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(92.60 KB 600x432 drugs.jpg)
Anonymous 03/18/2021 (Thu) 00:32:37 No. 2139
(420.03 KB 460x460 makeup cheater.webm)
>>2139 Bullshit. A psychologist's job now is for the most part making you a little bit better and then come back. Prescribe dope. That's how they make money. Talk with your dog or family or friend. If you can't do that then try to treat yourself unironically. 99% of the time. Psychology used to be a respected field based on the clinical, but since ridiculous kike freud's ideas was propped up and accepted psychology was tainted and has been rendered almost worthless and distorted. Besides Insanity is (((normalized))) now in society at large, no amounts of drugs or shrinkers can change that. Only change in circumstance which means the society itself must be changed to something healthier, less corrupt. Which means less semitic.
>>2139 I don't know, it's not scientific, it's an agenda designed to drug and oppress certain categories of people. Doctors shouldn't be trusted, muslims shouldn't be trusted, chinese shouldn't be trusted.
mental illness isnt real. if anyone ever tries to put you on pills deny them. you dont need pills for adolescent depression. shitty doctors drug up kids and get them dependent on drugs for life, making them believe that there is something wrong with them. mental illness isnt real, people diagnosed with "mental illness" like bipolar are just depressed. this depression is either caused by personal choices they make or something in their upbringing. real chemical imbalances are incredibly rare, and there should be stricter methods of determining if someone needs medication for their imbalance. their goal is to get the entire population on drugs. they start young (i was put on drugs for adhd and depression at 12) and get you hooked and brainwashed into thinking there is somethinng qrong with them, and that they need these meds to function. they dont attack the root issues of trauma, or the lifestyle issues. they solve everything with pills. psychology and psychiatry is questioned on chans, just not as much as it should be.


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