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(11.78 KB 220x188 220px-Kg99.jpg)
TFW NO GF movie/documentary Anonymous 05/04/2020 (Mon) 19:10:59 No. 984 [Reply] [Last]
i just wanted to say that this doc is complete shit and doesnt represent anything well at all. it made me fucking pissed watching it. first off they dont even use actual people who are robots, one of them even has a friend, is smart, probably makes a bunch of money from verified Twitter posts, look at all the guns he has oooh wah, mother fucker im so poor i can only afford one gun. so sick of the medias representation of incels or r9k or whatever the fuck this miserable existance is. my dad left when i was 3, my mom got 17 years in prison for trying to poison me as a child. i grewup with miserable step parents and incessantly continuing abuse. sorry for my poor grammar i droped out of 8th grade. KV wizard that now. lives in a group home with other retarded folk. im 5'3, born with cleft pallet, no skills, should be on medication for my schizophrenia but i have no helth insurance and cant afford it. i say all of this bc movies like this are wrong. things wont be okay, sure maybe they will be if you pick the glamor boys in the flick but most of us are not like that. im so fucking tired of jews and globalist scum in media talking shit acting like they know shit about my life style. they can fuck off. and now that these leaders have fucked up the economy with this wjole social distancing control bullshit. ive had it up to HERE (points to elongated forehead) with these film/media/government scum. im sorry but this fucking shit needs to end rant over. and im sure you all bought the narritive and buy this shit that they feed you but sorry, fuck you i dont. you're part of the problem of you disagree. i fucking hate myself and i hate you too
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i liked the music honestly. why the rage bru?
basically just about a bunch of normalfag twitter crabs the only good thing was the music
>>984 OP, you definitely need those meds if you think the Jews have any interest in making robots look like they are actually OK. If the Jews are actually conspiring, which is actually unlikely considering how busy they are fighting themselves, they would villainize you.
haven't seen it but yeah I could see how it's about less successful normies rather than robots
>>984 You watched an incel documentary made by a normie female? That's the exact opposite of the culture they're trying to document. I've been seeing posts about this doc for a while, and I chose not to watch it, I had the foresight to see it would be shit.

(82.95 KB 640x640 1594075480843.jpg)
Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 21:14:31 No. 1223 [Reply] [Last]
Sometimes i feel lonely. Outside my relatives, i don't have any frens and forget about a gf, never had one. Sometimes, the wound burried inside opens up and it hurts. I do manage, i am religious and have faith in the Lord so that keeps me going. But one these days, like today, my spirit is letting a moan of agony. Please don't bully religious anons.
(175.04 KB 762x1024 1593306930140.jpg)
>>1223 Bless you anon. I hope your day goes better. Much love, fren.
>>1223 No bullying religious anons. Pinky promise, okay? People find often friends through education, employment or training. So that's one way. I guess you can make some digital friends on video game servers, particularly the chiller ones with voice chat.
>>1223 having a gurllfrend is not always synonymous of happiness

(82.43 KB 900x900 1568237497844.jpg)
Internet "friends" OP 10/12/2019 (Sat) 11:56:13 No. 388 [Reply] [Last]
>was messaged by some guy on a social media platform
>was about a post on depression and isolation
>said hed like to befriend me, so I have someone to talk to
>say okay, and add him
>great guy, fun to chat with mostly
>share lots of common things
>suddenly he beginns to act shallow and very weird
>dont know whats up
>talks about crush
>"oh btw, im a girl"

I dont know how to feel about this. Now that I know shes female I feel akward why the fuck am I like this I'm a fully grown adult I shouldn' feel different just because this new found pal is female. Can females truely make friends for a robot? Or will the sexual tension always be too much for autistic fucks like me.
15 posts omitted.
>>452 She would lose her dominance about your feels towards her if she did. It's all a war, block her.
>>452 Maybe she is just busy. Please give your friend the benefit of the doubt. I think you should keep in touch with her, OP. She sounds nice and you sound like you need a friend.
>>396 Too real
>>446 Words to live by. Thank you, anon.
>>388 I find it hard to relate with a female except if it's momy. Sometimes, women seem to me to have real cold manipulative tendencies except momy.

(3.64 MB 800x600 highway broken.webm)
Anonymous 09/26/2019 (Thu) 00:56:00 No. 212 [Reply] [Last]
i know what i must do but i won't do it
1 post omitted.
When you fit some dogs inside a bag and shake it, all of them bite each other but no one bites the hand shaking the bag.
that shit's deep
Freemasons like Albert Pike already wrote long ago about a plan to make Europe and Islam fight each other, so when they both become exhausted, Israel's takeover may begin.

If any of you were planning to shoot a mosque, well... there are worse enemies around than these noisy puppets.

Don't you see? These mslm sects could be just stopped right now (sterilized, expelled, deported, even refuted in favour of secular muslims) if the governments were not in war... against their own peasants.

Double trouble, inmgrants cause chaos enough to make the alt-right not to give a damn if a secular one gets shot... at least tell every convert that he must be aware against the wahabi/salafi thing, in any of its expressions.

Al-Albani, Uzaymin, Ibn baz are the actual sources of these sects. Ibn Taimiya, Ibn Jawzi, Muhammad ibn abdul wahhab are the controversial ones they always remember as "reformers"... but when you ask about them to any different source, and compare the accusations who were made against all these sheiks with the psycho attitude, everything makes sense.

Salafism is the greatest puppet of the Kalergi Plan. And about Islam itself... nothing like a worm to kill an apple from inside.
>>512 If the Jews had such power and conquest was their intent, we would have never been born. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

(539.16 KB 608x715 1566176062083.png)
/r9k/ song thread Anonymous 09/17/2019 (Tue) 03:51:33 No. 30 [Reply] [Last]
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>>431 I don't like this wrist cutting Swedish kind of DSBM if you get what I mean But I like doom and some black metal Have been listening to this on repeat for the last couple of months or so. Extremely underrated. At least I haven't heard it being mentioned anywhere: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8Flm36a3y_M
(89.63 KB 507x540 download (5).jpg)

(49.79 KB 650x650 download (11).png)
MysteryXX 12/21/2019 (Sat) 12:10:08 No. 683 [Reply] [Last]
My virginity is inevitable... sadly.
>>683 Maybe if you stopped consuming soy media it'd be less inevitable?
>>683 The only sad thing is you considering it is a sad thing. >values according to female standards >fail
>>683 disregard females, aquire magic
>>683 rape a bitch problem solved

(102.87 KB 728x810 1590015223798.jpg)
Trade skills Anonymous 06/18/2020 (Thu) 21:53:17 No. 1151 [Reply] [Last]
Any other robots in trade skills at all? Considering for a few years to start finding a job in the electrical or welding fields. Tired of being a neet fuckup.
5 posts omitted.
>>1156 That is nice, I live in the Northwest and love the rainy weather. Have wanted to move to an area where it is snowing or at least raining and cloudy. You also live in a non-safe area, I have always felt unsafe on walks and almost shot a few times in muggings. Oh I do carry, though no anymore. Guns are overrated really, to me.
>>1157 sorry to hear about you almost being shot, i always wondered what feels you get from nightwalks though. Are they worth it? also are nightdrives similiar or more different than nightwalks?
>>1158 They are very enjoyable, usually the serve to clear my head of stress. Being able to go outside and be the only person there and not even bring any electronics and take your time is very relaxing. Drives are okay, they go by a bit quicker and you are a bit more on edge as you have to pay constant attention to your surroundings.
>>1161 ahh it does sound very comfy, so do you not listen to music during nightwalks? If i ever did a nightwalk I'd probably listen to vaporwave while walking.
Ive done plumbing, heavy equipment operation and welding. Never got any certs in it or got in a union though- honestly go for it man its the best thing you can do but for me i was already working making money so the cert and union bullshit just seemed like a waste of time

(529.66 KB 800x600 r9k.png)
Anonymous 06/06/2020 (Sat) 08:47:47 No. 1118 [Reply] [Last]
This place is comfy, keeps this place decent anon
nothing lasts forever friend. enjoy yourself while you can
posting to seize the day
Indeed this place is very comfy, i'm just happy there are no foids and normalniggers here.
did you came from the threads of that robot spaming 4cuckz?
Yeah! Let's keep /r9k/ comfyyy~! UwU

R2femoid Anonymous 06/20/2020 (Sat) 02:59:43 No. 1167 [Reply] [Last]
>be me >not wizard but bad dry spell >need sums hot roast beef bccovidtears >take uber to lady >sex lasts 3min >she leaves >comes back w >DirtycomputerIguess.jpeg >we sex again >she huffs it as we fuck >falls over and over >big ouch on chin >Shes probably dead >tip toe out in am Is my sex really THAT bad anons?

(28.30 KB 975x600 pepethefrog.jpg)
Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 05:00:01 No. 589 [Reply] [Last]
what are you assfuckers up to
4 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>589 Some Random missile to blow every business I have been fired or rejected from. Also a plague could be expected
>>589 Drinking coffee. I've had sex with over 150 girls if you wanna ama
>>589 im just sad. its like no one loves, no one shows me affection, i just dont kow why
>>1133 learn to enjoy your own company and stop letting your happiness rely on other people
>>1134 This. Based and whitepilled.


no cookies?