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(460.41 KB 1920x1080 ceep6.jpg)
Multiple Shotgun Shell Suicide Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 18:48:31 No. 1235
Long story short, I am a loser robot who was able to rebuild myself, but then sustained a freak weightlifting accident to my spine which has left me in 24/7 terrible physical pain and no hope for recover after 2+ years of physical therapy and pain management. So I am now 22, been disabled since 20, no skills or trades,no friends, family hates me and I am almost homeless, and thanks to the constant physical pain I feel like at this point, its not giving up, it is giving in. Anyways I was looking at lostallhope.com and discovered, to no surprise, that a shotgun to the head is the most lethal and painless method of suicide, but one thing surprised me. Turns out after shooting myself I'd still average about 1.7 minutes before I expire. The thought of risking being conscience while my brains gush out of my head for almost 2 minutes makes me feel horrible. To remedy this I figured I could double my odds by rigging several guns to go off at once, but lack the mechanical aptitude to make a suicide helmet or something. how could I rig multiple shells to go off at once?
i kinda regret indulging you, but isn't helium asphyxiation the most peaceful way to go?
>>1237 >>1237 too long for my tastes would rather it be over in a flash
>>1235 >only two years I was really fucked up for ten. Don't just give up because things are hard. Never give up.
>>1238 What I'd recommend is this; You wait till Halloween, head over to an apartment/park/front yard, and find a place to hang yourself. It can be a tree, a stair well, the side of a building. Before hanging yourself, cover your body in a white sheet, tie the rope around your neck and jump. People will think that you're just a prop. (it's best to do this in a neighborhood, or in the stairwell of a large apartment where people living there will eventually find out you're a dead body) Once they find out you're not a prop, and that you're actually a dead person, it will cause major lolz and trigger a lot of people. This is a good way to spite your enemies.
>>1307 Or just man up and don't commit suicide like a faggot.
Get a double barrel and pull both triggers at the same time
>>1235 Buy a double barrel? You can hit both triggers. Really though, if I were you I would try to jump off of a building. How disabled are you? Good enough to climb over a fence and make it off a sky scraper? Even a trip to just the grand canyon or a similarly large cliff would do it. I'm sure you could wheel yourself off a cliff if it's that bad. >>1237 It was, but too many people were killing themselves that way so now all helium tanks contain oxygen, just enough to keep you alive, though you'll be disabled. I don't think OP wants to be both physically and mentally disabled.
>>2378 Who knows he might be happier as a retard. just saying
Kill your traitorous family who hates you and has no empathy maybe?