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(644.61 KB 509x596 glow.gif)
/sig/ - Self Improvement General Anonymous 10/01/2019 (Tue) 18:11:22 ID:70cec3 No. 5542
This is a thread for the discussion of personal betterment, both mental and physical, goal setting, and sharing of results.

Kick that caffeine addiction. Stop drinking soda. Stop drinking alcohol. Stop smoking, stop vaping, stop doing drugs. Stop eating processed shit and fast food. Cook your meals at home with natural ingredients. Stop treating your body like it's a fucking dumpster. Work out, walk, run, lift, push yourself to your breaking point daily. You only have one body and one life. Do not desecrate your flesh and blood with jewish pollutants.

Do not isolate yourself. If you are unable to network with your comrades, you need to get a pet. Get a cat or a dog. Our ancestors domesticated these creatures thousands of years ago and they make excellent companions. They are fiercely loyal, and their presence will help you feel less alone.

Control your desires. Cut pornography out of your life and stop masturbating. Your main objective in life is serving your folk. Do not allow yourself to be tempted by thots. Tits are temporary. Honor is forever. Do not allow yourself to become corrupted by lust for material things. More men have destroyed themselves through greed and desires of the flesh than have fallen by bullet or blade.

Harden yourselves, brothers. Make yourselves utterly incorruptible. Make yourselves whole again. Break your chains of addiction, and refuse to be a slave to endless consumerism. Fear nothing but the failure to meet your objectives.
What is a good .308 rifle pre-assembled?
If I want to run it with a suppressor should I get a very short barrel?
Needs a gas piston system, proven reliability, and quality machining.
~$3000 limit
not a SCAR
>dead board
there is no reason for this chan to have anything other than pol
Nice numbers
(57.24 KB 640x867 1568329267904.jpg)
Isn't a lie. It is the traditional /pol/ sphere that promotes the birth of new chans in times like these.
Impressive OP, nice to have a progressive /SIG/ here, but that pic?
>but that pic?
The index and middle finger raised like that is an ancient symbol. They represent humanity and divinity. Though the symbol has been widely adopted in Christian and Hindu iconography, the symbol is much, much older than either religion.
(857.39 KB 480x267 sergei.gif)
Good thread except for...
>Your main objective in life is serving your folk.

The only way i would serve my 'folk' is by making white babies with a woman that's loyal and my type.

For the rest, i serve no one if theirs nothing in for me. I'm not in for usury.

It's like u said: it's my life and i'm going to live it for ME, not to serve someone else and make his or hers life easier for nothing.

This is also why i'm not following any political association. I used to till they ordered me what or what not to do.
I know what's good for me, not them.

Also I already cut off most of these things u mentionend except coffee and cigs. My dog died almost a year ago, not going to replace him.
(450.88 KB 1907x2074 Pornographic%neural%rewiring.png)
(348.45 KB 1332x1949 1522435129235.png)
(134.10 KB 670x1024 1569094370761.jpg)
Quitting cocaine. Wish me luck. Never let them convince you these fucking poisons are cool and fun- they are but it isn't worth it.
Already quit meth and morphine last year, you can quit smoking your faggot plants.
Best of luck anon, you got this!
(90.07 KB 500x312 porn symptoms.jpg)
(3.37 MB 1338x6212 porn warfare in weirmarch.jpg)
(110.89 KB 1278x334 pornindustry.png)
quit porn
If you accept our cause your life is no longer your own. You can be a slave to cheap pleasures and trinkets and "live for yourself" or you can give yourself mind, body, and soul to the fourteen words. There are no other options.

OP here. I used to do cocaine and other hard drugs in my teens. The sooner you get off it the easier it'll be. Good luck, Anon.
You got this big king.
(19.27 KB 836x1160 stretching.gif)
(170.72 KB 1025x1000 run.png)
Start Running
(Providing you are not an immense fattie and if that's the case, see a doctor before you start exercising like this)

Running distances at a steady pace not only helps you build endurance and stamina, it also helps to clear your mind of distractions in life. Kind of like a meditation.
I don't like to "bulk-up." I like being scrawny but very fit. I try and watch what I eat and I filter my water to remove the flouride and all that.

Here's a sample schedule:

Mon, Wed, Fri
Week 1 - run 1/4 mile, walk 1/4 mile for 2 miles.
Don't worry about how fast you are going, just do it slow, but keep jogging or running. You will be sore so remember to stretch before and especially after. When stretching after, stretch for twice the time.
Week 2 - run 1/4 mile, walk 1/4 mile for 2 miles. Start with running 1/2 mile first.
This is not a competition.
This is to get your aerobic stamina and your leg muscles in shape.
Week 3 - run 1/4 mile, walk 1/4 mile for 3 miles. Start with running 3/4 mile first.
Week 4 - Start with running 3/4 mile again.
Instead of alternating 1/4 mile run/walk, try to do 1/2 mile run, 1/4 mile walk for 3 miles instead.
Week 5 - Start with running 1 mile
again alternate running 1/2 mile with walking 1/4 mile
Week 6 - Bump it up to 1.25 miles
Keep building it up. Do a total of 4 miles alternating 1/2 mile runs with 1/4 mile walks.
You will see vast improvement by this time and you will start to enjoy it more and more. It will stop being torture and it will start to become something you will be looking forward to.

Remember to not push yourself too hard in the beginning. You will be so sore, it will hurt more going down a flight of stairs than it will going up.

Also, I don't suggest running with music on your headphones as I tend to fall in step with a beat. Use your natural gait and pace. I don't use anything. I concentrate on my breathing.
If you need to not feel bored and must listen to something because you can't stand being alone or can't stand the thoughts in your head, I suggest you listen to Alex Linder reading Siege by James Mason. (go to alexlinder.com)

Keep going and increase your distances that you run without walking.
I've been running in 95+ degree weather lately (it's supposed to drop 15 degrees in a few days) and I really don't give a shit. It's inconsequential.
When I'm done running, I'm soaked with sweat, and the slightest breeze is cooling.

You will get a hang of it.
You will make it to 2 miles running non-stop. Then 3. Then 4. I promise.
It won't happen overnight. Give it some time and don't get discouraged if you can't complete 1/4 mile in the beginning.
You can do it.
If I can, you can.
(attached stretching cart seems okay - I don't know why they stretch the arms.)

>in b4 reddit spacing
oh yeah - if you have to drive somewhere to run, bring a towel to sit on in your car.
Hydrate with WATER not beer.
I try to drink something like 5 Liters of water a day whether I'm running or not
Example - Drink 5L of water on Tuesday, a rest day, then on Wednesday, have about 2 or 3 liters before I run. If I am running later in the day like later in the afternoon/evening, I may want to have 4 liters before I run.
I use my old 2L Mountain Dew bottles to measure my 2L
and some old 1L water bottles for my 1L
(btw, I have one 2L bottle labeled "Dog" and the others say "Human" lel)
(120.40 KB 1280x720 mewing.jpg)
Everyone in this thread should be mewing and doing foreskin restoration, unless you're uncut. If you are a slack jawed faggot with no chin or foreskin and not trying to fix it you are retarded.
(56.65 KB 598x490 201901201038262.jpg)
Get an AR10. Going super short with the intention of attaching a suppressor is a bad idea, idk how short youd have to go to get .308 subsonic but its too fucking short. Just 16in+ and buy subsonics if you want to be extra quiet, but supersonic through a suppressor is still very effective. Loud but hard to find the source from the target's position. To be honest id recommend an ar 15 lower, 5.56 upper, and a .300 blackout upper. 5.56 upper is for less recoil for full auto (NFA or clothes hanger) and .300 blackout will let you run supersonics (superior to 5.56) and subsonics (same effectiveness as .308 subs) with a mag change. Just dont accidentally chamber a .300 blackout cartridge in your 5.56 upper or its fucked. Also forgot to ask, why do you want a .308 anyway? How are the mods on this site?
Of course bro i would never do anything illegal that would be wrong
Also forgot to mention something very important because I got a bit carried away shilling for AAC, the 5.56 upper isnt just for lighter cartridges. Steel case .223 for practice is like $0.17 and 5.56 M855 loads can penetrate level 3 armor while only being about $0.30 and come with a neat green painted tip. $0.27 without the epic green paint :(
A legal setup like i described + suppressor would cost about $800, not including shipping and transfers, if bought from palmetto state armory with a cheapo form 1 silencer. PSA gets some shit for quality but the price cant be beat. The owner says his main goal isnt profit, its to get as many rifles into the hands of americans as possible. Setup costs twice as much from other companies but you can probably get it for a third less if u dont give a singular frick about the law. PSA AR pistols almost get sub MOA accuracy by the way.
In my opinion, I would like to see a strong /k/ board here, but I understand the need to talk about guns on pol as well. In the meantime, anyone here talking about guns in the United States should investigate getting an 80% lower for an AR. It can be any caliber, but the platform itself lends to buying a receiver and finishing it relatively easy. The beauty is the lack of paperwork -- you aren't buying a firearm as it's not finished. With a mill and some brain cells you can finish it yourself and be on your unregistered way. Some extra googling can bring you the rest of the way.
I considered making one but it honestly seemed like alot of work for not much return. If we ever got to a hypothetical scenario in which the police were seeking the millions of registered guns, would it really make a difference? I might make one as an addition to my collection sometime but its alot of money for just another AR.
That's fair. To be honest I live in Jew York so there are a lot of additional rules to follow, if you do all the paperwork. For free states, it makes a lot less sense.
>being this ósnotr
Yeah I could hardly imagine finding a place to shoot within city limits if you live in new york. Any reason why you wouldnt leave?
The confusion is on me, but I'm not in the city. Which honestly just translates to having to live under a ton of shitty laws, with none of the benefit. I can't really tell you why I'm still here, between a decent paying job and family I guess I'm just going to ride things out. If things kick off in the political sense, I'd rather have a good handle on where my family is I suppose.
I'm getting a Tom Clancy's Division scenario in my head lol
Best of luck, I hope for the best
Think I'm finally done with the herbal jew, lads
Atta boy. You're better without it. You're going to clear up a lot mentally, or at least I did. Keep up the good work, and remember that eternal struggle is eternal growth.
In regards to foreskin, I'll just wait for foregen, in the mean time it's easier to just moisturize my glans, at the end of the day it does the same job without having to buy a clamp or something and grow your skin.
What's the point of this? If you've already been traumatized at birth by circumcision, you can't undo whatever those effects are. You also can't regrow the same nerves that were cut, right?
Just to protect the tip and maybe let it repair itself I assume
Thank you, fren.
(63.81 KB 750x536 1541276243226.jpg)
(2.11 MB 2048x1307 1541276266428.png)
(870.72 KB 1126x1001 1541276289128.jpg)
(451.63 KB 1120x697 1523826294893.png)
(44.47 KB 564x564 1541285227754.jpg)
I wish 16 had a /biz/. If anyone has any good financial advice or information on creating a passive income stream, please make a thread.
I believe in you anon :)
(1.96 MB 1133x1766 1522009450338.jpg)
A classic.
this is some really gay tryhard 4cuck shit. fuck off already
Thanks for this
Why does it bother you that people are working on self improvement?
How about you get the fuck out, jew.
Meant to upload a pic, but it seems pics don’t work on mobile. Is this a website glitch?
>you can quit smoking your faggot plants.
Kek. Great work anon keep it up.
idk why but this made me choke up a bit and tear up no homo.
even Alcohol and Cigarettes
If I can do it, so can you.
pls don't fire 5.56 out of a .223
it might not be on the first few shots, but it will.
I've been up all night drinking and wanna sleep before my job tonight 3rd shift but I might end up staying up drinking. Idk what to do about that, I feel pretty tired but pretty unable to sleep. I wanna get off drugs and I think I can once this booze is gone.i want to make the ultimate schedule for myself so that i practice music and writing and shit effectively. I'm really starting to come to terms with shit.
Thanks for posting this stuff. It helps a lot .
Because that's what 4cuck is for. You fag gymcels just have to invade every little corner.
Hi moishe, glad to see you assmad at our good health as usual. Really helps my motivation.
>I'm really starting to come to terms with shit.
That's the first step man. The beginning is hard, even more so when you see that all your problems are still there in full clarity, but it really does get easier as you start taking care of yourself and your body comes back to normal. I used to smoke weed until I couldn't get any higher, then drink until I was sick to forget about the shit in my life. I finally realized I was going to be an old man skateboarding to work at the supermarket if I didn't rise above my vices NOW. I was sick of missing opportunities during the best years of my life. Quitting weed was harder than expected, but fear of losing my job and the desire to really live my life while I'm here were enough. Alcohol was easier for some reason, I was tired of getting shit sleep and feeling hungover in the middle of the night from drinking alone, not to mention losing gains earned at the gym. It took me a few tries I'll admit, but it's been several months now (didn't bother remembering the date, just made the decision never looked back) and I am a completely different person. I really like myself now, what a strange but welcome consequence. You can do it anon; our people need you, we need you, and you need you. Start trying and don't give up.
The low-t jew fears the chiseled Aryan chad.
You cant regrow the nerves, but the head of your penis develops a layer of scab like tissue and you lose sensitivity. Restoring also brings back the natural motion of the foreskin - when you are having sex, your foreskin is supposed to move back and forth across your head, which is very stimulating. So, even though the nerves are cut, after finishing restoration sex will be orders of magnitude better.

Uncut here(one of the few benifits of having hippy parents). Most girls I've been with that I was there first uncut, say they like it better(even one that did like the look at first).

If there's a way to get it back, do. You're a cat without it's tail and you don't even know it.
>healthy eating
>its just fruits

3/10 meme
Do you have a better explanation that would make >>7206 obsolete? Or you just gonna sit there with your thumb up your ass?
few things I notice that are wrong:
black beans should be avoided by men, they're highly estrogenic.
oils - only olive and coconut oil, and real butter or course
canola/rapeseed oil is garbage
sesame oil - highly estrogenic
peanut - everything is garbage, aoivd peanut butter and peanut oil
milk - i think it's risky considering all the hormones pumped into cows.
I used to drink it but I avoid it now as I don't trust my local sources for milk. I can't stay lean if I drink milk. I think there are better ways to get calcium, spinach for one, which you already have listed
ffffffff sesame oil is estrogenic? But it tastes so good. Thanks for the dietary dark red pill anon.
It's a starterpack from /fit/ you nigger. Good advice though. I only use olive oil myself. It probably is best to stay away from milk, but I don't drink milk for the nutrients.
Can you post your sauce?
P.S. since my ezpz images were too basic for some of you, here is a more detailed chart. I was only hoping to get the motivational juices flowing. It's important not to get too bogged down with the details of self improvement. You can end up spending more time researching than you spend actually cooking healthy food, going to the gym and maintaining healthy relationships. Keep in mind no diet is "one size fits all." There will always be people that nitpick every diet/exercise regiment. An entire industry exists around this. The goal is to educate yourself and work on being better than you were yesterday.
>spinach for one, which you already have listed
Spinach has the highest amount of oxilates of anything so avoid it. It’s better to forage dandelions from somewhere which doesn’t get sprayed. Oxilates are calcium crystals that build up in your joints and kidneys over time. Un-activated seeds and nuts are the second biggest culprit.

> I only use olive oil myself.
If you cook, use butter or coconut oil. Olive oil has a low “smoke point” which is where it turns rancid in the pan and carcinogenic.

>That macro
I’ll second all of this except for the “raw seeds and nuts”. By design, they have many enzyme inhibitors to prevent animals from digesting them so the animals spread the seeds in their stool. These enzyme inhibitors(phytic acid for one) rob nutrients from your body in order to process them. The best way to defeat these is to sprout your seeds and nuts in a jar(activatedalmonds.gif). It’s the chad version of alfalfa sprouts. The only exception are hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are tremendously healthy and have a complete amino acid profile which is why you’ll never see a study done on them.

>cold exposure to boost T
This also has been shown to improve sleep.

I also highly recommend intermittent fasting for both detoxification and hormone regulation.
I’m not this YouTuber for the record, he’s just a very good analytical presenter without being overly autistic.

Lastly, about two months ago I learned an ancient Aryan technique for oral health and detoxification. I learned that while we sleep, our lymphatic system purges our the space between the teeth and the gums. Which is why gum disease can lead to diabetes and heart problems, because the system gets clogged and backed up. So in the morning before consuming anything, spit whatever saliva you have then gargle a mouthful of coconut or olive oil. The reason to use oil is because most of these toxins are fat soluble and will bind with your rinse better than water. I can’t say that my teeth are markedly whiter, but I can feel the vertical ridges on the backs of my inscicers just like after a trip to the dentist. My wife also says I look younger. Obviously, this isn’t a replacement for proper dental care.

Foraging is my final protip for the night. It saves money and is a paramount skill for the coming struggles. Most of foraging is pattern recognition of similar plant parts, there aren’t nearly as many poisonous look alikes as we’ve been led to believe. Right now is mushroom and wild game season lads.
Thank you for sharing this. High quality.
>spinach and olive oil killed him
This is what I’m talking about. You can go way too far with this shit. I smoked for 6 years. I have to breathe small amounts of acetone at work every day. I’m not going to stop using olive oil because I like how it tastes. It’s great you’re trying to help people, but without posting links to studies in your detailed advice, it’s just “grandma pol says.”
What’s the solution to low test? I know I’m supposed to avoid sugar and GMO’s but that’s all we have on our campus.

A month ago I started going to the gym and now it’s part of my daily routine, but I’m stagnating now. It’s becoming increasingly hard to finish my workout. Is anyone here actually /fit/ and not just a boomer repeating what they see other people say, I need real advice here.
(1.81 MB 1920x1080 1541276307587.png)
If you learned to read, you might find the answer already posted above. Fortunately for you, I have an easy to follow infographic even a nigger like you could understand. If you want to know more, why don't you try a simple web search next? There's plenty of research floating around. Maybe you could find some and post it here.
I would like to add for clarity that you aren't wrong about the low smoke point of olive oil, I have read this as well. I do use butter to prevent things from sticking to my cast iron pan, but I don't worry if a recipe calls for olive oil and a little burns occasionally. This reminds me of related information which is the importance of not using "high tech" Teflon and similar non-stick pans. These leech harmful chemicals into your food. I have yet to replace all of my pots, but I believe this to be as important as what you put in the pan.
>>9033 (checked)
Here’s one of many sources on oxalates and kidney stones. You can process them if you drink lots of water, but they can still build up in joints.

>olive oil and smoke point
Upon further review, olive, coconut and butter all have relatively similar smoke points between 350-400f depending on the source you check. “Smoke point” was a nutritional meme I learned years ago which is fear based. Ultimately, it only comes into play for deep frying which I don’t do anyway. They are all safe for medium to low heat for sautéing. It seems that avocado oil is the safest for cooking meat, then finish it with butter for the taste.
Sorry I skimmed through the thread but there’s no reason to act like a faggot redditor and do this gay shit, you can just link me to the post next time. And I don’t trust fucking Jewgle for information about hormones and other things of that nature, are you kidding me? It just yields pages of useless WebMD and WebMD clones anyway.
>web search
fucking lazy niggers
Newfag here, never saw this before. Mom and boss would have appreciated this msg a month or two ago. Oh well.

Anyways seeing as OP hit the nail on the hit with 1-4, Im going to go out on a limb and respect his advice in the rest of the post. Will make effort with 5-8 for few weeks and report back.

Have physical outdoor job, and recently quit smoking so shouldn't be too hard to pull off. Giving up /vg/ will be the biggest challenge
(35.53 KB 709x765 sM77zRs.jpg)
This is kind of /sig/ related, but more of a personal thing. I asked this girl out on a date a few days ago, we're going to the cinema today, and I bought the tickets a few days beforehand. Today, she asked me about the price, and told me we could have ordered them today and saved a few euros, as she would have brought a uni student ID and would have gotten a discount. I told her that I wanted to make sure that they weren't sold out (we're going to see Joker, and for the past few days, the queues outside the cinema had been pretty huge). She kept questioning my logic, and I kept trying to explain my reasoning.

I've failed a shit-test, haven't I?
probably, but dont worry about it. learn the lesson and move on, lest you fall into a shit test death spiral.
Hard to say for sure Anon with out more back ground info and/or exact transcripts of interactions. Perhaps your gut feeling is right, but there is chance your simply reading too much into situation.

Women have entirely different thought processes, and there are other possibilities as well. Like maybe, she is just having second thoughts about this movie choice or about the date itself. Or maybe she is just a decent person and doesnt want you to blow money on her (least likely but possible I guess) or she is just super financially conscious. It goes without saying, that men tend to be more logical and perhaps she is just trying to understand you better

The important thing here is, you seem healthily redpilled and are unlikely to simply let yourself be taken for a fool.
>Trust your gut, but be open minded.
Maybe this girl is a keeper, or just someone to kill some time with. Even failed relationships have a purpose, you will learn from mistakes you make and grow as a person, Best of luck
Yeah, I was a bit scarce on the details. As far as I can tell she really wants to go see the movie, she's big into horrors, psychopaths etc., which is a bit freaky, but then again, I'm not one to put myself on a moral pedestal. That being said, she doesn't seem to be a freaky person. I've known her for about 4, maybe 5 years, and she's not one of those goth thots, she's rather reserved and modest, which is a big plus for me, and is a very kind person at heart. Now that I think about it, she may just have not wanted me to blow too much money, but this may just be my soft, loving side talking....

Jesus, reading over this post, I'm just gone full on ranting, but I'm just very stressed out.... She has been a really good friend of mine and I don't want this to go south.
Tough situation, looks like this will be great for you, happily ever after and all, or you'll be back here soon trying to get us to talk you off a ledge. Bigger risk, bigger reward though
Cant wait for the AAR, again good luck,
(78.07 KB 500x500 s-l640.jpg)
one more thing. It's a bit pathetic to be asking this, but I do not know what to fucking wear. I have narrowed it down to two options:

1) Dark blue jeans and a blue shirt, like in pic related, except a bit duller and darker in colour, and white instead of cream, or

2) Dark blue jeans, a grey diesel t-shirt and a black adidas sweater, pic related

I know the adidas is more associated with sports and drunk gopniks, and as such might not be the first choice for many, but it's a nice sweater and is a bit more casual than the shirt, and I don't want to look too..... old fashioned? too formal? I don't know how to put it, but I don't want to look like a sperg who dressed like he's going to a formal dinner.
Forgot to mention I am wearing a pair of nice black adidas shoes, pic related, so the sweater might go well with that.
kek, Trust your instincts, only you know you, and her taste for that matter, would prob recommend casual (seems there is going to be a touch of spergging involved tonight despite efforts, embrace it, maybe she will find it endearing) Which ever one is newer, less wash cycles. Theres nothing wrong with putting in some effort if you think shes worth it. She will likely notice and appreciate
Thanks anon. I'll admit, I kek'd when you said sperging is inevitable. I'm writing this outside the cinema, she'll be here in a few minutes. Wish me luck lads, I'll report back in a few hours. o/
Forgot to mention, posting from phone, so ID changed. Still me though
>Homo sovieticus
trying to impress a girl by taking her to a jewish brainwashing session
wow what a man

you stupid faggot, if you charm her using jewish power she will just be a jewish instrument in your life, get a dick and balls you stupid piece of shit
Will ask your opinion after you find gf, get married and have 5 white children, incel
Your right anon should give up and return to his basement to come back here and shit post with you
I propose this guy is this guy trolling for keks from a new IP.

>trying to impress a girl by taking her to a jewish brainwashing session
>wow what a man
fuckin' based

I have friends telling me to see Ad Astra and Gemini Man. Sure, I'll admit I'm a little bored this weekend but I'd rather make another pathetic attempt at my watercolor than give my money to Jews for brainwashing.
>Tfw glows invade your underwater salvage forum to corrupt the self improvement thread with mock fashion questions on garments available at any big-box store.
If that guy is honestly asking, he needs to nut the fuck up. It hardly matters what you wear. Your body, facial structure, and how you carry yourself (showing traits of dominance and high-T) are everything. You want some real advice on this topic? Choke on these blackpills:
They are definitely not the same person
>>9203 failed a shit-test
>>7710 fag gymcels
Plus a1fba5 can complete a sentence

Not sure I buy into this whole mewing crap, not sure why your generation was born without chins, I assumed it was genetic defect or or some form of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Maybe its fetal cannnabis disorder.

At the same time, its pretty hard to brainwash someone if they are wise to the tactics. I assumed anon was suffiently redpilled by his mannerism in first post

Here an example of a /pol/ack movie review

Was planning to let anon get date out of the way, before spoiling then ask his thoughts after
>not sure why your generation was born without chins,
Vitamin A deficiency during development because boomers were brainwashed into thinking saturated fat is bad. They probably drank low fat/skim milk and used fake butter. If it wasn’t for eating heroic amounts of cheese as a lad I would’ve been fucked.

*squating intensifies*

If she’s been your friend for years, she probably wanted to wait in line with you so you could talk before the movie. It’s part and parcel of the archetypical gay date experience.
Interesting, I have no chin issue, and have always had huge intake of milk, often few bowls of cereal and/or quart a day
(185.74 KB 900x900 1568147173357.jpg)
Right, fuck it, AAR time. To put it shortly, "I used to think my life was a tragedy, now I realise it's a comedy". In all seriousness though, I'm really confused about how to feel about the date. The whole experience felt a bit..... awkward.... don't get me wrong, it wasn't a case of awkward silence, just more a feeling of general uncertainty. We talked a lot about our lives, both school and outside, and in general, it seemed to be going really well. We went to buy some drinks, and I bought a small bottle of Pepsi (barely drank any of it though, I mostly bought it just to have something to sip on throughout the movie).

As far as the movie experience; well, Joker wasn't exactly what I was expecting. I had seen the trailers beforehand, and could tell it would be a different sort of movie, not like the usual capeshit movie. However, to say it caught me off-guard would be a gross understatement. I can safely say it is one of the few movies I have seen that have legitimately made me feel uncomfortable, tense and had me at the edge of the proverbial seat. Now, granted, I am not much of a movie-goer, definitely not the type of person to follow a franchise religiously (and mostly just go to spend some time with friends, or in this case, a girl I care for), so I doubt I have many good films to compare the Joker to. Either way, I loved the movie, and although its pro-class warfare themes were more than obvious, well, shit, I empathised with a man driven to forsaken by a cruel, callous and rotten society. However, now looking back in hindsight, probably not the best choice for a date.....

The restaurant is where the quote at the beginning gains validity, and where I must hand it to >>9236 ("seems there is going to be a touch of spergging involved tonight despite efforts, embrace it, maybe she will find it endearing") for being a fucking fortune teller. Everything was going amazingly. We were talking, laughing together, enjoying out time, and here I guess I should mention that there is a pepsi bottle in my pocket. About 15 or so minutes into the meal, I go to pour myself a glass of water from a jug we were given. As I am about to finish pouring the water, the cunt of a Pepsi bottle slips out of my pocket, and I instinctively try to catch it....... with the hand holding the glass of water, and I ended up fucking launching the water at the floor and some other person sitting next to our table. Luckily the glass stayed in my hand, but I fucking legged it to the bathroom, grabbed some toilet paper as fast as I could, and did my best to not only wipe the floor of the excess water, but also to pick my spaghetti up and put it back in my pockets. The girl, well she found it rather funny, as apparently it did not look like an accident at all, and surprisingly, we just sort of accepted that and moved on to enjoy the rest of the night.

Here is where I should probably mention that she was being picked up by an older brother. If there is one thing I know about older brothers, fathers etc. especially when they are from eastern Europe, is that you do not want to get on their bad side. Even better was the fact that he had no clue of our relationship, or the fact that we were just on a date, as my girlfriend made it very clear he should not be told about this, not yet anyways. I was going to end the night with a kiss, however just as I was going to do it, I shit you not, he shows up, and I am denied. Now, go ahead and laugh all you want; "fucking cuck, didn't have the balls to kiss his girlfriend", but I'd rather keep my head where it is, and not make rash decisions that might end badly for the two of us (from what she told me, her brothers are extremely protective, and I don't blame them to be fair). However, we are going to hang out soon with a group of friends, so it's not like this was my only opportunity.

In short, I probably made a fucking bollocks of it, more than I can fully comprehend. I probably could have been a bit more direct and dominant, looking back, but this was my first date and first time being in a relationship so fuck it, nothing went horribly wrong, apart from that water incident, and I'm sure I can learn from this. I did more right than wrong, anyways, by the looks of it. Sieg Heil!
Reading post didnt want to spoil movie let you make own mind up, check out this review to pass time
Sounds like it went perfect to me. Really if you dont think she thinks less of you then it's all good.
Missing the good nite kiss was stoke of great luck. If you consider,
1 Bro there, she didnt want you to make scene, and
2 she had good time, and wanted you to kiss her
end result, she went home wanting more of you.
Well, I have to admit, watching that review was a mindfuck and a half. To be honest I thought the black chick was actually there, up until about the last half an hour of the movie, and up until watching the review, I was convinced that the first scene with the talk show host, where he tells Joker he would trade his job to have a son like him, actually happened.

As far as the whole 3 white dudes on the subway, I honestly didn't look that much into it, and rather saw them as three posh people taking advantage of someone without the capability of defending himself, and the following murder as 'what happens when you push someone too far'. The latter intrigued me quite a bit, as, at least in my experience, most people see the world as black and white, good and bad, without considering details, and that scene, I feel helps portray the beaten down man who takes violent, and fatal retribution on those doing him wrong.

Also, when it comes to Thomas Wayne and Donald Trump, I couldn't care less, to be honest. It's not like Trump is /ourguy/, and anyhow I failed to see any similarities. Does Thomas insult the town's poor by calling them 'clowns'? Sure, that sort of language and attitude is hardly exclusive to Trump, and I imagine many people born into wealth, and especially big family politicians of all sorts harbour these views.

I also didn't really connect the clown rebellion to Antifa. Sure, they had 'resist' posters, fucked up trashcans and yeah, there were signs which read 'Wayne=fascist' or something along those lines, but I saw it as a general portrayal of a widespread boogaloo, which while I connected to a general socialist uprising in my previous post (class warfare themes), seemed more like a general revolt of the masses where there is no ideology or set goal, apart from of course taking revenge on the clown world, and if there was meant to be a Fascist boogaloo, I'd imagine there would be no shortage of posters reading something along the lines of 'resist the jews' etc.

The review is an interesting one, and did make me think, and maybe my JewDAR isn't fully calibrated, but I can comfortably say I enjoyed the movie, despite its apparent ripping from other plots (mostly because I haven't seen a single one of those films, and had nothing to compare it to).
Bruh i never said put 5.56 in a .223, i think youd actually have to go out of your way to find an AR made just for .223 in 2019. .223 isnt dangerous at all in a 5.56 barrel

For any anons who don't have access to weights, Convict Conditioning is an excellent bodyweight strength training guide. Give it a read, you guys will like the way it's written even if you don't intend on using BW exercises anytime soon.
Glad to see the SIG thread active. Here's some old stuff I had saved that helped me in the beginning. Feeling stuck? Do a roll, then don't think, just do it! Momentum is key.

Pitter patter boys!
Im not sure if its my browser or the site, but I know these were not thumbnails when I saved them, and this isn't first time this happened... anyone else experiencing this?
Sorry for clutter, testing this again
How to how to strengthen your pinky finger for guitar? My pinky sometimes collapse and bends inward
Rollin, but i kind of want to do all of them
(3.51 MB 3264x2448 IMG_0145.JPG)
Pic related, finished it really recently. Its tilted so that the light will hit it right. Titled "Pleroma". please disregard the cluttered background, Im moving and am not good at keeping tidy when things are in flux.
Kind of jealous since I can't even paint a stick man, but wOwIe 0.0
So so pretty 0.0
Have you considered applying to art school in Vienna?
Stop worrying about fashy clothes and start building a fashy body and soul
"Fashy" is such a faggot word. Boggles the mind anyone here uses that term. "Fash" is a leftist term. Sage for double post.
fulfilling career is code for wage slave. You will not have food for 10 hours straight, no breaks for you, wage getting deducted illegally and getting laughed at by every lawyer in town for trying to sue.Fuck the jewish judge too.
no worries I literally just swirled paints together, its easy! Just let it be abstract and work with colors you think will be cool
(106.99 KB 500x627 1449797416848.jpg)
(100.47 KB 600x786 1461349344684-3.jpg)
(129.83 KB 746x880 1403070935175.jpg)
(190.06 KB 1600x1000 1450779558949.jpg)
>start building a fashy body and soul
Friends, how do I actually increase my test without TRT? I'm 19 and I'm starting to suspect that I'm low T. I lift and put on muscle easily, I'm strong and my strength grows fast,and I'm pretty lean at around 12-15%bf(but I retain my fat in my chest and face). I have been "chronically depressed" for the last 3-4 years, very bad anxiety(esp. social) and brainfog, completely unmotivated despite studying something I actually enjoy, I have slight painless gyno,persistent acne despite good hygiene, facial hair development stagnating for the last 2 years, I have very low libido and I never get morning wood and almost never random erections. I eat decently, lots of meat, eggs, fish, veg, good fats, no soy/alcohol, very little sugar and moderate amounts of complex carbs, I reduced my dairy to only butter and yogurt, I eat a can of sardines a day for my omega3 and I take a generic multivitamin in case I miss any micros through my food. I try to get 8hrs of sleep every night but I get to bed pretty late and always have trouble falling asleep, also drink only water from glass and a BPA/BPS free bottle, >4L a day. I don't watch porn and I masturbate once every few weeks, 2 weeks into 3 months nofap rn.

Any ideas? Cheap supplements/noots, habits, routines, anything? It's getting hard to keep living like this friends
Firstly maybe don't take medical advice from the internet.

Secondly, Sounds like you live healthier than I ever did, best stop by doctor and get some tests ran. Then go to another doctor (don't tell him this is for 2nd opinion) just play dumb. If both doctors don't seem 100% in agreement find a third.

Also came across this paper
Some symptoms you reported seem to match, you will need to also have test run to confirm for this though
I've actually been to my GP, she said "I was too young to have hormonal problems" and that "I look healthy to her". I asked to at least give me a referral for an endocrinologist but she refused and told me that I have nothing to worry about(you can't see any public specialized doctor without a referral). She also gave me fluvox and valium for my depression and insomnia but I stopped taking it after 2 days because it made me feel awful. I'd change my GP but it's a long and complicated process and I'd have to get the rest of my family involved, and I can't afford a private doctor.
I ask here because this is one of the only places on the internet left that I know of that actually takes "alternative medicine" seriously and has people that actually try and treat this shit by themselves.
I didn't pay attention to where you live but you should be able to visit a different doctor's office without going through the effort of changing your GP. Just find another location covered by your insurance and schedule an appointment. It may take a fair number of tries but you may eventually get what you're looking for. That's how I played it in the past. You probably aren't low T relative to the current general population, but all (western) males today are relatively low T. Don't let that stop you from getting what you want, it sounds like you won't be happy until you've given it your best shot anyway. Best of luck to you and God bless.
I'm in a Central European country with public healthcare, so sadly it doesn't work the way you described. Thank you for the support, though
Canadian here, public healthcare. Works that way for us.
You cant go to a doctor with symptoms, get opinion and if doctor says I think it this but we need to run couple tests get test done? Then turn around go to different doctor for second opinion?
>>7260 I'm on step 7, I have been doing these steps unconsciously, but not in the same order as pic related.

Don't give up /pol/ u got dis
Not for a GP, you have to find a doctor willing to take your whole family, fill out a form and wait like a month. If that doctor also isn't willing to help you, you're screwed because you can only change your GP once a year unless you move,they move or retire, or have very serious issues with them. You can visit as many specialized doctors as you want as long as you get a referral each time and are willing to wait (usually at least 1-2 months per first checkup).
sorry you replied as i was trying to edit
Sorry didnt see/read
Its the same here, for specialists you need a referral, but the problem may be your GP is a brainwashed cunt that may or may not have a bias against males and hi-T males in particular
Cant you got o to another GP and ask Him what He thinks?
I would imagine a man might think to him self "Fuck when I was 19 I was getting 4 or 5 unwanted erections a day, I could use my dick to hammer 9 inch nails into solid wood, when bored I could jack off 3-4 times in a row 5-6 if I tried really hard or was watching a new porn video.
Wow no wonder Burgers have horror stories of "Socialized Healthcare"
What about walk in clinics? could they give referrals? I haven't even had a real GP for 20 years

Still have to recommend jumping though any and all hoops you need to change Doc' the fact that she is unwilling to even LOOK to see if there might be an issue, sends so many red flags for me

I guess maybe in that case you are going to have to take matters in your own hands and keep searching for alternatives (I am very leery of alternative internet medicine as most of it seems just click bait, make a sale shit), your right to pass on the valium and shit. To me it sounds like their is an issue.
>but all (western) males today are relatively low T
I'v been hearing that a lot from you lads these days (early GenX here), perhaps They really are putting shit in the food. Even if you lads are passing on the processed food, likely its in the fertilizers and then in the fresh fruit/veggies and meat.
Maybe it's time to seriously consider Hunting and Growing.
For growing then you'd probably want to look into finding some heirloom seeds, ones that you don't buy in a package that have been genetically modified.
Hunting is simple, get away from populations, hard in Europe I know, but eastern Europe still has some decent woodlands. Best part is, your going to get your self a rifle and a shotgun(more hoops to jump through but maybe worth the effort) Learn to trap live off the land. In a SHTF scenario (please, please PLEEEZ) that knowledge just may save you and yours.
You don't need a referal for a specialist in the US you could call for an appointment anytime but the waiting is 1-2 months. What insurance do you have?
>.223 isnt dangerous at all in a 5.56 barrel
No, but you're getting pretty close to causing your barrel to overheat more than it has to.
5.56mm = ~.219in
>I'm in a Central European country with public healthcare
There are many factors, but I've read the main contributors are plastics and xenestrogens.

Drop in T in American men:

Declining sperm count:
Walk in clinics are shit and are usually in ghetto nigger areas with shady nigger and spic doctors.
Can't you "travel" to different country for medical help? Boomers and drug addicts do this all the time
Christ Burger, see that faggot pink (d03ba1) in your post, Its your thread ID.(If you click it it will highlight all posts by the ID, assuming not IP hoping between posts) It helps your determine who is saying what to whom.

I was talking to (e53bfb (4)) >>11853 after he claimed his Feminazi GP told him to fuck right off and have a Valium for his problems. I suggested he find a new doctor but he said that was not practical.

In Canada we have walk in clinic's all over the place, but he keep on niggers in ghettos and put the shady spic doctors there. In middle class neighborhoods you will find clinics with poo and chink doctors, however they tend to be somewhat competent as we require them to complete addition training to practice medicine here.

Depending on the province you intend to settle in, your licensing process may include:

examinations (eligibility, program selection, qualifying, certification)
language proficiency tests
postgraduate training/assessment
return-of-service agreements (commitment to practice in an underserved community for an agreed period of time).

It is even possible to find a clinic (probably not "walk-in" admittedly) in an upper class neighbor hood with actual white doctors. The point is Europoor there, needs a new doctor and I was just throwing out some random options as he didnt state his country exactly, to see what might work for him
Makes no sense. The bullet in a .223 and a 5.56 NATO is the same diameter. 5.56 is very very slightly different, and a bit higher pressure, but there is no issue shooting .223 through a barrel chambered for 5.56, and in fact you'd have a very hard time finding very many barrels chambered strictly for .223 unless one is speaking of .223 wylde, which is really what the 5.56 chamber should be except concerns of accuracy versus fouling are a bit different for a military rifle versus the varmint cartridge that was the parent for 5.56 NATO.

Sort of a backwards issue with .308 and 7.62x51 NATO, you can't reliably safely shoot full house .308 through a strictly 7.62 rifle, because the NATO isn't as hot per specs as .308, but you can shoot all the NATO surplus you want out of a rifle chambered in .308 if you are shooting at paper or insurgents in minecraft.
hi guys. last months I have been in a severe decline.
I started self improvement few years ago. I basically stopped:
>booze only sometimes, rather moderately
I started working out and looking for girlfriend.
The last months were tough though. I started drinking coffee heavily because...work. once a month I see some porn video because...weakness creeps through my whole existence right now.
I lack any motivation right now. I`ve failed to find the girl yet....I had a good chance with a highly redpilled woman...it did not work out...
That combined with work, caffeine and other things kicked me right into the abyss.

I tried to resist last week I stopped all caffeine and started a workout plan that I intend to keep for years..... but today I drank two coffees , I also saw a porn videos today.. I failed God and my ancestors badly this day they must all be ashamed..., this week... the last months.

I am not going to whine much longer.
Please somebody tell me to fuck off already and get back to work. I really need someone to push me right now to get disciplined and nobody in my social circle knows how to do that...

thank you guys
Hang in there buddy. I'm sure many of us can relate to exactly what you describe, I know I can. Life ebbs and flows like that. It's great you hold yourself accountable, but you have to be gentle with yourself as well. Keep in mind these feelings are normal when you reach a period of stagnation while winter is setting in. It is during these periods that you have to push hardest to keep up with your healthy routines. I have found motivation to push harder just in reading and relating to your post. Keep at it!
Good thing you found it. I struggle to find it. Everything decays around. Sometimes it is difficult to find the motivation. I like to play with the idea that a woman would make things better. But I realize women make things harder....I need to sort my things out better before meeting the right one.
Thanks for your input. I will re establish the routines and I will put an end to the porn incident. In fact my workout plan will be better than the chaotic working out I had been doing.
>convict conditioning
I see you are a man of culture as well.

Good thing I found 16chan. After infinity was shut down I was roaming through 4chan and that got me on a wrong track. Also few other boards were lost and I had nowhere to go.
This place looks alright so I will drop down how I am doing once in a while to keep my discipline in check.
Checked. I sometimes think a woman would help, but I know from experience it won't. Keep in mind there will always be struggle. The to-do list will never truly be empty. There will never be a point when we have "made it." Endless struggle is our birthright and our heritage, it will take us to the stars.
(662.54 KB 3060x1628 convict-conditioning-summary.jpg)
(152.22 KB 800x600 1339918631180.jpg)
(266.88 KB 960x1280 1339920360005.jpg)
(124.65 KB 500x680 1456163050557-2.jpg)
>convict conditioning
Das digits.
(136.48 KB 577x597 9egi.png)

Rolling /hardmode/. Treating 5 and 6 as 1 because winter is here in full force and I kinda want to do 1 anyways.

Wish me luck.
(293.17 KB 670x833 1551697300426.png)
Anons, I, the fag who went on the date, and asked all sorts of stupid advice, need your help in deciphering this woman..... Today, a couple friends, her and I went to hang out, and spent a few hours walking around town, joking, went to grab something to eat etc. It was just a calm evening for us to chill out. That is the unimportant background information. Also I guess it's important noting, as I have said before, that she is not a very social person. We have a small group of friends, and she is very reserved; you can tell she lives in a strict home, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

After the fact, we were standing outside the local cinema where most people had agreed to be collected (many live outside the town, in rural areas or adjacent smaller towns/villages). I live in town, so I had the freedom of leaving or staying at my discretion, however I felt I should stay and wait for my girlfriend to get picked up, and soon after most people left, it was myself, a friend and her talking. We discussed music mostly, and found we all had similar tastes (mostly metal). Then, as we were talking, her father came around to pick her up, and I went in for a hug and kiss. Now, once again, as I have stated before, I have never met her father, or anyone in her family, just felt I should say that. We hugged, and I hinted at a kiss. She seemed content with a kiss on the cheek, but I expressed mild displeasure, just asking 'is something wrong?', and waited a second for her to face me. She looked up, the sort of looked away, and said 'I'm scared'. Not knowing what she meant (could have been me, could have been her father in the car) I went in for a kiss on the cheek.

I'm puzzled, and quite concerned. While I find her shyness charming, and definitely a massive plus over the way some of my other acquaintances act, I'm afraid she is either scared of me, for some reason, which I will admit, I do tend to act stupid sometimes (I'm the sort of person who's a total sperg in serious situations but can act completely smooth in the company of complete strangers in a social situation), afraid of the relationship or just feigning interest in me.
You need to take control and take what you want or you will lose her in short order. Your kow-towing to her and worrying about what she and her father think will do the opposite of what you intend. Rather than doing what they want, they will respect you for doing what you want. Grab her by the pussy you beta nigger (not literally, ya sperg).
This is same oldfag (sperg prophet) that was here before for you mate, it's obvious she meant her dad. If you didn't get any weird vibes while hanging out and right at last minute she kinda stiffened up as car pulled up, its much the same situation when big brother showed up in the restaurant
And you have been happily married, with kids for how long? Oh that's right you still live at home, king of nothing, why don't you go outside and try dating rather than talking shit about things you have no understanding of
I am in my thirties and have dated many times (for varying lengths) you nonce. My parents are dead and I am an electrician in the aerospace industry. Your advice in >>12813 is good though.
Poster is same genuine anon that need advice few weeks ago. I believe neither he or the girl, are your typical fuck ups, He's know the girl for years, and she comes from very conservative home. Grab her by the pussy does not apply here. He's not Don Juan Trump and this chick is not some celeb thot to be used and tossed away. Apologies for lashing out fren, I just strongly feel this is not one a those situations where blanket be a man advice is appropriate. A man also knows his place in this world and you don't disrespect a girl you care about in front of her father the first time he see's you.
>You don't disrespect a girl you care about in front of her father the first time he see's you.
Sage advice, but a mix of styles is probably best here. He would have likely impressed the father if he came up and introduced himself if they have not yet met (I don't want to re-read his story from last time). This would have come across as assertive while expressing he cares about the father's opinon and does not wish to wantonly deflower his daughter. Certainly don't "grab her by the pussy." I was merely trying to illustrate that I have personally lost more than a couple women by pussy-footing around. I worried too much about their comfort and what they were thinking. If she indeed only acts this way around her brother and father, it is clear these men have great influence over her and are probably a part of what makes her a good girlfriend candidate in the first place. Don't forget, things have changed a lot since you were in the dating scene if you got married more than 5 years ago. Dating apps were not popular then. Things are much different for today's youth. By all means, I wish that anon the best of luck and I will refrain from giving more advice. Either way, you both seem like good people and I know God will help guide him towards what is best if he listens.
All true, fren. Again sorry for the initial out burst.
In hind sight Anon had made mistakes, granted this is his first time and he's admittedly a little socially inept. For a moment I think I was living vicariously though his experience. I too have probably made "pussy footing" mistakes and the approaching father might have been a real winning move, though in this case because the girl was so uneasy and she knows Anons tendency to sperg a little, it may have been a no win scenario. Asking her to pick her up at home, or ceasing the moment and just showing up for the man to man with brother and/or dad might be needed now to salvage the situation. Anon should prob speak to her first gauge the situation and perhaps consider next move.

He stated before they have been close friends for years, and he biggest fear was that by attempting dating her he would fuck up and not only lose first GF but a close fren as well. Really hits the feels, because of the horror stories these lads keep telling about the dating scene in general
Probably just not ready for the kiss because she has not dated many guys. That's what I'd say. Or just uncomfortable because of the father.
If I were you I would talk to the girl about it.If she's not ready make sure you do not rush her into it.
But that's me. I am not an expert and currently I am very disillusioned with women.
What kind of faggots are you to be pleased seeing your daughter being kissed by some man who's not even her fiancé? Is shit like this normal today
Good luck.
I like these threads and the information/discussion around self-improvement but, I have never seen a good all-a-round post that has everything from dietary and exercise to even breaking bad habits
>I have never seen a good all-a-round post that has everything from dietary and exercise to even breaking bad habits
What do you mean? Like concise guide to self improvement or that nobody seems to be "doing everything"
The fact is everyone goes each one's way in this. It is a lot of effort to keep it up actually. Not just first week, but for months.
One of the keyways is to set lower standard first and then build up. When you go right into strict regime from couch you will not keep it up long term.
The long term pierspective is the most important. So my first advice is to start rather small steps in many areas than for example switching to 5 workout days a week, etc. If you can keep up with 2 sessions a week for a months you will more likely keep 4 or five. If you go from 0, you are more likely to fail.
That's the way I like to thing. The "great turn arounds" that were like "right now I am going to live in the strictest possible way" did not work for me because of this.
Few Ideas:

Start a training plan with few sessions a week. Then increase sessions as your strength, stamina and willpower increases

Make a good rule to read every day, even just a few pages. But read them. Over a month it will make a lot.

>bad habits
Try to target one at a time. If you struggle with diet, coffee, booze and even smoking. Start either with booze/smoking and then build up.

I fast two days a week. Try first one day a week with no junk food, perhaps just even cutting even meat, no coffee, booze. If you can day one day a week on a regular basis you will find it easier to pull two days or go full junk free/coffee free/whatever you try to do with your diet.

I like images such as this
because they seem to be impressive but they do not work for me to be honest. I like to stick with a little first, build the routine. Then it gets easier a lot.
Here you go you sperg. Now good luck.
(69.53 KB 737x486 1572252934905.jpg)
Nigward, .223 is just slightly underloaded 5.56. Its the cheap shit you buy for plinking.
>overheating the barrel
This would be an issue if youre planning on dumping 8+ mags with a DIAS lmao. Post your AR
One more thing that should be mentioned for you or lurkers. 5.56mm isnt the width of the projectile, its the width of the barrel's bore (on top of the rifling). The larger projectile is forced through the rifling .
Its mentality and sticking to it once you start.
What works for me is little changes as I feel like doing more.

For people who find it difficult to get started, set the bar as low as possible. I've been doing "at least 1 push up a day" for months now. It sounds ridiculous, and after a while it feels ridiculous but just keep doing it and after a while you ask yourself why aren't you doing more. 1 is infinitely more than 0.

The first time you notice significant improvements in yourself you get hooked to it and need more. Just start as small as possible.
>One of the keyways is to set lower standard first and then build up
This. The beginning is more about making it part of your routine than anything else.
Seconding. The hardest part is getting started.
As I said, I like the idea of self-improvement but all of the information (which is very good) is spread out a bit. I would like a concise guide to self improvement. That's all.
But isn't self-improvement very specific, and different from person to person? We all have different strengths and weaknesses, we're all at different stages in our lives, have gone through various experiences, and have yet to experience some challenges, victories and failures. It's impossible to foresee every issue that falls under /SIG/ category, and would be idiotic to try to write a 'one-size-fits-all' type of guide. If you are facing a dilemma or have a question, or you're uncertain about something, it's up to you to ask for advice. After all, we're all in the same boat, asking or offering help, and gives everyone a much better idea of the sort of help or advice you are looking for.
Protip: when you see information that is useful to you, save it. Don’t rely on others to do your work for you. Especially when, as the anon above me said, self improvement is personal. Concise guide... ffs go buy a book, self help is one of the biggest genres out there. Fucking amateur hour over here.
(883.56 KB 1280x1023 1398708253434.jpg)
(179.23 KB 1280x800 1455348262896.jpg)
(988.67 KB 3840x2160 live it.jpg)
(204.28 KB 1920x1080 1349783649789.jpg)
(49.40 KB 720x561 1391140195688.jpg)
>Protip: when you see information that is useful to you, save it. Don’t rely on others to do your work for you.
This. And don't be a arm chair collector of information either, live it!
>And don't be a arm chair collector of information either, live it!
And share it!
10/10 post, checked and heiled
You absolutely can. I have had to, because nobody would take me into their fold. I'm focused on bettering myself for my own physical, mental, and spiritual evolution. If I have leftovers after, I'll have no problem helping other whites. Until then, it s a dog eat dog world.
I will post my AR, when you post your tits, ATF thot
And yet Bruce took pain pills that killed him.
1. Eat steak. Rib-eye best imo, I tenderize it in vinegar for half an hour or you can use lemons etc. https://tipnut.com/tenderizers-work/ and for thicker steaks you might want physically tenderize first if you are amateur cook like me.
2. Eat cilantro to remove mercury from your blood if you eat fish or get vaccines (you should stop getting the latter)
3. Sunbathe so you can convert some cholesterol into Vitamin D
4. Eat oranges or other vitamin c rich food if you eat a lot of carbs
5. Eat (whole milk) yogurt for a healthy microbial system
6. Eat honey for sore throats
7. Rub aloe vera on your skin to heal any skin blemishes especially fresh aloe
8. Steamed vegetables are better for you than raw like steamed broccoli or steamed carrots vs raw
9. Lard is better for you than vegetable oil if you enjoy deep fried food
How could afford steak on a low budget?
that's somewhat true, he had cerebral edema then the (((doctors))) gave overdosed him with Equagesic shots and died hours later.
>we're going to see Joker, and for the past few days
Don't watch the hollyjew
Idk, you could get rice or noodles and vegetables until you can afford steak. Not as expensive as a lot of other things imo and it's satiating. You could also eat "kosher meat" that they might sell at synagogues in exchange for bullets.
>Spoonfeed me
Self improvement is specific. There are tons of ideas and there are tons of things you need to improve.
Making charts won't be suited to your needs and most people that are unwilling to make their own plan are unlikely to keep up with a chart anyway.

Focus on:
>breaking bad habits
>improving diet
>working out

And first of all clean up your room. Also make sure to keep good hygiene and give your clothing some style.
Nobody will do the work for you. start now. Slowly but do not wait for anything.Charts will not help you. go and push your limits out of your lazy zone.
Checking in.
Managed to stand up on my feet again. I gave in few times on caffeine but It is getting better.
Yesterday I resisted urge to see porn.
I somewhat increased my strength.
So things are going good so far. If I push hard enough I will come out of autumn with head high that I managed to push myself into somewhat better shape.

I do lack a woman in my life though. There are many of them around I am no longer shy but I have been having bad luck with women for the last two years. It is getting so tiresome. I just want a wife
Stay strong and keep up the good work. Anytime you get an urge to watch porn, try doing something simple to take your mind off of it until the urge passes. That could be reading chapter or even just a few pages of a book, playing vidya or anything else that requires little to no effort. Try to avoid using your phone though.
Don't worry about not being able to find a woman, your luck with women and also your drive to go out and find a woman will both increase the longer that you abstain from porn/fapping.
Thanks for the motivation gents. I failed NNN yesterday and gave into several bouts of self indulgence. I've picked myself back up today and plan to finish out the month strong. On the plus side, I was on my longest streak in a year. I will second that finding a woman isn't worth worrying about. As men we can easily raise children in our forties and fifties, especially if you stay healthy. Work on yourself and if you continue with nofap the right one will present herself. After only quitting for all of last week I had several women at work asking me why I don't have a girlfriend. It isn't bro-science. My failure was in not staying busy during the weekend and not spending time at the gym. The constant shilling on here can wear thin. Best of luck to you guys.
I am on nofap for almost 3 years..there were minor porn excursions during that time.
I think I have harvested maximum from nofap. If I broke it off I would lose my standard which is why I guard myself. But the truth is that I watched a month ago porn videos because I was down. The only way to increase my odds with women are now trial and error. Things are better than they used to be honestly. But I still do not see the wife. It drains my energy sometimes.
Changing activity is great. The last time praying to St. Michael Archangel worked great for me
Glad to hear you are doing well. Especially the women.
Right now I also work out a way to optimize the clothing style.
I know it is only an external change but I thing aesthetics are very important. It should not be the way that the core is rotten and new clothes are put on it. But good aesthetics should follow an inner change. So now I really take care to present myself on the top of both my appearance and character level.

I already fast two days a week. I read that Iron guard guys had 3 days a week a strict fasting. Now I do not intend to be as strict as them in my fasting but I will try to get on 3 days a week. It seems like good rule
(638.66 KB 1134x1600 image0censored.jpg)
(954.88 KB 1804x1760 zoomed.png)
Not at all meant as a troll, more of a what NOT to do.
Came across this today, thought ya's might get a chuckle out of it
Question is, are the final pieces hard to manufacture at home?
>I read that Iron guard guys had 3 days a week a strict fasting.
That’s pretty hard core. I’m on One Meal A Day myself and has been the biggest level up I’ve had nutritionally thus far. At first I lost about ten pounds of fat/stored toxins over two months, then over the next three gained back 15lbs lean muscle and have been making gains since.

Organ meats are much cheaper than steak and much higher in trace minerals and Vitamin A. The same goes for Sardines and shellfish but with omega 3’s instead of Vitamin A.

>too young for hormonal problems
Your GP is is a pill pushing lazy retard. See my earlier post for a few good brief videos on improving your sleep and hormones.
>>9001 The insomnia, loss of libido, and depression are most certainly related and most certainly a hormone imbalance imo. However, the hormone imbalance is likely a symptom rather than the root cause. If you can afford to, there are private labs that can run blood work for you. Your diet seems quite good though it could still be an issue with your micro-biom in you gut. Your gut has it’s own nervous system which sends twice the amount of information to the brain as the brain sends it. So if this system has been cuckolded by bad bacteria or parasites, it can very subtly fuck shit up elsewhere. Subtle enough that most NPC’s would never notice an issue and just keep feeding the problem sugar. This system also has a direct link to the pituitary and adrenal glands; “gut instincts” literally trigger fight or flight mode. So if your gut is overgrown with candida or if you have worn out your adrenal glands with too much caffeine, it can cause seemingly unrelated neurological issues such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and loss of libido. I had mild manic depression, irritability, and bad caffeine crashes because of adrenal fatigue from years of caffeine abuse. It was bad enough that I could nod off in rush hour traffic while holding a coffee. Three months after quitting caffeine, those symptoms have all subsided.

The other hidden cause of seemingly unrelated symptoms are hidden infections in teeth or your jaw. As I said I’m an earlier post, you lymphatic system purges toxins out the space between your teeth and gums. If this gets clogged or if there is an infection from a bad tooth extraction/root canal, septic material will cause problems elsewhere in your system. Also, anons need to understand that the body is an interconnected electrical system. If there is an infection in your jaw at the root(nerve) of a tooth, it will sap electricity from an organ or gland further down the “power line”. The following is a video I cannot recommend enough on the subject, it changed a lot of my perspective on how I look at the body, how I react to food, and how I feel.
>I’m on One Meal A Day myself and has been the biggest level up I’ve had nutritionally thus far.
Wew is it enough? I do the convict conditioning workouts and they advice there to eat 3 times a day good meals. So I keep that. On fasting days I skip the meat. I know that strict fasting would do good to me spiritually but I would lose a lot of weight and I cannot afford that.
I will go for 2-3 days without meat, any caffeine etc. I want to work out my praying/sleeping/working out routine first then I can consider strict fast.

Whole 3 days a week strict fasting is hardcore it is always good for me to remind myself that as an inspiration if I lack the willpower
I get grass finished beef liver for $5.50/lb and sirloin tip for $6.99/lb. I eat all of my neat and eggs raw so that I get 100% of the nutrients which causes me to need to eat way less. It's also easier to digest raw. Lay your meats on a cookie rack with icecream salt on the bottom and it will age naturally in the fridge at 40°F. I also tried 4 month old fermented 'high meat' that I made and it was extremely satiating. A 2oz portion kept me full for half a day.
I just started oil pulling with coconut oil a few days ago. Did you notice any other benefits since you started? I'm in my late 20s and have been having minor acne recently, I'm hoping that I will see it start to clear up after 2-3 weeks of oil pulling every day.

Very informative video, thanks for posting.
Bump for health. I'm sick of the Jewish, Satanic, low-effort, and bait posts dominating the front page. Take good care of yourselves out there anons.
>>15457 Day 5 of swishing coconut oil around in my mouth. Worked my way up to doing it for 20 minutes every morning. The benefits that I've noticed so far are: The skin on my face has started to clear up, my gums are slightly less sensitive when I floss, and I've been jumping out of bed in the morning as soon as my alarm goes off.
>>14932 Are you doing the raw carnivore thing, anon? I did primarily carnivore for a bit and felt amazing.
>>6041 The entire point of the .308 is to hit hard and from a long range. Going subsonic and silencing it is retarded. T./k/ommando Also: > no scar Why the h8 m88?
>>6044 >Of course bro i would never do anything illegal that would be wrong So true. Anyway im off to bring my kids to see conviced trannies reading them bedtime stories. Because thats legal
>>15833 (checked) I’m glad the oil is helping lad. >>15457 Stick with the oil pulling it should help since it will give a path of less resistance for the bad shit pushing its way out your face to go out your gums. My skin was clear when I started, but it’s definitely smoother and better hydrated. This is important since I work outside in dusty construction sites and my face takes a beating, I don’t wear (((sunscreen))) obviously. I use olive oil for the vitamin E, but it tastes worse than coconut after a few minutes. It will also help your arm pits smell better since the stuff you spit out won’t recirculate into your lymphatic system. If I use deodorant, I use just plain frankincense oil. >>14689 >Wew is it enough? Absolutely, but the “one meal” is about the size of two average meals over the course of 4 hours. That’s after a strenuous construction job, then when I get home I usually put my toddler in a pack and go for a hike inawoods or workout.
>>16291 I'm definitely going to be sticking with the oil pulling. I've found it easy to do in the morning while I cook breakfast and make my lunch. I work outdoors on dusty construction sites as well, which I'm sure contributes to the poor condition of my skin. My nose and ears burn extremely easily in the sun, but I don't use regular (((sunscreen))). I use a natural sunscreen that mainly consists of zinc and sunflower seed oil. Stays white on my skin and doesn't rub in very well, but it works. I've already found that I have less body odor as well, my arm pits hardly smell after work and I don't use deodorant either.
>>16400 (checked) >I use a natural sunscreen that mainly consists of zinc and sunflower seed oil. Stays white on my skin and doesn't rub in very well That’s great stuff lad, I use it on my nose from time to time like an Aussie shitposting gone surfing. >I don’t use deodorant either Chad and musk pilled. Here’s a good video I watched today on the benefits of habitually waking up at 4:00am. The gist is that your brain chemistry and wave patterns are optimal for accessing the subconscious to meditate, learn, pray, and so on. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qszsMyrChnE This concept, called Brahma Muhurta is also purported by the Vedic Aryans. The theory is based on the interplay between the position of the sun and the time for peak chemical secretions of the pineal gland, melatonin and DMT. A Muhurta is a period of time which is 48 minutes, there are 30 Muhurta in one day. The Brahma Muhurta starts two Muhurta(96 min) before sunrise and lasts for one Muhurta. Tomorrow this begins at 5:36am for most of us in the northern hemisphere. Some sources say the time is the entire three hours before dawn. >this time offers the possibility to become the “Brahman” or creator, and to make yourself the way you want to be. https://isha.sadhguru.org/us/en/wisdom/article/brahma-muhurta-time-to-create-yourself This concept is akin to the daily microcosm of seasons which gives it validity imo. The Taoists purport that the best times for meditation are at 6,12, 18, and 2400 hours, but this doesn’t account for the solar cycles, nor does the traditional “witching hour” of midnight. Also, when my wife and I were trying to conceive last year, research said that the morning is when testosterone and sperm count is highest. This, if your schedules permit, work out after the Brahma Muhurta. Lastly, I’ve begun cold exposure training. We’re renovating our bathroom and so we had to run a hose from the shower outside temporarily. Redneck af admittedly, but bathing outside if you have the privacy is most excellent. I’ve be having amazing sleep after drying off out in the cold at night. I’m also more immune to the elements at work. Feels good man.
>>16265 Yea, I've been doing it for about 5 months now and it completely changed me for the better. I never liked the taste of cooked meat anyway but I had always thought you would die from raw meat. The first time I tried it was amazing - much lighter on the gut and easier to digest. have no desire to eat anything plant-based anymore as they just cause inflammation, farting, and other digestive issues. I did just start incorporating Sardines into my diet recently for the omegas. Even though they're technically not raw they're cheap, packed with nutrients and a healthy snack to have on the go. There was a thread that got deleted a few weeks ago shilling against raw meat where someone expressed concerns about parasites. I didn't get around to responding, but I'll just say that parasites only feed on toxins, and you're only going to have issues with them if you have toxins in your body - say from a SAD diet - and thus possess an environment for them to thrive. Same with the animals you eat. As long as you eat a healthy grass fed animal you should never have to worry about parasites. In many cases parasites are actually beneficial in that they are nature's decomposers. They feed off dead, toxic material. The more toxic and unhealthy we are the easier it is for them to leach on. They help in that they leach out pollution and metals from their hosts. In fact there's a branch of immunotherapy where people deliberately infest themselves parasitic organisms to treat various autoimmune diseases. Just search Helminthic therapy and the hygiene hypothesis for examples. Here's one: > https://web.archive.org/web/20170305184940/http://www.annarbor.com/pets/trichuris-suis-ova-crohns-disease-autoimmune-treatment-pig-whipworm-parasite-eggs/ And another: > https://web.archive.org/save/https://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/ct-xpm-2012-08-24-sns-rt-us-usa-health-parasitesbre87n0uw-20120824-story.html
>>16417 Thanks anon, Ill read that today. I was fixing to go full sv3rige raw around this time last year and ate raw hamburger for a little while, but then I did get food poisoning which stopped me in my tracks. It seems like Im actually in the minority for that kind of stuff though. Is there anything you would suggest I do to ease my self in? Im thinking about just eating steaks and searing the outside and leaving the inside completely blue. (I also only eat beef liver raw, and may try to eat it high/fermented sometime)
(328.51 KB 1024x768 meat.jpg)
>>16451 Hey brother. Yea I came from being a fucking vegetarian so I started out just searing the outsides and adding butter and salt and pepper. After a couple of days though I quickly acquired a taste, a craving even, more for the uncooked part and just started eating it straight raw. I became somewhat addicted to how much my body assimilated it. A couple of tips: With hamburger, I like to buy the grassfed 20% fat kind and form patties. I then dehydrate them on my oven racks at 108F-115F. Turning my oven to the lowest setting and cracking the door achieves this temp and it usually takes about 12 hours. I usually get impatient and devour them while they're crispy on the outside and still somewhat raw inside though haha. I do the same with my liver. I slice it up, put toothpick through the tops and hang them from the top rack. Makes great liver jerky. Again, low temp (below 115) is important to preserve all of the enzymes. 2. With steak, since I cant really hang my meat in my small fridge, I bought one of those cookie sheets that come with a rack on top. I pour "ice cream salt" (rock salt) on the bottom of it and then lay my meats out on it. They naturally age this way as the salt pulls the moisture out of the meat and keeps the humidity low. (see pic) I just slice it and eat it straight from the fridge, but sometimes I like to add lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and/or balsamic vinegar to it in a bowl for some variety. Lemon juice, salt, and parmigiano reggiano in a bowl on cubed raw steak is so delicious. 3. I also just got into "high meat". TBH I was pretty nervous eating 6 month old meat, but it was pretty good! It has a strong smell and taste, like a Roquefort cheese, and it gave me an oddly euphoric feeling. Also a tiny bit made me feel very satiated. I'm still getting used to it though. 4. I noticed eggs taste better the longer you leave them siting out. Hope that helps. Also, this site is good if you want to lean from more experienced raw carnivores. https://www.rawpaleodietforum.com/
Winter Oyster and Turkey Tail mushrooms are fruiting lads. There are zero poisonous look a likes for either of these. Pic one are the Winter Oysters, they are a darker species of the buff springtime ones found in many grocery stores for $13/lbs. The colors range from olive to dark brown and are mostly found growing horizontally on dead hardwoods. They retain a lot of moisture so I don’t recommend rinsing them, simply brush or pick the debris off. Tear them into strips like tendies and do a dry sauté(no oil) on medium low heat. Doing this will evaporate most of the excess water so they don’t become too slimy after finishing them with a touch of olive oil. Usually what I’ll do then is push them to the side of the pan and lightly fry a few eggs sunny side up. Typically I season them with pepper, basil, oregano, and paprika on the yokes. Pepper contains piperine which helps absorbsion of vitamins and minerals so it should be added to every meal; turmeric is basically useless without it. https://neurohacker.com/bioperine-piperine-benefits The aptly named Turkey Tail Mushroom is for medicinal purposes. Used as a tea or tincture it’s primary purposes are as an immune booster and liver support. This is a bit of an understatement as Swedish Medical Center and the University Of Washington in Seattle are having remarkable success with cancer patients who use the extracts in addition to chemo. Here’s a few sauces, but there are about six gorillian now that mushrooms have become a volkisch panacea again. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4890094/ https://www.swedish.org/~/media/Images/Swedish/CME1/SyllabusPDFs/AOS2017/Standish.pdf I make my own tinctures of TT, but I’ll also just throw a few in my coffee or tea when I have an abundance of the extract. It adds a nice woody flavor as one could imagine. Foraged mushrooms are best as they also have the medicinal constituents of the tree, in my case red alder, as opposed to lab grown. Here are instructions on making tinctures. https://blog.mountainroseherbs.com/mushroom-double-extraction?hs_amp=true
checking back in. I have been working out consistently for a month now and I got stronger and a bit used to regular regimen of work outs. At the very least I got a stronger hand grip. I did not realize that until several people told me one evening when we were introduced that I got a "fine grip". So that's nice. I still need to limit coffee and I need to eliminate non productive internet time. However I established a regular reading and working out pattern and I cut out porn and masturbating completely. I also work on my appearance and hygiene. My confidence is all time highest perhaps. Still no woman though just few failed attempts but I will continue to search for a wife...the important thing is to keep up the momentum. This way I can only go up. Yeah also I limited alcohol to special occasions. When I go out on regular days I drink just non alcoholic drinks. Hope you're doing good guys
>>16693 These are the reports I like to see. Good for you, anon. Keep searching, they're out there. I was in the midwest for the holiday and there were many healthy young blonde women. I may end up moving out there for a time just to find the right one. The west coast is toast.
>>16715 >The west coast is toast. Rural North West is still very cuckservative with plenty of white qt’s, many chaste 3:16, but also many not(though not full roasties either). Everyone outside the I-5 corridor(where the cities and majority voters are) would turn RWDS after three days without beer and football. >>16693 Outstanding work anon. Keep focusing on yourself and the missus will cross your path.
>>16856 >>16715 >>16856 >>16715 Thanks guys. I am still doing the coffee but I will try to limit that. I try to take small steps because that works for me over the long run. The thing with women. I do not doubt we're going to make it. There are good women out there. The bad thing is that most women, even in conservative area such as mine, most women are blinded by feminism. Then there is the looks, the things in common....the natural attraction that a woman must have to fall in love with you...the number decreases somewhat. Last months have been a real blackpill for me as far as women are concerned. Well it got somewhat better now and I try to keep more positive outlook. What else than searching remains? I will seriously concentrate my efforts on myself to be the best version of me. When the right woman comes she will be glad for my effort. At least I hope so...
Sup anons, I need some advice. I've been lifting for a while now, and was mainly focusing on compounds. I started off with the Stronglifts 5x5, but soon found that while I was getting stronger, my endurance was severely lacking. So I altered it to a 5 set x 8 rep programme. I have currently got to: >102.5 Kg Squat >100 Kg Deadlift >60 Kg Bench Press >65 Kg Barbell Row/Pendlay Row >42.5 Kg Overhead Press Now that I have achieved 100 Kg in both squats and deadlift, which I consider a milestone in my path to getting buff, I have decided that I should focus on my arms and chest a bit more, since, as can be seen in the measly 42.5 Kg overhead press and 60 Kg bench, they pale in comparison with the strength of my legs, and that is reflected very visibly in my phisique. While my legs are massive, most of which is muscle (though there is still a good bit of fat), my arms are quite thin and my chest and shoulders aren't nearly as buff or sturdy as they should be. Today, I decided I would work on my arms. I did: >5 sets of 27.5 Kg underhand rows >2 sets of 40 Kg narrow-grip bench press, followed by a 50 Kg set, which I extended to 14 reps >3 sets of 21.7 Kg skullcrushers (those were a lot more difficult than I initially thought) >3 sets of 23 Kg tricep pulldowns and 4 sets of 23 Kg Bicep Curls, both using a cable machine I feel that while the exercises were definitely effective (I felt, and still feel quite the burn in my biceps and triceps), this routine is a bit too.... chaotic, all over the place and probably not in the least efficient. Do any of you anons have any tried and tested routines for working arms efficiently?
>>17824 Keep up the good work anon. Do pullups. They are great for arms and back. Add weights once they get easy. https://stronglifts.com/pullups/
>>17824 I second adding pull-ups. Lots of different grips to keep your muscles from getting bored. Also add weighted dips for pecs, delts, and tris. Do them from Olympic Rings if you can find them because it will work your small stabilization muscles as well. I bought a rucksack for carrying my toddler. We’ve been going on night hikes after work on hilly gravel roads. Weather permitting we also go on longer trail hikes on weekends. I’m also getting some touring skis and skins for Yule. Every other day is leg day until I go to back to the Himalayas lads.
>>10078 rolliosis
>>17341 fret non, anon. Though it is dangerous, women are redpillable. The most important thing is finding a person who is looking for the truth. My wife was relatively liberal - though not very political (though she listened to a lot of AJ in the late 2000's) Now shes full on 1488, just cuz I gradually shared the right info with her over time. Redpilling a woman takes time. Its like training a dog. Women who arent broken will gradually morph to match the man they are with if he is in resonance with Truth. Just because a person hasn't heared the truth yet doesn't mean they will be resistant to it in the end. But you have to be gentle, and patient. If I had started our relationship by saying Hitler was the good guy and its basically all the Jews and that a mud flood is being unleashed upon us to destroy the western world she would have broken up with me. The lukewarm milquetoast faggots like Charlie Kirk etc have their uses. Blair White is useful as well.
>>18335 he literally said lukewarm milquetoast faggots were for (non-repilled lefty) women but yes they are good for faggots like you too
>>16693 >Still no woman though just few failed attempts but I will continue to search for a wife Failed attempts are rungs on the ladder of success. I can't tell you how many times I got laughed at, dismissed, completely blown out, before I started having success. It's part of the process. Good luck anon.
>>18355 hey, dumbfuck, she started off on that and is full on 1488. She lost all of her old friends, because that is part of the process. But, you are obviosuly too retarded to understand that the "rabbit hole to right wing extremisim" that the left was shitting themselves about in 2017 and 2018 is real and works.
>>18476 misunderstanding fren I was responding to deleted comment that was belittling starting out on "lukewarm milquetoast" not you,
>>18477 Oh! Ok then, thanks for clarifying and sorry I came on so hostile :)
>>18485 No worries, your previous statement lead me to assume the best and give you benefit of the doubt Also just came across this post from Varg and seems relevant to this line of discussion The Dream (for all Sane European Men) https://www.bitchute.com/video/JvY5ws3RZm0/ or edited with this byline: Re-uploaded, without the kids having fun in muddy puddles. Because YT claimed that was "sexualization of children", and therefore removed the video... https://www.bitchute.com/video/e2DOJTOZ1pw/ (Off topic, As some one that has been accused of being 'anti-ped' I have zero issue with first video. Context is key. posting this video on 8chamel I would take issue with of course)
(642.76 KB 1022x731 It's_All_So_Tiresome.png)
I would type a more well put together post, but I’ve been putting it off lately, and if I don’t post at least something, I feel I will never get any advice and help from any of you anons that I desperately need. I currently feel hopeless with my future, in terms of career and purpose, especially purpose. I’m currently getting into a career in which the job is very monotonous and boring but would give me enough to pay bills, buy groceries, and save enough to be somewhat decently and financially sound. I also feel like I have no purpose to strive for and feel like my life will be waking up to go to work an 8am-4pm job every day. Due to this, I hardly set and goals at all as I feel there is no point at all. I live in a location that doesn’t allow me to indulge in activities or hobbies that I like, let alone having enough cash to enjoy them even if I had the chance pursue them. I can’t seem to socially connect with anyone, as if I try to engage, I will only get one-line responses. I know I need to get outside more, but there aren’t any areas where I live that I can be socially active, either making friends or finding and engaging with women. I‘ve tried searching for ways to fix this by finding things to do outside of my home, but I live in an area that has only shopping malls and chain stores, restaurants and bars, flat terrain, and movie theaters to be engaged in terms of being social and pursuing activities, and nothing else. Since I cannot find any outlets that I like to pursue in and afford to do (mostly outdoor activities and sports (swimming, outdoor rock climbing, camping and hiking in mountainous areas, and also that gives an adrenaline thrill like sky diving and bungee jumping) I mostly stay at home wasting time and am hardly social. I used to workout, but I hardly do that anymore. Even if I try to, I barely seem to try to. At most was a week of calisthenics and running. Now I just walk long distances (5-7 miles) in the weekends as it is the most effortless exercise I can do. However, my diet seems to be rather decent and healthy-ish and I don’t engage in the liquid-jew or the smoking-leaf-jew. I had a real goal to look forward to once, and it was (as stupid and reckless as it sounds) joining the YPG in Syria to fight against ISIS. I was very serious about it too. I started to engaged in physical exercise and was very disciplined about it too to get myself conditioned and pass the training academy that international fighters go through, teaching myself guns and weapons from information, manuals, and clubs, and looked up any information and articles about the current situation for foreign fighters and general information about the civil war in both Syria and Iraq. The only problem was I was still in college and it would seem wise to go without finishing my degree. Once I did, I got a job and saved up enough to afford some necessary gear, a plane ticket to go over to Iraq-Kurdistan and travel via guide to Rojava Syria and a plane ticket to return back incase things didn’t go as planned. However, by the time I had enough saved up, ISIS’ territory was reduced to a small town and later considered defeated and YPG had no need for any international fighters to join. I ended up being purposeless again. The only goals now I seem to have in life are saving up for an emergency fund, having a job that allows me to pay the bills, feed myself, and have a decent roof over my head, and to travel. Now the traveling goal isn’t a goal where I pursue in to enjoy myself (going to tourist attractions, staying in hotels, and getting the best selfie shots like all other people you see do and to post their travel pictures on social media), but to go to areas around the world where I can observe and learn how other cultures and societies interact and live their lives, regardless if I have fun or not (as that is not the point). It would be nothing more than giving me opportunities to learn and engage in firsthand experience of those societies, its peoples, and cultures, and compare that to the one society I live in, its culture, and find ways to improve it and establish my own way to live life. To give a similarity to what this travel will be, as I interpret it to be, it would be like Lycurgus of Sparta’s travels and return to Sparta, or Peter the Great’s travels to Europe and return to Russia to improve the country. I want to be able to learn from other societies and return to mine to find some way to improve it.
(480.26 KB 800x875 SelfReflection.png)
>>18580 I feel like I’m living in some sort of limbo or a personal hellish dimension of reality, but I’ve grown a strong desire to get out of this hell that has been eating at me for the past few years. I want to fix both my career prospects and finding a noble purpose to live for. Now, I don’t know about the career prospects and I would sure as hell hate the idea going back to school to waste time and money to switch to another career path that I may or may not enjoy, but I can at least focus on the purpose to live for, as I believe if I can solve that, then that will allow me to get back to self-improving, as it will be self-improving towards a noble purpose. If any anons need any clarification of my current situation in order to give me better advice and guidance to improve my situation, I will be more than happy to do so in reply posts. Any advice and wisdom will help, or maybe anything that you have went through to get out of a similar hell. I just want to get out of mine.
>>18581 Why not try getting an electrician or plumbing apprenticeship? New career trajectory, no need for school. Really useful career, honest work, opens up avenues to run your own business and make shitloads of money if you play your cards right and work hard.
>>18332 I know anon. I am just very cautious about that. Women can be really mean after break up. I will redpill my wife. Not just some gf. I think you understand. This girl I know...I already started transforming her into a trad woman and I do not even know her. One time we went out and I payed for her. She did not protest but later she said she dislikes that. I just said that she should get used to it. She asked why. I said because she's a woman. All in a light hearted manner. The next time in a similar situation she did not protest not even made a comment. The girl is interesting but she is liberal and a bit feminism influenced. I am attracted to her somewhat and I like something about her.....I do not intend to date her right away but I really like to see how I am able to form her style and to what extent. I know the girl likes me for sure. I dunno if it is mean but I honestly like her. I am very hesistant because of her background and some feminist elements. She seems to be adapting quickly though.
>>18580 Hey I know it is hard to find a purpose. Personally my purpose is in improving myself both body and mind. Both can be of value some day. In the meantime I try to enjoy myself by doing my hobbies. I alternate between being pessimistic and optimistic about future but I try to keep going with what I do. What else is there to do anyway?
>>16472 Based Carnivore will be a big thing in 2020, boys
>>10078 rolling
>>18581 >>18580 Firstly, your purpose is the 14 words and the 88 Precepts. https://archive.org/stream/88Precepts_937/88Precepts_djvu.txt Lad here’s your plan. Pick a construction trade which is universal the world round; carpenter, electrician, iron workers/welders. I don’t recommend masonry unless you are a masochist, 80% of our work is cinder block. I know the unions are corrupt crypto-communist entities however, for the time being in burgerland they are the fasted way to get into the middle class while making a living wage. I qualified for a $250k home loan before I was done with my apprenticeship. Starting wage for most apprenticeships is $15-18 per hour with full benefits. Once you journey out in 3-4 years, you can move anywhere in the country just by calling the local union hall and asking if they have openings. Denver, Seattle, and Portland are all in the top ten fastest growing cities right now. They are multicultural liberal shitholes, but they all have semi-rural white communities in commuting distance. Here in the northwest the aforementioned trades are still overwhelmingly white except for the carpenters which reflects our country’s demographics. The upside to carpentry over the trades is that the skill set is broader and more versatile. As for your wanderlust. Buy a copy of “Vagabonding” by Rolf Potts. It’s easily in my top 10 life changing books. It’s basically a guide of protips on backpacking for cheap and possibly getting paid in some cases. All be it just enough to make your way. It took me on some wild adventures when I was in my twenties and still try to live a spartan minimalist lifestyle. God forbid anything happens to my family, but I could go back to being a nomad in a heartbeat. Seasonal migration and minimalism is the natural way for the pastoralist Indo-Europeans.
>>18610 >apprenticeships I’m already in school, working towards a different career: very good job security, stable, and a lot more practical than the degree I got in college ever was, but the tasks involved in the job is boring. I will look into your suggestion into apprenticeships, and if you got more advice on them, please post them. However I do get the feeling a lot of jobs are boring to be frank, and it’s very slim and hard for a majority of people to find a job that they love. While the future job I will have itself seems boring, it’s the picture of a purposeless future that has me worried the most. In this future, all I have is a very monotonous and boring future outlook (whether its 10-20 years, or even 40+ years into the future): 9am-5pm work everyday and sometimes weekends and holidays, distractions through purposeless hobbies or working out for the sake of working out, trying to gain materialistic goods or social status/standing over others, watching TV shows and playing videos games, or have a normal boring family life. Now part of it is career and jobs, since a majority of mine’s and other people’s lives and time revolves around it, but I don’t want to only focus only on that as well. >>19063 While working towards improving your mind and body is a noble goal, for me it’s finding a purpose that I can completely devote myself to or doing something which few have the balls to do, or a combination of both. I can’t seem to pursue self-improvement fully without having some sort of purpose, or important desire or goal. You can have your hobbies, comfort and security, and waifu and family. But in my outlook and view, it’s all nothing compared to a complete noble goal and struggle to devote yourself to, or at least doing something complete out of the norm that normal people would never would dare to do, and having the life satisfaction that you can look back on and tell yourself or your future family that you’ve done something few have the balls and guts to do. I guess in a way and in summary, having a very meaningful and fulfilling life overall or an adventure. Now in our modern lives, we are surround with distractions and toys. There’s no true adventure, all of that is gone. In our modern lives, there’s your job to get money to survive, which takes a good majority of someone’s time. Moving past that, there is distractions people indulge in: video games and TV shows, restaurants and bars, gym (for the sake of body building or the empty goal of attracting a mate), materialistic goods (new phone, TVs, cars, holiday deals which people fight over), and the list goals on. For me, an adventure is to take risks and do something daring that few would be willing to do, driving deep into the unknown abyss not know what the end result will be (however if it is good, it would be very life rewarding). Now, if you ask someone what an adventure is, they will define it as “traveling” or “taking a hike at some mountain”. A true sense of purpose or adventure doesn’t seem to exist in the modern era anymore.
>>20598 Why not try and become a vessel for the avatar or become a beacon of tradition which may hasten his return? I mean, its lofty enough for sure.
>>20598 Its pretty simple. If you think the "task" is boring your going to hate doing it day after day after day. You will probably be pretty miserable in your job/life. If you want a bit of contentment then you need new line of work. If you want something fulfilling only you can say what would do that. Most men start a family. Get any job that pays. They derive "fulfillment" from providing for their family. You suck it up and do it because that's who you are. True adventure. Some of us, like myself have high stress, high skill, life risking jobs. I am never 'bored' at work. I make good money, and the harder I work the more I make. This "true adventure" your on about has never existed. Your romanticizing the idea a an explorer in the heart of Africa or the arctic, with out acknowledging these men were in a life and death struggle every single day, and much of the time they were miserable with their situation. Grow up. Start a family and you will know what really matters in life.
>>20600 (observed) Seconded.
I had another crisis during christmas with porn and that stuff. Gladly I moved on and I continue. I resumed reading and I am yet to resume regular workouts. There are good girls around so things do look bright. One thing I have been struggling with: money. I have a good job and I have noticed I spend the money a bit carelessly for useless things. I need to get into habit of not buying things since one is happier anyway. I do not want to fall for the materialism so I have to guard this situation before it even becomes a problem. Hopefully you guys are doing good. The thread has been silent for a while.
>have a wife and 2 kids >no other blood relatives >life is hard as fuck >kids are very hard to treat appropriately (i.e. not to beat down those little annoying shits) >haven't coomed in wife since 2nd child conception (was some other occasional intercourse with her) >can't stop wanking >drank alcohol 5 times since last month (last year probably drank alcohol 5 times for the whole year) >we live on a single salary that is mine >paying the mortgage >paying everything else >have almost nothing saved, will probably have 1 kilobuck if I sell everything sellable >barely avoided making denbts (except that mortgage kikery) >lost my job last year, almost kms >barely fixed that with a new job >new job pays a lot, but is a nigger-ridden place >my boss is a nigger >says I have to start working late shifts soon >can't change job until May (in practice even longer) >all environment is bluepilled as fuck >all attempts to redpill them met with collective disapproval and reducing me to "that lunatic", despite being as subtle as I can >the only redpillable dude is indian >he's also annoying as fuck, but at least he doesn't disapprove what I say I don't have it that bad, but fuck, it's so emotionally exhausting to have a family, to the point I will probably turn into a raycist uncle everyone hates, and will die from some kanker aids, while alone and miserable. Can't really effortpost IRL due to having kids, as their life will turn into hell once I am lost. Not asking for advice, but will still read.
I drink malt liquor to avoid hops, which are only good for putting tits on a bull.
>>5829 I have these issues until I stop watching porn. Or even clothed women in sexually suggestive poses. For a couple days. Then when I’m out in public I get fierce attractions to the women around me to the point where I have to wear tight underwear to stop my boner from poking through. I tried NoFap. But even on runs I’d get a boner. I’m really trying to divert my sexual energy elsewhere, but when I get a sexual urge it’s like nothing else exists until I satisfy it. How do I get rid of sexual urges?
>>18581 >>20598 I have similar feelings, life is not the adventure I wish it would be. At the moment I'm about to begin studying 2nd year Geology but I'm not very motivated to do it. I am very motivated to find a good job, but at the same time the economic, political etc situation is very disheartening, I really like the arts (literature, philosophy, history) but those areas are so pozzed in academia.
>>20721 This year I may study history/anc history/philosophy/english/maybe even art history and see if I'm smart enough to work as an academic in either of those fields, with the view to getting a job in a bum fuck nowhere university in a country town, as far away from the cities as possible, if such a place even exists, with the hope that the competition would be less fierce. My life is a mess though its so difficult to figure out what I want to do. I want to work but EVERYTHING IS POZZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(138.10 KB 487x410 1356-percyno.png)
>>20706 My problem is that if I go even 1 day without jacking it, the day after my dick feels super sensitive, like I'm a teenage boy groping my first girlfriend. Physiology is trolling me, how the hell am I supposed to jack off less when my dick gets more sensitive the LESS I touch it???!!! Sometimes I even last 1 or 2 days with no fapping, but then the dick sensitivity puts me right back onto the fap train and I fap twice the next day, rather than once. By the way the obvious problem here is that we don't have wives, but of course it takes a while to get one.
(3.28 MB 640x480 SIG_TLDR.mp4)
I love you guys. Keep fighting the good fight.
>>20730 >the obvious problem here is that we don't have wives True enough dude. For me the sensitivity goes in reverse by day 3 or 4 and there is a little stretch where my dick is so shriveled I start fearing it won't work any more and then jack it "just to make sure everything is working." The first three weeks are a real bitch. Haven't made it farther than that, and haven't been able to do more than a week in almost 2 years. I have defeated many difficult addictions, masturbation is by far the most difficult imo.
>>20769 It seems to be physiological like hunger, rather than something more habit-related like imageboard use or video games.
>>20785 >>20769 >>20730 Alright my dudes, here’s some advice. My best streak was 1.5 years, then fell off and now I’m struggling to get back to god mode. I’m on week two and yesterday was rough. If you think your triggers are bad, I have a hot thick wife gibsing milk and not ready to get pregnant again. The first threee weeks are the most difficult obviously pic related. One thing I noticed during my long streak was that the worst days were around the full and new moons. This isn’t new age faggotry, think about how crime stats go up during full moons and the werewolf archetype. It probably has something to do with the EM flux in relation to the sun. Therefore, you’re going to start nofap, start two or three days after the full moon and you’ll be over the hump by the next one. Secondly, it’s winter so it’s easier to get lazy and depressed and therefore harder to stay disciplined. If you break a streak don’t sweat it, after February 2 it will get easier as the sun starts heading north again. Stay busy and stay tired, force yourselves to avert your eyes from roasties in yoga pants and boots, stay off the internet unless necessary. It will get easier. Figure out what works for you, either a reward system or self shaming. A self shaming inner monologue worked for me until about 90 days then it wasn’t necessary and it went away on its own. It also helped thinking of letting other anons and the Führer down. The key is knowing yourself and what drives you. >>20767 Love you too fag. >>20627 >I drink malt liquor Sheeeeeiiiiiiiiit >>20624 I know that feel, besides the nigs I check most of those boxes. If you’re like me you have almost no free time unless you wake up earlier than everybody on your days off. The only advice I can give is to find a goal that’s independent of being a good father, but ultimately will make you happier and therefore a better father. “Training for the boogaloo” is a legitimate reason to get away and blow off some steam. Even if it’s just to go hiking inawoods or shadow boxing in the garage since ammo is expensive. Once February comes and all the larpers quit their New Year's resolutions, there will be a bunch of cheap and free exercise equipment on Craigslist. Also, stay away from the news and happenings; nothing happens and it’s just rage fuel and black pills. Lastly, whatever your spiritual path is, double down. Pic 2 related is a great investment for $25 lads. I took my baby for a hike in 8 inches of snow today. After about 2.5 miles uphill, she wet herself and got fussy. I was able to confidently jog back on the snow and ice packed 4x4 tracks. Also, army surplus wool garments are far superior to plastic modern trash because they breath better and keep you warm even when wet with rain or sweat. A sweaty base lair under a plastic coat can give you hypothermia if not changed soon enough. Lastly, have a few motivational video from Mimir’s Burner and Dharma Nation. Arya Dharma, The path of nobility https://youtube.com/watch?v=OJ_-mnoALv0 Be resolved, the warrior ethos https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ngHMj-MjPXg
>>20767 >SIG_TLDR.mp4 based thais
>>21045 Don't worry about the future, you don't know what can happen tomorrow. The jews may be irrelevant to you if you die in a car accident next week. Worry about today, right now. Work on things within your ability to control. Find your faith, and have blind hope. The world may crumble around you, but you must stand strong... swinging your fists and gnashing your teeth until the bitter end. Fuck your blackpill, it is you who is letting yourself wither. The tide is turning. Even if it is not I will hold onto the belief that anything is possible until God puts out my lamp.
>>20730 >>20706 Hey guys. I do not intend to brag here because I had good times and bad. I started nofap almost three years ago. First tries were difficult...2 weeks at most. Then I made 3 months or so. From there I went on a 2years streak.....almost. I do not know exactly and I no longer count. If you search through my previous posts you will see that I had relapses. Well I do not even know the dates...I no longer count. There were difficulties along the way but now I really got the feeling I am on the all time high...despite my christmas relapse. I no longer see myself as "doing nofap". I consider it a bad part of my life that I quit once for all. Despite the recent difficulties. For me faith works the best. Confession and this. Also redirecting the energy into other parts of your life is important. First do not expect your sexual drive to stabilize in a few days. It takes weeks, months. Of course the first few days you will be horny as hell. After weeks and months you will get an easy boner or get aroused simply by a sight of clothed women. This happened to me today, lol. But there will be calmer times. The energy, confidence and self esteem that you present when on nofap are worth the effort for sure. The end goal is to stop counting days and stop doing it. However the first 3-6 months you have to count days... The beginning is the most difficult once you get into it you will find it easier. >How do I get rid of sexual urges? you do not. But as your day count goes up it will transform into a healthier one. This however will not protect you from you having to resist your desire to masturbate... good luck guys!
>>21216 for the record there was a relapse this christmas but before that I was going strong/weak without a relapse. I do not count the days but it was disheartening to realize that I failed after such a long journey...but hey...what is it compared to whole life? I got up and now I am even stronger because I know what to resist the next time
I think I'm gonna do it boys. 3 days without fapping. Will probably be my best streak in more than a 10 years.
I'm basically doing a dopamine fast by accident, and damn this really works. Look it up. No fapping and minimal consumption, its making me want to do nothing but create or learn and I'm annoyed at the prospect of just consooming.
is training the same muscle group on consecutive days a bad habit to start on?
Depends of lvl of training, but in general yes. Assuming you are looking to build mass and strength. When you push your muscles to their limits, they tear slightly, on your "day off" you gives time for new cells to grow inside the tears, this is were you build mass.
>>22309 will i eventually make better gains off consecutive days if i start doing it now or am i going to permanently fuck myself up?
>>22310 If you dont take days off, you can make gains, but they will be very slow. Taking days off, is never that hard when you isolate muscles. Example day 1 start with biceps day 2 your biceps will be sore, so you do your triceps and fore arms day 3 you can can back to bicep overall your arms will get rest and grow at the fastest rate possible.
this article looks good, each of the "start" links to a page with the actual work outs https://www.muscleandfitness.com/workouts/workout-routines/complete-mf-beginners-training-guide-plan there's a few other beginners article on page too
>>22311 >>22314 thanks guys
>>22286 related
(185.44 KB 690x1006 The 8 jews.jpg)
>>5542 based OP and good thread. Before you defeat the external jew you must kill your internal jews! pic related
>>20601 >You need a new line of work. The problem is finding a line of work that I would enjoy. The current field that I'm applying to is good at providing decent pay, plenty of opening jobs, and gives me the freedom to move anywhere around the country, if I choose to do so. Beyond that, it's decent work (better than other shit jobs like retail) but I feel would be boring long term. I get the feeling that it's me coming to terms with the reality of what jobs actually are, that is to exchange your time and labor for pay to support yourself or your family (it's a no-brainier conclusion, but to actually come to terms with the reality after college is disheartening). They are not meant to be fun at all, and people who do have their so-called dream job is probably people who are under 2% of the total population. I'm still trying to find a way out of this to finding something that I would enjoy, but every option thus far seems bleak. >>20610 >>20600 >beacon of tradition That's the goal, but I still have a lot to fix on myself, especially fixing on blackpilled moments I have occasionally. I don't see anyone else in meatspace doing this and it seems hard to continue when no one else is doing it except, supposedly, here in the chans. Also, I would like to hear any anons who have started to fix on themselves and defeat their own blackpill, especially coming to a conclusion which catalyzed their own defeat of being blackpilled. I would like to learn from these anons and apply to my own self. >his return I don't think it's HIS return. I think it's just US.
>>22380 Make sure not to focus too much on the negative. Often the addictive Jew is a signal that you've got a vacuum in your life where work, study, family etc should be
>>7206 > If anyone has any good financial advice or information on creating a passive income stream Not really passive but electronics repair and resale isn't difficult to get into. You can go on ebay and buy up a lot of used and broken computers and cobble them into a really good working one. For example I like to get a couple broken MacBooks, maybe one has a busted screen and the other has a dead motherboard. Then you can just swap over the screen and break even or get close by reselling the working machine. Then you strip the busted one for parts and sell those individually. People will buy broken parts like motherboards to pull chips off them. Hell, I would be doing it if I had a BGA reflow station. Anyways doing this sort of thing will realistically allow you to earn anywhere from $100-1000 a month depending on just how much money and time you're able to put in. Some months you'll make more, some a lot less. Ebay is a crapshoot. I actually do this full time and make around $2500-3000 a month off it. I just sit on my ass and take shit apart and put it back together all day. I only look to make around $20-60 per project since lowering prices helps stuff to sell faster. I also visit my local recycling center and the guys there will let me spend like 3-4 hours digging around in the piles of old electronics if I slip them $20. The most I ever made off a machine pulled from the trash was a little more than $900. Again, this isn't some get rich quick thing. Sometimes you'll have extra shit you can't sell and you have to take a loss on it or break even just to get some money back. Shipping and packaging also costs money.
Not as bad as some here, but here goes I smoke cigs(down to 1-2 per day, used to be at 1 pack per day), 50 pounds overweight, I see whores(I use condoms), I fap way too much, I got fired by my literal Jew bosses for costing them too much while they both just bought brand new cars, I broke up with my girlfriend who then went back to her formerly junkie ex, my mom and dad have both had heart issues in the past year, and my brother is nigger teir and deserves to be beaten bloody. On the upside, I'm on a career track that is guaranteed to make me solid middle class for the rest of my life, have a solid support structure(large extended family and lots of neighborhood friends), and no debts that I need to pay or kids I need to take care of. Life is on the up. We're gonna make it, bros.
>>23551 What's stopping you from working out? You have enough money for whores don't you? Quit that degeneacy and join a gym. Litterally nobody cares how fat you are in a gym. Just don't be a dickhead and wipe off the bench after you are done. >Middle Class Man, not to be rude but I'm going to be. Who wants to be middle class in a society like this? The main goal should be self sufficenity so we can directly combat this system without having to get out daily bread out of the hand of the Jew. Because our goal is not only to bite that hand but tear it's body in two.
>>23560 I forgot to mention that I did join a gym. I'm an advocate of the more strategies, the better. You can practice self sufficiency, and that's quite noble. However, I'm a city boy. I need to be realistic in the fact that A. I have no farming skills B. Most of my support network will not follow me to the boonies C. My skills are basically only useful in a major urban environment and D. The benefits for the job are astounding. I can't give that many details or I might be outed, but I can literally pump out 8 kids, have them homeschooled till 8th grade, then send them to a school where they get a damn good education while not being completely socially weird. As a side effect, them being in a major city like this will inoculate them to some of the ideas of the left, as most lefties originate from the suburbs.
>>23561 People of course aren't the same and I agree with everyone acting in his own indivual efficiency and using his certain endowed or developed skills or poistions in ways to best assist the movement. That being said there are clearly main things we should all be aiming towards and self-sufficenity is one of them. You don't have to move into the boonies and can infact develop your skill for agarian work at home through gardening and the like. It isn't "womanly" as some would say that's Jewish 50s propaganda, self sufficency and reliance is anything but womanly and agarianism is steeped into our blood. Aryan (Of the Land). If you can't get access to animals for meats you can raise on your own, there is always; Canned goods (non BPA) whether canned yourself or not, learning trapping (noose traps and the like) so you can catch small game, foraging. Anything to make sure you are disconnected from the system as possible. We simply don't have the pleasure to not learn these skills and when the collapse happens you will have wished you learned them. You have to cut as much ties as possible with the Jew system; electricity, security, foodstuffs, housing (unmortaged land) ect As a movement we have to realize our success will always be to the detriment of the ZOG. If we win they lose; we will come into conflict no matter what and if you are politically succesfull at all they will use their control to make you homeless and jobless. And the more firmly you are attached to the teat of the system the more it will hurt when it's ripped away. Playing ball with the system to get pointless shekels just gives them political & economic power over you. What do you mean by support group? You can't rely on a support group. Sure family is nice but you don't want them caught in the crossfire and if the collapse happens you want them to come to you not the other way around. Beniefts only matter as much as the ZOG are putting them out do you really want to put your ability to raise children in the hands of the Jews? What happens when that money supply dries up? I get that not everyone is a hill-billy like moi, but we have to ALL be disconnected from the ZOG's economic structure as much as possible if we are going to win. It's great what you're doing and planning to do but we all have to be realistic WE ARE AT WAR
>>22555 very true, digits too
Here’s a study showing that taking Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae stimulates production and migration of stem cells. For ultimate muscle recovery and immortality. ht tps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/20037479/ ht tps://anabolicmen.com/foods-that-boost-testosterone-naturally/
(93.10 KB 660x1015 SunAndSteel.jpg)
(51.78 KB 720x646 NaturalInstinct.jpg)
I'm curious about how many of you all first started /SIG, and what personal reasons motivated you all to do so, besides the main reason of being at war with (((them))) and improving your folk. I've been having some ups and downs with life and went into a halt with /SIG, thanks to a lack of motivation and discipline. However recently, I went out with a friend to a restaurant and I saw several extremely, overweight customers. My first initial thought was general disgust at how they can even live with themselves, constantly waking up and looking every day at the mirror at their own condition and not feeling the need to do something about it. But then a thought hit on me: that a person's outward appearance is a reflection of a person's own discipline. They, and many others in general, seem to lack the natural response to feel disgust at their own conditions and have the drive to self-improve. At the same time, I also began to think that an outward physical appearance also indicates a person's lack of self-care and overindulgence in pleasure. Take those degenerate swingers for example, as if you look at local news about swinger clubs getting busted by the police for public disturbance or pictures of swingers in general (please don’t for the sake of your eyes) you’ll begin to see very quickly that many of them are mid-age or older, overweight, and downright ugly. At best, some are average looking. Even mainstream pornstars in general have to work out to maintain a decent physical appearance to appeal to the coomer. These degenerates care nothing else in the world, except indulging in degenerate pleasure for the sake of experiencing pleasure, and their bodies is a self-reflection of that. After those two conclusions, I just kept thinking about my own physical appearance and Yukio Mishima’s reasons for pursuing bodybuilding. Since then I’ve been starting to get back into /SIG, and been making time throughout the days to doing calisthenics and running. But still, I would like to get some stories on what personal reasons you all started /SIG to self-improve along with some input to getting back on track. I guess finally seeing other people and not wanting to be like them along with disgust with what the modern world has become was what I need to finally push me forward.
>>10078 roll oreganominoli
>>9572 You did great anon. Learn from your mistakes and persevere. I wouldn't have kissed her either, not out of fear of her elder brother but out of respect. Imagine yourself as the brother, you would be protective and insulted also I'm sure. Sig hel bröder
>>10123 Mirin your work desu
>>7837 Based. You're an inspiration anon. Keep moving forwards.
>>7710 Fuck off Jew, my family were part of the political class of Krishnadevaraya empire and you turned them into corporate cucks your days are numbered, you are dead Jew talking.
>>24555 What motivated me besides my main motivation? Fighting mainly, getting more into MMA and martial arts as a whole. Used to be heavy into them before my main gym closed down now I'm back to it. Feels good; nothing else fills the fist shaped hole in my heart. Plus it's always good to be ready to defend yourself and your kin, you can't always rely on firearms. A man's body should be the height of his own self-respect. There seems to be a lack of self-respect in this world, so many people I see are overweight and get winded eaisly. I know what you mean, they are undisiplined and don't respect their bodys. The main part is that they don't want to and invent excuses and blame others and then society coddles them into thinking it's okay and spits out insane things like "healthy at any size" and even starts "fat-accepting clothing lines" and "plus sized models". Compare that to the Reich where they made a cult of pyshical fitness through art and media and had programs run by the state to motivate the pouplation to stay fit. How are we better for lying to ourselves that we are healthy instead of chasing god like ideals? It's fucked.
(178.97 KB 959x1024 :pol:whiterage.jpg)
(1.60 MB 1600x900 holocaust.png)
Yeah, the fucking quarantine ruined my abstinence and I've been cooming once a day, maybe twice. I don't fucking coom to fucking (((porn))) sites, I go to like 4cuck /d/ tier sites or whatever, pick my trash from a cesspool, coom, and immediately regret what I've done. I want this cancer to end. I'm already fairly redpilled and shit, but I want to actually retain my nut for a white wife. What do I do?
>>25342 We're all in the same boat anon. I reached day 8 for the first time in over a year and when I finally got sent home from work for two weeks it all came crashing down. It's tough when you're inside all day (on degenerate chans especially). Forgive yourself and accept you may not be able to maintain the same level of dedication during this period. Consider it a win every time you manage to keep yourself from cooming, even if you end up cooming a couple times a day. Yeah, it's cope. So far it has been working as I have been able to keep myself under 1 coom a day when it has been 3-7 in the past during times without work. Fapping, as degenerate as it is, does have its own benefits. An ex contacted me last week, asking if she could sleep on my floor on Thursday nights. She really fucked me over in the past and I don't owe her shit. I cucked and told her it was fine, but the next day after I broke down and coomed I pulled myself together and told her I changed my mind. I could have cucked to an asian ex just for the chance at some used pussy and I'd rather coom than do that.
Don't keep track of the days, just do it. Keeping track of the days gives your brain fuel to panic or dwell on the fact that you haven't coomed in X amount of days. Don't go on nofap threads, the "advice" you could get outweighs the fact that you are reminding yourself that you could be cooming. It's like dangling a packet of ciggies infront of your face when you're trying to quit. Even talking about smoking can be negative an it's the same with any habit you are trying to break. When you feel the urge come along, distract yourself. Do pushups, get up and get water. Most of all force yourself to stop looking at degenerate pornography, it's arguably worse than masturbation for the way it wires your brain and slides you further down the rabbit hole of degeneracy as your body gets used to the vanilla dopamine kicks and you start looking for more. Why do you think all those degenerate habits fade away when you stop watching porn and fapping, you are recalibrating your dopamine receptors but once you have you will stop even thinking about the days as it melds into a lifestyle. That's the goal, I don't even think about masterbating anymore. I just don't and when I did or I felt compelled to pick my habit up I simply thought back to the intense feeling of shame and dread and schooled myself. You must create a foundation of self-discipline, punish yourself with shame or absention of a loved hobby or even forced pushups till failure. Dwell on that punishment, and think of how glorious it feels to be free of such a humilating habit. We must school ourselves, nobody will do it for us and in this age nobody will teach it to you but that doesn't give you an excuse. This is not only about absention from masturbating but building self-displine, repairing your dopamine receptors and most of all setting the ground work to be a better man. There is no other option, this battle may be a small one but without it the war for manhood is lost before it even began.
>>25344 That's only because your body is so used to constantly ejaculating so it tries to meet that need no matter what. After a while that fades as you get over the first "hump"; looking back I even find some of the girls I dated completly repulsive infact one of them came back into my life in much the same way and even tried to start up a relationship again and I shot them down as I could see past the mere sexual and see them for what they were. After a while you won't want used goods, you start to crave something higher. It's like food in a way, a man whom eats only candy and fast-food will crave it as he messed up his tastebuds and wants that quick dopamine hit from sugar. But as you abstain and no longer crave it you begin to hate McDonalds and empty sugars and pursue more well rounded meals. Women and relationships behave much the same way.
>>25344 Knowing I'm not alone helps greatly. Thank you. >>25346 I guess that makes sense. I suppose there's no difference between looking at p*rn as for tuh meemz and actually wanting to coom, hell they're probably linked. My will is like a candle, as like a still flame, I have never given up, but never truly blazed. But you may have actually given me the fuel to grow and spread. God bless.
>>23534 Interacting with pornography at all can be harmfull; that's like putting a cigarette in your mouth but not wanting to smoke. Your body will anticipate the release as you've trained it to, making it harder for yourself to put it down. It's even worse as pornography has effects of it's own, rewiring your brain for degeneracy. You must fan your flame if you want to succede in life, every great man has had a firey will to back their dream and ideals. Whether it's a wildfire that alights the world or a furnance that puts the next foot infront of the other, every man needs a strong will. Good luck, this world is hard on those with the will to truly live above this place but if you do not have a will to live and thrive in this world of struggle you are already dead your body just hasn't caught up. Stay alive, fan your flame and fight. You have the fuel in your hand.
I'm posting random shit because I want this site to live. I broke my fucking back so I can't be good at sports ever again. It's been two years now and everytime I start lifting, I get hurt and have to pause for a few weeks. Anyway. I would like some advices to get good at economics and understand the consequences of the current crisis on the long run. I know they are printing money, I know it means inflation but I don't know why and I don't if I'll be able to buy food in a few months. It's been too quick, my parents are retarded so I couldn't prep properly. Thanks in advance lads. Much support
>>25386 Economics in one lesson by Henry Hazlitt is a good starting point, I've read the book almost wholly though never finished because I already knew the things he was trying to get across. He was a journalist however so keep your Jewdar on. Most things in economics boil down simply to supply and demand. Think about it, if any random degenerate was able to produce their own drugs, would they hold their street value? No. Same thing mostly applies to modern money. Since it's not backed by any physical asset, the value of money is simply perceived and as you mentioned more can be, and is, made on a daily basis. The more money around, the lesser the value. Also with electronic banking most of the money in existence is a mere number in a database. As with regards to Corona-chan nobody knows what they have in plan for us, so it's a good idea to start clearing your garden and preparing vegetable patches so you can survive even if currency collapses or gets to Zimbabwe tier inflation.
>>25386 >>25432 >Economics In One Lesson - Henry Hazlitt This, along with other economic textbooks I'm handing to you and others who wishes to learn more about economics.
>>25342 Hey. I fucked up my efforts during quarantine too. I have been running 2 and a half years. It started with watching degenerate things on /pol/ then before I knew it I turned to porn chans. It lasted few days - about 4 before I gathered my strength again. Now occasional jonesing comes in but I am determined. The reasons are obvious why to stop but how to do it. First do not allow anything lewd to get in your way. /pol/ spams are evil, try to ignore them. In no case search for other boards that you know have bad content. Go cold turkey. Slow turning in is weak. Try your best to go cold turkey, you will fail few times but eventually you will make it. Read a good book. Recently I read a great memoirs of Rudel posted here on /pol/ and it increased my determination. Now I aim to increase my efforts with studying and working out. When quarantine ends I aim to be a better guy I used to be. Perhaps I will finaly meet the woman I could marry....who knows. As far as this is concerned I am getting disillusioned. But I will work anyway towards that perhaps even in this terrible age one can have a great deal of luck Good luck. I will chime in again to report on how it's going but as far as cooming is concerned I think the worst is over for me.
(1.72 KB 113x125 1574625544531s.jpg)
>>5542 guys how the FUCK do I stop masturbating? I went roughly 1/2 a year without masturbating. Now that I've started to work out more regularly Im so horny I cant stop myself help brothers, its not porn, its everything
>>25455 Thanks for the Econ lessons, Anon. Bastiat and Van Mises were brilliant. I'm looking for a good source explaining why the Frankfurt school (Adorno, Horkheimer and Marcuse) and Deconstruction (Derrida) are bullshit and deserve ridicule.
(30.06 KB 480x352 aryan_god.jpg)
>>25551 I feel your pain bro. It's a ruinous thing to deal with because it's tied to your own sexual drive; not a drug, not alcohol. I was able to break it by a circuitous route: 1) Understand that porn is a weapon that is purposefully designed to control you. Jews are the major players in pushing porn and they want you enervated and docile. That is exactly what porn does to you. Upon orgasm, your body releases a flood of endorphines and dopamine. These are intended to bring you feelings of closeness and love with the woman you're having sex with. Porn tricks you into thinking that this is happening. So you get the feelings but there is nothing there but an image. 2) Pheromonal Betas: Rollo Tomassi wrote about this in The Rational Male but essentiall women can "tell" (since they communicate coverty) when you've dumped your jizz. That dopamine dump from your jerk-off session can be detected by females and they sense you are a Beta. If you retain your semen, your Alpha traits tick up and are detected by the qt's. 3) When you feel like looking at porn, get up and DO something; Anything! Deep breathe, go for a run, read a book, turn off the phone, computer or whatever is your gateway to the images. Most people are especially susceptible to doing it if they're Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired (HALT). A decent book I always keep around (don't laugh) is The Joy of No Sex (https://archive.org/details/joyofnosexhandbo00bhak). Don't look into the personal history of "the Swami" because it'll detract you from the message which is accurate and powerful. 4) Understand that God created you and your semen is fuel. If you retain the semen then you'll have the fuel to do what you want. You will gain clarity and almost every aspect of your life will improve by avoiding porn. I know it seems impossible, but thousands of guys are getting over porn and staying away. You too can do it. If you really get desperate, Reddit has a "no fap" community that will give you motivation. Best of luck! Hail Victory.....
>>25559 hail victory brother
>>25551 It's natural to feel horny when you train regularly. You make more testosterone when you exercice and it makes you feel horny. Try to fuck a woman instead of your hand
>>25556 I don't have correct sources still I have some insights: - if frankfurt school was based and worked IRL, the rich would apply their ideas secretly and not try to sell it to everyone except them, so it's shit. When implemented they fail, when Mises is implemented it works so people say Mises bad awful man because hurt feelings. (apparently) The youtuber Alternative Hypothesis talked about this stuff a while ago in detail. - Apart from that, personal note: those guys are in the system yet pretend to work for the margins, which is deemed to fail because, being in said system, they inherently won't have the insights from the people who are into the real world and not their costly academies. See thoreau on universities at the beginning of walden (CTRL+F knife OR roger's) >>25559 I just waited 14 days for the faggot who borrowed this book but didn't care to download it and give it back for anyone to borrow it after him. Really hope it is legit, I'm starting to read now. Everyone have the low-res PDF joined to this message https://file.io/E5ZMFCcE I have all the high res scan but it's too heavy to UL here, contact me if you seek an epub or the high res source files [email protected]>>25559
(81.75 KB 510x823 joy of no sex.jpg)
>>26038 [email protected] with only 1 e no mistype here. For PDF see my last post, the 16chan thumbnail
here we witness /pol/ards role play about nationalism while struggling to stop fapping to BLACKED and chad fucking stacy videos
>>26040 being aware of one's flaws is the first step toward fixing it :p
>>6009 Enjoy having fucked up knees by the time you're 35 bro, jogging is terrible for you unless you're doing it barefoot in the grass. I suggest doing sprinting only.
>>26084 What's the difference between a sprint and a jogging? Is sprinting specifically barefoot and on the grass?
>>26085 Sprinting is fast, short distance Jogging is paced/slow, long distance
>>26085 I would imagine he suggested sprinting because it is good exercise but because it is high intensity over a short time period, the negative impact (pun intended) is reduced. He is correct that jogging on pavement can fuck you up, particularly your knees. These things can be replaced and fixed with physical therapy and can be minimized through preventative measures, but there is no point in going through all the effort when there are superior ways to get quality cardio. Indeed humans are designed for long distance running, but we evolved to do so before the invention of asphalt roads. I did at one point invest in those faggy thin vibram shoes and did a lot of running in the forest on a thin bed of pine needles. It was amazing and I did not experience any of the issues I did when I used to run long distance on the side of the road. Where I live is particularly rainy so the roads have a substantial crown. This means there is a light parabolic curvature to the road so that the center of the road is highest and the rain flows to the sides. This caused me a number of issues even though I was in my mid-teens when I was doing half marathons, because my left foot was almost always lower than my right due to the slope running against traffic on the left side of the road. Anyways, cycling is generally better. Some people hate bicyclefags but I've always enjoyed road biking more than running because you can actually travel a pretty great distance in an afternoon and see many sights or ride to nice places to eat and grab a beer without being hideously sweaty and "run down" like you would running. Granted I have had access to $5k carbon fiber bicycles through family that works for a high end American bicycle company. I'm sure other anons can chime in on superior cardio exercises even than cycling, I'm just writing what I know.
(1.52 MB 2122x1415 walkingcity.jpg)
(399.63 KB 1188x1028 running.jpg)
(434.09 KB 1280x960 jogging.jpg)
>>26085 Why jogging is "harder" on knees Short answer. Physics Long of it... When walking you "gradually" shift 100% of body weight from one leg to the other. Needless to say the knee and ankle are the weak links in chain here When jogging at time both feet are off the ground and your falling weight is multiplied by the force of your body falling towards the ground. When "sprinting" aka running, your body weight is shifted forward slightly reducing to the kinetic impact of each stride
>>26088 based+digits
>>26086 >>26087 >>26088 Gosh thanks for the insights guys ! Wouldn't have thought biking had more benefits than being able to move fast without using expensive (yellowvest made) car and gas How long for the begginner skinnyfat /pol/tard nerd runner should practice? And only on soft surfaces sand/grass/forest ground?
>>26088 (Heil’d) >not posting a goose stepping picture You had one job. I highly recommend this fitness eceleb. He’s a former physical therapist for pro sportsballers. This first video has help correct my posture(construction/long commutes) already in just three weeks. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g-7ZWPCWv0U He’s also been putting out a lot of good home work out routines since all the gyms are closed. This one will give you a good pump if you do 5 circuits no matter how fit you were before corona. It only takes about an hour every other day. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vc1E5CfRfos
>>26122 >>26087 >I’m sure other anons can chime in on superior cardio exercises even than cycling, I'm just writing what I know. If one has access to a gym or a kayak(cheap ones are <$200), rowing is great cardio if done with intensity. Jumping rope is extremely cheap and effective. If you already have bad knees, jumping on a spare tire(no wheel) works well as a substitute. It what we did for warmups kickboxing in Thailand. Burpees are also pretty killer if lacking a tire or rope. Bear crawls will probably wear you out.
>>26196 Heavy ropes are brutal, even 5 sets of 30 seconds will kick your ass. Add a weight vest and alternate a lunge with the opposite arm to add in your core and body fluidity/coordination and you have a fantastic workout.
>>25386 >I broke my fucking back so I can't be good at sports ever again. It's been two years now and everytime I start lifting, I get hurt and have to pause for a few weeks. Sorry to hear that lad. You should check out the Athlean X YouTube channel I posted above it could help bulletproof your back by focusing on the small supportive muscles. A resistance band ordered online is pretty cheap. Also look into Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae. This study shows that it significantly increased stem cell production in bone marrow specifically. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20037479/ Also take lots of vitamin C which is needed for Calcium uptake. Lastly, lay off the grains and nuts. They are high af in phytic acid which robs minerals from your system in order to be processed. >>24633 (checked) Pic for you. You’re gonna make it. >A man's body should be the height of his own self-respect.
>>26197 Fuck yes. I love doing things unilaterally if I can. I use my plate carrier for weight, but I want a proper weight vest because they can hold more and I don’t want unnecessary wear and tear on my lifesaver. I wonder if I can get some battle ropes cheaper from a marine store rather than some trademarked gym brand?
>Be me >Be talking to gf and some mutual friends in a group chat >Gf brings up some idea (not going to bore you with the details) >Call it "kinda gay", which is how I always reply to any idea (we all tend to be sarcastic in the group, and I always make such remarks). >Conversation continues >Gf's friend tells me I was rude, and that I upset gf, apparently she didn't want to say it to me directly. >Sense bullshit, call out bullshit (had my reasons, gf's friend almost jokingly said "to prevent a divorce", it's obviously a shit test.) >She doubles down Well fuck >Message gf, tell her directly that if she's upset, she should tell me and that I was obviously joking. Nah mate, she was a 'bit upset, but fine' and in the group chat gf's friend tells me mockingly to 'respect her friend more' Right, I know I'm probably somewhere on the spectrum, but for fuck's sake how am i meant to pass a shit test in a 'fucked if you don't, fucked if you do' situation? I tried to do damage control by just straight up confronting gf, no bullshit, but afterwards I guess gf and gf's friend thought I was hurt or something. Bros, I want to self improve, I want a relationship, but this is fucking impossible.
>>2642 You're in the right. If it's a female she's clearly one of those bitches that loves drama. Ignore her but don't bitch out, if she keeps this up tell her straight to mid her own fucking buisness. Don't give her ammo to spin and run back to your girl. If it's a guy? It's more sinister, tell him to back off and if he doesn't lay him flat. If it's a dude they are clearly trying to split you up to get in there themselves, that can never be allowed and anyone who tries it must be put down, no matter how succesfull they are.
>>26452 Simple, don't take the b8. You did. An alpha simply doesn't care if his slit chimps out over saying something is gay. Keep an eye on the hound dog sniffing your woman and put him down any time you can.
best place to buy protein for lifting out online? literally asking for my pussy fucking friend
>>12097 >convict_conditioning Thank you, Anon. I downloaded the book a few months ago and IMHO it is very good. I wrote a overview by myself but this is gold.
>>12097 >convict_conditioning Thank you, Anon. I downloaded the book a few months ago and IMHO it is very good. I wrote a overview by myself but this is gold.
>>7260 Oh my fucking god. So you're telling me that that one conversation with the weird guy in college led me to spiral down into this rabbithole? How do I take the redpill. I want to know the truth.
Any ideas and tips on how I can make better use of free time after studying for school or work? Especially before and after work. I hear and see stories of people just winding down after their 8am-5pm, because they're too tired and lack energy to continue anything else afterwards, which leads to a very repetitive schedule of waking up to do an 8am-5pm + traffic time to and from work, and it repeats for 40+ years. >>26474 >>26453 >b8 + bitches that loves drama Can anyone break this down for me about woman, and how to not fall for this? I have very little experience in this sort of thing and relationships in general, and would like information and examples on this. How would I go about avoiding woman who love drama, as it seems that a majority, if not all, do this?
>>26771 Working out, common discipline/ war prep/ will building practices and healthy diet (including supplements such as 7 mushroom supplement and cold pressed krill oil) will make it entirely possible to get other things started and ongoing in your time after work. Practices: Cold showers, sleeping on hard floor, knuckle building by striking a hard surface or 'bloody knuckles', meditation (vacant mind, often breath as focus), Intermittent Fasting (4 hour window) and dry fasting 24 hours once a week, and whatever else. You should have a "come down" activity after work that's more productive, creative, such as an instrument to play or anything that you can get into some high performance flow state with. Then you can go on to something else.
(48.66 KB 800x800 sad frog.jpg)
Brothers I need some help, I've been practicing some of the stuff mentioned here, dopamine deprivation, fasting, running high intensity and also being more disciplined in general. I was reallty thrilled by the memes about roman gods being fit and determination over motivation. I've been seeing the idea of motivation like "being motivated to do work to get paid to consume and indulge in pleasure and doing the same for years" as crappy so I work less on unneeded stuff and don't spend as much time and money as before doing and consuming stupid stuff like browsing youtube recommendations. And i'm getting progress in my projects and stuff, I feel it, the thing is that determination's just not there even though I feel I have a mission to do and it's progressing. I miss being just a lazy fuck indulging in whatever, been like a month or two, I miss my wandering in youtube, pr0n, eating crap all day long, bitching about how I procrastinate my projects and not do anything about it, doing 10 crunches and feeling great because i thought it was the way. Especially considering there's such a long way to go in physical exercise and my projects and when i'm done what then? I know it's stupid but I needed to broadcast that. Is there anyone who experienced similar lack of determination and managed to overcome it? Was it worth it? I was self righteous before, always judging everyone except me, and they were like "yea but life's there to be enjoyed stop bitching about everything" maybe they went to the same as I'm now, found out the void and actually they were right to go back to indulging with moderation (or not).
>>26775 You're on Planet Dontgivafuk. When you're out of its orbit you will land on Planet Metalasfuk. The people you're talking about just wanted you to land on Planet Shuthefukup. You were judging from a place of Armchair Virtue so they didn't care what you had to say and you didn't really know what it was like anyway. The way you talk to people and look at things will be different once you've left the orbit of Planet Dontgivafuk. Trust me in that they will either admire or hate you after a number of months of this self-improvement. The ones that hate you are generally very very selfish and parasitic. The ones that admire you are generally 'enlightened' enough to recognize being a worm isn't a good life choice or character.
>>26775 What you gotta do is leave Dontgivafuk Planet and land on Metalasfuk but build a Dontgivafuk shack next to your Massivefuk abode. It's a primal reordering of priorities and bundles of wires and shit inside you have to adjust. It will be put in its place, maybe you'll put the Jacuzzi in the shack along with video games or something. This is you being humbled by change.
For anyone with thinning hair or just wanting to grow it out faster, I found this study showing topical peppermint oil works significantly better than the leading prescription minoxidil.
With this whole coronavirus thing going down, my local gym has obviously been closed, and as a result, I am trying to keep in shape by picking up running as a way to balance calories, maybe tone my muscles a bit, but mainly to build stamina, which I don't have much of. I have been running for ~2km each day (I think about 2.25Km specifically) for the past week, and yesterday I bet my personal best, completing the distance in just under 12 minutes. I'll be honest, I have no fucking clue what I'm at. I tried looking for tips, or a "stronglifts 5x5" for running, but there's so much information, so much specific lingo in all the guides that I'm fucking lost. Can anybody just give any suggestions, perhaps even just a starting point and some vague guidelines on what I should do to increase my stamina? I don't care so much for speed (which means it was probably very retarded for me to try to run a set distance faster and faster). I've been so far able to run the 2.25 Km, though the last 200m have been a torture (my mind keeps telling me to stop, I've had enough, but my body keeps going), and I don't know if I should increase my distance, by how much, and how often I should run realistically.
(118.01 KB 223x310 Image-1.png)
My long-distance relationship is falling apart l, partly due to not being able to visit her thanks to Corona. I've been with this girl for 6 years and I'm beginning to fall into to despair. We would've moved in together next year and I would have proposed to her soon after. Do any of you guys happen to know how a Eurofag could go to LA this summer?
>>27836 >mind says stop Tell it to shut the fuck up. Your method is good, but instead of running for a mile/2.25km each day, do it 3x a week, and sprint 2x a week on the other days. SDDxSDx (Distance, Sprint) For sprinting: Sprint for 10 seconds, then rest for 15 minutes. Repeat this 4x and increase that to 5x with 20 minute rest periods after a month, and then 6x with 20 minute rests after 1 more month, and then 8x with 25 minute rests after 1 more month. For the distance running you're doing: that works. Have a 4.4k day each week next month (so 1/3 of your distance runs will be 4.4k, the rest 2.2k; put it at the end or beginning of the week). The sprinting is based on science and effective, read it in a Pavel Tsatsouline book, The Quick and The Dead or whatever that Snow Nigerian's name is.
>>25559 Great advice anon, thank you. Any chance you could reupload the book? Really like to read it if I get the chance.
>>28334 Joy of No Sex see >>26038 >>26039
>>28795 >>28334 nvm I thought you meant the one from >>27897 But as >>28350 says it's already been added !
(48.20 KB 960x540 1574132414898.png)
>>10078 rolling
>>10078 let's have a try, as if I didn't have too much to doo already
>>9041 I've got a degree in exercise science anon, what do you wanna know?
anyone have /fa/+/sig/ related stuff?
(27.21 KB 537x544 Ghost.png)
>>7260 I'm on step 7 too
>>5545 AR10 with a 16" barrel will do you just fine. Upgrade to an adjustable gas block to really fine tune when suppressed. Personally, I prefer an FAL though. Little more work involved and less "plug n play" but it's piston driven and chad as fuck.
I've been NoFap for half a year now (easypeasy method is undoubtedly the best method I've come across) and I am getting quite sick of all the wet dreams I'm having monthly. Is there anything to stop this or do I just have to cope with it?
(458.98 KB easypeasy.pdf)
>>35081 Found the pdf for anyone interested. Highly recommend, hasn't failed me at all while almost all the other methods have.
(58.50 KB 504x470 EhxfH0SXcAAq9gN.jpeg)
Ive been redpilled for awhile. i make some changes in my life for the better, and then 3 days to a month later im bavk where i started or worse off. i have a lot of potential, friends, and oppurtunities af Uni. however i have no motivation now to get off my ass and do something. im physically lacking. im missing classes, im not doing assignments till the last minute or not at all. my first semester i could have had a 3.6, but bombes all my finals and ended up with a 2.8, last semester I didnt even try, i even failed to turn in an assignment worth 25% of my grade. Anons i dont want to fail at life. what do i do?