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(57.97 KB 878x654 newfags.png)
Q/PTDDTOT 663 Board owner 09/30/2019 (Mon) 01:24:27 ID:2cdaf5 No. 4985
Questions/Posts That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads

In an effort to minimize the amount of questions/one liner posts please post said content in this thread.
Edited last time by 663 on 09/30/2019 (Mon) 01:29:39.
>my life is all about bread and circus
>its pointless guys, just play WoW and wait for collapse
This is the hat I'm getting next. It's worth about $350. It's basically the highest-tier Soldier class hat I could find.
>Disco Jackboot
I looked it up and he actually has a YT channel where he shows off his game.
There is a slim possibility that he's actually such a poor soul.
Don't spend your cash on that. There's infinite too do that excludes working for others. You can learn working with wood, to knit, to program, to whatever the fuck entertains you. Seriously those hats won't make you happy for longer than 1 sec. Get some self-esteem together. Theres a lot more than those fucking hats. And I'm not just talking about other games. Where are your 8 white children? See, there, something to do. Do it.
You compare yourself too Hitler but Hitler draw better than you and was not more than one of many which was why the Germans saw themselves in him.
The point is: Hitler lies in you. If you become a better person, so will other people.

Otherwise - you got me ;)
It's in its infant stage, but I can finish the game. I would fund it myself, paying artists to do 3D modeling. There's nothing I want really; nothing tangible. At some point I plan on finding a blonde-haired blue-eyed girl to have some kids with, but that's on down the line. I just want to invest in TF2 hats for a while because I'm in a manic spending state. I'll have a crash probably, but perhaps not, as I can always resell the hats. It's just something to do in the emptiness the world offers.
Also, I have a theory about clinical depression. It's the renunciation of spiritual and physical materialism, and thus consumerism as a whole. When I wasn't on medication I didn't want to buy anything. Now I take meds and want to buy stuff because the meds make me feel a lot better and "manic". My mom and dad buy stuff to feel better too.
>t. witness to runescape party hat drop day
RuneScape was my game of choice throughout my youth, but I can't play it anymore. I get too addicted to it when I start up. You have to be dedicated to it and I just can't convince myself to get "better" in a game by grinding for twelve hours a day. That actually might be the medication working too. It's snapping me out of pointless addictive games. Of course, I play TF2 almost as much now, but I dislike RuneScape because grinding is basically a requirement, and it never ends. All the original feelings of discovery of RuneScape have long since passed for me. I still hold it as the greatest MMORPG of them all, but I just can't. Look up just how many hours it would take to get all 99s. It's ridiculous. TF2 is different in that there is no grind, but there are really good visual items that show status. It's just something to buy and look cool with when you hop in every now and then, even if it is a digital world. I started out in RuneScape wanting cool items, but then I read a Zezima interview and wanted to be number one on the Hiscores. I was never happy with my name and one couldn't change it back then, and I was in the middle of an identity crisis and depressed (and not on medication) throughout high school. I will never return to RuneScape. I started playing it in 2004 or 2005 and all the sense of discovery is gone for me. It just looks like a stupid grindfest now. RIP

I would much rather have high-tier TF2 items as investments and then play it while I work on my game.
(119.93 KB 800x800 Poltardloveschyna.png)
go back to redditchan
(80.77 KB 378x448 xingie the poo.jpg)
lol fuck chinks and fuck chink succers
OK, National Endowment of Democracy (CIA)

This post has been brought to you by National Endownment of Democracy (formarly called Central Intelligence Agency).

Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing NED, declared in 1991: "A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA."

Trojan Horse: The National Endowment for Democracy – William Blum


The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is headed by Carl Gershman. In 1968, he worked in the research department of B'nai B'rith, and in 1972 he served on the Governing Council of the American Jewish Committee.
(56.95 KB 400x550 1516423895246.jpg)
Idk where the fuck my other post went, but how fucked am I for posting on 4chan/8ch? It was never anything promoting violence, but I certainly called out the jews etc. I didnt have a vpn. Do they know who 'I' am specifically or how does that work? I dont understand ip stuff that much.
(659.55 KB 1434x1800 1570054450814.jpg)
if you didnt post violent shit, or in major happening threads youre probably good, but stop posting on 4chan.
(247.83 KB 901x705 warpig.png)
Got my War Pig :3
(247.52 KB 941x721 warpig2.png)
(123.58 KB 551x659 mastersyellowbelt.png)
Improved the look. Next I'm getting a Sunbeams Master's Yellow Belt! Hopefully I can get a discount of $350. I kind of want Burning Flames for the Master's Yellow Belt, but I can't decide. I feel like Burning Flames is only good for Pyro. What does /pol/ think?
Yeah thanks for warning. What was the b board anyway?
>I can always resell the hats
But you'll only get back virtual currency. And getting the "virtual money" back to real cash with inofficial online dealings means a massive loss. I'm not even sure you can get back half but I've never done that shit.
Seriously you should read think about what you're getting yourself into.
>At some point I plan on finding a blonde-haired blue-eyed girl to have some kids with
You know that marriage itself as you probably imagine it requires money. Wedding dress, organization and so on.
So don't waste it like a fucking retard.
>It's just something to do in the emptiness the world offers.
>There's nothing I want really; nothing tangible.
As >>9738 pointed out:
>my life is all about bread and circus
>its pointless guys, just play WoW and wait for collapse
Do something active. Real life is the biggest PVP sandbox MMO ever. If you can't enjoy it, you're not playing it right.
(93.96 KB 359x510 697879997.jpg)
You can sell the hats for what you paid and for even more on sites like Marketplace.tf. I don't care about real life. There is nothing I want other than to lead a real National Socialist movement, but all anyone ever did was make jokes. It tells me that you guys aren't serious about actually doing anything. You're just LARPing. Real life offers nothing.

I also meant that I would find a blonde-haired blue-eyed surrogate mother. Do you really think I would get married to a woman in this social climate? You're mad.
>but all anyone ever did was make jokes
>multiple image boards shut down because of killers
>You're just LARPing.
Okay some of those are false flags by government entities but probably not all of them.
>Do you really think I would get married to a woman in this social climate? You're mad.
Are you a nigger? If she's degenerate and gets your son's foreskin cut or dresses them up as drag queens, can you call yourself a good father?
>in this social climate
That's a shitty excuse. The social climate is always shit in this timeline. Women are meant to be formed.
They always change their believes and so on all the time precisely because of that reason.
>Real life offers nothing.
Team fortress 2 offers nothing.
Change your worldview. Be nice to people. Smile. No you don't need a fucking reason! Just do it!
Dress like you want to be perceived. Then you don't need to shop yourself on properly dressed people anymore.
>to lead a real National Socialist movement
In the USA? Look, I find that admirable but realistically that is hard to impossible to sell to people since it's the worldview of a former enemy country.
Also with the cancer of hollywood jew propaganda which has a huge effect in the perception world wide having it's root there.
You can sell the ideas of folk, culture, worth of labour and a state owned bank without mentioning the Germans once which is far more effective.
>surrogate mother.
Oh misunderstood. So you want to be a single father nursing them from a bottle. Explain how you would explain that to your children.
(163.06 KB 407x598 6856544.jpg)
>Explain how you would explain that to your children.
I don't know. Maybe if the girl is good enough I'd stick with her. She has to be blonde-haired and blue-eyed, but honestly, marriage is a scam.
(150.87 KB 489x675 Engineer.png)
Here's the Engineer hat I'm going for until I can find a Sunbeams Plumber's Cap. :3

Hopefully the guy selling the Sunbeams Safe 'n' Sound gets online soon. Also the Sunbeams Master's Yellow Belt seller.
And again, these are investments because I want my characters to look cool. I'm not going to buy something I don't want or can't put up for sale later. For instance, my Pyro will wear Burning Flames hats, and for now I'm keeping the Burning Modest Pile of Hat for him. Most classes (Soldier, Sniper, Scout) will use Sunbeams because it's such a standard, clean effect. I might try to find an Engineer hat with an electric effect, but I don't like those effects too much, and Nuts 'n' Bolts is too low-tier. The Spy will use It's a Secret to Everybody, and when I can find one, a Knifestorm effect, preferably on a Fancy Fedora or one of the other basic, clean hats.
do you feel that blonde hair blue eye women with brown hair brown eye men is miscegenation? do you think blonde hair blue eye females should be reserved for blonde haired blue eyed men?
(139.30 KB 250x365 546346778.png)
(54.30 KB 1062x1156 Europe_germanic-languages_2.png)
If you're born with blonde hair and blue eyes, then you're fit enough to reproduce with a blonde-haired blue-eyed woman as this shows you have underlying Aryan genes that need to be propagated. You descend from Nordics if you ever have these traits at any time in your life. Nordics are seen throughout Europe. Some people's eyes get darker as they reach puberty. The thing here is that you don't want to exclude all the Germanic races (from Germany to Scotland and Ireland!), as they all have their positives. Northwestern Europeans share a lot of DNA. My opinion is that those who descend primarily from the nations in the second pic-related are the breeding grounds for the true master race. Himmler was going to breed the multiple German races together with the Nordics so that all of the citizens of the Reich appeared Nordic. You can theoretically and realistically wash out all of the brown genes expressed in most white people through selective breeding. My hair is dark blonde with eyes that are blue around the outside, but a combination of green and brown in the middle. They darkened at about age eight.
Since ancestry determines national character, is america always going to be fucked? should we be super concious of our european mixture and how muttish we are? im celtic and anglo-norman. on a scale of amerimutts and amerigoblins where am i. has a scale been made yet for this?
(19.89 KB 226x380 147744.jpg)
despite being germanic and darkened, he was so based to say light nordics are master race and need to be bred into the germanics

They're concentrated in north dakota and minnesota. lets find out everything we can about those communities and their demographics and pull resources together to encourage them to reproduce as much as possible, just like jews do to get goyim to do all kinds of things.
(173.74 KB 396x498 367845959590.jpg)
It also fixes the "manlet" problem. I'm not a manlet - I'm 6' - but the "manlet" meme dies with selective breeding. You can selectively breed out height or even genetic defects by making sure the most Aryan individuals breed with the inferiors more. National Socialism has the answer for all of society's post-modernist woes.
I'm so fucking mixed at this point I just say American, plus my family comes from all of the lands in the maps that other anons posted where the ethnic makeup is just "American". I'm Blue eyes/Dirty blonde hair(if I went the fuck outside I would probably have swedish like hair)My brother popped out looking like St fucking Patrick, My dad had blonde hair and an orange beard at one point, also blue eyes and my mom's side is mostly Burnette with brown eyes but they have their fair share of Aryan looking individuals as well. The latest individuals in my family tree came to America from Germany a couple decades or so before the civil war, they fought for the Union, but I have ancestors wearing both Uniforms.
(125.78 KB 419x508 8579989595.jpg)
Europeans are "mixed" too. Germany is comprised of people descending from the people in the countries to the left and right of it, but whatever combination that made the German races the best came out of it. The blonde-haired blue-eyed Aryan is the greatest of human mythologies based in reality. The Amerimutt is a D&C ABC meme. The Europeans in Northwestern Europe are a mix of Norman and other Scandinavian ancestry, German, British, Celt, but they all have their roots in Germany. Anglo-Saxons who've dominated the globe have their roots there, but the CIA/NSA doesn't want people to spread this information because the Jews are in charge and the Anglos (having to wage war against Germany so as not to lose power and influence in the world) let them do it. The only reason the Anglos fought against their home country was to retain power and it wasn't the ideology.
Here's a good map showing the palest of skinned peoples being closely related, and it includes the Scottish. Northwestern Europe is all that matters where the genes cluster together. The Irish? I'm on the fence. They're a little too far out there. However, Scandinavian countries have quite a bit of Irish DNA; especially Iceland, with up to 40% Irish DNA if I recall the statistic correctly, but whatever Irish DNA someone has needs to be washed out through sexual selection. The predominantly Irish can fuck off. Scottish are fine.
Nevermind. We should include the Irish on second thought. I thought of Austria and it being a little far off from the cluster and remembered Uncle Adolf.
(204.49 KB 800x615 cluster.png)
I've circled the cluster. If you don't descend primarily from these nationalities, you're not white.
The Irish are definitely hit or miss in my experience, but no genetic cluster is completely devoid of the occasional tard. What would you consider the Finns? Asiatic? Also seems odd leaving most of the Czech and Polish out.
I leave out all those because they're Asiatic as you said. It's definitely on a person by person basis, but that is the general meaning of being white. Those are the Germanic people with Germanic history. The Polish are Russian essentially. Some Germanic Czechs and Hungarians are alright if they're predominantly German, but look how far away from the cluster the Slovakians are. I believe that cluster is perfect.
Yeah, what about dark blonde green eyes? Is that a viable combination. Is it even Germanic at all? To me it seems more Celtic.
Celtic, and especially the Scottish, are Germanic in DNA. Check the cluster again. The Germans and the Celts are very closely related. So closely related, there is almost no distinction between German and Celt. Himmler had light brown hair and hazel eyes, for example. If we want to get really specific, we could say Hitler expressed a Slav phenotype.
>second pic-related are the breeding grounds for the true master race
>brits but not french
French is an italic language which however doesn't mean that the French are non-Germanic.
>muh blonde hair and blue eyes
That's a cliche. People from northern parts of Europe are simply more likely to be blonde.
However that doesn't mean brown or black haired people can't have the genes for blonde children.
And those traits don't say as much as you think they do. There are blonde and blue eyed jews too.
I wouldn't marry one of those.
That's actually solid info for americans.
Percentages don't tell about the mixedness of people. Don't mix and don't marry mixed people. By mixed I mean mixed with dirt.
>Europeans are "mixed" too.
Media lie. For the longest time they lived extremely separated and because of serfdom they were even very limited in travel between very small areas. So they developed nearly as separately as people would on fucking ilands.

If you think you're lifestyle sucks and have German blood you can just become an Amish ;)
The USA has extra laws for their lifestyle. We don't have that privilege in europe.
(248.68 KB 963x713 Engie.png)
I also included French. I changed it after looking at that map. The Europeans have been migrating and mixing the various Germanic races for centuries. Just because an Alpine and a Nordic mix doesn't mean the offspring isn't Germanic white.
(290.24 KB 502x392 feast.png)
Why do the good ones die so young?
That's literally all the countries I descended from.
(34.72 KB 590x350 image100.jpg)

>THE CATHOLIC CHURCH is set to revolutionize the practice of prayer as it unveils a new digital app making God's guidance accessible from just one tap of the screen
>Over 1.3 billion people currently on Earth have followed the many Catholics before them in conforming to traditional prayer rituals. Centuries of tradition could be about to change, though, as a new 'eRosary' app could see the prayer embrace the digital age. The Vatican has worked with a company in Taiwan to create an app that provides digital rosary beads and a crucifix which connect to a downloadable app
>The mobile phone app costs £85 and comes with an audio guide, images and variations of the standard prayers which can be updated. Physically, the device consists of ten consecutive black agate and hematite rosary beads, and of a smart cross which stores all the technological data connected to the app.
>The Vatican has explained that the new technological method of praying aims to unify, stating: “Innovative, app-driven and full of valuable religious content, the Click To Pray eRosary device aims at praying for world peace.” This is a less conventional unveiling in a chain of status-quo defying moves by Francis as he continues to stamp his mark on the Catholic Church.

Pictured: Pope Francis encourages Catholics to do download app
>£85 ~= 100€ or 110$
That price for spyware.
That's like the price for getting those chinks to make the app but you get one infinitely replicable copy of it which sends a your data to them so they can sell it further increasing their profit.
The ultimate jews.
(204.04 KB 915x719 Sniper.png)
The guy selling the Master's Yellow Belt hadn't logged into Steam in a month, so I went ahead and bought the only Sunbeams MYB available. Next I'm probably getting a nice Spy hat. I'm getting them all fitted out until I can trade and buy up to the REALLY good items. :3
(333.07 KB 400x297 dilbert.gif)
If anyone here cares to know,
8kun, the official clone of 8chan briefly was accessible today. All of the old /pol/ threads from when it went offline were still up.
It went down due to a DDoS attack from cripplekike and was soon brought back online until it was DDoS'd again. It is currently still down, but at the same time the release of the website hasn't even been publicly announced yet.

There has been no updates from the 8kun team currently, but Frederick Brennan's (cripplekike's) twitter is full of goading, gloating posts. I can't say I am too knowledgeable about server hosting, but I feel this bodes poorly for 8kun's future.
Im mixed, my father is white and my mom is portugese mixed with african
so 50% white 25% portugese 25% west african, i want to fight for my father tribe, yet i will always look a bit different from my kinsman. anyways under the name of god even i a mutt have a right in this world right?
Whoever wins in war is the master race. The problem is how to make the Anglos understand that their mother country is Denmark/Germany.
Real fuckin' sad. America is really the only place for mulattoes. Miscegenation is a disservice to children for exactly this reason. It robs them of any sense of history or belonging. Fuckin' sad.
(238.69 KB 945x713 MarioEngie.png)
Someone put up the Sunbeams Plumber's Cap just yesterday! I could have missed it. There are only two known existences of it in the entire game.
Consider what >>10081 said. If you make children they'll have the exact same problem you do.
in the image the irish and french clusters are about tied for further distance from the german cluster. I think the most lonely clusters here are the Austrians, then the french, and the irish as 3rd loneliest. If we all wanted to tighten the circle it would make sense to cut out austrians, the swiss, the french, irish, and even the norwegians and swedes. honestly i dont care where i am on this europe map, im siding with white natsoc, and in our present circumstance it wont matter until post boogaloo victory.
with the way white genetics are expressed after being mixed it probably works out to you being 15% white, 35% port, and %50 west african. you would definetly not be welcome to live with a white natsoc community with how racially sensitive one is going to be. the nazis under hitler were more progressive than the white natsocs around today. There were very few and it was exceptionally rare but there were black SS soldiers, and black soldiers in hitlers army. there were also thousands of muslims in hitlers army that fought for nazi germany and they had their own divisons and special accomodations for their religion.

If you're passionate for nazism you should try to get other black people to do it by becoming a public spokesperson for the movement, being black will make you almost immune from typical anti-nazi criticism. Despite rampant and wanton nigger hate a black nazi movement would be a lot of help for the optics and politics of a white natsoc movement, and if a white natsoc victory comes out of the boogaloo a real black natsoc movement that changes black people from morally depraved sense indulgent animals to morally upright civilized and reasonable people would change the opinion of black people and could, possibly, save the entire race from extremely brutal ultra violent genocidal annihilation, because thats what racially concious whites are facing today and thats whats going to be going through our heads when the black natsoc compound is under consideration for exterminatus
Wannabe hitler posting screencaps of a shitty video game lol the absolute state of germans
To add to this: Go take a look at the National Socialist Party of Somalia. While it's not our focus, NS really is for all. We'd unironically love to be proven wrong, a strong Black or mostly Black NS movement that really could whip Africa into shape & build Wakanda would solve so many fucking problems it's not even funny. One of the theories behind the MLK assassination is that he was moving in that direction - that Whites are just the jews golem (and yeah, frankly he wasn't wrong) & the real enemy of Black Nationalists are the jews. Rockwell wanted to be able to make that alliance happen, but it wasn't to be. But if any non-Whites want to try, go right ahead. But if it fails, even if you're personally a friendly I'd advise to get clear - skin color is going to be all our uniforms.
>but there were black SS soldiers, and black soldiers in hitlers army. there were also thousands of muslims
It wasn't rare and they fought in their own countries.
>a black nazi movement would be a lot of help for the optics and politics of a white natsoc movement
It would also inspire the negros to do something else than being government work slaves or violent criminals.
btw i don't look black at all. i look mediterranean but whatever. trying to redpill as many whites as i can. morst whites i talk to look like they are having a identity crisis. anyways i was born in this country raised and i will die in it. not an american btw and so will see
Read the fucking thread before posting. He's a decadent American.
I still wouldn't put nigger genes into children. I knew a chocolate brown half nigger back in school.
He insisted I shouldn't colour a letter on a poster brown because "is the colour of shit".
I did it anyway which annoyed everybody ;)
To this day I don't know why they even thought they could complain because I had to lend all my classmates colour pencils because non of them had any.
(1.48 MB 696x392 Video_19-09-25_17-16-41.webm)
You might say I'm decadent, but I definitely am of nearly 100% Germanic descent. I have schizophrenia, which I believe Hitler also had. Anyone who is raised on traditional Christian morality and gets a hard dose of reality is going to have mental illness. The degeneracy I faced growing up shocked me to the core. I don't want to take part in life because there is nothing I want besides leading a National Socialist movement.

Here is a clip of Hitler showcasing the typical eye problems associated with schizophrenia. You'll notice his wandering gaze and vacancy which people mistook for soul staring. You can also see this mental illness in pictures of Irma Grese. Here is why I'm showing you this. This mental illness is the result of a National Socialist movement which uses violence to maintain control over a population and to quell those who would attempt to bring back Liberal thinking into the mainstream. Man is irrational by nature; therefore true freedom is found in violence as a means of combating Liberal ideas. It is bullying taken to the extreme and props up those who are just intelligent enough to lead, but not so intelligent as to bring back Liberal values.

Don't tell the masses this, but this is the goal of National Socialism.
you're an idiot
(100.26 KB 1200x900 _4d1487_6393976.jpg)
Don't tell me why I am, just call me an idiot. then. I'm 100% right. The Nazis used violence against Commies in the streets.
(324.39 KB 1080x1069 yellowsnow.jpg)
sound more like an autist to me
If you want to lead a NatSoc movement, maybe your time and money is better spent elsewhere than on video games. Starting a movement will take money and influence, things that cannot be gained by being idle and neet. Also your statement concerning NatSoc just proves that you don't understand sociology enough to ever accomplish this goal. You need to improve your knowledge and wisdom, otherwise this is, and will remain, just a gay larp.
On a completely unrelated note, anyone else think obviously low IQ posters should be instantly banned?
(119.86 KB 302x439 5675785589995.png)
An autist? Hitler had the same condition Charles Manson and Jim Jones had. They had schizophrenia through and through. They perhaps didn't hear things or see things, but they certainly had Derealization Disorder, which is related to schizophrenia - they had a higher-functioning schizophrenia. You can see evidence of it particularly in Hitler's eyes - a ball in the throat sensation is usually the first sign of schizophrenia, and then it progresses into a numbness of the senses. The eyes cannot focus on a pin-point any longer - the eyes flit about when attempting to follow a moving object. It's difficult to explain if someone's never experienced it. Anyone who denies this is simply an idealist. The only way to gain influence is through the internet, and particularly Youtube, but it's being censored. We will be fighting an uphill battle until people get tired of the censorship and want to hear the counter-culture, but I'm not sure that will ever happen. The whites have largely accepted their Jewish masters. Richard Spencer was weak and too smiley. He brought some attention to NatSoc, yet failed to make a lasting impact. There is currently no way to get a foot in the door with this brand of politics, therefore, I'm waiting for a cataclysm to occur.
It literally doesn't get more german than this
(43.46 KB 800x450 clapclap.jpg)
Sir, I was being facetious, or rather I was calling you an autist derisively and not seriously.
That besides, you can claim all you want that Hitler has high-functioning schizophrenia, but without concrete proof it's just impotent speculation. Perhaps you should go to (((Med-School))) and get a degree as a psychologist, then surely no one could doubt your diagnosis?
I find your mindset that all we can do is wait for something to go wrong very disturbing. It's precisely because people have that mindset that we can't accomplish anything. What if a happening never comes? I understand your feelings though, it's so hard to get through to people these days and everything seems so bleak...
But that besides, at the very least you should make sure to actively improve yourself. Accrue knowledge, allies, become fit. If your really serious you should be able to do at least that much.
(217.46 KB 434x650 4747890-0-0.jpg)
There is no reason to improve oneself or get fit in this world. There is nothing material I want. This is what huwhites say to me when they can't argue my viewpoints. What if I was fit? Do you think people would listen more? People think fit men look like goofballs in politics because it makes the fat masses feel inferior. Do not attempt to place yourself on a level above me simply because you have no real input.
> Accrue knowledge, allies, become fit
These are empty words which you've used to attempt to put yourself on a level above me as if I'm not good enough (no one who puts himself out there will be good enough for the modern-day NatSocs because they try all they can to fight against the feelings of inferiority a real leader gives them - they have to test the leader). No one will ever be good enough because NatSocs are full of gloom and doom and essentially LARPing out the ass.
You're really killing my mood btw. I need to stop posting here, or at least stop reading your garbage. You LARPers immediately make me feel terrible. I'm not even going to listen. I'm shutting your empty input out of my mind. Full steam ahead
(140.57 KB 339x707 Medic.png)
I'm going to try to get back into a good mood. Here's the Medic loadout I'm going for. I'm trying to make contact with a guy who has a Sunbeams Nunhood. Trying to get a good deal. I recommend everyone buy cool hats in TF2. It makes the game so much more fun when you customize your characters.
>not posting violent shit in happening threads
what are you even doing?
jesus fucking christ is this what pure cringe tastes like?
You're known to (((them))), but on the bright side they would've shown up by now if you had posted anything actionable.

The FBIniggers wanted info on everybody that posted in Tarrant's 8ch thread regardless of the content of the posts.

For damage control you could LARP as a reformed racist/moderate on 4chins. Fabricate an anecdote about a kike saving your dog and now you've seen the error of your ways.
(2.00 MB 297x351 chirstsake.gif)
Just got back from a lovely date with my qt3.14 redhead gf (we went to a harvest festival type thing) and what do I find?
I have been gifted with a response that is not only asinine, but also completely delusional. Your response was so stupid that it's actually funny.
Was already having a good day, but this made me belly laugh.
Cheers, buddy.

Seriously though if you let what I said get to you, and believe me I was actually trying to be somewhat nice to you, then you're never going to get anywhere in life.
I can't see anything in the vid that shows Hitler doing anything akward.
Secondly the footage is post colourised, so him looking a bit unlike irl is fully normal.
>of nearly 100% Germanic descent
Don't believe him. Everyday people claim to be 100% pure bavarian phenotype and then I, a bavarian have to read this shit. It's painful.
(204.49 KB 907x715 Spy3.png)
You posters are terrible. I have about 1% Spanish in me. I'm 100% European and mostly Anglo-Saxon. I descend from Normans, Germans, English, a slight amount of Irish, etc. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone completely pure Germanic. I also said that if you're predominantly of the nationalities I circled in that DNA map I posted, then you are Germanic; that means you descend from Germany. You're such a terrible poster. Get off this site.
What happened to guca?
dr murdoch go take care of your kid if you're going to skip out this months video
>he made a DNA test
Those are made by jews. Try to find some ancestry tree.
You might not even have a spain in your family.
DNA is not yet understood well.
I also won't argue against you being Germanic which is one more reason to do something better than buying TF2 hats from the jew.
I'm just arguing against >>10428 who trys to throw Germanic-descend and Deutsche in one bag which is insulting to me.
I've already looked online. I descend mostly from England (but by proxy Germany or Denmark) with German names in there, one or two Irish names, some Norwegian names, some French-Norman names, etc. No Spanish names going back to the late 1700s.
(163.06 KB 407x598 6856544.jpg)
I also remember posting this picture to 4chinz and a guy said, "lol have fun posting pictures of German Aryans because National Socialism will never come back", or something to that effect. I'm pretty comfortable in my whiteness. My hair is dark blonde or light brown like the majority of Scandinavians and my eyes are blue around the outside with green in the middle, along with specks of brown. I plan on finding a blonde-haired blue-eyed girl to have kids with to further wipe out the slight darkening I have.
(244.52 KB 381x821 Spy7.png)
I'm going all in on Spy. One of the rarest Unusual Effects in the game.
As much as I despise pornography, I don't feel as if it's going away anytime soon. With kikes pushing nigger race mixing porn, why don't we push pro-white porn? If they call it racist, we'll just say they're kinkshaming, use their weapons against them.
Sound idea.
>Sound idea.
Not exactly MindGeek has billion dollar operation that actively has an agenda and a few anons viewing habits/preferences is not going to make much off a dent in that
(176.62 KB 835x703 eljefescout.png)
Porn will never be got rid of. It would cause havoc in the legal system if it was banned. To do anything requires a good leader who can actually effect change by banning the large majority of porn, and keeping it somewhat tasteful. A large reason why porn is so popular is because of post-modernism and scientific advancements which have resulted in lower birth rates and sex for recreation. The value of sex is nil. You must first put women back in the proverbial kitchen (take away many of their rights or at least get them on the side of Adolf Hitler the way he did), ban contraception and abortion (in a white ethnostate), and subsidize families to raise white children. Porn will work itself out when the roots of it are addressed, eventually to the point where it's not desired anymore by the new race of whites.
Trying to figure out how to use this line of thought to instill further cognitive dissonance in lefties:

White Privilege is a white suprematist affirming concept, because it presupposes that whites are at a higher level than non whites, and must take steps to elevate non whites to their level.

In the vein of iotbw
This has already been addressed. The white liberals are actually expressing their superiority by being white saviors because we live in such a peaceful time. Rich whites have everything they want, so they express white savior views; "luxury beliefs". It's all a goofy game to them, but it causes so much havoc in the lower-middle classes.
You just noted something very important:
The cancer lies in our spirits, so stop buying kike hats from the fat gaben kike and do something to make your dreams come true!
The only dreams I have are leading white people to greatness, but no one wants to get off their asses because of society's decadence. It's either obsess over National Socialist politics, it consuming me till I waste away, or buy digital hats. I have to be a leader, but there is no way to make it as one. I've already uploaded a speech. In a couple of months I'll be able to make videos where hopefully you guys will be more inclined to follow me and see me as the speaker of the movement.
>no one wants to do anything
The hunger and will is there, we need to learn how to organize
So now you nigger mods/vols are pruning productive threads you don't like? Fucking niggers.
The problem with your and your nephew's mindset anon is that it is only concerned with satisfying base needs and does not make you into an interesting or developed person. You may as well be a fetus in a chamber with feeding tubes your whole life, because the path you described never conditions you to be an actual adult both mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Looking at it further, the lifestyle you describe is a variant of what blacks have bought into, with generations living on welfare and regressing as a race into children which are easily controlled and manipulated by others.
You are doing your small part to bring that condition into your race and ethnic group.
what thread has made you sad anon?
You're deluded.
It's BS for the most part. It's true that fluoride is a nasty ion, but with all chemicals and poisons it comes to dosage and how your body excretes it. You should always be extremely suspicious of people or groups who make grandiose claims which purport to solve a big crisis. Fluoride skeptics, antivaccination people, and HIV-deniers have a similar pattern where they purport that a major crisis is averted by their special knowledge - and yet the bulk of them are not experts in the fields necessary to substantiate their claims, or even evaluate the magnitude of those claims to see if they make sense from a sanity check perspective.
Your perspective misses something crucial. College isn't just about getting a job. It's about education, which translates into skillsets and enrichment. Not all of it is practical in the monetary sense, some of it is extremely useful (synergistic) when used by people who are focused on mixing skillsets in order to be much more competent than their peers in their life-long endeavors.
You're smart to perceive the scale of it. The easy fix is, as you say, to burn it all to the ground but that option would end centuries of important knowledge and intellectual traditions and would likely lead to a dictatorship or monarchy afterwards. The hard way is to try and root out the problems in our societies bit by bit, but as you can correctly see the problems themselves have grown into many big ones which feed off of each other and reinforce each other. We would need a dictator with military and civil backing to take over the helm and defeat those problems, yet at the same time relinquish control after the problems are fixed. Historically this almost never happens.
I would add a few points here. Fascism/Natsoc especially are rooted in the german/white mindset of inner strength. It's so thoroughly rooted that your generation and people like you of your race have it as a blind spot and this is why your race continues to lose power and faces civilizational collapse. In short it is like a sort of pride that those of you won't innovate, deviate or be creative ideologically or reach out and make alliances with other races, or identity groups. Your race is facing genocide right now. I see it every day, our country celebrates your genocide as a good thing. Every passing year, even with Trump in office, your race loses power and is systematically weakened from within by members of your own race even. Once it reaches the tipping point that your race has no capacity to defend itself, you will be violently exterminated. That is your fate, as it stands presently. Your race's blindspot is that, even while you know all this, and have internalized the truth of it, rather than build a broad political coalition to actually change the present reality and defeat the people in power responsible for it once and for all... you instead focus on how awesome your race is, how it is so awesome it doesn't need any help and to even think of seeking help is weakness. And so you continue to keep your necks on the proverbial chopping block.
I honestly cannot fathom it. I am deeply sorrowful for it, because the world needs your race to exist.
niggerjew mods/vols axed the pakis in japan thread -- conveniently just as capitalism was getting roasted. it's a pattern on this nigger faggot board. death to the mods.
Hexchan /pol/ already has 20 pph. I'm a 2015 newfag and I remember the cripplechan board had around 80 around back then and around 200 when it died.
Any reason why this board wouldn't be the real deal in about a year or so?
You're quaaluded.
Im with you anon. Whatever we call it, fascism is the way forward.
Does anyone happen to have a mirror of the youtube video "The Faustian Spirit of Europe"? Youtube just shoah'd it because a compilation of European landscapes and people is hatespeech.
I'm gonna need a link for this Hexchan because searching for it returns two chans that don't even have 20 posts in total
>Fluoride skeptics, antivaccination people, and HIV-deniers
>throws real reasonable thoughts together with HIV-deniers
Found the glownigger.
>generations living on welfare
Niggers do this because they are smarter than they seem to a brainwashed person or a glownigger like you.
>It's about education
My mom went to the highest education form in my country, yet she can only do entry level math, funny Engrish and is even bad at her own language.
I think she could have learned more without any schools at all.
>which translates into skillsets and enrichment
How do people apply things they aren't capable of?
The reality is that most of what is thought is to be learned for the test is a primitive manner and then forgotten.
Fuck off.
<Your thread wasn't axed Anon, it received multiple reports for being a low quality OP

Global Rule 3
>Do not post off topic replies or threads, in addition, keep slide threads to a minimum. Low quality threads will be transferred to /b/.

>Can be found here,
it wasn't my thread, i just posting in it. fucking faggot.
Currently I live in a beaner city, and I've been seeing a lot of white pagan sticker symbols being stuck on to light posts in my university. Is it one of you guys? Or is it just an edgy retard from 4cucks?
Beaner city, that's redundant. The plan is to replace us with them.
Let me guess. Your evaluation of the credibility of fluoride and vaccination skepticism came from memes?
What is your education in chemistry and microbiology, by the way?
Depends on the educational path you choose and how you approach college classes. Are they stepping stones or do you truly learn from them?
I can tell the reverse story. I have always been very intelligent, but after a point I stagnated. Going to college helped to teach me skills which brought my previously learned abilities to the next level.
>How do people apply things they aren't capable of?
They internalize the concepts, learn them and become good at them, understand them. They push themselves to be better.
>The reality is that most of what is thought is to be learned for the test is a primitive manner and then forgotten.
Then they are learning in the wrong way. I remember just about everything from the classes I took years ago in a distilled manner that I apply towards a refined skillset. Students who only memorize to pass a test are missing the point.
>who only memorize to pass a test are missing the point.
They still graduate and have better grades too.
>Going to college helped to teach me skills
Like what? You didn't name any.
>Let me guess. Your evaluation of the credibility of fluoride and vaccination skepticism came from memes?
Just don't be a nigger. It eats concrete so it's unlikely to not eat teeth and brain too.
I doubt dentists hate having more customers.
>vaccination skepticism
Do you really think forced vaccinations indicate that our government wants only the best for us?
I am not anti-vaccine. But it's obvious that it's a poison, like penicillin.
That can kill or save. But it should not just be injected into children and toddlers. Especially not to "protect" against childhood diseases, rare diseases or regionally rare diseases.
Furthermore, this poison / medicine does not linger forever in the body, which then needs to be re-vaccinated to be protected.
In addition, vaccination does not provide 100% protection, as most people falsely believe.
Of course, forced vaccination or being forced on parents by fear-mongering is also a huge business.
Who pays it is completely irrelevant, because the money is always payed by the worker through taxes / insurance contribution, etc..
I also want to note that children get extra high fluoride Elmex TM toothpaste from their dentists.
Now I totally forgot to mention that vaccines also weaken your body which can also increase the likelihood of you becoming sick.
Most things in life are a double-edged sword and you should look at them as what they are.
Some vaccines are really bad and even contain a quiksilver-isotope. I wouldn't recommend anyone to take those.
>They still graduate and have better grades too.
If you're only focused on passing tests, then you aren't learning. If you aren't learning, then you ultimately wasted your time.
>Like what? You didn't name any.
This is an anonymous board. I'm not inclined to detail myself extensively for obvious reasons. Suffice to say that going to college taught me research skills which worked in tandem with other abilities, and that all together my skills put me far above my peers as a result. If your purpose for going to college is only job-seeking, then you will not have an outcome like this.
>It eats concrete so it's unlikely to not eat teeth and brain too.
Thank you for elaborating. I now know your problem. You aren't a chemist. If you were a chemist you would know the difference between an acid, a salt, a buffer, and basic water chemistry. The short of it is that no, it doesn't eat concrete to add fluoride to water and that no, it doesn't eat organic tissues because it's a buffer in water when administered via water treatment plants.
>I doubt dentists hate having more customers
If you ever did your research on this claim, you would know that states in the USA which lack fluoridated water have greater amounts of cavities. In other words, dentists would fave nonfluoridated water because your teeth decay more without it.
>Do you really think forced vaccinations indicate that our government wants only the best for us?
Your basic error here is in looking at this politically without considering the underlying mechanism. The reason that vaccines are important is that they reduce a public health crisis. Historically this meant polio, smallpox, mumps, measles, and so on. The silent generation remembers this all too fondly, because it was quite common for them. We don't suffer the same afflictions and so we assume that this state of affairs is natural. It isn't.
>But it's obvious that it's a poison
It's obvious to someone who doesn't know the difference between salts, acids and buffers. Someone who thinks fluoridated water eats concrete. In other words, you don't understand the topic and are assuming things based on a lack of knowledge.
>But it should not just be injected into children and toddlers
Would you rather have a whole generation of paralysed, deaf, dumb, and otherwise disfigured children? That's the tradeoff. Before you presume to know what is best, learn about the history of the process. The reason we vaccinate children is because they were the ones who caught polio, measles and so on. They were the ones who would get disfigured by it.
>vaccination does not provide 100% protection
Frankly, you're wrong to think in terms of 0% or 100%. Rather than having such a basic reference point, consider that the society we grew up in was free of the diseases which were common only 70 years ago. That is the argument for vaccination in and of itself. We don't have to live like the people did 70 years ago with respect to disease.
>vaccines also weaken your body
Of course. That's how the immune system works. Were you not aware of that? You have to get a little sick in order to become immune. Vaccines make you sick in a very moderate way so that you can become immune.
You're talking about either the preservatives or adjuvants. The preservatives are there for shelf life. The adjuvants are there to stimulate your immune system.
>research skills
>I learned to use a search engine
Now I'm truly impressed!
>which worked in tandem with other abilities, and that all together my skills put me far above my peers as a result
All right, I got it. You're a glownigger.
>The short of it is that no
The short of it is yes. They argue that the dosage is too small to be harmful.
>It's obvious to someone who doesn't know the difference between salts, acids and buffers. Someone who thinks fluoridated water eats concrete. In other words, you don't understand the topic and are assuming things based on a lack of knowledge.
Poison can also be good, nigger. Penicillin is the most common antibiotic.
However even Penicillin has side effects:
Common (≥ 1% of people) adverse drug reactions associated with use of the penicillins include diarrhoea, hypersensitivity, nausea, rash, neurotoxicity, urticaria, and superinfection (including candidiasis).
>Would you rather have a whole generation of paralysed, deaf, dumb, and otherwise disfigured children?
Implying everyone who doesn't get vaccinated gets ill by default.
>that our government wants only the best for us?
>Yes our government wants only the best for us!
>Frankly, you're wrong to think in terms of 0% or 100%
That's what I was saying, Captain Obvious.
>in order to become immune
We already had this. "you're wrong to think in terms of 0% or 100%"
>You're talking about either the preservatives or adjuvants.
You're changing the subject. I said "Some vaccines are really bad and even contain a quiksilver-isotope." which you did not deny.
>which lack fluoridated water have greater amounts of cavities.
The source you're taking here, Mr. Glownigger, is the faggots who put that shit in the water in the first place.
Thank god that I don't live in the USA and don't have fluoridated water or toothpaste. My teeth are doing fine.
Someday demons like you will get the rope. Rightfully.
>only 70 years ago
120 years ago things were better and I'd go back in time any day if I could, you fucking retard.
Now I have to watch niggers build rainbow notre dame because they destroyed it.
>All right, I got it. You're a glownigger.
Your pride is wounded. You're acting insecure. Rather than be emotional like a female, put it away and be rational. You lack the education necessary to make informed decisions about the topic at hand. You are compensating for this lack of education with rhetoric.
>The short of it is yes
Rather than doubling down, read about acid/base chemistry and buffers. Bluffing your way in this argument means nothing to me. I know this topic better than you do.
>However even Penicillin has side effects
Just about everything you put into your body has side effects. This has to do with metabolism and biochemistry. It is not an argument which substantiates your claim that penicillin is poison.
>Implying everyone who doesn't get vaccinated gets ill by default.
This is an example of deflection. You are not aware of the history of these diseases and so rather than concede you make an emotional retort, like a female would.
>That's what I was saying, Captain Obvious.
You are now arguing against your own words, and pretending to win a concession because of it. Females behave this way.
>You're changing the subject.
Nope. You simply don't understand the argument you were trying to make, then.
>Thank god that I don't live in the USA and don't have fluoridated water or toothpaste. My teeth are doing fine.
People from nations who don't use fluoridation are easy to spot because their dental health is distinctly lower than those who use fluoridation. The incidence of tooth decay, cavities, and missing teeth is greater and shows. In other words, you truly don't understand the topic being discussed but like all idiots on the internet you certainly have your opinions on the matter.
120 years ago you'd be dying of smallpox, because you're a buffoon who would rather argue than read a book.
>read a book nigger
you sure are stupid
(592.78 KB 1600x1046 1504989214544.jpg)
>water fluoridation

Even pojeet scientists know flourudation accumulates in the body due to it's high halflife in the body and is best left as "topical" treatment for teeth, not a chemical to be ingested


Here's non Pojeet academics




Awesome, now if only we could take out your teeth, treat them, then put them back inside your mouth.
honestly that's so much comfier. old people are better when they're not just boomers entertaining some banal notions.
>People from nations who don't use fluoridation are easy to spot because their dental health is distinctly lower than those who use fluoridation.
Source: my ass!
<Made my day.
(98.15 KB 540x564 1540888859302.jpg)
>no arguments
>just some banal insults

Dial 8 you cia tranny glow nigger
Concerning the leftist concept of "racism": If a white or (((white))) person that has a large amount of power attacks a white person with little to no power on the basis of their race, is this not the very definition of their idea of racism? It is power + prejudice, is it not? I know that debating leftist jew logic is of little significance, but how could they argue against this? This is racism against whites in according to their own bullshit.
The response to this is blatantly

>u canst be rayciss agains huites, fuck whitey mothafucka
I got a ban for five years for allegedly being a bot. This site is now controlled by feds.
Sorry Anon, would you like to discuss this possible Error?
Seeing as your not posting from Tor at the moment, I assume you are using a VPN sevice?
It is more likely that, either you are using a similar VPN IP as the user that we here have come to know and hate as BoomerBot (Or you are BoomerBot) than it is, the Feds are trying to stop your posts.

Did you post any of these statements?
If not then you have our humble apologies and as you are posting again I can assume that you might be the anon that wrote an appeal that I got and before lifting said ban

Maybe crime is at an all time high because everything is illegal.

One way the elites get Americans to accept tyranny is to ignore or minimize the benefits of freedom while exaggerating the danger.

Americans may not support gun bans, but Americans would be eager to surrender their firearms if the globalists said black people might buy guns.

Americans may not support NSA wiretapping, but Americans are overjoyed when Nazis embrace making NSA surveillance permanent.

Americans don't mind if there is forfeiture because Muslims and sex offenders exist.

There is really no reason to do anything since everything is illegal and you can't even be sure that the US will exist a year from now.

If there was a NAACP for white people, they could offer an award to a Jew and if the Jew turned it down, the organization could say he was racist.

If Jews had an award show for homosexuals, libertarians could have an award show for couples with the longest marriages.

The elites are systematically destroying and weakening the US by encouraging theft, drug use, immorality, and safe spaces.

Pooping on the sidewalk is legal now, but using straws has been banned.

The ruling powers glorify blacks, females, and illegal immigrants. Anyone who is smart, hardworking, beautiful, responsible, moral, or honest is called racist and bad.

Americans are told to hate freedom, balanced budgets, and peace.

Homosexuality and child sex are praised.

Illegal immigrants can get welfare, vote, and driver licenses, but don't need business licenses.

The US is a prison and Americans are like children dependent on welfare. Americans are slaves who are told what to think, what to do, what to wear, what to eat, and what to believe.
It must be miserable living as a person whose pride is too high to admit not knowing something. Tell me, are you really so foolish that you think bluffing wins against facts?
Fluoridation against rates of dental caries:
Dental caries across the Americas:
Fuck off glownigger.
My teeth are fine without fluoride eating them.
It totally is. It's just me, you and maybe 5 others and the rest is glowniggers making glownigger threads.
It's really sad but nano is slow as fuck and other ibs don't have a /pol/ board.

Bans issued to user were all clearly noted as Reason BoomerBot Spam (something that has been repeatedly requested from 16Anons, as BoomerBot is often using the same off topic repeated pasta in threads

also note they were lifted after it seemed that perhaps more than one user was affect by ban
(24.00 KB 464x483 emoji ponder tits full.png)
Notice how the shill hasn't tackled these papers


in fact he ignores them, really makes you wonder...
Is 8ch coming back at all?
This place looks neat but I liked several other boards besides pol on 8chan.
Nigger, ID hopping doesn't prove your stance at all. Quite the opposite.
Reading comprehension must not be your strongest suit, or OP sec for that matter, I suggest you go back to cuckchan, you low IQ retard.
this board is deleting redpill posts , my jewdar is off the charts.

buh bye losers
Will miss you BoomerBot
>or OP sec for that matter
>he thinks I need OPsec to shit on glowniggers
(324.30 KB 1200x797 mongolian caribou farm.jpg)
Can we merge the two "the finders" threads? Due to my fuck up and laziness I didn't see there was a previous thread made, so I did a crossboardposting info dump and pdf dump on a new one under this assumption.
>being this unrepentantly retarded

Maybe the glow nigger promoting water flouridation was onto something there, not so much on flouride consumption, but you being a complete nigger who refuses to learn how to read.
Ah now I understand!
has fucking reddit spacing but forgot one here
>Notice how the shill hasn't tackled these papers
So I thought it belongs together. Just stop your nigger spacing and people will understand it.
that poor caribou, it must have no idea, that small child could be eating that animal the next day.
>proper grammar
>reddit spacing

Fuck of niggerfaggot, go back to 4chan, holy fuck, you retarded fucking nigger.
(142.22 KB 319x629 darkdoorway.png)
(142.08 KB 257x689 boltedbirdcageknifestorm.png)
(226.47 KB 347x803 NewSpy.png)
(149.37 KB 345x687 stormy13thhour.png)
So I'm trading off all my first gen Unusual effect TF2 hats, except for my Sunbeams Plumber's Cap, which I like because it's Super Mario Sunshine themed and hard to find. I'm buying H'ween hats now. Only problem is that I just activated my mobile authenticator three days ago so I have to wait up to fifteen days to get these hats :(

I'm especially proud of the Dark Doorway Soldier hat, because it's the lowest-tier Soldier hat, but has one of the rarest effects in the game. There is only one of these hats and I'm getting it! I really like low-tier hats with high-tier effects.
Is the killing of Baghdaddi just like the death Bin Laden (a "killed" terrorist leader so that the current administration can boast it to keep the populace happy)?
(397.35 KB 407x591 stevielevine.png)
I wish she wasn't a kike.
Probably, yes
Well, it's coming back but expect them to be watching your every fucking move there
Most pagans are retarded leftists but there are some really based ones. There's a great chance that it's just some faggot that watched Vikings and though he would be really cool if he posted "muh pagan simbols" around the city
Use dashchan, the app. It's way nicer
Is anyone keeping an eye on the Cal fire, PG&E and the crazy rumors?
(118.00 KB 359x600 eucalypts.jpg)
friendly reminder California has flammable Eucalyptus Trees planted in that area
Florida here, I have a few days off of work during December where should I go? I never experienced cold weather before.
my friend at work said the 9/11 dancing israelites was proven fake by (((sources))), can anyone confirm?
(98.50 KB 300x300 Untitled0.png)
>New capeshit tv show comes out
>Is about muh hwhite supreeeemacy
>Has a communist as a "good guy"
>Tons of propaganda to sympathize with niggers
>Guess (((who))) is behind it
Every. Fucking. Time. How.
(131.43 KB 670x391 kangz.png)
Yeah, it's well past ridiculous.

>Director: Melina Matsoukas
>Her father is of half Greek and half Ashkenazi Jewish descent. Her mother is of African-Jamaican and African-Cuban ancestry.

The writers are just as bad; kike huckster James Frey, and whatever the fuck Lena Waithe is
Your thoroughly lost the argument. When someone leaps to ad hominems and accusations, it means that they are emotionally flustered. That means something provoked them, which in this case can only mean insecurity and encountering something you're not familiar with.
I already told you before, you don't know this subject matter as well as I do, so bluffs mean nothing to me. You can either read those published papers and be proven wrong, or make an ass of yourself by throwing around names and accusations.
I have a related question:
"Why does anyone care about this crap anymore?" In other words, superheroes are a child interest, lost as you grow up. Sometimes it's nostalgic, but it can only ever be infantile. So why does anyone here even care about it? Shouldn't we be convincing normies to abandon capeshit too? It's a cancerous industry of old men pushing ideological propaganda and advertisements under the guise of entertainment. It has turned an entire generation of men into boys.

LOL I was watching live when the second sausage hit the BBQ. I saw the news when the dancing kikes were reported. YES they were in fact REAL.
(56.59 KB 425x521 DidYouKnow.jpeg)

LOL I was watching live when the second sausage hit the BBQ. I saw the news when the dancing kikes were reported. YES they were in fact REAL.
(98.41 KB 576x576 Dancing kikes 2.jpeg)

LOL I was watching live when the second sausage hit the BBQ. I saw the news when the dancing kikes were reported. YES they were in fact REAL.
I personally stop caring for capeshit in my late teens, Im just peeved over the fact that grown adults can still be influenced by this dumb shit
>Shouldn't we be convincing normies to abandon capeshit too?
Yeh, you'll here no argument from me on this.
(108.13 KB 287x544 56853433.jpg)
The last capeshit I watched was the Spiderman of the early 2000s with Tobey Maguire. It's so played out. There is nothing new in capeshit. My case manager constantly makes references to superhero movies and collects GI Joes. He's in his 40s and former military. He's a conservative, but a weak blue-pilled one. When I bring up Hitler and National Socialism every now and then, he makes a point to denigrate them or at least slough them off. During a meeting for my treatment plan I told him and the treatment plan leader (female) that I am faced with being arrested for wrongthink, like I was arrested before for it, by thinking that it's batshit insanity that blacks are prided in the community even though they commit the most violent crime. The girl warmed up to me when I said that, and my case manager shortly afterward said after I said that I was an introvert, "yes, yes you are, but that's okay", in this condescending tone. He was trying to bring me down to his level. I cannot stand stupid people and I can't wait to be off probation.

But I'm not much better. I've found brief happiness in trading TF2 items. We're all trying to (even the ones who claim to hate National Socialism) reconcile with the fact that Hitler lost WW2. There's no higher purpose and the people are suffering.
(100.06 KB 497x337 dancing israelis.jpg)
Welcome to another episode of This Faggot's Personal Blog, starring This Faggot
hush you, at least he doesn't have 7 threads on the board getting random bumps from every turd not smart enough to know how to, or when to säge
Don't worry Mein Fuhrer, the soldiers will follow your orders to the very end
Sieg Heil
Do we have a new bump limit? Looks past 150 on some threads
On pure pozz?
This makes our job easier
As the divide gets wider
They'll end in the gutter
Jews, spics and niggers
Muslims, pakis and traitors
Hatred is my bread and butter
So fuck 'em all Heil Hitler
Some old threads may still be locked at old limit of 150. All newly created threads will be 300.

The old webm seemed to stay locked even after pruning a few comments to try make it past. I think the druids thread was still sub 150 few days ago when new limit was entered seems to have made the cut.

Some format changes dont retroactively apply.

TL;DR 300 for most threads
Eucalyptus are in the conifers family, conifers have a oily resin, btw redwoods and pines are conifers. This means when the tree gets dry it gets flammable like video related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGFgVsP2uS8. Los Angeles has tons of non-natives grasses and palm trees (palms are close to the grasses biologically) too many of which are highly flammable.
this is what happens when a palm tree combust https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vksMkoKMSHA

Holy fuck these Chan’s are DEFINITELY not Jew owned! How the fuck would somebody who is non Jewish look at that nonsense (more like truesense) on a site which is 99% spam and go OMG OMG OMG SHUT IT DOWN! Fuck these faggot ass kikes I wish the holocaust happened so they could have experimented on jews. There are literally these rat Jews sitting on the moderating team of every single site on the internet who are there to throw an autistic fit anytime somebody brings up the holohoax. Omg guys Obama raped me 666 times if you deny this you are getting put in a cage!

These yid fucks are so fucking slimey! Holy fuck you weird birth defect goblins!
This Jew fuck sites file system doesn’t work so I have to use fagjewimgur

Fuck you Jew admin I jerk off on your corpse
100% of media is propaganda promoting Jewish interests. All art is promoting Jewish interests. Every movie contains their motives and confessions since they have massive egos and have to announce everything. The “predictive programming thing” isn’t this magical vampire consent shit it’s just these people bragging. Every superhero (another Jew industry) is just false hope like jewsus so people sit on their ass. The new joker movie is an attempt to hijack pol, just like how if you go out in public and say the government is against you people so “huh huh alright Alex Jones huh huh UPVOTE” people will go huh huh oh you don’t like society huh huh alright joker / so the people who are actually against society all flock to these pop culture dead horses that they beat over and over and ruin and it gets annoying as fuck until people are like fuck off neckbeard atheist religion isn’t cool to make fun of anymore.

Literally every piece of Jewish art /
Media. Dark knight. Morgan Jewman - “ well well , we need to have morals we can’t track every human on earth to torture and eventually kill the joker (pol) , but i guess just this one time we will get rid of civil liberties!

I got the fucking eye of Sauron at this point I can immediately decode any Jewish act
But, but, dude what are you hitler!?!?

No shit it’s not just Jews but they tie it all together. Whites are fucking shit. I don’t know one white person who isn’t just as bad as Jews they just can’t hide it like them. Spics are shit. Niggers are shit. Arabs are shit. I never met a cool native. Pajeets are shit. Humans are fucking shit and this entire system is fucking useless. The only good thing is animals and nature. Society needs blown the fuck up. Like we literally need Armageddon. If you aren’t somebody who is either the slavemaster or a literal psychopath who just wants to leech off people then the only way there will ever be a world worth living in is if every human on earth kills themselves. Or you can just hang out here until you inevitably find yourself at the mercy of the members of the wavelength who give us great things like cartel members who will skin someone alive , cut off their hands cut off their tongue cut out their eyes #daca #lovetrumpshate #chapodindunuffin. By all means go ahead and keep going down that path. I will have zero sympathy for anyone who has even 1% of the knowledge I have and still follows this shit blindly.

But you will just suck societies dick the second you stop reading this. The government has literally murdered every single person who stood up for individual freedom. They do it publically. And none of you do a fucking thing about it. Well I guess those mass shooters did something if they were even real but they obviously didn’t read the art of war where it says don’t run at your enemy screaming like a retard
(22.45 KB 700x380 2340t.jpg)
in other news, bill clinton is dying of aids, syphilis and kuru.

>couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
i'm back, looks like it was all a missunderstanding. it's actually neinchan deleting posts. so confused.
Cool it with the blackpills, bucko. Things are always in flux. There are still plenty of reasons to have hope. If the jews had already won, they wouldnt have to try so hard. People are shit but you can still be the change you want to see.
also, 8kunt is up. no pol board, 403 lol. mason jim struck a deal it seems.
8kun/n+ might be where the battle is meant to be.
(53.21 KB 317x210 jej.png)
We had a postponed trick or treat due to horrible weather on the 31st. Just watched two packs of feral niggers absolutely ravage the candy bowls through my door cam. Thank God they're not from here (rolling shitboxes dump them off in the "rich" neighborhoods)

Next year I'll let it record to document the decline.

>mfw they were literal glowniggers
(18.39 KB 300x250 pepecoffee.gif)
if you believe this you are beyond help. not only will the cripple and his trannies ddos it into 404 courtesly by soros but also q is a fucking boomer cringe psyop
and i say that as an aspiring boomer myself.
"aspiring boomer" good luck on that as everything further rots. Don't be a boomer be a survivor.
>Most pagans are retarded leftists but there are some really based ones.
Yeah, but the ones that frequent places like this are generally neither.

>There's a great chance that it's just some faggot that watched Vikings and though he would be really cool if he posted "muh pagan simbols" around the city
Connections of those symbols to National Socialism (particularly the SS) aside, It's the other side of the religious coin in the internet right. Just like how you have """Christian""" edgelords who cherry-pick writings and interpretations (if that) to support their own existing beliefs and yap about how traditional they are despite being just as degenerate as the average /pol/ goer and thoroughly modern in every way you have """pagans""" who don't exist outside of aesthetics and yap about a back-to-the-land lifestyle despite having never lived more rurally than a suburb. Neither of them have either personal conviction or a genuinely spiritual weltanschauung. Some of them are idiots but most of them are just young and unsettled.
>what is irony
americans. you really are a lost cause.
>lost the argument
>he thinks you can lose at talking to people
Here's your (You)
>sarcasm on the internet
welp, looks like this is a kike shithole after all. might as well visit voat again
Who are the most violent of Europeans(ex:North, South)? Who will most likely break out of cuckification through bloodshed? My moneys on Eastern.
> My moneys on Eastern.
Ethnic Russians are being replaced by Chinese illegal immigration in the east and Mosow has a huge Muslim issue there, 1.5 million migrant workers nearly all Muslim, yet the russians that speak out against this is called a facist thrown in jail
Should White People team up with non-Whites against kikes?
(35.66 KB 1473x678 based-gouda.png)
spread it
lurk on the mothership or enjoy your aids
we will rise again.
Seems like that was already tried, and today everyone is much dumber and more divided, that it doesn't seem to be an option.
If you are schizophrenic you have my sympathy. Schizophrenia is a cruelly dibilitating disease.

I hope that you do not have not. It is unlike some other forms of mental illness a malady without any compensation. All the symptoms both the so called positive and negatve ones are wholely destructive.

Do remain under medical care. It is your best hope. In Hitlers Germany you would be euthanized.
Swastikas are for German people, nigs and beaners need to see Malcom X or raised black fists if you want them to join in. They don't even need to like Nazis tbh just tolerate them enough to unite against jews
We cannot waste time on stupid ideas of uniting with other races when we are so divided ourselves and they are busy exploiting us.
I'll do this, you do the stickers. Good luck faggot.

The enemy is the international Jew bankster. The foremost problem is that the goyim do not know. All of the ZOG puppets need to be redpilled and united. The goyim against this small group is the only way forward.

Every nigger, beaner, chink, turkroach, etc hate thread is a FAILURE in messaging. Division along ideological or cultural lines is their stratagem and source of political power. Notice how they can get on TV and overtly shit on white people. They use proxies to attack whites and openly work to subvert any sense of national identity. We goyim all have to unite against an unjust system of perpetual usury and debt enslavement, that is a common cause that crosses all cultural boundaries. Unite against the tiny group of people orchestrating this nonsense who require secrecy to operate.

The blacks have been terribly harmed by the CIA. They need to be redpilled on the Tuskegee experiment, CIA crack, LBJ welfare/remove father/dependent class situation. We need to fan out and engage with other social groups instead of isolating ourselves within a den of consensus. The only additional value that can be added is to make other people aware through the usage of verifiable redpills.

Look at how Hitler rose to power. He attained political power first by printing his own messages and distributing them himself. However, the channels of communication and propaganda prevented Germany from uniting with other nations. In the world we live in, we can instantly communicate across boarders unimpeded. This is the first time in history that the populous of all nations can unite in a meaningful way against a small group of powerful people.

The mass shootings only serve to alienate and suppress the information being shared on the boards. Information and free speech is the true threat, the goyim waking up en mass. Once someone has been redpilled, it's forever, they can never be un-redpilled. All of the energy needs to be focused on redpilling as many people as possible who are not already redpilled.

The entire KKK meme and ideology is counterproductive, isolating, and ironically likely derived directly from Jews. Pic related.


Those photos are more powerful and dangerous than you can imagine. Every minute you spend making an image that is so strongly polar to the lies people have been spoonfed is quite useful.

While they may control the channels of communication, they do not control our speech and capacity to organize, yet.


This guy gets it. We are one goyim. We are one gentile.
When you say intl jewish banksters it makes me assume you might also have a problem with people who say all jews are the enemy, do you? And where's the evidence that kikes are behind cia crack and the tuskogee experiments? On the surface you're just listing the exact things that every normie nigga in America directly associates "the evil white man" with. As for the racism/race hate threads honestly who gives a shit, there's nothing better than saying nigger honkey spic etc without people chimping out. That's real unity.
I was saying that it's not just Jews that exploit us, it's every race including our own cannibals when we are made vulnerable by Jews. Knowledge is only half the battle and never more than that. Yes they already control our capacity to organize and yes they have already attacked our organizations hard before. You are the goyim, I am White.
(60.21 KB 899x725 kikelvl9001.png)
> I don't want to take part in life because there is nothing I want besides leading a National Socialist movement.
>You can also see this mental illness
>This mental illness is the result of a National Socialist movement
>quell those who would attempt to bring back Liberal thinking into the mainstream
>just intelligent enough to lead, but not so intelligent
>Don't tell the masses this, but this is the goal of National Socialism.
(17.20 KB 630x316 download.jpg)
where can i find more information specifically on eco facism?
Everyone is obsessed with becoming the "leader" for no reason instead of focusing more on unity.
it's just a retarded globalist distraction from real nationalism, that's all the info you need.
(90.78 KB 1216x250 1.png)
(20.62 KB 965x123 2.png)
(33.53 KB 1215x249 3.png)
(55.78 KB 1217x452 4.png)
(18.62 KB 846x195 5.png)
(14.12 KB 570x123 6.png)
(101.64 KB 1216x455 7.png)
(31.77 KB 1210x232 8.png)
show them photos of Whites being killed or attacked, it may feel like a blow on us, but it's what is necessary to shock people into waking up. Also attach the fact that Jews are involved in provoking these things.
(111.53 KB 458x600 Ernst_Thälmann_1932.jpg)
Can we meme the fact that Antifa was created by a straight, white, male? Or something on the line of "Antifa is for white men!" "Antifa belongs to white men!"?
No. You explain first. You’re the one with the retarded idea.
It's obvious fucknut, Antifa is filled to the brim with anti-white, anti-male faggots. Therefore we take back Antifa, as it rightfully belongs to the white man who created it. It doesn't belong to kikes, trannies, niggers or whatever, it's ours. Simple demoralization, retard. I can't believe I had to explain this.
nah the idea is 'tarded
Not an argument, try again.
Pol is, for the most part, a national socialist (fascist) board. You will not find support for your retarded idea here. Your argument is “something was created by a white so a Jamaican bobsled forum must work to reclaim it under the ideals of white pride.” It is surprising you think you would find support for your “idea” here and it is plainly obvious you aren’t a pol regular. We’re not your personal army, faggot.
So before kike subversion really got going on a grander scale, they created a huge repository of material to base where they took things off of. Both in form of armchair intellectual textbooks as well as fiction.
White and pro-White dissidents have been doing plenty of the former, but barely any of the latter worth mentioning. What do you think would be necessary to get people to start creating a /pol/ literary canon from the grounds up?
> just base it off the pre-existing one
I mean one that operates outside of the rules set by the kiked pre-existing one. I mean expressly political fiction.
i dont know how you interpreted that post, but to clarify, >>10403 is a kikeposter. Their story is a fabricated smear against national socialists. to put it another way, hes not a national socialist, hes a fellow national socialist.
This is an ethical must. They arent our brothers, but they're the only other decent race out there and we know the jews want their tentacles in them. The language and culture barrier has protected them so far. If english was their native language they would have completely fallen long ago. In our favor though is that us trying to sound the alarm resonates with a more universal language that i think will propagate strongly with the japanese if it can take root. This is a low effort big win for us, all we have to do/are able to do is plant a seed. If we can make a mass of albeit poorly translated but easy to understand memes and basics, at least a handful of japanese will take them seriously and dedicate themselves, on a japanese work ethic level, to the propagation of culturally appropriate national socialist and anti-globohomopedobergkikestein material. For Japan to be a successful ethnostate though they'll need redpill material too to actually fuck their women.

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