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(17.37 KB 300x380 JamesTKirk.jpg)
Voyage to the Crystal.Cafe Planet NEET 06/26/2020 (Fri) 00:10:24 No. 1529
Captain's Log, Stardate 2020.6. Starfleet has intercepted signals from a planet that appears to be a mirror opposite version of our universe, we have been sent to investigate with orders to maintain the prime directive at all costs.
We will beam down to the planet crystal.cafe in the femcel galaxy, scotty has provided us with cloaking devices that will allow us to pass unnoticed and make observations of this strange new world.
(33.88 KB 263x275 doomer female wojak.jpg)
GoOD LOrd Bones! what kind of twisted dream are we going to find here? My scanner indicates that this incredible specimen is a femcel doomer wojak variant!
Crystal.cafe is full of troons, I think they call them 'moids. It sure is a paralell universe to 4chan but with more makeup tips.
(95.17 KB 1808x330 femcel rant.jpg)
My scanner's intercepted some of the local language. Spock, can you translate this?
>>1529 https://crystal.cafe/b/res/22169.html i can't say it there because i will just get banned, but i appreciate the femoids in this particular thread who are anti-circumcision. i hope they can have relatively happy lives
>>1534 >im ugly nobody wants to fuck me plenty of dudes know the feeling too
(37.21 KB 728x546 stacy beats an incel.jpg)
>>1535 Be careful checkov, they seem agressive, best not get too close.
(245.83 KB 1762x343 imageboard dating.png)
>tfw no equally insane gf to cuddle with
(218.42 KB 1436x1080 Kirk not incel.jpg)
I feel kinda sorry for these chicks, but some of these tfw threads seem disconnected from reality. https://crystal.cafe/feels/res/34950.html I'd sooner get a dial-in before asking a chick's daddybot for permission to talk to princess highnose.
(119.63 KB 840x552 1591911213509.jpg)
>>1538 Yeah thats a bit sad. have a wank
(505.13 KB 702x686 pokephilia.png)
these femoid creatures have some good threads at least
(87.21 KB 1080x720 femcel at home.jpg)
>>1541 Yeah this board is a goldmine. It's like reading your older sisters dolly and girlfriend magazines, especially the candid chat columns in the back. Although it confirms that women will bend over backwards for chads. Im not a chad. I get the rape alarm when I make eye contact.
(132.47 KB 798x1512 spock shirtless nohomo.jpg)
>>1534 "XY retards", "simps". Their terminology appears to be similar to our own, Captain, similar yet far more vitriolic. Simps refers to a financially exploited species that their elite class, the "staceys" may have access to.
(23.38 KB 1062x153 not r9k.jpg)
>>1537 Aye Captain, Scanner indicates they are hostile.
Sorry for breaking "Star Trek" character but it's honestly pretty sad to see how if people aren't loved, they turn to hate. > Guys only want Stacies and not me! > I hate moids! > Girls only go after Chads and not me! > I hate femoids! Probably a hard lesson for us to learn, especially here on /r9k/.
>>1545 Yeah its clear that women are just as pitiful as men in that regard. It seems as they rely on this fantasy of making emotional connections and friendships with men. there's a couple of threads about how to persue this strategy. Like i said, this is a gold mine. I need to hang out at the bookstore. small concert and lefty political organization more. https://crystal.cafe/b/res/53790.html
>>1545 i still question how many of the users there are actually women. seems they have been infiltrated quite a bit in the past
(249.03 KB 1400x680 princess one.png)
This is a repost from warosu.org some fashion thread. There is lots of this wojak variant theme images here. I think some of it is crossposting from reddit. Fascinating Captain
>>1547 The noob troons get outed and deleted. I think the more experienced ones slip thru but would mostly end up on the emotionally disturbed feels threads. It would be a honey pot to weirdos who want to post with other "chicks".
(17.17 KB 215x270 spock camoflaged.jpg)
>>1547 There appears to be a strong clan amongst their numbers, Captain. I believe they call themselves TERF's, or Trans Exclusive Radical Fembots. https://crystal.cafe/b/res/53716.html
(56.36 KB 800x422 polski raid on crystal.jpg)
Good LOrd! Its a raid by hostiles! They're spamming those poor crystal chicks, Spock iS thEre anY thing wE can d0?
(66.57 KB 634x517 spock scanner.jpg)
Negative Captain. We are bound by the prime directive not to interfere. Also I believe the Crystal moderators have already cleaned up the attack. The attackers claimed to be from karachan.org, a slavnigger site, previously unknow to us.
(11.03 KB 225x225 pepette wants honkler.jpg)
Its interesting that women admit that the whole "No really means Yes" trope is not just some shit you read in the back of your dirty uncles crusty old stick books. https://crystal.cafe/b/res/54338.html >>54361 But I suppose this is old news since that "50 Shades" meme kicked off. Yet another clown world taboo goes down in flames.
https://crystal.cafe/feels/res/36640.html#38229 This thread is about camgirls on onlyfans and twitch, Comments are eloquent and evenly for and against. The feminoids appear to conflate attractiveness with ability and consider camwhoring to be 'Forbidden fruit' suitable only for their "untouchables".
(334.76 KB 1802x302 widowbrain.png)
they seem similar to widows. women who have lost their family and stare into the mirror cursing god. while the effects of sexual revolution caused us to become outcasts, it caused them to become empty.
>>1529 >god I fucking hate all these foids coming on our board >foids get tired of this and make their own site >moids start spamming and shitting up their site >foids come back to r9k How are you guys this stupid?
>>1556 you're a fucking retarded whore if you think most moid traffic to crystal cafe comes from here
(3.51 MB 1756x2048 femjaks catalogue.png)
Captain our survey team has found a catalogue of their entire species. We cannot confirm if it was made by one of their own kind. It's an incredible discovery!
(240.05 KB 1434x1075 spock-takes-the-captains-chair.jpg)
First Officer's Log, Stardate 2020.7 The Captain is still recovering from injuries sustained on the Crystal Planet. I have taken the Enterprise to a near by L Class planet known as AsherahsGarden net, to see if the lifeforms there have any knowledge of anti-estrogen therapies that will aid Dr. McCoy in his treatment of the Captain.
(92.25 KB 1004x558 Radfem larp.jpg)
Kek. imagine larping as a racial lez feminist. https://www.asherahsgarden.net/ft/res/185.html
>>1534 That image is literally a copy of what male loners type out while changing the sexes. it's retarded bait and no one likely even uses crystal cafe unironically as women would have something better to do than be a nerd on a non-popular imageboard.
>men can't have their own thing but women can delete post feminist society /double-post
(135.70 KB 499x500 Christmas kirk.png)
Mission log. Stardate 2020,12 Our team has returned to Crystal planet after a hiatus caused by an all out war in the Trump system. We take the opportunity of Christmas time to examine the Crystal planet inhabitants in their time of peak excitement. Even though we yearn to interact with these lonely females, THE PRIME DIRECTIVE MUST ME MAINTAINED.
just learned the original owner or something of asherahs was a scrote. femoids on suicide watch.
(140.55 KB 1024x768 crystal chan femoid.jpg)
Fascinating Captain. One of the so called femoids has outed herself, evidently she has no fear of being made into a so called Lol-Cow. Shall we notify our allies on Kiwifarms.net?
There's more, Captain. The same femoid started a thread full of angst about being lonely and hormonal. They are visiting wizchan and saying based. I do believe this constitutes a direct analogue of a normal image board users, the parallels are striking. https://crystal.cafe/b/res/72683.html
(806.13 KB 1008x470 1567106064362.png)
>>1672 >pic Holy shit. Imagine getting your relationship advice from that thing
>>1672 >when you overdose on sonic inflation porn


no cookies?