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SIEGE BY JAMES MASON READ SIEGE BY JAMES MASON 10/17/2019 (Thu) 02:40:38 ID:59f43d No. 9981
>PDF of SIEGE by James Mason

>Audio book read by Alex Linder of SIEGE by James Mason

>Best quotes from SIEGE by James Mason

>Is SIEGE a satanist book?
The author was an atheist that has converted to Christian Identity.
>But muh optics
Fascist revolution is the ONLY solution, there is no radical changes to be made within the (((System))).
>Groups that follow SIEGE (Atomwaffen Division) are honeypots
True opposition will always be called out by (((controlled opposition))) ie: the alt-right, and people that larp as 1930s German Fascists(Nazis) are too far behind to be relevant, it has been tried and failed since the end of WWII, WAKE UP!
What is SIEGE generally about?
It is an analysis of all the Fascist movements since the beginning, and it explains why modern Fascist groups have failed, then proposes the alternative to Total Aryan Victory. It promotes dropping out of the System(Varg style) and also forming a network of terrorist cells to directly disrupt the System and seize power through strategy, tactics and raw violence, might is right.
Is there an extended tl;dr of this somewhere? I started looking at it but it didn't seem organized and I didn't really learn anything. If it's just about dropping out and making terrorist actions to take over society, well then I guess I understand that viewpoint, I think terrorism is generally not morally or strategically justified and a lot of terrorism we see today is faked or created by opposition, possibly including even this book to try to encourage others to engage in terrorism which doesn't work to anyone's benefit but the powers that be
James mason has stated that the terroist attacks committed this days are useless and we need to be attacking real targets like power stations water plants government buildings etc
Look, I need a paperback or hardcover copy.
Siege is a masonic/jewish front that promotes race mixing etc. Gtfo shills, also mods should delete this shit
Why would jews want to encourage infrastructure and political violence against the jew world order? Got anything to back these claims up?
>Siege is a masonic/jewish front that promotes race mixing etc
Please, post any evidence you have of this. I bet you don't have fucking anything.
it would give them a great political excuse to go full 1984
They're already doing that anyway, what else are we going to do? Peacefully protest?
this. get this kike bs back to 4jew.
Fuck off glow nigger.

And take your accelerationism with you!
What reckless faggotry! You have no source for your statement. Ridiculous in fact.
Dear God all this nonsense and no one has posted the pdf or video? I'm phonefagging but will upload later if another anon doesn't. Perhaps a read or re read of Masons work will help to educate this board. This board is and will remain a board of peace. No one is advocating violence but to spout off absolute lies is quite a Jewish reaction.
(66.02 KB 518x371 Reed%20Siege.png)
Weird how mad kikes get when GANG SIEGE walks in
Imagine basing your guerrilla war strategy on a retard with no military experience that loves Charles Manson, and not the extensive body of knowledge formed by experienced commanders. Read the Brigade, War of the Flea, Fry the Brain, the Eric Rudolph biography & any number of other books on infiltration, guerilla warfare & regime change.

Also imagine thinking telling people trying to establish fronts & bases if operation that they're "optics cucking". You Siegefags are glowing trash, here to derail real efforts & Mkultra retards into hitting bad targets. There's an oven with your name on it.
Post it to the library. Its an example of what NOT to do.
lol no ur just a faggot. No target will ever be good enough for you because you don't want to target at all.
I agree with you. SIEGE is a pep talk with little bits of useful advice sprinkled in. It's no bible. None of the other works bandied about are perfect either, but they're much more realistic and actionable.

done and yes I agree with you. Still for the younger men a good read.
This is totally a strawman of what Siege was trying to convey. Mason was forming the ideology of what must be done and WHY. It was never supposed to be a step by step guide for operating. Fat fuck Harold Covington was an unlikable obese man that had retarded ideas (like believing that you can succeed from the system and they won't crush you). You are just terrified that people might actually start acting for their race and you might have to change your LARP lifestyle.

I love these threads because it makes all the shill, schizos and retards come out of the woodwork to whine about optics and call anyone doing something a fed/kike or whatever.
I'm also a retard who should have been shouted at, I neglected to read the links in the OP. Thanks for no bully. PDF sits in the library.
Pathetic response. There's no shortage of good targets. How about a series of assassinations of Leftist academics for example? Sow some real fear & uncertainty. But your kind won't touch them, since you're a combination of glowniggers & retarded NEETs that got Mkultra'd. You'll just sperg out and shoot some old fat woman instead, with no clear message sent.

>Anyone that doubts my glownigger-created worship of a provably ineffective brainlet strategy inspired by a hippie cultist is a shill.

It's indeed still worth the read, and everyone should. But thinking it's some sort of bible of effective strategy, combined with the endless authority appeals to "but Mason said x" needs to fucking stop. It's being pushed far too hard, over and above far better material. Whole thing smells of fed.
One of the problems, if not the biggest problem, is that when people here think "terrorism" they think "suicide mission to shoot up the local synagogue/walmart/school and kill a bunch of relatively innocent nobodies", which will NEVER accomplish anything.
better to target telecom infrastructure, has the potential to cause a great deal of financial trouble. maybe time it when most people have to make credit card payments.
>muh fema coffins
Those are coffin liners that have nothing to do with FEMA. They're really an example of how things that are totally innocent can be used as evidence for insane concentration camp conspiracies, much like the Holocaust's "death showers".

oh just the LINERS for coffins - ok than.. they could also be giant tupperware....
Oh look it's been nearly 10 days since my post and no responses, not surprising considering you don't have a fucking shred of evidence.

Seems kind of schizo to me. If they were killing a lot of people wouldn't mass graves be easier? Just dump the bodies in an old quarry or something and use bulldozers to push dirt over them. As for the rifles and ammunition, 7000 rifles wouldn't do shit against hundreds of thousands of people probably above average in armament, fitness, and awareness. While 2 billion rounds of ammunition might sound like a lot what timeframe is this in? If it is over the course of several years it could make sense given the size of the US. It makes sense to get HP rounds (although the image doesn't specify how many of each ammo type) too since most people they would be shooting, even muh FEMA deathcamps aside, would not be wearing body armor.
It's a coffin liner company and they aren't owned by FEMA.
When lots of people die, they just dig a hole and call it a mass-grave.
You don't need coffins to kill people or get rid of them.


no cookies?