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I’m tired of being miserable Anonymous 08/28/2020 (Fri) 06:42:52 No. 1292 [Reply] [Last]
>be 20 year old KHV >transport from community college to 4 year for engineering degree >spending 5 hrs a day on assignments procrastinate until the last min this time >it turns 12 am and decide to take 3 hr and wake up and finish >laying in bed about to drift off >start hearing femalemoaning above me >gets louder and louder >hear some dude grunt and it ends >start realizing what I missing >try to fall asleep but can’t >hate myself but not as much as I hate normies
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>>1294 this Anon do some meditation or LSD self hatred is a problem that derives from ego. As weird as it sounds, if you stop caring about your self you will find the good things. There are many self improvement threads go look at them it helps I promise
In your mind you only notice "the cool people having awesome sex" But you dont notice that its probably half-assed sex where both arent really enjoying it and the couple ends up in divorce or fights. you always put yourself the victim and think the others are super chads having an awesome time right? The sex their having probably wasnt "in the mood" but rather just pretend go through the motions.
I bet when you see some normie with a 2014 beamer/mercedes you get mad jelly thinking they are so cool and their life must be awesome. No...they are not. They are boring people that put their life savings in a car to show off around town...and its not even an italian car or a bentley. Just another boring german sedan. Meanwhile the cool people live outside town playing gardener or having some other fun. And they dont want to get near you or be visible. So stop thinking everyone else is having a great time. They are pretending, they are sad inside. Its all boring, sad people that try to flex on each other as "happy".
>>1730 Garbage advice. Stay away from drugs and practice self care.
>>1733 checked LSD and shrooms are essential for destroying the ego tho

(536.44 KB 1536x2048 ErNABMqU0AEYOhJ.jpg)
Anonymous 01/10/2021 (Sun) 14:50:31 No. 1721 [Reply] [Last]
>no job >no friends >parents dead >siblings estranged Is it over for me?
not if youre black

Anonymous 01/05/2021 (Tue) 12:19:46 No. 1690 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.asherahsgarden.net/ Another woman board? I'd previously never heard if this one
(27.13 KB 525x469 1609439602165.jpg)
>>1690 Pretty sure we don't need an entire thread on it. The Away Team is already aware of it >>1559
(38.24 KB 880x256 ClipboardImage.png)
(62.56 KB 877x420 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1693 No clue who the other guy is, and don't know crew by name Post pic of the loser
>>1694 https://youtu.be/ebKQq96ouao think its this guy on the vocaro recording
(40.49 KB 378x440 ricky tpb podcast ep16.jpg)

Why do you hate/not hate promiscuous "people"? Anonymous 02/10/2020 (Mon) 00:02:42 No. 744 [Reply] [Last]
I personally despise them because they destroy lifes meaning and are low IQ.
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>>744 Guys that didn't get laid during their prime hate them because the women literally really do just go and settle for you after they had their fun back when they were actually cute girls. Now that they are ugly and ought to be acting like worthless cumdumps THAT IS WHEN they go and act innocent, and it's far too late. Trying to, as usual with post feminism, have their cake and eat it too. Girls trying to get with guys that are younger than them I've noticed are giant thotalarms on top of this. They're just trying to be men, or rather chads, but chad doesn't have that wall that sends him to losers at the end of the metaphorical day.
>>744 I don't care about them because I don't have a reason to
>>1425 /r9k/ was mostly friendless careerless virgin loser men from 2011, when it was brought back, to 2014, when the filter was disabled and the board got media attention. I agree with some robots being okay with their situations. Those were called "robots" or "true robots" back then, and the other group was known as "failed normies".
>>1420 back to your hole, 4kid
(204.78 KB 1317x1408 Anime-pouty-faces-Album-on-Imgur.jpg)
>>744 if you are a tranny, please die, thx. Besides that, agree with OP >>1420 this nothing against anime if its used ironically tbh but actual weebs and trannies can please self immolate and make sure to record and send it to me, so I can print it out frame by frame and use as toilet paper for a few months.

(40.57 KB 800x450 image_(12).jpg)
Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 06:48:24 No. 1714 [Reply] [Last]
>>1714 braap. I shat in your cereal. watcha thinkin about that?

(26.42 KB 600x463 Bn9ee.png)
Anonymous 01/07/2021 (Thu) 20:30:01 No. 1702 [Reply] [Last]
Anybody tried something weird like this? I thought I could do whatever if I get an additional 5 hours or so of time every day. I would have all the time in the world

Doing Things You Shouldn't Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 05:24:54 No. 1507 [Reply] [Last]
I've recently started doing weird and fucked up things. Maybe i've only noticed it now... Last week i fucked this prostitute twice in 3 days. I'm dead inside. I know there's things you shouldn't do like go down a bad neighborhood full of blacks at night, I went down there tonight to "lock". Not sure if i've lost my mind but I would like some advice. Maybe I snapped. I'm single. 20s. white. fucked up. help
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I've been there OP. I won't get into it all but some of the things I've done include wasting away my money to fuck prostitutes. The clinical and correct way out of this is to try and escape your loneliness and do things that increase the serotonin production in your brain. This chemical is responsible for risk taking behavior as well as social behavior. So some things you can do are: high protein diet, exercise, normal sleep schedule (use an alarm every day 7 AM if you have to), tryptophan supplements which help increase serotonin levels (SAMe [S-adenosyl-L-methionine], 5-HTP), developing healthier relationships by going out and doing some group activity (there are websites that help you find things like this)
(5.22 MB 853x480 r9k_is_a_shithole.webm)
Don't do it anons
>>1664 Oh how far 4/r9k/ has fallen its not the same board i remember browsing in my early 20s during 2012-2015 anymore this new stuff is sick and evil.
>>1663 all my problems are from chronic sleep deprivation from years of gaming and stress throughout the shitty years
>>1670 that 4chin board should be nuked

(198.99 KB 920x820 53248092345.png)
Things to do that can make your room more enjoyable? Anonymous 01/06/2021 (Wed) 17:51:28 No. 1696 [Reply] [Last]
We all spend lots of time in our room, I don't think that comes as a surprise to anybody, really. What are some qualities or gadgets that really make the time spent in your room enjoyable? Whether that be an object or the general aesthetic. Waking up to the same faded light green walls, sitting in the same prison desk, and sleeping in the same bed gets tiring after a while. I just want to make my room a little more comfy. Any ideas? also, no normalfaggotry like polaroid pictures of friends, okay?
>>1696 I found some old 19th century family photos of people I don't know in uniform and pickelhaube. Gives it a classy look. Just look around for old photos and furniture
>>1696 Bookshelf, fill it with books. Get some art (either your own or thrift it- goodwill can sell some cool pieces for dirt cheap. I got two framed photos with glass coverings of fighter jets, a framed photo of new york, and a framed drawing of a man for about 20 bucks.). Also, you can find wall tapestries/flags which always spice things up (check depop or amazon- i know its normie but bear with me). A desk is always good, a small lamp, and a bedside table. as the previous anon said, old photos make great decor. I have photos of my dad and grandparents when they were young taped up. Antique malls can also provide some interesting wall art. I found a painting of angels, an old orange juice ad, and the cover of a russian magazine for $5 each at the bottom of piles, and they look classy on my wall when put up right. If you look, you will find. if you have a passion/interest, focus on it. For example, if youre into WWII Germany, get a nazi flag, maybe a reproduction rifle, and perhaps posters of your favorite generals. keep us updated.

(460.41 KB 1920x1080 ceep6.jpg)
Multiple Shotgun Shell Suicide Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 18:48:31 No. 1235 [Reply] [Last]
Long story short, I am a loser robot who was able to rebuild myself, but then sustained a freak weightlifting accident to my spine which has left me in 24/7 terrible physical pain and no hope for recover after 2+ years of physical therapy and pain management. So I am now 22, been disabled since 20, no skills or trades,no friends, family hates me and I am almost homeless, and thanks to the constant physical pain I feel like at this point, its not giving up, it is giving in. Anyways I was looking at lostallhope.com and discovered, to no surprise, that a shotgun to the head is the most lethal and painless method of suicide, but one thing surprised me. Turns out after shooting myself I'd still average about 1.7 minutes before I expire. The thought of risking being conscience while my brains gush out of my head for almost 2 minutes makes me feel horrible. To remedy this I figured I could double my odds by rigging several guns to go off at once, but lack the mechanical aptitude to make a suicide helmet or something. how could I rig multiple shells to go off at once?
1 post omitted.
>>1237 >>1237 too long for my tastes would rather it be over in a flash
>>1235 >only two years I was really fucked up for ten. Don't just give up because things are hard. Never give up.
>>1238 What I'd recommend is this; You wait till Halloween, head over to an apartment/park/front yard, and find a place to hang yourself. It can be a tree, a stair well, the side of a building. Before hanging yourself, cover your body in a white sheet, tie the rope around your neck and jump. People will think that you're just a prop. (it's best to do this in a neighborhood, or in the stairwell of a large apartment where people living there will eventually find out you're a dead body) Once they find out you're not a prop, and that you're actually a dead person, it will cause major lolz and trigger a lot of people. This is a good way to spite your enemies.
>>1307 Or just man up and don't commit suicide like a faggot.
Get a double barrel and pull both triggers at the same time

(8.70 MB 4200x2800 aisha04_suitHD.png)
Finding Catgirls Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 15:24:11 No. 1048 [Reply] [Last]
Where do I find a catgirl around the East Coast of the USA I can court?
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(9.84 MB 1034x1080 senko-caramelldansen.mp4)
(26.25 MB 1264x1080 senko_nyan.mp4)
(58.38 KB 743x675 senko1.jpg)
(220.26 KB 1150x400 senko2.jpg)
(308.87 KB 1200x675 senko3.jpg)
>>1048 FOXGIRLS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CATGIRLS
You don't want a cat girl my man.
>>1082 <3 senko
(262.14 KB 850x1202 1597362472441.jpg)
>>1065 I remember when I posted this a year ago. Boy, it was a different time. We live in a twilight world.


no cookies?