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Why do you hate/not hate promiscuous "people"? Anonymous 02/10/2020 (Mon) 00:02:42 No. 744
I personally despise them because they destroy lifes meaning and are low IQ.
>>744 I think they are self-destructive. Most fo them just go towards such vice because "muh urges". Not healthy...
(3.93 KB 290x236 slut treatment.jpg)
>>744 Fear of being alone, more likely the fear of its own thoughts. The more a person is occupied with "muh sexual liberation", the less time the person has to think. Less time on anxiety, constantly shifting partners, the person never has to dig within each other personalities. >getting too close to my actual personality? <nope, NEXT! The funny thing is that behavior is actually postponing anxiety and the sentiment of loneliness. When you don't get used to it at small dosage, you're unable to build a immunity to it. Fear of being itself, the prolific shallow fuckers will tend to do anything to be accepted by the majority. Everything, even a blowjob inside a pit-stop/bar toilet? yes. I fucking hate puddle people, yet they are the vast majority.
Being promiscuous puts you at risk of getting STDs and it also leads to unwanted pregnancies. Why is masturbating so bad?
>>744 they take everyone else down the drain it's a chain reaction but they don't care all they care for is their primal desires being a degenerate is normal and encouraged and /pol/ knows who is behind all this


no cookies?