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(153.77 KB 1000x1000 doomer.png)
Fucked up Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 18:01:55 No. 103
>Failed HS
>Parents divorced
>Homeless in 3 months
>Can't get a job nor can I support myself

how's life for you all anons ?
>dropped out of uni and a college
>raised by only mummy
>also can't find a job
22 and feels like life is over for me. have you looked into shelters OP? perhaps you have a car/van you can sleep out of? I heard sleeping under overpasses is pretty solid when you're homeless.
(113.42 KB 800x679 188456200105.jpg)
I know a couple of homeless dudes around where I live, usually they sleep on the grass or park benches. It might be easier to just off myself
wouldn't wish homelessness on my worst enemy. I think about suicuning often as well, but am blessed enough to have food in my belly and a roof over my head. hopefully you get this all worked out in 3 months time OP.
Join the army, go kill mooslems, see the world,3 hots and a cot. get paid. get laid make freinds etc, shoot shit, blow up shit, most of all remember your anons when shtf....
(5.13 KB 225x224 1526875422135.jpg)
i considered it but i need money and a hs degree to join the army in my country
Just shot some warhawk politicians and get free accom in prison.
try getting the ged or equivalent
(122.41 KB 1023x986 89746541654684.jpg)
>having to kill innocent people for jews at no point entered his mind as a minus
Im not even going to help you.
I hope you don't go around begging decent people for money because you are not decent.

Repent, OP.
(71.57 KB 300x577 1567534221509.gif)
It is pretty good. I just got banned on 4chins fro dabbing on jannies. I mean damn, don't hate a nigga for trying to be classy
We should stage some 4chan raids on here, shill a new meme on there, could be really funny.
>retarded delusions
Besides that I am alright. I am kinda happy, honestly. I just wish I could find something to keep my mind busy.
>extremely veiled 2^4 memes on /ohm/
>shilling on /pol/
>shilling on /r9k/
double-plus ungood
What shit country is this? Make sure you aren't dying for kikes.
>join the army, kill moslems

Now that they got all the worst inside Europe, shills might send to kill those other non-radicals which ISIS couldn't just do itself.
Still looking for a nu wagecuck pit.
Not so bad with muh parents, but still tired all day, bad clouds in mind.
>>124 This. Go and die for Israel.
>>103 In a nordic countries people can at least live on welfare (better standard than american welfare) and get to live in an apartment, free healthcare is included too, you'll receive benfeits etc. Though they will require you to learn the language spoken, in Sweden you can just befriend some of the so called "Swedish teachers" (like 60% of the one's who are le swedish teachers for people who are willing to grab a certificate and get into work are immigrants) and they'll pass you and you'll get the certificate, if you manage to befriend them which is quite easy. The only setback is that it may not be easy to get a residence permit (must find a valid reason such as "persecution for being gay" or etc.) But if one end up receiving a residence permit, the state will basically offer you a small apartment to live in, you can run on benefits until you begin working, which can only be achieved by getting the language certificate. Anyways don't consider this as the perfect plan.
>>209 (A bit irrelevant to this thread but I really wanted to share my deporation story from halfchan) Got banned from cuckchan on the same day as Parkland High School Shooting happened. Basically I made a thread about a suspicious twitter account believed to be linked to Nick Cruz (the shooter). Got the ban hammer in less than 5 mins after posting. Ban would last for 2 weeks due to violating "le global jew rule 1, do nawt shitpozt stuff considered illgale in Unite stet of murifat". Wrote on my ban appeal that the mod was an autistic shithead and that's where it all came to a breaking point. "Dis ban will of not expire, nigga u may not appeal again". Feb 16th 2020 will mark the 2 year absence halfchan, but now I'm here. Both infinitychan and halfchan is doomed. The "le noermal people" have taken over halfchan and FBI literally cummed while bashing out infinitychan.
>chronic lyme disease >something like 50 doctors at this point all going 'nya nya nya you're healthy gtfo' >blood test results are positive, 2 bands on western blot, also positive for bartonella and rmsf with antibody tests, i'm not fucking making up my disease >in constant severe pain >fighting urge to kill self everyday >>106 Churchyards aren't bad. Other than that, you have to network with other homeless people and work to find "your" spot.
I'm in a similar poistion >Apply and get accepted to job >Uh anon we need more info from you >Okay, gives birth certificate, ssn >That's not enough, you need a photo ID and a bank account. >Okay >Apply for photo ID >To get a photo ID you must have a photo ID >To get a bank account one must first have a photo ID >Apply to get learner's permit >No >What? >Try again >NO OPENINGS THIS MONTH >Wait, deicide to get my GED while I do this. Never got it since I was expelled and banned from school grounds. >Need a photo Id for that >No openings till July >I'll be homeless by then I don't have a choice, it's either become a criminal (not likely I hate Negros) or go homeless. I guess it's the later : )
I'm thinking of applying for a Green Card even though I was born here. I looked into the process and it's a thousand times eaiser "and cheaper". Only problem I'm super White and have to be a foregin gringo. Spray tan?
>>103 It's dogshit. >>124 Abhorrent option. Only dicks are ex-military. Normalfaggots are meant to be the dicks not robots. I've always chimped out over this bullshit back when any channer suggested it to a loser. Fuck off. If we can't get along with normalfaggots your option you'd choose is just be FORCED to not be able tot leave them? They take away your rights. Fucking faggot.
>>106 This is my situation right now but I finished uni and got a wortheless degree.
>>106 Single mothers are the perfect catalyst for creating a robot/incel/wizard ect.
>>124 CIAnigger post
(278.18 KB 470x455 pekka gun.png)
I did not come to a barley living image board for 4shit memes leave
>>109 If you know them, leave an old sleeping bag or something. At worst it might get thrown away, but at best, you might have made someone's life a little less miserable.


no cookies?