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(58.91 KB 615x410 home invasion.jpg)
(325.42 KB 800x661 domestic geese.jpg)
(109.58 KB 599x337 Gravel landscaping 1.jpg)
(282.31 KB 750x562 Combed gravel landscaping.jpg)
(325.42 KB 800x661 domestic geese.jpg)
No-Knock-Proofing Your Home Anonymous 04/04/2022 (Mon) 23:33:21 No. 56826
Remember: It is illegal in the US to booby trap your own property. Most of the home decor musings I list are analog. Tech is neat, but only as long as the electricity is on, and only as long as no one turns your tech against you. I watch a lot of home invasion/SWAT footage when I can find it. I've noticed that the professional intruders have some common practices that certain home decor styles may thwart or make more difficult. These are my observations Here's helmet cam footage of a raid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wl3PG4LdYoU The homeowner has no time to react, as the invaders broke the window with a rifle butt and threw in a flash bang grenade before identifying themselves as police. Even if they had identified themselves first, the homeowner would have had maybe 2 seconds to react. "but I Back Thuh Blue. Thin Blue Line!" https://archive.ph/wip/KkI17 Common Sense Lock your doors. Lock your windows. Lock your back garden gate. Have a working fire extinguisher and understand how to use it. Properly manage and care for any flammable materials on your property. The fire department has all sorts of resources for farm and propane safety. Acquaint yourself with this information. Know the layout of your own home. Know the layout of your own home in the dark, too. Know where your stuff is within your home. Keep valuables and controversial items out of view of windows. Some Indian guy got evicted for this https://archive.ph/FguM5 Destroy packaging of anything desirable you've recently bought before you take the trash out to the curb: tear up tech box and put into a garbage bag rather than setting it out whole, which is announcing you just bought something shiny and stealable. Shatterproof window film must be installed professionally, or it becomes safety-film which allows a thief to safely break into the window while the film keeps the glass together so he doesn't get cut. Early Alert Exterior Features Geese. Geese fear no man. It's tougher to shoot a whole flock of geese silently then it is to dispatch a dog or two. Geese make noise upon seeing anyone; they'll continue to make tons of noise if someone tries to kill them. Geese prevented the Gauls from successfully sacking part of Rome. Gravel. It's crunchy. Everyone knows the sound of footsteps crunching gravel. It's also a landscaping feature with little upkeep required. If you're autistic and you comb the gravel, you can see if anyone was walking through it recently. Motion sensors and tech, as long as your lights stay on. Exterior Features that Increase Breach Difficulty Strong Doors and Windows, frames included. Apparently, in Russia everyone has an excellent kick-proof front door to deter thieves. The frames also need to be strong, for a kick-proof door is worth nothing if it's affixed poorly. Urns or statues next to the door. Not ones tall enough to hide behind, just mid-height, extremely heavy concrete things that cannot be shifted. Professional home intruders love to hug the walls next to a door for safety. Remove their option to do so. Small front entrance stoops are better because fewer men can stand there at once. Bonus points for narrow stairs leading up, for any wall/planting/feature that reduces the ability to swing a battering ram Windows are entrypoints for both men and objects. In addition to making windows stronger, you can also make windows less accessible. Wide garden beds filled with Rugosa roses are impenetrable due to the huge thorns on the plant. The garden beds should be wider than a man's arm plus the rifle he is holding in an attempt to break the window. Don't stick a gun in your own window; just measure it out. The roses catch and snag on clothes and skin and will deter vagabonds from trying to get in the home through the window. Your doors should have good locks. Interior Features Curtains affixed at both the top and bottom of the window might catch objects thrown in the window, preventing the object from getting further into your home. It would be wise to have fire-resistant curtains. Flash-bangs leave scorch marks on carpet when thrown. Long, narrow entryways or small mudrooms, or "Fed Funnels", are an extra obstacle which requires home invaders to neatly file into a row before entering the rest of the home. It's like a gatehouse for a contemporary home. If you are a hoarding slob, you can make your own funnels out of hoard piles. Hoards are fire hazard. An elevation change or stoop or platform within your home may trip up an intruder but you will know its location by heart. Door bar affixed to the studs. South Africans have a reinforced bedroom door as strong as an entry door as a last line of defense in case wild animals manage to break into their home. A shelf with an open back (a houseplant shelf, basically) can block a window from stealth entry of a man, but it will still let objects through. It is a decent half-measure. Do you have any thoughts on interior and exterior home decor f
(1.53 MB 1936x1936 midheight entry planters.jpg)
(227.96 KB 600x900 stairs entryway with railings.jpg)
(146.54 KB 466x700 rugosa.jpg)
(133.96 KB 645x969 Long entryway.jpg)
>>56826 More images
>>56827 Final image
Strong exterior flood lights, on even at night. Keep a clear perimeter around your house where there is no foliage that could obstruct your view. Don't have any trees next to your house that could be used to climb up. Use a reinforced metal door.
>>56830 > Don't have any trees next to your house that could be used to climb up Once, at an apartment complex, some guys' volleyball went up on a 2nd floor balcony. Rather than wait to get the owner to return the ball, one of them climbed up the wall and threw the ball back down like it was no thing. Lock your balcony door.
About a decade or more ago some inner city crack dealers gotten trouble for barricading their front door excessively which prevented a no knock warrant. It was kind of controversial but regardless I'm pretty sure the charges would be minimal compared to a Mega felony amount of crack cocaine. Trip wires for either silent or audible alarm especially in bushy areas just pass your fence seem obvious I'm obvious.There are YouTube on how to make them with a 9 V battery and a screamer alarm for <3 bucks a piece with a Clothes pin trigger. I've set several and while cats will be set off Motion detectors including driveway alarms detectors they do not seem to set off trip wires trip wires. Even silent "dead trip wires or at least let you know if somebody has been passing through the area
>>56826 Reminder to always physically lock your garage door and/or the entry door to garage. People don't realize how insecure garages are.
>>56837 Agreed. Garage door remotes are easy to spoof and remote-open doors can also be forced. Also, lock the door from your house into your garage, just in case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5Zzxu_R8SQ Here are some British police who run up and knock in doors with 2-3 swings of a battering ram. Non-state-backed home invaders could easily do the same thing. Strong doors are a must to get some forewarning.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUsar4Bizww https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeAtwkRiOH4 Videos from a TV show detailing home invaders' thought process. First video shows that when the window is out of reach of a rifle butt, they have to bring special sticks to put flash bangs in the windows. It takes them longer to do so and they have to remember to actually bring those sticks with them/anticipate the need for the sticks. It also shows a guy accidentally setting a stick off in front of himself rather than in the window. Do you think they have gotten any more competent since this was filmed? Second video is more details about reconnaissance. Obviously, I hate drug dealers as much as the next guy, but this is information on thought processes. It's relevant to both state-backed and non-professional home invaders since camera drones are an easily accessible consumer substitute for a helicopter, though bottom-tier nonprofessional home invaders tend to do no such preparations and just pry open a door and attack, no plan. I'm including all this autism because increasing the "friction" to forcibly enter a home can help give the homeowner time to prepare himself, and may also deter bottom-tier thieves.
>>56826 >It is illegal in the US to booby trap your own property. >It is legal in the US for a friend to booby trap your own property. Who knew? Forget SWAT, more likely is a Chino-Russian invasion force. If you disagree you've not been paying attention and probably still suffer from colonialism bias. You're not in the 20th century any more, Dorothy.
(56.19 KB 645x729 d27.png)
>>56879 >more likely is a Chino-Russian invasion force
>>56879 >If you disagree you've not been paying attention and probably still suffer from colonialism bias. >>56887 >selfie.jpg Now we know why you posted your selfie.
(144.88 KB 600x796 Door_terminilogy.jpg)
(68.52 KB 818x482 Lock bar.jpg)
(186.34 KB 1500x1500 Hinge Protection.jpg)
(80.74 KB 300x644 high security door.jpg)
(95.92 KB 636x734 Jamp.jpg)
>>56826 >Lock your doors. Lock your windows. Lock your back garden gate. You should have gone deeper into this topic because doors and windows are a very important part in home protection against criminals in general. Pic 1. Is your generic door. All the parts you see on it can/ have to be reinforced to prevent criminals entry. For example: - If your door casing is made of wood and not properly connected to the wall, attackers can simply break the whole door out of the frame to gain entry. Get a properly installed Lock Bar to make that more difficult. See pic 2. - The lock of your door has a plate called a "Escutcheon", this "Escutcheon" exist so the lock and handle of your door can't be drilled open. Higher quality ones have ratings against which type of drills it can resist and how long they need to drill. - Many home invaders can easily enter homes just with just a hammer and a flat screwdriver, the reason being most people fail to reinforce the Lock Jamp on their door and the criminals simply break it out the door casing. Get a properly installed door chains and/or the Lock Bar. - If the hinges of your door aren't protected against it with Hinge Protection, any door can simply be pushed upwards with a lever and opened on that side. See pic 3. - Cheap doors and door locks only have one bolt at the height of the lock to close the door. This allows criminals to simply bent or break the lower and upper half of the door off to gain entry. High quality doors have locks at the top, bottom and the middle - The material of your door "leaf" is also important. Many doors are just a thin wood or plastic outer shell with a plywood panel inside. This can be easily broken to pieces with the right tools. Also don't just get any metal door, many metal doors are fire security doors and those are also just a thin sheet of metal with a concrete core. A proper secure door usually has a steel core and resistant material on the outside. If you now realized that the outside doors of your home are shit, but you cannot replace your shit door because you are living in a rented home, here are some tips: - You can buy hinge protection for the door at your local hardware store and they can be installed without being visible. Same goes for better Escutcheons and strike plates for your Lock Jamp. - If you get a door chain or a lock bar for your door, don't fix it to your door casing, fix it to the wall beside the door casing or else they can easily be broken off with enough force - buy a cheap alarm system for your home that can call your smart phone and install it at your outside doors and windows. It will wake you up at night if somebody breaks into your home or enters your home while you are at work. Windows suffer all the same problems as doors, only that you have the additional problem of the glass panel being easily broken.
>>56956 Thank you for expanding on this, anon. >>56958 >>56976 Your stupid and petty squabbles do nothing to add to the conversation. No-knock swatting happens to innocents when the invaders get the wrong house or some angry busybody makes a false report. If you can protect yourself against the topmost state-backed home invaders, you'll probably also be able to protect yourself against lower attackers and thieves, which is why I made the top-level criminals the subject of the thread.
>>56956 >>Lock your doors. Lock your windows. Lock your back garden gate. >You should have gone deeper into this topic because doors and windows are a very important part in home protection against criminals in general. for americans (possibly other countries) there is another aspect to keeping their shit locked up- cops can follow fleeing criminals into your home, and then use whatever they spot inside as evidence against the people they are invading the privacy of. In the years to come this may be abused as an element of anarcho-tyranny to meet quotas: "whoops, looks like we are hosting jamal's family inside the burgerberg gated community and he started committing a minor crime and ran away into a house we wanted to search for guns. jamal is only going to get a 2 week prison stay #reparations and we make sure to use the fuzzy handcuffs and get him some donuts cuz he's really a good kid, but thank goodness we found these possible antivax white supremacists hiding some deadly power tools inside their residence." >>56991 thank you for your posts
Good posts so bumping. Just a friendly reminder that you should secure your home and also get your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors properly working. Don't want to spend time and money securing your Fort to have your kid kick over a space heater and burn the house to the ground negating you and the family
>>56991 >No-knock swatting happens to innocents when the invaders get the wrong house or some angry busybody makes a false report. You haven't seen anything yet.
>>56997 That's the other part of it. We're staring down the barrel of becoming South America and South Africa combined with a class of corrupt apparatchiks who believe that the enforcement arm of the government is their own personal army. It's easier to reinforce your doorframe now than later.
>>57000 SWATing is even a valid "hacking" technique now as part of the repetoire of social engineering. The LAPSU$ hacks also showed that it's becoming common now to hack into or buy access to an LEO email address and make emergency information requests to websites like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Discord, etc. to get detailed information on someone. So we are seeing on-demand weaponization of law enforcement by private entities.
>>56826 >indian guy gets evicted for showing swastika on window There's no mention of the guy being indian. And even if he was indian, the swastika flag is not for his folk. National Socialism is strictly for White people as White people can balance civility and brutality.
>>56837 Building codes require solid core doors on exterior of house but from house to garage counts is an exterior. However the door from the garage to the outside the outside regular mandor can be hollow core cardboard. So typically they will breach the side garage mandor easily then once inside the garage they can deal with this slightly stouter garage the house door at their leisure in concealment. So obvious must do upgrade is put a stout exout exterior garage mandor to replace this stock cardboard doorSo obvious must do upgrade is put a stout exout exterior garage mandor to replace this stock cardboard door. Not sure if it's ever been done by feds or cops but it's pretty easy to drill out or pumpkin standard house it's standard house door lock then replace the lock with a lock that will open with either the original key owned by homeowner without his knowledge or an extra key for a police only use or make a new key for themselves on site in the matter of minute.
Sorry to interrupt guys but what exactly is the point of this safety proofing is something going to happen>>57015
Unexpected visitors don't use gas masks on the first visit.
>>56956 Wtf is 3rd pic? Hinge protection? I'm recently retired mostly door and hardware carpenter And I've never seen those and I can't even figure out how they might work or what they might do.
>>57026 Lots of places have doors with lift off hinges, these doors can be easily opened by criminals by putting a handle on the door leaf side where the hinges are and pushing upwards, especially if the other side is just held by a single lock in the middle of the door. These hinge protection pieces are put on the side of the door leaf and into the side jamb, so they lock together when the door is closed and prevent the door from being pushed upwards.
What to do about low flying helicopters? At 1 in the morning I heard a helicopter flying around my neighborhood circling four times around my house for a few minutes.
>>57164 >What to do about low flying helicopters? Trees on your property. Don't let things lie in the open, hide it under nets. On top of that, if it is a civilian helicopter, they are not protected against gun fire if they should ever attack you.
>>56991 >No-knock swatting happens to innocents when the invaders get the wrong house You are thinking in a very 2d low brain manner...and don't have much knowledge on how actual police capture maneuvers work or home invasions in the modern era this isn't the 1990s on cops. How about the drones now commonly used that have attachments for drilling holes or tear gas. Or the fact they will just light the house on fire or shoot through the windows and walls which all these post are about doorways or entries they go through the walls. Radar devices that tell them where you are at in the house and how many people. At that point its smarter to have a bricked false front and back doorway and enter through a basement hatch with a escape tunnel. Do you plan on never leaving your home? Because they will just wait for you to leave or right when you get home. Like most police or veteran criminals that know your armed they will get when you go to the store or pulling in your driveway and surround your car. All this information is false sense of safety from lack of experience and immature fantasized knowledge from movies. The only feasible defense to fight the major advantages they have of overwhelming force and surprise attacks, long term is them not knowing where you live don't be so stupid to think they will let you play castle defense in the first place if they have any inclination you are a armed threat cops will get outside of the home, shoot into the home or burn you inside of it.
(118.89 KB 1920x1200 gay zog.jpg)
>>57185 There's a security concept called defense in depth. You give yourselves extra layers of protection to mitigate, but not necessarily eliminate threats. By setting up defenses like reinforcing your door, you are possibly giving yourself more time and opportunity to react. There are plenty of stories of men shooting back on no-knock warrants. So it's not like every encounter with every police squad is a perfect scenario where they flawlessly use all of these tools you mention. You can reduce your information footprint but cops will also probably be able to find out where you live if you are targeted. You probably want to figure out your end goal. If you are getting no-knocked do you want to go out in a blaze of glory? Do you want to optimize your chances to surrender peacefully without getting shot? Do you want to optimize your ability to escape after being surrounded? Or try to get a heads up that they are coming beforehand so that you can escape before they even get there? Do you want to go on the run? If so where do you plan to escape to?
>>56826 Those that haven't been through it, should refrain from commenting on it. The best total outcomes were obtained by 'goldilocks' + hiding in plain sight + multiple address location distributions. That is, the 'intelligence' agencies, and force granted agents (reads: carry guns), are remarkably inefficient and must follow protocol. Design against that protocol. What are some components of those hired-agent-limitations and agency-department-protocols, which can be economically/cost-effectively countered? Yes, outfit buildings with more mass and metal, but not beyond the form of the building (reads: steel doors on straw houses are money losers that just invite more property damage/costs). Yes, invest in locks, but not beyond casual dead bolts that are cost efficient to maintain (reads: can -you- rekey it? If you can't, you've gone to far down a ad campaign like a libtard overreacting idiot). Yes, invest in high resolution IPcamera CCTV systems, but do so with proper independent wired + power + storage + network control (reads: fully confederated / stand-alone / no cloud system, with own power+networking, and then mount the DVR so it looks like a nothingburger modem-on-a-wall)(reads: does it look expensive, or like a computer? then 'they' will see it and take it, and you'll just be out massive costs again, again like a doomer ad sucker, this time with mass data loss on top of property theft). Yes, have some nice windows, but make sure if 'they' want in, they get in, without damaging the frames more (going overboard can be measured in cost-to-replace in time and money; if you can't replace it efficiently within facility operational costs, you are doing it wrong; buildings are expendable depreciating assets always). Yes, carefully plan your garbage, but do keep document shredding separate: by investing in floorspace elsewhere to queue up destruction and then dispose for $4/bankerbox by any number of shred services (those mobiles destroy 1000x better than any machine -you- can buy at cost, just keep the cold storage off site, else you are an idiot that thinks they can actually have the means to destroy beyond re-assembly, like so many sorry idiots investing in $100-10000 self-service shredders these days). Further, black bag everything non-document and use business dumpsters, as 100.0000% of all pickups are recorded (a consequence of niggertown kikeville welfare nonpayers fucking with the city services; thus go private service, blackbag everything, and if truly paranoid dump at another business's service (which I -hate- but better than on the street)). Hopefully the reader starts to get the idea: Target the (cat herd) protocols and (retarded) competency of the departments and agents. Build to that. Also, build to business model replacement, and distribute with business entities owning/renting across multiple USPS addresses. As for actual thieves, commercial contractors (both of which the agencies employ, by bounty and by direct contract of services), and disaster/fire/flood planning, the same model should be followed, with some additions. Everything always floods (keep all 6-12in off floor), nothing survives fires (backup and distribute sites; fires are rated by time and nothing affordable survives the average fire time), thieves are best intimidated (make it look tough, but design it to be replaced at cost; you can't stop stupid, only mitigate emergency restoration). Finally, the commercial contractors and state espionage folks are your biggest threat: If you have these after you, you'll need a security company to actively manage sites with maintained presence. Hire neighbor white men to rotate thru (first effect is by feeding the father-son community they look out for you (your cares are their cares), and second effect is presence maintenance). All that said, it looks like you're trying to go-it-alone. Good luck with that. It won't work. Everyone sleeps eventually, Breech Bro.
>>57191 you seem like you are talking about some stuff a bit different than the thread topic, more corporate espionage glowie than break your door down shoot your dog glowie >What are some components of those hired-agent-limitations and agency-department-protocols, which can be economically/cost-effectively countered? This is a great perspective, but instead of interpreting it as cost-vs-cost I would think of it as latency-vs-cost or labor-vs-cost. I don't know how gov agencies work, but I know that they can be very deep in the bountiful funding-justification mindset, plus if we are talking corp-espio this might be a black budget reinvestment. Are warrants a significant delay-based painpoint? What about the stress of parallel-constructing a chain of inadmissible illegally acquired evidence? I intuit that manpower is a painpoint because initiation into the organization (and, presumably, especially its underbelly) is a permanent self-admitted vulnerability. >(reads: does it look expensive, or like a computer? then 'they' will see it and take it, and you'll just be out massive costs again, again like a doomer ad sucker, this time with mass data loss on top of property theft) Do they pick up lipstick cameras? I know that it is possible to pick up on the signals to find them, but if they miss this might as well exploit it while it lasts. Maybe eventually on-cam storage+compression will make time between signals too long for the search to be worthwhile. >proper independent wired + power + storage + network control (reads: fully confederated / stand-alone / no cloud system, with own power+networking, and then mount the DVR so it looks like a nothingburger modem-on-a-wall) >time with mass data loss on top of property theft). What if I rigged up a cell phone signal to constantly backup my shit to a remote hard-drive? A little trusted "data center" in a cousin's basement on the native reservation, all it needs to host is an onion site. Encrypted with public key before I send it, so they can't even tell what all I've got stashed away- just footage of their break-in? The private key to decrypt isn't on either side, it's just a seed-phrase in my head. This doesn't sound expensive although maybe intensive. If they raid the reservation datacenter without a warrant I figure they are taking a bigger legal risk because native sovereignty stuff, who knows if that is the only backup? (Certainly might not seem that way if they see more tor-shielded bandwidth that could be coordination with other backups. If they only discovered this one via luck or a ton of tracking, they might be aware there could be more) You could also hash chunks of footage and regularly (or on home security system alarm, or manual) dump the hashes onto a few blockchains so that you can prove the footage existed before subsequent blocks. (not much a point in encrypting before this step, I would do it direct from point of capture. You still need the original content to prove that the hash is real, though.) Sure they can bring in stuff to knock the RF signal off or something but if they don't they'll be up shit creek in a chicken-wire raft without a paddle, and all that increases costs in a way that competes with other people in the org who want to use those same specialized stingray-esque tools. All to stop a cell phone hooked up to a raspi behind the drywall, connected to a distant server in a basement with a tape drive and a trickle of bandwidth. Good talk about shredders etc, is there a reason not to just burn/pulp docs? Seems like the ultimate in finely shredding so cartels and tech companies without compunctions against slave labor won't be able to fit the puzzle pieces. (at least the really important ones, I get it might be expensive if you aren't making jeans) I think I get the point about dumping stuff that won't be useful for them to scavenge in order to waste their time.
(31.17 KB 460x326 fbi_car_undercover_fail.jpg)
>>57193 >just burn/pulp docs >[sic] just deviate and go for the easiest thing bro >[sic] can't be inconvenienced Listen, "rule by law" is gone. Internationally, intranationally, just gone. If you want to draw attention to yourself by thermal roman-candle, rather than hiding in plain sight and sticking to normal business process, go right ahead. Same thing goes for lipstick cameras, and anything else you think is a short cut: Is it? Is it really? If it looks like it can be taken, it will be. Make it look like its a nothingburger. Use a pinhole cam that runs a less-than-100m wire to a corner far far away, and then setup networking around that far-node = longer to setup, sure, but you get to keep it, because its low-power low-thermal ultra-low-maintenance and virtually not noticeable by trained 10th graders following cat herd protocols with guns that want to be back home by 3pm otherwise they demand overtime and cry. If you are worried about RF, just go get an entity, have -it- register for the second gateway/modem, and don't cross the streams. Law requires white/caucus men of good moral character. There aren't many of those on the force nor court nor clerk (the few left are in the private commercial co's doing the work for the force and court and clerk, hence why said private companies are your actual biggest threat, etc). Do not expect rule of law. Hide in plain sight. Model it as a business, and ask "what normal business process captures the behavior I want?" Stick to business. Do not do creativity by masquerading it stupid as creative when its just stupid.
Wtf are u guys hiding from >>57199
>>57202 I think the idea is that the only responsible behavior for any high-agency entity will be to hide numerous preps and projects, when america goes full brazil. Hiding from gov, criminals, corporate when all three have little to no unique character.
Makes sense bro these are some great tips thanks>>57302