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(168.49 KB 700x1024 IMG_1560.JPG)
Total Extermination - the Final Solution Anonymous 10/12/2021 (Tue) 03:13:50 No. 51115
Let me preface this post with a disclaimer: this is a hypothetical argument. The individual murder of even 50 subhumans is not the equivalent of the total extermination of all the billions on earth. As genocide is not actionable for a single individual, I cannot be said to be encouraging illegal activity. The only entity that could accomplish such a task as I am advocating would be a state apparatus, and since it is the state apparatus that defines what is legal or illegal based on its interests, this would be a legal action. The Extermination of Racial Aliens If someone has a goal and is able to achieve it, they ought to do whatever is necessary to the best of their ability to accomplish it. If they don’t because they are emotionally unwilling, then they don’t deserve to accomplish that goal, and rather deserve whatever the consequences are for not accomplishing it. For example, if someone wanted to pick an apple from a tree and had a ladder there to use, they ought to climb the ladder and pick the apple. However, if they are unwilling to climb because they are lazy or afraid, they don’t deserve to get that apple. In actuality, they deserve to go without it. The course of evolution has ingrained a goal into the biological nature of the males of our species, that is; to protect their kin and the future of their progeny. So, they ought to do whatever is necessary to the best of their ability to accomplish this goal. If someone were unwilling to do whatever is necessary to the best of their ability to protect their kin and the future of their progeny, then they have rejected the masculine function and been fundamentally emasculated. They would also be, by necessity, a traitor to their kin. They would even deserve the resulting destruction of their kin and the future of their progeny. The cause for traitorous self-emasculation in this day and age is usually cowardice, moral weakness, or masochistic ideological brainwashing. Our kinship is with the Aryan race, because race is simultaneously our lineage and identity; genetic, phenotypic, and spiritual. The future of the Aryan race is the future of our progeny. In order to protect the Aryan race, we must completely eliminate all threats to it. The most dangerous threats are alien out-groups. Different humanoid groups invariably come into contact with each other and compete for limited resources in the pursuit of their own interests. If alien racial groups exist, they will inevitably come into contact with the Aryan race and compete with it. This would, and has resulted in the murder and rape of Aryan people. In order to completely eliminate this threat, it is necessary to totally exterminate all racial aliens that exist. If one does not have this as a goal, then one has rejected the masculine function, likely out of moral weakness. They would be an emasculated traitor. A total, physical destruction is necessary. While mental, social, economic, and political measures can influence humanoid behavior, they cannot guarantee it. Despite stringent measures to secure the interests of the Aryan race against the alien races, a time would inevitably come when Aryan men, women, and children were brutalized and killed by them. Allowing this inevitability to remain in fact is to directly allow their brutalization and murder. It is to fail to protect the Aryan race by any means necessary to the best of one’s ability, and is therefore treasonous emasculation. To strive towards the total annihilation of all alien races is the only position on the Alien Question that isn’t blatantly treasonous. The facts of life and human behavior force us to choose between the existence of alien races and the lives of precious Aryan people. To protect our Aryan women and children, we must and will totally exterminate all alien life on this planet.
>>51115 I agree that genocide is the only possible solution; the world is too small to share, especially with the pathetic. The viable methods IMO are either a military coup, AI seizure of nukes, or a virus. The first probably takes too long at this point, so we have to hope for a genius to do one of the others.
Well, our enemies sure are going for total extermination of Europeans. Everyday normalfag arabs, latinos, and blacks are actually OK with that, while many of our most "extreme" fascists still simp for ethnopluralism. I mean I get it we're an altruistic race, but you have to find irony in the whole situation.
>>51115 As a clearly superior and dominant force for ages, there is no other alternative. The European/Aryan man rightfully deserves the world, cleansing it from the primitive, ugly and obsolete. Unfortunately, I consider this a pipe dream, for our altruism and extreme individualism leave much to be desired regarding such a goal. >we must and will totally exterminate all alien life on this planet. Assuming the jew won't accomplish it first by way of nuclear weapons. Then again, they wouldn't be able to maintain themselves without competent fools to exploit. I suppose the chinks, along with what would be left of subhumanity, will suffice for them.
(222.33 KB 960x1280 1580956332345.jpg)
(10.39 KB 288x450 1580712211909.jpg)
(540.68 KB 1229x1630 1582179056779.jpg)
>>51127 If you cut off the food and medicine, the shitskins will die. The ones locally who are mixed and imbedded; well, they can be mopped up too. Never lose hope. Great men have defied all odds before. We will do it again. We will. Do it.
>>51115 Based
>"let's kill everyone not us" said the jew >"let's kill everyone not us" said the whites Shitskins lose either way. There truly is only jewish and (true) White privilege.
(460.12 KB 783x420 caravan.png)
>>52001 >de-colonize the rest of the world >the complete opposite of killing everyone not us >get invaded by browners and ethnically replaced It was my privilege
>>51115 Well okay, but talk about counting your chickens before they hatch. Really, this is like planning out the details of your future mansion from the profits from selling your chickens while not even having eggs. I will say one thing. I am a Piercite and I do not believe that anything in defense of our race is wrong. However, the whole global genocide is quite LARPish and silly if you think about it more than the vague generalities that OP makes. How exactly is this to be done? Contrary to what the jews would have us believe, genocide is actually very hard to do and expensive. A global genocide would necessitate structuring our entire economy around genocide for generations. After all, once it becomes clear that we mean for total, worldwide ethnic cleansing, 100% of everyone else will fight back and, since anything is justified in defense of our people, they will come to the same conclusion and resist by any means. Likely, such a conflict will end with nuclear and biological warfare on both sides, leading to the complete collapse of civilization. But even if we are somehow able to "win" and kill them all, we are left with a very dangerous situation; Our entire economy and society is designed only around ethnic cleansing. Thus, the minute that everyone else is gone, our old and idiotic grudges will resurface and we will turn on each other. Even when we are staring racial extinction in the face, many so-called "nationalists" are so retarded that they would rather fight each other than fight jews and invaders. If this is how we act when we are in the most desperate situation any people can ever face, it is certain that if we faced no other threats, a huge proportion of our so-called friends would instantly want to exterminate each other, leading to more of the same. Again, if defending your people means that nothing is immoral, then it follows that releasing biological WMDs is morally just in defense of Eastern Europe against Russia, Germany vs France, or Greece against Italy. If I were an Irishman and my people were facing extermination from China or Britain, it would be completely justified to release a world ending bio-engineered pandemic rather than see vile, backstabbing traitors triumph. So long as elements in our ranks still want more White genocide even after eliminating all other threats to our race, we will never know peace. >>51117 > The viable methods IMO are either a military coup, AI seizure of nukes, or a virus. >a military coup Yet all military elite are zionists. >AI seizure of nukes Yet jews and zionists write the codes for AI. Furthermore, an AI would exterminate Whites along with blacks if it gained sentience. In fact, we would probably be the second target after jews since we pose the greatest potential threat to AI after jews. Believing that an AI would magically want to be friends with possible threats is the height of stupidity. > a virus Do you know of any biological lab that is run by White people who are not beholden to jews? If it were possible to create a racially specific virus, the two most likely candidates for creating it are the jews and the Chinese. Fortunately, the nature of biological warfare is that anything biological is subject to evolve on its own and if a disease can perpetuate itself by mutating to target 100% of the global population rather than 10% or even 80%, then it will do so eventually.
>>52022 > our old and idiotic grudges will resurface and we will turn on each other. Yes, I'm afraid this will always be a problem. It does make sense, however. Here's the hypothetical: >All of European heritage unite. >Somehow make truces ("no more brother wars"). >Fight for total control, later extermination of all others. >Implement strict eugenics program to the point of perfection, per say. >Everyone is beautiful, highly intelligent, strong and virtuous. >We're all the same, nothing to strive for. Extreme mundaneness. The next logical step is to explore the stars and beyond, which means starting all over again should other species come into contact with us. Space exploration aside, this is not how genes work, which brings us back to the aforementioned problem. Keeping the infighting to a minimum would be the best approach. After all, there wouldn't be much to fight over, at that point. What say you?
>>51126 >Everyday normalfag arabs, latinos, and blacks are actually OK with that, while many of our most "extreme" fascists still simp for ethnopluralism. I agree. You have to exterminate them where they come from because they will just try again later. >>51964 >If you cut off the food and medicine, the shitskins will die. Delusional. Most medicine is produced in China and India. Many of these countries are self-sufficient in food or fairly close. The agricultural technology was transferred a long, long time ago. It requires active measures.
(222.39 KB 990x612 Belarusian Women with Bread.jpg)
(98.04 KB 736x553 German Folk Dance.jpg)
(66.33 KB 500x750 Slovakian Traditional Dress.jpg)
>>52045 Emphasis on the hypothetical. Look, you know that a race destroying brother-war is one of my great fears for the future, and I know that it concerns you as well. We must take any reasonable steps to prevent it. However, we ought to avoid erasing what cultural heritage we do have. Erasing the distinction between Germans, Danes, Poles, and French would destroy something deep within us. We would lose our rootedness which distinguishes us from the jews. There must be a balance between reducing our many branches of the European race into a single blend, and the destructive infighting that has kept us down and vulnerable to jewish exploitation in the past. There must be a way that we can be both proud of being German and Polish without murdering each other for idiotic grudges. If this is not possible, if we Whites really are on the same level as niggers and we are unable to put aside shit that no one alive has even experienced, then the European blending really is the only good option because at least we will maintain some of our rootedness and heritage by remaining alive. I love all our branches within the Family. I'd like to preserve them, if possible.
>>52099 One positive is that language barriers have diminished, and in the EU atleast, Eastern Europeans have proven themselves as equals.
>>52106 This is true to a degree. What we need is a White EU that incentivizes cooporation between our people while not imposing zionist "values" upon us. And the EU ought to include the entirety of Greater Europe. America and Australia and (eventually) South Africa and Rhodesia.
>>52106 >I want globalism for White people, the post
>>52112 In a certain sense it is beneficial because we can communicate with each other and recognize that we are being attacked and targeted collectively -- regardless if we are Quebecois, Hungarian, Irish, Swedish, Boer, etc.
(246.28 KB 883x600 Belarusian Girls Dancing.jpg)
(195.89 KB 960x540 Romanian Dance.jpg)
>>52113 >>52112 Well in fairness, both he, OP, and myself do want a White world, or global dominance for our race. My reservation is that I don't want to dilute or destroy the ancient heritages which give us rootedness. We have already lost so much.
>>52158 In that case, all you need to do is bunker down. There is a high chance that in such a situation, somebody would see fit to release the stockpiled weapons and go full victory-denial. Such a horrific and wide-spanning attack would not go unreplied, and all it would take is for one person to have access to the UK's, France's, USA's or Russia's stockpiled bioweapons to even up the damage.
>>52158 >Also people are not even factoring in that most Whites are as good as dead from the clot-shot I don't believe the numbers about vaccination rates at all. If they were getting what they wanted, this show would have been over.
>>52161 You really underestimate the sadism of the Jews and the stupidity of the general population.
>>52158 Hey, it's right-wing-province-of-BC guy! Whats up? Having fun getting your posts cleaned from /fascist/? >>52161 Sterilization FUD is a jew psyop.
>>51117 Sad for you but world genocide is only viable with a one world government preceded by the new world order. That's what we're moving towards and you're in the 'to die' category. Still think genocide is the only possible solution?
>>52201 He's saying that we should turn things around, steal their idea and actually achieve their goals, but for our own people, do to them what they tried to do to us. It's called "reverse judaism", in that it's taking the goals of the talmudic zionist jews, and swapping the places of the jewish race with the race of the White Indo Aryan Europoid Caucasoid Gentile Goyim. Whites take over the world, all over races are conquered, subjugated, enslaved, or exterminated, the kike vision of a new world order is realized by their mortal enemies, with them on the "kill" list. For the yids, it's the ultimate humiliation, to try to take over world, only to set in motion a series of events that sees the world overtaken by the ones who they hated the most. For the White man, it's the ultimate and final victory, no more could any other variety of mankind threaten their people, the entire world is their global planetary ethnostste, abd they shall make it glorious. For the other races, they will curse the jews who convinced them that villainizing the Whites as evil privileged oppressors of other races to manipulate them into giving up everything they had and accepting their own destruction was a good idea. It killed off the Whites who had a naive compassion for them, leaving only the hard as nails specimens behind, with no one they cared for left to hold them back, and royally pissed off to the degree of unleashing their full might without any sense of restraint left on their retaliatory quest of world conquest. A fitting fate for all, wouldn't you think so?
>>52203 >A fitting fate for all, wouldn't you think so? It's also all roleplay. We don't even control a tiny island. >Let's just switch places with the jews! Okay, let me go find the reversalroles button.
>>52203 We don't have a choice, there is no 'should' What's essentially happening is the jews are creating a less efficient and productive society with the pure intent of staying in charge for the rest of time No one will ever achieve their full potential, you wont be allowed. By extension, you will never be free and if you are not free you are not alive. If you ever wish to be truly alive you must be free We must remove them This is a basic human need not some social or ideological problem or a 'fate' or 'destiny'.
>>52205 It's always possible to get out from the bottom and claw your way to the top, it's always possible to figure out a way to use what you got to get what you need to get what you want, there are tried and true methods of achieving such thing, we simply learn them, adapt them to our desires and circumstances, abd put those plans into action. your enemy who lord's over you now wasn't always on such such role, and even if he was born into it, his ancestors must have at some point in the past attained the position to hand down to their descendants from a position of lower status, nd the same could be said for them, and those who came before that. At some point he or his predecessors had to get where they are now from a time when they weren't back then. If you want want usurp their position do ad they did, and get the sane results. It may take many steps, it may take many generations, it may not be you, but your successor who finally realizes what it was you dreamt of, it will take sacrifice, patience and a lot of effort, only extraordinary people doing extraordinary things can bring about extraordinary results. You must be ruthless, nothing should matter to you but your goals, you must see everything like a game, where your actions are only decided and evaluated on the basis of their effectiveness at getting you closer to the realization of your goals, be it by you or others in your life, or at some point after your death by people whose work builds off of the legacy you left them. You may need to be deceptive, operating in steps and degrees, achieving your great goal by way of the cumulative effects of many lesser goals. You may need to be unpredictable, finding out what others expect from you, and instead doing something that they weren't prepared for. You may need to be subtle, doing two seemingky unrelated or tasks that set things up in advance for when they come together, or do something arbitrary that later reveals itself to actually be relevant to something significant. You may need to read up on strategy and philosophy, especially that of your enemy, playing against them would be easy when you know their playbook, and could reverse engineer their strategies to use fir your own cause.
>>52339 >the jews can be overthrown. I agree completely. I'm not saying that their power is eternal. Far from it, infact. I have written many threads on revolution and the mistakes that the jewish regime is making. My critique of this conversation is merely that we are like a small group of Helots meeting in a shack in Laconia. We're not plotting how we can free ourselves, but fantasizing about how we will all non-Messenians "eventually." It's just not realistic at this time when we cannot even seize control over a single media corporation. But it is more than that. I must tread delicately, but you know that in order for us to even be in a position to remove the non-Whites from just our own countries, we would need to overthrow the current regime and replace it. In order for that to occur, we would need to stage a successful Revolution. And given the fact that less than 20% of our own race agrees with us, this would be a monumental struggle. The cold truth of the matter is that when the time of conflict is upon us, we will need all of America's enemies to help by funding rebel movements inside the empire. And at present, the most likely candidates for funding a pro-White insurgency are Iran, China, and Russia. Only these three nations both possess the resources to assist American rebels while also being geostrategically opposed to Washington. By making it clear early on that we really are the "bad guys" who want to exterminate them, we guarantee that we receive no help from anyone. Put simply, fantasizing about global genocide is both ridiculous given our situation, but it is also harmful for the long term future of our struggle.
>>51115 >>51126 >>51964 >>51117 The best way is to create a Pro-European no exceptions religion with many tendrils but under handily work together because they all have the same message Europeans are part of the Divine and we are our only allies. One new age thats about peace and love the only way is with European worship. A edgy counter culture one that fights against the public powers that target Europeans think lawyers and anarchist working together. A war culture that designates all shitskins and kikes as walking cancer and they are the doctors who cure the Earth. A medicine focused European religion that puts help and support only to Europeans A tech focused European religion that ensures only we have advance technology and destroy any copy cats, with active cyber presence on all fronts.
>>52508 Basically inverse judaism but for Whites. It makes sense because Whites ACTUALLY deserve to be the only ones living on the Earth.
>>52514 Reverse judaism is where you take what the jews beleive and swap out the placement of the jews with that of the Gentile Whites (Indo-Europoids Caucasians Aryans Etc.), Especially the Anglo-Saxons, whom the jews seem to have a particularly strong hate for, due to their German ancestry and historical ties to the founding of the United States and the colonial empires of Britain France Germany and Italy). You can't beat the jews at their game of you aren't playing their game to begin with. I suggest as a first move, setting up a series of leagues dedicated to the gathering of people with a specific phenotype commonly found in people of North-Western European descent. A red-haired men's league, for men with natural red hair. A blonde haired men's league, for men with natural blonde hair. A blue eyed men's league for men with natural blue eyes. A green eyed men's league, for men with natural green eyes. A league for freckled men, men with natural freckles. Etc. Basically these leagues accept people with specific phenotypes, and support one another in various ways, such as in matchmaking with others who bear a similar phenotype and thus could produce children that are likely to preserve the phenotype. Or helping each other out with things like employment, or setting up funds that could be used to support members in times of need. Or other such things. They might have meetings where they discuss great examples of people who possessed the trait, their accomplishments, and legacy. Or about the story of how the trait started and then spread across the world. Other times they might talk about the genetics of their trait, it's evolutionary origins, it's characteristics, and it's various forms of expression (subtypes, for example a vanishing blonde vs a dirty blonde vs a golden blonde vs a strawberry blonde vs a platinum blonde).
(100.76 KB 1030x798 Gattaca_still.jpg)
(75.55 KB 538x720 vilified.jpg)
(167.73 KB 800x600 losers.jpg)
>>52168 >Sterilization FUD is a Jew psyop Cope.
>>52547 This. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial at this point, as most of cobblers, the most trusted Chan online, is in consensus of this very fact.
>>52548 that's nice, but do you have anything more substantive than your gay little popularity contest? imagine making that same appeal for so many other topics shit on in these circles to understand how flimsy it sounds
>>52548 >This. Literal Samefag
>>52549 Well, I fucked a blonde British woman who weighs around 300 pounds--lots of cushion for the pushin'--just the way I like my women. Well, she was double dosed and we've been raw dogging for months, redpilled her on vaccines, and sadly, she has not gotten pregnant. Sure, whaling is degenerate, but I have always liked fatties and it didn't come from porn. Plus, with all the shortages, the fat on her body will feed my sons as they are growing in her womb. So yeah, she might be barren, sterilized by the kike spike.
>>52554 you're only going to convince retards with fake consensus and other shit appeals, whereas those methods just make people in their right mind less inclined to take anything you say seriously. good job shooting yourself in the foot faggot.
>>52555 Oh no, I am not samefagging. I am just giving you evidence on how this vaccine made White survival a fucking LARP at this point.
>>52556 no, you and i both know you did. once again, congrats on shooting yourself in the foot faggot. that's also why you haven't provided any actual evidence yet, too, not that i ever expected any. wish obnoxious retards like you would fuck off back to 4kids or some other alt pol that doesn't mind shitposters and stay there.
>>52557 My gf is evidence.
>>52558 to small-minded retards such as yourself, sure
>>52106 that is a positive if you are a globalist jesuit
We have a shot because of the vaccine It's gonna kill off the majority of traitor whites who hold us back Then we who are left can finally start going out and shooting the security, police, military, intelligence agents, etc. Standing in the way between us and the politicians, corporate suits, religious leaders, and most importantly the fat cats in banking and finance, going toe to toe with the United Nations forces. We would know that most whites left out there are most likely to be on our side, and even those who aren't but merely close to us will be pushed over the line at the sight of the planned genocide, the odds are that if you meet a white man and toss him a gun, he's gonna fight fir you, not against you. We'd even have support from many nonwhites put there, who would have a common enemy with us, or could be persuaded to temporarily set aside their hatred of middle class whites for the sake of taking down the rich (((whites))) at the top of the social hierarchy. A common enemy is a powerful unifier that makes for temporary allies at the very least. So could count I'm a lot of nonwhites as well. Especially asians who aren't Chinese, be they Mongols, South Koreans, or Japanese, all of them hate China, and we could form an alliance with them readily to help them against the chinks in exchange for them helping us out with the jews. A chance at winning is real for us, we just need to stop saying we're going to do something abd actually do something, by which which mean preparing for when the time is right. Forming communities of people that stay in contact with one another and keep each other informed. Gathering up supplies and distributing them to those who lack the ability to stock themselves up. Transferring the rest of your funds into items that will hold their value once the economy totally tanks. Keep the community primed on what is to be fought against and what is being fought to protect. Sharing the plans for what kind of future will be built if they succeed, so everyone is on the same page politically and there are no surprises that could produce infighting. It would be good to get the whole of the far right united, both the libertarians in the bottom corner of the far right side, and the authoritarian at the top corner, it'd be rather easy to appeal to both of them in a way that satisfies each of them by appealing to their commonalities, for example, the top wants the government to force their separation from blacks, while the bottom wants the government to not force their integration with blacks. Both want to have the ability to live apart from black people, but have different ideas for how to achieve it.
>>52591 >We have a shot because of the vaccine >It's gonna kill off the majority of traitor whites who hold us back I would avoid magical thinking.
>>52594 This. The vaccines have fucked our chances of survival. We are beyond the point of no return now thanks to the vaccine, a mere 30 years in advance. As I have said, our survival is a LARP at this point, let alone some pie in the sky ethnoglobe fantasy. We're fucked.
>>52595 Uh, no. I was more referring to the vaccine doing much of anything. I suppose it could a death shot, I'm certainly not going to take it. But my read of coronahoax is that it is part of a broader attack on ZOG rival China, attempting to disrupt and drive down consumption in the West in an attempt to throttle China's manufacturing and destabilize the Chinese state.
>>52596 Interesting take. This is indeed likely one facet of the operation, but ZOG is using COVID+vaccines for many different purposes simultaneously. >an attempt to throttle China's manufacturing I would say it has more to do with modulating the dollar and extend the life of a collapsing western economy while something else is implemented a-la "Great Reset" or the "Going Direct Reset" as Catherine Austin Fitts calls it.
>>52597 Yeah, okay, but they don't really have a path to extending anything with China and Russia in the way. Their situation comes across as frankly desperate and quixotic.
>>52591 > going out and shooting the security, police, military, intelligence agents, etc. Most of them would be dead too if the vaccine really is a death shot. If the RNA shot does actually kill all the takers in 2-4 years, then this will go down as the greatest and last mistake jews have ever made. Indeed, it would be stupid on a level that makes the Romanovs and Bourbons look like brilliant long term strategists. >>52595 >The vaccines have fucked our chances of survival Why? If it really is a kill shot, then it will eliminate the worst trash genes of our race, leaving only unrepentant nationalists and our most skeptical minded people.
>>52607 It's interesting that both sides of the people most invested in coronahoax believe the other is going to be wiped out in a mass die-off event. It will be interesting to see how they each reacts when this doesn't happen.
>>52514 Its honestly the original belief system of Europeans this got lost really after ww2, many decisions were still being decided by race before the 1940s if you read the auto biography of leaders, like the Sino Wars being decided was because they didn't chinks or nips having industrial might even though Russia lost. The heirs that were set to inherit England throne right before world war 2 got their crown stolen by the kike loving "george" and kids. The bible needs to be re-edited back to because the 1920s kikes posing evangelicals started the jew worship and started the jesus was jew which included.
>>52524 Thats actually a very smart idea for the club to preserve phenotype you could make it part of the Religion of Europeans to ensure survival. I know the redbeards club i joined in college was very popular and got very brotherly quicker than any sport team I have been on.
>>52611 >It will be interesting to see how they each reacts when this doesn't happen. I shall spoil it for you. The shitlibs will forget about it instantly and immediately begin screaming whatever the media tells them is important. This is what has happened every single week, every single year. They literally will not even remember that they were cackling with glee that we're all going to die a few months before. Shitlibs are easy to predict and this predictability of behavior is why jews like utilizing this element of our population for their agenda. The conservatives on the otherhand will hang onto the hope that eventually the shitlibs will die off, even while lying to others and to themselves that they "hope to GOWD that it doesn't happen." The die-off will always be next year. Conservatives are used to losing to the point where they believe that only quasi supernatural events will break the cycle of traumatic defeats at the hands of the shitlibs.
>>52611 It's not that simple. The jews are only making a small number of batches "hot", I saw a figure of in 200, and even then those getting a hot vax might not all die in the short term. So it's not going to be a mass die-off event, only a slow kill. Who knows how the jews plan on getting their global population of 500 million, probably the usual mass murder by security forces, gulags and artificial famines. The vaccine is really about the digital passport more than anything else, which comes with the digital currency, and digital enslavement: living in your shoe-box, eating bugs and watching niggerball and interracial porn all day, which is the best the jews can come with when trying to imagine utopia.
>>52626 >The jews are only making a small number of batches "hot", I saw a figure of in 200, and even then those getting a hot vax might not all die in the short term. So it's not going to be a mass die-off event, only a slow kill. lmao you just made up a pet theory that sounds cool in your head and rolled with it. Why do people do this? Are the simplest and most probable explanations too mundane to entertain? Also funny how you think the kikes want a small global population instead of a massive underclass slave farm of 56%ers to harvest for eternity. You are right about the digital passport being a huge part of their agenda to gain control and set a precedent for more tyranny over the goyim, though.
>>52628 >>>/fascist/17310 Hot batch is not just a theory. Don't jump in when you're ignorant of he facts.
To any anon who has the <but this is a Hollywood nazi caricature!!we do not want to conquer da wurld!! Any anon here would agree that a White only earth is a man made heaven. Can you imagine that being taken away from you because of a single breathing nigger, kike, spic, chink, poo or nip? It's terrible. We all know deep down that the final goal isn't just being nationalists in our own countries. We just have to show that we are "White nationalists who want other races to have their lands too" as a cover. (when in reality, we'd want all the other shitskin assortments perished). What do you think Pierce was doing? You think he was just gonna settle at White countries being taken back with the cultures becoming alive again? Read Turner Diaries, civnat idiots.
>>52629 Hot batch remains a theory, but there is evidence supporting it. That analysis of VAERS has not been analyzed and verified by multiple sources as far as I know, but it is a viable theory and can be verified by anyone interested via the links provided in that post. The Expose article has links to the official VAERS data which is available for download.
>>52591 <Especially asians who aren't Chinese, be they Mongols, South Koreans, or Japanese, all of them hate China, and we could form an alliance with them readily to help them against the chinks in exchange for them helping us out with the jews Your next plan better be backstabbing them after their use to us has become unfit. Or else you're just a universal/civic nationalist hiding in here.
>>52632 >"White nationalists who want other races to have their lands too" as a cover. (when in reality, we'd want all the other shitskin assortments perished) Not really. I'd be fine with having our own countries and not being ethnically replaced. The problem is the kikes won't let that happen, will they? They've weaponized the other races against us and forced the situation. In other words there is no scenario where they will let us >settle at White countries being taken back with the cultures becoming alive again That is the crux of the problem. The jew cries out in pain while he stabs you. He calls you a genocidal maniac while he genocides you.
>>52637 Libya under Gaddafi is a good example of non-whites living in peace in their own land. They had the highest standard of living in Africa, higher than apartheid South Africa, all based on having a public central bank and a bit of oil, that's it. I'm not saying it was a great country but all the towelheads their were happy. They had no poverty, no terrorism, and no mass migration to Europe; all that reversed when international jewry sent vast hordes of terrorists to overthrow the government after Gaddafi foolishly go rid of his arsenal. It's jews that are the problem and don't want any of us to live in peace.
>>52665 Agreed. If there are non-white countries who will ally against us against the jews and take back their foreign nationals from our lands, that would be great. It's time for other countries to make their stance toward us clear. Will they continue to contribute to our genocide by supporting the jewish agenda and flooding our countries with their expats, or will they reverse that behavior fully and secure a place for themselves in a future world without international jews.
>>52626 >the jews plan on getting their global population of 500 million >>52628 is correct. This is a conservative meme from the 90s. The entire foundation of jewish power is predicated upon a huge underclass of ignorant voters. This is why jews have consistently sought to expand democracy to more and more people. The more people you have consuming and voting, the easier they are to control. When you decrease the amount of people who are important for the foundation of their democracy, you increase the value of each person and undermine the value of jewish propaganda outlets.
>>52672 Note: You can infact institute boycotts of votes, and it will have the intended effect, not the opposite. Not even kidding, once a significant part of the population refuse to participate in a democracy, any democratically elected government is unable to govern consensually.
>>52674 >any democratically elected government is unable to govern consensually i don't think they care about this
>>52675 absolutely they do. if police/army/praetorian guard/knights fail to enforce the edicts of the elite, they are powerless.
>>52672 >The jews want a vast underclass Who's the one believing old memes? You're literally quoting old Marxist theory: "...this reproduction of labour-power forms, in fact, an essential part of the reproduction of capital itself. Accumulation of capital therefore entails an increase of the proletariat". How many times do they have to tell you they believe in depopulation before you understand that? -CNN Founder Ted Turner: “A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.” -David Rockefeller: “The negative impact of population growth on all of our planetary ecosystems is becoming appallingly evident.” -UN ECO-92 Earth Charter "The present vast overpopulation...cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary" -Margaret Sanger: “All of our problems are the result of overbreeding among the working class” -Henry Kissinger "Depopulation should be the highest priority of the US foreign policy towards the third world" -Henry Kissinger "Yes, many people will die when the New World Order is established, but it will be a much better world for those who survive". -David Brower, the first Executive Director of the Sierra Club: “Childbearing [should be] a punishable crime against society, unless the parents hold a government license … All potential parents [should be] required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens chosen for childbearing.” -Thomas Ferguson, former official in the U.S. State Department Office of Population Affairs: “There is a single theme behind all our work–we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it.” -Mikhail Gorbachev: “We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.” -Georgia Guidestones "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature." -Billionaire "Good Club": "a consensus emerged that they would back a strategy in which population growth would be tackled as a potentially disastrous environmental, social and industrial threat." Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20110716002113/http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/article6350303.ece#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=797093 And there are many others you can easily find. You're living in a fantasy world of old theories if you think the elites want a large population, they've literally told you openly dozens of times they want population reduction. When are people like you going to update their opinions based on the facts of what the elites are saying themselves? Just because you don't like it, or don't understand their esoteric reasons for it, based on whatever cult it is they follow, doesn't mean it's not true.
>>52676 >absolutely they do. if police/army/praetorian guard/knights fail to enforce the edicts of the elite, they are powerless. They don't respect sloppy "right wingers" in America.
>>52679 who is talking about right wingers in america?
>>52678 excellent post
>>52678 >they've literally told you openly dozens of times they want population reduction. All the while promoting a massive increase in population everywhere. Listen to actions, not words, anon.
>>52680 In your theoretical exercise, who else are the security services supposed to enforce edicts against? All over the globe ZOG takes L after L. Yemen, Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Hong Kong. Roll up of their spy network in China, near total suppression of liberalism in Russia. The only place they get Ws are against the useless retards at home.
>>52721 >>52723 >>52724 for anyone curious, this is a verifiable samefag. that should tell you a lot regarding the veracity of their words.
>>52757 back so soon to samefag some more? if what you said had been true, you wouldnt resort to samefagging lol! give it up and fucking kill yourself already, you annoying faggot. least you could do is troll elsewhere and let people who halfway give a shit speak to each other in good faith.
>>52683 kek. The fucking jews are not promoting this - anywhere.
>>52759 You're not in the US then. I know maybe 2 or 3 women that have taken this.
>>52454 >And at present, the most likely candidates for funding a pro-White insurgency are Iran, China, and Russia And just why the actual FUCK would any of these 3 Zog-infested regimes do any such thing? kek. You either lack critical thinking skills, or you think we do. Fuck off Moshi.
>>52595 This board is being infected by filthy jews more and more every day. I can't wait till they start getting skinned.
>>52596 >>52597 Literal samefag shill. China is all kike. Period. Reported.
>>52764 >China is all kike. It's actually sad how low quality shills like you are, but very appropriate for the country.
>>52763 Why do retards always show up and behave as if they're in good company? No, Jews are an ethnic group with enormous nepotism and an outright hostile view of any other ethnic groups. They're a large group, larger than most other groups of similar backgrounds - certainly top-ten in size as "European" groups go, behind Americans, Russians, Germans, Brits, French, Italians, Spaniards, Poles and Ukrainians. That's the extent of it. They're not omnipotent beings. All you're doing is shilling "It's pointless to resist" - either that, or you're retarded and assume everyone else is.
>>52764 China is doing a great service to mankind by destroying America, the whore of zion.
>>52767 Question - what was Kaiser Wilhelm's Germany's relationship with Jews, exactly? Into detail, please.
>>52765 Open a history book. Find out (((who))) funded the literal development of (((communist china))) under mao. Then, find out who wrote Mao's 'Little Red Book'. Then, fuck off.
>>52766 Where the fuck did this come from? Who said they were 'omnipotent' - kek... Sure as fuck wasn't me.
>>52769 China has a population equal to a fifth of the globe. We know this is true, Mao was a Soviet (Jewish)-backed warlord who took control of mainland China, having neglected his duties against the invading Japanese. It's clear to me that you have something to prove, namely, that Jews are omnipotent beings and therefor we are, as whites, unworthy of ever possibly fighting them - if they can force a fifth of the population into subjugation through Jewish magic, why bother reducing their influence in our own countries?
>>52767 China is the great kike experiment. They are a tool. They haven't won a war in over a millennium on their own. The height of their technological prowess can be seen in products all over Dollar General and Walmart.
>>52771 That's just fucking retarded. They're most CERTAINLY not 'omnipotent' - matter of fact, it sounds like you have a raging boner just associating that word with filthy disgusting kikes.
>>52772 The deal with China is that their government doesn't have all these retarded rules and limitations created by the American founding faggots. Their leaders have real power. When you have real power, you aren't going to sell it for peanuts and ice cream, like American politician do. That's why while China may have dealing with jews, they'll never just straight become the bitch of the jews.
>>52771 >China has a population equal to a fifth of the globe. Really? Really. How the FUCK does anyone actually KNOW this? Heard it on CNN? Read it in a history book producted by Hyman, Rosenburg, and Blatzenfeld or some other random kike publication? How do you KNOW this for CERTAIN? Explain. In detail.
>>52769 The autistic focus on "anti-communism" is a tactic that dates back to the birchers. Oliver wrote about this. It is disingenuous.
>>52776 Here's another .026 shekels moshi.
>>52678 Based off of this, the only thing people on this board can do is educate themselves in industrial practices, keep informed to threats and make sure that when the time comes, ourselves and those we care about are in a situation to survive and thrive. This means material needs, food, scrap - act like you're a Japanese merchant in the late 19th century. Anything you can use can be used for constructive activities. >>52772 There are only three places in the world that you can accurately describe in the same terms as China - those being India and Europe, the three main points of global civilisation. Together, these three make up half of the world's population - down from 75%, a hundred years ago. This is due to Africa's growth, an apocalyptic scenario of the soon-to-be multi-billion strong horde. >>52773 Then stop with your bullshit, frankly. You've added nothing - we know Jews are bad, all you're doing is trying to divert attention away from hostile nations like China or India, or even our own governments, onto something which has been discussed - to death. Everyone here except yourself seems to have a thorough understanding of Jews - that they are like bacteria, they take advantage of wounds. And like bacteria, a healthy immune system which can recognise itself is critical to handling it. >>52775 Yeah, you're some schizo shill - we know full-well that China is and always has been a large part of the world. The world has oscillated between the populations of the big three for the last five thousand years - Europe (including MENA), India and China. Before the wars of Europe, white Europeans alone made up 1/3rd of the entire global population. Germans alone outnumbered niggers - we know this. People took notes, from every empire in Europe and abroad, of the people they encountered. We know that, while there were 600,000,000 Europeans (with America included) there were an equal number of Chinese, Japanese and Koreans - with India lagging behind.
>>52778 Thus we use a compilation of the notes taken from literal thousands of explorers - with some vague references as far as Rome, two thousand years ago, confessing that they knew of the existance of China from their wares. Silk and pottery, mainly, with their chief import being Roman glassware. Furthermore, we can calculate from the appetites of the Chinese that they number approximately 1,400,000,000 - their water consumption, pollution, imports and general behaviour indicates that they have had a sizeable population for all of recorded history - their own records, the records of every European nation and the records of every single person who had visited China directly confessed that their population was enormous. Again, the only reason that somebody could possibly doubt this is if they're here to deliberately FUD the userbase. There's no way any individual could be so retarded - it's Flat Earth bullshit, the schizo-bait used to annoy intelligent users into leaving for 9chan.
>>52775 >>52778 >>52779 Was that sufficient or should I go into more detail? There's such a thing as schizo-bait, and there are more than enough people in the thread who have graduated to a newer level of understanding - one which is actually a threat. It appears, to me, that people like "China doesn't exist" and "Jews are literally Gods, don't bother fighting them!!" forget that we share a reality with both of these groups. As they get caught up in their games, two things are certain - they will end up killing themselves and most other people, and that they prefer bureaucracy and paper money to reality. Gold hoarders are a good start, but what really matters is being able to acquire the means of storing, processing and creating a strong quality of life for your community. They cannot create, but you can - and if you're intelligent enough, you can turn an assortment of rocks into a jet fighter. Both with active measures against, or left to their own devices, our opposition will collapse. The goal is that they do not drag us under, with them.
>>52780 I recall coming across a single farm in the southern USA which had done more than every irrelevant screeching "Anti-ZOG activist" and it did something very simple - started hiring Afrikaaners instead of local niggers. The niggers were powerless to stop it, the Afrikaaners were overqualified but grateful for the opportunity and now the niggers are cut off from valuable resources. That appears to be a winning strategy, since it was memoryholed quite quickly - operating in such critical circumstances that you can pick-and-choose who you follow, or choose to go freelance, with no repurcussions. The industries where this would work are, and feel free to add to this: - Engineering (sp. ChemEng/MechEng) - Private Security/PMC - Software Development/Programming - Agriculture A dozen or so Master's or above in those industries would be all it takes to play dirty and score yourself a sizeable buffer zone - the three industrial provide the carrots and the logistics to invite the, more numerous, "under" to their cause and the PMC guys work as the stick. With those alone, you could corner the market of an enormous area of the USA and turn it into your own version of Ogden.
>>52781 After more thought, Construction would be critical, too. Those would be the bare-bones foundation of any kind of group, and with one or two loyal men with those sorts of skills, they could cooperate and take over entire towns without breaking a sweat. The workers build the economy around themselves, and the Security handles anything else. That's it, minimum of five guys with strong ambitions and a willingness to play dirty. Once the local police are on your side, you're set for life and will survive anything thrown at you. Jews aren't particularly good at what they do, infact, they're very bad at it.
>>52781 >>52782 I think you're a bit naive. Not wrong, but a bit naive. The entirety of the power structure is focused on sniffing out things like this and has broad conservative support [inside men] who get off on inducing economic precarity, especially in European-Americans. There's no under the radar solution here. And small towns aren't where power is.
>>52783 It isn't about power, it's about survival at this point. They're playing with nuclear hellfire and it can only really end one way - being in a position to survive and build quickly afterwards is the only way I can see weathering it. As we've seen with the pandemic, destruction is incredibly easy and it's only a matter of time, now that everyone knows how dangerous diseases can be, that somebody decides to pull off a real plague.
>>52783 That is, this is a defensive idea, not an offensive one. However it can be used to assist an induced coma for the state. The logistics would have that huge benefit - it can be used as a launchpad for a larger goal.
>>52785 How has the defensive playbook been working out for the last 70 years?
>>52786 Poorly. This is supposed to work alongside, to support, other, more Fedposty operations. All of those jobs would be integral to the two sides of the violent coin - but they'd need to be sneakier. That's why they have jobs which can easily source, repair or dispose of useful materiel. Such a clique would be able to provide the logistical support that is direly needed - rather than relying on personal vehicles, a mechanic can source broken vehicles, repair them and use them. Likewise, a farmer can stash whatever the hell he wants - fertiliser, for example - without any problems. You can do a fucking lot of damage with 40 men - and such a group could easily provide 40 men with the means to do that damage.
>>52762 >immediately resorts to tired and lame insults You lack critical thinking. If you did not, you would be capable of engaging in adult conversations without throwing a temper tantrum. Firstly, Iran and China are not ZOG. Russia isn't really run by ZOG as we know it either but a different branch of global jewry. And they would back rebels (of any viable kind) because ZOG in America impedes their own geopolitical interests.
>>52678 >How many times do they have to tell you they believe in depopulation before you understand that? How many times to they need to tell you that they do not in order for you to believe it? Furthermore, the quotes you provide do not square with their actions. If they believed in depopulation and environmentalism, the elite would be pro-White and opposed to open borders. White people are the most environmentally conscious people on the planet and open borders incentivizes overpopulation in the third world whilst destroying the natural environment of the first. Depopulation is absolutely not their priority in the third world. You're quoting a quote that even you know is utter bullshit. >they've literally told you openly dozens of times they want population reduction. > dozens of times And you believe them. Despite all you know.
>>52674 >once a significant part of the population refuse to participate in a democracy, any democratically elected government is unable to govern consensually. Why would that be? Let's say that in 2022, 60%, nay, 80% of the American public boycotted the vote. They do not commit any acts beyond this though. Explain why this would affect the ability of the jews to rule in any way. Ultimately, boycotts alone are not enough. Americans will need to embrace direct action in order to overthrow the regime.
>>52760 African population growth is almost entirely the result of direct American aid. Elite-s like Bill Gates also spend millions funding anti-disease programs in India, Africa, and South America to grow their populations. Lastly, if what they wanted was environmentalism, then their genocide of White people makes no sense since we are the most environmentally conscious race on earth.
>>52769 >100 YEARS A GO A JEW WAS IN CHINAAA!!!!! >THAT MEANS THEY CONTROL CHINA TODAY!!!! You have been refuted countless times. You cannot name a single influential jew in China today.
>>52790 Because it will legitimise any attempt for other people to take that role. If your citizens do not vote in an election, that election cannot be justified - simply put, it means that it will not be recognised at all. It happened in Northern Ireland once, with Catholics refusing to recognise Stormont's authority en masse. The Unionists "won" but it was such a hollow victory that it had absolutely no effect politically. By voting, you are surrendering to their terms and borders - you are electing to be a part of their system.
>>52795 To put it another way - I didn't vote for Joe Biden. This is because I am not American. He does not represent me. If Americans themselves thought the same way - that is, that they do not respect the authority of Washington - then Washington would be in a tough spot, because without the population voting, they can't convince them that they're actually their leaders.
>>52795 >>52796 >It happened in Northern Ireland once, with Catholics refusing to recognise Stormont's authority en masse. The Unionists "won" but it was such a hollow victory that it had absolutely no effect politically. But the thing which brought meaningful change was the violence of the IRA. I agree with you that Americans need to withdraw their support for the regime. This would be a very good thing. However, just because people don't vote will not mean anything without action. Say that 80% of Americans didn't vote next year. How specifically would this obstruct the jewish regime? They would still maintain all their apparatus of the p0lice state. Now, what if just 1% of Americans began to engage in direct action against the regime? That's over 3 million people. The regime would implode under the pressure of 3 million insurgents.
>>52797 Yes, all that I have said is based off of the often neglected aspects of Ulster Catholic life. Everything I have said has been based off of my own upbringing - right down to the use of farmers. "Just 1%" Try "just a few dozen" Literally, just a few dozen, the Provisional IRA had thousands of members who did fuck-all and almost all of the actions came from about 40 people. The rest were effectively police officers - experienced gunners, bombers and fighters were rare. So rare that Loughall alone stopped future attacks - at the cost of two Special Forces operatives. They worked because of the system I described - they had mechanics, farmers and smugglers to provide logistics to allow for these quasi-professional soldiers to operate freely across the two counties of Tyrone and Armagh.
>>52792 >>52788 They know. They are very low-grade shills.
>>52799 South Armagh required three thousand soldiers to keep the violence relatively contained. The entire region has a total population of around twenty thousands.
>>52800 It's almost as if they're afraid. >>52799 >>52801 Agreed. A few dozen men could probably bring down the entire regime if they had good target selection and didn't make any mistakes. As you say, a few dozen insurgents tied town tens of thousands of British soldiers for decades with farm equipment and Libyan guns. A few hundred smart and motivated American nationalists could turn an entire region into a no-go zone, forcing the agents of the zionist regime to hide inside their police bunkers and abandon the countryside. They would be unable to enforce vaccination mandates or tranny propaganda without traveling in huge, heavily armed convoys and limiting their contact with the public. Then, educators would begin preaching against the regime in the open while insurgents would begin eliminating the propagandist teachers, lawyers, judges, and collaborators. Turning the neutrals into supporters of the Revolution, expanding the areas of operation, and slowly liberating our country from the jews.
>>52802 It seems like I'm trying to whisper sweet nothings into your ear. I'm not, due to my... ethnic circumstances, I can go into more detail. The exact methods used were, as detailed, sympathetic skilled workers providing materiel support. The exact methods used by militants: Several prominent individuals, atleast, were outright gypsies, whereas many others were "sort-of" gypsies. Northern Ireland is the area in which the line blurs - Irish Travellers are known for their semi-nomadic style of living. They simply used what they grew up with to hide from authorities. They would take the long way back to safehouses, sleeping in their cars and basically behaving like hobos. In case of Northern Ireland, this was usually in the Republic - they would "scurry" between locations, sleeping and eating in their cars parked in obscure locations, jumping until they got across the border, where they'd hide out for a while. Their choice in weaponry, similarly, demanded heavy, slow-moving responses. They'd need to bring an APC to stop themselves from dying, and those APCs are slow and hard to see out of. The USA is certainly different, and not necessarily to your advantage - those big roads are good for the police, but not for you. Surprisingly, I believe the best option wouldn't be the countryside - it would be cities themselves. A well-planned route through a city could have better results than through the countryside.
>>52804 This is also why they chose the weapons they did - the British Army at the time used weapons which were less suitable than the Armalite rifles were. This meant that they were, importantly, able to inflict casualties against the enemy, forcing them to take a more defensive role. Overwhelming firepower is the key to this sort of thing - you want them to have to armour up before they try to find out where you went. If they can simply comb the area, they will - but if this runs the risk of spreading forces too thin, they won't.
Reminder:. Non-whites are thriving because of White technology and White foreign aid. That's it. Nothing else. Non-whites never achieved anything on their own. Why do so many non-Whites see Whites as a friend? Because they want to take advantage. If a non-White guy fucks a White woman, he's doing it for his team. Something like that.
>>52788 with all the times you've claimed this, it's never looked as anything more substantial than pure speculation. the jury's out whether or not they would back a white nationalist movement.
>>52804 >>52805 Ultimately, the Revolution will take place where it has supporters. At present, White Revolutionaries (at least, people who might slowly become more revolutionary) reside in the countryside. Urbanites are in general very anti-White or they're just nigger-kikes. So, at least hopefully, the White Revolution will begin in the countryside with rebels making lightning raids on anti-Whites and ZOGzones the regime has placed in our lands. Of course, making forays into cities to conduct direct action against corporations and anti-White leaders would be easy to do. I'm just saying that the heart and soul of the Revolution will be in the woods and hills of the hinterlands. >>52818 >it's never looked as anything more substantial than pure speculation > the jury's out whether or not they would back a white nationalist movement. Everything is speculation when we're talking about the future. But there are logical reasons to be optimistic. 1. China, Russia, and Iran are not just in competition with America, but are being strangled to death by the American empire. Since the reee-ing is about China, I'll ignore Iran and Russia mostly. China has a huge and probably unsustainable population. They need food. Yet they lack the farmland and petrochemicals to provide it. Thus, they need to source it from the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. But therein lies the problem; All of these sources must pass through American puppet states. Add to this the fact that the Chinese navy is a joke. At any moment, the USA would put the squeeze on China and they could do little about it. Sure, you can tell me that ZOG's obsession with tranny-nigger-faggotry has weakened the navy. Sure, you can say that Chinese have missile technology that can sink US boats. True. Yet that only applies in the coastline around China. The Malacca Strait and the American allies from Philippines to Japan could shut that down with almost no risk. Then China starves. Their only defense is the fact that China has allowed itself to be integrated into the world economy to the point where doing this would destroy the American economy too. China is in a completely disadvantageous position and the only way out is to either take over Taiwan or to bring several Asian nations into a coalition with China. If they could seize Taiwan back, then this would drastically extend the area American interceptors would need to cover while allowing China more area to install anti-ship and air defenses. But America will never allow this for exactly that reason. Thus, China has been forced to play a the long game with Taiwan. In this case, it is in China's interest to see America implode, just as it was in America's interest to see the USSR implode. While America is powerful and the dissenters are weak, they will never risk an American retaliation by funding insurgents inside America. However, if the zionist regime weakens or internal dissidents grow stronger, they have everything to gain by strengthening the dissenters within America. This doesn't mean that China is based. They don't care who is doing the fighting. They just want someone to weaken the American regime. They probably imagine themselves funding Maoist insurgents. But Maoism has no organic support in America and the truth is that they will end up funding whoever is strong enough to seriously threaten the regime.
>>52820 You are dead wrong about China and America and the way you type pings US mil-shil.
>>52780 I never said or even hinted at 'China doesn't exist' or 'Jews are literally Gods'. In any topic on any board at any time. You literally made all this shit up and wasted a fuckton of your own time pounding your own chest, spewing no real information -- at all - and in the end, you top it all off by samefagging post after post after post like a motherfucker. kek.
>>52821 Either US mil or Israeli. Def not chinks - they're stupid as hell. Either way, they're as transparent as fuck.
>>52792 Yes, if a fucking jew funds you - they fucking own you FOR LIFE. >100 YEARS A GO A JEW WAS IN CHINAAA!!!!! >THAT MEANS THEY CONTROL CHINA TODAY!!!! Correct. You get it now. Good.
>>52825 >>52823 >>52822 >>52821 Retards like yourself need to have these long, informed posts as a response to make sure that any observer will realise that you're a loathed, worthless minority. It's amazing how you apparently need that to be spelled out for you - it's not a complex subject, you're saying dumb shit constantly and it needs a rational response. Shitflinging will just drive users away, and it'd just mean we have fewer intelligent people at the end - something nobody except you wants.
>>52823 He is entirely correct about America's role in Asia - you have tried to convince everybody that Jews are some kind of omnipotent beings. Explain to me how that works - how is China, by virtue of having some business dealings with Jews, run by Jews? What Jewish magic are you referring to?
>>52827 >you have tried to convince everybody that Jews are some kind of omnipotent beings. No, I have not. They are fucking evil pieces of disgusting trash. >What Jewish magic are you referring to? Not Magic. Ruthlessness, will, and a neverending weapon called the 'media'. They do the exact same thing everywhere they go -- every time. The very same sheer will that turned the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 into what you see as 'America' today you tool. If your IQ were 20 points higher, you could be a rock. /sage
>>52829 So... the Federal Reserve is the United States? Americans do not exist outside of the US dollar? Those hundreds of millions are a figment of Jewish imagination? I don't understand what you're getting at here.
>>52830 >>52829 Further, these seem awfully complementary terms to use for a people who are, effectively, bacterial in nature - a pathogen isn't a being of ruthless will, it's an opportunist. The opportunity is there in case of the USA - traitors in charge, they sign over what they can with the promise of future wealth. That's it, that's all - hell, you could just avoid paying and shoot whoever tries to collect. That would solve the problem like Germany did.
(129.20 KB 1200x640 wow 3.jpeg)
>>52820 [Note: This is an additional hypothetical input to a purely speculative and hypothetical chat which assumed by nature individuals are without the necessary apparatus or motive to act upon abstractions discussed] I would disagree with you regarding the rural areas becoming the future holdouts for revolutionaries. The issue is that the rural populations are already far too detached from the urbanised areas, both economically and demographically. The issue is that the urban populations are currently already fairly self sustaining of resources to live and are therefore unlikely, if not literally right now, to react to any further cultural and ethnic deteriorations (which they themselves shall be the last to see the frontline of- perhaps never) as they shall continue to be economically secure. Yes, there are very large portions of the urban populations that are too far gone to save, but there are very large numbers (growing i would in fact argue, judging from how much more i have begun to notice it) of people who share on a hidden level our views and goals. I would in fact argue that the bulk of the urban population can be classed as lumpenproletariat. The issue is that western JOGs (jewish occupied governments) understand from historical examples that people will only revolt if they are both 1.Culturally jeopardised, and 2.Economically/Materialistically deprived. 1. You can culturally rot a nation so long as they are economically well off as the cultural rot is not seen by the bulk of the population as an issue that poses an immediate threat to life. This was touched on by Hitler when he mentioned the differences in human reactions to the black death (immediate steps taken) to influenza (longer incubation period- people half believe its reality). As a result of this, they do not see it as worth sacrificing their economic positions required for sustenance to, as it were, martyr themselves. 2. If you are culturally (and ence ethnically) homogenous, economic issues are easily overcame through widespread social co-ordination made possible by high social cohesion and trust in a percieved greater good. It is only when both of these areas are affected (1929-33) that people see themselves as needing to revolt against the status quo. All that the urban population need is a push (i.e. an economic slump). Had the 2007 housing market bubble crashed today, both you and I know that all of the West would be redrawn by the end of the decade. Once the urban populations are economically jeopardised, they will soon fall into place and revolt. This is why I believe the great awakening, thanks to the covid shut downs, is practically on a cliffhanger right now. >>52799 This is exactly the point. A revolution doesn't take that many to truly stick their neck out, especially considering how volatile the stock market is as a result of the JOG's spread of their floating infinite exchange rates to the scale of a gigantic multisector web. Following from my previous point, if this jenga block of floating stocks we have today were to crash, the revolution would literally take a month to form. We can take a hypothetical example here I know it's a horrible case but take for instance the 9/11 attacks. How much economic devastation (let alone the social and geo-political chaos that ensued) did it cause. Had this happened 2 decades in future... well, bye bye nation state. Better yet, today we are even more economically volatile for a plethora of reasons. Suppose that , in minecraft, there were an odd 19 revolutionaries who carried out similar attacks on even more economically important structures across the world (+ a few more to fly drop some pamphlets)? Its a crazy minecraft idea but the potential is gigantic, especially if recordedl But it is a very apprehensive thing to do to anybody
>>52835 To be fair, 82 men is quite a lot when what you're up against is some small third world banana republic presidente.
>>52836 That doesn't sound too dissimilar from Weimerica
>>52820 A blockade is all the US can attempt to do to China and that's simply not enough. Too much coming over land now. The US has no conventional options for China or Russia, and frankly, Iran, too.
Part 1/2 China's central bank is a member of the BIS, which means it's Rothschild controlled, so too is Russia's: https://www.bis.org/about/member_cb.htm (not to imply the converse is also true: if a country is not a member that it's independent) And make of this list what you will: https://archive.ph/MCVGQ I know most people will dismiss this so I'll use another argument. The fake covid "pandemic" is central to the jews' final plan for humanity. The real aim is to get people on to the digital passes, which will be tied to a IMF digital currency and a type of social credit score such as China uses. This social credit system run by a highly centralized and highly invasive government (the Chinese state completely controls all electronic communication: the Great Firewall) is exactly the system the jews are trying to implement globally with the covid digital passes, and they've been testing it in China before they roll it out globally. For example, in China protesting the government reduces your social credit score. Speaking ill of Mao and the Revolution reduces your social credit score. Criticizing the government: reduces your social credit score. Asking for rights like free speech: reduces your social credit score. Attending a gathering not approved by the state: reduces your social credit score. If your score gets too low you lose rights, like the right to use public transport, access to public housing etc.; not only that, when your social credit score drops so too does that of everyone who associates with you, so if you try to go against the government you become a social pariah. This naturally creates a society of informers. People are constantly spying on those around them to inform on them to the State and improve their own credit score; just like people did in the Soviet Union; and this is exactly what jewish governments around the world have been doing with covid: telling people they need to become operatives for the state and inform on people not obeying the covid rules. <Source 1 Do your own research and 2 people I know who have lived and worked in China for years. This system of a highly centralized and highly invasive government running a system of social credit and a citizenry of informers is, with a few adjustments, exactly the system the jews are currently trying to implement globally under the cover of the digital covid “health” pass, and they trialled it in China. Indeed the whole covid scam was only possible because of China. It was China that went to extraordinary lengths to pretend that there was a deadly new virus; it was China that put out all those scare videos; it was China that first implemented brutal and inhuman lockdowns, contrary to established epidemiological practice of decades; it was China that put out fake data, firstly to scare the world, and then to make it look like inhuman lockdowns actually work, and thus giving the only justification for other countries to do the same; it was this Chinese model that other jew-controlled governments used as an example to show that surrendering your rights to the ZOG-state would keep you safe from a “scary” virus. It was China that sent “defectors” to the West to “reveal” that covid was really a “bio-weapon” in order to scare sceptical cuckservatives into thinking covid was the plague. Lastly, that all these things would happen was predicted at least 10 years in advance in the Rockefeller document Lock-Step (archive.fo/wSE3Q): that China would behave the way it did, and that other countries would then use China as a justification to implement the same policies. So you have to conclude that either the jews can predict the future, or that they control China too.
>>52841 Part 2/2 For me China’s role in the covid scam and he social credit system is conclusive. But then there’s the additional circumstantial evidence. China’s central bank being owned by the Rothschilds. Jews being behind the Revolution. Jews then transferring Western technology and manufacturing to China. The idea that the politically docile and politically ignorant chinks, which is what they have been throughout all their recorded history, then ejected the jews (lol) or that the jews just left and didn’t bother trying to get back in (LOL); jews trialling their digital oppression scheme in China. The fact that jews appear to be attacking China is irrelevant. During the Cold War, Jew-controlled Western countries were similarly opposed to the Soviet Union, which was also jew-controlled. It’s just another example of the fake jewish controlled opposition; it’s remarkable how much stock certain people like Striker and Anglin put into one set of jews appearing to be opposed to something, that old jewish trick. Orwell writes about exactly this in ‘’’1984’’’, where the world is divided into ‘superstates’. In fact all the states are controlled by the same elites, and they create the illusion of enmity between them so they can have more control over society. That’s exactly what the jews did in the Cold War, and that’s exactly what the jews are going to do with the world divided into China and Russia on one side, and the West on the other, and perhaps some ‘third world countries, in the original sense; a fake illusion of warring sides, when in reality they’re all controlled by ZOG.
>>52841 >>52842 Why would anyone in the West care about whether Chinese people get in trouble for criticizing Mao when the official government policy is that murdering White people is the highest good of the land? Shut the fuck up, boomer/nigger/kike/pajeet.
(12.54 KB 225x382 225px-C_H_Douglas.jpg)
I also thing the really overwrought whinging about "social credit" from the jew media is a bit of wordsmithing to replace the original Western connotation of "social credit" as put forth by CH Douglas. Very similar to the manner in which Charles Lindbergh's "America First", with clear Continental sympathies, was transformed into Trump's anti-European/pro-jewish version.
>>52844 Because they're retarded trumpniggers brainwashed by kikes.
>>52844 You're a moron. When they implement this globally you won't be allowed to criticize any part of the jewish version of history. >>52845 Because the social credit scores will be determined by the jews. Like how authoritarianism was correct in the hands of Hitler, but not correct in the hands of jews. A type of social credit may be beneficial when implemented by White nationalists, but obviously not when implemented by jews. I'm surprised by the really low-IQ responses and China shilling in here. Even if they weren't controlled by jews they're still our enemy and only idiots would fall into a false dichotomy of either jews or Chinks.
>>52846 And you're an idiot too. I literally said the whole pro- and anti- China thing is part of the fake jewish Hegelian dialectic.
>>52847 The US already has the most invasive and all-consuming "social credit score" [in the manner you are referring to] out of any nation on earth -- it's so pervasive and so integrated into daily life that conservative morons like you don't even know it is there.
>>52846 I think it's a bit beyond that. I think conservatives and trumpniggers have a visceral, eternal hatred of the European race and that is what specifically draws them to "American nationalism". They want to kill off every last White man in America on a Chinese beach so they can have their hinjew-nigger slave technocracy in formal terms.
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