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(7.33 MB 272x480 pol goes skiing.webm)
WEBM/MP4 Thread Anonymous 09/30/2019 (Mon) 15:00:08 ID:49a53b No. 5104
Post /pol/-related webm and mp4 videos here.
Thread is bump locked to the old limit of 150 replies, new limit is 300
Please start new thread
Edited last time by anonleaf on 11/12/2019 (Tue) 04:14:34.
(230.02 KB 726x720 1484334037819.png)
He looks like he's having a fun time, im happy for him.
(6.60 MB 480x320 ymca spider.webm)
(346.89 KB 426x240 5gum.webm)
(7.95 MB 480x270 jap-commercial.webm)
(3.53 MB 202x360 american-car.webm)
(2.44 MB 480x270 dont.webm)
(3.54 MB 852x480 the chosen people.webm)
(3.54 MB 1920x1080 1533532956400.webm)
(3.88 MB 900x506 buzz.webm)
(2.46 MB 1280x720 Bowling.webm)
(2.45 MB 640x360 gay.webm)
Who's got the video of that fat guy getting shot 30 times but he still manages to slit the cop's throat?
(2.38 MB 640x360 dangerous.webm)
I never knew a video like that existed. Now I'm intrigued.
(6.00 MB 700x466 msn (6).webm)
(7.95 MB 854x480 Marxio Encephalitis.mp4)
(9.52 MB 640x360 Hitler_will.mp4)
(3.97 MB 640x360 Den_naturlige_lov2.webm)
(5.98 MB 1528x640 whitebrain.mp4)
You can upload multiple files in one post
(10.45 MB 368x640 Secret_Hidden_Prize.mp4)
(2.47 MB 640x360 1537306826312.webm)
(3.99 MB 480x360 1543711152854.webm)
(3.74 MB 640x360 1551929207231.webm)
(3.56 MB 640x360 1551930031889.webm)
(3.65 MB 720x480 1552263278677.webm)
(3.59 MB 266x400 VID-20191001-WA0000.mp4)
I'm not going to lie, that would be somewhat a cozy job.
Being a fisherman is no comfy ride.
context please?
>Serious fighting between English and Eastern European Employees of London cross rail at Bond Street station. Brexitmania has just started.

Might be fake. They look Chinese to me. That's all I know
Does anyone have the niggers can't make meatballs webm?
Bruh it's so funny but I forget what pol i saw it in. Hes filming himself stiring meatballs talking about how negroes get grape flavor koolaid and KFC. At the end he looks at one and says "now that's a good meatball, not that a nigger would know haha!" Killed me
>Being an asswipe
>1 post by this ID
Dude came here just to be an asswipe?

More MP4s pls guys
(3.14 MB 224x400 meatballs.webm)
I believe this is it
May you be blessed with a beautiful aryan woman anon, thankyou lol
(1.51 MB 957x718 theyalllaugh.png)
I kek'd so hard.
(36.47 KB 480x466 1550339001051.jpg)
nice thread anon
the absolute madman
(2.26 MB 640x360 mgs_is_real.webm)
>Nigger word
Let's stop using the nigger words were beyond it at this point
Here's a couple. I'm going to hold onto a few for now rather than spam the thread.
If you're going to call someone out for their language, be sure to write properly yourself.
Guy sounds like he's losing it.
If there is anything that makes me want to go full SIEGEtard, its that Anti-German War Crimes webm holy FUCK
I'm a phoneposter.
Inb4 buy a computer
>I'm a poor goy.
(45.98 MB 1280x720 Wie die alten Eichen.mp4)
(45.98 MB 1280x720 Wie die alten Eichen.mp4)
(2.98 MB 552x382 1570113356004.webm)
(1.26 MB 636x380 1570124403250.webm)
(607.32 KB 636x380 1570194726608.webm)
Sounds a lot like the last BO of /tv/ before infinite got shut down.
>Zog song
They aren't NPCs. They know what they're doing. go back to cuckchan!
(60.60 KB 500x400 fat guy laughing.jpg)
My fucking sides

Also my first post here. Sup everyone.
I think this may already be on the humor thread, but it makes me crack up so sharing here
(139.25 KB 747x1024 1565922381594m.jpg)
Yoyoyo. Not really humorous but i figured id dump. First post here by the way.
Want brings you to honeypot chan?
The whole internet is a honeypot
We need quantum tunnelling technology to have wireless internet(s) everywhere.
(7.91 MB 640x360 trigga trigga.webm)
(3.74 MB 512x288 natsoc friends.webm)
(7.61 MB 1280x720 natsoc hero.webm)
(1.76 MB 198x360 natsoc grandmother.webm)
(1.39 MB 854x480 UKIPboy.webm)
that is hilarious
tbh guy sounds like he's trying to dumb down an answer that is pretty complex and that he really needs to think about even in a normal setting to the level that an 8 year old understands
That Japanese commercial.
That didn't air right?
These are the best ones.
It's not a commercial. It's from The ABC's of Death, a horror short film compilation. It's overall pretty decent, some of the bits are way better than others. This clip is from the last one, so the movie surely ended with a bang.
Is that webm actually CP? I'm not clicking that shit.
Funny? CP? Two words that don't go together.
(4.22 MB 854x480 hollywood run by jews.mp4)
so nice to be able to post this full length with sound now
This one always gets to me
Made this one for the boys
(19.96 MB 640x360 Mr Bond - Where'd You Go.mp4)
Here's a few more. Glad to see some of my favorites have already been posted.
That bird makes more complicated music than any nigger
A lovely organ version of that song
Pretty good
(1.92 MB 320x180 frozen.mp4)

I have some videos on my BitChute you may want to check out. Just scroll through theres a few on there I have uploaded. Feel free to download and re-upload.
I remember watching a documentary on Hess. It stated he was butt hurt about Hitler not really allowing him to discuss things by not inviting him to table talks. So to win back Hitler he flew to Scotland to make peace. It really makes Hess seem like a retard which is why I doubt its authenticity.
holy fucking shit that is incredible. god bless
kek nice

Check those digits, three sixes!

Glad you came by, my man. It's my third week here. Good times, but the threads go by much slower. Sometimes that's good, sometimes that's bad.

Nevertheless, the schill-to-pol ratio is very, very low.

I didn't get the significance. What's up with this?

Churchill describes this in his 4 volume history on WWII (which I heartily recommend). Churchill didn't believe that Hess had any negotiation authority. And so he didn't; the moment that Hitler heard about the action, he declared Hess a rogue.

Good for Hess, though. Prominent discussions were being filtered through the media and he wanted a direct connection with the enemy. Seems worthwhile.
The official (((narrative))) is that it was one lone white shooter and totally not a CIA operation.
Collecting vids and audios of white women saying the Nigger word and other offensive terms for niggers .... please post guys !!
It's the El Paso Walmart shooting.
Anyone got the other Mosley one?
>They aren't NPCs
>They know what they're doing
(3.96 MB 640x360 Hitler self sufficiency.webm)
(7.60 MB 640x360 Victory day short.webm)
Remember lads. Do your duty. Spread videos. Talk to kids and recruit them into the movement. We are growing ever so more despite big tech silencing us. Your job now is to spread the information.
(16.55 MB 854x480 The Truth Shall Triumph.mp4)
(30.30 MB 854x480 The Lion.mp4)
(20.97 MB 640x320 Retrostein - Summer.mp4)
(22.57 MB 640x320 Retrostein - Heart.mp4)
I have this one which is about a minute longer than the clip above
Thank you anon, that's the one.
He's talking about the Elders of Zion
Deus Ex is the most based game ever made
Love the gritty techno.
>Start war
>Kill 20 million soviet civilians
>Lose war
>Complain about war crimes
The eternal ge*m.
(2.88 MB 1280x720 water.webm)
(7.22 MB 640x360 blowing cows.mp4)
>>8785 Wow bitchute embeds, the board owner is doing well.
(851.40 KB 252x460 opening_a_can.webm)
What country?
Yeah that's awesome
There's a few turds, but for the most part, you anons really came through in this thread. Skol!
(3.95 MB 427x240 ahhooowaah.webm)
>400x300 7Mb 2:52
More Deadly than War - Edward G Griffin
Full lecture.
480p 17Mb 1:14:37

Exposes what lefties are doing in Western societies.
Welcome in about 4 to 6 weeks your premium goy club membership card will arrive in the mail
(477.43 KB 220x121 Führer_Laugh.gif)
Natsoc granny my sides
(3.26 MB 1920x790 освободители.webm)
(16.20 MB 1280x720 Комуняшки.mp4)
>Kill 20 million soviet civilians
Пиздец ты промытка.
Ты не знал что советские партизаны жгли деревни и убивали мирняк, чтоб не досталось немцу? В Белоруссии есть ещё местные жители которые помнят расправы советских партизан, есть книга Виктора Хурсика «Кроў і попел Дражна». В Литве по данным литовских историков, была расправа советских партизан над польским населением деревни Канюкай (польск. Koniuchy: Конюхы) 29 января 1944. В этот день группа советских партизан, командиром которых являлся Зиманас, вошла в деревню и убила 46 местных жителей польской национальности, в том числе 22 несовершеннолетних. Все убитые были местными жителями, которым партизаны инкриминировали коллаборационизм.
В советах существовал прямой приказ.
Например, первый пункт приказа Ставки Верховного Главнокомандования №0428 от 17.11.1941г. гласит:
«1. Разрушать и сжигать дотла все населенные пункты в тылу немецких войск на расстоянии 40 — 60 км в глубину от переднего края и на 20 — 30 км вправо и влево от дорог. Для уничтожения населенных пунктов в указанном радиусе действия бросить немедленно авиацию, широко использовать артиллерийский, и минометный огонь, команды разведчиков, лыжников и партизанские диверсионные группы, снабженные бутылками с зажигательной смесью, гранатами и подрывными средствами.»
Как ты думаешь, каким образом решали проблему с мирным населением партизаны?
Рациональным немцам смысла не было уничтожать мирное население, зачем убивать тех, кого можно онемечивать и использовать в работе?
Рационализм немцев сталкивался тут с иррациональностью коммунистов - по сути им было наплевать на мирное население, почитай статьи о питании руководства Ленинграда, пока люди жрали друг друга с голоду, руководство ело красную икру.
goddamn it...

On a sidenote does anyone recall who made these? I used to know the yt channel
(12.36 MB 428x240 a.mp4)
(1.98 MB 640x360 hamas.webm)
(3.39 MB 500x281 hamasbane.webm)
(3.76 MB 480x320 sadam boderline.webm)
OC remix of an old classic.
Soviets in 70s Afghanistan documentary - Who will save the world.

720p with lyrics added.
(6.91 MB 492x360 happiest_song.webm)
(3.87 MB 640x352 Hate.webm)
(8.01 MB 1440x1080 Horst Wessel Lied.mp4)
(3.94 MB 640x360 Lügenpresse.webm)
(2.79 MB 640x360 Rudolf Hess.webm)
>Joltashem MarinaSadova
Wheat fields were sown for this
>first video
>second video
very well and has extremely ironic content on the text
(14.14 MB 640x360 National und Sozial.mp4)
(5.35 MB 480x360 Was wollen wir singen.mp4)
(7.79 MB 204x360 russiancadetsinging.webm)
what's the name of that instrument? I am absolutely mesmerised by its beauty.....
looks like a hurdy-gurdy
(2.05 MB 720x480 1554249680522.webm)
(4.99 MB 960x540 trump is evil.mp4)
Based Jew @ 8:32
lol what is the 3rd video
>tell niggers airhorns are force fields
>airhorn will protect against jamals 9mm hipoint when stealin da crackhouse stash
>go prove it muh nigga stand in front this tractor trailer and blow dat airhorn he gonna bounce off you like the train bounce off will smith supernigger in hancock
I'm not sure, but I think that guy is some kind of anti-jewish false flag. If you're a jew, you would know that you were born into it and simply converting to judaism won't make you stop being a goy.
This is the end times because if whites win we will genocide all non-whites and never stop until they are all eradicated. The goyim know too much this time. If we lose, so be it; we're already on the path to losing, at least we tried.

White's are literally angels and jews are demons as these prophecies define it. That's pretty crazy.

ignore the other anon, you are a goodgoY.
(525.35 KB 360x640 Normal white women.mp4)
Theres actually quite a bit of this
anti-nigger videos floating around. Otherwise worldstarhiphop actually has a good sized archive of Whites beating niggers to a pulp, saying or calling them niggers in general so they post these videos all the time so they can cry about being called niggers. They don't get taken down either. There some golden ones on there like groups of niggers getting knocked out for trying to jump a human saying nigger.
Backstory is they sent this to troll niggers at their highschool during the whole black lives dont matter bullshit.
(4.30 MB 1280x720 shoutout_to_poopnig420.webm)
(849.29 KB 320x568 fJF7pbYGPxK3WXQh.mp4)
(15.70 MB 1280x720 k-KhJ_SXu1dXrI7p.mp4)
Heres a couple more from that day
Bump locks are set to 150 replies at present(previously they were 50 then 100), they could be increased as traffic grows. All threads with 50+ replies are saved automatically in the archives
As this subject has been bought a few times now perhaps with should start a discussion on /meta

A work around is for Anons to delete their own comments. Once reply count drops below 150, a new reply would trigger a bump
Or a Janny could help weed out some of the random discussion in thread and keep things to just files, also anons can post up to 5 files at once to reduce reply count

Went ahead and pruned some "bump" and off hand comments to get you Anons your last bump
(7.23 MB 320x240 hackers on steroids.webm)
(15.27 MB 426x240 RAW_FIXED_240p.mp4)
(7.78 MB 640x360 the power of stories.webm)
>Bump locks are set to 150
This is utterly absurd, even a decade ago it was 300 to 350. Are we going back to the 90s technologically? While I may cede that 750 bumps is somewhat excessive at this point going backwards is not the solution.

>Pruning comments because you rule the offhand
slippery slope, and as traffic grows the work load will become overwhelming. Better to have rules that don't need enforcing (because they can't be violated, or because they are enforced by the collective itself).

Postan some webm files to keep it relevant.
Update Global Bump Limits now 300
unfortunately this will only apply to "new" threads
This thread will be Archived for prosperity

As a test Removed last two bump comments
>>12308 "bump"
>>12012 "Why is this thread bump locked"
but lock did not release, 300 limit will apply to new threads (can pin thread for a while while Anons get a new thread up and running as a temporary compromise, please try to make use of multiple files per post

>backwards is not the solution.
16chan is not a new 8ch with 1million active users, in the beginning it was thought that a faster moving board was preferred to a slow stagnating one. Bump lock was initially 50, then 100, then 150, now 300 as traffic increased.

>slippery slope
Did my best to simply remove the "bump", "lol", "your a nigger" comments as it was thought anons here would appreciate this level of moderation rather than losing thread altogether

100% agree, it has not been easy for us moderating this site, all of us were users here for weeks, we hold many of the same views on /pol/ as many other Anons here, we also appreciated BO's goal of allowing all speech, even speech we don't agree with, however Anons have been very loudly calling for deletion of anything they disagree with, take the PTG >>10687 thread for instance. While many here may disagree with OP in these threads that does not mean OP should be silenced. Calling for Bans of wrong think makes us no better than Twitter.
Anons will of course bring up "kike shill threads" on 4chan here now.
That is a valid reason for removing a thread if it serves only to troll the 16 community.
We did not feel this was the case for said threads.
Granted this is a judgement call, one where we must guess as to OP's intent.
It has not been easy, and as such we have chose to err on the side of caution, and in most cases give OP the benefit of doubt to assume that his post truly believes and is not just a troll. Questionable slide threads are moved to /b
With very few trash threads being deleted out right, /logs are available to Anons on the home page

TL;DR 16 will always encourage open honest discussion
(8.17 MB 720x900 vxiYLDSGm4PQD4O7.mp4)
Found another one.
I know this has been up for a bit, but i love it, and this thread.

Thanks anons
(15.33 MB 480x356 Dylann roof.mp4)
Dylann Roof Target Practice
This retard killed 8 retarded goyim in a church. I'd have more respect for him if he blasted a bunch of hood niggers.
Im not a communist, moron. I said killing 20 million of your own race let alone civilians is something even you must know is bullshit.
(9.18 MB 640x360 Животное.webm)
And I didn't call you a communist. Everything I have written has to do with the Soviet military leadership blaming its mistakes, losses and atrocities on the German side. I doubt that all 20 million were destroyed exclusively by the Nazi side. I know well how the Soviets manipulated statistics, the same Zhukov lied and threw cannon fodder at the front. Yes, the losses in the war were huge, but the reasons for these losses? Try to read the memories of Günter K. Koschorrek and compare it to memories of Николая Никулина.
What does Günter write?
He writes that the russians like crazy went to machine-gun fire.
What does Николай write?
In infantry divisions already in 1941 there was a backbone of suppliers, physicians, counterintelligence, staff officers who formed the mechanism of reception of replenishment, sending it to fight to the death.
He see the work of the barrier troops behind the soldiers.
And in the spring the same Николай describes geological layers of corpses from different military appeals.
What did Zhukov say to Eisenhower?
Approaching a minefield, our infantry conducts an attack as if this field does not exist.
The ugly truth is, my friend, that the Soviet leadership did not consider human losses. And all these losses fell into the piggybank of Germany at the Nuremberg trials. War will forgive everything. And she forgave after winning.
About genocide by guerrillas of local population in the occupied territories I already wrote to you above.
(43.51 MB 1280x720 OperationSaint.webm)
(15.02 MB 1920x1080 14Words.mp4)
(7.71 MB 1280x720 LetsGetThisPartyStarted.webm)
(13.87 MB 720x480 OperationCensorDawn.webm)
(2.51 MB 1280x720 This_Is_For_Ebba.webm)
(2.04 MB 720x720 R.SpencerBased.mp4)
j*sus so based!
just converted this about an hour ago from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKCvf8E7V1g
yeah - maybe if they released that audio right after the fucking event instead of 2 years later he would have had more support
ok, maybe not.
(2.96 MB 600x338 nigga runs for it.webm)
(24.91 MB 640x480 not_so_chosen_people.webm)
Thank you for your work. This is the original channel
with lots of worthy content like webm related.

Funny enough, searching bitchute for him proved suspiciously nontrivial as
searching 'Jews_for_Hitler' didn't list him among the 7 channels found, whereas
searching 'Jews_For_Hitler How a Jew Became a Nazi' returned 18hits which also didn't include the original, yet included two re-uploads of the original by other channels, with each having about 100 times less views than the original.

Does anyone know why that is so, is bitchute actually hiding the channel?

Oh and in case anyone else watched How a Jew Became a Nazi and found his disparagement of Napoleon unbecoming, here are the author's corrections of the video:

NAPOLEON: I have come to change my views entirely on Napoleon over the years, and I wish I could remake this video since I have become much wiser from my mistakes. Napoleon was not an atheist, nor was he fighting for England and their bankers. He was a much greater man than I ever gave him credit, a man who even Adolf Hitler admired.

1. It was Napoleon who stopped the revolutionaries and genocides and brought order to France as the streets ran with blood. Even though he conquered the Church of Rome, he still established them as the Church of France, while the revolutionaries were murdering priests.

2. Napoleon never intended to sail to Jerusalem and establish the Jews in Palestine. Napoleon had done something much more amazing instead. Napoleon would gather all the greatest minds in all of Europe, such as: engineers, archaeologists, historians, scientists, artists, and all sorts of various scholars, to send them on a mystery voyage with his fleet, to a land Napoleon only told his closest Generals.

Everyone assumed that Napoleon must be heading towards Jerusalem, and so some newspapers fabricated some stories and people were made to believe in such nonsense as I did. The French fleet landed in the ancient lands of Egypt, Napoleon wanted to sever England's trade route through Egypt. But because of Napoleon's love for history, Napoleon had planned something that would change the world forever and connect us to the past like never before.

After Napoleon had conquered Egypt, his secret army of European scientists and scholars would begin to unlock the greatest secrets from ancient history and establish a study we call Egyptology today. After the British Empire had emerged victorious, most of the spoils of war would make their way to England, where the greatest treasures from ancient history can be viewed by anyone today.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I have come to respect all the sacrifices these people made, until you learn their untold stories and learn about how much blood, sweat and tears these people sacrificed so we can know the things we know today.

I hope to share with you all the knowledge I have acquired from their sacrifices, knowledge that has left me speechless, where I now know for certain that the only person who could have written the first five books in the Bible could have been an Egyptian prince who lived in Egypt during the second intermediate period, when Assyrian Hyksos were ruling the Northern Kingdom of Egypt and had enslave the true Egyptians and everyone loyal to them. Isaiah 52:4

EMIL MAURICE: Emil Maurice is not half-Jewish in the end. He was either one-eight Jewish or one-quarter-Jewish. However, Erhard Milch was half-Jewish through his father, and he commanded the entire German Luftwaffe logistics from 1933 to 1945. My point was, Hitler wasn't some Jew killing maniac, he valued people who had merit and honor, to the point where all of Germany trusted the son of a Jewish pharmacist with their entire German air force. When you consider the impossible odds the German Luftwaffe faced, and yet dominated the skies of Europe for years, please remember that those achievements rest on the fact that Adolf Hitler and Germany put their trust in a German-Jew.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN: I have come to learn that we must treat the American War of Independence and the American Civil War EXACTLY how we treat WW1 and WW2. In the American Civil War, the only states who were forced to free their slaves were the Southern States or "States in rebellion" - according to the Emancipation Proclamation, the Northern States and Generals were actually the last people to free their slaves. African Americans were much better off in the hands of Southerners, who were accustom to them, rather than the Northerners whom most had never seen an African man...

... and other stuff about the North and about Alexander I, jesuits and masons, which I will not include here because of the 5000c limit, but which you should go read under the original video on the author's channel.
(16.36 MB 854x480 jugendwave.mp4)
(29.62 MB 854x480 kriegwave.mp4)
(3.64 MB 480x360 navy.webm)
(11.60 MB 640x360 reichwave.mp4)
(1.25 MB 480x480 yield_curve.webm)
not as bad as the burger king ring commercial.
(2.72 MB 628x356 WWII analogy.webm)

Yes. The Soviets were animals. Marching millions of German youths west, and a handful that aren't worked to death return.

I'm not a Nazi fan, but I share Patton's point of view. Any reasonable person that sees Nazis on the left and the Comitern on the right and doesn't fire to the right gets the rope.
(23.02 MB 480x360 Dumber.gif)
> starting a war = war crimes okay
>losing a war = war crimes okay
>complaining about war = war crimes okay
>kill slightly less enemy civilians than enemy government = war crimes okay

I wish you were one of the 20 million.

Good for him. The biggest problem that I see is that they've probably already booked (and fingerprinted) him. He's just adding crime on top of crimes.

"Run, nigger, run, the paddy wagon gon' catch you; Run, nigger, run boy you better get away"
(69.74 KB 599x600 hitler love letter.jpg)
(985.43 KB 500x281 Nazi Dog.gif)

NatSoc Grandmother...why the laughter in the clip. It seems to be that there's really only room for shock or silent respect. Of all the things that I associate with Hitler, laughing isn't one of them.
can somebody post CyberNazi and Xurious fashwave songs .mp3
(2.85 MB 406x720 based cat.webm)
(22.81 MB 1280x720 Irreplaceable.mp4)
>>15913 Very nice presentation. It was good for him to express a little emotion, because that combined with the salient memes is what will resonate most with the normies in his class. White girls won't forget that. Too bad he wasn't able to hit the gym more (or higer T) or we might have heard some cheers from the class. That is a brave young man right there.
(1.78 MB 640x360 pure-coincidence.webm)
(2.35 MB 1280x720 Mountains burn the jews.webm)
(1.15 MB 512x288 wheres our money soros.webm)
(3.68 MB 480x272 windows 8 updates.webm)
>>5104 contraband'n
>>16120 tails user is highly amused at the windows nigger.
>>16120 >Slap my ass and call me sally I lost right there, unironicaly to the winupdate webm
>>15913 Is a longer video?
(15.50 MB 1440x1080 MrBondWhyACFsmall.mp4)
Mr Bond.
(4.84 MB 1280x720 Nigger Gear Solid.webm)
I just made some OC.
(2.39 MB 854x480 black sun.mp4)
(30.14 MB 854x480 dissonance.mp4)
(5.14 MB 1280x720 AnthemROA.mp4)
(14.38 MB 640x360 rare-erika.mp4)
(12.47 MB 854x480 russia3.mp4)
(1.37 MB 640x278 spurdo1.webm)
(3.14 MB 1280x720 spurdo2.webm)
(2.21 MB 1280x720 spurdo3.webm)
(11.91 MB 1280x1266 coon in tank.webm)
(3.25 MB 480x360 dogsdevourslavicman.webm)
(20.98 KB 768x646 you-deserve-this.gif)
>>16394 Holy fugg that is not a goddamn spurdo you apex nigger. You deserve seven gassings.
(3.54 MB 640x360 letsplay.webm)
(1.19 MB 450x460 SSSSSS.webm)
(1.32 MB 648x360 straya.webm)
(3.75 MB 854x480 kebab remover on his hip.webm)
(3.06 MB 640x480 march 16.webm)
Have some quality St. Tarrant merch anons.
>>7094 gut punch to the feels right there. god I wish I could go back in time and fight for the good guys. Then the bird could have a qt gf
(34.81 MB 640x360 Proud of my Bowl.mp4)
(31.21 MB 720x720 yolocaust.mp4)
Top KEK this video made my day. Hilarious. Never forget the six gorillion who died in the yolocaust!
>>16724 Send him a selfie and request he make one for you too
>>16724 Do I have to go to Berlin to get my jumping-on-dead-jews selfie?
>>16738 Im sure a selfie from jewish corner of the local cemetery would work
(55.11 KB 445x591 MOONWALKER.jpg)
>>16724 I like how they show how good they are at faking images and their perception. This is what nearly all war photos of (((them))) actually are. Often it's depicting fleeing Germans from east Germany, they stole, sold as kikes.
From afar you can't tell whether they are Germans or kikes, same with those piles of dead bodies.
(14.77 MB 264x180 Prodigy-ivaders-must-die.mp4)
data analysis of the jewish population of the 20th century
>>16724 I spent some time there when I went on a group trip through Berlin a few years ago. I consider it a prime example of the hideousness of Jewish architecture and their inability to create beauty
>>16931 Probably just a coincidence that the 6 million meme's began and continued during this inflationary period from 1900-'20. Can't believe you anti-semites are not aware how notoriously bad, joo's are with numbers
>>16937 >Can't believe you anti-semites are not aware how notoriously bad, joo's are with numbers But seriously, they really can’t count
>>16938 >be me >btfo Nice one Anon, I was sure I was being a smart ass, by poking at their preferred occupation in banking and/or accounting. While that info graphic looks familiar I can't say I recall actually reading those stories. cheers mate
>>16938 That first calculation of 16 million deaths is incorrect. Makes the rest of your infographic unreliable. Maybe check your own maths before trying to spread garbage.
>>17001 Good eye. Makes me wish there were more nonglowniggers like you here!
>>17001 >>17061 Hur dur 16 million is incorrect That is the point exactly All the totals claimed by jews are incorrect
>>17063 He means 400 x 400 x 400 isn't 16 million, genius. It's even more ridiculous.
>>17061 >>17001 READ THE RED TEXT The point is that the Rabbi is retarded
>>17069 >being this dumb Just stop while you're ahead guy
>>17078 Tell me why is the cartoon claiming 16million ?
>>17081 Read >>17066 you fucking donut, 400 pupils under 400 teachers in every single synagogue out of 400 is much more than 16 million. The 16 million figure is wrong and actually undersells how retarded jews are. Stop posting until you comprehend this, or just stop posting period.
>>17087 >The 16 million figure is wrong was the point of >>16938 >But seriously, they really can’t count Why is that beyond your understanding? All of the numbers are wrong >400 pupils under 400 teachers in every single synagogue out of 400 So the city of Betar had 64 MILLION jewish pupils? "Hadrian, who slew 80 thousand myriads" A myriad (from Ancient Greek μυριάς, myrias) = 10,000 https://www.livius.org/sources/content/rabbinical-literature/midrash-rabbah-lamentations-2.2.4/ 800 million dead? That number is double if not 5 times the world population https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_population#History Published estimates for the 1st century ("AD 1") suggest an uncertainty of the order of 50% (estimates range between 150 and 330 million). >hurr durr 16 million is wrong
>>17098 Yes idiot, it should read "Total deaths: 64 million t. Rabbi Shlomo", what's so hard about this? Why are you linking wikipedia what the fuck
>>17098 Literally this >>17101 Not only do you have less mathematical capability than a fucking primary school student you also lack basic language comprehension.
(729.91 KB 1516x732 biden 6gorillion.png)
(1.11 MB 640x360 -A4VrEUyyI.mp4)
(5.46 MB 640x360 8nSlVi1REFo.mp4)
(45.63 MB 360x240 actionedit.mp4)
Action was a cable TV series released in 1999 starring Jay Mohr. The series was a "funny, uncensored naming-names series [that peeled] off the glitter of Hollywood moviemaking and exposes the duplicitous but totally addictive behind the scenes truth". Following recent revelations about the behaviour of certain (((Hollywood executives))), the portrayal in the series of "fictional" (((Hollywood executives))) is worth revisting now. Especially that of the "Rothstein brothers". Plus, it’s hilarious.
I hope Brenton had the time of his life
https://youtu.be/QsmkIyHDUFA 1/4chan /nsg/ still going strong.
(3.76 MB 640x360 War - Dance of the Dead.webm)
(12.35 MB 480x270 Accelerate.mp4)
(15.32 MB 854x480 End of evangelion.webm)
(7.47 MB 640x360 Firebrand Gallant.mp4)
>>17103 May the lord bless you to heal your retardation the image is saying kikes can't count that is why the numbers are not correct
>>8550 you literally deserve death
>>7276 >>7348 All by design. He succeeds and he's a hero. He fails and we had nothing to do with his extreme acts. He was willing to be vilified and tarnish his name for the good of his people.
>>17251 where the hell did you find these
(28.02 MB 640x360 Xurious - Team White SD.mp4)
The song is of course by Xurious, but what is the source of the video? People really like this one.
>>18068 It's from the movie Hell Boy. I think the beginning is cosplay.
(3.85 MB 960x540 1575325883343.webm)
>>6606 Sad how many died in that conflict, what a complete waste. So pathetic.
>>5364 Sounds schizo ngl
>>13570 >Speaking spanish
Does anyone have the video titled: "To Kill a Hero"? It was a propaganda film made by an anon on 8chan. Would appreciate if someone could share it.
>>18669 Thought I saw it in last few months, so assumed it must be here somewhere, checked in archived webm threads wasn't there either. Found it on bitchite so not the best quality https://www.bitchute.com/video/7AJ1fZ6rUi1r/ Also in a voat thread https://voat.co/v/8chan/3123768 but file was hosted at transfer.sh which is down (for now it seems while they merge with some other site) Original File name may help with searches High(er) quality: https://transfer.sh/rQSu8/ToKillAHero_FINAL_H.264_CBR20.mp4MP4 MD5: 1255E65F7CA86276B9BBB47D08549C3F
>>18672 Damn. Wish someone got the version with the song "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition."
(1.28 MB 480x480 SIEGEPILLED 10.mp4)
(2.03 MB 266x400 yummy daddy.webm)
Polite request for a vid from the Columbine shooters, with audio of Pumped up kicks
(47.87 MB 1280x720 20191218_214036.mp4)
>>19285 What the fuck am I looking at here?
>>19284 >>19286 Я хочу ещё, дайте мне ещё.
>>19284 >He doesn't acknowledge the reason it's called the Lavon affair. If what I've read are to be believed, Moshe Sharat proved he didn't receive any information about the operation. Don't be mistaken, kikes are still bad.
>>16724 But I don't get it he just made the images funnier.
(3.70 MB 1600x891 out.webm)
(13.41 MB 480x360 The Lion.mp4)
>>19721 wb OP
Why are there no times& dates on content?
>>19739 >Anonymous 12/31/2019 (Tue) 14:31:59 (Just now) ID:546764 No. 19739 >Why are there no times& dates on content? Because you're a phonefag. Open the page using "Desktop Mode" Or better yet wait until you get home to post like a civilized anon
Oh,thanks. Smashed up fiddy dollar samsung is the only device I own.Poorfag here.
>>19745 No worries mate, just thought you could use a typical /pol/ack welcome. Also could have screamed use Q/PTDDTOT >>4985 but went with more friendly newfag welcome
>>16933 Was there as well a few years ago, it made me sick. Too simple, no input of skills whatsoever. Al they had in their backmind was to occupy a space that would be allocated to them. The jew showing its will to conquer
>>6366 He is 89 years old.
(3.87 MB 896x504 Vladislav rektz newbs.webm)
>>19122 Dont have it but take this
(27.49 MB 854x480 With jews We Lose.mp4)
With jews We Lose Truth Gone Viral Tv https://www.bitchute.com/channel/white-genocide/
(21.90 MB 640x360 pumped kicks columbine.mp4)
>>19122 heres one that was already made
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