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(312.56 KB 900x814 ddddddddd.png)
Barely any posts here, Where are you robots most of the time? Anonymous 06/18/2020 (Thu) 13:19:59 No. 1146
The main reason i barely post here is because i'm mainly playing osrs and i sometimes just go on 4chan /r9k/ and try to revive the place but it always ends up failing since too many normalfaggots and foids have entered. This place is a nice alternative, however the post rates are very slow hence why i think this place is dying, any solutions to make this place active frens? but even if we do, do this i have a miserable feeling of normalniggers finding this place out and destroying it like 4chan /r9k/.
>>1146 Best thing to do is tell other Anons about it. If you're part of any other imageboards/Discord groups/IRC groups, try telling them about 16/r9k/, growth is slow and quality it seems here.
>>1147 true, but don't other imageboards just ban if you mention joining other places? plus most discord servers I'm in are just normie infested r9k servers.
>>1146 if you don't know *then fuck off fed*
>>1149 why tf would a glowie spy on a fucking robot? you know how retarded that sounds?
(30.34 KB 660x371 elliotrodger.jpeg)
>>1150 >why tf would a glowie spy on a fucking robot? you know how retarded that sounds? but yet here you are
>>1159 what r u gunna robo? put me behind bars?
>>1146 I actually like 9chan and zchan more
I come here every three days on average. I guess it's a slow board, but it's actually an upside for me.


no cookies?