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(11.64 KB 474x415 alex.jpg)
The Death of Free Speech Anonymous 02/10/2020 (Mon) 13:34:15 No. 762
Over the past ten years or so I have noticed the increasing censorship of free speech in all forms of media including social media platforms. The real kicker was when 4cuck got destroyed by normalfags and the mods helped. I am so goddamn tired of censoring myself to comply with all these synthesized rules and regulations. PC this, SJW that, say literally anything one step out of line and it's fucking nuclear armageddon. What is the antidote?
>>762 Me too. Capitalism is to blame. It requires faux smile attitudes on social networking sites. The moderation don't want to make angry the money source. Sheep shop where people act positive. I shop where it's cheap myself. They hate me. They hate you. They have to go or we have to go OP. I don't censor myself personally. I just get ban hammered all over the Internet instead and wish for a commune of edgy dweebs.
>>764 Although you do have a point, I think the alternatives to capitalism are wayyyyy worse. Unless someone comes up with a better system of governance than all that currently exist. I wonder what that kind of system would look like.
(35.88 KB 480x360 e7687687.jpeg)
>what is the antidote We need to build our own parallel societies. our own laws, justice, culture, ethics, food, water, and resource production that are disconnected for the current corp-o-state and cat ladies. you need to be able to make those dumb sluts gasp in horror at the school board meeting without it materially affecting your life. Natural Law always wins in the end.
>>765 Communism of the tier of the divergent series is what humans are made for. Unless you want to evolve via drama/war. This shit we're doing fails over and over again because there is in every nation a witch hunt and or prison system. There cannot be. Undesirables should be executed upon being brought into a society they do not belong in, just as soon as they are realized to be improper. There are other movies that make the utopia type of scenarios look possible but they shit on them in every brought up scenario because humans know they're too shit for them. 99 percent of humans need to die for it to exist so it triggers them. They're shit and they know it. They should all be destroyed. >>766 >>dumb sluts calm down
(609.40 KB 1152x922 strangle.jpg)
(147.38 KB 712x573 1571606048799.jpg)
(73.48 KB 600x357 clockwork 8.jpg)
(439.43 KB 555x555 1571598526041.png)
(120.42 KB 1015x1200 1571540643481.jpg)
>>766 I agree with you about micronations though to be serial. Not OP. But the commie faggot in the thread. Blatant incel posting is annoying was the subtle point of my joke.
(184.85 KB 709x518 1559885935974.png)
OP, everywhere man goes, he is alone. If we are with friends, family, or talking to people online, we are merely just shedding a part of true selves in order to fit in to the group as a whole. For example, the things I might think about (or say out loud to myself) when I'm alone would be completely different than the things I might say when I'm out with friends. How much of our individuality can we shed until we're no longer ourselves? I think we'll give up like 10% of our true self in order to mesh better with a group, or a board's culture like this one. And even just that 10% means that you aren't being yourself. Not truly. Nobody will ever understand you, know what you are really like, and will never have those same experiences, those same weird themes, that you have. Even if you and someone close to you are truly, honestly, sincerely trying to understand one another, you just never will have all of it. Most people live their lives without even worrying about that. But if you want to be understood by others, I have bad news for you. There is no hope to be found in others, OP. Free speech is good to have, but don't make it out to be something it's not. We are always censored just by existing in the same space as others. All you have is yourself. You are the beginning and the end of consciousness. I wish quarter-chan wasn't full of zoomers and newfags, but even if it weren't, then it's not like what others have to say matters. Whether I'm getting a (You) from a Discord tranny or a (You) from a based anon, it doesn't make a difference because neither of them would be able to really understand and communicate with me beyond anything surface level. Most people are fine with this, they just think it's normal. But if you want to be understood and to really have some good chats with people...there's just nothing. And the worst part is, there has always been nothing. It's not "oh, there's just nothing, because now all the users are zoomers." It's more like "oh, there's just nothing, and that's how human nature has always been, and I'd be mistaken if I thought it would be different."
>>771 Sure, but I don't care about being alone. I care about being alone and not having my rights trampled on because I refuse to kowtow to the demands of a group. Being alone would be nice if I was truly left the fuck alone, you know what I mean?
>>771 >peace in dreams image oh if only Not op but I wake up with chest pains at this point. Murder trials, physical violence, health problem dreams, etc.
>>765 It's called National Socialism.
>>778 >Nazis being better than Commies no
If you want free speech, then you need to control the medium. Set up your own chan / irc / murmur / forum servers. Attacks on speech are generalized so defenses of it must be as well. Ignore anyone that suggests anything to the opposite, as they are helping your enemies. 4chan stopped by a chan site many years ago when they were purchased and moot / max stepped out. It just has the same few hundred MB of regurgitated trendy crap. Start your own and make it your own, with your own style.
>>786 >those two things being anything alike kek! If anything Liberals (includes conservatives) are more like commies as they both think everyone is equal.
THIS. I'm tired of it too. At this point, the only place where free speech is protected is when you are conversing with like minded people in real life. Everything you say on the internet is timestamped and recorded.


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