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(366.70 KB 1920x1200 82c.jpg)
Daily Reminder Anonymous 01/25/2021 (Mon) 04:47:36 No. 1838
If you have ever had sex or been in a relationship in any way you're not a robot. Why is it so hard for zoomers to understand that all robots are male virgins? we have terms like Cyborg and failed normalfag for a reason. If you think a robot can have sex you're a newfag who is apart of new /r9k/ not old /r9k/ also fembots aren't real..
>>2018 >newfag No faggot, I just am not anal retentive and inflexible. If a man is alone online and then hs girls that may be virgins after all those years want to talk to you you just might be gay to chimp out over the weird girls talking to you. GAY G A Y Even before them we had map threads to meet up with fellow mavericks, we never did, but the thought counts. Then faggots chimped and banned such things that were part of le cultural aspects. Face threads let you know if you really ARE ugly. It's morbid curiosity, and it blatantly is a good thing to know if you're surrounded by pretty people as well, time to leave then, but lets HIDE THE TRUTH LIKE A FAGGOT INSTEAD subtract the like part
>>2005 you are retarded and cant read so you constantly have to construct strawmen when you respond. youre not pathetic for being a virgin, youre pathetic for being a retarded dumbass.
>>2023 >youre not pathetic for being a virgin, youre pathetic for being a retarded dumbass. Says the anon who types you're as youre i think you are projecting.
>>2026 >crying about an apostrophe like it's on the samne level as not understanding english at a fundamental level >still having no point about anything
>>2026 also nice run-on sentence, since you want to be such a precious little grammar nazi. fucking tard.
>>2022 You're still a 2016 newfag for liking any of that shit fuck off.
>>2028 >>2029 The only real faggot is you.
>>2031 kill yourself
>>2017 >may as well just call this board /normie90001/ ROBOT9000 is the XKCD algorithm that all the /r9k/ boards are based on. Read it and weep faggot. https://blog.xkcd.com/2008/01/14/robot9000-and-xkcd-signal-attacking-noise-in-chat/
>>2030 >look at how illogical I am! We both got 'here' at the same time faggot. You fuck off for thinking people HAVE to be you specifically, blatant normalfagging bullying over being different is.
>>2033 <NOOO U CANT HECKERINO MYYY BOARD CULTURE i dont get why these fucking virgin antisocial losers cling to some "culture" in the first place. t. btard since near the beginning...
>I'm more virgin than you >I'm more antisocial than you >I'm a bigger loser than you Purity spirals, purity spirals, all I see are purity spirals. Anyone who tries to kick off a purity spiral is an enemy agent. They always end up the same, every faggot competing with every other faggot for victim points while women and fake jews the real ones converted to Christianity and are as white as you and me bring in subhuman scum and destroy the nation.
(169.18 KB 310x325 1512075776401.png)
>>2039 Because normalfaggots need their rules and regulations and someoen to persecute. They love mind-games to convince people that they are righteous in their tyranny and they work so well a faggot-load of normalfaggots call themselves robots just because they are in HS without a gf. That and autistics with no common sense fall easily for fascist rules. Any old user would support libertarianism/anarchy/freedom as it's just the fucking Internet nothing should matter that happens on the imageboard but NOOOOOOO nooooooo..... we have to take ethics seriously.
(696.44 KB 1012x1500 1400944113894.jpg)
>>1926 >>1942 >>1951 >>1970 >>2033 It is clearly obvious that NONE of you guys were on /r9k/ during the early 2010s. If you're gonna post on /r9k/ at least learn the difference between Robot and Incel Incel means Someone who feels Involuntarily Celibate and is not in a relationship nor has had sex in a significant amount of time, despite numerous attempts. Incel doesn't mean virgin it doesn't mean misogynist it doesn't mean school shooter or spree killer or that you're a unhygienic NEET/Hikikomori in moms basement it just means someone who feels like they cannot have sex or be in a relationship incels are both virgins and non-virgins. A Robot on the other hand is a socially awkward autistic male who has NEVER had sex nor NEVER been in a relationship before Most Robots want GFs and sex but feel like they cant get it which makes them overlap with incels but the difference is where as incels are sex obsessed and make that apart of their identity Robots do focus on their frustrations but also focus on other things. Robot doesn't mean Cyborg it doesn't mean failed normalfag it doesn't mean underage high school kid with no friends it doesn't mean being gay or trans or black and yes they are similar to incels but they are not completely the same thing Robot just means beta male virgin outcast with no gf. Incels are both virgins and non-virgins Robots all of them are virgins.
>>1838 escortcels are okay tho
>>2230 >paying women to use their disgusting wet hole Cringe
>>2230 Alright I have to set you straight here. Escorts are the ultimate admission of failure as a man and a human being. It may be the defeat that awaits us all (some robots cannot even get a hooker to agree to fuck them which in that case THAT is the end) but that doesn't mean we have to go willingly blind charging into it
>>1838 Can a cyborg develop into a robot? So like let's say you've had sex once with a girl. She ends up realizing she doesn't like you and leaves, never see or speak to another woman again. Cyborg clearly but what if you become so socially outcasted and your aging self has brought on a miserable appearance that no woman would touch you with a ten foot pole. I'm guessing in this instance it is so but I'd like to stress the combination of unintentional/incurable ugliness and antisocial behavior, and it's necessity in defining a robot. I'd like to say some people are born anew, that every 15 years or so people change especially from birth to the age of 30. If you weren't a robot for one virtual lifetime you can be in the next. I'd say I was an autistic, antisocial asshole the first 15 years of my life. After that I started to understand that life wasn't meaningless, people aren't all bad, and women don't all hate me. I'll report back when I'm a little farther than 3 years into this lifecycle under the alias "valentine chuckle fuck" but for now I'm doing great and I feel like a new man. Back to my original point I think it is possible for people to change, they do it all the time, it just takes a bit of intelligence, a splash of environmental difference, and maybe a few electrocutions to the temples.
>>2240 >Can a cyborg develop into a robot? No. > So like let's say you've had sex once with a girl. She ends up realizing she doesn't like you and leaves, never see or speak to another woman again. Cyborg clearly but what if you become so socially outcasted and your aging self has brought on a miserable appearance that no woman would touch you with a ten foot pole. That's inceldom not robotdom.
(822.14 KB 3300x300 xPpZEry.png)
>>2230 >escortcels are okay tho If you have sex you aren't a robot period end of story this idea that a robot can have sex and be in relationships is a newfag thing and the other anons on this board and mods are newfags see this post. >>2228
>>2248 do you ever get tired of bawww'ing about how your epic style internet club is gone? nothing lasts forever retard. move the fuck on already.
(18.71 KB 403x392 efd.jpg)
>>2259 Fuck off normalfag.
>>1938 face there shows what a state he was in
face there shows what a state he was in
>>2289 surely less of a normgroid than you. just not gay enough to cry about r9k being gone. everybody is a newfag to someone else. welcome to life.


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