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I’m tired of being miserable Anonymous 08/28/2020 (Fri) 06:42:52 No. 1292
>be 20 year old KHV >transport from community college to 4 year for engineering degree >spending 5 hrs a day on assignments procrastinate until the last min this time >it turns 12 am and decide to take 3 hr and wake up and finish >laying in bed about to drift off >start hearing femalemoaning above me >gets louder and louder >hear some dude grunt and it ends >start realizing what I missing >try to fall asleep but can’t >hate myself but not as much as I hate normies
you wont be happy just because you get to plug a hole. you might think so, but you will learn. satisfaction is ever-fleeting. trade happiness now to pay dividends eventually (so long as this autism system doesnt collapse).
>>1294 this Anon do some meditation or LSD self hatred is a problem that derives from ego. As weird as it sounds, if you stop caring about your self you will find the good things. There are many self improvement threads go look at them it helps I promise
In your mind you only notice "the cool people having awesome sex" But you dont notice that its probably half-assed sex where both arent really enjoying it and the couple ends up in divorce or fights. you always put yourself the victim and think the others are super chads having an awesome time right? The sex their having probably wasnt "in the mood" but rather just pretend go through the motions.
I bet when you see some normie with a 2014 beamer/mercedes you get mad jelly thinking they are so cool and their life must be awesome. No...they are not. They are boring people that put their life savings in a car to show off around town...and its not even an italian car or a bentley. Just another boring german sedan. Meanwhile the cool people live outside town playing gardener or having some other fun. And they dont want to get near you or be visible. So stop thinking everyone else is having a great time. They are pretending, they are sad inside. Its all boring, sad people that try to flex on each other as "happy".
>>1730 Garbage advice. Stay away from drugs and practice self care.
>>1733 checked LSD and shrooms are essential for destroying the ego tho


no cookies?