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(51.73 KB 736x736 ight.jpeg)
Is late age virginity related to IQ? Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 01:57:49 No. 1478
Still a virgin. What causes this to happen to an average IQ? religious misconceptions, social barriers, complexion, government brain washing? Nothing to be ashamed of if you're a secure sine thinking individual. It is clearly obvious you are keeping yourself safe. You are logical because you've thought about the consequences of irrational behaviour towards any opportunity. But this is sometimes not convincing enough. Society has put a lot of pressure on young, males in particular, to "get layed". Why would they do this if it is already naturally instinctive to reproduce? Something marketable perhaps, they need more babies. But why wouldn't they just import more immigrants? Sorry I'm rambling.
>>1478 Pfizer vax making women infertile, The Great Reset, women empowerment, incel culture, porn, etc., it all points to people having less babies. Before we can understand why, we have to understand what causes such a desire for sex in the first place. Porn Porn is horrible because it creates guilt, then a cushion, and finally a dependence for watchers. First porn shows its viewers the joy of sex, idolizing it and cementing it on the users mind, so they always think about it. Since most porn watchers start young it is only natural they are virgins, so at a young age they begin to feel a sort of guilt and sadness because they cannot enjoy what they are seeing on screen. Then the user cannot stop desiring sex and cope with this by watching more porn. Eventually they become dependent on porn to satisfy their lust. The addiction it causes is the worse part. Humans release dopamine in order to form habits that are healthy for us. For example, when you eat your body releases dopamine, so you know that food is good and form a regular habit of eating. It makes sense that we feel pleasure when we have sex because we need to reproduce. But porn makes its users want to watch more porn rather than going through the efforts of the IRL alternative. Watchers become more consumed with porn, rather than actually going out and having real sex. Even worse, dopamine is one of the motivation neurotransmitters and concentrating it on porn ruins motivation to do much else, even common habits such as eating. Social Barriers Social media is very similar to porn, but rather than causing the user to idolize sex it causes them to idolize our own egos. On social media we are prompted to constantly think about ourselves. We bloat our egos and become obsessed with our own desires. This is because social media exists for us to share our ego with others, and if your ego is larger there is more to share and more for others to appraise. Self centered people are less likely to have sex because they will put their needs above others, making it hard for them to get into relationships where both sides feel comfortable enough to go through the motion. Sex as Taboo We see sex as a sort of heavily desired, but weirdly enough, taboo object. This is mostly due to the mostly catholic/christian view of the act as being sacred. Sex is natural, and we know that by now, yet it is still deemed as taboo unless you have basically enslaved yourself to someone for eternity. Although you can argue that all this lgbtq etc. faggotry is proof that the view on sexuality is progressing my response is no. Modern progressive views on sexuality only idolize sex even further and cause it to become less accepted. Just look at all these progressive sexuality groups who wish to allow everyone sexual freedom by giving them a label and oppressing their behavior to a certain group's. Sex would not be so taboo if people were not so concerned with their own selfish desires and were truly open minded and willing to change. In closure a society obsessed with sex, but also with their own needs, will have less of either. Simple supply and demand; If everyone wants it, then it is harder to come by. It would not be such a problem if it wasn't an issue of supply and demand. Sex is not an object, but an action, yet it is seen more as a possession rather than an action and a heavily desired possession at that. >Who do we have to thank for all this? ZOG >inb4 TLDR yeah sorry anon I don't really have much else to do anyway
>>1728 decent post anon heres a (you)
>>1736 >samefag casual sex is highly highly over rated imo


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