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Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 05:48:20 No. 662 [Reply] [Last]
I’m going to see my oneitis on Monday. It’s been a year and a half since we last saw each other, I’ll probably greentext it at some point. just kill me
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>>663 >just...just fucking kill me Man up and do it yourself
>>663 you are quite humiliating for us all, chasing women instead of giving a damn. Why has your life to loop circles around these vices? Women know this and they have never mercy about this, showing us how much damn we should give to what they are or whay they want or do.
I didn’t go. I just hate myself. Idk
I need to ship something back to the manufacturer and I still need to make that Amazon return. Hopefully she won’t be working, but hopefully she will.
>>663 I feel bad for you Anon but I also followed desires due to oneitis just like you and let me tell you, it will always lead you to humiliating situations

(26.44 KB 307x156 23535235235.png)
Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 04:17:25 No. 696 [Reply] [Last]
(293.65 KB 636x458 Barney2002[1].png)
Super Dee Duper!

(224.27 KB 846x654 4a213996vjm21.png)
looking for a frens Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 15:52:56 No. 673 [Reply] [Last]
is anyone here??
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>>678 Anytime little guy
>>680 tenk u fren
>>677 this is smart, I need new frens too! I'm making you guise my frens. Merry Christmas
>>673 mery crismas fren
ho r u frens

(6.19 MB 800x600 omb.webm)
Diapers. Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 17:52:47 No. 341 [Reply] [Last]
No Diaper-thread?

Let me fix that.
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(3.29 MB 426x236 kalinak.gif)
This is the vid i posted on 8ch abdl board and I would never imagine in my mind that someone would post it here, on this place. You made me laugh. Congrats
(1.61 MB 640x356 dstr9.webm)
>>379 Faggots

(49.79 KB 650x650 download (11).png)
MysteryXX 12/21/2019 (Sat) 12:10:08 No. 683 [Reply] [Last]
My virginity is inevitable... sadly.
>>683 Maybe if you stopped consuming soy media it'd be less inevitable?

(653.63 KB 1936x1280 1568317745486.png)
Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 04:29:56 No. 448 [Reply] [Last]
Is it possible to survive entirely off of non-gay products. To survive entirely off of products from companies who have not turned to gay advertising?
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(121.71 KB 750x250 bz-5cd1a8098a292.png)
(33.92 KB 350x500 51FhIE31XoL.jpg)
Wans't it clear already that it is just gays who do not ever like theirselves?

It was long ago diagnosed but their lobbies censored the psychiatrists coz of muh hate speech

It was proven that their behaviour is just a neurotic symptom from some bigger issue inside them
>delusional roasted gay pretensions

I sometimes pity them, till I just remember how insidious they are inside...

At least they admit that is something undesirable to be charged with in this life.

Acceptance is always a nice start.
>>449 Kill yourself faggot.

(9.65 KB 375x375 10211125.jpg)
about to be 23 and still a virgin Anonymous 10/14/2019 (Mon) 15:28:17 No. 406 [Reply] [Last]
How do you not just fucking kill yourself hearing your normie friends and their active sex lives? Every year just keeps getting worse, how do you cope? I don't think I will even make it to 30.
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The very issue is just letting yourself crash under this social pressure. It's what makes women define our honor and I rejected that way long ago.

For when a woman reaches virginity, nothing is above her head about it, so I won't let it be above mine. I did rejected society for it only causes feelings inside you, that are like some alien parasite which shall feed on you unless you feed it with something else (women, success, frinds, whatever).

If ever lose it, no one needs to know, I find normfags who go to them despicable. It's women who may start the first approach, and we decide among them. That's a balance of power...

on the other side you get insulted once and again from people who never deserved to be even looked at. Oh, if every men in the world acted like me... they would just tear away their hair in distress about it (see MGTOW reactions on YouTube)...

but temptations are added to pressure, and women won't ever leave the throne we let them have inside our minds. We can only aspire to shake them off there... with all odds against.
That's not the original version from Esther Vilar, stop uploading this made up crab-work

This is the original one: https://www.naturalthinker.net/trl/texts/Vilar,Esther/The_manipulated_man.pdf
>shotguns, white percentages

While communists and salafists were crating their propaganda, where were all the people who knew what really happened at WW2? Getting drunk, showing off, fighting like apes for fun or animal rage.

Hitler could be having diarrhea inside his tomb today because of whom inherited his legacy.

If you want to grow, EXTEND YOUR KNOWLEDGE, CREATE PAMPHLETS AND LEAVE THEM AT SCHOOLS or likely... you may be inducing some real hope every one, five or ten or more young students who take the redpill before they go astray.

But no, it's better (according to some ppl here and there) to shoot some latino peasants near some supermarket coz muh inmigration.

Why isn't this getting printed and being distributed near youngsters? https://i.imgur.com/BOPCFgg.gif
>He doesn't autisticly obsess over hobbies instead of a nonexistant sex life
I am 26 and don't really care.
>>406 Anon you're prioritizing sex too much, it really doesn't matter too much and you should try to get into a relationship before you have sex. If you get into a relationship with someone and you like the person you have sex with it's meaningful and deepens the relationship as opposed to the pure hedonism of fucking someone that you met the same week and is consequently more enjoyable. Not to mention you will be happier in the long run and won't just be happy for an hour or two. 23 is still very young for a guy and even for a woman (doubt you're a woman though you're on 16r9k) so don't give up. There's a lot of whores out there but there's a lot of good women too.

(201.59 KB 774x565 1_QnGS3FgbMYrsHAClsFv9Jg.png)
What keeps you going Anonymous 09/29/2019 (Sun) 06:18:54 No. 252 [Reply] [Last]
i have nothing going for me. Fat, reatard, coomer, virgin, depressed, dont want to work, parents want me out, sit in my room and play games all day, I just confessed to my crush and she didnt react at all, too socially inept to find someone else, drift through life doing and planning nothing, want to live a simple life but modern day doesnt allow me to, I want to cry and let it all out but my antidepressants dont allow me to, constantly dream for a different easier life, have nothing to look forward to, the world has gone to shit

What keeps you anons from hanging in the closet. I dont think im gonna last much longer
1 post omitted.
Nothing keeps me going but nothing really stops me either. I'm aware that life is frail and short so I try to appreciate the little things. I enjoy witnessing beauty and art. Fitness keeps me balanced and brings me joy. I'd like to get into martial arts too, but I'll have to establish some source of income first so that's basically all i'm going for now.
(278.64 KB 360x416 T68lg.jpg)
Find what you are GOOD at, Anon!
I thought I was a retard as well, I was also drpressed, then I moved out (kicked out) and my life inproved exponentially!

Move out, Anon. Go into the real world and make it! Live is the ultimate RPG, Anon. Its graphics are 8k, 200 frames per second and there are 7 billion NPCs and Anons for you to interact with.
>what keeps you from...

In my case is just religion. Fear of God.

Also, no one should ever declare to women, if you ask me, that's what gives them the so undeserved power today they hold.

-They should come for us.
-Take our shittests.
-Get rejected or accepted.
-Obey us or leave us apart.

If men just did with them as they do with us, ooooh man!

A poor fantasy, from the twisted brain of an apprentice wizard. And now, stop being a pussy about what they pretentiously choose or not (just because you were weak enough to beg her) before I start hating you.

Best wishes.
>>308 > then I moved out (kicked out) and my life inproved exponentially! Care to give us some details?

(6.70 KB 300x168 checked.jpg)
Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 21:56:21 No. 454 [Reply]
We are reaching the first 1000.
yeah, thats pretty nice. This place feels much more comfy than some other chans. Feels like you know most of the anons here, which is why I keep coming back every day to see what you guys are up to.
That's good. Keep posting faggots
>>454 Do you still fear a normalfag invasion if these places become too famous?
Calling it now, some fag posting about some anime shit >>1000
>>454 WTF? We were barely half way when you posted.

(38.77 KB 400x300 c3piou45iou.jpg)
masturbation addiction / no fap general Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 09:08:05 No. 650 [Reply] [Last]
What's the longest you gone without nutting, and when is the last time you fapped. >just yesterday >about 3 months Me I know full well how completely better life is when I don't do that. Problem is I don't have the means to actually change my life, so when I have all this energy and masculinity from semen retention, but nothing to do except go outside and do nothing or try to do something productive on the computer, eventually I get bored and frustrated, and return to the excitement of fapping. My addiction is much worse than normie addiction to fapping and/or porn because I'm not using it to fantasize about sex, for me, jerking off to porn is the fantasy, and when I manage ot not do it, I don't fantasize about sex anymore, I fantasize about jerking off to porn. I don't even want to have sex, and couldn't even if I wanted to, so that solo activity is the highest form of hedonism.
>>650 >December 1st >One and a half months Usually I fap when I really don't have anything else to do. But recently I picked up some hobbies that help keep me doing stuff and I stopped fapping. I stopped needing to fap. It's been really good now, and I've been able to keep the streak since the 1st
>>650 I think it's been two weeks now or so. I am feeling good and motivated. I also take kratom everyday almost, and it's very hard to cum on kratom, and reduces my sex drive which I am happy about. I don't like being super horny all the time. However last night for some reason I could not stop thinking about sex for like an hour laying in bed. I had a massive boner and eventually I passed out. But yeah I am going to try to just not fap ever again. Just sex. I feel more motivated and less dirty.
>>650 20 some odd days. After about 10 or 15 days I get really depressed. I'm much better until then, though.


no cookies?