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(28.30 KB 975x600 pepethefrog.jpg)
Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 05:00:01 No. 589 [Reply]
what are you assfuckers up to
(197.00 KB 1079x914 20191031165039.jpg)
Assfuckers? OP are you a the guy in the middle? I am giving you the benefit of the doubt.
(50.77 KB 502x504 ef758nb11ht01.jpg)

(6.16 KB 414x403 1526172773792.gif)
Anonymous 09/21/2019 (Sat) 18:10:05 No. 129 [Reply] [Last]
any robots here programming?
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do you hang out on any irc channels?

Find some manual task that can be automated and figure out how to code and and make front-end for it. Study functional programming and the the Gang of Four design patterns.

I'm learning how to use monads with asyc/await in Javascript right now in a graphQL based app that I'm making and it's a lot of fun. I'll probably make a React front-end for it when I'm done with the business logic.
I programmed a computer virus that hypnotises them into becoming autistic so that i can increase the influence of the asperger gang
I wrote a chatbot with in Python once, using tensorflow. Othe than that, only for uni related stuff, so mostly programms that solve math problems with huge sets of data (in Matlab).
>>129 Recently began learning Java. But I'm too autistic too understand.

(153.77 KB 1000x1000 doomer.png)
Fucked up Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 18:01:55 No. 103 [Reply] [Last]
>Failed HS
>Parents divorced
>Homeless in 3 months
>Can't get a job nor can I support myself

how's life for you all anons ?
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>join the army, kill moslems

Now that they got all the worst inside Europe, shills might send to kill those other non-radicals which ISIS couldn't just do itself.
Still looking for a nu wagecuck pit.
Not so bad with muh parents, but still tired all day, bad clouds in mind.
>>124 This. Go and die for Israel.
>>103 In a nordic countries people can at least live on welfare (better standard than american welfare) and get to live in an apartment, free healthcare is included too, you'll receive benfeits etc. Though they will require you to learn the language spoken, in Sweden you can just befriend some of the so called "Swedish teachers" (like 60% of the one's who are le swedish teachers for people who are willing to grab a certificate and get into work are immigrants) and they'll pass you and you'll get the certificate, if you manage to befriend them which is quite easy. The only setback is that it may not be easy to get a residence permit (must find a valid reason such as "persecution for being gay" or etc.) But if one end up receiving a residence permit, the state will basically offer you a small apartment to live in, you can run on benefits until you begin working, which can only be achieved by getting the language certificate. Anyways don't consider this as the perfect plan.
>>209 (A bit irrelevant to this thread but I really wanted to share my deporation story from halfchan) Got banned from cuckchan on the same day as Parkland High School Shooting happened. Basically I made a thread about a suspicious twitter account believed to be linked to Nick Cruz (the shooter). Got the ban hammer in less than 5 mins after posting. Ban would last for 2 weeks due to violating "le global jew rule 1, do nawt shitpozt stuff considered illgale in Unite stet of murifat". Wrote on my ban appeal that the mod was an autistic shithead and that's where it all came to a breaking point. "Dis ban will of not expire, nigga u may not appeal again". Feb 16th 2020 will mark the 2 year absence halfchan, but now I'm here. Both infinitychan and halfchan is doomed. The "le noermal people" have taken over halfchan and FBI literally cummed while bashing out infinitychan.

(41.73 MB 1920x1080 LOONATIC.webm)
Anonymous 11/22/2019 (Fri) 22:48:49 No. 610 [Reply] [Last]
i don't really care now
excuse me faggot

(105.85 KB 1080x1920 dead srs.jpg)
dead srs 11/24/2019 (Sun) 06:11:57 No. 612 [Reply] [Last]
>just got a haircut how do I look?
>>612 you look like a dead meme from 4 years ago
you look like one of (((them)))

(33.19 KB 640x604 scissorwithruns.jpg)
hallo 54m50n#QYVfBN 09/20/2019 (Fri) 13:25:19 No. 62 [Reply] [Last]
4chan oldtripfriend here, gonna check out this imageboard for a bit. it'll probably die out or get removed like most do, but will enjoy in the meantime
4 posts omitted.
anon you can always just install 4 chan x and filter the shit out you know
The owner seems really cool. I like this r9k a lot. Wizchan is slow, 4/r9k/ is riddles with trannies and normies. I hope this stays comfy.
not drinking any booze till Halloween, will smoke some weed later though
same. funny I got banned on 49k for name dropping 16chan because it's a banned word. don't even want to screw with my network settings and change my mac address to bypass it
>>62 I quitted 4chan for the captchas. I got ten and I got fed up with it.

(19.34 KB 220x236 incest_kid.jpg)
Incest thread Anonymous 10/01/2019 (Tue) 12:01:10 No. 282 [Reply]
I miss the days of sister and motherfuckers on r9k. How did it start? How far do you go? All consenting, of course.
Con- wha? Kinda cringe anon
how do i go about fucking my sister
>>333 Like any woman. You have to seduce her.

(36.17 KB 364x480 6eteb_first.jpg)
faggots Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 13:25:30 No. 306 [Reply]
Kill yourselves
Nah, death is always a guarantee

(11.20 KB 640x360 staring.png)
Dumb piece of shit Anonymous 10/21/2019 (Mon) 09:42:28 No. 438 [Reply]
Anyone feel this frustration and anger amongst themselves? Almost like if everything you've done in the past was your fault and it would've been better if you were not born?

Sometimes the anger I feel is vented out on to my parents. I feel like they've never done enough on their part to ensure my survival. Whilst some of those other kids were being mentored and provided proper resources, I was fed lies about how great i was compared to the others.

My father knew a lot about history, physics, maths and psychology. But instead of transferring this knowledge to me, he boasts instead of how intelligent he and how good i have it that i have him as a father, Yet however he wonders how I'm not up to par, how I'm lacking in any knowledge or logical thinking. Even if he is fully aware of the incompetence of the educational system, he still blames me.

God I feel so inferior compared to my peers, my writing is not up to my par, nor is my social communication and my thinking is complete trite.

Anyways, I don't know what I should do with myself. everything just seems like it is falling apart and there is no way to redeem myself. Fuck me.
I can relate to believing things would be better if I were never born. Although we may not get a fair beginning or ideal parents you can always rely on self improvement. Teach yourself the things you lack, utilize your resources, harness your rage as motivation. Your life will continue to fall apart here and there and sometimes it's more here than there. Just don't give up and remember that taking two steps forward and one step backwards is still moving forward.
do not follow emotions which have no rational or joyful usages. You don't really know where they begin, neither where they will end.

Someone outside there is the one who shouldn't have been born...

If you were not to be the smartest monkey in the cage, don't strive to be anything you cannot reach. Accept what you have to humbly use it without distractions... it may grow bigger it may not, but caring about unreachable things won't lead us to anything.

A thing that may help to your mindset:
do some fasting, eat less times along the day while you may not be doing so. It clears the mind the more you practice it.

Then you may have less "heaviness" in your head without all these clouds inside.
It worked to me, it must be some chemical thing.
Yep. Improvement is possible. I used to suck ass at math way back in middle school, but only because I didn't care enough to put in any effort. Straight ~75th %ile on math tests. After I decided to teach myself the material, and to do so out of interest rather than a desire for good grades, my performance improved dramatically.
Pick up a book. Failing that, use some online resources. But, as always, the first step to self-improvement is the elimination of plebbit spacing.
> The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a dark night.
- Nietzsche

Look at the bright side. At least you can thank the gods that you weren't born as a cripple, nigger, woman, or kike!
Try checking out the Self Improvement thread over at /pol/, may help you.
>>438 He is a retard for not paying you the knowledge and you are a retard for not getting it. The transference of values and meaning is at home, academia doesn't do shit for values.

(9.88 KB 180x179 wojak.jpg)
Anonymous 09/09/2019 (Mon) 23:36:06 No. 3 [Reply] [Last]
>tfw no gf
14 posts and 6 images omitted.
i know that feel
we all know that feel
Eat less (once or twice a day, within the most close schedule possible.
Cold showers.
Deep breathwork.

You must first have a strategy against such Fel energies.
My greetings. May God make your blessings contagious
>>3 If you are in need of emotional energy a gf is the solution but emotional energy is overrated. Sex with escorts do the physical part.


no cookies?