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(8.72 KB 645x773 wojak.png)
Welcome to ROBOT9001! 663 Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:39:42 No. 2 [Reply]
Welcome to /r9k/ - 16chan's ROBOT9001 Board.

This board is dedicated to the discussion of virginity, inceldom, and magic.

Please check the global rules and board rules before posting:

Incel: short for involuntariy celibate
KV: short for kissless virgin, someone who has never kissed a girl
KHV: short for kissless hugless virgin, someone who has never kissed or hugged a girl
Apprentice Wizard: a human male virgin who is at least 20 years old and lacks the will (or capacity) to lose his virginity
Wizard: a virgin who is at least 30 years of age
Hikki: short for hikikomori; a socially withdrawn recluse who rarely leaves his house
Succubus: a female human
Normalfag: people who generally lead normal lives and have a social life, its connotation varies widely between users; aliases include "normie" or "normal"

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Edited last time by 663 on 09/10/2019 (Tue) 19:06:29.

(174.05 KB 887x1024 4124124.png)
Anonymous 02/14/2020 (Fri) 14:33:31 No. 788 [Reply] [Last]
Ponies are allowed here, thats good!
>>788 Of course we need something to plow the fields and melt down into glue

(11.64 KB 474x415 alex.jpg)
The Death of Free Speech Anonymous 02/10/2020 (Mon) 13:34:15 No. 762 [Reply] [Last]
Over the past ten years or so I have noticed the increasing censorship of free speech in all forms of media including social media platforms. The real kicker was when 4cuck got destroyed by normalfags and the mods helped. I am so goddamn tired of censoring myself to comply with all these synthesized rules and regulations. PC this, SJW that, say literally anything one step out of line and it's fucking nuclear armageddon. What is the antidote?
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>>771 >peace in dreams image oh if only Not op but I wake up with chest pains at this point. Murder trials, physical violence, health problem dreams, etc.
>>765 It's called National Socialism.
>>778 >Nazis being better than Commies no
If you want free speech, then you need to control the medium. Set up your own chan / irc / murmur / forum servers. Attacks on speech are generalized so defenses of it must be as well. Ignore anyone that suggests anything to the opposite, as they are helping your enemies. 4chan stopped by a chan site many years ago when they were purchased and moot / max stepped out. It just has the same few hundred MB of regurgitated trendy crap. Start your own and make it your own, with your own style.
>>786 >those two things being anything alike kek! If anything Liberals (includes conservatives) are more like commies as they both think everyone is equal.

(201.59 KB 774x565 1_QnGS3FgbMYrsHAClsFv9Jg.png)
What keeps you going Anonymous 09/29/2019 (Sun) 06:18:54 No. 252 [Reply] [Last]
i have nothing going for me. Fat, reatard, coomer, virgin, depressed, dont want to work, parents want me out, sit in my room and play games all day, I just confessed to my crush and she didnt react at all, too socially inept to find someone else, drift through life doing and planning nothing, want to live a simple life but modern day doesnt allow me to, I want to cry and let it all out but my antidepressants dont allow me to, constantly dream for a different easier life, have nothing to look forward to, the world has gone to shit

What keeps you anons from hanging in the closet. I dont think im gonna last much longer
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>>308 > then I moved out (kicked out) and my life inproved exponentially! Care to give us some details?
>>252 My family, my job as a Witch, the certainty that there are mental health tricks out there I haven't found yet which would basically get me high (on dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, phenylethylamine, endorphins etc.) without me having to take drugs, the pursuit of truth, asking questions, enjoying small things (those happy chemicals doing their work again). The way I see it, if I'm a bag of fucking chemicals anyway, I'd rather be all happy and shit than miserable and stressed. I just hope I don't have to become dumber or lose sight of realism in order to achieve happiness.
I want to put my fist through the face of the man named God. Everyday it is what I dream of. I train for it, I work for it. There is no greater goal than killing the Gods this society has created with your bare hands.
>>261 If you know you are shit, and you don't do anything about it. You deserve to be hated and riducled and you are shit. The power to better yourself pyshically and mentally is always in your hands. >The only thing we truly own is the body we train everday. Who cares what others think of your personality; always ascribe yourself to your own morals that you think are logically sound and from that comes your personality. This society is sick to be hated by it is a gift, it just depends WHY you are hated. Everything that is good in this society is bad, but not everything that is bad in this society is good. Better yourself nobody else will do it or you.
My experiences with other people make me feel mostly unlikable. I have very few friends and attempts to make more nearly always fizzle out. I'm going to sound like a Tumblrina diagnosing myself, but I suspect I am autistic. I have no clue how else to explain my constant failure to appropriately react to social cues. Remembering the people I loved who are now dead has revealed the only silver lining I can find to my pointless existence: others will be happy or at least won’t care when I finally pass away instead of grow depressed from missing me.

(153.77 KB 1000x1000 doomer.png)
Fucked up Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 18:01:55 No. 103 [Reply] [Last]
>Failed HS
>Parents divorced
>Homeless in 3 months
>Can't get a job nor can I support myself

how's life for you all anons ?
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>>209 (A bit irrelevant to this thread but I really wanted to share my deporation story from halfchan) Got banned from cuckchan on the same day as Parkland High School Shooting happened. Basically I made a thread about a suspicious twitter account believed to be linked to Nick Cruz (the shooter). Got the ban hammer in less than 5 mins after posting. Ban would last for 2 weeks due to violating "le global jew rule 1, do nawt shitpozt stuff considered illgale in Unite stet of murifat". Wrote on my ban appeal that the mod was an autistic shithead and that's where it all came to a breaking point. "Dis ban will of not expire, nigga u may not appeal again". Feb 16th 2020 will mark the 2 year absence halfchan, but now I'm here. Both infinitychan and halfchan is doomed. The "le noermal people" have taken over halfchan and FBI literally cummed while bashing out infinitychan.
>chronic lyme disease >something like 50 doctors at this point all going 'nya nya nya you're healthy gtfo' >blood test results are positive, 2 bands on western blot, also positive for bartonella and rmsf with antibody tests, i'm not fucking making up my disease >in constant severe pain >fighting urge to kill self everyday >>106 Churchyards aren't bad. Other than that, you have to network with other homeless people and work to find "your" spot.
I'm in a similar poistion >Apply and get accepted to job >Uh anon we need more info from you >Okay, gives birth certificate, ssn >That's not enough, you need a photo ID and a bank account. >Okay >Apply for photo ID >To get a photo ID you must have a photo ID >To get a bank account one must first have a photo ID >Apply to get learner's permit >No >What? >Try again >NO OPENINGS THIS MONTH >Wait, deicide to get my GED while I do this. Never got it since I was expelled and banned from school grounds. >Need a photo Id for that >No openings till July

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I'm thinking of applying for a Green Card even though I was born here. I looked into the process and it's a thousand times eaiser "and cheaper". Only problem I'm super White and have to be a foregin gringo. Spray tan?
>>103 It's dogshit. >>124 Abhorrent option. Only dicks are ex-military. Normalfaggots are meant to be the dicks not robots. I've always chimped out over this bullshit back when any channer suggested it to a loser. Fuck off. If we can't get along with normalfaggots your option you'd choose is just be FORCED to not be able tot leave them? They take away your rights. Fucking faggot.

(90.55 KB 427x427 1571475817821.jpg)
nowhere to go Anonymous 02/09/2020 (Sun) 12:49:07 No. 742 [Reply] [Last]
>4chan range bans and is full of idiot zoomers and normalfaggots >8chan is dead because 8kun didn't revive boards >reddit is awful >nowhere else to go >even rabbit died >no other site being as active as rabbit >have no social life and Internet doesn't allow for it either >health is poor >don't want to be on anymore meds so can finally be in woods reading books >can't read books with normalfaggots around me >try to vent on 8kun and reddit anyway and find imageboards >8kun prunes random thread, is dead, and reddit is FULL of mod abuse, imageboards are dead too like 8kun >plan to become serial killer using counterfeit money or something eventually at this point so can buy weed from obnoxious niggers all because normalfaggot-net won't let me be myself and doctor can't fix simple health problems >wounds won't heal >blood pressure jumps to 150/90 easily >always hypertensive >dieting despite this and on meds that always take

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(119.57 KB 255x217 1461599066053.png)
>>760 I was just tested. I'm not prediabetic. From age 17-22 I had staph one time and I've had several relatives die technically of bacterial infection, close ones. My mother has no diabetes and takes years to heal bruises. It's just shitty hillbilly genes. Also, swimming, no fucking thanks. I am not about to hang around a bunch of normal people by myself at a disgustingly infectious swimming pool even if I DID have the expendable cash to make the journey there and pay the small fee to get it. I'd not do it. I'm the type to get acne though 30, chafe marks that don't fade, tiny wounds that when too large to be the type to sew up just try to turn into a sort of keloid, receding gums, bad rotator cuff and clicking knees since elementary, etc. My back first gave out at 17 one time. It never hardly does because I never work though. I know my limits. They are lower than the average normalfaggots limits. If I get diabetes I'll be very pissy. I won't be able to even have the hope of innawoods anymore. I almost hope something like that sends me over the edge. There is nothing specifically wrong with me but also nothing specifically right with me. From vision to posture, from immune system to physique to mental status, there's nothing specifically right with me. Ergo many things are going wrong.
>>761 Good God you need a real doctor who isn't total shit, but you knew that. Try an internal medicine specialist maybe, usually those guys don't make their money off sending away snotnosed kids because their moms think they need antibiotics for a cold
>>763 I'm a neet. The indigent doctor(s) they give me are what I get if i don't feel like going to the ER randomly.
>>763 Also, modern medicine is fucking shit. It's swing and a miss at best. They fail me as often as they cure something.
>>770 Keep playing doctor roulette and eventually you'll get a good one. Seek out doctors with Indian names on Healthgrades. I don't know why but across the board those guys have helped me the most.

A shitpost from 4chan AnonInfinity 09/27/2019 (Fri) 03:12:43 No. 237 [Reply] [Last]
I'm sorry for posting something so stupid here
1 post omitted.
Actually, from /s4s/, sorry for not clarifying
Let’s do what they did with nigger and start calling each other incas
>>329 yo inca
>>774 my incanigger

(33.19 KB 640x604 scissorwithruns.jpg)
hallo 54m50n#QYVfBN 09/20/2019 (Fri) 13:25:19 No. 62 [Reply] [Last]
4chan oldtripfriend here, gonna check out this imageboard for a bit. it'll probably die out or get removed like most do, but will enjoy in the meantime
8 posts omitted.
>>62 I quitted 4chan for the captchas. I got ten and I got fed up with it.
>>63 This thing has been up for 11 days? That's it?!!! >>62 Sup dude. I swore off 4chan 3 years ago shortly after noot took over.
>>750 you replied to a post from late september 2019. can't remember if post dates show up on mobile. for better or worse, it's been a bit slow for awhile. i think the board owner says it's been around several hundred hits a day (not posts)
>>609 Not him, but legacy captcha dying really was the last straw. It's what sent me to 8chan and other chans finally despite them being dead. What got me wasn't putting up with it, it was that no one even CARED about jewgle captcha. Making captcha's isn't even hard. You don't need a government spy machine's help. The site is simply there to piss people off while making money, the users off specifically. 4chan used to piss OTHER people off and make it's own userbase happy. It's just bad. The only time mods act on anything is to destroy freedom of expression too while leaving bait.
>>753 Yeah you're right, I looked up the logs too and this site's only been around since September 10, 2019.

Women hate thread Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 23:26:24 No. 12 [Reply] [Last]
It's the inherent inferiority of the female brain. Women cannot process logic or rational thought. Their activity center in their brain is anchored in the irrational, emotional side.

This makes them perpetual children, with a very low awareness level. Society makes the problem worse by catering to them.

Here's some required reading to get you started on the road to truth when it comes to the subject of male / female brain differences. Once you read this you will know an awful truth, and it will forever taint your opinion of the genders.

Happy Reading!


Men have more neurons per square inch of brain tissue than women.

The synapses in a male brain fire at a much higher rate than those found in the female brain.

The male brain is larger and heavier than the female brain.

The male brain is anchored in the logic and reason centers of the brain.

The male brain contains more glial cells and neurons in the cerebral cortex than the female brain.

The neurons in the male brain are 2/3rds larger than those found in the female brain.

The neuron is the true "seat of intelligence" and awareness in the brain. It is the true center of all human intelligence.

The male brain is inherently superior to the female brain and absolutely no amount of social constructs, complaints or feminism will EVER change this scientific fact.

There will never be a female Da Vinci, Tesla, Einstein, etc.
9 posts and 4 images omitted.
>Also, why not hate women on a case per case basis? That sounds like the more logical thing to do
Someone post that recent study revealing that smarter people stereotype more often.
some arguments against it or you just say that you do not agree with this on principle - you are a leftie.
Last image made my day, ty.
>>12 I don't know if what you're saying is true because you ain't citing your sources. That being said, I am female in this life but remember past lives as a guy and believe me you, it is not good. The constant emotions. The wishywashy content of my mind. The endless back-and-forth hormonal roller coaster. The stupid "everything has to be processed through an emotional filter" setting that can't be turned off, so that literally everything I think about has to make me deeply feel something. The endless need for social validation and pointless chitchat. Mothering instincts for all kinds of shitty people who don't deserve it. I remember being way more logical than this, way less insecure, and way WAY happier.
A man is not better than a woman like fire is not better than water. A man who is imperfectly man is worse in everyway than a woman who imperfectly woman. We need both for society to functioun, both biologies and both brains. Stop it with this intersectional cultural marxist shit. You're done Jew, your time is up and your death draws near.

(595.11 KB 1200x718 polysleep-1.png)
/Sleep/ general Anonymous 10/28/2019 (Mon) 09:52:35 No. 482 [Reply] [Last]
How well do you sleep anon?
I find myself slipping off the deep end when it comes to sleep. Every night the time I fall asleep ticks forward one hour. It has gotten to the point where I fall asleep at noon and awaken at midnight.
Any advice for I or other sleep deprived anons? All discussion on sleep is welcome.
1 post omitted.
Actively relax your muscles. Go through each muse group and especially the shoulders mentally. Also stay away from light and media a couple of hours before going to bed.
>>482 You may call me a weeb but I recently got into JoJo and one of the villains has a quote: >I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning I recently started doing this and I can say that it works really well. And I'm dead serious when I say I do 20 minutes of stretching. Usually I eat around 9:30 then I browse the chans some more and then I have a shower and brush my teeth. From 10:20 to 10:40 I'm usually stretching and then I have a glass of warm milk. By 10:55 I'm usually in bed and sleep until 7. Also I make sure there is absolutely no light or nothing to disturb me while sleeping. I started doing this about a month ago and it's been going really well for me. I feel more energetic during the day and I wake up easier. Some tips I can give: >eat dinner at least 20 minutes before you go to sleep >avoid screens (phone,PC,TV,...) before going to sleep >have a regular sleep cycle(i.e. go to sleep and wake up at the same hour every day or you'll feel tired) >don't drink before sleeping >don't smoke before sleeping >make sure you follow your natural sleep patterns(i.e. sleep only when it is dark)
>>482 I have been feeling this way for awhile but with a little more problems. It feels like during the day im walking through a fog and everything feels Mort due to my sleeping habits lately. I want to have more energy in the day like what you said. But I will follow the advice to what this anon said to see if I can fix my sleep cycle again. >>628 If you guys have extra tips to say to me in my situation to what I said before then im up for it to get over this problem I have.
>>628 I can definitely see why a robot would sympathize with Kira Yoshikage.
>>482 When I was able to exercise each day it helped a lot. These days sublingual CBD oil helps if I take it right before I go to sleep


no cookies?