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(104.04 KB 538x717 elliot rodger.jpg)
Elliot Rodger Thread Anonymous 12/07/2020 (Mon) 13:18:42 No. 1590 [Reply] [Last]
What do you think of this guy /r9k/?
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(362.52 KB 1437x534 screenshot.png)
>>1671 > Rather than pay for a prostitute to break himself out of inceldom or any number of other routes he could have taken, he chose to kill normies Pretty sure he wanted a relationship with a girl it wasn't just about sex despite what normalfags believe.
>>1637 he was stupid for not being able to get a gf with all of that money
(54.87 KB 645x773 1590344001334.jpg)
>>1805 >he was stupid for not being able to get a gf with all of that money Do you not understand how mental illness works?
>>1590 They didn't give him the cutest blonde in the class, they gave him toxic psychotropics and he got mad.
>>1647 >A good marker of delusion is if you alone are arriving at completely different conclusions from everyone around you. Opinion discarded. Placing importance on the consensus of a herd is laughable. YOU need to remember that the vast majority of human experience is pretty meaningless next to the universe, whose truth we still fail to understand because of our self centered mindsets. Why would a few people living on an insignificant rock be the ones to come to the correct conclusion about reality? If I don't know what's true, then the people who wouldn't even pirate a movie if you told them to certainly won't.

(76.43 KB 485x282 NPC-crowd-485x282.jpg)
Fuck the rules thread Anonymous 02/11/2021 (Thu) 22:12:38 No. 2055 [Reply] [Last]
>you are not x if y Fuck off and die faggot, you don't get to decide who is good and who isn't. Go choke on a fat mouthful of nigger dicks. Cunt.
>>2056 It was in response to that other faggot who kept trying to make up rules about what /r9k/ was.
>>2055 Checked. Gas the kikes, race war now, cunt nigger faggot wop spic.
(12.21 KB 259x194 download (1).jfif)
Found the butthurt newfag normal scum kill yourself.
>>2055 Normalfag scum.

(73.78 KB 761x851 20210319_141134.jpg)
Anonymous 03/19/2021 (Fri) 15:04:15 No. 2144 [Reply] [Last]

(83.56 KB 750x1334 6mexkl7njex11.jpg)
Women Love Thread Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 13:39:12 No. 73 [Reply] [Last]
Just a thread for appreciating cute girls
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>>499 Well, no. Women's liberation has an effect on birth rates. But it is far more likely that it's more about atheism and secularism than women's liberation. Let's look at your table. Lets pick the country that has the lowest gender inequality score, Slovenia, the country with least births, Singapore. Slovenia: 73% Catholicism 21.5% Atheism 2.4% Islam 2.2% Eastern Orthodox

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>73 Thanks I'll pass.
(27.98 KB 499x481 pepe really.jpg)
>>162 >What a bunch of thirsty beta fags we have here. You're on /r9k/ of all places what did you expect? quit acting like a normalfag.
(180.50 KB 1080x1212 EDxM18YU8AIUwbk.jpeg)
(90.25 KB 750x658 lem.jpg)
>>73 Wait you're telling me to unconditionally appreciate an entitled hole that loves conditionally, nags me and constantly wants to get in my wallet, and makes up drama, schemes that stresses me and drains my energy? Well If I don't get at least two aryans out of that many garbage subhumans call "relationships" these days it's not going to be a fucking deal, ever and I'd rather just be alone. Also Men(white) don't do any of this, we're quite stable and normal, productive individuals that made everything say something nice about men first and maybe I'll consider it you worthless simp fuck.

Anonymous 03/11/2021 (Thu) 22:11:42 No. 2121 [Reply] [Last]
>Roaming through this darkness >I'm alive but I'm alone >Part of me is fighting this >But part of me is gone

(209.54 KB 500x500 1607846456821.png)
/drugfeel/ Anonymous 12/17/2020 (Thu) 03:30:09 No. 1655 [Reply] [Last]
what's up robots? On any drugs?
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(31.34 KB 800x450 1610413563472.jpg)
>>1655 Toying with the idea of dropping some acid and eating some shrooms, but there's stuff I have to do first that I don't want to do. Gonna drink instead.
pressie bars and klonpin :) about to drink whats left of this sambuca bottle
>>2096 Careful mixing benzodiazepines and alcohol
(76.22 KB 1100x618 primary_256.jpg)
>>1655 Unfortunately yes, I am back on the wacky baccy which I have had problems with for many years of my life. I had been off it for quite a while but 3 months of lockdown have ultimately taken their toll and I have started smoking again. I don't blame the substance, weed is a nice drug, but I can't control it. I want these fucking lockdowns to end, but I have the feeling that governments are only just getting started. Welcome to the New Normal. >>1715 Good combo when done with a good friend. Coke can really bring out the worst in people so I never liked taking it with strangers or peripheral acquaintances, with good friend it's real fun and something else.
wish i had some dmt or shrooms or acid or mdma.

(2.02 MB 3200x2498 tokyo-day-trips-01.jpg)
Where did everyone go? Anonymous 03/03/2021 (Wed) 20:01:53 No. 2089 [Reply] [Last]
Old 8chan's /r9k/ was the best place on the internet for me. I wonder where everyone from there went. My first guess would be Wizchan.
10 posts omitted.
>>2111 they arent the same thing retard. kill yourself retard.
(65.51 KB 769x640 1577375616455.jpg)
>>2112 >they arent the same thing retard. kill yourself retard. Did i say that? no stop putting words in my mouth also 2007 called they want their insult back why don't you come up with something fresh and original instead of acting all brain dead and saying the same thing over and over i am not stupid for stating facts newfag the fact of the matter is you cannot be a robot if you have had sex that's why terms like Cyborg failed normie normalfag chad ect exist and >>2109 is accurate you just keeping calling me stupid and saying i should kill myself over and over because you're a butthurt newfag.
>>2113 you are just a retarded troll. not gonna keep engaging your dumb fuck derailing arguments. find some new material sex-haver. >>2114 samefag or newfag who hasnt seen this same queer the last couple times she came to argue semantics. kys too.
>>2115 >sex-haver. How can i have sex if i am a robot? your reply made no sense lol.
>>2116 you like to apply nonsensical labels yourself, retard. problem?

Women hate thread Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 23:26:24 No. 12 [Reply] [Last]
It's the inherent inferiority of the female brain. Women cannot process logic or rational thought. Their activity center in their brain is anchored in the irrational, emotional side.

This makes them perpetual children, with a very low awareness level. Society makes the problem worse by catering to them.

Here's some required reading to get you started on the road to truth when it comes to the subject of male / female brain differences. Once you read this you will know an awful truth, and it will forever taint your opinion of the genders.

Happy Reading!


Men have more neurons per square inch of brain tissue than women.

The synapses in a male brain fire at a much higher rate than those found in the female brain.

The male brain is larger and heavier than the female brain.

The male brain is anchored in the logic and reason centers of the brain.

The male brain contains more glial cells and neurons in the cerebral cortex than the female brain.

The neurons in the male brain are 2/3rds larger than those found in the female brain.

The neuron is the true "seat of intelligence" and awareness in the brain. It is the true center of all human intelligence.

The male brain is inherently superior to the female brain and absolutely no amount of social constructs, complaints or feminism will EVER change this scientific fact.

There will never be a female Da Vinci, Tesla, Einstein, etc.
16 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>58 >not putting things into patterns >le logic
>>12 Man, I haven't seen a "Women hate thread" in a long time
(74.57 KB 1869x324 einsteinfraud.png)
>>12 >(((Einstein))) Nice try, shlomo.
>>904 >so bitchy and angry >act like it's mens fault Judging from your post the same goes for men these days but I guess that's all the womens fault.

(9.65 KB 375x375 10211125.jpg)
about to be 23 and still a virgin Anonymous 10/14/2019 (Mon) 15:28:17 No. 406 [Reply] [Last]
How do you not just fucking kill yourself hearing your normie friends and their active sex lives? Every year just keeps getting worse, how do you cope? I don't think I will even make it to 30.
27 posts and 6 images omitted.
I am 20, my gf is 18. We are together for over a year now. She is a virgin just as I am, we had some sexual acts but no PIV sex. For over 50% of the time she is lovely and 50% of the time she is awful, starting arguements over nothing, threatening that she will take some pills or cut herself (she did it many times). She also seems to have very high sex drive, much higher than mine. Maybe it's normal that it dropped, when I was 14 I could coom 7 times a day and nowadays I hardly ever coom more than once a day and I am doing nofap since I am 17. My best streaks were from 2 to 2,5 months. We gave head to each other and pleased each other with hands many times and we tried tittyfuck and anal with only my glans entering her butt. But still we haven't tried PIV. I am sure that would make things much worse. When we are arguing over some stupid shit she frequently says something like "I sucked like this and you don't respond to my messages? U such an asshole ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™ƒ", of course I don't respond to her shit after she is insulting me to the point I can feel my heart hurt, changing messenger color, saying we are not together anymore and demanding me to beg her for forgiveness. She is also ultrajealous, she has problems with me saying "hi" to femoids I know and she always liked to accuse me of cheating on her with someone from school or work. She claims that I am immature but I believe she is immature. She even likes DDLG shit and dumb lana del Rey memes about being bitch. I love her but frequently I am also angry at her but I always cumulate my emotions in my mind, rarely let them out. I don't wanna have sex with her, I don't care about sex anymore, I don't even want to fap. We have a major arguement for few days now. Sex is big gay. My mind is broken although it has hardened a lot over last year
>>406 29 year virgin here... Things don't get better!
(77.75 KB 500x461 1604526948818.jpg)
>>406 I'm a KHV at 21, and things are not that bad if you have other ambitions and stuff like that. I don't want to die yet, there's a lot I'm looking forward to and I'm still full with hope >>1357 That`s the perfect example of a hate-love relationship. I think that maybe having sex and all that stuff is a little bit overrated. I honestly think that if a relationship is giving you a lot of trouble, it is better to cut it off, to end things before it spirals out of control.
>>1357 hey bro thats despair thats fuckin w yr sex drive and yr gf sounds fucked m8 u can find someone better king i believe in you
>>406 >hearing your normie friends I don't have those, fortunately. And I'd never want to befriend anyone that isn't as miserable as me.

(177.14 KB 1100x950 why no gf.png)
Anonymous 06/07/2020 (Sun) 05:57:58 No. 1129 [Reply] [Last]
How many of these apply to you?
4 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>1129 Insecurity, purity, and I don't actually want one
im on that saviour fantasy shit i havent felt legitimately happy since my last relationship i just want someone to see me for the piece of shit i am and still love me. i just want to feel human
(97.88 KB 944x819 159443200858.jpg)
>>1129 Meh, I don't really care to have a gf. Personally it gives problems, more or minus. >if she leaves you, you will get sad and depression >"I M-MISS HER" >trying to change her, but you can't >stalk on her social medias >trying to be interesting with her for what the relation doesn't borring Etc. I have better things to do.
>>1129 My problem is the only girls that are hot enough to motivate me to chase them/make them my gf are too hot to maintain as gf for more than a couple weeks/months. i once dated a girl 2 or 3 points below me for 2.5 years. i've accepted my condition and no longer feel the motivation to chase girls except when i occasionally spot a really hot one, but i just kill the urge by fapping 5x a day for a few days. girls today are too much work and their requirements are way too high. also i'm finally reaching the age where my attractiveness is starting to wane unless i start putting in significant exercise, but i've grown physically lazy and corona lockdowns just put it out of reach for me now.
nothing you normalfaggot aspiring cunt


no cookies?