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you ever jack( img related) Anonymous 05/06/2020 (Wed) 02:36:13 No. 992
you ever jack off and dont even go to the bathroom to clean ur self up after like a proper pig? just let the cum dry as you waste away
It’s not too late to improve bro
>>992 yes
Shit I dont do it every time but the closer to bedtime it is I dont do it bc my mom will come in and lick it off
aw shit. I did it again. it's all in my boxershorts
yes once I rubbed it in circles into my stomach pretending I was a chef making a big pizza pie
2 week nofap streak mate, fuck off out of here. mate, if your going to beat your dick, have the decency to empty it in the toilet and at least try to be stealthy


no cookies?