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Fasting and weird diets Anonymous 10/31/2019 (Thu) 09:26:45 No. 510 [Reply]
>long time under chaotic inner life, social panic, rage, etc
>having physical and mental crysis due to a certain paradigm shift, a sudden event who changed my mind at unconscious level
>felling feverish, dizzy, unable to study, pure anguish, absolute misery
>over time, endlessly
>additional diseases caused by psychosomatosis
>visiting several doctors
>no one can handle it, always passing from one to another
>went to a naturist
>instantly knew what i had
>also assumed it was psychosomatic
>told me to use herbs to retire "ama"
>did it for a while, also with fasting periods
>noted a certain improvement, but very slow, lots of mucus, tight neck muscles, migraines lowered but persist and mental issues
>keeping my research about detox methods
>finding about alcaline diet, chemtrails, cereals being mucogenic, additives
>going slowly for I am weak, asthenic, sickened

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(176.93 KB 623x702 16goax4ggyw11.jpg)
Anonymous 09/24/2019 (Tue) 07:13:32 No. 167 [Reply]
Is this /ourhome/? Are the mods here more lenient than other places?
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(15.89 KB 1643x352 heres-your-you-dumb-nigger.png)
Not sure if it is our home, but I am not seeing as much child fucking news and girl love threads so maybe not.
nope, trannys and fags made their way here as well
By lenient you mean having a diaper thread than sure this is "/ourboard/"
fucking kek

(49.87 KB 800x600 Blackpill.png)
The blackpill Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 06:02:58 No. 359 [Reply]

This video sums on the blackpill really well and I totally agree with just about everything this guy said
So what? If you are unattractive why would you want to reproduce thyself?

Just as you wouldn't take unattractive women.

The real problem is, why the hell must you suffer for not having someone? reject desire, man. It's a parasitic tyrant...

(136.41 KB 608x633 popsicle.jpg)
/r9ka/ thread Anonymous 10/07/2019 (Mon) 03:27:45 No. 325 [Reply]
I hate normalniggers.
Post any robot/wizard approved animu and manga.
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(134.94 KB 1024x975 1566162878458.jpg)
None. Anime is pretty mainstream nowadays. At least where I live every single normalnigger (including girls) watched anime when I was in highschool (a year ago).
read the manga. Its a lot more than just people vs titans its people versus the world
(44.12 KB 720x716 shrecked.jpg)
Evagelion and Lainchan are necassery viewings.
I hate 16 chan and I enjoy going to reddit

(82.43 KB 900x900 1568237497844.jpg)
Internet "friends" OP 10/12/2019 (Sat) 11:56:13 No. 388 [Reply]
>was messaged by some guy on a social media platform
>was about a post on depression and isolation
>said hed like to befriend me, so I have someone to talk to
>say okay, and add him
>great guy, fun to chat with mostly
>share lots of common things
>suddenly he beginns to act shallow and very weird
>dont know whats up
>talks about crush
>"oh btw, im a girl"

I dont know how to feel about this. Now that I know shes female I feel akward why the fuck am I like this I'm a fully grown adult I shouldn' feel different just because this new found pal is female. Can females truely make friends for a robot? Or will the sexual tension always be too much for autistic fucks like me.
10 posts omitted.
Relatable. Why is it that the nicest people you meet online are always a world away. I honestly think it might be some sub conscious part of me doing it on purpose.
Ignore women. They only ever want to be dominated and don't have anything to really contribute and if anything there very presence in any movement begins to negatively effect it, even passively through orbiters. Don't orbit, strive to find yourself in a position where you can dominate instead of cucking to Jews (and women.)
It sucks so much to get to know someone online. Sometimes you really end up enjoying their company but stuff just happens and then they disappear, or you do. It leaves this bitter taste of "nothing matters anyways".
some people are girls, but not all girls are people. learn the difference and distribute hate accordingly.

if their genuine they'll stick around. if not nothing of value was lost
I agree with that statement alot.

Quick update: she ghosted me after 3 days, we were just chatting and then she stopped responding. Now thats what I call epic.

Anonymous 10/13/2019 (Sun) 06:56:46 No. 393 [Reply]
Any of you have a favourite video or channel? I'm going to name a few channels to get this thread started.



Kenny Lauderdale


Also here's some /r9k/ tier channels that may be of interest.

Goerge's Journal

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

YouTube bans and censors so much content it's cringe as fk. They even removed the "Broadcast yourself" slogan. It's really shit and I don't like where they are going. Feels like Netflix more so than a place where I can go and upload and favorite videos etc. BitChute is far better. But BitChute lacks some features that YouTube has such as HD quality, a phone app, UI layout etc. YouTube just has better features but if BitChute does these things It could rival YouTube in terms of Quality for sure. YouTube sucks and content creators acknowledge this because they are always demonetized.
Besides the freedom aspect, bitchute is still completely bare in features and content. Only reason I decided to pick youtube was to show off a variety of hidden gems that stem from reviews and commentaries. Bitchute on the other hand can't provide that as the majority of the content have political and conspiratorial subject matter.

Anonymous 10/13/2019 (Sun) 03:30:59 No. 392 [Reply]
Tinder is actually designed to prevent people from making good couples. They want you to keep swiping forever so they use AI to keep good pairs apart.
Tinder isn't the problem for you not having a girlfriend anon. The problem cuts deeper more than what you might think.
(429.40 KB 480x270 1497123996623.gif)
>The problem cuts deeper more than what you might think.
Not OP, but this. You're probably just not worth any attractive looking females time yet. So either get more attractive or obtain money and social status or wait for women to get old and lose their value.

I was explaining to my parents how all the females I had befriended in college were serial cheaters and had explicitly told me about how they had cheated on their boyfriends.

My mothers response to this was that maybe I was just meeting them at the wrong time. Like one day I'll meet a girl thats taken miles of dick and she'll want to settle for me when she's 32.
That's a nice thought OP when in reality competition just makes people too spoiled to settle for the average male. The over average gets spoiled too and pumps and dumps. Creates hypergamy. We've been over this a thousand times.

Also, if you use stupid phone apps you're a retard enabler.

Anonymous 09/23/2019 (Mon) 18:45:16 No. 149 [Reply]
I love the feel of this site so far but it is, admittedly, slow. Is anybody planning on advertising this site on 4 chan or wizchan etc?
That would be a good idea, it has been around since the 9th of September, so good so far I would say. I think advertising it on Wizardchan might be a good idea, I think 4chan blacklisted the word 16chan, some people reported automatically getting banned for 3 days just by attempting to send a message about it.
>I think 4chan blacklisted the word 16chan, some people reported automatically getting banned for 3 days just by attempting to send a message about it.
put the site url in an image
(205.89 KB 376x342 tfw-marked.png)
(852.23 KB 923x916 banks-hate-him-marked.png)
60 seconds in krita
I came here from 4chan but any time someone posted the url to get my attention it was pruned immediately. I ironically only came due to it being pruned so often. Jewgle captcha is jewgle so... yeah. You know how they are.

Minecraft: Nether Update Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 04:10:34 No. 336 [Reply]
How do you guys feel about the upcoming nether update?
I'm personally pretty excited for it even though it's coming out after the next update.
(148.30 KB 1080x1073 1558065346018.jpg)
Sick. It's gonna make the nether a far more shitty place than it already is.

>muh moar mobs n' l00t
>moar danger LUL
>fucking lava
>tfw no cave update
literally nobody asked for this shitty update

(34.77 KB 612x603 Freddy_Fazbear_Thanos.jpg)
this board Anonymous 09/19/2019 (Thu) 16:28:18 No. 47 [Reply]
Is this actually an incel board or is it an anti incel circlejerk?
2 posts omitted.
Why do you say that?
>>53 americunt feds are still horny after killing clearnet 8chan, if this place gets popular you're gonna have to start using tor assuming you even care
R9k has always been an incel board until normalfags/trannies/femoids on 4chan took over it which is what you know pathetic cuck
>>54 Assuming it will get popular. This place is absolutely retarded.
redditor go away
The feds did not take down 8chan idiot. That's like saying the Middle East caused 9/11. It's the nature of capitalism to want to get rid of flame and this place is low traffic so that's not an issue. DDOS attacked themselves upon the cloud's lack of protection.


no cookies?