete without them. Please & thanks mod-kun.
(1.50 MB 3584x3936 1388240180410.gif)
>>16795 Oh, one more. The gentleman's guide to forum spies.
Anons should I make a thread basically were we have taken down The Zionist Occupation Governments of the world and we have a one world government what would our new found "new world order" operate?what laws shall it have what polices shall it put in place?would the kikes be all dead or no?will all niggers spics gooks have their homelands respected or will they be turned into slaves Or will all none Whites be shot into outer space? Basically /pol/ sets up a world government https://archive.org/details/federcollectedwritings ^this explains how nazi Germany worked well it's A collection of writings by Feder but still it has the 25 points and a lot of other stuff it pretty much explains how the goverment operated in my view not interlay but still theirs lots of things to a government and Im not that good at making nice long explanations of stuff nor can I make good thread I just want to see if it would be all right with you guys before making such a thread I'd rather have someone else do it because i'll just fuck it up I know I already posted this on neinchan but I just want to see if anyone would want such a thread here too
Here's a list of high scores compiled by Wikipedia. Anyone else interested in this? >9/11 - 2,977 dead, 6,000+ wounded >Oklahoma City - 168 dead, 680+ wounded >Happy Land fire - 87 dead, 6 wounded >2017 Las Vegas shooting - 58 dead, 851 wounded >Orlando nightclub shooting - 49 dead, 53 wounded >Continental Airlines Flight 11 - 45 dead >United Airlines Flight 629 - 44 dead >Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771 - 43 dead >Maury county jail fire - 42 dead, 30+ wounded >St. Elizabeth's hospital fire - 41 dead, 24 wounded >Heaven's Gate - 39 dead >Virginia Tech shooting - 32 dead, 23 wounded >UpStairs Lounge arson attack - 32 dead, 15 wounded >Sandy Hook school shooting - 27 dead, 2 wounded >Sutherland Springs church shooting - 26 dead, 20 wounded >Dorothy Mae Apartments fire - 25 dead, 31 wounded >Luby's shooting - 23 dead, 27 wounded >San Ysidro McDonald's massacre - 21 dead, 19 wounded >University of Texas tower shooting - 17 dead, 31 wounded >Stoneman Douglas High School shooting - 17 dead, 17 wounded >D.C. sniper attacks - 17 dead, 10 wounded >Ronald Gene Simmons - 16 dead, 4 wounded >West Fertilizer Company explosion - 15 dead, 160 - 200 wounded >2015 San Bernardino attack - 14 dead, 24 wounded >Edmond post office shooting - 14 dead, 6 wounded >Columbine High School massacre - 13 dead, 24 wounded
(447.95 KB 896x833 157541282110094273.gif)
>>16919 tf is this? If that's you, you should delete that, fast. It's already too late, but you can reduce the damage before it gets to be any worse.
Open question Why do you post on this /pol/? Which other ones do you post on? Is this your favorite?
>>16979 As opposed to which ones? Surely you mean others, besides 4cuck and 8kunt? While I browse other boards on occasion I rarely post on them. This board is comfy
>>16979 >Hello Mr. FBI/ADL/[insert 3 letters of your choosing] Sorry we can't tell you our secret >>16979 >Hello BO from dying board Based mods >>16979 >Greetings Anon What is it you're looking for? This particular /pol/ is populated by mostly fascists of many different stripes, with little input from shills, niggers, kikes, or fags. (for now)
>>17036 >>17026 Maybe if more people did it instead of hiding in basements behind their keyboards, you would have less to fear from commie trash
>>16979 Because only this one is left and active. I know it's run by you FBI-kun but I am not American so I don't give a fuck.
>>17039 In a time when violence is STILL seen as fed/false flag/crisis actor bullshit even (especially) by Whites who use sites like this, what power does self doxxing and flashing the OK/666 hand sign hold?
(210.58 KB 1624x963 clit.jpg)
(557.79 KB 1650x2118 gorillaworfare.jpg)
(366.85 KB 459x596 Homemade molotov cocktails.jpg)
(590.73 KB 990x2325 MGIGguide.jpg)
(64.43 KB 1091x288 molotov.png)
(73.13 KB 454x718 tampon molotov.jpg)
(389.78 KB 800x1200 Thermiteguide.png)
(39.49 KB 1776x342 your molotov sucks bra.png)
>>17044 Lmao. Noice. But if anyone used that info before SHTF or the boogaloo or w/e they'd be seen as a counter productive jewish shill by at least what seems like 25% of the chans and who knows how many flyover state residing White normies. I'm not saying >>17021 should go minecraft, I don't even see violence as being needed right now as much as simply making the idea of fighting back appealing to White Americans is because I can say he isn't doing shit now but even if he turned into Tarrant/Bowers/Poway/Roof/McVeigh overnight and added a livestream link with his "IRL!" post, it wouldn't do much more good when so many White People think shit like that is playing directly into the jewish enemies plan.
>>17045 It could just be the chans making it seem like Whites hate violence against "others" but I live in the Midwest and there's plenty out here who have no thoughts on kikes other than that they're poor innocent victims with little to no power or wealth, at least when compared to Whites. They aren't half assed self hating antifa cucks, it's just what happens when White Americans don't/can't talk honestly about kikes in public and White kids grow up spending their downtime binging on hours of telavivsion while no one around has the brain or balls to point out the subliminal messages and propaganda.
Not to say there's even a need for Whites to do any Minecraft shit before the boogaloo/DOTR/race war. Maybe there is, maybe not.
>>10157 I'm also considering Austria and Ireland as part of the master race as they speak Germanic languages. The cluster I posted is perfect. Non-Asiatic and non-Negroid.
(340.26 KB 1111x963 DBZ Bro Fist.jpg)
What the fuck happened to meguca?? I haven't checked in years and almost every pol/polk/volk board has been wiped off the face of the earth
CAPTCHA EXPIRED fuck this gay site
(261.85 KB 1323x600 8shit.png)
also, don't go to masonchan either
(43.64 KB 1249x422 Screenshot (128).png)
>>17384 Click no cookies, solve, copy ID hash paste to bypass
>>17475 If so make a thread Anon we havent had a legit happening here that I can think of
Kek my silent generation grandmother just asked me about Q anon.
do you people like gefillte fish? https://youtu.be/-Zw7CZjz9oE
how about shekels? you like those do you. well not much longer :) https://youtu.be/oZtrbqKVITI
>>4985 This maybe common knowledge but thought i would leave this link I just found. They take public domain books and make audio books for free download. https://librivox.org/
>>17513 Yes but forgot about it though, so thanks >>17495 wow, been forever since I'v seen a dahboo vid
new zealand. say goodbye to the next atlantis. god is going to gas all of (((you))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eq8GjCc8LDQ ah... the reckoning.... can you smell it i sure can....
Why is 4chins all hyped over the IG report? This is the same kike who in his last report recommended the FBIniggers stop plotting coups on their gov't issued phones and even said there should be a warning prompt to remind those retards not to do it on work phones (ie: do it on your personal devices instead)
>>17558 >why is astroturfed board astroturfing Hmm
>>17559 Fair point. IG Horokike produced what I expected given his previous bullshit. >Feds lied (directly and by omission) throughout the warrant process, including the application, but there wasn't any political bias despite publicly released information plainly proving otherwise. Again, not surprised given the political bent of the entire DOJ (and Fedgov at large) >It checked Federal Election Commission records and reported that of the roughly $2 million given by feds in 14 agencies, “about $1.9 million, or 95 percent, went to” Clinton, the Democrat. It said that Department of Justice political donors gave 99 percent of their money to Clinton, while at the State Department, which she once headed, only 1 percent of the reported political contributions went to candidate Trump. It said that Trump got $8,756 from Justice employees, compared to $286,797 (at that date) for Clinton. Of the political contributions from Internal Revenue Service workers, 94 percent went to Clinton. https://archive.is/UsmvW
Looks like a bunch of kikes and a cop got killed in Jersey city. They found more bodies when they were clearing the kosher store. It's in close proximity to a jewish school. Supposedly the shooters (man and woman) were using the rooftops to move between buildings. Pipe bombs found in rented U-haul. (Speculation on my part, but maybe some of the missing Saudi's from Florida? They had visited NYC, and this is nearby) Also >Zognald pushes gun control in 3...2...
(178.76 KB 1048x1287 Friedrich_Karl_von_Preussen.jpg)
I've been thinking for some time about this and I want anons opinions' on this: What if we created a new type of monastery, where we could take in brothers afflicted by this jew world and grow strong together - where we could work with each other to develop community farming, energy, mining, art projects. A place from which a new nobility could potentially sprout.
(240.28 KB 800x600 hongkonghell.png)
>>17749 Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or Pastafarianism. Remember the 6 million noodle's the jews flushed down the kitchen garbage disposal OammmJoosReeeeebil
(274.91 KB 800x600 yellowvestvshk.png)
(185.28 KB 780x506 whosyouremperornow.png)
>>17752 thanks for OC anon
(491.18 KB 950x560 sideeyesun.png)
(33.55 KB 600x600 christianity.png)
>>17758 Revelation 2:9 Revelation 3:9 John 8:44 Romans 2:28 Romans 2:29 Matthew 27:25 also in the bible the anti christ is missah of the jews also also the bible says the jews are bond for hell sense they do not believe in christ
(50.88 KB 800x650 holymartyradolfhitler.png)
(35.14 KB 600x600 christianmorality.png)
(50.07 KB 600x600 exaltedclass.png)
Asians are projected to become the largest immigrant group in the U.S. by 2055, surpassing Hispanics. Pew Research Center estimates indicate that in 2065, Asians will make up some 38% of all immigrants; Hispanics, 31%; whites, 20%; and blacks, 9%. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/06/17/key-findings-about-u-s-immigrants/
(1.36 MB 960x960 judenrein.png)
(39.57 KB 168x200 smash2.png)
(43.16 KB 474x371 stop.jpeg)
>>17758 >>17857 >>17872 This, so much of this the axial age is terrible and Christianity is another axial age religion that tells you to be a beta cuck subservient slave. Everything in Christianity is bad the bible literally tells you not to have any money and literally drink poison because jebus will protect you. Christianity is anti reality and facts. <b-b-b-b-b its alegorical How typical whenever there is something you don’t like you ignore it in the bible under the "its a allegory bro"®™ MEME you are fucken making this shit up as you go along you crazy schizo cunt. >>17808 >Revelation 2:9 >Revelation 3:9 > Revelation You know why I know you are crazy, schizo or stupid? Because you are quoting Revelation. Tell me how many dragons or beasts will show up during the end of the world? And the stars falling from the sky how will this work under our understanding of astronomy? And what is GOG and MAGOG exactly? Oh wait all these things are its a allegory bro"®™ MEME, aha so its allegorical when you don’t like it however its super serious and means exactly what you try to twist the story into? Typical Christian! Because you lost all credibility when you start playing this game with Revelation a fucken book that is like a drug infused fever dream that no one can understand whats its all about however Christians will twist it into whatever they want it to mean. And the interpretation is always something different from century to century. >>17758 >>17857 >>17872 Keep on fighting the good fight, Christians have no place in any organization. >>17808 >also also the bible says the jews are bond for hell sense they do not believe in christ Quote this for me. >Revelation 2:9 <Only true jews®™ will go to paradise >I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. >I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, >who say they are Jews and are not, >who say they are Jews and are not, >who say they are Jews and are not, https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation+2:9&version=NIV <Muh KJV https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation+2%3A9&version=KJV >I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. >of them which say they are Jews, and are not, In the KJV! Kill yourself you retarded chizo Christian. >Revelation 3:9 <Watch out for fake jews! Only the real jews®™ are the good ones >who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation+3%3A9&version=NIV >which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie KJV! https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation+3%3A9&version=KJV Its every time like this, the verses you are quoting have the direct opposite meaning of what you are trying to say. The only way you can twist this is by ignoring the meaning of the quote and getting confused about something involving "jews" and "synagogue of Satan." Atheism is reality, atheism forever.
>>18005 You forgot to tip your fedora.
>>18093 fuck off with your pedochan faggot kike
Were any of the Khazars actual ethnic Jews or was it an entire kingdom of converts?
>>18005 Second pic is pure gold, it shows the enemy in it's most dangerous mutations.
Delegates to the Union for Reform Judaism’s biennial meeting in Chicago on Friday (Dec. 13) voted overwhelmingly to advocate for the creation of a federal commission to study and develop proposals for reparations to African Americans for slavery. The text of the resolution not only urges the federal government to act; it also commits the movement’s 850 congregations in the U.S. and Canada to redress the effects of historic and ongoing racism and evaluate institutional efforts to promote racial equity. The Reform movement is the largest Jewish denomination in North America, comprising more than a third of the total U.S. Jewish population. Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner, director of the movement’s Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, said the resolution went through a rigorous vetting process. It was drafted by the denomination’s Commission on Social Action and sent out to its member congregations for discussion and debate. The denomination crafted a vehicle for congregants to consider reparations called Reflect, Relate, Reform that allowed them to study and consider ways to get involved in advocating for an end to mass incarceration and fighting white supremacy. “In the context of the deaths of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and the emergence of a reality that we had a painful resurgence of racism and white supremacy — Charlottesville, etc. — many of our rabbis and lay leaders were asking what should we be doing at this moment in American history to fulfill our legacy as a movement committed to racial justice?” said Pesner, referring to the names of black Americans killed at the hands of police. The Reform movement has had a storied history of social justice activism, especially during the civil rights movement of the 1950s and ’60s. One of its members, Kivie Kaplan, served as the national president of the NAACP from 1966 to 1975. Several others had a hand in drafting the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Black and brown Reform Jews helped guide the movement on the issue of reparations, Pesner said. But as the resolution itself notes, the idea of reparations is not new to Jews. Since 1952, the German government has paid more than $70 billion in reparations to more than 800,000 Holocaust survivors. “It’s time for the country to have a national conversation about what effective, strategic reparations would look like that would both address systemic racism but also be good for America as a whole,” he said. With passage of the resolution, the movement will now advocate for HR 40, a bill that establishes a Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans. The bill has not yet come up for a vote. https://religionnews.com/2019/12/13/reform-jews-call-for-reparations-for-slavery/
>>4985 I have a question, Murdoch Murdoch, is this good propaganda for a 17 year old zoomer? I cant get through most of it, but am attempting to educate my youngest and lets just say history and reading are not his cup of tea. Little faggot will sit and watch cartoons for hours. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
"French" invaders microwaved a kitten on snapchat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_SgksveZhQ this is the video and pic related is the information of the invader who did it.
>>18962 Thank you for taking the time my young brother, I have fucked up, but not that way. Bad divorce and the mom took off with them. Just recently got to be together again.I hadn't seen him in over a decade. You have family, a racial one, but the ones you have close are most important. I would be proud of you, I'm sure your father must be, just in your quick reply here, I can tell he did something right. Merry Christmas Hail Victory
This fucking board. Every time I take a few days off from posting the front page is dominated with incoherent schizo trash (ie. jewish slides) despite our wonderful mods' best efforts, and I know I'm not alone in thinking this. A quick read through any of the threads right now exposes one to so much spin it's nauseating. Fuck all this revisionism. Fuck these pointless threads wasting my brothers' time in directionless debate. At this point I've considered spending more time on /k/. Coming to /pol/ is like watching Know More News every day. I get it. We all get it. The horse is dead. Let's talk about what we CAN do. On a personal note I was unproductive myself this afternoon. FUCK, I'm angry!
>>18977 checked What happened brother? Why so mad other than the current state we find ourselves in.
>>18978 Mad at myself for a wasted Saturday. I've been slowly losing momentum for a couple months. I can't figure out how to kick my ass back into gear.
>>18981 Have you stopped working on your car anon?
>>18977 Worship the lord. Nothing could be more aryan.
>>18983 Wish I could afford to be the car nut that I am, but at least building a new computer in a couple months. I've had this 2.66GHz first-gen i7 OC'd to 4GHz for 12 years now. Can't wait.
Can someone find a racial demographics map of Virginia?
(331.03 KB 1200x781 US-ethnic2.jpg)
(35.40 KB 550x419 vaethnic.gif)
>>19023 Found these that seem accurate.
>>19024 Nice, thank you. Here is a map of VA sanctuary counties as of 12/15 for comparison.
>>19025 Found a link to more updated and detailed maps of ethnic distribution: https://statisticalatlas.com/state/Virginia/Race-and-Ethnicity
>>19026 That is better, thanks. Sad to see Charlottesville got cucked, but it was full of diaperheads and habibs last time I was there too.
>>19016 Good to hear, we still have to treat ourselves every so often. If I move one more Christmas decoration I'll be losing my mind How is everyone's preparation going?
>>19025 Related Virginia AG Says 2A Sanctuaries "Have No Legal Force." But Is That Actually True? https://www.zerohedge.com/political/virginia-ag-says-2a-sanctuaries-have-no-legal-force-actually-true https://www.theorganicprepper.com/virginia-ag-2a-sanctuaries-legal-force/ Posted couple hours ago, so thought I'd pass on.
>>19034 The boomers in the comments are golden. What say you fren? Think the boog is finally upon us?
>>19034 >>19036 2A sanctuaries is the most based development of this year, maybe even of the presidential term. It's genius. If liberal states are going to act like following federal law is optional, why shouldn't conservative states do the same? I wonder where it will end if it catches on. As states pick and choose more and more what laws they like and don't, will we end up with two completely separate and opposite legal systems? Of course, it's all fun and games until somebody decides that paying taxes is optional, too...
>>19036 >Think the boog is finally upon us? Getting close, things only need get a little worse >>19038 State Law versus Federal Law - Which rules? >THE SUPREMACY CLAUSE Article. VI. This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding. >'The text decrees these to be the highest form of law in the U.S. legal system, and mandates that all state judges must follow federal law when a conflict arises between federal law and either the state constitution or state law of any state. >(Note that the word "shall" is used, which makes it a necessity, a compulsion.) However, the Supremacy Clause only applies if the federal government is acting in pursuit of its constitutionally authorized powers, as noted by the phrase "in pursuance thereof" in the actual text of the Supremacy Clause itself.' >The "supremacy clause" is the most important guarantor of national union. It assures that the Constitution and federal laws and treaties take precedence over state law and binds all judges to adhere to that principle in their courts
>>19039 Seems it's about time for SCOTUS to start hearing some 2A cases.
(204.49 KB 800x615 cluster.png)
(6.80 MB 1280x720 Thunder.webm)
(3.38 MB 640x360 The New Man.webm)
The Fuhrer checking in. Just wanted to say around Christimas that Jesus was a Celt, and the last thing to prove is that the Celts are Germanic in origin, which they are. The Celts are most closely related to those in Austria and Northern Italy!
>>19039 Indeed getting close. Buying a rifle soon. The 2A says "shall not be infringed" yet it is being infringed, and that's in the constitution. Intriguing to see how this plays out; this is where the rubber meets the road. I asked my coworkers (conservative MAGAtard types) here in WA if they knew about what is going on in VA. Only one of them did and he didn't seem to know much. Kikes doing their best to keep this under normies radar, I was actually surprised more of them hadn't' heard about it via outrage on Faceberg and the like. Stay frosty out there. - 8a3053
(9.66 MB 1280x720 Yankee Boogle-g_5TxKJcxCY.mp4)
>>19083 >Indeed getting close Dugan may be positioning himself as the martyr for the cause >be beloved by internet gun culture >know you're going to die from horrible disease (MS) >promote/demo 3d-printed autosear on yidtube >post rambling twitter spree >prepare for hot GayTF no-knock action He'll be the catalyst that whiskey_warrior_556 could never have been.
Boy, it sure is dead around here.
(65.06 KB 287x287 glownig.png)
>>19428 I am curious how much traffic the 8koon honeypot siphoned off from the various alt-chans, but my better judgement prevents me from going. >pic related
>>19434 Your not alone, Ron had an alt /v/ board, so they migrated to 8kun, /b/ has a bit of traffic, and /pnd/ (the new pol) is doing a little better than most of the bunkers. Other than that the rest of the boards are pretty dead. Pic from minutes ago approx 1500 lurkers, compared to 200k on 4cunt
>>19437 Actually I guess because the ISP count is board specific they may be some single IPs counted more than once if user posts on more than one board. Also not sure how or if the Tor users are counted
>>19434 As terrible as 8chan was 8kun is far worse. Every thread is a less than 5 post tranny slide thread and theres always child porn that stays up for hours. Its completely lost, nobody should go there.
Has there ever been a successful long term civilization without these three things: Religons Slaves Cows
Is there an online community of females that believe in natsco or traditionalist or anything similar to pols views?
>>4985 What was hitlers stance on mediterraneans? specifically the portuguese
(3.03 MB 359x202 jZgDhiP.gif)
>>19472 lookism.com
Explosive New OPCW Leaks Confirm Syrian Gas Attack was a Lie, ‘Senior Official Ordered the Deletion’ of Evidence Proving it Link: https://dcperiodical.com/2019/12/28/explosive-new-opcw-leaks-confirm-syrian-gas-attack-was-a-lie-senior-official-ordered-the-deletion-of-evidence-proving-it/
>>19511 Dank but unsurprising.
>>19548 >Scheduled rocket launched from China https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qrCbH2c0mo >It was thought to be a meteorite, but according to Guam Homeland Security it appears to be a rocket launched from China. A press release from Guam Homeland Security states that Chinese media outlets report that a heavy lift Long March 5 rocket carrying a test satellite payload blasted off from the Wenchang launch site on the southern island of Hainan at 8.45 p.m. >This commercial space launch occurred at 10:45pm Guam time and corresponds with an FAA Notice to Airmen that was active from 10:43 p.m. until 2:41 a.m. The atmospheric phenomena that was witnessed in the vicinity of the Marianas occurred around 11:25 p.m." In today's news we have literal peasants outside their "huts" exclaiming loudly at a bright object in the sky. They believe it is extraterrestrial in origin, though it is merely a rocket launched by a totalitarian regime. Please keep calm and return to work. >back to /x/ faggot
(99.79 KB 400x410 You.Have.To.Go.Back.png)
>>19552 No, that is a shit /pol/ thread. (Fine for you to go schiz on /b/ though) Post it here, watch our glownigger kike overlords ban you from here too. One earthbound meteor from 48 hours ago, is not the APOCALYPSE
(353.00 KB 800x667 shifting-north-pole-map-1.png)
>>19556 M-M-MUH MUMUH gas yourselves you dumb asses oh, wait, you are already getting gassed muahaha
soon all you morons will be dead and the internet will be clean again. no more kikes, no more mutts. just god abiding white men kek https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/santas-new-home-north-pole-moving-russia
>>19565 >>19566 >In case anyone needed a reminder why not to shill this place on 4pol
<is this the new /pol/ ?
Nigger quote of the day: >“At first glance it seems strange that the attitude of the anti-Semite can be equated with that of the negrophobe. It was my philosophy teacher from the Antilles who reminded me one day: “When you hear someone insulting the Jews pay attention; he is talking about you.” And I believed at the time he was universally right, meaning that I was responsible in my body and my soul for the fate reserved for my brother. Since then, I have understood that what he meant quite simply was the anti-Semite is inevitably a negrophobe.” ― Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks
>>19617 he’s not wrong
(1.03 MB 1440x2560 20191231_124322.jpg)
When niggers attack Whites all throughout the West daily - "Don't you dare talk about that you racist fucking redneck." When niggers beat up kikes a few times in NYC -
(139.88 KB 1117x945 ENIs9_rXsAAoL0E.jpg)
speaking of dumbasses
(80.33 KB 1162x480 lol.jpg)
us embassy in iraq, or as i call it, mutts on a grill. 2020 will be the year the ogre gets roasted world wide and trump will freak out the little kike. it's happening alright you freaks, enjoy the shitshow
Why am I just hearing about 16 /pol/ now, from VOAT a few days ago? I dont live under a rock& I'm not totally retarded.
Are all my anons from ♾here?
>>19751 Other than a a large op at launch (Sep 09 '19), we actively discouraged ads on 4pol, few anons had taken it upon them selves to discretely pass the word but we have been a typical small bunker. Though new anons like yourself happen to find us ever now and then, there's been a dozen or so newfags in the last few days >>19752 There are definitely a few oldfags from 8 here
>>15774 We call them DANs here. Dumb Ass Nigger seems to have originated around Missouri
>>16026 He is gaming live as I type, definitely a mossad agent, can tell >trust me
>>19756 kek, Newfag isn't retarded. Welcome anon
(165.61 KB 800x600 Imprisionedmind.png)
First Nigger
Watch: 20 Times Leftists Went Berserk On Campus In 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J0aye5nkKE
(194.94 KB 1336x563 accelerationism sucks.png)
Is Patrick Little still alive?
(43.18 KB 733x733 1578041497747.png)
(755.94 KB 700x700 1578051144717.png)
(1.01 MB 700x700 1578047728356.png)
(771.98 KB 700x700 1578049484828.png)
(527.18 KB 700x700 1578048012757.png)
(112.60 KB 624x773 1578045078969.png)
(142.85 KB 722x955 1578044617248.jpg)
(325.03 KB 958x1260 1578043737353.png)
(158.58 KB 737x993 1578042575037.jpg)
(147.88 KB 658x941 1578041380991.jpg)
Looking For Warroom Anons '''Must be""" >willing to help the world >able to post memes to social networks >able to decipher shills from anons >outspoken >a leader >opsec knowledgeable (!DS V&) This is not a game. This is an Information War. Are You Ready? =Follow the Name=
>>20040 Thank you for using q/ptddtot for Q crap
>>20040 OMG I already fucked up... 5:5
WTF IS THIS!? ((Oh btw, how to embed vids?)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MH-UYe0yN8
>>20061 Assume your asking about >>20040 ? Its QRO You are not worthy enough to know how to get there though, it's for boomers only.
does nobody remember or know what’s become of the guy from 8pol who archived black on white crimes? i regret not saving all his images. they were the ones with urls and qr codes linking to articles about the crimes
>>20097 Here's the archive that has links to the other threads https://archive.md/ONEY3 http://archive.md/znqgI
(17.00 MB 1343x10583 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4985 So every so often I break down and check the lesser chan, I couldn't make it 5 minutes.
/culture/ needs love. Could some banners advertise for this board? Could there be a special temporary link to advertise for this board and stay up like one week?
>>20175 >>20194 thanks pals. haven’t been to 8kun besides one of the first days it was up so i didn’t know he was still over there. sorry for the retarded request
>>20285 Reasonable requests belong on /meta/ :^) Have any material in particular you'd like to use? If you want to make a few, can post to >>>/meta/3
cuckchan is down. it begins.
>>20362 It's up for me, and there's even one good thread on there. Not all is lost. https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/238605954/iran-is-a-distraction
>>20362 cuckchan sucks. Hardly any OC, just the same shit over and over. >>20369 VA has gone full tyrant. Every few days they're pre-filing more and more anti-gun bills... a lot of the bills have aggravated charges for laws that haven't even passed yet.
(99.79 KB 400x410 You.Have.To.Go.Back.png)
Is it just me, or have you tards been shilling 4chan the last 3 days? Some ass comes, bumps honeypot thread leaves never comes back. another guy just happens to be curious about 8bait and now oh my 4CUCK is down, nope, there this AWESOME thread, that is EXACTLY like 30 other threads on the board atm
>>20382 also...Misdemeanor 1 charges can create prohibited persons if the (state-determined) penalties are for a year or more (meaning you'll be banned from gun ownership at the FEDERAL level, same as if you were a convicted felon)
Imagine how many must be leaving or how bad things must be at 4chan that the shills are out advertising on backwater bunkers. There's even a shill thread on /b/. Sad
>>20452 Don't clearpost/browse 4. I can't get into specifics, other than to say the feedback loop from shitpost to IRL interactions is shorter than it has ever been (VA).
>>20525 Yeah glowniggers in force in just about every ((good thread)) I dont know if people are shilling the lesser chan exactly. It's the beginning of many anons journey, it really is sad to see it like this. Anyway I'm glad this place is here back to lurking
(48.49 KB 327x277 1565793673080.png)
(51.16 KB 327x277 1565793673080REV.png)
It's funny how white Nazis get so much hate on the chans while people like Louis Farrakhan and blacks who play the knockout game on yids in Brooklyn are encouraged and empowered lmfao
I keep seeing this tossed around other chans, but the actuality of organizing in meatspace - is this a practical solution or is this a glownig tactical to trap anons?
>>21139 I don't know about you anon, but I would rather not live in fear that every irl meetup is a glownigger operation. If you really think that, they've already won and you might as well live your life as a coomer and play videogames until you meet an early grave. Fuckin' pathetic, man. What kind of answer did you expect?
>>21141 damn, ive never had to deal with feds. mainly due to my brand of fascism not appealing to the racial nationalist side of it.
>>21141 you shouldn't go to public meetups. have organic hangouts like eating supper with each other's family in the privacy of one party's home. don't be autistic and say 1488 shit on the first date. cultivate trust
8kunt is being spammed
Do y'all think there will be a point when we descend into chaos, peoples pitted against each other, chaos in the streets as tradition and unity dissolves, or will we just kind of fizzle down into totalitarianism, all placated by screens and comfort? Or do you think everything will be ok, and we're just moving forwards into the future? I kind of want to believe in option three but I doubt it. I wonder if there will be a Boogeyman like climate change or an orchestrated war to force people to live in cities where they are trackable, especially with the rise of bio-data, and we will have our rights slowly taken away as our every cell is recorded, the government grows , and humans/not chosens become cattle, for 'their own safety'. I hope there's no war, I hate it when people get hurt. Sometimes I feel like there needs to be another great flood, or an asteroid, so the world can start over again. It's all so tiresome watching things grow more rotten everyday Atm I live in a very multicultural place, and it's like no one cares about each other. Just a bunch of people with nothing in common, no one cares about the place they live in, just the economic opportunities. The streets are a mish mash of ugly, contrasting storefronts over delapidated traditional buildings. People litter, and ignore the homeless, and it seems like it's nobody's home. In the rural parts at least strangers look each other in the eye and smile and seem familiar. I don't know if putting a bunch of vastly different people together, densely will lead to a rise in crime and will make room for a bigger government. I genuinely don't hate anyone for the way they are born. It just feels like we weren't made to all live together, but that doesn't mean we should fight. But I could see people being pitted against each other for strategic benefit. It's happened before. Look at Daniel Burros, and his role in politics. The baiting and then self victimisation. Men and women turned on each other. Boomer/zoomer hatred. We just get so sidetracked. I'm a worrier but I think we just get more chaotic every day. I really hope we don't end up hurting other people. Or that we lose our humanity to survive. How do you think the world will look in the upcoming decades?
(2.07 MB 659x609 1467920423_1466991030756.gif)
Does anyone have that “nazi looking out the window” poster edit from The Man In The High Castle?
Anyone have that screencap of anon explaining to some newfag revisionist why /pol/ went from libertarian to natsoc? I remember it being something along the lines of >we realized that the kind of society that we wanted could only be achieved through natsoc
(996.03 KB 1440x2960 20200123_213618.jpg)
>>21608 topkek. My wife is from Memphis. Her grandma was in a lot of those social clubs for wives of freemasons. One was called the "Cotton Wives Club" Im actually headed to Memphis in a few days to visit with my Wifes family. Parts of the city are comfy, but its surrounded by miles upon miles of wasteland that will absolutely vanish all of the white population when the boogaloo happens.
I think most of us can agree, this place has mediocre banners.
17 Reasons Why Germany's Weimar Republic Was A Party Lovers Paradise 9. Child prostitutes could easily be found in 1920s Berlin – so long as you knew where to look and what codewords to use As we’ve seen, Weimar Germany was a hotbed of sex, much of it of the paid-for variety. Both adult men and women sold their bodies in the streets and clubs of Berlin. But child prostitutes were also bought and sold here. In fact, there was a booming and well-regulated industry, with pimps happy to cater to almost any taste. Quite simply, if you knew where to go – and, just as importantly, what to ask for – the chances are, you could get it, no questions asked. In downtown Berlin, some pharmacists peddled a side trade in child prostitutes. These boys and girls were prescribed as ‘medicine’. If you knew where to go, you simply told the chemist you wanted some ‘medicine’. You would also tell him how long you had been ill for. This was all part of a not-so-elaborate ruse; if you said you had been ill for 13 years, then the pimp knew you wanted a 13-year-old girl. Similarly, if you requested red pills, he would try and procure a redhead for you. In most cases, the pharmacist would know exactly where to take a prospective client and would deliver him to the appropriate club or apartment. At the same time, young prostitutes could also be ordered like a takeaway pizza. Pimps would place advertisements in newspapers and magazines. If you knew what you were looking for, the code was simple enough to crack. Then all you needed to do was phone the number given and a ‘telephone girl’, that is a child between the ages of 12-to-17 would be delivered right to your home or hotel room. Such ‘telephone girls’ (almost always advertised as virgins, with their physical attributes hinted at through references to female movie stars) were often the most expensive prostitutes in all of Weimar Germany, with only rich businessmen or film stars able to afford their niche services. https://historycollection.co/17-reasons-why-germanys-weimar-republic-was-a-party-lovers-paradise/9/
>>20748 Top cringe for weeaboo pic. Gas the weebs now!
(1.90 MB 1920x1080 1521583858387.jpg)
(40.16 MB 854x480 alexjoneswuhanvirusalert.mp4)
alex jones report STOP wuhan virus hiv connection STOP must view STOP
White people themselves hate the KKK and Nazis so much that white kids now get their tough personas from rap niggers hahahaha
"...the studios cancelled several explicitly anti-Nazi films planned for production, and deleted from several other movies anything that could be construed as critical of the Nazis, along with anything that might be seen as favorable to the Jews—or even a simple acknowledgment that they existed. Except for Twentieth Century Fox, headed by Darryl Zanuck, a shrewd and tough Gentile from Nebraska, the studios were run by Jews, who controlled many hectares of Los Angeles turf and worldwide distribution networks—an enormous power base that makes their timidity regarding Nazism a matter of psychological and cultural as well as political interest."
(63.15 KB 800x600 ethics.png)
Ethics and morals exist only as part of a relationship, either personal or societal. Being strictly ethical with unethical people doesn't make you moral, it just makes you a sucker. And there is literally no moral system in the world that requires you to be a sucker.
Political urgency an wops
>>22396 There are only two states where social equilibrium is reached, the one where almost everyone is moral/ethical, and the one where almost everyone isn't. This is why kikes keep "reinventing" morality rather than getting rid of it completely once the pendulum swings too far in the amoral direction, this allows them to constantly enforce arbitrary rules under moral (religious) pretenses while always making themselves exempt from those. This gives them enough forward space to advance their goals before the rest of society becomes equally amoral (and thus a direct competition to them). This acceleration happens progressively, as more and more people abandon their old moral/ethical standards in order to survive in an increasingly hostile society. The original momentum is always provided by the (((exempt group))) , which then pulls their shabbos goyim, and eventually everyone else. This is the actual, Talmudic meaning of "progress" . And this is why today we are seeing more and more moral (religious) alternatives to societies which are on a brink to become completely amoral (this equilibrium would make the kikes lose their exempt status since sheer rule of force/power would apply and their room for manipulation would be minimized). They are not that capable to deal with direct threats (physical or intellectual), since their parasitic nature requires a host, and a program (religion/morals) by which to manipulate it. This is the actual, Talmudic meaning of the "golden/new age" , 1000 years of utopia, however it was called. They would push the pendulum back, and being the ones building the "new morality" and thus assuming the topmost roles within it, exempting themselves again and starting a new cycle of decay. These are also the sewing/harvest phases of the cycle. This also explains the geopolitical shift between 90's/00's and 10's/20's , which would be impossible without a major, global war if it was not coordinated between all parties.
Spam everywhere with fake black accounts encouraging them to want to see a return to segregation. Have them discussing how much wealthier and stronger their communities would be if they were forced to funnel their money into specific neighborhoods/black owned businesses
>>21139 You could try not being a fucking retard and advocating blatantly illegal shit and allowing other retards who advocate illegal shit into your meetup, but like 99% of the idiots in this thread, you lack drive and discipline and aren't smart enough to do that. >>21360 Kill yourself Le Endtimes christcuck biblenigger.
>>22557 if people want to meet like-minded friends, they should get their lives together (by jewplanet standards) and schedule home visits. that should also go without saying to not sperg out about white nationalism as soon as the fucking door opens. trust must be cultivated through intimacy, which is only possible to promote by personal contact
>>22557 There's also nothing wrong with influencing White Americans to vote en masse for redpilled politicians and policies which other western countries can repeat but you lawfaggots prefer to kvitch about anons promoting 'illegal shit' instead of just ignoring them and getting the political side situated to the point that 'illegal shit' is the option that's furthest from reality.
Ladies And Gentlemen You're Next President
(531.34 KB 612x884 mike4President.png)
Ladies And Gentlemen You're Next President
Mike Will Fix It
>>22680 >13/50 >Niggerbrain big think It's NOT 13/50, it's 3:50 niggers = 13% mainly males = 6% mainly teens to mid aged = 3% 3:50 3:50 3:50 tree fiddy 3:50
(645.93 KB 718x959 fed3.png)
(373.94 KB 694x839 1574358338440.png)
(460.34 KB 1000x500 honkler.png)
(1.07 MB 1200x458 126659743.png)
(54.26 KB 745x800 joocurse2.png)
Honest question How does 16 feel about reviving OP Blue The Jew? I have people telling me all the time how good it was and what a shame it was that it got shut down etc. I have met positive response on Nein, 4pol, Unsilenced voice, bitchute. I was one of the passionate people who got it going on 4pol, and I am considering getting together a new meme team and force it on 4pol again. I am not the inventor of the meme, that was FrenchAnon, I was just one of the content creators who kept it alive and produced much of the content. Reason I ask is to test the waters and see if people are interested, it is not a one man job. We were about 5-10 really diligent memers on 4pol which was enough. We did about 50 threads and had very good response, 10-20 shills at times, we were cursed in hebrew, we had videos made by mr.Obvious, Vaush and ADL posted about it. People were permabanned on twatter and many phone# accounts were lost. This means it was a good thing IMO. https://www.bitchute.com/video/SIN-RT2l5PA/ Follow up question: How do you feel about a base of operations on here? To plan, coordinate, create memes, and then push it and make all the noise at 4pol? I don't want to shit up the board, so i respectfully ask what you think.
>>22739 Do it
>>22742 faggot
We Are At War Rules of Engagement We must ACCEPT that WE WON THE WAR OF IDEAS. Accept that. And then accept the next thing – the most important thing: IT DIDN’T MATTER. Because it wasn’t a war of ideas at all. It was just a war.
(639.30 KB 1011x783 1574357825604.png)
(516.48 KB 895x1007 1574377347148.jpg)
(146.12 KB 1024x682 1574395607435.jpg)
(3.01 MB 1242x635 b4.png)
(1.03 MB 1200x653 b5.png)
>>22833 >>22742 >>22823 Should I interpret thist as support? To be fair, I'm most concerned about shitting up the board, and maybe destroying one of the only good boards since exodus/demise of 8ch. For example just hashtags being posted here can draw attention through google indexing. Also I fear we will get feds, idf and common joos here. Precautions need to be taken: - No hashtags without anonymizing using numerals and underscores. - No mention of this place except discretely recruiting people. I'm still thinking how to do this, planning and so far I imagine an outline something along the lines of: PHASE 1 INCEPTION ( 2-4 weeks ) - Run slow paced quality content creation here. - Make draft/recruitment memes and try to get some quality anons recruited to here. - Develop the meme until we have new dank content mixed with the best from last round. - During this phase we all register twitter accounts and start posting "normal" things to build believable "personas". Preferably joo accounts with believable names/images using https://www.thispersondoesnotexist.com/. PHASE 2 INSERTION ( 1 week ) - Try spreading to all platforms at once, unlicensed voice, bit-chute, small meme-subreddits, 8kun, qboards synced with Qdrops, but NO PROJECT THREADS ON 4POL initially. - Use IMGUR and other covert means to covertly plant the meme in normiesphere. - Email certain influencers/podcasters/groypers and youtubers to make videos about the phenomena to spread awareness. - Some meme insertion in 4pol humor threads to discretely place thee meme on 4pol. - When meme is discretely seeded on multiple platforms we activate phase 3. PHASE 3 - 4POL ( 2-4 Weeks + ) - After having acclimatized 4pol to the meme.here, we switch primary operations to 4pol running thread series there. - This time we avoid rules, don't enforce guidelines, don't steer anons like frenchanon did. and let it evolve chaotically. - 16ch stays as a war room/HQ for us, only used for communication and strategic discussion unsuitable for 4pol. - All memes are to be posted on pol. - We start using joo alts on twitter to complain about it and make an effort to larp and not get banned this time, so new accounts from phase 1, with no trollpost/shitpost goofing around. Any opinions/feedback?
(50.14 KB 474x316 crypto.jfif)
>>22854 my bad I meant to post this in /meta/
(1006.79 KB 985x1573 dogbreedistsarevile.png)
There’s Only One Breed of Dog: The Dog Breed Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer February 14, 2020 Despite the vile claims of dog breedists, science has shown that there is only one breed of dog: the dog breed. The fact that pit bulls are only 6.5% of the dog population and yet responsible for 74% of fatal dog attacks has nothing to do with breed. This is the result of a poor dog education system. If we want to stop pit bull attacks, we need to cut the breedist language and focus on giving more money to programs that teach pit bulls not to kill so many human children. After all, there are mixed breeds of dogs, meaning that there is no such thing as breeds of dogs. There is no pure dog breed. You can help the pit bull struggle for liberation from breedism by becoming a pit bull ally, and standing up to people who claim that pit bull attacks are related to their breed. Arm yourself with the scientific facts that dog breeds are a social construct and all dogs are exactly the same. Then if you’re in public or among friends and family and you find someone saying that pit bulls are dangerous, shut them down. As long as pit bulls are being oppressed and disenfranchised because of unscientific theories about the existence of “breeds” of dogs, no dog will ever be free. dailystormer.su
>>22902 ASPCA claims that they are indeed more agressive because of genetic factors... but not more agressive towards humans and are instead "dog agressive"? Despite the statistics, yeah a dog is going to maul another dog but a baby? That's crossing the line that's against dog law man. Niggers only maul other niggers they are "nigger agressive".
Is this the right path? Or should "raycism" get put on the backburner for the time being to make room for more anti-kike sentiment?
>>22941 Would a kike rather you kill a nigger, or another kike? If a slave sought their freedom, would they accomplish more by waging war with the other slave tribe, or by waging war with the slave master who tells both tribes that the other is the reason for their problems?
Why was the "whites aren't superior" thread deleted? It was open to discussion on how other races have surpassed modern whites in basic function and why this happened.
>>22988 You got your answer prior to it being deleted.
>>22990 There was no stated reason. One user complained about it being "low quality" but it wasn't, it was an actual detailed thread regarding the trashy elements within whites. It wasn't just "whites bad" with a picture added to it.
(6.89 KB 387x550 iww-2020.jpg)
(38.43 KB 355x171 thingken.jpg)
Lets Hear It For Our Guy
Mike Will Get It Done
https://youtu.be/Leh-QlpD0Yk Bernie Sanders Punk'd By Russians Posing As Greta Thunberg
(28.74 KB 1000x667 mikehawg.jpg)
wtf i am now a #mikehawg
(37.43 MB 1280x720 niggers.mp4)
(35.99 MB 1280x720 everytown-for-gun-safety.webm)
(24.27 KB 300x292 pbuh.jpeg)
need advice on what sort of memes to make: -pro or anti: -sincere/effective or intentionally bad: -boomberg or bernie: >inb4 voting armalite and the ballot box, lad
>>23123 Siege menes that inspire people to rip the head off their kike overlords are the best. And the people who are disgusted by that we don't need and want to scare off.
did anybody watch the debates i need a qrd on if it's going to be mike or bernie. I'm leaning towards the prediction that it's going to be bloomberg for the nom at the convention and sanders will be buttmad again. so we should start up fake sincere pro-bernie memes to further inflame the base when either the white boomer shitlib voting base or the party elites totally fuck bernie again. but i didn't watch the debates
>>23216 Why would you waste your precious time on that cheap circus if you are not a shill for some party/candidate?
If our “Jewish friends” had not in fact been at the very center of the trans-Atlantic slave trade as merchants, financiers, shippers, and insurers and among the leading international marketers of the products of African slave labor, America's slavocracy could have been defeated sooner, and untold Black lives could have been saved.
(71.29 KB 868x600 guillotines.jpg)
>>23134 I'm disgusted. What we need is rope, ovens, and people who know how to properly draw and quarter someone. Ripping the heads off people is soo French. GROSS.
>>23292 While still a colony Massachusetts tried to outlaw slavery and the British didn't allow it.....
(11.73 KB 300x100 broward-county.jpg)
>>23316 Guillotine is actually one of more humane forms of execution. Also rather efficient when you need to execute large numbers of people, not as efficient as gas chambers though
>>23317 You mean the jews that had already enslaved our british brothers and sisters with the Bank of England didn't allow it.
(11.45 KB 300x292 thebiggestthink.jpg)
ok. it seems a bit of backlash is building against bloomberg. Currently it looks to me as if sanders will be the nominee, if this week's momentum holds true. Back on the #bloomer train if you're aiming at genpop. if you're aiming at the chans >23134 then the obvious angle would be how it's a choice between Zion Don and two literal hebrews.
(56.54 KB 400x400 I like how you think.jpg)
>>23372 and they are easily made....
There's been a general spam attack on chans last week, right? Details?
(10.54 KB 1228x190 Screenshot_2020-02-17 16chan.png)
(60.21 KB 1046x360 Screenshot_2020-02-17 .png)
(10.54 KB 1228x190 Screenshot_2020-02-17 16chan.png)
>>23533 astr0chan net 2400 posts from 2400 different proxies in about 10 min. Then another 1000 few hours later. What other chans?
>>23533 3rd pic should have been this
(342.68 KB 634x422 planetoftheapes.png)
what the hell is this? Planet of the Apes?
Is it just me or is there some hard shilling going on? Most of the top threads are questionable at best.
>>23534 i think nein got something and i saw cp threads being spammed too in their /pol/ 8kun was having problems too
>>23638 CP is being spammed on Endchan etc. too. Could it be shills from J-ulay? Their owner has been exposed as being a dataminer.
Is there a hide function or filter? I don't want to see greeta ever again
>>23696 I've archived J-ulay /meta/'s new sticky, in-case the inevitable happens: archive.md/ul0iQ
>>4985 This guy dindu nuffin, that said when I woke up my alarm told me of this shooting in Milwaukee. looked around and saw nothing, so here is a link. Whyte man drove this future president to murder. https://newsone.com/3904888/milwaukee-shooting-motive-alleged-brewery-racism/
>>23801 >That lawsuit said “black employees were subjected to a variety of forms of racial harassment, including hearing racial slurs directed at them over a paging system and being exposed to a variety of racial epithets in plant graffiti” and that “the company took too long to start using a graffiti-resistant paint and to limit access to the plant’s public address system to prevent harassment.” Based Coors
>>23801 I read the story and it sounds like pure bullshit. The (((media))) loves them some racism as an excuse to hate on whites.
(635.72 KB 687x934 CoronaChan.png)
(534.78 KB 1900x932 CoronaChanWorldTourInIsrael.png)
(734.27 KB 1348x914 CoronaShoah.png)
(1.04 MB 924x1824 OyVey.png)
(528.97 KB 1320x1860 OyGevalt.png)
CoronaChan finally does her world tour in Israel. - www.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Health-Ministry-confirms-second-case-of-coronavirus-in-Israel-619189 - www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-israel/israel-confirms-coronavirus-in-man-who-returned-from-italy-idUSKCN20L1H9 - www.timesofisrael.com/health-ministry-israeli-with-coronavirus-visited-toy-store-before-diagnosis/
(635.72 KB 687x934 CoronaChan.png)
(534.78 KB 1900x932 CoronaChanWorldTourInIsrael.png)
(734.27 KB 1348x914 CoronaShoah.png)
(1.04 MB 924x1824 OyVey.png)
(528.97 KB 1320x1860 OyGevalt.png)
CoronaChan finally does her world tour in Israel. - www.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Health-Ministry-confirms-second-case-of-coronavirus-in-Israel-619189 - www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-israel/israel-confirms-coronavirus-in-man-who-returned-from-italy-idUSKCN20L1H9 - www.timesofisrael.com/health-ministry-israeli-with-coronavirus-visited-toy-store-before-diagnosis/
Why are almost all of the threads invisible? I click on something in the catalog, and the page loads, but there are no posts, not even an OP - zero content to read or browse. This is the only thread I’ve been able to click on and then actually see.
(174.52 KB 446x478 cough.png)
>>23945 is that laowhy86's wife?
>>4985 Just a heads-up; I got a "Bad Gateway" error when accessing this site, a refresh took care of the issue
(67.22 KB 719x666 1582819008537.jpg)
>>23872 yeah, you probably have hidden a post, or something - tinker around with the settings and unhide. If that doesn't work then 4chan's always gonna be up.
(38.84 KB 700x467 scientist-engineer-doctor.jpg)
(54.32 KB 603x711 not-the-heckin-feelerinos.jpg)
(119.48 KB 1061x605 ayo-bix-noodvirus.jpg)
(23.92 KB 640x480 whether.png)
Whether violence is the answer depends upon the question.
(508.45 KB 676x960 itsanape.png)
are you starting a zoo? then what's with the ape? this has to stop
I've seen Fox promote some pretty questionable news stories before but they really outdid themselves this time holy shit. They're claiming Democrats are using the Coronavirus threat as a political ploy to impeach the president and divide the country and they aren't even trying to pretend to be impartial as a news source https://twitter.com/ndrew_lawrence/status/1237174846355841024
>>24447 Hello, Redditor
>>24446 Shoot the slut as well. Beastiality is a serious mental disorder and if we began executing the sluts who bedded down with niggers at a low rate every year, selecting for the worst offenders, then in just a few generations, we could virtually eliminate the defective genes responsible for this behavior.
>>24447 Fox promotes questionable news stories? You sound like someone who watches (((CNN))) and listens to (((NPR))). The media has been calling the coronavirus Trump's Katrina for a while now and claims it will end his presidency.
American culture is centered around niggers. They have holidays for niggers. They killed hundreds of thousands of white men to free niggers. They listen to nigger music. They elect a nigger as their president. They dress and act like niggers. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from niggers. They post sassy gifs about niggers. They watch sportsball in worship of niggers. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing parties in honor of niggers playing sports. They use nigger slang like "bruh" and "thot". When you say "Martin Luther" they're not thinking of the father of protestantism. They're thinking of the nigger. Their cities are completely overrun with niggers. They worship their ZOGbot police force disproportionately filled with niggers and their global police force of soldiers filled with niggers. Their men sit around watching nigger ball while their women sit around watching nigger talk shows. They worship niggers like Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson and Jackie Robinson while attacking the whites who actually built their country before niggers took over. Their movies are filled with niggers and their music charts are topped by niggers. They send niggers to the Olympics and celebrate when the niggers win because those niggers are true red blooded american niggers. They watch nigger porn to a point where "BBC" does not make them think of an international media company but about nigger penises instead. They will tell you how much they hate niggers and how the mutt's law meme is a stale joke and they are just pretending to love niggers but the evidence speaks for itself in that America has always been and will be a nation of nigger loving niggers.
>>24559 Damn you for pointing out the freaking obvious. Point it out a lot more until the rest of the country sees this and how absurd it is.
>>24559 O nigger, thou hast pierced my heart in twain!
>>24559 Weird right, I have argued in the past that negros in america have their very own unique culture. No other group was allowed to keep theirs. Gubment took Africans and made them into what we experience today. I've worked with a few legit Africans. Like just off the boat from Zimbabwe and Kenya, good lads, smart too, engineers ect. But american blacks not so much.
>>24590 If they were "good Africans" they would still be in Africa and Zimbabwe would be known as Rhodesia.
>>24559 It's because unlike Aussieland, America never devoloped her own culture. Orginally it was English but that is all gone now and in it's place is a sort of paper identity leaving the Jewish Mass Media free to do what they did in Weimar; influence the culture. They do this through pushing negro and negroish music through pouplar entertainment through a control of the record labels and pro-black culture through a strangle hold on media. So slowly a country with no identity became one of a short mass-media identity leaving the Jew to exploit this turning it into a hedonisitic and materalistic "culture". If America actually had a shared culture and heritage this wouldn't have happened so eaisly and America would have something to go back to and base the new one off of. But there is none of that. America is a dead country, it has no soul. What binds Americans together? Not race, there are a million different races and Anglo-Saxons and soon whites as a whole are a minority. If you're a "patriot" in America you love a piece of paper or the liberal idea not a true nationalism as in love of your people and putting your race above all. No it's a scrap of paper above all, this is why boomers are all about muh constitution and freeze peach! It's because there is no American identity other than one based on the failed liberal experiment that is America. How can you be a nationalist if you don't have a common nation?
(62.34 KB 638x469 1433506926053.jpg)
Global warming is a problem, but anyone notice how it's posed as the "main problem" to distract from the real ones. Like farmer suicide rates have increased due to food goods in the U.S being artifically lower due to cheap imported foregin food. 20% of our overall food is imported and almost all citrus vegetation is imported, undercutting the native argicultural base. Since the YUAN and currencies like it are artifically lower than the USD. Not to mention land speculators holding massive amount of land to spike the demand and gouge farmers for rent and base purachase pricings. These are the some of the real problems that impact farmers and can be fixed through harsh tariffs, subsidization and or tax cuts for farms in certain areas to cut down on the national reliance on transportation buisnesses and a break up of realestate speculators who put no work into the land. I don't think "mental health checks" or solar panels is going to help that, but it's what I hear from three different major news networks. Dodging around the real problem, economic globalization.
"ADOLFHITLER," ENDCHAN/POL/ BOARD OWNER AND INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY https://www.google.com/search?ei=IYpgXsaGJOKrytMPnausoAE&q=CARL+ZEISS+US+DEPARTMENT+OF+DEFENSE https://www.google.com/search?ei=WopgXq_1K8-vytMPzbybiAQ&q=CARL+ZEISS+US+CENTRAL+INTELLIGENCE+AGENCY Carl Zeiss Sales & Service Locations Australia, Sydney Austria, Vienna Belgium, Zaventem Brazil, Sao Paulo Britain, Welwyn Garden City Canada, Toronto China, Shanghai Czech Republic, Prague Hong Kong, Kowloon India, Bangalore Italy, Milan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Mexico, Mexico City Poland, Poznan Singapore South Africa, Randburg South Korea, Seoul Sweden, Stockholm Switzerland, Field Bach Thailand, Bangkok The Netherlands, Sliedrecht
>Global warming is a problem, but anyone notice how it's posed as the "main problem" to distract from the real ones. Climate CHANGE USAPO motto: Persuade CHANGE Influence
BDS, Pilpul, USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, Bavarian Soviet Republic leaders, Bolshevism financed by bankers Jacob Schiff and Olof Aschborn, Israel Gelfand, Goldman Sachs founders in Chinese communist revolution, Sidney Shapiro and Sidney Rittenberg in China, 1918 ammunition strike, Balfour declaration, Rabbi Wise ready for war, Sulzburger family, Frankists, Louis Brandeis, Kroll Inc, Larry Silverstein, Dancing Israelis, Metzitzah B'peh, Herpes from circumcision, Eric Clopper Harvard, Bible: circumcision for Jews and slaves of Jews, 20,000 nerves in foreskin, Circumcision related brain damage, Goyim, Kapparot, Tay-Sachs, Jesus according to Talmud, Yebhamot 11b, Simon of Trent, Blood Libel, Jews in pornography, Greg Lansky, Al Goldstein, Shiksa, Loxism, Jacob & Esau, Shabbos Goy, New Haven Jewish slave markets, Black Hebrew Israelite, 70% of Jews v 1% of whites owned slaves, 109 countries, Bolshevik Revolution, Karl Marx, Moses Hess, Holodomor, Winston Churchill on Zionism Versus Bolshevism, Dresden Holocaust, Israeli Nukes, Samson Option, Mengele's Wall of Eyes, "Six Million Jews" in newspapers before Hitler, 4 billion Jews killed by Roman emperor Vespasian in Bethar, Martin H. Glynn, Dean Irebodd, Kevin MacDonald, David Cole, Anne Frank typhus, Auschwitz Masturbation Machines, Bear & Eagle in a cage, Shitting Diamonds, TGSNT, David Irving, Magnus Hirschfeld, Epstein didn't kill himself, Sackler family, Sassoon family, Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, Bernie Madoff, The Melting Pot: by Israel Zangweil, Poem on Statue of Liberty by Emma Lazarus, I'm not white I'm Jewish, Kalergi Plan & Prize, Frankfurt School, Barbara L. Spectre, Hart-Celler Act, Bilderberg Group, Henry Ford on Jews, Sabbatai Zevi, Star of Remphan, Gotthard Tunnel, Anton LaVay, Red Shield, Sergeants Affair, King David Hotel, Irgun, Lehi, Nakam, Psy-Group, ADL, Mossad, AIPAC, JIDF, White Phosphorous, Deut 6:10, Rev 2:9, Das Judenthum in der Musik
>>24644 "AdolfHitler" does the Work of a Nation and Knows the Truth.
>>24647 Fuck off qtard.
SOC.CIA.L MEDIA SOC.CIA.L DISTANCING Oorah, the civvies know, shut it down! https://i.imgur.com/Jo3g2hm.png
Oorah, the civvies know, blow it up! https://i.imgur.com/CylLZJ8.png
The Work of a Nation. The CENTER of Intelligence. The CENTERs for Disease Control and Prevention https://i.imgur.com/VnWzrbM.jpg
The Work of a Nation. The CENTER of Intelligence. USSTRATCOM CENTER for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction Defense Threat Reduction CENTER https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USSTRATCOM_Center_for_Combating_Weapons_of_Mass_Destruction
>>24737 This is an image board designed to let you post images, even multipable at once. So why the fuck did you drop an imgur link?
The Work of a Nation. The Center of INTELLIGENCE. Epidemic INTELLIGENCE Service https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epidemic_Intelligence_Service
Non-kiked Hip Hop in 2020
(783.33 KB 1433x2877 20200320_135643.jpg)
(86.02 KB 1900x830 4273.png)
Crack Up Boom happening, jews pulled their last card. Prepare for Fiat money collapse!
>>19617 That's pretty rich seeing as how the KKK was a bunch of kikes and shabbos goyim covering up the rape and murder of White girls by other kikes by blaming everything on niggers. It's obvious as fuck if you think about it: >niggers were intimidated and segregated >kikes have to murder the hated goyim >White men in an ethnostate have no reason to cover their faces when enforcing justice unless kikes are hiding among them >rottenchilds owned both the South and the North and every klansman I ever heard of had shit jewdar >kikes focus news and history on shills and controlled op groups in a bid to control you no matter what
(385.34 KB 2896x2896 20200326_013734.jpg)
(7.24 MB 3740x1844 MarriageInIran.png)
I'm curious to what any anons who sees these videos think about this, particularly the first video (1)? Should arrange marriages be re-implemented if given the chance in your countries, in addition to state governed traditional marriage match making? In Iran, they have something similar ran by the Minister of Culture. Videos: (1) - Looking for love in Iran | Unreported World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vaafty1YK6M (2) - In Iran, love is rarely a many-splendoured thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1nDbnZ7sok Links: - ht tps://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-32833363 Again, I'm interested in opinions on (1) video. Some interesting scenes in are described here: Tebyan.net Office - internet matchmaking site ran by the Islamic Development Organization Scene between 2:05 – 3:18 minutes (People involved: Reza - the Iran male marriage seeker, Dr. Mohammed - state psychologist, Mr. Ali Jafari - Iranian to English translator, female English Western Reporter of Unreported World) >Dr. Mohammed – In emotional or romantic relationships, say in the US… 93% ultimately lead to divorce. On one side there is a ration decision. On the other side there is a decision based on love. [In Farsi] >Mr. Jarfari (translating the main message for the female English Western Reporter) - …loving at first look, her sight, is again emphasized: VERY dangerous. >Female Western Reporter (questions and disagreeing with the message) – So I… I met my partner at love at first sight, I’d say it was, and we’re together 10 years. So is it really that dangerous do you think? >Dr. Mohammed – 10 years? [In Farsi] >Mr. Jarfari – Yes, she’s saying it’s been 10 years [In Farsi] >Dr. Mohammed – Science is based on the majority not on exceptions. [In Farsi] University class, compulsory course on marriage. Scene between 7:26 – 8:30 minutes (People Involved: Ali Sabor – Professor in Islamic education, also a matchmaker, Mr. Jafari, female English Western Reporter, Saba – young Iranian university student (pay attention to her body language and behavior throughout the video) >Ali Sabor – Sexual desire must be controlled. The best way to fulfil your sexual needs is marriage >Female Reporter – Mr. Jafari steps in. He lived in the USA for years and has views on the situation there. >Mr. Jarfari – A typical girl in high school has at least 10 boyfriends. Then she goes to university and the same thing happens. All in all a girl has 20 boyfriends before she gets married >Saba(smiles and laughs while listening, eyes wonder around) >Ali Sabor – It’s contributing to the West’s decline. This is a fact.
>>25087 >minister of culture We have jews for that.
(47.63 KB 478x353 1322259941001_.jpg)
>>25014 This would hyper-inflate all currencies though. There wouldn't be alternatives. Are Jews mad?
>>24865 My favourite anti-Semitic hip hop album is ITAOTS by Neutral Milk Hotel.
>>25505 >You don't need a mask to commit a crime Okay buddy.
>>4985 I took a long break from this place starting in early January (before the virus had left China). It's incredible how quiet things have gotten here. Everyone is stuck inside but we aren't flocking to 16pol to discuss plans and theories? This is a BIG boogaloo. Much bigger than Virginia. I still haven't been able to purchase the AR15 I want, and now I'm kicking myself for putting my bonus into BTC at $9100 and not buying a few guns right then. One of my buddies texted me to say one of his neighbors was dragged away by homeland security. We can only speculate what the reason was, but it likely had to do with threats of violence. What do my fellow anons speculate is coming next? What are you doing to prepare? Is the virus a nothingburger? I know we already have a WuFlu thread. Let me know if you think we could use a happening speculation thread and I'll make an effortpost.
>>25281 >>25281 Gold>BTC (all online stock is near sold out and pre-orders are $1800/oz) in a crisis, though all the numbers are going to be affected by helicopter money. Virus is a danger, but the crisis will certainly be overblown and used for more power grabs both by state and ptb Wu-flu thread is just few posts from bump lock so would appreciate effort post, oldfag
>>25285 > Gold>BTC (in a crisis) No shit. Lessons were learned, no bully. >Effortpost Working on it, hopefully will drop later tonight. Godspeed ''brothers'.'
>>25286 Look forward to it, and welcome back
(14.82 KB 500x323 logo.png)
Soooooo it's not a jew board but >worse or better ???
>>25308 can't decipher your ESL to understand what you are saying
>>25285 BTC is maxed out and still too volatile. Gold has been hoarded, silver too to an almost identical level. Other semi-precious metals are worth looking into.
>>25322 Bot post, fren.
(480.28 KB 2896x2896 20200403_121033.jpg)
(44.40 KB 503x339 covid-checkbook.png)
>>25488 I see them totally ignoring any measures to protect themselves from the virus and it is going around that they believe they are immune to the disease because they are jigaboos. Guess they've been taught Africans are magic and the laws of nature don't apply to them.
>>25489 Based health officials were spreading meme about blacks being less susceptible
>>25491 >Based health officials were spreading meme about blacks being less susceptible In the 1793 Yellow Fever epidemic niggers were assumed to be immune because they were resistant to malaria. Nothing new under the sun.
(147.13 KB 1186x838 BASED_macaroni.png)
(99.24 KB 1051x1360 61iwElTo6ML.jpg)
>>>What in the fucktard nation
How racially conscious is Eastern Europe?
getting real fucking sick of this lockdown
I've been reading a bit of Julius Evola and Ted Kazynski and was wondering what do you anons here think of both of them, their concepts and ideas, and their works? Before I migrated to this /pol, in other /pols many talked about these two people and their works, or a least small subgroups of anons did. But many discussion of their works seemed to have died own, and I'm now starting to read and consider and understand their concepts and ideas.
>>25681 >evola 2spooky4me from an atheist perspective. has some good stuff on aristocracy (i.e. egalitarianism is bullshit because some people are truly born plebs). >kaczynski mostly right but naive. primitive societies will be inevitably conquered by industrial ones, there's no going back. the majority of the population should aim for a Jeffersonian Agricultural Republic - style of living. Technological force multipliers are inevitable so we should aim to have the means to produce them as widely distributed as possible, not centralized in the hands of the few or foreigners. This means an arms factory and silicon fab in every county. my 2c
>>25691 >from an atheist perspective Read Ben Klassen's "Nature's eternal religion" then. Protip, it's not actually a religion and mostly debunks (((Abrahamism)))
From Terror To Virus To Tyranny “Coincidence is the word we use when we can’t see the levers and pulleys.” – Emma Bull Two Zionist-fostered events have greatly shaken America and the world: – the 9/11 terror attack, under the supervision of George W. Bush, a Republican President; – the Covid-19 virus, under the supervision of Donald Trump, a Republican President. Notice the following… a) How the numbers 9 and 1 are used to name both events, numbers that hold great significance for Satanists. According to the book “Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues” by W. W. Wescott, nine holds great significance… In fact, the number nine is the number of “the earth under evil influences.” As to the number 1, SL Bear writes: “In witchcraft, one is the intention…You would use one in magic to emphasize the importance of your intention.” In other words, the Zionists/Satanists who control the USG want the world to know they’re very serious about their intention (1) to control the world through evil influences or deeds (9). b) How hate towards others (Muslims in one, and China in the other) and a general sense of fear carry both events. c) How economic chaos, followed by an eventual bail-out/theft on a massive level, is part of the script. d) How New York City is Ground Zero/Epicentre for both. e) How draconian measures to enslave the world (aka Tyranny) immediately ensue: invasive security protocols at airports around the world after 9/11, and global lockdown to be followed soon by mandatory vaccination poisoning on the heels of Covid-19. f) How Republican Presidents are now nothing more than spawns and pawns of Neocon Zionist Devils as they implement Apartheid Israel‘s anti-Christ agenda of HATE & FEAR THY NEIGHBOR, which is the essence of the Jewish state and the cancer that will eventually destroy America. Unfortunately, Democrats are no better when it comes to supporting Apartheid Israel’s anti-Christ agenda which includes a hawkish foreign policy: “Goodnight America!”
>>25285 Speaking of, Is it possible to buy during this market crash in minerals without getting kiked?
>>25916 Well all metals tanked after they sold off all the "paper" gold, but physical gold is way up. Silver, Platinum, Palladium, crashed a month ago, then rallied a bit but are still below normal prices. https://online.kitco.com/buy/gold-silver.html will sell you Silver, Plat. and Pall. coins/bars at near spot prices. There another reputable mint for burgers but name escapes me right now
>>25916 Definitely missed a deal a month ago, but buying now your getting your dollars worth (and the "dollar" is going to lose a lot of value over the next year with all the printing going on right now)
What happened to my dementia joe thread? anyways here's a nice compilation
>>25920 How come their values have bombed during March? The splain?
(129.09 KB 800x800 gold1_1-e1532440703119.jpg)
(88.82 KB 800x533 20180111_russgold2.jpg)
(78.62 KB 800x533 20180111_russgold6.jpg)
(43.98 KB 640x427 20180111_russgold9.jpg)
>>26248 Number of factors. Firstly futures and "paper" gold. People that buy and sell gold on the market at spot price are not actually buying physical gold, they are buying a contract to buy gold in the future at a fixed price. They rarely actually take possession of said gold, merely flipping the contract to another buyer. Mid March, when the silver spot price crashed to $11, the US Mint announced they were all out of silver eagles and didn't expect any for some time, meanwhile eagles were selling on ebay for up to $36. Also at beginning of March, Russia announced they were opening up their gold market to international sales (for past few years both Russia and Chinese Central Banks have been buying up to 300 Tons of gold a year to add to their reserves) Russia was buying 80-90% of all gold produced in the country, but stated they would now begin exporting Keep in mind the Markets do not always behave as expected, when SHTF everything gets fucked up. ie. A barrel of oil that was $80 then rose to $140 during Iraq war, crashed to $40 for CoronaChan, was selling for NEGATIVE $37 today. (TLDR, no one is buying oil, all storage facilities are full, and producers have yet to stop production) (pics main gold storage of Central Bank of Russia.)
Religious Whites and non-religious Whites need to unite more
>>26426 Non-religious anything need to cease to exist.
(81.79 KB 400x200 t.romance.jpg)
The worst thing you can call a jew is a nigger. The second worst thing is an arab. They have conspired for 2000 years to pretend they are white and they know it.
is 4chan a honey pot are any other chans honey pots?
>>26522 4chan will give your info to the feds if requested. It does not allow Tor. Don't fedpost and you should be fine though. 8fed is almost certainly run by feds but it allows Tor. It is pretty pointless though because the FBI mods will delete any post from /pnd/ that gets interesting.
>>26526 what is fed posting? is end still safe?
>>26527 Fedposting is anything along the lines of "hey kid, wanna blow up a federal buliding" and can be either proposing it or falling for it. It is something that would make you or another person end up in prison. End seems pretty good but I couldn't get Tor to work on it properly so not quite sure. It is more lenient towards trannies and degenerates than 16 is. 16 is smaller but the post quality is generally excellent.
>>26528 idk i heard tor might be comprimised mabey we could make a 16chan for I2p
>>26529 That's a pretty good idea. You could start on it if you know about I2P hosting. If I have to learn it then it will take me some time.
>>26530 I personaly don't know about it but I hope some one hear does>if some one deos host it on I2p it should have very strict rules on what can't be posted
>>26531 Keeping it free of CP should be enough to keep it below the radar. I would host it in Duterte's Philippines or some similarly based country so that we can discuss the advantages of removing certain criminal elements that infect our societies.
>>26532 It is pretty much common sense and used to be one of the legitimate uses of gov't. Now the opposite is true. CLOWN WORLD! Forget 8ch and 4chan and frankly I'd be surprised if the feds aren't watching all chans.
Will the future "Liberated White Nations" have religion?
>>26663 Yes. We need religion to unite our people while excluding entryists (infiltrators, glowies, etc.) and to help our people to do the right thing. The ten commandments are a good example of this. The first four commandments defined the in-group and excluded typical bronze-age entryists (one god; no idolatry; no blasphemy; keep the sabbath) and the last six defined good actions (family honor, no killing, no adultery, no theft, no lying about your neighbor, no socialism). The Israelites were somewhat related to the Caananites and other tribes around them so they couldn't just use race as an indicator for the ingroup and outgroup. They needed religion. Similarly, some of our most dangerous enemies are white shitlibs and Jews who have evolved to pass as white. We are also up against Islam, a strongly patriarchal religion with high birth rates. We will need a good religion to help us match the birth rates of Islam and supplant it.
>>26705 What do you think it's more likely to be, a new religion completely or just a new branch of Christianity?
"Just fucking seperate & concentrate on perfecting your own race."
Missed bitcoin? Aureon.ca
>>26838 schizo bullshit LMFAO
>>26720 This is a question that will need some more thought. Very briefly, I would say that the basis of the religion would be Christianity of the old school type, back when it was powerful, but with some of the new things we have learned like Darwinian selection and modern physics.
Any practical, good tips or steps on how would I go about redpilling some bluepilled friends? They all have been sucking up ZOG media all they're life, and I've been slowly trying to steer them away from herd mentality and encouraging them to research news themselves and think critically about things happening in the world we live in, and waking them up on the kikes and what they've been doing. I know I made common ground on one of them, since we both agree on certain topics that many anons would agree with, and it only might be a matter of time (but still quite a while) before this friend can finally see things for himself, or at least start to question certain topics and his own herd mentality beliefs. But another one has been completely brainwashed by ZOG influence, due to what seems to be not being about to critically think through topics and not researching things on free time willingly. For example, I've pulled an article to show, with the FBI report and a very good easy to digest read, about the dancing kikes and 9/11. My article got immediately dismissed within less than a minute without exploring through the report and reading the article thoroughly, and concluded that the jews are still innocent, and that they are just harmless. However, that was just the first redpill I showed directly, and fear that the friend my dismiss all of the others I know. I feel like I must tread carefully on redpilling in general. I do, however, both try to give them /SIG advice as I do want them to better themselves and not have them to succumb to hedonistic, degenerate behaviors and become nihilists. Both seemed to have some improvement on this, but slowly. I also try be sure on my part that I be patient with them and give a more helpful and educated tone, instead of being extremely criticizing harsh (only bluntly giving my criticism if them are doing degenerate things). Also does any anons have all, or any more, of the How To Win Comrades And Influence The Volk pics? I only have one of them which is shown.
I have a serious question : since when does 16chan exist ? I seriously never noticed it.
>>27797 Went live 2019-09-09
>>27799 thanks for answering.
>>27629 >Any practical, good tips or steps on how would I go about redpilling some bluepilled friends?
>>26705 >>no killing >good actions <no death penalty <no killing of the enemy (((commandments))) Any reason why julay.world is currently down?
>>26529 >idk i heard tor might be comprimised Could be, could not, scare tactics work too and this is a claim that keeps being made. To compromise the networks requires controlling the exit nodes and having data exchange protocols with the countries' authorities to correlate entry and exit IPs.
>>27982 Yes. Lolifags on /v/ were butthurt with Janny, so they posted pizza and got domain shut down. Definitely smells like fags were trying to stir drama and then they (or someone else) decided to file a report.
>>27985 Are anonymous image boards dying? We're moving back to systems wherein you have to register. Not cool.
>>28002 A lot of boards are being false flagged for sure.
Any decentralized chat services and the likes yet? Like, how close are we to building a fully decentralized web using blockchain and other peer to peer tech? It is vital for Aryan survival that this uncensorable connection is established
(83.59 KB 960x629 kgmel4.jpg)
>>28038 Any uncensorable website will be full of pizza since there's nobody who can remove it. And then nobody will use it because they will claim it's a honeypot.
(451.53 KB 632x758 fascist meme 2.png)
I know there are some people who used /fascist/ here, and they've moved to the following website for anyone who is looking for it: https://hoppe-sama.xyz/fascist/catalog.html http://r72y7hh2nxwnhtklls5azm6zecdahab3jh4666lg5eciwhi7rm57i3ad.onion/fascist/catalog.html Julay's going down in flames right now.
I got a couple text messages from "Jimmy" volunteering with FreedomWorks. It's a relic of the tea party, that's all I can reliably say from reading the jewipedia page. I know it's probably a bot and I will be spammed as punishment for replying, but on the off chance that there really is a Jimmy I want to glow/bain post at him to see what happens. Here is the text of the text: >Hey Annon! My name is Jimmy. I'm a volunteer w/ FreedomWorks. I hope all is well. Instead of helping Americans during this time Nancy Pelosi is trying to bailout her well connected friends and increase our already $25T debt. I like bacon but this pork has got to end! What do you think? I got the same message twice 20 minutes apart.
(79.83 KB 445x720 1589524905422.jpg)
>>28007 DugPill taken. It's amazing he held all this up for so long, nobody gets straight to the point like he seems to. I'll try to spread it like he asks but my circles are small because we are so fragmented. I most likely won't be back again for a long while. Good luck everyone!
>>28007 >This channel doesn't exist Who is that guy anyway?
>>28117 I watch a bit of the first video linked. The guy seemed like a nutter, just rambling, no clue why this 'tard is shilling him here on pol
So ded :( :( :(
(7.79 KB 220x184 tenor.gif)
voat.co is acting weird. Might be an update. Might be people attacking websites again. Keep an eye out frens.
4chan(ge) 8chan(ge) 16chan(ge) endchan(ge) [insert image board]chan(ge) Persuade CHANGE Influence
>>28324 Is there anywhere better?
Daily reminder that American culture is centered around joggers. They have holidays for joggers. They killed hundreds of thousands of couch potatoes to free joggers. They listen to jogger music. They elect a jogger as their president. They dress and act like joggers. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from joggers. They post sassy gifs about joggers. They watch marathons in worship of joggers. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing parties in honor of joggers jogging. They use jogger slang like “dreadmill” and “second wind”. When you say “Bannister” they're not thinking of the railing next to stairs. They're thinking of Roger Bannister. Their cities are completely overrun with joggers. They worship their ZOGbot police force disproportionately filled with joggers and their global police force of soldiers filled with joggers. Their men sit around watching the 500 meter sprint while their women sit around watching jogger talk shows. They worship joggers like Michael Johnson, Maurice Greene and the late Usain Bolt while attacking the couch potatoes who actually built their country before joggers took over. Their movies are filled with joggers and their music charts are topped by joggers. They send joggers to the Olympics and celebrate when the joggers win because those joggers are true red blooded American joggers. They watch jogger TV to a point where “LSD” does not make them think of a hallucinogenic drug but about long slow distance instead. They will tell you how much they hate joggers and how the jogger meme is a stale joke and they are just pretending to love joggers but the evidence speaks for itself in that America has always been and will be a nation of jogging loving joggers.
Need a red pill on BLM. I'm not from burgerland. But I'm irritated by it because I know it's a leftist/marxist/tranny/antifa/feminist toxic cesspool. Why are people protesting this shit across the world? What is really going no here?
(1.03 MB 2560x1707 DPwiedervereinigung.jpg)
Deutsch/pol/-Wiedervereinigung Deutsch/pol/ war eine politisch inkorrekte Diskussionsgruppe, die bis zum Ableben von 8chan auf 8chan.net war. Wenn du uns vermißt oder hinzustoßen möchtest, besuche unseren Thread auf https://8chan.moe/de/ Laßt es gehört sein, Deutsch/pol/ kehrt wieder heim! Spread it far and wide, Deutsch/pol/ will reunite!
I don't know where else to ask this and get a real answer but what happened to the /fringe/ board on 8 chann
>>29426 and what happened to /occult/ from 8chan
>>13013 > I got the fucking eye of Sauron at this point I can immediately decode any Jewish act how to develop my eye?
(11.79 MB 704x480 AnonsBackstoryLowerQuality.mp4)
testing video posting
(101.09 KB 595x685 1592574938830.png)
Tom Fitton 2024?
(1.19 MB 2960x1440 20200620_233843.jpg)
(1.09 MB 2960x1440 20200620_233823.jpg)
(1.09 MB 2960x1440 20200620_234026.jpg)
(1.11 MB 2960x1440 20200620_233958.jpg)
(1.07 MB 2960x1440 20200620_233936.jpg)
>>29429 Top kek Anon. How long did that take you to put together?
(1.02 MB 1440x2879 20200621_214422.jpg)
Lil Ron needs to be redpilled just like most Trump supporters do. The media, banks, political agendas of D.C./western governments and NGOs, are not controlled by Demoncraps or communists, they're controlled by jewish people and their various groups. Reparations debate isn't coming from the left it's coming from jewish groups but don't let that stop all these red hat wearing retards from covering for them and claiming its FUCKING PILOSHEE N CHUCK SHUMER N ALL THOSE OTHER FUCKING LIBRULZ AT CNN WHO R RACE BAYTING!!!!!!!!! Blaming the left, zionists, globalists, soros, Rothschilds instead of blaming jews is the same as the left blaming privileged white males for all of this. "The people in charge aren't jews they're just zionist/globalist white men. They aren't TRUE jews. They're just white guys who claim to be! Hahaha!" Fucking idiots. White idiots. Black idiots. Conservative idiots. Liberal idiots.
>>29530 Are you 12? Worst synopsis ever.
Anon driving to BHAZ now www.twitch.tv%2Fbasedboie%3Fsr%3Da
was away and learned that /fascist/ at judelaydown turned (((gay))) or something then went down rumors of a /fa/ bunker now i see usual board is still up so are there two boards now or what? is the old one safe?
>>29656 Robi is closing down julay (after attemping to have open board creation, he felt site got way too big, so will launch a new site with just couple small comfy boards) in 4 weeks so ya they needed to go find a new home. /fascist/ attempting to set up on 8moe (ran by (((Mark))) of /v/), seems sus AF though. Apparently they have settled on anoncafe now
>>29521 >How long Roughly 4 hours, but that is due to relearning the software to edit the video, since I haven't touched it in years. It shouldn't take more than an 1 hour or less to do it now, mostly cutting the episode into the segment you want, and adding text titles to the appropriate places to match up the voices exactly on the same time on how the English subtitles are. The clip is from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind - Episode 29, in case you were wondering.
I am lost for words at the state of affairs in America. Just trying to grasp it all. I just fee like everyone is absolutely retarded or sinister in the worst possible way for what is allowed to happen, with these riots, unnecessary lockdowns, faggotry, etc. It is all so tiresome. Anon is tired. When will people stop happily getting blacked and just say "no" to their country being destroyed and to the idea that they should be experiencing white guilt and spread their anuses ever wider. Just so so tired.
>>29670 Won't happen because they are afraid to lose their jobs, become a victim of mob violence, get nabbed by the long arm of the law, or have alphabet agencies at their door. Sorry you've woken up so late, bucko. We're in for a bumpy ride to the bottom. Look out for you and yours.
>>29688 There's plenty of White guys who aren't scared of being arrested, killing themselves or being killed, being fired, etc. They just get labeled losers, wiggers, nazis and feds while blacks who do the same are labeled goons, warriors, black beasts and savages.
Can anyone give me tips or a general process on redpilling people, or any useful tips? I'm trying to do so with a few people (non-white). However, one of them is prone to disregard facts when it is shown to them. For example, I've shown an article about the dancing kikes when 9/11 happened as well as the entire FBI report that details this (((incident))), and he immediately disregarded it about a few seconds of looking into it and tells himself that "Jews are just Jews” (as in that they are normal people). In addition to this, I've seen similar behavior on others I've tried to redpill (I tried to redpill another on MLK being a communist, a sexual degenerate behind closed doors (orgies and prostitutes), and a fraud. I've shown this person an article that gives a quick rundown, as well as showing them the official FBI report that details MLK's behavior - all of this got immediately disregarded within a few seconds, even not bothering to look at the FBI report, let alone the whole article). He seems very interested in movies, entertainment and the industry, and the actors. I’ve even tried to lead him on for him to do research on the Jewish background actors, video directors, and Hollywood, and how it’s a “coincidence” that needs to be questioned. I had two conversations where I tried to lead him on to be redpilled. There was a conversation (the first one) about him being sick of the pro-feminist, gender pronouns push, and subtle introductions of LGBT themes and transgenderism nowadays. I’ve told him that this wasn’t something that popped up in modern times all of a sudden, and that there was a push of this to the general public through media, social media, and entertainment (Hollywood). I told him, he should investigate the early life and backgrounds of some of these people, mainly Hollywood. That would then lead him to see a very (((similar pattern))) and a huge (((coincidence))) that would at least allow up to form a question as to why there are so many of (((them))) in the entertainment industry. But he seems to have forgotten, or not even tried after this conversation. The next conversation was about the Last of Us Part II video game, and how there was a push for LGBT and transgenderism in video games lately through the background or subtly. Also, I told him the plot of the game sucks. He disagreed and does not care about the subtle push, as long as it had good gameplay and it has a good plot. It was as if he completely forgotten about the first previous above conversation we had. There was a pointless argument that went nowhere, and I decided to just drop it and setting for me disagreeing that the game was bad, and he thinks the game was good. I’m getting sick of trying to redpill this particular individual, as he doesn’t seem to listen to reason and forgets previous talks and topics. Is there something that I’m overlooking when redpilling people? How can I get through them to see the facts? If not the facts, how about appealing to their emotions? And how would I go about doing so? Is there any process that have worked for you when you managed to redpill a few people?
>>29693 What happens when jews are out of the way? Whats keeping Whitey from taking Mexico just like they took the USA? Whats stopping Whitey from kicking out his brown ass? Nothing. They know this. They aren't going to help you get rid of them. They're fucking with us, they know alllllllllll about jews and israel when the victims are Arabs or black rappers and then they cohenveniently turn into clueless mutes when White People are the ones calling out kikes for doing things that harm White communities. Leave the spic alone. Get some White friends.
>>29692 what's your point?
>>29696 That you're wrong. I'm not trying to start an argument but seriously there are plenty of White guys who would do something if it was more expected of them.
>>29698 I completely agree, anon. And this is what (((they))) fear most. Once the coming man sounds the call for action, as was done in the Wiemar, millions of patriots will rise to it. And the best part? It takes just one man with an inextinguishable fire in his heart
>>29698 >>29700 Naive opinion. >If it was expected of them Who is going to expect it of them? Not trying to blackpill here, but we crossed the point of no return some time ago. What are young white men going to do? Rise up and kill the massive brown hordes? Not going to happen. I used to think as you do, and I still cheer every time things go in the right direction, but you'd be better served coming to terms with the fact that we've already lost our nation (USA) as it used to stand. This does not mean giving up, it just means changing direction. We will not be able to save the west. I'm not disagreeing that there aren't plenty of strong young whites willing to take action. I'm just saying they won't. We just had the perfect opportunity to strike back. It would have been morally justified. In reality, even our president cannot openly speak about what is happening to whites in public, in broad daylight. He clearly is capable, as he's willing to refer to COVID-19 as the "king flu." These black terrorists are on video committing heinous crimes and not only have they not been arrested, but the power of the police to enact justice has been weakened immensely. Wake the fuck up. I'm not taking an accelerationist position. I'm saying that you're best served finding an isolated place far away to fortify yourself so that we may seed a revival. It's going to get much worse before it gets better. >They just get labeled losers, wiggers, nazis and feds while blacks who do the same are labeled goons, warriors, black beasts and savages. I always forget how unintelligent this zoomer-infested board is. The destruction of 8pol really did a number to the right. You faggots are almost two years behind the zeitgeist.
>>29705 >I'm saying that you're best served finding an isolated place far away to fortify yourself so that we may seed a revival. The more I keep seeing the current situation, the more I conclude that striking back is the only way, but it seems like no one is willing to do anything or and start any sort of plan at the moment. And where to find an isolated place far away, and how to seed a revival? I’m trying to craft a plan and look for solutions here. I agree that it’s going to get much worse. >This does not mean giving up, it just means changing direction. We will not be able to save the west Changing direction to which way? I hardly see any alternatives at the current moment.
(45.32 KB 1606x164 Screenshot (520).png)
>>29805 Not only did tranny mods on 4plebs delete this get, but jews at 4plebs shoah'd it as well https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/265999999/
>>29806 >The more I keep seeing the current situation, the more I conclude that striking back is the only way, It has been this way for 6 years. No one is going to join you. Nothing is going to happen. It will continue as you describe here: >but it seems like no one is willing to do anything or and start any sort of plan This is why you are a young fool. I admire you for wanting to try. Us older anons have been there. >Where to find an isolated place far away? Move north as your ancestors did. Move so far north melanated people get depressed just living there. >Changing direction to which way? You are an illiterate retard and I'm tired of spoonfeeding this zoomer board. Fuck you.
There comes a time when a populace must stand united and say “enough is enough” to the government’s abuses, even if it means getting rid of the political parties in power. Believing that “we the people” have a natural and divine right to direct our own lives, here are truths about the power of the people and how we arrived at the decision to sever our ties to the government: All people are created equal. All people possess certain innate rights that no government or agency or individual can take away from them. Among these are the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The government’s job is to protect the people’s innate rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The government’s power comes from the will of the people. Whenever any government abuses its power, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish that government and replace it with a new government that will respect and protect the rights of the people. It is not wise to get rid of a government for minor transgressions. In fact, as history has shown, people resist change and are inclined to suffer all manner of abuses to which they have become accustomed. However, when the people have been subjected to repeated abuses and power grabs, carried out with the purpose of establishing a tyrannical government, people have a right and duty to do away with that tyrannical Government and to replace it with a new government that will protect and preserve their innate rights for their future wellbeing. This is exactly the state of affairs we are suffering under right now, which is why it is necessary that we change this imperial system of government. The history of the present Imperial Government is a history of repeated abuses and power grabs, carried out with the intention of establishing absolute Tyranny over the country. To prove this, consider the following: The government has, through its own negligence and arrogance, refused to adopt urgent and necessary laws for the good of the people. The government has threatened to hold up critical laws unless the people agree to relinquish their right to be fully represented in the Legislature. In order to expand its power and bring about compliance with its dictates, the government has made it nearly impossible for the people to make their views and needs heard by their representatives. The government has repeatedly suppressed protests arising in response to its actions. The government has obstructed justice by refusing to appoint judges who respect the Constitution and has instead made the Courts march in lockstep with the government’s dictates. The government has allowed its agents to harass the people, steal from them, jail them and even execute them. The government has directed militarized government agents—a.k.a., a standing army—to police domestic affairs in peacetime. The government has turned the country into a militarized police state. The government has conspired to undermine the rule of law and the Constitution in order to expand its own powers. The government has allowed its militarized police to invade our homes and inflict violence on homeowners. The government has failed to hold its agents accountable for wrongdoing and murder under the guise of “qualified immunity.” The government has jeopardized our international trade agreements. The government has overtaxed us without our permission. The government has denied us due process and the right to a fair trial. The government has engaged in extraordinary rendition. The government has continued to expand its military empire in collusion with its corporate partners-in-crime and occupy foreign nations. The government has eroded fundamental legal protections and destabilized the structure of government. The government has not only declared its federal powers superior to those of the states but has also asserted its sovereign power over the rights of “we the people.” The government has ceased to protect the people and instead waged domestic war against the people. The government has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, and destroyed the lives of the people. The government has employed private contractors and mercenaries to carry out acts of death, desolation and tyranny against other nations, totally unworthy of a civilized nation. The government through its political propaganda has pitted its citizens against each other. The government has stirred up civil unrest and laid the groundwork for martial law. Repeatedly, we have asked the government to cease its abuses. Each time, the government has responded with more abuse. An Imperial Ruler who acts like a tyrant is not fit to govern a free people. We have repeatedly sounded the alarm to our fellow citizens about the government’s abuses. We have warned them about the government’s power grabs. We have appealed to their sense of justice. We have reminde
>>4985 Who is this faggot posting a picture of himself with a green penis in all of these fucking threads Stop
(2.43 MB 400x200 werks.gif)
I've been reading Hjalmar Schacht and Gottfried Feder and both lost favor with Hitler. Why was this the case for each of them? Feder later became a professor for Settlement Policy at the Technische Hoschule Berlin where he stayed until his death. I felt like he could have taken a more active role in National Socialism. What about thoughts about his concept of decentralized factories (both opposed by military generals for rearmament, and Junkers for preventing them from exploiting their estates for the international market. Why did he had a falling out with Hitler? Schacht on the other hand was appointed as Minister of Economics, but later resigned. Hitler wanted to keep him within the cabinet as minister without portfolio. He later became President of the Reichsbank until Hitler later dismissed him. But Schacht helped brought Germany out of the depression and revived its economy, and I felt he should have a lot more respect from other officials, especially from Goring (but both of them butt heads constantly). Why did this happen?
(19.70 KB 480x272 43c.jpg)
>>13013 > The new joker movie is an attempt to hijack pol The Joker film is an ode to magical thinking and Satan. The joker is a man who becomes "enlightened" and then starts destroying the world. It is full of occult imagery. How the hell did you come to the conclusion that the Joker in that movie is /pol/? Here he is going up the stairs and between the pillars in darkness as Arthur Fleck, later we will see him go down those same steps as the enlightened Joker. You really are clueless.....
(139.69 KB 750x1061 Joker-Movie-Poster.jpg)
(201.87 KB 1200x1200 joker down the stairs.jpg)
>>33451 pic fail...
I’m 75% European and 25% Chinese, with a Chinese last name. What do I do if there’s a race war?
>>33535 Drink alcohol and become captain of the 13th fleet
>be me >hop on 16chan. again >have already seen the thread on how we should bring back segregation >hop on this thread >see posts basically saying 'the jews control everything! they are the biggest evil in the world!' >see a post deadass denying the fucking holocaust, and saying they 'wish it happened' >mfw
(96.82 KB 400x410 back 2reddit.png)
>>33550 >doesn't believe the kikes have control over you and other goyim throughout history since the fall of the Roman Empire and are behind a majority of modern problems and degeneracy You don't even know the half of it. Truth doesn't fear investigation. If you still don't believe then do this: check your kitchen pantry, or your local or large chain grocery store and search of each food item or package for the following symbol of "circle with a U or K symbol". This symbol is called a Hescher, meaning the food that you bought with that symbol is considered "kosher" and approved by a Rabbi. Once you start digging in your pantry or looking at items at your supermarket or grocery store, you'll come to figure out a good majority, if not all of your food items has this Kosher symbol. Once you discover this, ask yourself these questions after knowing a population fact: - Kikes, whose population in the US is make up roughly ~2.2% - 3% of the total US population, has most or a good percentage of your food product(s) checked, labeled, and made to considered Kosher for Jews to eat and consume. - Why is it that a small population has a majority of non-Jewish food labeled and check to be Kosher by a Rabbi? - Why should 97% of the population that are non-Jewish should even be forced to eat Kosher food? Would you like it if a bunch of Muslims imposed your food products to be consider Halal by an Iman in a non-Muslim country, if though they make up a very small percentage of the country's population? >still believes in the holohoax For you to check out: https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/
>>33550 >>33597 For you and other newcomers to watch on the kikes.
(7.11 MB 480x360 graham hart - hoax train.webm)
(1.10 MB 1901x1119 6gorillion.png)
(441.32 KB 800x1370 999.png)
(375.22 KB 773x1532 it_was_real_in_their_minds.jpg)
(250.17 KB 542x1099 Concentration_Camps.jpg)
>>33550 >the holohoax happened! https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ Never happened. It wasn't 6 million who did, it much, much less and due to Typhus at the concentration (not death) camps. In fact, the figure 6 million still shows up in other texts pre-WW2 (gee, what an amazing coincidence!). By the time you investigate and find out more about On The Jews And Their Lies, you're gonna wish the it did happen to them.
>>33535 Kill yourself
I have most interviews and lectures by Yuri Bezmenov (Tomas Schuman), but I can't find the full video of the segment I posted. Please share if you have it.
So what happened here? Why the downtime these days? Inb4 the feds.
>>4985 Any bunkers around while kikes/glowniggers are trying to get the site down?
>>33636 ddos from butthurt spammer
>>33637 There are several, depending on your personal taste. If you are a fascist go to /fascist/, if you are a hardcore natsoc/siege admirer go to Nein, if you are a cuck go to End, if you are nostalgic go to 8kun, if you want to try something new go to 9chan, if you are a perv go to mlpol. I am sure I am missing some more. Or you can grit your teeth and remain on 4chan.
>>33646 I though Nein was dead. Can't find it anymore. By the way, what's the problem with End? I see a lot o people criticizing it but don't know the reason why.
>>33691 Nein is tor only. Endchan is incredibly cucked, they scream "glowniggers" every two posts and sound like total posers in their nat soc "faith". They had a total breakdown for the fact that the Olso shooter posted on their site last year.
How do you release stress?
>>33646 /fascist/ is probably more NatSoc these days. I've been seeing a lot of talk about William Luther Pierce, Tarrant and Social Darwinism lately. There's a lot of overlap with Nein
Anybody happen to know if the supposed video of hillary clinton cutting a childs face off actually exists in wikileaks documents or what the url for it would be?
>>33966 It never existed. >>33961 National Socialism is still Third Position, so it's just logic that it will be heavily discussed on /fascist/. Tarrant is a fascist (an ecofascist, to be precise) so of course is a proper topic of discussion on /fascist/. >>33691 I cannot reach endchan's onion anymore, it's been down for more than a week now. Is clearweb address still up and working?
(14.83 KB 544x388 example.jpg)
/r/ing a really obscure image. I used to see this image posted in a lot of threads on 8/pol/. I swore I had saved it but when I looked in a few old unsorted folder, I didn't find it. It was an except and a quote I believe. The excerpt was from a rabbi's book gloating over the success of christianity. He used phrases along the lines of, "You were so proud. When we found you, you were naked and had no shame." Confident in 70% of those words. He continued to explain that the success of christianity could not be understated and was very condescending about pre-christian europe. The excerpts and book or article were (trying to remember) approximately from the early 20th century.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump_photo-op_at_St._John%27s_Church https://www.newsweek.com/low-flying-military-helicopters-used-disperse-george-floyd-protesters-washington-dc-1508013 posts imgur linkv2T716r Chinatown China John's Church John Birch St. John = patron saint of Freemasonry Donald Trump crossed Lafayette Square to reach St. John's Church Lafayette Square named for Freemason American Revolutionary War General Marquis de La Fayette Donald Trump accompanied by US Army General Mark Milley (wearing battle fatigues), chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff (highest ranking military officer in United States) street lamp = torch symbol = US Army Intelligence symbol John Birch = US Army Intelligence officer 1525 = 1 + 5 + 2 + 5 = 13 = thirteen original American colonies = The Patriots (a breakaway group of black ops terrorists within the CIA and Pentagon who recruited Donald Trump to run for President and avenge John Birch's death) John Birch - killed in China by Communist forces August 25, 1945 St. John Birch's apocalypse (75th anniversary of John Birch's death + US military attack on China ordered by John Birch Society sleeper agent Donald Trump) >>>>>>>>>>>>>August 25, 2020<<<<<<<<<<<<< https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Birch_Society https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Birch_(missionary) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2zE3fxNU2w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGDMjP_Vm-g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VXxmvYknRU https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/01/11/a-view-from-the-fringe https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2016/09/16/john-birch-society-rise/90502232/ https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/12/02/larry-mcdonald-communists-deep-state-222726 https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/07/16/the-john-birch-society-is-alive-and-well-in-the-lone-star-state-215377 https://theconversation.com/the-john-birch-society-is-still-influencing-american-politics-60-years-after-its-founding-107925
>>33994 President Trump in Washington Trump card Washington The first US president "president" has nine letters 9 is up side down 6 6 is the number of the beast See its all connected anon Keep digging "The truth is out there" -Q
>>33864 just beat it nigga
(2.02 MB 2000x3131 1567165561125.jpg)
>>27362 >I would say that the basis of the religion would be Christianity of the old school type, back when it was powerful No thanks
>>33983 >rabbi's book gloating over the success of christianity >rabbi's (((book))) gloating over the success of the religion of pogroms [x] doubt
>>34048 >What is Rev3:9 >What is Rev2:9 >Der Ewige Brainlet
(112.77 KB 525x709 you.jpg)
>>27362 >>34074 >What is Rev3:9 >What is Rev2:9 It referred to a specific synagogue geologically north of John and Saul of Tarsus (Paul). In biblical law, if you are not actively worshiping the god of abraham, then your designated skydaddy defaults back to satan. Thus it was customary to defame your fellow jew by accusing them of worshiping satan, a character that was a strawman for foreign deities. Also in accordance to biblical law, the only requirement for joining the jews was to worship yawhweh (as well as be circumscised). Thus by not worshipping yahweh you were also no longer considered jewish. The brainlet would actually be you. Worshiping jews will not save you.
>>34074 > anon posts arguably the most incriminating evidence against christianity > better ignore it and cite the bible Everytime
>>34079 >What is pilpul >Brainlet doesn't know one of the first things kikes stole was the name "jew" so they could larp as related to those in the Bible. >>34081 >The Bible quote is ignoring the previous anon's post >I'm too nigger to read it and understand it disproved the post thousands of years before my fellow (((fedora))) turned up with his 'incriminating evidence' against Christianity Der Ewige Brainlet confirmed
(178.35 KB 1000x710 based jew jesus.jpg)
>>34087 > image 1 a pointless meme image > image 2 a desperate attempt at using jews' discourse on naming conventions to disprove they're the based bible jews you love > image 3 "We Wuz Christianity/Abrahamism": The Image, followed by a story of a pope paying a warlord, followed by fanfiction. > image 4 The khazar theory was always a myth, nice job reusing outdated disinformation. The explanation of KJV's translation transitioning back to the excessive misinterpretation of Rev2:9 and Rev 2:9 is clumsy and doesn't do you any favors. Using the shroud of turin as proof is boomer tier, especially since jesus was a jew. This image should be considered purely parody, but is instead paradied by jew worshipers like you like it was the real bible. >pilpul The only one using pilpul would be you. Except it was used on yourself to get this far; to recognize the threat of the jews, and still worship them nonetheless by convincing yourself that they're not the "based jews" of the bible. These are the same people that wrote fanfiction about how they got back at Egypt, wished for the King of Babylon to die and compared him to satan, and used gross amounts of plagiarism along the way. When your basis for your delusions comes down to naming conventions, you simply do not have a case. All of this in service to keep worshipng jews, because they're your based jews, is as pathetic as it gets. Moreover, this was the best you can do to try and avoid actual historical evidence: >>34048 While you only have interpretation, headcanon, and delusion to back yourself, the true history of christianity shows that within a few hundred years of its inception it was used to subvert Rome - a place that your based jew John cursed in Revelations. How do you even manage to rationalize all of the anti-white writings in the bible? Is this why you can stare at an image compiling laws favoring jews and meanwhile punishing those who resist the changes and reply with headcanon? You never attempted to disprove it because you know it's actual fact. Gonna answer your other reply because you gave away your delusions ever moreso: >The Bible quote is ignoring the previous anon's post >I'm too nigger to read it and understand it disproved the post thousands of years before my fellow (((fedora))) turned up with his 'incriminating evidence' against Christianity Anon, John the jew didn't disprove Codex Theodosianius a few hundred years before it happened. Codex Theodosianius is what legally set the precedent for jews entering Europe. Instead of praying to Rabbi Yeshua Ben Yosef aka Jesus tonight, refect on how thoroughly retarded your comeback was. Also, stop worshiping jews.
>>34088 >Also, stop worshiping jews. >Don't worship the Judean who did the first pogrom against merchants Assuming you're white, stop pissing on your European ancestors and acting like a nigger. Learn to read. >the threat of the jews, and still worship them >God is Satan Nigger confirmed. >b Christianity >Most pogroms in history >kikes be mad >Synagogue of Satan subverts with judeo-christian, paganism, atheism and any other larp that isn't Christianity
>>34090 Still no attempt to address Codex Theodosianius? That's fine. You didn't have much of an argument besides a vague mention of pogroms. The funniest part about that is the inconsistency with pogroms on jews. Just like how various popes in the medieval times would favor jews and some wouldn't. Christianity & Codex Theodosianius still let the jews in to Europe, inconsistent pogroms or not. The point still stands. You have no refutation of Codex Theodosianius and what it means. This is because it's obvious fact. You clearly believe christianity represents European ancestry in some form, exhibiting the tell tale signs of spiritual cuckoldry. You're obviously more upset that the illusion is shattering and less people are patient with jew worship. You should reflect on why you don't have an argument, but sadly that time is spent praying to a dead rabbi.
(198.81 KB 1000x950 poperabbibenedict.jpg)
(2.69 MB 3509x2577 not-pagan-europe.jpg)
>>34091 >pope is Christian Kek! Get a load of this nigger! *breathes in* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAH >You clearly believe christianity represents European ancestry in some form, exhibiting the tell tale signs of spiritual cuckoldry. >Europe's cathedrals and its Christian principles have nothing to do with European ancestry >blackpill the post Damn, you glowniggers really are shit at your job. Your day job is stealing tax dollars to shitpost dishonesty, but hey thanks for playing even if you won't understand how.
(60.08 KB 600x600 getaload.jpg)
>>34098 >trying this hard
>>34098 > still no response regarding Codex Theodosianius > resorts to the Catholic or Christian jewish trap i.e. oddly parallels the "X is not white" tactic > insists jew worship is European culture > has to shitpost to pretend, in general Thanks again for proving jew worshippers and associated shills can't touch on Codex Theodosianius. They (you) resort to every trick in their disposal so they can distract from it.
August 4th, 2020 - Beirut, Lebanon explosions https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Beirut_explosions August 4th, 1753 - George Washington becomes a Master Mason. https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/washington-becomes-master-mason Hiram Abiff, the most important figure in Freemasonry, was from the city of Tyre, located in modern day Lebanon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiram_Abiff
>>34099 Haven't read the thread or even that comment chain, but the Pope isn't a Christian. The Catholic church is NOT Christian. You can live in denial all you want to defend your pedo cat-lick preachers, it won't change reality.
>>34173 Catholicism is a sect of Christianity. Semantics won't serve you. The "Catholicism isn't Christianity" trick was created by owners of Non-Denominational churches who make money off of opening their doors to various sects ranging from Protestants to Jehovah Witnesses. They teach that trick to children who when encountering catholic children will ask them, "Are you Catholic or are you Christian?" It's the same as saying, "Are you [breed of dog] or are you a Dog?" Imagine what that does to children who have to balance that level of jewish-tier semantics at such an early age. The inception of this trick is actually very simple. Non-Denominational venues are equipped to serve almost every one of them except one: Catholics. Catholics require various stations in their churches to complete their rituals and have a legacy framework that requires priests, bishops, and so on. As a result, the only Catholics that would ever attend would be casual members. This semantics trick making its way to taiwanese image sharing host sites is one of the most bizarre phenomena I've ever seen happen, but it only makes sense as a desperate last resort by jew worshipers. The fact that they will do anything to separate sects so as to lessen the baggage of another is fascinating, but also very jewish. It's in the exact same fashion why jews will disown one another and flip-flop on pretending to be white when convenient. It's the inspriation for the "X is not white" shilling to make whites fight among each other. >Haven't read the thread or even that comment chain Sure you haven't. The chain is something that the jew worshipers will ignore, pretend it never happened, and start their cycle of shilling again. It's very reminiscent of a passage from Mein Kampf, something Hitler talked about jews doing. Reminder that jew worshipers will always avoid addressing Codex Theodosianius. Linking it here to grab front-page lurkers' attention and spite you: >>33983 >>34048 >>34074 >>34079 >>34081 >>34087 >>34088 >>34090 >>34091 >>34098 >>34099 >>34101 Stop worshiping jews.
Anybody know if they guys that posted on 8chan's Hover board made anew place elsewhere or I am I stuck reading through what the wayback machine has? 8kun says it doesn't have any such board anymore. Once previously it had been on there but alot of threads and pdfs were removed from it.
>>34181 I guess ignore half on my previous comment. Hover seems to be back on 8kun and somewhat active. How bad of a honeypot is 8kun, if anybody has used it much?
What are anyone's thoughts and opinions on the following topics: 1. meatspace groups - ex. R.A.M. and Patriot Front, and are they worth joining or are they a risk for being Fed bait? 2. redpilled non-whites that know about the JQ, against immigration and race mixing, and acknowledge indigenous European genocide and are willing to do something about it 3. redpilled individuals that know what is going on but aren't willing to doing anything, except fleeing away from cities and securing themselves financially and their own private lifestyles, and not willing to make any progress against the kikes
>>34179 This is getting hard to parse, anon. I can't follow. Make your thesis in the form of bullet points, will you? What is the status of Yahweh-worshipping jews, jews in general, Catholics (across their history) and Christians in general. t. Pepe
(99.95 KB 1125x1384 1597257371078.jpg)
(166.88 KB 1014x1024 1597257621830.jpg)
Quarterchan sperging about Kamala Harris's sister named in Podesta emails. Won't make any difference in election, but is still pretty amusing.
WE NEED TO FLIP THIS POLL!!! VOTE AND TWAT OUT!! https://twitter.com/Politics_Polls/status/1293753932389507074
>>34205 No. First of all it's a Twitter poll so is futile to even try. Second let them think Trump has 2% chance of winning. It worked out well for them last time
>Codex Theodosianus >Pagan larping as Christian creates strawman therefore kikes are real jews kek, if the Bible was supernaturally inspired you'd think it would have foreseen such (((subversion))) before it happe....oh wait! It did... Rev. 3:9 They which say they are jews and are not. Rev. 2:9
>>34217 You realized you just proved >>34179 as correct? You deliberately ignored aforementioned information to deliberately reset the topic and recycle disinformation. I think anyone who isn't aware of christian shills is being given a crash course on your jew worshiper disinformation. You aren't fooling anyone. The last 30 posts is a microcosm of the spam across every known /pol/ board. Anyone should take notice and remember you and the rest who do this.
>>34226 anti-christian posters are always kikes, fuck off>>34226
>>34234 this.
>>4985 Fuck you. All questions deserve their own thread.
>>34263 no they don't, asshole. i am a longtime user and i don't make retarded one-off threads. i also have avoided the same on other imageboards, including 8chan before the rebranding. go to fucking 4cuck if you think your low-effort post deserves its own thread.
>>34263 hope you enjoy when i report your one-liner threads and attached quarterchan pic as "low quality spam."
CIA Directorate of Support motto: "WE GO AS ONE" QAnonymous motto: "Where WE GO ONE We Go All" TOILet paper shortage: "toil" = synonym for "WORK" COVID-19: "ovid" = Hebrew name for "WORKer" CIA official motto: "The WORK of a Nation. The Center of Intelligence." Coin shortage: "coin" = synonym for "CHANGE" (cf. "9/11 Loose Change") US Army Psychological Operations motto: "Persuade CHANGE Influence"
>>34099 hi kike!
(164.57 KB 1698x605 pilpul2.jpg)
>>34234 >>34235 >>34306 Wow what interesting and immediately convincing posts. I wonder if pic related has anything to say about that: > the jew always tries to get the upperhand and the last word using jewy rhetorical tactics The last word huh. > It's called pilpul Oh wow that's weird. It's like that poster earlier desperately trying to defend christianity and coming off as obviously jewish was projecting and here comes the rest of his JIDF friends to the rescue. > The psychology of the jew also differs from our own, so they are easy to spot because they just can't blend in and be normal. That explains the inflammatory nature of a jewish post. They always stick out.
(62.94 KB 600x600 1598058522671.jpg)
>>34403 >Jews are here pretending to be Christcucks What a stupid take. I personally know more than a few based christbro's, and know for a fact a couple of them have posted here. I for one am atheist, but find anyone attacking Christians extremely sus, especially in a day and age when kikes are openly attacking Christian values. I find Christ bashing extremely distasteful. Even the Druids here are tolerant of their Christian Brothers. .t notJIDF
>>34411 >defending christcukery, a jew created religion used to worship jews and promote (((multiculturalism))) >jews dont pretend to be christians to further manipulate low iq christcucks >i'm an atheist >not a jew, I I I s-s-s-swear guysss, believe me hi kike!
>>34417 just lol at your bullshit. no one is buying this shit. it's hard to believe you think your shitty greentext is more convincing than the countless threads, screencaps, and memes we've all seen on this subject. this is 16chan you nigger. SIXTEEN. fucking lol
CIA Mission statement: "WE ARE THE nation's first line of defense." QAnonymous motto: "WE ARE THE Storm"
(922.95 KB 900x900 (((brother nathanael))).png)
>>34424 >kikes didnt create christianity the old testament is all kikes. it is the foundation that jew worshiping cult >kikes dont infiltrate other religions to further their own (((cause))) lol pic related faggot haha stay mad kike
>>34470 I'm not a kike. I'm a Christian.
(90.77 KB 480x720 photo_2019-06-12_04-28-38.jpg)
>>34479 Unfortunately it is true that jews infiltrated catholicism and jesuits, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marrano There were rare times when christianity acted in interest of white people, but these times are long past. Believe in God, anon, if you will, but to save our species we need more than that. Turns out g-d's chosen have been reading deuteronomy literally, all these thousands of years.
>>34486 Yeah the Vatican has been compromised for quite a while at this point. One of the worst things Christians have done is try to turn Jewish into honest Christians, it never works overall. You might get one here or there that does it legitimately, but just as many will keep their intentions against it as an institution. I still want to do more research on exactly when and how it was compromised, but at this point any Christian sect that relies on a central authority is very suspect. At this point it's far more important to judge people based on their actions than on their proclaimed beliefs. It's very easy for somebody to say they're on the side of "good" when everything they do ends up hurting people.
(640.44 KB 892x2230 1597982600120.jpg)
>>34486 >There were rare times when christianity acted in interest of white people, but these times are long past. Here we go again. See: >>34048 This sets the "rare times" at earliest 320-321, or before. As long as bluepilled crossposters like you fail to acknowledge the precedent set by Christian law-making, you will continue to doom Whites to jewish servitude. Pic related, even 1000 years after Codex Theodosianius and the effect repeats itself. So ask yourself again, when did Christianity ever act in the interest of Whites? The further you go back, the more obvious the answer is never. Christianity is the progenitor of jewish subversion and even the makers of marxism/bolshevism/communism acknowledge it. It's just at that point Christianity had served its purpose (let the jews in), and they needed something less subtle and far deadlier. And guess what they found? Whites would cling to Christianity because that was all they knew. It's pathetic and twisted that when jews try to pull you towards their new tricks, your only recourse is to defend the old tricks you grew accustomed to. >Believe in God, anon, if you will, but to save our species we need more than that. No. Believe in Whites, the innate strengths of what the White race can accomplish without jewish tricks and the falsehood of their ill doctrines. Stop worshiping jews. Cease the detrimental sense of worshiping false traditions. Stop deluding yourself and accept that this has been going on for nearly 2000 years - Christianity is a tradition of Whites betraying each other for jewish interests. All it served to do was teach jews that their greatest strength was found when Whites betray another.
(7.50 MB 1280x720 kenoshashootingcloseup.mp4)
going to buy another gun tomorrow. and a laser probably. and i guess practice shooting from a sitting position lmao
(313.03 KB 1435x978 1598432433000.jpg)
(284.24 KB 1645x1419 1598434435702.jpg)
(36.20 KB 334x271 1598450041659.jpg)
(570.54 KB 1379x708 1598450309122.jpg)
(117.10 KB 1024x1024 1598451605099.jpg)
>>34504 This guy deserved a thread >>34513
>>34508 hahahaha look at this faggot!!!!! get wrecked you fucking jew nigger!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE watching kikes get shot!!!!!!!
(438.28 KB 642x475 hahah street shitter.PNG)
>>34508 white pill of the evening. remember, most of these businesses are not even owned by European Americans. look at this street shiter whining about his shity used car dealership getting burned down, being denied an insurance payout, and then saying "if it gets justice, then burn it down 20 times." lol tfw you see them get what they deserve
(446.81 KB 984x690 ClipboardImage.png)
>>34503 >As long as bluepilled crossposters like you fail to acknowledge the precedent Precedent law is an entirely Jewish thought pattern, Mutt. Consider Inquisition. Consider Jesuits in the entire period they pursued purity of blood. > when did Christianity ever act in the interest of Whites? The further you go back, the more obvious the answer is never. Lies are Jewish tactics. Go reread MacDonald "Separation and Its Discontents" Ch.4.
Anyone here remembers when the WALK operation took place?
>>34589 >Precedent law is an entirely Jewish thought pattern, Mutt. its actually based on English common law. but what would I know about, i've only worked in law for the last three years lol >Consider Inquisition. Consider Jesuits in the entire period they pursued purity of blood. baseless and strawman >when did Christianity ever act in the interest of Whites? your religion is gay and kike pilled >uppercase "J" when typing jew its kike around here you inbred turkroach ashkenazi. you've been found out hahaha
I just saw a namedrop on a bitwave happening channel. Only 70 are watching, hopefully they are the banned from cuckchan type.
Chadwick Boseman Cha = Change Change = US Army Psychological Operations motto
>>34949 August 28, 2020 - ‘Black Panther’ Star Chadwick Boseman Dies of Cancer at 43 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/28/movies/chadwick-boseman-dead.html Here’s Why August 28 Is Such An Important Date In Black History https://www.huffpost.com/entry/heres-why-august-28-is-such-an-important-date-in-black-history_n_57e95479e4b0e28b2b55317e
(14.25 KB 968x761 BILL.png)
whoever you believe did 911 likes their numerology. 911 happened right around the so-called unix billenium. many computers count time as the number of seconds since jan 1st 1970. the number hit one billion right before nine one one. was there a computer bug to be exploited back then? who knows. now it's about to hit one billion and six hundred million. I got nervous with the DHS talk about an EMP. just a warning.
>>33983 Found it. Jew worshipers BTFO'd >Published in The Century Magazine >January 1928 >Volume 115, Number 3 >pages 346-350 http://www.jrbooksonline.com/PDFs/Ravage%20Marcus%20Eli%20-%20A%20real%20case%20against%20the%20Jews%20-%20January%201928.pdf
>>35099 Doubt. You're telling me, that the same lying kikes that have tried to subvert Christianity for the last 1000 years, the same kikes that promote degeneracy and debauchery, the same kikes that hate Christ and Christians alike, the same kikes that do nothing but sow discord wherever they go, decided to write a book telling the goys of their evil deeds? What's to say this single kike is speaking for the hive mind and not just another lying kike? https://christiansfortruth.com/wisconsin-man-faces-one-year-in-prison-and-10000-fine-for-calling-his-neighbor-a-dirty-jew/ https://archive.fo/VZ58U >A Wisconsin man has been charged with a hate crime after he allegedly “bellowed” antisemitic™ slurs at his neighbors because of a sign in their yard supporting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden: According to a criminal complaint published on Sept. 3, 49-year-old Gregory Kirst was charged in Ozaukee County Circuit Court with disorderly conduct with a hate crime enhancer, which increases the maximum penalty to a $10,000 fine and a prison sentence of up to one year, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported over the weekend. Kirst — a resident of the city of Mequon, northwest of Milwaukee — clashed with his neighbors over the sign on Aug. 30. During the middle of the evening, he walked across the street with his daughter and removed the sign. He then yelled at the female inhabitant of the house through a screen door, proffering his middle finger when she ordered him to leave her property. When the woman’s husband confronted him outside, Kirst called him a “dirty Jew” and blamed Jews for causing the riots in Portland, Oregon. Kirst eventually left the neighbor’s property and returned to his house, where he used a large piece of white cloth to create a sign that said “Jews for Trump,” which he then displayed on his front lawn. Kirst repeatedly refused to leave his home when Mequon police arrived. He denied removing the neighbor’s sign or engaging in any kind of altercation. Another neighbor eventually convinced Kirst to come out of his house to be arrested. Kirst is next scheduled to appear in court Sept. 17. In a blog post reflecting on the incident, Mequon Mayor John Wirth stated that “most Mequon residents abhor this hateful behavior. It is not what we are about.” Wrote Wirth: “Yes, we all have the inalienable right to free speech. But having the right to do something does not mean that doing it is right.” >This is exactly what Jews have been feverishly working toward for years — someone is actually arrested for allegedly calling a Jew a mean name — apparently with no other proof than the word of an offended Jew. >We need no further evidence that as far as America is concerned, the Jews indeed finally “own the whole freaking country,” as they themselves have brazenly bragged about in their own media outlets. >And it seems that Jews collectively have come to realize that they have so much power that all they have to do is claim someone called them a “dirty Jew” and goyim heads will start to roll and delivered to them on a platter. >Just type “called dirty Jew” in your search engine, and see how many recent stories come up where this same scenario allegedly happened all across America — and Europe. >Jew have very successfully incentivized making this “dirty Jew” allegation — and when one monkey learns a beneficial behavior, all monkeys will start using it in very short order. >They have effectively convinced the public that if someone who uses the term “dirty Jew” isn’t immediately arrested, there could be “another” Holocaust right around the corner. >But in reality, this ultimately is not going to end well for Jews — as we have seen over and over again, whenever Jews try to clamp down on antisemitism, they always increase antisemitism.
(77.65 KB 701x536 christians.jpg)
>>35103 >You're telling me, that the same lying kikes that have tried to subvert Christianity for the last 1000 years, It's an oxymoron to say that jews have tried to subvert christianity when it was already a tool for subversion. And the 1000 year mark is nebulous when we have actual historical approximation that takes us back to at least 312 A.D. See: >>34048 That pushes your hypothetical based and redpilled christianity that totally hates jews really far doesn't it? Maybe you should be focused on finding it, but this time with 99% less headcanon. But the real goal for jew worshipers such as yourself is to always imply and create excuses for christianity the same way leftists do for communism. > the same kikes that promote degeneracy and debauchery, the same kikes that hate Christ and Christians alike, the same kikes that do nothing but sow discord wherever they go, decided to write a book telling the goys of their evil deeds? You mean like how when jews relax and let their guard down they end up telling the truth? Like most people? Remember when netanyahu blatantly said that 9/11 was good for israel? Was that also a lie? Jewish 6d saturn chess? Jew worshipers such as yourself always invent arbitrary rules that jews apparently play by when it's more apparent through their actions that the only rule they do play by is that they have no rules, only methods. They even by your own description always deviate, being the purveyors of degeneracy and lies it's evident they have no boundaries. But again, your arbitrary rules claim they will not lie about certain topics and other similarly disinfo-based myths such as hating christians and christianity - they don't. Jews have always benefitted from christianity. You can't be kicked out thousands of times without constantly being let back in. Here's a more believable scenario; jews always impose restrictions (rules) on whites so whites struggle to work through those while jews invent more. That method brought christianity and later communism. Dumping an article's content about someone getting arrested for a kikey hate crime doesn't contradict the past and doesn't make the truth about jew worship go away. While you continue to spread your disinformation, more /pol/lacks are discovering how the nearly 2000 year tradition of jew worship was always in service to the jews. It's both sad and telling; sad that it took this long to see how far it went, but how telling it is that the same repetition of a fake ideology jews invented is imposed on whites for whites to betray each other for. We always see this in leftists, but we always excuse the christians. You also forgot to excuse how christians are way more likely to be zionist because christianity is inherently zionist. The christians that ironically hate jews are the minority because they possess the same brand of cognitive dissonance leftists have, to hate what they're ultimately controlled by and pretend they're fighting it: Leftists:(communists) > pretend they're fighting the system and capitalism > fight for them anyway Christians (jew worshipers) > pretend they're redpilled and hate jews > worship them anyway Go ahead and ignore, deflect, and recycle like you usually do. You only dig the hole deeper each time. You're already noticing this on 4/pol/.
>>35120 >You're already noticing this on 4/pol/. >Appeal to authority >4/pol/ kek
(89.10 KB 800x600 notesonnormiedom.png)
Notes on Normiedom I have just come to a personal epiphany about normies or NPCs. The height of NPC intellectual endeavour is to remember, not to understand or question. In fact, the concept of understanding may even be an unknown unknown to the NPC. For example, when told that the Lolocaust didn't happen, they deride the informant as "stupid". This demonstrates the belief that they are "smart" because they remember being told in school that the Lolocaust happened, and presume the informant is "stupid" because they apparently have failed to remember this information. In other words, those who remember exactly what they have been told are "smart", and those who apparently don't remember are "stupid". That there may exist understanding or higher level thinking is not a factor for them. This explains how apparently intelligent people such as doctors, lawyers and even scientists can be NPCs, because their entire skill-set is based on remembering information rather than thinking about it. For a doctor, if something is in a peer-reviewed study, that is the end of the matter and no further analysis is required (and may even lead to delicensing). This also explains why NPCs are so happy when they get the chance to regurgitate what they have been told by the media, as this demonstrates how "smart" they are. When questioned the normie reacts badly because they treat it as a personal attack, by suggesting they remembered the wrong thing i.e. are "stupid". In deciding what to remember, the safest course of action is to follow the herd. Another symptom of normiedom is a complete lack of curiosity, perhaps because they believe they will be told anything "important", and anything that hasn't been told to them must therefore not be important. Lack of understanding also results in the NPC having no difficulty in changing positions or holding conflicting positions. The question then becomes whether NPCs were born like this, or were made this way by the education "system" rewarding memorisation of information for tests ("ask the teacher"), and whether they can ever achieve enlightenment. Based on Brexit and the Trump election demonstrating the ability of parts of the population to defy the mainstream, it would seem about half of the population are NPCs (but as these electorates include large numbers of non-Whites, presumably less than half of Whites are NPCs). And, yes, I just worked this out.
>>35124 It's foolish to imply that the actions of man determine what scripture clearly says about usury for ALL people, not just gentiles. One could point to every institution that has been infiltrated by jews and lay scrutiny upon it, throwing the baby out with the bathwater isn't the solution.
>>35148 I don't think that NPC's are truly conscious or have a notion of the Self (selbst), or the capacity to understand the bigger picture. They are biological robots, and their behavior is very predictable and entirely dependent on reward/punishment circuitry. I guess this was necessary for biological survival at some point, since nature doesn't care about understanding or consciousness, only efficiency. People who were not NPC's were usually persecuted by the herd over the course of history (Imaginary persecutions of the Jews, the ultimate golems/NPC's don't count), or were denied reproduction, creating a sort of self-reinforced bottleneck. This got further supported by the (((pseudo-elites))) since NPC's are very easy to exploit and manipulate due to their predictable and programmable nature. It's a combination of genetics, environment, but the type of soul as well (this becomes more and more obvious the more you get into such subjects). >Based on Brexit and the Trump election demonstrating the ability of parts of the population to defy the mainstream Their programming was only hijacked by Hasbara shills and other Zionist propagandists. >less than half of Whites are NPCs This is highly race-dependent, basically, the less white a nation is, the higher percentage of NPC's (by orders of magnitude) it will have.
>>35159 >can't determine the point when the christian religion when it was good But you are specifically citing the religion itself and not scripture. Religion is inherently flawed because organized religion, a necessity for a healthy society, is still a human run endeavor, which will be inherently flawed. There are plenty (and by plenty i mean a minimum of over half) of Christians who do not know scripture. The NT is explicitly against jewish behavior, jewish people are absolutely not shilling for Christianity on /pol/ board, in fact, the exact opposite is true. An anon on 8 /pol/ discovered an individual admitting that they are paid to shill against Christians because the teachings of Christ are completely antithetical to the jew. I have added the screenshot of said interaction as the last picture in the series. Most of your argument is based off of the actions of humans following in Christ (albeit very poorly to allow jewish behavior in the first place) not scripture. I pray that you see the light and return to Christ friend.
>>35159 Also, i forgot to include this thread by Curse, has a few good links on the adversarial nature of jews towards Christianity. https://twitter.com/cursedsalad/status/1304515505852739584
(169.04 KB 1237x1012 1599844515819.jpg)
>>35189 Based. Christ is like strychnine to these animals, no coincidence that most of the 109 nations that have thrown these creatures out of were Christian nations.
>>35187 >"The NT is explicitly against jewish behavior, jewish people are absolutely not shilling for Christianity on /pol/ board, in fact, the exact opposite is true. An anon on 8 /pol/ discovered an individual admitting that they are paid to shill against Christians because the teachings of Christ are completely antithetical to the jew. I have added the screenshot of said interaction as the last picture in the series." "to be honest this didn't need to be an anti-christian thread, it could have been against atheism, paganism, or whatever. The entire point is to make you people doubt and fight each other until you become paranoid" -Your own image refutes you, there are no anti-christian shills, only D+C shills, and they are working all sides of this divisive BS. They definitely are shilling for Christianity, and for atheism, as well as for paganism (as you see here), and you are playing right into their game despite it being laid out for you in black-and-grey. To be fair, whenever they post and pagans or atheists, they set it in contrast to Christianity, but that is justified in being that the majority of any country that uses the imageboards they target will be Christian. There have been other events like this, where someone admitted to being a paid shill after being caught through his IP address. A notable incident like a last month on 9chan's /bestpol/ where he started off posting as a Christian. When caught, he again admitted that he was posting as all three, just to rile up a flame war and stir up paranoia. Tried to find it, it's 404'd. you'll just have to trust me. Well, I don't expect you to believe me, but I'll just say this, I'm a genuine atheistposter, and I've noted the true difference between a honest anon and a shill (or one who perpetuates the shilling), and it's not whether they profess to be Christian pagan, or atheist. The difference between me and a shill is that I am more interested in arguing that atheists have a place in /pol/, not that Christians and pagans do not. While a shill would argue that atheism is the only way, and that Christianity and paganism are the enemy. True anons call for unity and see the other religious alignments as valid and worth protecting (/pol/ pagans and /pol/ atheists are just as rare and valuable as true Christians), anyone who advocates for division, or the supremacy of one over the others, is a shill. In this way, You are acting as a divisive shill and doing exactly what the guy in this image says he was doing. Insisting that those of other religious alignments are the enemy, despite them being politically aligned with you. Stop playing their game. As someone who is arguing the importance of properly reading scripture, it undermines your point a little bit, only a little bit, as your point that most Christians do not know their own scripture is true, and the other images genuinely made me rethink the words of Jesus, I forgot to take the references to the historical context of his time into account. I do not deny that jews hate Christ, goddamn do they fucking hate Christianity, but they hate it because it's a white man's religion, it's a source of white community, and the jews despise whites having any sense of community, they want us isolated, divided, diluted. That is the entire reason they say they hate Jesus and Christianity. Notice that they never have any problems with black churches and black Christians, they have no objection to a bunch of BLM niggers holding a prayer circle before they tear shit up. Notice that they have nothing but good things to say about the Christianity of the Hispanics, again, there is no issue, except when it's white people. Since I can't post the thread, I will earn your trust instead, ask me anything about my position on anything, and we will see if my answers can vet me out.
>>35205 >Based. Christ is like strychnine to these animals It's not, you know how they use the church to their own ends. They hate Christianity, but it is no repellent to them, in fact, they can use it as a tool to their own ends, just like anything else. >no coincidence that most of the 109 nations that have thrown these creatures out of were Christian nations Indeed, it is no coincidence, pretty much all of the countries they infiltrated were Christian, it's simple odds. Also, there is another factors besides Christianity that explains the anti-semitism, in fact, this factor explains their levels of Christianity as well: In their past these countries were all either under communism, or directly affected by the soviet union, this is what makes them more likely to be "anti-semitic". marxism was the state religion, the previous religion being Christianity, so when the soviet union fell, it makes sense they would return to a Christian culture very hard, I'd be very strongly Christian if my country had suffered a living hell after being taken over by marxist atheists who prohibited Christian practice.
>>35229 >True anons call for unity and see the other religious alignments as valid and worth protecting (/pol/ pagans and /pol/ atheists are just as rare and valuable as true Christians), anyone who advocates for division, or the supremacy of one over the others, is a shill. /thread
>>35230 Anything can be corrupted by jewish influence to serve worldly purposes, people dont seem to understand that this doesn't invalidate the true purpose of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paganism has undergone the same problems with globohomo infiltration, yet i never see any criticism of paganism as a belief system in the manner that Christianity does.
>>35229 I completely agree that Christianity of non white communities goes mostly uninterrupted, and i believe that is due to their primary objective is to destroy the white race. The jewish people would obviously prefer that the minority communities not be Christian, however, these people are much easier to subvert, rendering their institutions weaker than White institutions. Specifically you mention that jews dont mind a prayer circle before they tear shit up, these "prayer circles" are not the prayers of genuine believers of Christ, nor are their actions thereafter, and are merely a trick of optics for plausible deniability to White boomer conservatives. I have no issue with pagans or atheists (any good Christian values the God given free will imbued by our creator) who are fighting to be left to their own devices, the jew brings chaos where ever he appears, they are the children of satan after all.
>>35236 >accusing me of not being able to read while misconstruing every point i made Enjoy the ban, kike
Why do you think playful/sporting aggressiveness is not promoted anymore? Men aren't allowed to be friends?
>>35307 Fraternity and aggressive behavior are signs of healthy manhood (when controlled) in a society. These things aren't promoted because the weakening of masculinity in society makes that society vulnerable to outside infiltration or outright brute force military invasion. Not to mention the diets (at least in the USA) are loaded with chemicals that inhibit the testosterone production of men. Soy is widely used in most foods, which contains phytoestrogens, which mimic estrogen in the human body. This is also contained in baby formula, baby bottles are rinsed with a solution that contains testosterone inhibiting chemicals.
(777.31 KB 1169x8011 ClipboardImage.png)
(299.62 KB 1079x1610 ClipboardImage.png)
(343.65 KB 864x1769 ClipboardImage.png)
(26.15 KB 1242x267 ClipboardImage.png)
(20.29 KB 632x182 ClipboardImage.png)
(240.65 KB 713x1333 ClipboardImage.png)
(65.50 KB 740x283 ClipboardImage.png)
(997.60 KB 880x593 ClipboardImage.png)
(23.77 KB 419x657 ClipboardImage.png)
(451.25 KB 1204x1211 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.84 MB 1218x9967 ClipboardImage.png)
(979.54 KB 1182x1596 ClipboardImage.png)
(241.11 KB 1242x960 ClipboardImage.png)
(334.62 KB 826x730 ClipboardImage.png)
(408.08 KB 828x844 ClipboardImage.png)
(313.84 KB 720x1560 ClipboardImage.png)
(17.94 KB 705x157 ClipboardImage.png)
(140.34 KB 750x1334 ClipboardImage.png)
(661.73 KB 742x923 ClipboardImage.png)
(86.15 KB 1196x247 ClipboardImage.png)
(20.29 KB 632x182 ClipboardImage.png)
(96.96 KB 930x798 ClipboardImage.png)
(91.07 KB 750x351 ClipboardImage.png)
(87.15 KB 561x882 ClipboardImage.png)
Ding Dong the Witch is Dead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPIdRJlzERo Comment Section
the balfour document was a mass human sacrifice ritual and the promising of unborn children to the Jewish people in exchange for earthly goods.
>>35370 >>35364 >>35365 >>35367 >>35370 >>35371 >>35372 This kike has likely been dead for months, but i am so fucking overjoyed that this kike is roasting in hell. God bless anons, this is a day for celebration.
(2.31 MB 640x360 ruth_bader_gisburg_dead.webm)
(803.33 KB 1100x700 1600524540957.png)
>>35379 >>35373 >>35372 >>35371 >>35370 >>35367 >>35365 >>35364 >>35362 Some glorious salt there. Truly incredible to see the delusion of these people. God has spoken, He is on our side. Let us cherish this fortuitous event.
>>35390 >He is on our side
>>35391 Based. Air quality just north of Seattle was 272 last Tuesday. Right now it is 23.
>>35391 >>35395 This. Putting water on massive amounts of fire will fuck the air up to a degree most people can't fathom.
>>35396 You do realize that a lower number is better regarding air quality, right? Earlier this week we had a tiny bit of rain which didn't help lower the number, but with a couple days of rain later in the week and a little wind and time, the air is much better.
My family is so brainwashed it makes me sick to my stomach. Day after day all they do is consume television media. All they do is play call of duty video games and smoke weed. My house is a hoarders trove and none of my family could run for shit. Anyone have a experience with this kind of issue? How tf do I unglue eyes from the zogbox.
2020 Wildfire Season https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_wildfire_season Smokejumpers and the CIA https://www.google.com/books/edition/_/Qu4ztAEACAAJ Smokejumpers worked for the CIA (Agency) over a 25-plus year period. Beginning in the spring of 1951, the CIA sent two agents to the Smokejumper base at Nine Mile, Montana, to be trained to parachute into mountainous and isolated terrain. The agents apparently reported back that there was a cadre of men already trained and willing to take on whatever the Agency wanted done. Ten Smokejumpers were recruited and went to work for the Agency that year. Seven of those Smokejumpers went to Taiwan where they trained National Chinese paratroopers and were involved in cargo drops deep into the mainland. In later years, jumpers moved on to Tibet to drop men and equipment to local forces fighting against Chinese occupation. Besides operations in Guatemala and the Bay of Pigs, Smokejumpers also took part in the Congo, India, and the 15-year "Secret War" in Laos. The CIA had realized in Smokejumpers men who were problem solvers and could get the job done under the most difficult circumstances.
>>35398 What’s up agent Tom garden, I see you are up to your same old tricks.
September 18, 2020 - Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies at 87 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/18/us/ruth-bader-ginsburg-dead.html September 18, 1947 - Central Intelligence Agency Established https://www.cia.gov/about-cia/history-of-the-cia/index.html (t)Ruth Bader Ginsburg "And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." The CIA's unofficial (but very well-known) motto is a quote from the Bible - John 8:32, to be specific. The verse features heavily in CIA memorabilia. You can even find it engraved on the wall of the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Justice Ginsburg’s Death Further Polarizes Voters Just Weeks Before Election https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/19/us/politics/ginsburg-voter-reactions.html
September 18, 2020 - Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies at 87 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/18/us/ruth-bader-ginsburg-dead.html Rosh Hashanah 2020 https://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/rosh-hashanah-2020/ In 2020, Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on Friday, September 18 and ends at sundown on Sunday, September 20. Presidential Message on Rosh Hashanah, 2020 https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/presidential-message-rosh-hashanah-2020/ Rosh Hashanah - The Jewish New Year https://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/4644/jewish/Rosh-Hashanah.htm The Sacrifice of Rosh Hashanah https://www.haaretz.com/jewish/1.5183304 Each year, as we hear the story of the binding of Isaac, we must analyze the sacrifices we have or have not made over the course of the year, allowing us to become the best version of ourselves for the year to come. The Akeida: Questions of Sacrifice https://www.reconstructingjudaism.org/dvar-torah/akeida-questions-sacrifice Each year, on the second day of Rosh Hashana we discuss the Akeida - the story for the binding and near sacrifice of Isaac. Each year we, collectively, struggle with the psychological impact and the personal ethics of the story. How could a father do such a thing? How Rosh Hashanah Works https://people.howstuffworks.com/culture-traditions/holidays-other/rosh-hashanah.htm As the Day of Remembrance, Rosh Hashanah recalls the story of Isaac's near-sacrifice, which Jewish tradition states occurred on the first of Tishri. In this biblical account, God commanded Isaac's father, Abraham, to sacrifice his only son as an offering. Abraham accepts God's command, builds an altar, and prepares to sacrifice his son to prove his obedience and faith in God. Rosh Hashanah has Begun: What to Know about the Two-Day Jewish Holiday that Leads into Yom Kippur https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/09/18/rosh-hashanah-yom-kippur-jewish-holidays/5643430002/ Also, Rosh Hashanah marks the start of the Jewish High Holy Days leading up to Yom Kippur. It marks the beginning of the 10 “Days of Awe,” in which Jews focus their attentions on repentance and reflection leading up to Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, considered to be the holiest day of the Jewish year. Traditionally, the blood of an animal was sacrificed as a way to remove sin or defilement.
>>35537 She died weeks ago, they just hid it so they could make her out to be a Rosh Hashanah martyr. https://archive.fo/rirSf
Can someone link me Mr.Bond's songs archive? Can't find two of his albums up for download anywhere, and the ones available at internetarchive are fucked up.
>>35551 You know Song title your looking for? I think Bond released songs a few at a time, and other people bundle them into Albums and collections that why some "albums" have songs missing or repeated Here's a list of everything Iv found so far (94 Songs) 1488 (Yelawolf Pop The Trunk Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:00 500 Miles (Proclaimers Parody) - NO1 ft. Mr. Bond - 03:40 88 Problems (Jay-Z 99 Problems Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:55 All White Paradise (Coolio Gangsta's Paradise Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:51 Alles Genommen (Bushido - Alles Verloren Parodie) - Mr. Bond - 04:31 Ashkenazi (Xzibit Paparazzi Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:54 Because I Sieg Heil'd (Afroman Because I Got High Parody) - Mr. Bond as Naziman - 05:11 Blood & Soil (Mase Lookin' At Me Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:24 Camps A Make 'Em Lamps (Juicy J - Bandz A Make Her Dance Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:40 Can't Tell Me Nothing (Kanye West Can't Tell Me Nothing Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:31 Changes (2Pac Changes Parody) - Mr. Bond ft. D'Marcus Liebowitz - 05:10 Cleanin' Out My Closet - Morraiku ft. Mr. Bond - 04:51 Cleaning Out My Wallet - Mr. Bond - 03:40 Cleaning Out My Wallet (Eminem Cleanin' Out My Closet Parody) - Mark Ovdabeest ft. Mr. Bond - 05:00 Concentration Camp (Wu Tang Clan Gravel Pit Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:26 Cucked (Black Rob Whoa Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:02 Das Beste Volk Auf Dieser Welt (Eko Fresh Ich Bin Jung Und Brauche Das Geld Parodie) - Mr. Bond - 04:27 Dear Donald (Eminem Stan) - Mr. Bond ft. Dido - 04:56 Deliverance (Bubba Sparxxx Deliverance Rendition) - Mr. Bond - 05:12 Dildolech (Kelis Milkshake Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:01 Do Boers Know It's Christmas (Band Aid Do They Know It's Christmas Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:43 Don't Like (Chief Keef - I Don't Like Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:55 Eminem Diss - Mr. Bond - 04:35 Europe (Ja Rule New York Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:11 Everything I Do, I Do It For Jews (Bryan Adams Everything I Do Parody) - Mr. Bond - 06:41 Fascist (French Montana Shot Caller Parody) - Mr. Bond - 02:59 Fashout (Ludacris Rollout Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:50 Fashy (Notorious B.I.G. Juicy Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:55 Fuck The Police (N.W.A.-Fuck Tha Police Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:48 Fuehrer's State of Mind (Billy Joel - New York State of Mind Parody) - Mr. Bond - 06:01 Get 'Em Out (T.I. Bring 'em Out Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:38 Goin' Nazi (J-Kwon - Tipsy Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:00 Good Old Nationalist (Good Old Rebel - European Version) - Mr. Bond - 02:28 Goyz-N-Europe (Eazy-E Boyz-N-Tha Hood Parody) - Mr. Bond - 06:31 Hans Landa (Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg Deep Cover Parody) - Mr. Bond - 05:15 Hold Me Back (Rick Ross Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:30 Holding Out For A Tarrant - Mr. Bond - 05:12 Hooknose (Mobb Deep Shook Ones Parody) - Mr. Bond - 05:03
(321.33 KB 800x600 6gorillion.png)
Free brave and beautiful Ursula Haverbeck - jailed by the lying disgusting jews for telling the obvious truth
I Can (Nas I Can Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:01 I Don't Wanna Know (P. Diddy feat. Mario Winans I Don't Wanna Know Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:13 I Mean It (G-Eazy I Mean It Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:56 I Wanna Gas You (Akon ft. Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Fuck You Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:12 If Whites Ruled The World (Nas If I Ruled The World Parody) - Mr. Bond ft. n0one 4ever - 04:36 In The Ghetto (Elvis Presley In the Ghetto Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:05 In the Oven Now (Status Quo In the Army Now Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:38 It's So Hard (Big Pun It's S - Mr. Bond - 02:53 Jew Namin' (Rick Ross Hustlin' Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:25 Jew Survivor (David Hasselhoff True Survivor Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:32 Like A Diamond - Mr. Bond - 03:30 Like A Diamond (Fabolous Diamonds Parody) extended - Mr. Bond - 05:54 Losing My White Privilege (R.E.M. Losing My Religion Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:21 Lost In The Echobergs (Linkin Park Lost In The Echo Parody) - Morrakiu ft. Mr. Bond - 03:28 Mass Niggers (Wham! Last Christmas Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:53 Meme Harder (Onyx Slam Harder Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:38 Mr. Bond - Hooknose ( 128kbps ).mp3 - 04:33 My Gun And My Waifu (Jay-Z '03 Bonnie & Clyde Parody) - Mr. Bond ft. Plenty O'Fash - 03:26 My President Is Trump (Young Jeezy My President Parody) - Mr. Bond - 05:51 Nazi Gang (Lil Pump - Gucci Gang Parody) - Mr. Bond - 02:09 Nigger Flooded Land (Michael Bublé - Winter Wonderland Parody) - Mr. Bond - 02:28 Niggers, Kikes, and Hajis (Lloyd Banks - Beamer, Benz, or Bentley Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:26 Pop Some Fags (Macklemore Thrift Shop Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:58 Power Level (Future Mask Off Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:25 Pure Zyklon (Placebo Pure Morning Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:03 Race War (Gary Jules Mad World Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:11 Salute Like A Nazi (Down aka Kilo Lean Like A Cholo Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:17 Sanctuary (French Montana Sanctuary Parody) - Mr. Bond - 05:18 Shady Kikes (Kid Cudi Day 'N' Nite Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:42 Shekels In My Paywall (Drake Hotline Bling Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:25 Shitskins & Heebs (50 Cent Ayo Technology Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:14 Shlomo (Snoop Dogg Vato Parody) - Mr. Bond - 05:00 Shootouts (Jadakiss ft. Styles P Shootouts Parody) - Mr. Bond ft. Moonman - 04:22 Shyster (50 Cent Wanksta Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:38 Sieg Heil (Terror Squad Lean Back Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:36 Smoke A Shlomo (Juicy J Smoke A Nigga Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:21 Still White (Dr. Dre Still D.R.E. Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:27 Stormers Are Forever (Kanye West Diamonds Are Forever Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:53 Supa Nazi (Gucci Mane Supa Cocky Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:39 Take You There (Sean Kingston Take You There Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:10 Teenage Nazi (Wheatus Teenage Dirtbag Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:01 The Mosque Is On Fire (Bloodhound Gang Fire Water Burn Parody) - Mr. Bond - 05:14 The O.G.'s (The Game Game's Pain Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:45 The Storm Freestyle (Donald Trump Diss BET Cypher - Mr. Bond Version) - Eminem - 04:35 These Juden (Cypress Hill Illusions Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:09 Used 2 (2 Chainz Used 2 Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:36 We White Here (DMX We Right Here Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:28 Weck Mich Auf (Samy Deluxe - Weck Mich Auf Parodie) - Mr. Bond - 05:40 What Happened To That Goy (Birdman ft. Clipse – What Happened to That Boy Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:34 Where'd You Go (Fort Minor Where'd You Go Rendition) - Mr. Bond - 03:51 White America (Eminem White America Parody) - Mr. Bond - 05:13 White and I Luv It (Young Jeezy I Luv It Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:03 Why (Jadakiss Why Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:01 Why We Pissed (Ice Cube Parody) - Mr. Bond - 03:43 Wind Of Adolf (Scorpions Wind Of Change Parody) - Mr. Bond - 05:46 With Jews You Lose (Cam'ron - I Hate My Job Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:25 You Can't Stop Me (N.E.R.D. Rock Star Parody) - Mr. Bond - 04:25 Youth Of The Nation (P.O.D. Youth Of The Nation Rendition) - Mr. Bond - 04:16
September 18, 2020 - Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies at 87 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/18/us/ruth-bader-ginsburg-dead.html 2020 United States presidential election https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_United_States_presidential_election The 2020 United States presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Hebrew Date Converter https://www.hebcal.com/converter/ Friday, 18 September 2020 (after sunset) = 1st of Tishrei, 5781 א׳ בְּתִשְׁרֵי תשפ״א Rosh Hashana 5781 Tuesday, 3 November 2020 = 16th of Cheshvan, 5781 ט״ז בְּחֶשְׁוָן תשפ״א Parashat Vayera Hebrew Date Difference Calculator https://www.easycalculation.com/date-day/hebrew-calendar-date-difference.php Total days between two dates = 45 Donald Trump = 45th US President
Long-Concealed Records Show Trump’s Chronic Losses and Years of Tax Avoidance https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/09/27/us/donald-trump-taxes.html Yom Kippur 2020 begins at sunset on September 27 (the evening service begins with Kol Nidre) and ends at nightfall on September 28. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yom_Kippur Donald Trump = metaphorical Yom Kippur sacrificial scapegoat 3 Killed in New Wildfires in Northern California https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/28/us/california-glass-zogg-fires.html Wag the Dog https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wag_the_Dog
October 2, 2020 - Donald Trump and Melania Trump Test Positive for Coronavirus https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/02/us/politics/trump-covid.html November 3, 2020 - United States presidential election https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_United_States_presidential_election days between two daters = 33 degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry = 33 Donald Trump = 1/2 Scottish
(69.48 KB 583x500 Jewish math.jpg)
October 2, 2020 - Donald Trump and Melania Trump Test Positive for Coronavirus https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/02/us/politics/trump-covid.html October 2, 1780 - British intelligence officer Major John André executed by hanging https://www.loc.gov/item/today-in-history/october-02/ On October 2, 1780, British intelligence officer Major John André was hanged as a spy in Tappan, New York. Captured on his return to New York City by American militiamen fighting in the War of Independence, Major André was found to have papers hidden in his boot concerning Continental army Brigadier General Benedict Arnold‘s negotiation for the surrender of West Point. (Arnold had recently been appointed commandant of the fort at West Point.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Andr%C3%A9 John André (2 May 1751[1] – 2 October 1780) was a major in the British Army and head of its Secret Service in America during the American Revolutionary War. He was hanged as a spy by the Continental Army for assisting Benedict Arnold's attempted surrender of the fort at West Point, New York, to the British.
October 22, 1987 - Donald Trump delivers first presidential campaign speech https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/02/donald-trump-first-campaign-speech-new-hampshire-1987-213595 https://www.nytimes.com/1987/10/23/nyregion/new-hampshire-speech-earns-praise-for-trump.html October 22, 2020 - Donald Trump's death or other event of similar political significance distance between two dates = 33 years (12,054 days) degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry = 33 Donald Trump = 1/2 Scottish
What happened to V*an? I get that there was no activity, but you had to wait for at least half a year to organize something.
>>35912 For me it's a sign that the volkanon was not sufficiently secure. The next volkchan should be hosted absolutely anonymously (i.e. the admin should never interact with the server not via VPN+TOR) on a bulletproof server paid with crypto, for example cock.li server. The board engine should be very simple and be developed in memory safe, secure language like go. All ports except the webapp's should be closed. Attack surface should be minimal.
(28.86 KB 400x400 epiphany.jpg)
Did Hitler do anything wrong?
(188.51 KB 439x470 sdfsdfsdf.png)
>>36123 >Vegetarian cuck >Didn't slam his seed into 30+ aryan women >Invaded Russia in the winter >Overruled his generals instead of taking their advice >Didn't actually try to exterminate the j*ws (still got blamed for it though) >Let the perfidious angl*s live at Dunkirk >Most importantly, he lost but other than that, no, not really
>>36123 He was too nice, too forgiving to those who sought to annihilate Germany.
>>36123 He was too damn soft on the jews. Also soft on the conservatives who repaid him with the July 20 plot.
Given the pretty obvious fact that there can be no political solution (the politicians are committing genocide, I think they are beyond playing fairly atp) the only viable strategies are 1. Accepting genocide (not worth considering) 2. Attempting to do a Varg and all just, kind of leave society and form a new one (unlikely) 3. Wait for the collapse and hope that we get extremely lucky (I hate any strategy that relies on hoping that everything turns out right) 4. Engineer a violent revolution. Option 4 seems like the most realistic option. But it also is far more difficult than waiting around or just fucking off to the woods. I think that the best chance for a real revolution to get going are either if the US (and the US is the main stumbling block for White nationalists) experiences an untold disaster or engages in a foreign war that goes badly. This tends to herald revolutions in history.
>>36128 Basically this. Don't forget about not being aggressive enough to Britain because he thought they might see the truth instead of listening to the lying money men. He could have bombed them earlier and harder. I assume he thought there was no such thing as a person beyond redemption. At least if they had proper genetics and culture or something along those lines. >>36134 You must remember who currently holds the majority of money, supplies, infrastructure, etc. As well as the heavy propaganda institutions. Any conflict would result in their massive gains if they could lie about it hard enough. We would get small gains, but I do not know if they could be held for any significant amount of time. People must be forced to confront their programming in some way shape or form. If they can overcome it then they may survive. If they cannot then they will either die or live as slaves.
>>36135 >Any conflict would result in their massive gains if they could lie about it hard enough Not if they were blown up. Chaos is only beneficial to underdogs and those who wish to take power, not to those who already hold it. Chaos is just opportunity.
>>17872 I like this. This is a religion I can get behind. Heil Hitler.
>>4985 What's the bump limit on threads here?
>>36194 300ish
(260.82 KB 660x799 15983661900010.png)
>>36134 5) Support China. I'm not kidding. Now unfortunately RW boomers have been pumped full of hatred for China, Iran and Russia, and only Russia (by virtue of being white and kiked) has been somewhat redeemed in their eyes. But that's misguided. There's only one country in the world left, that does not bow to The Global Jew and has a vision of future where nations can be separate and chart their own history. I think we have no more hope. Unless the Chinks, in pure self-preservation, succeed to destabilize the system that's beginning to attack them, the diabolical plan will proceed without a hitch.
>>36236 I agree with you. However, I would classify #5 under #4 because; How could China help us? By supporting armed insurgents in America. And this is a viable strategy. Iran and China are directly threatened by ZOG. People don't seem to understand but China is not run by jews. They are an independent state struggling to maintain their independence. The Chinese are nationalists (you know, the only defense against judaism?) and they do not want to surrender their sovereignty to globo-homo. They play along because if you don't, you get taken out. But if they were presented with an opportunity to destabilize America, they'd take it. Iran too. I fully expect to see White nationalist insurgents backed by Persian and Chinese money someday. The a question I have been asked is; If the Chinese want to destabilize America, why haven't they funded a White Hezbullah yet? And the answer is simple; If you were Beijing, would you want to risk your existence as a sovereign state by backing the wrong people at the wrong time? Sadly, so far American nationalists have not demonstrated that we have the determination and intelligence to win a bloody struggle against ZOG. People like to point at CIA funding to the Taliban, but we must remember that the Taliban never got a cent until they had already demonstrated that they possessed the resolve to fight the Soviets. Why would China waste money funding... funding what? We have no organizations to fund unless you want to give money to Richard Spencer. And before him, what have we done? The closest we came to a respect worthy organization was in 1983 when less than a dozen guys under Robert Matthews declared war on ZOG. And they were destroyed in less than a year. If you take a cold analysis of the situation, you would conclude (as a chink leader) that we do not deserve cash yet. Too risky with not much chance of reward. Better to fund BLM and black nationalism while paying lip-service to the jews.
>>36236 Chinese people love Jews
bankers loan the public money the public loans the corporations money and then the corporations sue the public when it doesnt work out as if we are responible and the ones who own the company not only thats but the best thing you can own is land and then you lease it to a company and land taxes can increase forever and be collected forever so a bunch of rich families years ago bought all the land then sold all their companies so all they have to do is collect land taxes from whoever is occupying the space which can be thousands of dollars a month for a tiny restraunt and if you own multiple land spaces you can make millions of dollars for the rest of your life without ever having to do anything now this is where the native americans come in they sold their land rights and elite family in america is pissed because they were conned into buying corporations that got more and more exspensive to maintain while a bunch of filthy rich land owners made a deal with some natives gave them some reservations and made off like fucking bandits now it goes alot deeper then that becasue technically the usa government should have deals with natives not private immigrant families now they are all fighting over this right to sit back and tax corporations if its not the government it will be the private landowner so who has the right to negotiate such a thing and who gets too submit their offers first? PROBABLY WHY IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN DONE IN SECRET
and i used to be a hater of money and the rothschilds but it was their family who started banking and everyone uses money and accepts their money magic so they deserve the credit its not really such a bad thing after all its really the amount of hands its passing on the way to the common man the rothschilds care about the environment certainly not paper money) because they own the planet, its the hands of the rothschild family that have turned against them and cause trouble for all of us but we are also responsible because we supported the people that were actually oppressing us i dont have a problem with the interest rates or the fact that banking is pretty expensive with fees etc because hey are trying to get back the money the black nobility their own children have stolen from them lol ANNUNAKI WAR GAMES throw in some orions and reptilians why not
the rothschilds dont care about the money its the principle that their own family disrespects them and stole their money schemes which in reality is actually a beautiful system to make the world go round and who doesnt like holding a fat stack of cash but you do have to limit its creation and circulation very carefully it is cool game and hierarchy there is also shadow games to cheat the money system which is why the mafia etc invented the church to scare people away from their own desires and goals aka PLAYING THE GAME
>>36242 Chinese people are incapable of love.
>>35906 Judge Dismisses THIRD-DEGREE Murder Charge in George Floyd Killing https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/22/us/derek-chauvin-third-degree-murder.html A 19-Year-Old with a Van Full of Guns and Explosives Plotted to Assassinate Joseph Biden https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/10/23/biden-treisman-assassination-plot/ Man Arrested in Kannapolis, N.C. with Van Full of Guns and Explosives, Researched Killing Joe Biden https://www.wbtv.com/2020/10/22/man-arrested-kannapolis-with-van-full-guns-explosives-researched-killing-joe-biden/ Maryland Man Accused of Threatening to Kill Biden and Harris Faces Federal Charge https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/biden-harris-threatened/2020/10/21/a1238728-13b8-11eb-ad6f-36c93e6e94fb_story.html Colorado Wildfire Grows by more than 100,000 Acres in a Day, Forcing Evacuations https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2020/10/22/colorado-wildfire-east-troublesome/ A dire wildfire crisis is unfolding in Colorado after a blaze exploded sixfold in size in just 24 hours. With the explosive growth of the East Troublesome Fire, three of the top five blazes on record in Colorado have occurred this year.
>>36286 I smell shit on that 19 year old. Seems whenever Feds get involved, people magically are indicted on CP charges for some dusty ass computer they've had in their basement for 35 years filled with 6 billion tb's of CP.
Does any one have a working link of the download of the fitness manual in this thread? https://16chan.xyz/pol/res/18678.html#18721
>>36369 for the translated version specifically
(490.35 KB 1279x487 AI.png)
Hey, does anyone have the Red Dawn podcasts saved? I'd really appreciate listening to them. Atavistic Intelligentsia was a fun early redpill for me and I cannot find the Red Dawn podcasts on Webarchive and Soundcloud scrubbed them, naturally.
THE LION Can someone please post the original video of it. I miss being bale to just go on jewtube
(91.09 KB 2052x1414 Roma Map.png)
Why does Romania speak a romance language intead of a greek-based language, considering It was located in the Eastern Roman empire, where greek and not latin was the main language.
>>36450 Greek was the main language but it wasn't the only one
(90.05 KB 500x750 4fdhp2.jpg)
Change is Here 1.) 4 Killed in Terrorist Shooting in Vienna, Austria https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/02/world/europe/vienna-shooting.html The area where shots were first reported is a tight web of streets packed with bars and pubs, known locally as the “Bermuda Triangle.” It is also home to Vienna’s main temple, the Seitenstettengasse synagogue — but it was not clear what the intended target, or targets, of the attackers had been. 2.) 54 Killed in Schoolyard Massacre in Ethiopia https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/02/world/africa/ethiopia-school-massacre.html Rights groups said at least 54 people were killed in Sunday’s attack, which underscored how relations between Ethiopia’s ethnic groups are fraying. 3.) 19 Killed as Gunmen Storm Kabul University https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/02/world/asia/kabul-university-attack.html The siege lasted six hours as Afghan forces and U.S. commandos hunted and killed three gunmen. An Afghan branch of the Islamic State was reported to have claimed responsibility. 4.) 2 Killed in Halloween Stabbing Spree in Quebec City https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/01/world/canada/quebec-city-stabbing-deaths-halloween-medieval-costume.html The police arrested a suspect in the attack, a man in his mid-20s who they said was dressed in medieval garb. Five people were injured in the attack. They [the police] discovered victims in several locations, including near the Château Frontenac hotel, an imposing building that is a landmark in the city. 5.) Priest Wounded in Greek Orthodox Church Shooting in Lyon, France https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/31/world/europe/lyon-france-shooting-priest.html An unknown assailant fired twice at the priest before fleeing the scene, authorities said. The attack came amid heightened tensions in France after an Islamist terrorist attack in Nice that left three dead. 6.) 3 Dead in Church Knife Attack in Nice, France https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/29/world/europe/nice-attack-france.html The assault at a church in the south of France left at least three people dead. Local officials said it bore similarities to the killing of a schoolteacher that has shaken the country. 7) 40 Killed in Deadly Explosion at Kabul Tutoring Center https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/24/world/asia/kabul-afghanistan-bombing-school.html At least 24 people were killed and 57 wounded in latest attack, which happened as peace talks are at an impasse and as violence rises across Afghanistan. 8.) Schoolteacher Beheaded on the Street outside of Paris, France https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/16/world/europe/france-decapitate-beheading.html The victim was immediately depicted as a martyr to freedom of expression. France’s antiterrorism prosecutors are investigating the attack, which took place in a school north of Paris. 9.) 2 Wounded in Paris Knife Attack Near Charlie Hebdo’s Former Office https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/25/world/europe/paris-knife-attack.html French authorities labeled the attack as “Islamist terrorism” because of its location and timing — as a trial is underway over the massacre at the satirical newspaper in 2015. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. s-CH-ule (German for "synagogue") 2. s-CH-ool ("schoolyard") 3. s-CH-ool ("Kabul University") 4. CH-âteau ("Château Frontenac hotel") 5. CH-ur-CH ("Greek Orthodox church") 6. CH-ur-CH ("Notre-Dame basilica") 7. s-CH-ool ("tutoring center") 8. s-CH-ool ("College du Bois-d’Aulne") 9. CH-arlie ("Charlie Hebdo’s former office") CH = "Change," motto of U.S. Army Psychological Operations ("Persuade Change Influence") https://www.soc.mil/SWCS/IMSO/aboutPSYOP.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_operations_(United_States) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why France and French founded Quebec City? Trials of the Knights Templar - Events in France https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trials_of_the_Knights_Templar#Events_in_France
What's the BO's opinion on Brenton Tarrant?
(1.39 MB 1080x1824 ClipboardImage.png)
I just had a hunch >2017 French Presidential Elections happen >Macron wins election despite many in France wanting Le Pen >Yellow Vests in France emerged after Macron ZOG motives showed (such as raise in oil prices and wanting to kill Syria) Then Comes the 2020 US Presidential Election >Zion Don recently lost to Joe "The Pedo" Biden >Election rigging is shown Do any anons think that another yellow vest type group will emerge after many upset over Biden winning after its now more likely MIGApedes now lost? Will Migapedes actually try to fight and learn that the government is rotten and voting doesn't save anyone or will they just sperg out and do nothing?
>>36616 most likely*
(167.79 KB 640x480 f24.png)
>>36616 MSM is not even talking about election rigging or fraud. It's just "Biden won", period. And from what I understand, this is the case with basically every MSM in the world. Currently France is under lockdown for "virus reasons" until at least December 1st, so there won't be any protests. The lockdown started not long ago, basically just in time for the US elections. So yeah it's pretty fucking blatant they don't want yellow vests running around, because that could redpill a bunch of people.
(67.45 KB 780x432 1604753281891.jpg)
>>36616 First will come the court battles, but they probably won't have any significant effect While GOP has won couple already, they had little effect, the important ones will likely be lost https://www.foxnews.com/politics/federal-judge-denies-gop-request-to-recount-clark-county-mail-in-ballots Then come the state legislators and "faithless electors" https://www.revolver.news/2020/11/recounts-canvasses-will-not-reverse-fraudulent-vote-only-state-legislatures-can-bring-relief/ https://www.revolver.news/2020/11/contaminated-vote-means-republicans-must-appoint-pro-trump-electors/ Meanwhile there will be some psyops https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/07/us/pennsylvania-convention-center-arrests/index.html
>>36616 They won't do anything but whine on social media. The US right is weak.They couldn't even fight against the narrative that Trump was to blame for covid. They have no voice, and will continue to be cowards as the US burns away.
>>36403 Does anyone have any webms of the Red Dawn podcasts?
>>36519 Biden, Now President-Elect, Prepares to Address Nation https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/07/us/politics/biden-acceptance-speech.html Mr. Biden was expected to speak from a flag-bedecked outdoor stage near the Chase Center on the Riverfront, an event facility in Wilmington. CH-ase ("Chase Center on the Riverfront")
>>36495 >>36548 Good. I hope your shitty USAPO video site disappears forever.
BitChute? More like BitChange.
(28.38 MB 640x360 Europe Awake 2019.mp4)
>>36441 >>36839 Oh and you might also like this one if you haven't seen it already. Hail Pierce.
(21.90 MB 854x480 Lion of Europe.mp4)
>>13013 >predictive programming thing Matrix predicted the date of 911 Back to the future is also a very good predictive programming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1ULjJ3EqyY
>>13013 >predictive programming The Simpsons is the biggest offender of this. >9/11 >Ebola >Trump's presidency >Woman being president of the US This causes many idiots to say nonsense like "hurr hurr simpsons predicted x" . When in fact the creator of the simpsons (Matt Groening) is a mason who was another associate of Jeffrey Epstein. I'm just ready to say "Matt Groening is a masonic pedo who liked hanging out with Epstein".to these retards.
>>36893 Is there not 33 seasons of it now?
>>36894 The Simpsons is almost reaching 33 seasons. It's currently at 32 seasons.
>>36840 Hail Bibi, hail Trump, hail Hitler!
>>36893 Trump has nothing to do with Epstein. Stop mentioning their names in the same post, you libtarded faggot.
>>36528 >What's the BO's opinion on Brenton Tarrant? He supports him.
>>36939 All H'White men support Saint Bibi and Saint Brenton. CAG (Ceep America Great)
>>36928 >Trump has nothing to do with Epstein goy >If you hate kosher party A you are part of kosher party B Nice try at attempting to do damage control. Epstein was associated Trump and many politicians and celebrities. Bill Clinton was on his plane and Trump even had his pedo moment with Epstein at one of his hotels. Epstein's black book even shows how people he knew.
>>36963 many*
>>36963 Fake News.
BitChute? More like BitChindit.
(392.53 KB 436x258 thank-you-very.gif)
USA here. Can someone redpill me on textiles? The subject deserves its own thread IMHO but one of you are better placed for it, which why I'm posting this. Thank you very much!
Completely unrelated to politics and more related to /sig/ Are SARMS/Steroids worth it? Thinking about jumping on a RAD140 Cycle (researched, blood work done). Just wondering what you guys think? Currently 187lbs, 5ft 11 with decent amount of muscle mass for my frame.
>>37187 No clue, but thought would mention there is a /sig/ thread >>28355
>>37188 Thank you.
>>37164 What about textiles? Do you mean the industry or history?
>>4985 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JheC-_8I5A Mass dislike these cunts and ddos their site
>>37164 >USA here. US Army? Ft. Bragg?
>>37187 Steroids are good. Take as many as you can. The H'White race is counting on you.
Is it possible to get a coloured version of March of the Titans? It's a shame all the photos inside are black and white.
(471.29 KB 1020x1097 pol books 1 - sept 2015.jpg)
>>37324 Its was part of /pol/ books #1 >>>/library/103
>>37301 hi jew
>>36528 Tarrant is a hero
>>36928 fuck off kike. trump is a zionist jew nigger just like all the rest kys
>>37298 Blacks are the most privileged race. And the condescension of these jewish anti-Whites will come back to bite them soon.
Can anyone give me a quick rundown (with sources) about the whole avoiding the covid vaccine? There's too much disinfo around the clearnet. All I know is there is low trust in the vaccination since clinical trials were rushed for ~1 year or less, instead of the usual 8 years, so there's a high chance of the vaccine not working or the possibility of serious side effects that comes with it. Is there any way to get legit (or as close to legit as possible) "proof" of covid vaccination without actually taking the vaccine?
>>37326 I can't find the Lascaux image. What page is this? >>37327 I see the original is indeed coloured. Fuck. Link no longer functions. Got it from libgen.rs
>>37377 There seems to be a few different versions You likely have this one(?)
>>37377 >What page is this? Chapter 2 pg 26 of v.3
(9.57 MB 5120x3840 IMG_20201208_165701.jpg)
>>37379 >>37378 Thanks. I have the Pinnacle Edition if that tells you anything.
(63.52 KB 600x985 img.jpg)
Anyone know what happened to http://cheekyvideos.net/ ? And Murdoch Murdoch too I guess.
>>37385 Ya, seems there is quite a few iterations. While >>37378 has the pinnacle name and contains the same forward, there is no image of the sword. Likewise most of the images are the same but each seems to have a few unique images and a few missing.
>>37388 heil I don't think anything happened to MM. I was in correspondence with the owner of murdochmurdoch.net for a while and he stated both his site and cheekyvideos.net are fan projects. I sure am glad I downloaded all of their videos.
(36.94 KB 1644x546 mm-mc-screencap-big-episode.jpg)
Reinstate the anti-feminism thread you stupid fucking women's rights activists. Hitler was nothing but a product of the society he was born and raised in and that's why he supported women's rights just like you faggots. Just look at Hitler's ideal society: >Women in high schools and even university to some extent? CHECK >Women voting? CHECK >Women's property rights? CHECK >Did not bring back arranged (and abduction) marriages? CHECK >Women can divorce? CHECK >Wife beating illegal? CHECK >Said he wanted true equality? CHECK >Women exposing their bodies? CHECK >Women eligible to hold some jobs and get promoted? CHECK >Women receive alimony? CHECK >Women believed in court? CHECK >More first-wave feminist social practices? CHECK Wake the fuck up you idiots and let's go back to the good old days when women didn't go to school or have careers. Women are an evil race. All women have witchcraft
(67.22 KB 500x632 NO.jpg)
>>37425 >posts picture of a women's rights activist Fuck off and die feminist scum. LONG LIVE THE PATRIARCHY
>>37504 >>37421 Oh boy, it's the guy obsessed with immolating women. Here to scream that everyone is a woman except for him and that Hitler was a feminist and we need to burn women (But I'm not a sadist, I swear!!!!)
(490.35 KB 1279x487 AI.png)
Does anyone have saves of the Red Dawn podcasts from Atavistic Intelligentsia?
Trying to redpill a newfag. I was in the middle of resorting my stuff, so it's mostly jumbled. Anyone know what site the Murdoch Murdoch videos have ended up? or if it was shoah'd I think it would be great for them to go through while I sort my shit. It used to be indexed, I forgot the URL, and like a faggot failed to bookmark it.
>>37529 used to be http://cheekyvideos.net/ but seems was shoah'd there is a mirror at https://helicoptarianconstitocracy.org/murdoch/
How should redpilled non-whites (excluding jews) do to improve their race, culture, and their nation/people? What small steps should they take first? And what steps should they take to combat degeneracy in their own kind and against the jews and their influence?
>>37640 Move out of white nations and return to home nation.
Both 9 and end are wiped. 9/bestpol/ had a "manifesto" on it, and now both of 9 and end are gone. And I'm worried that 16 is next. https://9chan.tw/b/catalog https://endchan.net/pol/catalog.html
(13.98 KB 586x474 Screenshot_2020-12-16.png)
(15.18 KB 762x413 Screenshot_2020-12-16(1).png)
what happened to NeinChan? Is it gone?
>>37781 No clue, it was up a few days ago It used to have pretty spotty up and down reputation, but maybe it is related those fags in pic ddos'ing this morning
>>37757 >Both 9 and end are wiped. this is a bold-faced lie.
>>37804 I assumed he meant to say down, not sure about 9, but end was having connection issues yesterday nein is still down
NeinChan is down. The worriers speculate it was v& after compiling a list of rabbis that supported BLM and the addresses of their organizations. The skeptics think that it's just a service outage and that there's nothing to worry about. VolkChan never came back online, either.
>>37781 Neinchan anons were compiling a list of addresses and names from the 600 Jews who supported BLM. We were planning on making infographs and really systematizing the data, but mere hours after the list was finished the site went down and hasn't been up since. Some rabbi probably shat his pants and called the glowniggers to shut down the site. I'm half expecting to see an article within a week or so which details how "eeebil Nazis" were plotting a terror attacks on the poor nigger-loving Jews, but were stopped in the nick of time.
>>37812 VolkChan lad hangs out on 16's Riot server, never asked him why but assume he pulled plugged due to lack of users >>37815 Interesting, cohencides with acceleration manifesto appearing on altchans
>>37815 > 600 gorillion jews I'm getting some deja-vu.
>>37817 >Interesting, cohencides with acceleration manifesto appearing on altchans I never saw anything like that on Neinchan or other boards I browse (like /fascist/) but I might have just missed it
>>37819 Its on /bestpol/thread/25424 and >>37757 said it was on endchan, although there's no sign of it there nor mention of it in the jannies/meta thread
>>37804 Both 9 and end were down yesterday. >>37761 First post was me. >>37820 I didn't say end had the manifesto, I said that 9 had a manifesto thread up, and that both were down.
>>37640 >How should redpilled non-whites (excluding jews) do to improve their race, culture, and their nation/people? What small steps should they take first? And what steps should they take to combat degeneracy in their own kind and against the jews and their influence? Move out of White nations and go back to defend your nation, gather like minded individuals and explain to those who will listen that the Jew is the destroyer of ALL races and no race/culture will be safe from their poison. Jews hide among all races and seek to control, subvert and destroy.
>>37817 >Interesting, cohencides with acceleration manifesto appearing on altchans Why are you concerned about this? Accelerationism is the only way to stop them, or to at least have a chance at stopping them. If nothing happens before the Agenda 2030 Fourth Industrial Revolution is implemented there will never again be a chance to stop the slavery and destruction. Time is running out and unless you intend on taking that poison vaccine for the virus psyop and surrendering the few remaining liberties/property that you have, you should think about it hard.
>>37823 >I didn't say end had the manifesto, I said that 9 had a manifesto thread up, and that both were down. My mistake, I thought you meant to imply they were connected
(119.74 KB 752x529 shut it down the goyim know.png)
Update - along with Neinchan remaining down, the Pastebin has removed completely as well. They're going ballistic
>>37825 >Accelerationism is the only way I don't disagree, though fed posting should always be scrutinized
(89.31 KB 500x749 4fdhp2.jpg)
>>37827 Maybe they were, and also connected to neinchan getting shut down.
>>37815 I hope nein comes back. I love the tarrant threads they have over there. great content, and it would be a tragedy, if they'd be gone.
>>37828 I guess this proves that Tor isn't more secure than the clear net and in fact may even be what people suspect it of being. I don't think it's a coincidence than it went down upon completion of the list, that pastebin followed suit and that a week ago the BO who took over /k/ was a fucking ATFnigger trying to stop /pol/tier discussion.
thanks for allowing tor posting again
>>37835 >I guess this proves that Tor isn't more secure If it's been a bust, it doesn't have to be tor related. About a year ago nein had a minecraft server. If I were the cops, I'd have been grabbing all the network connections from and to the IP, and probably would have found a lot of interesting people to put under surveillance. I'd get at least most mods this way, probably the owner of nein, and someone will talk while being interrogated, or have something incriminating on his harddisk. And even if not, the server will go down after a while for unpaid fees, if it's been rented anonymously, or I'd find it, if it's running from the basement of someone I've busted.
>>37837 No, worries. It was just off for couple days due to a non stop pizza spammer
>>37838 Computers really have been a curse in many ways. A few decades ago the KGB had to torture people to extract some unreliable informations about the networks of dissidents. Nowadays where everyone is online, they just have to sit in a office and let a program create a few graphs from metadata while putting people under almost complete surveillance with a few mouseclicks. Well, ted kaczynski has been right.
Damn it, It would suck if nein is gone. I love this board.
Alternate theory: Neinchan was always a fed / Jew honeypot for academics to draw examples of "hate speech" and "terroristic rhetoric", and once they saw anons actually working to accomplish something such as exposing literally hundreds of Jews, they pulled the plug on the whole venture. One piece of evidence is that they fucking deleted the thread thinking no one would notice before. They wanted it shut down, and shut it down they did.
>>37841 >>37842 Isn't the Nein servers ran from some guys basement? Also it's gone down for a couple of days before so I'm not to worried. But this timing is mighty coincidental with the kike list just being finished then Nein shitting the bed. Wish there was a way for the owner to let us know what's actually happening when shit like this happens, has anyone checked their minecraft server?
>>37829 Yes, but screaming "Y0U'rE gLoWiNg!" every time someone says anything less flaccid than "let's keep voting for more (((Republicans)))" is not criticizing calls to action ("fedposting" is probably a fed meme) Actual critiques involve logic and reasoning. Something like "Now is not the time for Direct Action because, while completely justified given the genocidal nature of the jewish elites, any act taken today would be misinterpreted by the White public due to Donald Trump being the president." Or something.
Me and some people I know have organized a discuck server for learning national socialism fascism and fascist world view would it be ok If I shilled it on here or no? I prefer lurkers would join then pp that already post (also im prop going to copy paste this to other chans nein chan is holstile to discuck users so)
(45.37 KB 723x253 XS.png)
>>38038 This should answer your question
>>38040 opps wrong chan XD
>>37865 >screaming "Y0U'rE gLoWiNg!" every time someone says anything less flaccid than "let's keep voting for more (((Republicans)))" perfect example here https://16chan.xyz/ausneets/res/14188.html#14351
>>38038 >Discord >Shilling Appreciate you asking, but I'm sure you know the answer.
Has VertigoPolitix resurfaced anywhere? The channel went down again some months ago and haven't looked for or seen any new releases in quite some time. Last time I saw the channel was under the name "Going Postal" but that is gone.
>>38049 I don't think so.
https://invidiou.site/watch?v=ctpfRxvC0JQ Am I the last to come to know this song? In case you don't know it, receive it as a gift and have a listen. Merry Christmas, anon.
>>38045 Yup.
>>38049 Their newest video was a collab with Way of the World called "Christmas at Sea.". They might be coming back, who knows.
>>38067 Ah yes. I saw that, added it to my watchlist and promptly forgot about it. Probably why VP later surfaced on my mind. Thanks for the input.
>>38062 links dead. Out of curiosity what song?
>>38111 This one works https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=ctpfRxvC0JQ Note invideous links match jewtube, so you can just substitute if need be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctpfRxvC0JQ
>>38111 (checked) Pine Tree Riots - We'll Have A Home Again
(160.79 KB 1618x914 Screenshot (1978).png)
(38.60 KB 720x539 1608555666040.jpg)
Sup niggers. Who all is here from 4chan
(131.13 KB 338x350 1607128513398.png)
>>38343 Refugee here cheers fren.
(109.00 KB 450x500 2074221914_b82659fc8e.jpg)
Anyone else watching the goings on in the Senate as it happens? I can't help but wonder just how pissed Mumblin' Mitch is at Orange Man for getting behind $2000 stimulus payments like he did. What I saw today is a lose-lose situation for Senate Republicans. And watching Cornyn from Texas dodge Sanders' question about why he was afraid of putting the issue to a vote, while I get it, was painful to watch.
>>38373 I was following everything very closely up until a couple weeks ago. I found it was only raising my blood pressure. At this point we just have to wait and see who is in the white house come January 20th. It's all very painful to watch. I fully support Trump but of course he's not /ourguy/. Ironically he has surprised me this year and I am more pro-Trump at the end of 2020 than I was at the end of 2019. I used to think he would buy us time, but Trump has done more to accelerate things than I believe would have happened under Bernie or Hillary. It seems that us Americans are in for dark times whether he wins or loses. I often remind myself of the demographic situation. I live in a socialist state and like many others I still haven't figured out where to move to. Finding a decent job without a college degree is my main concern.
>>38374 So you first supported Trump because you believed that he would "buy us time" Translation; Drag out the collapse of America so that by the time White men act, it will be too late Now you support him because he accelerates things. You realize that your flipflopping of reasons to support him indicate that you are not interested in solutions but merely rationalizing your support for Trump. You choose to support Trump and come up with reasons afterwards. This is not a wise mentality. I do not mean to insult you but instead to suggest an alternative view of the world. You say that dark times are ahead for America and, I suppose I would agree. Perhaps you mean that America is darkening and that jewish control is a dark force which is destroying us morally, psychologically, racially, socially, and physically. Or perhaps you mean "dark" as in violent. Again, I agree. But recall that the only way out of the darkness is through violence and the only way that violence is ever productive is if a great many people conduct it. I agree with you that Trump was beneficial at first simply because he shook up the status quo. But now he is holding us back. So long as Trump is in office, White conservatives will be loyal to ZOG. The opinions of White liberals is irrelevant since they will always be loyal to ZOG. But, it is my belief, that convincing the gun owning White population to revolt is our only realistic option. In which case, Trump losing out is a good thing. His loss radicalizes both sides, ironically. Conservatives think that the system is rigged (it is), while shitlibs thing they smell blood in the water and are entering a psychotic feeding frenzy. They are even talking about land redistribution. This is incredible. That said, I (a registered democrat) voted for him.
(2.04 MB 3692x2400 1604238208854.jpg)
>>38374 >So you first supported Trump because you believed that he would "buy us time" >Now you support him because he accelerates things. While I can understand how you reached these conclusions, I never said either of these were reasons for my support for Trump. They were simply interpretations at different times. I did not vote in 2016. Furthermore, in 2016-2019 I needed more time to learn about what was happening, grow in understanding of this community, establish more connections, and most importantly, improve my financial situation so as to be able to purchase supplies necessary to survive a collapse. >Drag out the collapse of America so that by the time White men act, it will be too late This is such a common and absolutely retarded take. SEIGE is gay and has been proven not to work in 2020. Our movement was growing and jews dropped the hammer on us early with COVID. Here you are claiming acceleration is helping when elimination of 8chan has only fragmented and slowed growth and cohesion. Collapse of the US would only hasten our demise and give our enemies cover and reason to eliminate us in one fell swoop. We do not yet have a cohesive alternative system to provide nor leaders if a collapse occurs. Whites would be picked off as individuals. White warlords would be slaughtered by more powerful and organized militaries of countries that would enslave whites and convert them into peasant farmers. A collapsed United States would likely become vassal state of China. >His loss radicalizes both sides I am more pessimistic than you. Americans will be lulled back to sleep under a Biden presidency and Netflix and demoralization will only continue. More PornHub and child porn for all. Niggers fucking smaller and smaller white girls on camera. Whites continue to be and will be further disenfranchised as their power is stripped from them. Don't talk back to your nigress manager or risk losing everything. Only lone individuals will explode across the nation like crackling sparks from a campfire, quickly extinguished. Such whites will quickly be characterized as terrorists and the leftist agenda will overwhelm and cower "normie" whites. Further reasons to take guns away. Average whites will be further demoralized in ways we can't currently imagine. We must press forward under a Trump presidency. This is what the elites fear and this is why they have risked so much to remove him. >I do not mean to insult you
Does 8kun's /pnd/ actually allow Tor users as advertised?
(792.33 KB 1468x7317 lemmings.png)
>>38393 >SEIGE is gay and has been proven not to work in 2020 By who? How was this proven? It has worked throughout history, so if you can explain why it suddenly ceases to work, I am all ears. >Our movement was growing and jews dropped the hammer on us early with COVID. You must be living in a parallel universe since our movement has not been growing (quickly anyway) in a visible way. Perhaps you have secret knowledge. We were growing much faster under Obama in the years leading up to Trump when we went from an ideological afterthought to powerful enough to start doing street politics. Yes, we grew overconfident and fucked up. But that's our own fault, not a fault of the tried and true method of accelerationism. >Collapse of the US would only hasten our demise No, that's absolutely retarded. The collapse of ZOG is a good thing. I will not address any other point until we straighten this insane belief out. >Collapse of ZOG... give our enemies cover Our enemies are ZOG, you retard. Their power diminishing is a good thing. >Collapse of ZOG will give... reason to eliminate us in one fell swoop. But ZOG collapsed so they cannot eliminate us, you retard. > We do not yet have a cohesive alternative system to provide nor leaders if a collapse occurs. Yes, because ZOG interdicts our ability to organize, you retard. > Whites would be picked off as individuals. No, because with the death of ZOG, we are able to organize AND the general population has impetus to organize. How are you this new? You have not even read this infographic yet, have you. >White warlords would be slaughtered by more powerful and organized militaries of countries that would enslave whites and convert them into peasant farmers The most dangerous military to White interests IS ZOG If it collapses, that is a good thing. No other military on the face of the planet is capable of occupying America. Stop basing your perception of reality on Red Dawn. > A collapsed United States would likely become vassal state of China. 1. Stop basing your perception of reality on Red Dawn. 2. Even if we really did live in a videogame/Red Dawn reality (you have no understanding of the military capabilities of China, nor do you have any perception of the geopolitical situation of China) and China somehow overcame their many regional problems, internal problems, AND THEIR LACK OF AN OCEAN GOING NAVY, and they decided for no goddamn reason to conduct an impossible military offensive against the most heavily armed population on earth for no conceivable economic gain since ALL of China's main geopolitical goals are in Asia... that would still be a superior situation than being racially exterminated. (You) would have us sit here as jewish slaves to ZOG while we are gradually replaced and blended out of existence. I would have us fight. What the fuck is wrong with you? How are you this new and why do you support jewish domination over a chance to survive?
>>38393 I'm sorry, but your post demands more ridicule. You support the continued existence of ZOG and you support White genocide because you think it is better than China occupying America (and thus causing all normal Americans to take up arms and ORGANIZE against the invader, thus achieving all our goals at once) Then you say shit like this > Americans will be lulled back to sleep... (by) Netflix Hey, you know what would stop Americans being lulled to sleep by Netflix? Being invaded by fucking China! >Whites continue to be and will be further disenfranchised as their power is stripped from them And what is doing that? The US government which (you) support for some goddamn reason. What you are is a conservative. You, without even having thought about it at all, support continuing the (((status quo))) But the (((status quo))) is racial genocide, tranny pornography, and jewish supremacy. Your example of a Chinese invasion is itself preposterous. ALL of China's long term and short term goals are in Asia with sideshows in East Africa that don't really matter to Beijing. Landing their poorly equipped army across an ocean in a land more heavily armed than the Congo with no means of effective supply and no goals... all during an economic collapse the likes of which haven't been seen since the fall of Rome is NOT one of them. The post US (ZOG) world will be extremely violent and unstable for a time. Just as all imperial deaths cause instability. China will not have time to play pretend Red Dawn with you... Anyway, even if all that were true, I would still prefer a Chinese invasion over ZOG. 1. Chinese invasion = instant propaganda for us 2. Chinese invasion = armed Whites have cause to organize against that is even easier to explain than "We must oppose racial extinction" 3. Chinese invasion = Israel probably nuked by now and so are New York, San Jose, and Washington. 4. Chinese invasion = easily defeated since with all of China's army fighting insurgents in the best possible landscape on earth (look at a map), all of China's internal and external foes rise up and destroy them. God, you are wrong on every single issue. Use your brain.
>>38409 Americans have already been invaded by China. Biden *is* China. You won't see a Chinaman visibly running the country. Your view of geopolitics is juvenile. >You support the continued existence of ZOG <While you promote a Biden presidency while voting for Trump And I'm the one deserving of ridicule? China is far too cunning to invade and you are a retard. It would never be referred to or viewed as an invasion. We have been invaded by Mexico for generations, but you'll never hear normies refer to it that way. You write like an angsty teenager. How about you go run some operations and do some shooting, big shot? Dunning-Kruger faggot.
>>38410 >Dunning-Kruger faggot. inb4 you hit me with muh projection
>>38407 >How are you this new and why do you support jewish domination over a chance to survive? It is you who is new. This is 2 year old ideology, and has been tried and failed.
>>38410 >boomer "Beijing Biden" memes >Your view of geopolitics is juvenile. You really do not belong here, cuckservative. We here oppose the System of jewish supremacy. You're just a conservative. >>you promote a Biden presidency No. I promote anything that destabilizes ZOG. >You write like an angsty teenager. You say that right after your Q-tard shit about Biden? You are exceptionally new to this struggle. Anyone who supports maintaining jewish supremacy does not belong here. ZOG must be destroyed at all costs. The alternative is extinction. >How about you go run some operations Here is the age old false dichotomy, >STOP talking about the jews and promoting revolution!!! Go shoot up a post office instead! No. I will not go shoot up a post office because that is counter productive. I will promote ideas until enough people support Revolution for it to succeed. And anything which hastens the destruction of ZOG is a good thing. >>38413 >He thinks that accelerationism is only 2 years old Holy shit you are new and you expose yourself as the greenest newfaggot who ever accidentally found this board. Accelerationism has been a tried and true method of revolutionaries since before the SR days in Russia. In almost every single instance when revolutionaries adopt accelerationist tactics, favorable results follow. Lenin was an accelerationist. Mussolini was as well. And Dr. William Pierce (whom I am sure you haven't even heard of, you disgusting newfaggot) was an accelerationist. He is the ideological Godfather of much of the Zeitgeist on the more serious boards like 16chan. But you do not belong here, little conservative. You support Biden more than me because you support the System that empowers him.
>>38414 What a joke. We're talking past each other and you've repeatedly constructed strawmen out of everything I've said. No point continuing further. Have fun blowing up federal buildings, big guy. >Holy shit you are new and you expose yourself as the greenest newfaggot who ever accidentally found this board. >He thinks that accelerationism is only 2 years old Just lol.
(53.71 KB 850x479 7642367894326789.jpg)
>>38416 Trump is a fucking jewish shill just like biden you absolute moron just look up his signed "Platinum Plan" for niggers, and sorry you got decimated by >>38416 mate. That fag Trump has done LITERALLY NOTHING for white people and this entire time he has been busy placating, quite literally slaving for jews and the brown masses in America, while you actually sycophantically shill for this garbage. > We must press forward under a Trump presidency. This is what the elites fear and this is why they have risked so much to remove him. No they don't fear this. They only fear Trump as an inconvenience because he speaks the about the unspeakable such as lunatic marxist left wing policies by saying small statements like: "What's going on in Sweden/France, no-go zones, this is crazy etc." And that's enough getting him put on the judeoleftist hit-list, because he has given them a great bunch of inconveniences when he says things like "The media is the enemy of the people" and the aforementioned to millions of people worldwide as a President of the United States. But still nothing changes the fact that he's still a sickly spiritually jewish shabbos golem. It is a matter of fact that statistics show that immigration by nonwhites did increase under the trump presidency. Trump is a fucking faggot. > Have fun blowing up federal buildings, big guy. Ok well have fun being a brainless civnat faggot who support trump and just goes "Well we're going to get replaced but at least its LEGALLY" really shows how much you care. I'm sorry to say but these opinions that come from this pro-"democracy" types and minds of yours is ridiculous and practically worthless, open your eyes. You got cheated out of this "lesser evil" semitic bootlicker called Trump in your election, but none of you are even hardcore enough to go for a BurnLootMurder type protest to prove your point like the niggers who had 1 of their vermin killed by police something which happens every day, meanwhile you people refuse to even lift a finger, even though your entire election was CHEATED. You're a cuckold mate. You'll just pull of some sad excusable little asswipe smirk and go "Heh m-m-m-muh federal buildings". What a crock you people are. You people are absolutely pathethic.
>>38410 >Biden *is* China take this boomer shit back to 4chan
>>38418 Assume you have 10 anons that agree with you on every point you've made. (I agree on almost everything). What are your marching orders? What are their next steps?
>>38416 >If you don't support jews, you must blow up federal buildings! >These are the only two options!!! Fuck off back to cuckchan, you strawmanning retard.
Happy New Year!
(2.65 MB 642x800 1584134414371.webm)
>>38486 Happy New Year, anon!
(78.59 KB 368x700 1608094063-2.jpg)
Happy New Year!
>>38487 My god that town is beautiful. Thank you!
(162.84 KB 718x1050 1600562634150.jpg)
>>38488 (Heiled) Happy New Year Lads
happy nu year frens
Why do so many Alt-Right, White Nationalist, NatSoc, and conservatives spend so much time criticizing things, breaking down culture, and critiquing the left yet spend zero time discussing any sort of plan of action? I'm tired of the discussion and breakdowns, I want to move forward. Why is no one coming up with actual operations like IOTBW, Thotaudit, etc? You don't have to agree with those particular operations (thotaudit has valid criticism), but surely we must allow ourselves to try and fail at things. Why do we allow criticism to stop us from trying anything? Too much time is spent bickering and no groups are formed. No action is taken. The last decent posts on this topic we re the WALK threads. I'm willing to sacrifice my anonymity to move forward. Are you?
>>38564 Why isn't there alot of coordination or out in piblic action? The fear of finding out the hard way you were working with a fed and getting thrown in prison.
>>38564 Why isn't there alot of coordination or out in piblic action? The fear of finding out the hard way you were working with a fed and getting thrown in prison.
>>38564 Why isn't there alot of coordination or out in piblic action? The fear of finding out the hard way you were working with a fed and getting thrown in prison.
>>38564 Why isn't there alot of coordination or out in piblic action? The fear of finding out the hard way you were working with a fed and getting thrown in prison.
(42.05 KB 467x488 multilayeredhoneypot.jpg)
>>38578 As long as you're tossing out fed posters and not discussing or planning acts of violence (or any other fedshit) why should you have to fear going to jail?
>>38583 Yeah, that story has been going around for a decade or better. It doesn't always work out that the normal guys walk away before feds kick in the door. Was last year or 2018 that a group of guys were thrown in jail after joining a militia group a fed had started to fill his white supremecist arrest quota?
>>38584 I don't we should be joining or forming militia groups, or any group that is suspicious, but life is full of dangers and if we aren't willing to take reasonable risks nothing will get done.
>>38578 >>38583 >>38584 Not interested in joining or forming a militia or killing people or doing anything illegal. That doesn’t mean nothing can be done. Everything that has gotten us where we are has been at the societal and policy level. >inb4 “you’re a cuck” name calling >inb4 no political solution We can do better
>>38585 I get what you are saying but its been fairly common with how fed up everyone is with the state of the country. What kind of group are you wanting to form up that won't give off a suspicious image?
>>38586 For example, Jesus and the Christians defeated Rome through pacifist ideology. I have been thinking about how some kind of emergent belief system (not necessarily a religion) might be able to accomplish some of our goals. What we need is a counter “mind virus” to take on progressivism and political correctness. I’m not smart enough to figure it out myself though.
>>38587 A whites only neighborhood seems like a decent place to start.
>>38588 I'll point you towards William Luther Pierce, the National Alliance, and Cosmotheism for an example of that.
>>38589 For whites only neighborhoods that'd be moving to more rural towns or coordinating with neighbors to buy up empty lots in the area and vet who they are sold to.
>>38590 I'm familiar. Is this a roundabout way of saying such a path will end in failure? >>38591 Right exactly. We need to start somewhere.
>>38592 Those are both my comments so easy reply. You were saying we need a new idea for people to follow. Some have been made and I was just giving the example. Wouldn't call it a failure but it hasn't spread widely. And yeah working within our communities is about the most passive mode of change I think we have at hand. Until somebody is able to buy up a news station and control whats on the TV.
>>38592 And while I have the thought, buying a CB Radio and chatting with the people on there might be a good way to connect with some of the boomer crowd in your community.
>>38587 >What kind of group are you wanting to form up that won't give off a suspicious image? I think a good place to start would be the creation of a network that allowed local pro-whites to connect with each other. At first it would be very casual, people would get together, talk, form friendships and build trust. They would help each other learn practical skills such as fishing, gardening/agriculture, hunting, trapping, survival, basic car repair, etc. Once trust and community has been established the group could move on to other goals of their choosing. These goals could be; recruiting more members to the group (or an outer group) and try to promote white well-being while opposing anti-white agendas; separating from the system and forming a rural traditional community; forming a small a business to help themselves and their fellow pro-whites; etc. To connect members of network something like Way of the World's natconnect could be employed. If you're not familiar, he has his followers email him their general location, first name or nick name, and short paragraph about themselves. Then he'll connect them with someone else through email, and then it's up to them to get to know each other and figure out if it's safe to meetup. Perhaps members could use natconnect at first before a more decentralized solution is thought up. Overall, the network should be as decentralized as possible to avoid it being co-opted by feds or shills. It should function, perhaps through some sort of software, akin to the webring where each site points to all the other sites on the webring (unless a site blacklists another site from their point in the webring), and any site can join it. If anyone around is skilled with /tech/ and thinks this idea could work please give some thought to how a decentralized system for connecting members and local chapters could work. One more thing, with the great reset ramping up this year and various companies potentially mandating the vaccine for their employees our people will likely have an increasing need and desire to organize for our mutual benefit, so if we're going to do something we need to do it soon.
>>38596 I am not /tech/ savvy sadly but that is why I am trying to setup up for short wave / CB radio. Much more simple to setup than writting websites and managing servers so far as I can tell. And it may get around the need for a trusted point of contact like natconnect. You can talk to people within a wide area and plan meetups like what /k/ guys have done. Seems like it would meet decentralized well, if not a little too well making many independent groups that may not communicate with each other well. But as I talk that sounds like a problem for further on down the road.
>>38584 >It doesn't always work out that the normal guys walk away before feds kick in the door Hence >tossing out fed posters and not discussing or planning acts of violence
With all of the talk of Texas wanting to secede from Weimerica. Will Texas actually secede or is it just all talk?
>>38841 Definitely talk, barring an entire collapse of the US. No way the Government would allow it More likely that Commiefornia would try it
>>38841 all talk. TX is at 50% pozzed. soon it will be 51 and over. keep in mind there's a huge demographic of non-whites in TX. mexicans mainly but also many blacks and asians who are either 1st or 2nd generation immigrants, children of immigrants.
(42.95 KB 432x113 ClipboardImage.png)
>>39243 >*posts actual CP* as define by 18 U.S. Code § 2251 >So, is this pic legit? jannies have been constantly deleting it from 4pol so we might be onto something The utter stupidity of Qtards
>>39325 it's not truly alive in that sense if there are popular private platforms with selective policies on hate speech moderation. they inevitably have huge influence on society because some people choose to base much of their own social life off those websites. and again, those platforms are very much selective in which accounts are censored. trump never once said "storm the capitol building." on the contrary, he said the complete opposite. he was telling people to fuck off and go home. meanwhile, accounts of what american citizens would classify as terrorist groups openly advocate for violence and either have no or relatively light action taken against them.
>>39325 > private entity It's a jewish tool of subversion and control, a weapon of your masters. You shouldn't celebrate such an "entity" gaining more freedom.
>>39325 This is retarded and that you believe this demonstrates how retarded you are. Media oligarchs control politics in America. They are the government. They control public discourse and in a democracy, that is supreme power. This is why they are the only "official source" of public information. Since they hold a monopoly on public information and public gathering (especially since the government literally just banned public gathering in violation of the 1st Amendment) there is no free speech. Now fuck off. Libertarians are beyond retarded. No one wants your cuckold ideology.
(881.65 KB 1169x1835 Keegan.jpeg)
December 1, 2020 Aidan Ellison, a 19-year-old Black teen in Oregon, allegedly was shot and killed during a confrontation over loud music that was similar to a 2012 deadly shooting in Florida. Robert Paul Keegan, 47, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder, first-degree manslaughter, reckless endangering and unlawful carrying of a firearm in connection with the Nov. 23 incident. He remained jailed with no bond Monday. The shooting unfolded in the early morning of Nov. 23 in the parking lot of the Stratford Inn motel in Ashland, Oregon. Both men were staying at the motel but didn’t know each other. Keegan, a Talent, Oregon man, pulled a gun from his coat as the two were arguing about Ellison playing loud music in the parking lot of the motel after 4 a.m. and shot the teen once in the chest, according to the Ashland Police Department. Ellison died at the scene. Keegan was taken into police custody. https://archive.fo/SmciY https://archive.fo/oxSiZ
(389.95 KB 828x590 image0.png)
>>39325 Who let the fucking kike in? No seriously we need that thing purged so this place doesn't end up like cuck chan.
>>39477 i second that. We shouldnt tolerate "private businesses can do whatever they went" shills in here. BAN THE JEW. I get the whole capitalism and rights but you dont get to ban the president of usa or censor millions of people as a gatekeeper/popular platform. Fags that come here to say "their business their right" when it comes to censorship should be BANNED on the spot. no one in their right mind would defend orwellian nightmares like twitter.
What can we do as individuals to inconvenience the elites? Obviously, I am not talking about shooting up the headquarters of CNN. I am talking about small actions which individuals can do which put strain, even if it is small, upon the infrastructure of the system and cost the regime money and resources.
>>4985 663, do you stream anymore?
>>39592 No, said he was planning to set up his own platform. Twitch moderation got insane, and Dlive seems to be following suit LiveStream movies and fed posting with frens. Basically another Cytube I guess.
>>39477 >>39480 >I think censorship is wrong <and anyone who disagrees should get censored immediately! Nice. Did BO actually delete his post?
>>39595 hi retard tourist, there is a logs button at the top right of the index page so you can see who is deleting posts. 663 seldom moderates. the post wasnt deleted immediately either, but nothing of value was lost. it was a retard take on free speech and the jan 6th rally. <something something private entities arent beholden to freeze peach <orange man violence
Freeze peach is over rated. >>39595 Bo is never here, why do you think someone answered for him. Also, communities have rules they expect other to follow. /pol/ is no different d/c, shills, subversion and other forms of kikery is seldom welcomed here
>>39595 Anti-Whites have absolutely no right to claim that they deserve freedom of speech. If you reject the right of White people to even exist on planet earth, your right to spread jewish poison should be nullified by any means.
>>39595 Check this fag out. >Here, let me just try drop a turd and try to create discord.16chan doesn't support free speech Fuck you You need to be deleted with prejudice >>1 >"Attempts to disrupt the board will not be tolerated"
>>39600 its clear as day and logic 101. "private businesses have the right to ban and censor people and can do whatever they want" This has always been the tactic to shills who want to demoralize and normalize us being enslaved. People who actually believe that and would side with censorship crops like twitter should be BANNED from our boards and can fuck off back to twitter. As a business who is a "social network" you can't start shadow-banning people with different beliefs and making their messages dissapear. This is actively taking a side and subverting politics. More importantly they are trying to censor 50% of the population. More importantly they were censoring the CURRENT PRESIDENT OF AMERICA for 4 years and his supporters. Im sorry did he lynch niggers publicly or something? Crops should be regulated to not be able to censor free speech, drawing the line at pedophilia and bomb threats, just how food companies should be regulated to not sell bread full of corn syrup and soy. If you dont regulate corporations to have standards then they are all going to gang up and all sell bread made from the cheapest shit and if you want to eat real bread you would have to pay "artisans" 5$ for a loaf.
(166.41 KB 1160x653 pan.jpg)
>>39596 Thanks, I didn't know that. >https://yewtu.be/watch?v=C8HwtRAvalo Dropping new ashalogos in case anyone didn't yet listen to it. Particularly his definition of freedom really stuck. It's a small miracle jewtube didn't lock on to him yet.>>39596
>>39653 >...yet Despite being deliberately ever so careful with his words >"a culture of selfish and deceitful men have essentially purchased a large subset of weak and hollow men to hasten the imposition of their culture upon us" I doubt he will last another year on jewtube I can see 'them' starting to ban channels for comments made on videos A quick check found these "problematic" posts (pic related) >Dear Youtube Creator >Will have noticed your videos are inciting talk of fascistic ideologies and promotion and acceptance of National Socialist Germany. As per our new updated ToS we are deleting your channel for wrong think and inciting violence
>>39653 >...yet >Dear Creator >Due to multiple strikes against your channel for breaking our new retroactive ToS, we are deleting your channel for content which is lacking of diversity.
>>39602 Media corporations are basically the government at this point. Indeed, Biden is bringing Big Tech directly into his administration, thus officially signaling who is really in control.
Anyone have episode 144?
I want to ask this >>39588 here so as to not waste a thread, but I will do so if I must since it seems like good information to talk about. What things can we do as individuals or in small groups to inconvenience the elites? What kinds of actions will throw a monkey wrench into the gears of jewish oppression? Obviously, I am not talking about shooting up the headquarters of CNN. I am talking about small actions which individuals can do which put strain, even if it is small, upon the infrastructure of the system and cost the regime money and resources.
https://www.seattletimes.com/business/merkels-party-opens-convention-to-choose-new-leader/ https://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/estonias-pm-resigns-corruption-scandal-party-75221440 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-13/italy-ministers-quit-coalition-putting-premier-conte-at-risk https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10741477/russia-government-news-putin-medvedev/amp/ https://www.reuters.com/article/us-netherlands-politics-resignation/dutch-government-quits-over-colossal-stain-of-tax-subsidy-scandal-idUSKBN29K1IO
>>39810 Fly in the ointment. Stand fast. Make up your own operations and ditch just before the enemy adapts to them. As always, use the normies to take the enemy's retaliations, it is all they are good for. Wash, rinse, repeat. Your operations need to be on the order of IOTBW but do not use IOTBW now which is to be just on the edge of heresy but below the threshold at which at automatic response can shut you down. Make the enemy look ridiculous but do not engage with him. That will come later when he has weakened himself with socialism.
>>39810 We are fighting a battle that could run from years to generations. Dig in for the long haul. Trump was the last chance for a fast war and now he is gone. Trust in yourself and in God.
>>39810 Give people hope.
You know the last Batman movie where Bane takes over Gotham? This is the west now.