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(8.70 MB 4200x2800 aisha04_suitHD.png)
Finding Catgirls Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 15:24:11 No. 1048
Where do I find a catgirl around the East Coast of the USA I can court?
(393.02 KB 1400x787 크변20180703221322210(2).png)
(146.94 KB 1920x1080 1518735993845.jpg)
(190.31 KB 848x1200 65613150_p0.jpg)
(630.91 KB 1920x1080 911ff2f5daaec84277327e6cf0fd60cc.jpg)
by not making shit threads on 16chan
(804.67 KB 1080x1440 0887239b959694950c640128a0bdc89b.jpg)
(739.80 KB 749x1250 1516168450986.png)
Thats not a location at all. That doesnt even make sense sillykun.
(547.82 KB 827x1102 64359032_p0.jpg)
You would think catgirls would be more popular.
Catgirls can rarely be better than doggirls.
(348.66 KB 640x1200 PETA - cat-girls.jpg)

Do I look anonymous to you, Bitch-Made?
(120.31 KB 504x800 Cat Girls - 9899.jpg)
(100.75 KB 640x480 Cat Girls - 11910913828.jpg)
(98.57 KB 450x628 Cat Girls - 119225831881.jpg)
(33.26 KB 640x480 Cat Girls - 118892611466.jpg)
(69.31 KB 680x926 Art - dahhd.jpg)
(84.38 KB 512x512 Art - 0yCwsBsE.jpg)
(88.65 KB 500x667 Furries - Art - 1oo9doK.jpg)
(54.60 KB 240x240 Furries - Art - mq1.jpg.png)
(64.13 KB 502x711 Furry - 52.jpg)
Unironically, my best friend is a femoid that plays a catgirl in LARP. I fucking love it.
(37.31 KB 560x307 Profiles_-_Krysti.png)
(49.84 KB 229x322 Krysti_Black_Wings.jpg)

There was a girl like that I knew in elementary school who openly declared herself as my "girlfriend", who apparently wanted to be a puppy, was horrifically clingy and would randomly bark like a dog and... she annoyed the ever living hell out of me... she was also a large part of the inspiration behind Krysti's God form personality...


Latest excerpt...

...who is also overly annoying.

Cat girls are one of those "good in theory, bad in practice" sort of deals. It works as a fantasy, but LARPing would get very annoying, very fast. Unless maybe you just had some major fetish for it I suppose. To me it's something "cute" as an art form, but not much more than that.

I'm like a pedestrian furry, like the kind of out of touch boomer that will show up at a furry convention thinking it's like therapy dogs and Disney cartoons/art/comics, blissfully unaware that I'm surrounded by people who get off sexually on the subject.

Sometimes it's better to operate in life under a certain degree of ignorance.
Well naturally assuming you arent some fat fuck neckbeard or young transgender boomer, I would assume this is a metaphor or some type of covert post. If your looking for a woman man go to Tinder or Match or network at work or church to find you a nice woman.

Lusting over anime cartoon characters is not healthy nor realistic. If your into roleplay, date a girl for a few years then see if shes comfortable with whatever the fuck fantasy of yours this is.
(25.71 KB 500x414 Rainbow.gif)
(117.23 KB 497x675 _.thumbclawz_tsavoritesm.jpg)
(154.08 KB 448x485 Kat_and_mouse.jpg)
(126.27 KB 541x800 Original - 11.jpg)
(66.58 KB 550x522 Original - 13.jpg)
Moar cat girls.
Moar cutesy copy kittens.
(32.63 KB 352x550 121895609-352-k781159.jpg)
(44.40 KB 474x736 thfdd.jpg)
>>1048 I've been holding onto these for 2 years, never had the right opportunity. Merry Christmas niggers.
(61.55 KB 563x763 0f5.jpg)
(79.25 KB 500x534 82723.jpg)
(145.39 KB 849x1200 a0f.jpg)
It is time for more cat girls!
Cat girls, I like those.
(41.79 KB 474x714 Cat Girls - b6f74f4e1ec871.jpg)
(264.91 KB 900x1200 EGhoSVIWsAMCLft.jpg)
(686.85 KB 640x822 Cat Girls - pc8zgvz5knw11.png)
(59.80 KB 480x721 Cat Girls - 2cd619563.jpg)
Ugh, let's get the taste of fag out of the chan's mouth. Cat Girls > Cat Boys Come fite me!
>>1057 4th pic is a boy anon, sorry but you're gay
>>1060 when you base your OC's personality on your grade-school girlfriend you don't say so online bro For catgirls to work as a concept, you pretty much have to live in anime world, and anyone with any sense knows it doesn't work in meatspace.
>>1070 If that's your approximation of what "male" looks like... I got some bad news for ya... you ain't gay, Zoomer, you're just terribly confused.
>>1072 I promise you, it's one of the first images that used to pop up on google for "cat boy" but by all means, continue to live in ignorance. You obviously don't have an eye for traps like a true connoisseur.
>>1071 The crazy, yappy, annoying girl I knew in grade school was not ever my "girlfriend"... despite whatever delusions she might have had to the contrary. You would also look less stupid if you actually bothered to click the link and read. Under Krysti's description it plainly says... "Whether this form is derived from something physically possible or whether it's emotion or imagination made manifest in some manner... doesn't matter. Her state of being is one where no such distinction exists anymore." You seem to have missed the plot, you educationally absent little crotch goblin. They're no longer purely physical beings. The entire point of the story is "meatspace" is falling off its dimensional axis and turning shit into a kind of living wonderland. It's about taking the concept of "uncanny valley" and turning it into a living nightmare that's infecting our reality. A kind of insanity made manifest, slowly eroding the fabric of our existence. >>1073 Since I've never done a search for "cat boy" I wouldn't know, but you seem to be quiet the expert. I can recognize female features though and, again, if that's what you think men look like... yeaaaah, I'm thinkin you'd probably fall right over in a stiff breeze there, Crumple Bunny.
(224.90 KB 1300x1834 Cat Girls - 52122856.jpg)
(86.37 KB 868x1080 Cat Girls - AALcmM.jpg)
(320.11 KB 1600x900 Cat Girls - 193703.jpg)
(89.30 KB 680x962 Cat Girls - ab23dssab.jpg)
(104.44 KB 477x1200 Cat Girls - d0620515d99.jpg)
(65.90 KB 640x799 Cat Girls - cdeac07d971.jpg)
(938.59 KB 1920x2688 Cat Girls - oliver-liu-catgirl.jpg)
Copy Kitten Bump!
(74.95 KB 533x782 Cat Girls - c12de535608.jpg)
(102.12 KB 708x1080 Cat Girls - DZxkv7FX0AAgPtx.jpg)
(137.73 KB 960x960 yxhgwnpdgnqz.jpg)
(81.57 KB 811x873 Cat Girls - 17017344_n.jpg)
(89.57 KB 621x960 Cat Girls - 42368768_o.jpg)
(80.94 KB 680x960 Cat Girls - 49473536_o.jpg)
(65.49 KB 679x960 Cat Girls - 476880896_n.jpg)
(546.84 KB 700x706 Cat Girls - nCH2jcK.png)
(76.79 KB 550x392 1488650726871.jpg)
(9.84 MB 1034x1080 senko-caramelldansen.mp4)
(26.25 MB 1264x1080 senko_nyan.mp4)
(58.38 KB 743x675 senko1.jpg)
(220.26 KB 1150x400 senko2.jpg)
(308.87 KB 1200x675 senko3.jpg)
>>1048 FOXGIRLS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CATGIRLS
You don't want a cat girl my man.
>>1082 <3 senko


no cookies?