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(382.64 KB 1232x805 nwa.jpg)
/pol/ humor Anonymous 10/01/2019 (Tue) 17:09:41 ID:5b3e56 No. 5528
post them
You know what the difference between a cow and the holocaust is? You can't milk a cow for 70 years.
(370.44 KB 1008x774 20191001_190938.jpg)
Kek. Democracy in Ameritard
(211.20 KB 1280x854 1569948793461.jpg)
typical american family
Here's the situation in some places in France
(1.30 MB 2000x1294 _pol and Alt right land.png)
Why so dead?
(77.47 KB 600x401 3 Dicks.jpg)
I actually like SP.
(57.28 KB 720x707 4chan explained2.jpg)
(305.14 KB 900x675 4Chan Medieval edition.jpg)
what are the best three years of a nigger's life?
Second grade
Come on, this isn't 2016 anymore
(90.31 KB 600x398 action town.jpg)
(382.37 KB 630x957 1569116758986.jpg)
(831.66 KB 686x1371 1569779026110.png)
(405.76 KB 768x1024 1569134196260.jpg)
(165.45 KB 1440x1814 1569123664163.jpg)
(413.79 KB 828x462 1569266323985.jpg)
(382.96 KB 640x640 1568518165440.png)
(158.29 KB 3106x1666 1569215492336.png)
(95.95 KB 769x1024 1569130498628.jpg)
(617.61 KB 1912x2044 mods.jpg)
(100.52 KB 1024x692 1569211095445.jpg)
(379.92 KB 360x360 jewinthecupboard.mp4)
(293.53 KB 588x702 luther.png)
(61.66 KB 576x531 IMG_7288.jpg)
(825.39 KB 1199x1066 temp.png)
id say stealing and raping but thats not 3 years
(1.64 MB 1030x768 Oy Gevalt.png)
(366.10 KB 960x675 VEY.png)
(185.80 KB 500x507 le happy merchant.png)
(1.50 MB 498x415 red.gif)
(84.49 KB 497x393 my ancestor.png)
(1.27 MB 900x675 Galleon_Liberty.png)
(1.23 MB 1021x558 BURN COAL.png)
(395.76 KB 424x550 23321312323.png)
if ever there was a picture to demonstrate why you need firearm calibers that penetrate at least 12"
(54.13 KB 540x636 French Flag of Sudan.jpg)
Anon, i don't know who's OC these are, but they are dank
(52.79 KB 650x580 AtLeast.jpg)
Wouldn't she still have the peanut butter? It was invented by the Incas, I think.
Yeah, the incas did, but niggers didn't
(222.47 KB 626x656 Xcc8l6T.png)
I swear you here in France we got girls like that ... cleary telling you this is a normal way to act ...
At least there are heads to be fund !
How do they take a census in Isreal? they roll a penny down the street
(226.73 KB 611x784 1405154156953.png)
(1.51 MB 986x726 OY VEY, THAT'S A BAD GOY.png)
(1.06 MB 834x882 SHALOM SHABBAT GOYIM.png)
(1.31 MB 970x632 Uh Oh.....png)
(55.63 KB 720x504 jews-route-781795.jpeg)
(173.90 KB 716x656 holy33.jpg)
(146.88 KB 470x600 fags_image06.jpg)
To be fair he made them lost for being impatient and slapping the stone twice.
(685.90 KB 800x606 doggie-allequalbreeds2.png)
I want to say "Unliketh thee"
Note, for old English, learn some standard Germanic languages and you'll instinctually start seeing old English as "making sense"

The Avengers doesn't even get it right, pisses me off to no end.

capeshit can't even pay a fucking historian to get their Old English right.

"Doth mother know you weareth her drapes"

It's either "Does mother know you wear her ydrapes" or "Doth mother know/kenn thou weareth her drapes"
Is there some guide for old English, thou would recommend to a non-native speaker?

Not really. Consider reading Shakespeare, the Canterbury Tales, and perhaps some old English poetry. My favorite:

As longe as EDWARDE rules thys lande,
"Ne quiet you wylle knowe;
"Youre sonnes and husbandes shalle bee slayne,
"And brookes wythe bloude shalle flowe.

"You leave youre goode and lawfulle kynge,
"Whenne ynne adversitye;
"Lyke mee, untoe the true cause stycke,
"And for the true cause dye.

I believe that I first happened across this in the chapter references of Watership Down. The full poem can be found here:



"Thou seest me; EDWARDE! traytour vile!
"Expos'd to infamie;
"Butt bee assur'd, disloyall manne
"I'm greaterr nowe thanne thee.

"Bye foule proceedyngs, murdre, bloude,
"Thou wearest nowe a crowne;
"And hast appoynted mee to dye,
"By power nott thyne owne.

"Thou thynkest I shall dye to-daie;
"I have beene dede 'till nowe,
"And soone shall lyve to weare a crowne
"For aie uponne my browe:

"Whylst thou, perhapps, for som few yeares,
"Shalt rule thys fickle lande,
"To lett them knowe howe wyde the rule
"Twixt kynge and tyrant hande:
Thank thee. Originally those texts were still written with ſ if the info on wikipedia is true, right?
Wikipedia says it was used till 1800.
Of course I am also looking into the poems thou linked.
Just remember the following:
Thee=Dich, Dir
Now thou will not make any errors if thou speak German.
so to anyone else the wife is just a nigger and the husband is just a gook. nobody is white in the endgame of this scenario.
lets get on it
That is the point of the image, captain Obvious.
(3.98 MB 1280x720 AJ Desert Rain Frog.webm)
(2.81 MB 568x320 Alexa Jones.webm)
(3.84 MB 480x270 Doom AJ More than Human.webm)
yeah, i know all about that... but he’s still good for humor, the guy is a walking meme
(1.08 MB 500x280 wunderbar_mug.webm)
(66.79 KB 381x602 dotr_.jpg)
(88.46 KB 385x380 cease brethren.jpg)
(276.29 KB 670x557 1516255791877.jpg)
(396.38 KB 1570x1536 textile1.jpg)
(71.04 KB 460x377 1559901136959.jpg)
(1.10 MB 900x675 1559893771757.png)
bro just post multiple pics
(2.75 MB 384x288 us training afghan troops.gif)
(92.04 KB 696x393 1513299252858.png)
(257.37 KB 603x328 1513663802015.jpg)
(143.51 KB 690x769 1520167429984.jpg)
(35.42 KB 498x581 1516832797633.jpg)
comfy humor thread
(736.20 KB 1920x1080 Pewds loses it.webm)
(5.57 MB 1920x1080 DoubleDouble.webm)
(66.58 KB 850x400 John_Wayne_Quote.jpg)
John Wayne lets us know how he really feels...
(64.87 KB 850x400 John_Wayne_Quote.jpg)
Sorry, background was screwed up on the previous image.

Better now!
That look you give when No one buys BS excuse
is the artwork real with added text?
(18.27 KB 500x445 Pigirl.jpg)
(78.44 KB 782x800 IMG952857.jpg)
(183.80 KB 1026x285 kek.jpg)
(65.51 KB 587x600 mein schtonk.jpg)
fucken kek
I dont even care if AJ is control opp, hes a national treasure
(240.04 KB 1000x1000 1552598928490.jpg)

pol humor

Juergen the German

Scary Cat with Make Up - Maaaaa!

The Slap 2

Teens react to Adolf Hitler

Cook the man some eggs bitch

Godfrey Bloom Bongo Bongo

A day in the life of a wage cuck

Godfrey Bloom hits reporter

The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King's Castle: Poison Knife Scene

Bogdanoffs - He bought? Dump eet.

wagecucks redemption - (I cant find this one)

Racist British Girl with tourettes

Wojak Ex Machina

TWKYK - Race War

Strutter Bubble

Alex Jones Gay Frogs Remix

Muslims Vs Skinheads

TWKYK - Trevor talks to kids

Spirit of Joe Rogan

German Granny Heil Hitler

Das Rite!

Das Rite 2

Harvey Weinstein gets slapped

Hello Fellow white man

200 Shekles have been deposited to you account
This is Gregory Mannarino
Speaking of Mannarino, does any one know what happened to that guy? I used to watch his vids years ago, and now he looks like he has terminal cancer or something
Yeah - I noticed this. He lost weight and looks like one of the Munsters
(1.48 MB 1196x2572 1570946783046.png)
A cow actually exists
(575.42 KB 1592x786 Oh Ivy.png)
(132.50 KB 1264x1280 comics-pic (1).jpeg)
(70.91 KB 750x400 IMG_20190924_082408_625.jpg)
(55.38 KB 640x591 looo.jpg)
(125.19 KB 1374x957 1511686981575.jpg)
(2.16 MB 2693x9213 1522928827694.jpg)
I just got a sides transplant operation after they went into orbit, you made me blow the stitches.
Oy Vey
the US name scheme always gets me... its just unironically autistic enough to be proud of all the while shitting yourself with laughter as you bomb the enemy
(191.28 KB 500x667 HR_makes_an_appearance.jpg)
This is a bot posting blacked demoralization pics.
It gets triggered whenever the french flag is detected.
(81.57 KB 1041x538 12412412415355656yuy65565665.jpg)
(1.42 MB 1059x626 14124124124124124124124124.png)
(48.20 KB 630x380 1241241421425555.jpg)
(32.66 KB 400x400 124424444.jpg)
(360.26 KB 1162x850 1244441222.jpg)
(453.80 KB 1064x1001 Untitled.png)
(416.37 KB 800x712 Dicks.png)
(342.99 KB 2068x1574 nigger.png)
(88.07 KB 1110x425 follow my lead.png)
(10.11 KB 500x253 1388784682864.png)
(1.96 MB 500x494 1389580927869.gif)
(2.23 MB 345x258 1394047547430.gif)
(59.11 KB 723x214 1398823857851.png)
(501.26 KB 912x723 1419918018356.jpg)
(121.55 KB 650x861 1419961774519.jpg)
(164.37 KB 899x1000 1419961786612.jpg)
(356.54 KB 1038x2230 1419962482524.jpg)
(187.13 KB 956x637 1419962823578.jpg)
(3.71 MB 1926x5640 1419995108042.gif)
(558.31 KB 1865x929 1419997154076.jpg)
(82.87 KB 2250x1668 1420007175902.png)
(824.52 KB 1764x2603 1420658651942.jpg)
(656.84 KB 701x556 1421042216010.png)
(355.61 KB 299x161 1421221219666.gif)
(520.50 KB 1048x2400 1423751985203.png)
(112.17 KB 1219x451 1423765243973.jpg)
(56.22 KB 490x315 1423776083430.jpg)
(293.09 KB 500x500 1423800341471.png)
(461.64 KB 972x641 1424220349683.png)
(103.06 KB 648x434 1425773655124.jpg)
(31.67 KB 512x384 1432876124826.jpg)
(96.21 KB 951x458 1432990639410.jpg)
(144.55 KB 1110x655 1433110955636.png)
(132.73 KB 640x360 1433111919740.jpg)
(105.38 KB 430x330 1433112399993.jpg)
(33.04 KB 348x327 1433129394309.jpg)
(826.94 KB 2988x5312 1451784923726.jpg)
(77.24 KB 580x403 1452549774461.jpg)
(425.18 KB 1221x850 1453500900305.gif)
(47.56 KB 700x512 1453912833443.png)
(62.74 KB 1407x473 1453921322774-1.jpg)
(593.99 KB 842x974 1453992546154.png)
(1.65 MB 1605x1555 1454002110092.png)
(2.85 MB 298x224 1454475719338.gif)
(252.42 KB 506x632 1454572493496-3.png)
(1.33 MB 634x1643 1455081993705.png)
(157.85 KB 477x539 1455159840107-1.jpg)
(1.19 MB 1500x1500 1455204393673.png)
(585.48 KB 1182x666 1459719917255-1.png)
(64.35 KB 570x469 1461294157180.jpg)
(760.32 KB 2048x2048 1463073513734.jpg)
(117.81 KB 627x782 1463658290979.jpg)
(1.40 MB 2202x1879 1464208393444.jpg)
(1.23 MB 800x667 1479709340968.gif)
(231.49 KB 216x480 1480799530527.gif)
(137.69 KB 596x640 1485790477611.jpg)
(90.44 KB 738x960 1563255558129.jpg)
(45.19 KB 256x350 1403475944414.jpg)
(29.09 KB 460x276 1456629011811.jpg)
(106.38 KB 600x1040 1454647456008.png)
(1.87 MB 320x180 Jews Dancing with Money.gif)

JEWaGas is okay, but Gas-a-Jew is out of sight.
(122.57 KB 1024x1024 white women 24.jpg)

Fine, I see why the white girl and the SheBoon are two completely different species, but still, that white girl in that Gumby pose creeps me out.
Beautiful woman. Don't you realize that she is trying to keep her distance from the smelly beast while doing her best to virtue-signal by leaning in for the photo? Fuckin' autists, this is a classic example. She is lanky tho.
(663.64 KB 800x533 pepe_krakken.png)
>Doesn't knov that the so called "polish" land was German prior to the Treaty of Versilles
>Doesn't know that the polish communists where genociding ethnic Germans living on their ancestral land
>Doesn't know they asked for aid, and they got it.
(167.35 KB 735x869 deathToInfidels.jpg)
(83.75 KB 436x436 someOK_dontEarth.jpg)
>>9897 Is he wearing an Iron Cross?
>>17171 Technically, that is a variant Georgian Bolnisi Cross https://www.dexerto.com/entertainment/pewdiepie-responds-outrage-iron-cross-donation-video-1043429 but I think you and I know why PDP decided to wear that particular shirt in that particular video
(3.72 MB 138x105 niggers_family_feud.gif)
(1.78 MB 300x300 kek.gif)
(747.17 KB 906x364 mortalkmbtwlsonvbrown.gif)
(1.31 MB 360x202 naggers.gif)
(249.40 KB 1880x529 Pferdepimmel_in_Dachau.png)
(63.58 KB 800x502 2019-12-18_17-42-23.jpg)
Bi Partisan Support NOT to Impeach
(120.89 KB 686x1003 15769250653601.jpg)
(139.37 KB 703x1024 15769245100701.jpg)
(662.65 KB 1242x1134 1576923681155.jpg)
(28.17 KB 714x400 15769268332361.jpg)
(46.18 KB 640x480 15769268630981.jpg)
(43.15 KB 720x931 IMG_20191225_172414_722.jpg)
You realy have a President with a sense for humor...
(129.04 KB 960x844 1574758933447.jpg)
(2.08 MB 640x360 1577232357774.webm)
(2.32 MB 960x540 1577124009528.webm)
(189.28 KB 994x745 1577125913047.jpg)
(524.93 KB 1536x1110 1577442269485.jpg)
>>14240 I wish it was legal to crack those sheboons right in their dreads with a crowbar or something of that nature. >>19439 This clearly isn't the original. This must have been edited by the kikes to make Ol' Benbo look like some kind of cuccboi.
>>19621 Source https://www.grrrgraphics.com/smack-down-time
>>19439 Hilarious. Not even a Trump supporter but I always enjoy this shit.
>>19321 got more?
>>19674 here newfag >>8186
(3.11 MB 340x227 1577357626109.gif)
(120.85 KB 1024x683 1575948255179.jpg)
(11.07 MB 900x1266 virtues of indo-europeans v2.gif)
>>15109 >/pol/lacks Take this fix
(81.90 KB 526x658 half smile.jpg)
(265.72 KB 500x539 country.png)
(124.86 KB 530x785 smile.jpg)
(107.53 KB 600x692 first move.jpg)
(784.41 KB 700x700 JANITOR QUESTION.png)
(905.53 KB 700x700 NUCLEAR.png)
(803.45 KB 700x700 ANTISEMITIC.png)
(710.11 KB 700x700 GATEKEEPER.png)
(912.13 KB 700x700 JUICE.png)
(452.48 KB 700x700 THE ACCIDENT.png)
(757.65 KB 700x700 JANNIES.png)
(1.65 MB 1160x652 blub blub.png)
blub blub Sieg Heil
(407.25 KB 915x617 1580805525580.png)
After 14 hours, the results of Democratic Iowa Caucus are final in.....
(565.94 KB 1440x1825 20200213_172111.jpg)
>>6296 >its fucking real
(678.88 KB 700x700 CREMA.png)
(39.98 KB 750x554 1570837520552.jpg)
>>24845 Typical tricks
>>24893 1. Never start a land war in Asia, and 2. Shooting the dog automatically makes the dog better being than you, you fucking alfabetboi subhuman violent chimp order following scum!
(3.77 MB 238x178 judengreta.gif)
>>5925 >a porno about the federal reserve I'd love to fucking see that. And if they were attractive, i'd risk my entire streak to it.
>>6146 Reminds me of when my great grandpa failed to escape Dachau. He tried to hide some dynamite under a pile of reichmarks, but the nazi guard replaced them with a pile of foreskins. >*sniff* my grandpa would end up zipping towards the foreskins and have the dynamite blow up in his face. He got blackface and spiky hair! >*bawls like a bitch*
(3.94 MB 852x480 reddit.webm)
The absolute state of reddit
(11.79 MB 704x480 AnonsBackstoryLowerQuality.mp4)
(115.95 KB 1024x658 1604324053992.jpg)
>>28930 That video is probably the biggest self improvement motivation Ive had in years.
>>9897 I know that is a Georgian traditional garb. I guess he was just flipping out normies to prove a point- but fuck around and find out, If you're going to fight ZOG you can't go halfway
>>28930 I fucking laughed the entire fucking time holy fuck
(490.57 KB 567x573 disavow.png)
(67.47 KB 691x677 avow.jpg)
(1.71 MB 1080x2838 fuck riggers.png)
>>36909 >people/institutions that are perceived to limit free speech if you only knew how bad things really are
(350.97 KB 1467x674 1605566539200.png)
>>6158 So true. Love it.
>>5607 Thats going to be a mutt if there ever was one. At least the kid will be half white.
(992.12 KB 2268x1458 compound interest.png)
>>37601 Interesting how they never say "Rape" In the case of many none-whites, they breed through blackmail - they coerce, which is illegal for whites but apparently totally acceptable and even moral for blacks to do so towards whites. "Are you racist or something? I can ruin your life if you don't fuck me" It's amazing to me that this isn't more well-known, it's blatantly rape and carries a sentence, it's blackmail, but it's not enforced.
>>37602 How does the immigration official feel when he rubber stamps the visa application of one of these blacks? Unless he is deluded, This would be the end outcome. This is a potent redpill my frens.
(1.01 MB 3360x2240 polandblm.jpeg)
>Many of them activists and antifa >>37602 Guaranteed for most of them it wasn't rape, they these dumb jewesses deserve to pay the final toll
>>37605 None of those victims are older women. Maybe they wise up after a while.
>>37605 These photos are extremely demoralizing for me. Are these people even worth saving? I know what God would say, but I honestly want them to burn for this.
>>37616 >>37605 In general, I mean. How many cases are genuinely rape via blackmail? This is especially true of Pakis, very few of whom are actually physically fit. Actually most are quite revolting.
>>37621 In this specific case I wager none. This guy, being one of very few niggers in Poland (Poland is 98% Whiteish) likely had these virtue signaling cunts throwing themselves at him. In the cases of Pakis' and Pajjets, its quite the opposite. They have rampant cases of rape both at home and in the countries they invaded. Whether they are preying on children or hunting in packs, being /fit/ has little to do with it
>>37622 >preying on children or hunting in packs Recently >Police charge 32 men with more than 150 child sex crimes against girls as young as 13 >The 32 suspects, aged between 31 and 50, allegedly committed offences, including rape, trafficking, false imprisonment, threats to kill, making an indecent photo of a child, possession of extreme pornographic images, and supplying drugs, against eight girls as young as 13 between 1999 and 2012 in Kirklees, Bradford and Wakefield in West Yorkshire https://archive.vn/7GvC5 Asif Ali, 50, from Batley, charged with rape offences (x12), inciting sexual activity with a child (x2), supply class B drugs (X1), trafficking (X1), aiding and abetting rape (x1) assisting in the commission of an indictable offence (x1) making an indecent photo of a child (x2), possession of extreme pornographic images (x1). Amer Ali Hussain, 42, from Batley, charged with rape (x2). Sarfraz Miraf, 45, from Dewsbury, West Yorks., charged with rape offences (x1). Nazam Hussain, 43, of Dewsbury, charged with rape offences (x4). Mohammed Nazam Nasser, 35, of Batley, charged with rape offences (x3). Moshin Nadat, 35, from Batley, served with a postal requisition for rape offences (x2). Michael Birkenshaw, 34, from Wakefield. served with a postal requisition for rape (x1). Zafar Qayum, 41, from Dewsbury, charged with rape offences ( x17), gross indecency ( x4), indecent assault ( x9) assault ( X1) sexual activity with a child (x1) sexual assault (x1) theft (x1) and aiding and abetting rape (x2). Jabbar Qayum, 39, from Dewsbury, charged with rape offences (x6) and aiding and abetting rape (x2). Ansar Mahmood Qayum, 43, from Dewsbury, charged with rape offences (x13), attempted indecent assault (x2), aiding and abetting rape (x2). Mohammed Tauseef Hanif, 36, from Dewsbury, charged with rape offences ( x4). Ali Hussain Shah, 35, from Dewsbury, served with a postal requisition for rape offences (x2). Saleem Mohammed Nasir, 44, from Dewsbury, charged with rape offences (x3) and conspiracy to rape (x1). Amran Mehrban, 37, from Batley, charged with rape offences (x2), false imprisonment (x1) and sexual assault (x1). Ebrahim Pandor, 41, from Dewsbury, charged with rape offences (x1) and trafficking (x2). Shakil Daji, 41, from Batley, charged with rape offences (x2) and trafficking (x1). Mohammed Imran Zada, 41, from Batley, served with a postal requisition for rape offences (x6), indecent assault ( x2) and sexual activity with a child (x1). Sarkaut Yasen, 35, from Dewsbury, charged with trafficking (x1) and aiding and abetting rape (x2). Amjad Hussain, 41, from Dewsbury, charged with rape offences ( x2).
(618.16 KB 1243x717 waffen ss choir.jpg)
Tonight (BTS – Dynamite, Kpop song parody) [Intro: Werwolf Squad Leader] 'Cause I, I, I'm bringin’ back Der Reich tonight So watch me bring the fire and set the kikes alight [Verse 1: Werwolf Squad Leader] Boots on, get up in the morn' Geared up, let's rock and roll Something ’s wrong, let’s kill the scum Rolling up and securing the zone Sing song when a Jew is walkin' home Jump up and shout, Shalom Ding-dong, call HQ on my phone Dead kike and now nothing ‘s wrong [Pre-Chorus: Werwolf 1-6, Werwolf 1-2] We are gettin' ready, can you hear the boots march? I'm scary (Woo-hoo) (((Faces))) turn funny, yeah, this beat is sweeter than honey, huh Bullet overload, I'm into that, I'm good to go I'm strapped up, you know I’ll load up Hey, so let's go [Chorus: Werwolf Squad Leader, Werwolf 1-3] 'Cause I, I, I'm bringin’ back Der Reich tonight So watch me bring the fire and set the kikes alight (Hey) Ridin' through the city with a little Aryan soul So I'ma round the kikes up like speed of light, woah-oh-oh [Verse 2: V, RM] Bring the dikes, join the kikes, just line up and come along Scoot up, walk the walk, just put your backs to the wall Fight or flight, the kike’s alight, so we march to the break of dawn (Hey) (((Ladies and gentlemen))), I got the medicine so you should keep ya mouths shut and don’t squall [Pre-Chorus: Werwolf 1-7, Werwolf 1-3, Werwolf 1-6] Huh, we are gettin' ready, can you hear the boots march? I'm scary (Woo-hoo) (((Faces))) turn funny, yeah, this beat is sweeter than honey, huh Bullet overload, I'm into that, I'm good to go I'm strapped up, you know I’ll load up Let's go [Chorus: Werwolf Squad Leader, Werwolf 1-4] 'Cause I, I, I'm bring back Der Reich tonight So watch me bring the fire and set the kikes alight (Hey) Ridin' through the city with a little Aryan soul So I'ma light the kikes up tonight, woah-oh-oh [Post-Chorus: Werwolf Squad Leader, Werwolf 1-3, Werwolf 1-5] Too-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na, set the kikes alight tonight Too-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na, bringing back Der Reich tonight Ridin' through the city with a little Aryan soul So I'ma light the kikes up tonight, woah-oh-oh [Bridge: Werwolf Squad Leader, Werwolf 1-2, Werwolf 1-3, Werwolf 1-4] Too-na-na-na, na-na, na-na, ayy Too-na-na-na, na-na, na-na, ayy Too-na-na-na, na-na, na-na, ayy Light the kikes up tonight Too-na-na-na, na-na, na-na, ayy Too-na-na-na, na-na, na-na, ayy Too-na-na-na, na-na, na-na, ayy Bringin’ back Der Reich tonight
>>37695 Good job Also fuck you for making me listen to that pozzed shit while reading along
(1.79 MB 640x952 pnzxwOcPYuFLbVJn.mp4)
(322.76 KB 900x1600 EpOyo1GW4AENMUh.jpg)
(28.11 KB 828x466 EpOpew0W4AA_e2U.jpg)
(38.04 KB 739x1600 EpO0FjGWMAEtR1Y.jpg)
(174.13 KB 828x1104 EpOpewvW8AA6Fpo.jpg)
(45.31 KB 576x1024 EpO1fiFWEAIP4hu.jpg)
(53.83 KB 473x1024 EpO1fqzXUAAFJoh.jpg)
>>37717 https://nypost.com/2020/12/14/ny-jewish-schools-website-hacked-with-nazi-images-slurs/ https://archive.fo/AUDmw
>>37717 >>37718 >application fee is $85 There's the real holocaust!
>>15090 "I wear leggings and a crop top because they're comfortable"
>>7742 ** Thir=Dir
(2.60 MB 640x480 spnish flu frontlines.webm)
>>6146 is she joking?
(37.84 KB 467x677 cries out in pain.jpg)
(284.24 KB 463x677 vile.png)
(336.72 KB 680x679 vile_shlomo_jew.png)
>>37806 >is she joking? Maybe, but think I recall hearing that story a long time ago. Pretty sure that is based on one of the "witnesses" at Nuremberg trials
(296.87 KB 546x414 Screenshot_2021-01-02.png)
https://www.stopantisemitism.org/antisemitic-incidents-60/elementary-school-in-canada-vandalized-with-antisemitic-graffiti https://archive.fo/VtalA
(447.09 KB 1027x829 cia.png)
(163.05 KB 749x1177 1609605106679.jpg)
(8.40 KB 805x70 unknown.png)
(558.63 KB 1200x674 1609607252756.jpg)
(552.07 KB 3366x3443 1609606361972.jpg)
(91.40 KB 343x343 CIAfrogs.jpg)
(9.12 KB 468x91 unknown (1).png)
(445.43 KB 1758x1500 EqXGiuxW8AE-biC.jpg)
(15.91 KB 680x360 EqyFTCfVEAgt5mn.jpg)
(103.36 KB 470x932 1609611518690.jpg)
(59.97 KB 856x677 1609014790458m.jpg)
>>15087 >real audio KEK
>>15087 Don't know if the AJ post is satirical or not, but just in case it isn't, AJ was a shit tier president who, in getting rid of the banks, basically fucked America of control over its own banks (making it easy for kikes to come in and take control). If we had supreme control of our own banks, like Alexander Hamilton intended, then we would not be in the shit show we are now, but no muh badass president muh based minority hater. Don't believe me? Just look at the flag of the AJ shill.
>>29421 What is the name of the real show? I want to watch it.
>it's not humorous yeah, well maybe 4pol niggers need to hear a true entry-level redpill for once in their pathetic memer lives. if they cant, who cares about them? they deserve the terrible death soon to come. at least you get a polite sage for the topic.
(711.37 KB 912x753 wom.png)
(149.64 KB 300x512 gorilla_glue.png)
(114.76 KB 1024x776 EtlpBebVgAA1t4R.jpg)
(469.69 KB 1500x1500 1612824841591.png)
(357.49 KB 1500x1500 1612825005718.png)
(236.35 KB 2400x1000 vaushgreentext.jpg)
(546.10 KB 698x619 overconfidentredone.png)
(194.93 KB 2400x1200 NPCCompassmeme (1) (1) (1).jpg)
>>5528 Might actually not be a bad way to bring this board back to life bump
(1.11 MB 1507x1213 altjewfaggots.jpg)
(2.57 MB 640x360 alabama nigger.webm)
(399.29 KB 638x671 cat.png)
(1.41 MB 1280x720 Kitten Zoom Filter Mishap.mp4)
(742.73 KB 480x270 theblackestpill.mp4)
(37.24 KB 622x581 AreYouWinningDad.jpeg)
(1.17 MB 940x1024 complicated.png)
(263.08 KB 1280x836 be a trans nigga.jpg)
(16.25 MB 1280x720 These aren't whites.mp4)
(62.96 KB 636x552 1578052073498.jpg)
(34.09 KB 500x539 1578052022566.jpg)
(142.03 KB 390x600 1578052037311.jpg)
>>40832 what a chad he is going to get his ass kicked in the fight an't he
>>41460 im confused whats happening
>>41532 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zanzibar_Revolution Bunch of niggers overthrowing the sandniggers in '64
>>41544 pff it happened a year after britland gave independice mud shits can't handle niggers with out help from there anglo daddysXD
(40.13 KB 512x395 unnamed.jpg)
>>7572 To be fair I don't think they meant to get it right
(105.61 KB 723x691 1574776131483.jpg)
(156.84 KB 1066x545 qwedasxxas.png)
>>37717 >>37718 >opening .pdf >this happens I wonder if it installed some polymorphic code to the computer itself rather than just the browser, seems like it flashed an executable or some shellcode onto the computer.
(20.89 KB 637x321 20210228_155806.jpg)
(163.57 KB 888x499 pizza.jpg)
(25.42 KB 500x314 cheapoil.jpeg)
(53.28 KB 696x783 hc54xw667ai61.jpg)
(169.29 KB 741x839 janny.jpg)
(392.20 KB 817x817 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.jpg)
(635.65 KB 800x448 trannime.png)
(724.19 KB 868x1024 4a73ca84be19bbf5.png)
pest control is always a worthy investment
(178.49 KB 1079x1032 1536371320226.jpg)
(520.38 KB 600x988 1604174996756.png)
(128.05 KB 1280x722 1614267166838.jpg)
(71.69 KB 567x567 1614275064681.jpg)
>>41718 furniture in the current year is complete trash. trying to find a basic pine or wooden piece of furniture has become difficult. everything is heavy pressed wood pulp. everything is garbage from china. A 30lb toddler pulling up in a piece of furniture to stand up is enough to tip over most pieces of furniture if you dont anchor them to the wall.
(80.18 KB 1024x879 1614348295469.jpg)
(230.91 KB 1397x1299 1614370279252.jpg)
>>41728 Yeah but just mount it or teach your kids not play on the fucking furniture lmao, or stop being a cheapskake. If you're a real person and not an npc you scope out used furniture likely made by white people, you won't be supporting kike business and you won't get some overpriced mediocre BORING gutter trash made by some slave either, it's easy too because retards follow trends and throw out all they have.
(86.74 KB 659x511 1614394781166.jpg)
(96.66 KB 634x489 1a1a1fage.jpg)
(167.21 KB 621x669 evernoticed.png)
(966.00 KB 800x800 cleanitupjanny.png)
(150.38 KB 796x1024 829178741254429.jpg)
(246.77 KB 591x446 1614302585135.png)
(269.76 KB 1198x760 1614263252548.jpg)
(143.13 KB 589x562 1614263194177.jpg)
(269.76 KB 1198x760 1614263252548.jpg)
(143.13 KB 589x562 1614263194177.jpg)
(1.44 MB 1242x2297 1614263335898.jpg)
(1.34 MB 1124x631 image (1).png)
>>41765 Think about how sadistic that robot is and who invented it, literally some towering piece of junk existing to do nothing and prank the workers all day. Whoever came up with it or whoever bought it probably just wants to torture their employees. That thing literally exists just to have a laugh. There's no other way.
(69.93 KB 334x297 HEHEHE.png)
>>41760 >over half of the ATF are obese They might as well call themselves Asthma, Twinkies, and Fast food.
>>41774 I like the way you think Anon. I imagine the half that are absolute tub of lards make the other mad at them because of it. Would surprise me if the fatties friendly-fire some of them from behind one day during an 'outting' b/c fatso seethe & cope. Especially a landwhale b/c smash the patriarchy and watnot. That would be awful, and in no way would I encourage such behavior ofc.
>>41731 >let companies keep importing cheap furniture >plz dont force quality standards on innocent stores like walmart >i see furniture being thrown out all the time because i live in a huge city and pick through other city dwellers trash. youre an npc if you dont live like a homeless person lolberg go home.
(5.80 KB 201x250 chijak.png)
>>41790 Nigger when you buy literal low quality chinko trash are you surprised it's shit? You literally don't have a right to complain especially not when you're supporting said low quality trash so they can make more trash IKEA doesn't pay taxes either, and yeah they should get banned but that's not how Jew World works. And how dare you call me a lolbert. You are literally someone has to get protection from yourself when even the instructional manual TELLS YOU to fucking wall mount the cheap shit are you a total ape or what mate.
(93.60 KB 680x847 1614288131838.jpg)
It's now fully established knowledge that the soyjak meme exists irl guys the only people who seethe about it are soys themselves kek
(1.38 MB 640x360 howitfeelstochew5gum.mp4)
(1004.19 KB 480x480 64efad3b82a29f9c.mp4)
(480.95 KB 900x2000 bio trans.png)
>>9869 The putin one killed me
(803.14 KB 256x256 1615448322390.mp4)
(701.90 KB 256x256 1615448421755.mp4)
(583.00 KB 256x256 1615447964763.mp4)
(82.51 KB 863x1024 constitution.jpeg)
>>42145 Having flash backs to the music video for aphex twin window licker
(53.74 KB 650x455 macronwithgaynigger.jpg)
(799.00 KB 406x720 LXUYpZXZkxQNiVpI.mp4)
(16.64 MB 480x360 Lucky Larry Silverstein.mp4)
>>42271 love this old classic >>42274 oh fuck me
(369.80 KB 1329x2474 jpAdN0q.jpg)
(738.14 KB 985x614 jhk37v1fer811.png)
(2.50 MB 1024x639 jfhl6pvi.bmp)
(567.13 KB 1173x1162 jews_australian_immigration.png)
>the original soy has been arrested for being a pedophile
>>42283 interesting. source on this?
(2.71 MB 1024x695 j54syjt9.bmp)
(853.84 KB 640x360 brenton-64bits.mp4)
(500.52 KB 640x360 New Project.mp4)
my autism
(5.91 MB 1280x720 doomerDeathSquads.webm)
(7.33 MB 640x360 lie.mp4)
>>5998 george washington carver BTFO. why did they insist we learn about that nog in grade school? actually, that was a rhetorical question. the (((educators))) are breaking their backs trying to reach for "black accomplishments" just like they always have been.
>>41802 im retarded whats going on in this vid
>>37695 nice
>>42293 We need nazi goths and deathrockers and cybergoths and industrialists and shit like that
>>43206 Back in my pre-redpill goth days, I remember the industrial people were the most redpilled of them all. If you go back and look at the old Propaganda magazine though, the aesthetics were always there.
>>37695 bruuhh I want this as a song so bad
(137.34 KB 900x645 epic handshake.jfif)
Repatriation is a must, go home black man.
>>43267 >alt right more like alt kike
(4.06 MB 2500x2044 000011394756.png)
>>43272 seen that just posted on nein you should make a new Saint Tarrant thread sense nein is dead
>>43267 You know the true goal here right? "Racial ethnostates" is someone everyone here shills to hide the true goal from "redpilled normies".
(1.27 MB 966x1024 2021-03-27 00-56-34 2-web.png)
Well how much did the holo cost? I tried making a joke out it but it's a lame dad joke
(3.33 MB 480x360 99_words_for_coons.mp4)
(217.82 KB 240x240 6765435643206.gif)
(527.69 KB 200x200 6765435643207.gif)
(94.20 KB 1024x606 5455476567646535424333.jpg)
(1.34 MB 1500x1500 5455476567646535424332.jpg)
(139.17 KB 832x1584 1617700959226.png)
>>43931 >goyims It's goyim.
(75.57 KB 720x1043 Fire.jpeg)


no cookies?